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Galaxy Shooter : Space Shooter 2.2
Galaxy Shooter is a fast-paced top-down perspective shoot space wargame. Required skills are more than fast reactions and memorisingenemy invader attack patterns. If you like space shooting andsurvival games and like to simulate sky shooting in for glory andduty, then Galaxy Space Invader is the one you should be shooterplaying Aboard your spacecraft, you will have to get rid of a largenumber of enemies while dodging their attacks. It's universal, andthere will never be any ads or in app purchases. This space shooteris an exciting addictive epic galaxy war game with 200+ missions,100+ invaders and a lot of spaceship upgrades. Start your spaceshipengines and join to this ultimate galactic war game.================================================== FEATURES ofGalaxy Shooter: ★ Tilt and Touch Controls, plus keyboard andcontroller ★ Boost your final score with a host of in-gameachievements. ★ Rescue fallen opponents to win extra lives andstars. ★ Brand new weekly tournaments against other players. ★ Over100 Intense Levels ★ Accessible to beginners, as well as hardcoreshooter addicts. ★ Risk everything to rescue civilians. ★ Fullvoiceover and incredible electronic soundtrack. ★ Seven gorgeousscenes,Vivid sound effect! ★ Beautiful levels with immersivemissions to complete. ★ Multiple extreme boss battles. ★ Conquest,Hardcore, Survival, and Blockade game modes ★ Rad Boss Fights ★Tons of Power-Ups ★ Vibrant Neon Graphics Gameplay Tips of GalaxyShooter : Look, you need a good game to keep you company on thebus, or while your dinner companion is away, or when you've alreadydone enough and you need a break. This is it. This is that game.This is the game you'll get to make that time awesome. DownloadGalaxy Shooter & Enjoy it !!!
Brick Classic : Game Puzzle 2018 1.0
It is classical game and very interesting with very nice graphicsdesign. It’ll take you back to the childhoodBrick Classic is aclassic puzzle game start the game on the lowest level. As you playthe game levels will go up, but you need to start at a low level tohelp you practice.The different blocks of Brick Classic :- J blocksface the opposite direction as L blocks.- S blocks for fillingsmall holes.- O blocks for filling large gaps.- Z blocks face theopposite direction as S blocks.- I blocks are useful for competingfour lines at once.- L blocks for filling medium-sizedholes.Featured in game Brick Classic:- Classic game- Nice graphic-Good relax your brain- Mission- Upgrading level system- Supportsall tablet devicesGame interface is very friendly and simple to usefor all users of all ages
Block Puzzle - Brick 2018 1.3
Block Puzzle - Brick 2018 is a fun and classic block game!You canenjoy it everywhere, every time without need online.This offlineone has game play very simple: just drag, drop and fill up all thegrid. But once playing, you can’t be stopped attracted by thisclassic brick game. It is more Simple and addictive! Once youstart, you will not stop playing. Just have a try, you will loveit!WHY CHOOSE THIS BLOCK PUZZLE - BRICK 2018?★ Simple play and easycontrol ★ Various block shape★ Interesting music theme★ No limitedtime to play★ Leaderboards, invite friend joining, share your highscore with friend★ Exquisite Game Interface!★ Easy to play, andclassic brick game for all ages!★ It is all FREE and No Wifi Need!★Block Puzzle Classic ★ Play Block Puzzle Jewel 2017 whenever youare free. No need internet. It’s offline game.HOW TO PLAY BLOCKPUZZLE - BRICK 2018?- Drag and drop block into right place. Thereare many brick shapes to pick up.- When a line is full filled, youget score- Game will be over if there are no room for any theshapes below the grid.- You cannot rotate when playing- You canthink as much as you want before pick up one. NO limitedtime.Please Enjoy this Block Puzzle - Brick 2018 in the puzzledom!The More Play and The More Exciting!!!
Space Shooter - Galaxy Shooter 1.5
If you are a fan of space shooting games and like to simulate skyfire shooting, so Space Shooter - Galaxy Shooter game is game foryou. Space Shooter - Galaxy Shooter – Shooting never felt so good!The game is about the war of people with alien. My Galaxy is underattack of space intruders and alien shooters. HOW TO PLAY OF SPACESHOOTER - GALAXY SHOOTER - Upgrade spaceships - Change yourweapons. - Move spaceship - Kill space intruders FEATURE OF SPACESHOOTER - GALAXY SHOOTER - Many mode to play : Campaign, Endless,Raidboss - Many levels with different difficulties, differentchallenges. - Various enemy : chicken fighters, chicken army, Bigbosses. - Amazing lighting and special effects - Includes Power-upsand Bosses! Don't forget take me your opinion to improve game. Letplay the best game space shooter 2018!
Alien Shooter - Retro Space War 1
If you are fan of spaceship shooter and survival games and liketosimulate spaceship shooter in for glory and duty, thenAlienShooter - Retro Space War is the one you should be shooterplaying.🚀 HOW TO PLAY GAME ALIEN SHOOTER – RETRO SPACE WAR 🚀 ⭐Touch screento move and kills invaders. The spaceship auto shoot. ⭐Clickbutton skills on the screen to active 🚀 FEATURES OF ALIENSHOOTER –RETRO SPACE WAR ★ Boost your final score with a host ofin-gameachievements. ★ Rescue fallen opponents to win extra livesandstars. ★ Beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete.★Multiple extreme boss battles. ★ Upgrade your shields,guns,missiles, lasers, mega-bombs and magnets. ★ Risk everythingtorescue civilians. ★ Brand new weekly tournaments againstotherplayers. ★ Accessible to beginners, as well as hardcoreshooteraddicts. ★ Full voiceover and incredible electronicsoundtrack. ★Seven gorgeous scenes,Vivid sound effect! DownloadALIEN SHOOTER –RETRO SPACE WAR & Enjoy it !!!
Bubble Shooter Blast 2018 1.1
Play the classic and most addictive Bubble Shooter Blast 2018gamefor FREE Bubble Shooter Blast 2018 is a completely free toplay. Ifyou used to love going to the arcade and playing retrogames, getready to take your passion to the next level! Features ofBubbleShooter Blast 2018: ★ Gorgeous special effects andbeautifulimages. ★ Different roles dress ★ Exquisite game interface★ Highquality and good music ★ No wifi can play ★ Many interestingpropsto help you pass game quickly ★ A combination of multiplebubbles ★No wifi can also play ★ Completely free ★ Easy operationbut lotsof fun. ★ Very small game size ★ Classic game mode- simpleand fun!Tap where you want to shoot the bubble and blast all thecolorfulballs to win levels. ★ Tim Rush mode- discover the bubblepoppingfun! Train your brain and test your matching and strategyskillswhile playing the most addicting puzzle game. . How to playtheBubble Shooter Blast 2018 ? ★ Lift your finger to have a Shoot !★Match 3 or more Bubble Shooter Blast ! ★ Drag Your Finger canMovethe Laser in the Direction! ★ Tap on the Bubble Above toDeterminethe Target! Download Bubble Shooter Blast 2018 game andjoin abubbling adventure !
Galaxy Wars - Shooter (Squadron 2019) 1.0
Galaxy Wars - Shooter (Squadron 2019) is best shooting game.Galaxyis in danger. You are the chosen one to become spaceconqueror. Thespace invaders will become more and more stronger asevery bulletcould put you through hell. Features: ★ Over 100Intense Levels ★Vivid sound effect! ★ Beautiful levels withimmersive missions tocomplete. ★ Multiple extreme boss battles. ★Boost your final scorewith a host of in-game achievements. ★ Rescuefallen opponents towin extra lives and stars. ★ Brand new weeklytournaments againstother players. ★ All the game is free ★ Fun airattack weapons ★Great high definition graphics Let's join improveyour squadron anddefend the galaxy from the alien attack! Downloadthe most awesomespace game on the store right now! Thank you verymuch!
Block Puzzle Ring Color 1
Block Puzzle Ring Color is an easy, simple, classic puzzle gamethat can be enjoyed by everyone in family! Match rings in samecolors to score high! Easy to play and pleasurable game for allage. Features: ★ Beautiful color rings and technology styleinterface ★ The trash can can change the color rings. ★ Extremelysmooth touch control on this free puzzle game. ★ 100% FREE TO PLAYSuitable for family and all ages. ★ TRAIN YOUR BRAIN Stimulatingbrain game, highly entertaining for everyone! ★ More user Friendly.★ Superb Animations of bursting rings. ★ Soothing music and soundseffects. ★ EASY CONTROLS Extremely smooth touch control of colorrings in this free puzzle game. ★ STUNNING GRAPHICS Catchy soundeffects with mesmerizing visuals of color rings. ★ NO WIFI? NOPROBLEM! Enjoy Color Puzzle anytime, anywhere! ★ PLAY WITH YOURFRIENDS Compete with your friends and players all over the world! ★NO TIME LIMITS! You can enjoy Color Puzzle at your own pace! HOW TOPLAY * Simply drag color rings and put them into the grid. * Removethe rings by making horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line has thesame color. * You can change color rings by using dustbin button. *Try to remove multiple lines at a time to get higher score! :D *Arrange and stack the color rings on the vertically, horizontallyand diagonal lines. * match the color rings//--------------------------------------------------------------------------• Block Puzzle Ring Color is completely free to play. Need Help?Have Questions? • Block Puzzle Ring Color supports mobile phones& tablet PCs. Complete puzzle and addictive rings challenge andget the score as high as you can.
Galaxy Shooter: Seven Worlds (Seven Shooter ) 1.0
If you are a fan of space shooting games and like to simulateskyfire shooting, so Galaxy Shooter: Seven Worlds game is gameforyou. You like to participate in space battles? But you aretooboring with other games. This is a game developed fromclassicarcade game genre, old game but with a new context, morevividgraphics, more modern combat scene, fiercer, more glamorous.GalaxyShooter: Seven Worlds is a horizontal screen game GalaxyShooter -Seven Shooter . 🚀 How to play 🚀 : ⭐ Move player ⭐ Destroythe enemy ⭐ Upgrade player ⭐ Change your weapon. 🚀 Features 🚀: ★Players will play an adventurous journey through 7 worlds ★Conquerthe land ★ Collect pets, weapons ★ Defeat all enemy, miniboss,boss Download the game Galaxy Shooter: Seven Worlds to enjoythemost relaxing moment !!
Hunter Lengends : Galaxy Shooter (Tomahawk) 1.0.4
A game of intense hunting of Native American warriors . Huntthegiant monsters! Long time ago, a bushman tribe lived in anoutbacktown. People are attacked by monsters Hunter Lengends is adynamicphysics game that hunts giant monsters with spear, axeandboomerang. Become the world's best hunter with a varietyofweapons! 🎮Hunter Lengends : Galaxy Shooter Features 🎮: ★Playerswill play an adventurous journey through 7 worlds ★ Conquertheland ★ Collect pets, weapons ★ Defeat all enemy, mini boss, boss★Rhythmical game sounds ★ An unexpected ending and animpressivestory 🚀 How to play 🚀 : ★ Move player ★ Destroy the enemy★ Upgradeplayer ★ Change your weapon. Gameplay Tips : Look, youneed a goodgame to keep you company on the bus, or while yourdinner companionis away, or when you've already done enough and youneed a break.This is it. This is that game. This is the game you'llget to makethat time awesome. 🎯🎮 Download Hunter Lengends : GalaxyShooter(Tomahawk) & Enjoy it !!!
Bomber 2019 : Bomb Classic 1.1
Bomber 2019 : Bomb Classic legend game and far-famed for yoursmartphone. Bomber 2019 : Bomb Classic is a classic game type withmulti levels to explore. In each level, you have to kill allenemies by strategically placing bomb to put enemy in a trap, thenbomb blast boom , enemy is destroyed. If which level is sodifficult, you can play previous one to get more golds, and comeback current level, buy more useful items to go through it. How toplay: - Use the navigation controls to maneuver, you'll be able toopt for 4-button. - Collect several powerful things quickly.Youwill be a most dangerous bomber with plenty of bomb and powerfulblast.Bomber classic legend - each monster square measure crafty,therefore you ought to opt for a technique to bombing them! - TheBosses, they need a atrocious talent and special moves. Show yourfriends however you play as best! - don't fret if you create aslip, you'll be able to obtain fascinating things even life bygold. Bomber classic Games Enjoy to play Bomber 2019 : Bomb Classicgames!!!!
Dress up : Mimi My Dream Cat 1.5
Dress up and care for your Mimi My Dream Cat ! Style, pet, feed herand so much more! Meet Mini , the virtual cat. Rumor has it she'stotally in love with you too! Your new Cat needs lots of love andattention to help her flourish and grow up! take care of Oliver andmake him part of your everyday life just like a real life cat.Features of 🐱 Dress up : Mimi My Dream Cat 🐱: 🌟 High quality 2Dgraphics 🌟 Funny animations and great special effect 🌟 Excellentcat games app 🌟 Amazing cat simulator game 🌟 Customize your dreamcat - exactly as you like! 🌟 Play sweet and fun-filled games withyour adorable dream pet! 🌟 Dress up your cat in a variety ofstylish outfits and cute accessories! 🌟 Photo booth fun! Take apicture with your new dream pet! What are you waiting for?!Download your own pet today, it is free!
Find the Difference - Spot it 2019 1.2
Find the Difference - Spot it 2019 is a simple pattern recognitiongame. It is a type of puzzle where must find 3-7 differencesbetween two otherwise similar images! FEATURES : ★ Beautifulpictures ★ Award-winning game of visual perception ★ Developsfocus, visual perception skills, and fine motor skills. ★ Thisphoto hunt game is toddler tested ★ Addictive gameplay that is funfor everyone! Now let's play this new game!
Feeding Frenzy : Fish 1.2
Feeding Frenzy : Fish is a war between many kind of fish, the bestgame 2019 This amazing simple game will leave you excited all day!Start as a small fish 🐠 - HD Graphics - Free and fun to play. -Variety types of fishes reflecting the diversity of the ocean biome- Easy and smooth control, just tap on the screen to move your fisharound - Simple but challenging gameplay Could you become thebiggest fish of the ocean? Free download the most relaxing gamenow!
Metal Shooter : Se7en Hero 1.2.8
Metal Shooter : Se7en Hero is a game about run and gun 2D shooteraction . Modern roll action game, with different game modes, eachlevel is a unique experience. join the robot world, exploremysterious lands. You will constantly increase your strength andcollect for yourself the most powerful and advanced weapons todestroy all enemies, ending the domination of evil robots. How toplay - Jump and shoot weapons. - Keep do not die to end of mission.Features - Join World Boss: Destroy robot soldiers to save on manyattractive rewards - Tournament: a battle without survival, whichaffirms the power and hero position. - Many different weapons: -There are many generations of heroes to choose from - Diverseenemies, and countless mysterious lands awaiting discovery -Amazing realistic console graphics, sound, lively music, - PvP teamto recruit and recruit soldiers to join the team to destroy superboss - Amazing colorful graphics HD. - Relax exciting map. -Classic arcade-style. Download Metal Shooter : Se7en Hero now FREEand enjoy!
Block Puzzle 2019 1.0.6
Block Puzzle 2019 a new artisan relaxing block puzzle. Itmovesblock the jewel horizontally, filling the jewel with one line,andeliminating for high score. How to play: - Moving the block -Thejewel has no support points and will fall. - Remove the blocksbymaking full horizontal lines! - Try to remove multiple lines atatime to get higher score :D - Use the item to help you! Iftheplayer's jewel reaches the top, the game ends. Please EnjoythisBlock Puzzle 2019 in the world of puzzle game! The More PlayandThe More Exciting !
Hexa Block Puzzle 2019 1.1
Hexa Block Puzzle 2019 is easy to play but with challenges. Movetheblocks to fill the blanks & collect block pieces to levelup!How to Play Drag and move shapes. Combine shapes into hexagonwithsame color. Get enough hexagons to complete the level.Features 🎵More than 1000 levels. 🎵 Free hints and tools. 🎵Complete Dailychallenge get rewards. 🎵 Challenge mode lets gethigher scores. 🎵Record your scores to Leaderboard. 🎵 Neon style,great UI design. 🎵Optimized for android and google play games.