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Farmdale - farm village simulator 5.0.5
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Farmdale is an addictive magic farm with a wonderful story offriendly and happy farmers living in a dream world. As one of thesecheerful citizens you can grow plants, take care of animals, cozyup your part of an incredible world and help your neighbors. Youcan do anything in Farmdale! Expand your farm, explore mysteries ofthis fantastic world. You may even find a hidden treasure! Pleasenote that Farmdale is completely free to play, however some gameitems can also be purchased for real money. The game offers: - Amagical world with characters who will tell you their excitingstories; - Cute animals that will need your care; - Hundreds ofquests; - Dozens of plants and trees; - Production objects such asa kitchen, workshop, spinning wheel and many more; - Countlessrecipes; - Various buildings and improvements. PLAY FOR FREE Have aproblem or want to ask a question? We will be glad to help! You canemail us at or join our community: You do not need to have aninternet connection to play the game, though being connected doesopen several additional functions.
Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic and Farming 3.1.3
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Fairy Kingdom is about magic, city building and farming. It is abeautiful story of tender love and never ending devotion of a youngPrince to his Princess. Dive into the world of the magnificentmedieval times and rule your own Kingdom! Build farms and mills,workshops and artisan shops, smithies and alchemic labs, dwellingsfor a multitude of magic creatures and many other buildings. Meetmagic characters, explore this mysterious world with them, andexpand your lands! Build a Kingdom of your dreams! The Royal Throneis waiting for you, Your Majesty! Fairy Kingdom features: * Build asettlement and decorate your Kingdom; * Restore your enchantedCastle to its former grandeur; * Fight the Evil Witch and save thePrincess; * Become a master of various trades, expert city builderand experienced farmer; * Collect all of the cute magical creaturesthat live in your lands; * Hold archeological missions and findrare treasures and ancient artifacts; * Unveil true wonders of theworld that have been hidden for centuries! Fairy Kingdom is a freegame, but you can purchase some of the game’s elements, if youwish. We are very happy that you chose our game and would love toanswer any of your questions or hear suggestions. Feel free toemail us at
Tales of Windspell 1.0.9
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Windspell is a floating island-city populated by wizards, mages andalchemists. It is the one and only supplier of magic artifacts andobjects, as well as rare potions to all of the known magicalworlds. Windspell also has the largest academy of magic, wheregenerations after generations of wizards have mastered all of thesecrets of magic. Here, you will go on exciting adventures andunveil many secrets of this magical world. Not one fairy tale canexist without magic objects and animals, alchemic potions,mysterious ingredients, and spells. Where do you think all thesecome from? Magic wands, flying brooms, seven-league boots, magicbeans, and other fairy objects are all crafted on the floatingisland-city of Windspell. Who makes all these objects? Well, theanswer to this question is a big secret! And the name of thatsecret is Windspell! - Unique city-academy fully under yourcontrol; - Hundreds of exciting quests that will teach you moreabout your favorite fairytale characters; - Dozens of mysteriousterritories; - Intricate potion recipes; - Dozens of the mostunusual buildings and decorations. Don’t miss your chance to bededicated as one of the founders of the magical city of Windspell!Download the game for free and begin the most exciting adventure ofyour life! Invite your friends and loved ones, and together you canmake Windspell the greatest and grandest magical city in the world!Visit the Tales of Windspell community and you will be the firstto: - Receive all of the news and participate in varioustournaments; - Win prizes and receive presents; - Learn new secretsand useful suggestions; - Have an opportunity to share what youknow with and learn from other players, as well as the developersof the game. Official Tales of Windspell Facebook community:
Rescue Sparkle - pet puzzle adventure 1.1.3
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Play match-3 game, complete levels and take care of cute animals.Feed your pets, wash them and play with them! These cuties willbecome your true friends and helpers in a captivating adventure!Dive into: - hundreds of free-to-play match-3 levels; - powerfuland unusual boosters; - bright animation; - bonuses for activeplayers!
Love Choice - High school story: decision episode 0.3.6
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Our choices game is a great collection of interactive episodes! Itis an episode of the life of each of us. We are inspired by thisfeeling to make choices, to accept decisions, and to be romantic.Love awakens our dreams and imagination. It drives our passion towrite more great love stories, and all the time it's been somethingworth living for. 💜💜💜 So what will you do for love? - choose yourinteractive story; - Change fate through your choices; - make yourstory full of drama, romance and dreams; - Develop relationshipswith your favourite characters; - Customize your avatar and designyour outfit; - seek the best way to make good choices; - Immerseyourself in thousands of diverse worlds, the options are endless! -remember, every decision and every choice matters; - Discover allof the different endings; - so keep romance and find a true loveNew episode every week! 📚📖Here are some of our stories: 📖📚😈🍓👠Demons in High Heels Lily works at "Helluv", the fashionindustry giant in New York. The closer look at the job of thedreams reveals that "Helluv" is actually is a battleground forsupernatural powers. And those powers are really interested inLily. 🏃‍♀️🌹💃Runway Runaway Caroline's boyfriend has cheated on her,but her life couldn't get better. The ex offers her to design arunway show in Pairs. Her boyfriend is feeling remorseful andmisses her. Charming and suave gentlemen are all around her.Caroline takes up on the offer, takes her best friend and goes toconquer the City of Love. 🌆💄🎬Stardom is Priceless. If you can'tconquer Hollywood and become an actress, there's always a plan "B".A simple midwest lass Mary decides to work as an agent, so shecould get meet the celebrities, get her hands on the juiciestproductions and get to know the glamourous movie industry. 🎊👗🧹MadeMaid (High School Story!) Jennifer lost everything almost overnightand found herself in her personal "hell". Now, the only way tobreak free of this life is the invitation from a handsome and richyoung man with a very picky family... 🌶💍🕵️‍♀️My Roommate is a SpyLucy looks for a new roommate, the rent could help her make endsmeet. The best candidate is a handsome and serious young man. Buthe has a terrible secret. And before it is even revealed, Lucyfinds herself being hunted down by international spies. 🧛‍♀️🔮⛓VAMPU Lisa is studying mythology, history and urban legends at heruniversity. The subject of research becomes dangerously real whenshe realizes that she's surrounded by hungry vampires, and the onlyway to fight them is somewhere in her late father's journal...👑⚔️🍷Love and Duty Medieval French life is very unpredictable. TodayJuliette helps her dad with chores in his tavern. The next day,she's abducted by a count's son and imprisoned in his familycastle. A knight sympathises her, but he's too loyal to his masterto betray him, and people at court don't appreciate Juliette'scompany... Plus lot of other books. New chapters and episodes arecoming soon. 💜💜💜 As one of the oldest game companies, we decided tobring our experience in storytelling genre. Our writers worked withfamous directors in Hollywood, had worked on top-rated tv shows andmovies. Written with passion, our choices game is simulation gameis for everyone, just like dating sim or great story romance movie,but you can choose your style, pick every dress you want and actthe exact way you want to act: be billionaire, bad girl vampire, orseduce an arrogant prince. Your choices can change the wholestoryline! Try romance, adventure, thriller, drama, horror andmore… Fictions is a new interactive stories application that givesyou the opportunity to simulate your own life, just like in datesims! You can get everything you desire in relationship, the verydestiny is in your hands.