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Busy Traffic Roads 2016 1.0
Game Harbor
Control the traffic cars and keep theroadsaccident free.Tap on a vehicle to stop it .The concept issimple,,control your speed and make sure not to crash your vehicleintoanother! It's mindless car-wrecking fun! busy. This is asimplegame mixed with cute graphics, tight controls and achallengingfactor.Busy Roads is an endless traffic management game which will keepyoubusy & tapping for a long time!
Don’t Tap The Spike 1.0
Game Harbor
This is a very easy and addictive game.Thesimplest rule is that don't tap on the spike just touch theplaneobject come out of the box randomly and get score withpianosounds. Play for the best time and scores. You can changethecamera views like 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional. You alsochangethe direction of box by rotate your device screen.Remember, don't need to tap on the spike which is come outofbox!Game Features:• Amazing 3D graphics and sound effects.• Easy to play for all ages.• Nice Help tutorial.• Smooth gameplay.• Beautiful result interface.Your comments, rating and feedback are value able for us.
Hit Ball Smash 3D 1.1
Game Harbor
Hit The Ball with the swords and droptheseballs down. Don't try to hit the knives Otherwise your GamewillOver.Both Single Mode And Multi Player Modes are available. Insingleplayer mode you have to score Best Score than your previousBest.While in multi player 2 players have to play for a certainamountof time at the end there score will be compared and thewinner willbe announced. Its a simple but addictive game.