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Paradise Island 4.0.8
Be warned: Paradise Island is very addictive, even if you’ve neverplayed this kind of game before. "Paradise Island" is the game foreveryone who loves sun, sea, and sand!Tear yourself away from workand build your own sunny island!Isn’t it time to start your ownbusiness? Wealthy tourists are already on their way to your sunnyshores!! Entertain them in casinos and entertainment centers, buildhotels, restaurants and discos! Build your own empire ofentertainment! Turn your island into best resort empire and learnto manage your own business. Game tasks:✔ build all kinds ofbuildings on the Island;✔ improve your buildings, repair them andgain profit;✔ expand your property by buying new pieces of land andareas of sea;✔ make your Island with unique buildings and plants;✔compete with your friends;✔ set up your tourism business;✔ buildthe city of your dream and turn your life into a happy story;✔learn all tips of the game receive all possible rewards and win theGrand Prize! Game features:✔ An offline mode to play without theInternet. Enjoy it on a plane, on the subway, on the road. ✔beautiful and detailed graphics;✔ extremely addictive andinteresting gameplay;✔ life on your island goes on even when thegame is closed;✔ there is a big choice of facilities andconstructions, decorations and plants;✔ tycoon and simcityfeatures;✔ more advanced, than a regular farm game;✔ more than 130of awards and achievements;✔ Internet connection is recommended,but not necessary. Facebook community: Policy: of Service: new titles from GameGameInsight: http://game-insight.comJoin our community on Facebook: our community on YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram:
Dragon Warlords
Dragon Warlords is a captivating onlinestrategy game, set in the fantasy world of Adan. You take on a roleof a warlord whose mission is not only to provide effective castledefense, but also to strengthen your army and raid enemy holds.Dragon Warlords is not a classical tower defense game, where youcan build an intricate defense system to keep the enemies away, yetthe game allows you to put up some walls to make your castle moredurable. In this military strategy, you will need to use differenttactics to achieve victory. The civilization of Adan is diverse,and there are many warriors with different abilities which can behired. A match between two experienced players, who know when topurchase certain troops, looks like a real clash of heroes!The unique matchmaking system will have you battling other uprisingwarlords in no time at all. Experience the heat of PvP combat inthis unforgettable game, push your opponents back to their border!All that and much more is now available to download for free!Key features:✔ Fascinating and intense multiplayer tactical strategygameplay.✔ Lay siege to other players’ castles and win glory inbattle!✔ Classic fantasy characters: wizards, knights, heroes among manyothers.✔ 25+ military units, from fearless desert inhabitants togargantuan mechanical monsters.✔ Build tower defenses and protect your fortress from otherplayers✔ Colorful 3D graphics, amazing visual effects and stunninganimations.-Join our community on Facebook: new titles from GameInsight:http://game-insight.comJoin our community on Facebook: to our YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram: Policy:
Starborn Wanderers - Space RPG
Starborn Wanderers is a Sci-fiaction RPG saga.In the far distant future, humanity has found a new home on theplanet Terra Nova in the remote corner of the Galaxy. However, theplanet was destroyed by a mysterious spaceship named the Ravager.Some Wanderers managed to survive and activate an ancient artifactand prevented the Ravager from destroying the entire human race.Part of the humanity escaped into space, and made the Phoenixstation their new home.Player takes on the role of a young Wanderer, a person capable ofcontrolling the mysterious alpha energy. Only a few people in theworld of this space RPG possess this exceptional ability.Uncover the mysteries of the unique Starborn Wanderers universe!Enjoy a flexible role-playing system and a vast array ofcustomizable spaceships. The huge space game is yours toexplore!A real adventure starts now! You will fight cruel pirates, dealwith cold-blooded bounty hunters and slick merchants from distantplanets, mine ore on asteroids with harsh space miners, and muchmore.Adventures await the brave heroes in this space simulator!Key features:✔ This game works in offline mode without Internet – play it on theplane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!✔ Spectacular and exciting space battles you come to expect fromSci-fi RPG games.✔ Explore the space around to see dozens of distant planets andGalaxy sectors✔ Trade, fight and enjoy your interstellar adventure!✔ Several alien civilizations whom you can befriend or wage warsagainst✔ Live dynamic world full of adventures✔ Dozens of ships and hundreds of unique equipment available togive cosmic games their renowned variability✔ Unexpected story twists, a standout among battle gamesLike us on Facebook! Policy:
Flower House 1.3.15
What will happen if you try to interbreed a Rose and an Iris? Whatwould a Jasmine Orchid look like? The Flower House game gives you aunique opportunity to create the most weird and wonderful flowerhybrids. Here you can become a florist and a designer, here you cancreate your own window sill filled with flowers, grow exoticflowers, create colorful bouquets and gift them to your friends!You will meet various characters who require your help. Each floweryou grow will open new stories to you – some funny, some romantic,and some quite intriguing. Get away from the buzz and fuss of thebig city: find good neighbors, visit them and help each other grownew amazing plants!Features: ✔ 139 unusual flowers you will neverfind in the real world ✔ 10 characters with their own tempers andlife stories ✔ Trips to various places: a modern city, cozysuburbs, a sunny tropical island and mysterious Japan✔ Variousflowerpots, statuettes and posts which enable you to create aunique interior ✔ Ability to create colorful bouquets which you cangift to your friends in the game ✔ A flower stand where you cansell the flowers you grew ✔ Nice and relaxing music✔ This gameworks in offline mode without Internet – play it on the plane, insubway or on the road. Enjoy!Official Page on Facebook: Policy: newtitles from GameInsight: ourcommunity on Facebook: to ourYouTube channel: the latest news onTwitter: us onInstagram: