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Jungle Sniper Hunting 1.2
Whenever you think about sniper hunting gamethe concept of horrible jungle comes in your mind that is full ofdangerous wild animals like Bears, Wolfs, Boars, Fox, Stag, Deerand many more. With hunting and sniper shooting on your mind enterthe jungle with your sniper rifle and other gadgets to hunt downanimals to be a myth sniper. In this missions you need to searchfor your prey and hunt them down. You have played many huntinggames with various animals grasping the skills to be a hunter. Theenvironment of jungle (forest) is in lush green grass, plants andtrees and surrounded with Cliff Mountains.Be a modern animal sniper and gear up with your sniper rifle andlet’s hunt. Winter has just passed and a bright sunny day is whathunter love while searching for their prey. The hunting ground isset for you to enter the forest to against the ferocious junglebeasts. Sniper 3d shooting skills should be enough to hunt yourprey all alone with your sniper rifles. Plan your hunt well andlook for you best shots. Kill Fox, Bear, Deer, Wolf and otherwildlife jungle animals. Meanwhile, protect yourself in the middleof the jungle from these killer animals.★★★ STORY ★★★You are the best hunter, trapped in a jungle with dangerous wildanimals. You can survive only when you kill all of them with yourbest sniper equipped with target scope zooming feature along withtarget tracing radar. As you go forward the challenge is goingtough.★★★ TOP BEST GAME FEATURES ★★★1. Realistic Jungle Environment.2. Dangerous Wild animals out there to hunt.3. Different animals to select as target.4. Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom.5. Target tracing Radar6. Multiple levels with each animal for easy to difficult.7. Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt8. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Jungle.9. Thrilling 3D Graphics and real jungle Sound effects.10. Real-time Animal Hunting.★★★ How to Play ★★★1. Select the animal to target from Fox, Boar, Stag, Beer, andDeer.2. Choose the level to play, hunt all to unlock next.3. Trace through radar, zoom, and shoot at target with Snipergun.4. Navigate in forest on swiping on left of your phone.5. Use zoom and shooting buttons for hit.★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This game is supported by ads.
Mountain Stag Sniper Hunting 1.1
Grab your shooting gears and come out insearch of your prey. It’s hunting time! Mountain Stag SniperHunting will let you hunt deer, wolf, beer & lion in the wildjungle on snowy mountain top. It’s time to be a sniper assassin andhunt jungle animals in this sniper shooting game. The game isfilled with action, hunting & shooting. Those who love to be adeadly hunter will love to kill attacking predators includingbears, wolves and lion. These bloody wild animals are also among ussomewhere in the mountains and if he gets in your way don’thesitate to pull the trigger and shot him dead. It’s wild out therewith hunting season of wildlife animals. You will see the mostthrilling winter scenarios in the game – the sound of the weapons,animals, wildlife, forest, mountain & birds. Sniper 3d shootingskills should be enough to hunt your prey all alone. Don’t let thedeer run away and be the ultimate hunter. Plan your hunt as if itis a secret assassin mission because this is what real hunters do!★★★ STORY ★★★Life spend in hilly areas always keep the man physically fit. Ayoung tourist decides to live inside the snow forest for thisseason, in search of its PREY to fulfill his interest of hunting.Only a solid and physically strong person can survive the excessivesnow falling. Suddenly you see few deer. It’s your prey! Grab yoursniper rifle and let’s hunt down deer in this sniper 3d shootingand hunting game. It’s not only you and deer out there. A lot ofother wild animals will be there. Now is the time to show how wellyou snipe both of them. Aim, shot and kill!!!★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★• First Person Sniper 3D Shooting• Efficient Sniper Control & Zoom• Animals AI (Artificial Intelligence)• High Performance 3D Graphics with nice and thrilling Soundeffects• Beautiful Winter & Snow Filed Environment• A Real-time Hunting ChallengeIt’s open season join the hunt today!Developed for the fans of Sniper games, FPS games, HuntingSimulators, and the Deer Hunter franchise.---------------------------------------------★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game is supported by ads.Return to the wilderness in the most visually stunning FPS huntingsimulator on Android!
Temple Witches Attack 1.1
You have done the hunting practice with sniperin our previous games, but now we have bring more challenges foryou in a new realistic Environment. Temple Witches Attack is a 3DFPS (First Person Shooter) game in which you are destined to takeback your temple from the immortal evil Witches and Monsters thathave been there from thousands of years. All you have with you is agun with a lot of ammo, while they have their mighty legendaryweapons.Temple Witches Attack is equipped with a 3D environment andmesmerizing effects that will keep the player occupied in the gamefor hours! Get ready to shoot champ because that's your only chanceif you want to survive. Your gun has limited range so it's a veryfair battle, their hand-to-hand combat swords and your short rangegun. Time to find out who's going to win!!!★★★ STORY ★★★Witches have clash with humans, as you roam around the temple, thewar starts b/w you and witches. You have to kill every lastremaining one of them but you find that there are too many. Thatjust doubles your duty, you have to pluck up strength and courage,and you have to take back what is yours and return it to thepeople!★★★ TOP BEST GAME FEATURES ★★★1. Realistic Temple Environment.2. Dangerous Witches and Monsters.3. Efficient Weapon Control.4. Breathtaking 3D graphics to immerse you in the game5. Survival experience filled with goose bumps.6. Best Shooting Experience in Temple.7. Thrilling 3D Graphics and real jungle Sound effects.8. Real-time Shooting-exhilarating gaming experience★★★ How to play ★★★-Use the joystick to move around in the scene-Navigate in forest on swiping on left of your phone.-Press the fire button to shoot
Wolf Sniper Hunting 1.0
You have a lot of practice of hunting withsniper in jungle Environment, now we have bring more challenges foryou in a new Environment Hare in this story you are a shepherd andin a modern style you have a sniper in your hand instead oftraditional stick for the look after of your cattle while they aregrazing in meadows and forms. To look after for different sorts ofcattle is difficult job for a single shepherd. In this mission youhave to rescue your cattle from dangerous wolves (that will comefrom across mountain woods) and kill them while they will trying tohunt your cattle. The environment of meadow (form) is in lush greengrass, plants and trees and surrounded with Cliff Mountains.★★STORY★★★You are on duty of looking after your cattle while grazing informs you have also the best hunting skills and you have to rescueyour form animals to be the victim of dangerous wolves at differentlevels. You can survive your cattle’s only when you kill all ofthem with your best sniper equipped with target scope zoomingfeature. As you go forward the challenge is going tough.★★★ TOP BEST SNIPER SHOOTING FEATURES ★★★1. Realistic form Environment.2. Dangerous Wolves out there to hunt.3. Different stages to rescue your cattle.4. Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom.5. Multiple levels6. Thrilling 3D Graphics and real jungle Sound effects.7. Real-time wolf killing.8. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in forms.★★★ How to Play ★★★1. Select the wolves to target from your sniper.2. Choose the level to play, hunt all to unlock next3. Take an aim over wolves from your sniper gun to rescue cattlefor hunt in form house.4. Trace through zoom, and shoot at target with Sniper gun.5. Navigate in form on swiping on left of your phone.6. Use zoom and shooting buttons for hit.★★★ Disclaimer ★★★this game is supported by ads.
Wild Animals Sniper Shooting 1.1
You have practice hunting with sniper injunglesniper hunting, now we have more challenges for you to saveyourselffrom dangerous wild animals like Bears, Lions, Boars andmany more.The wild family is very careful to the gun fire sound,so take yourposition wisely and quickly to hit the targets. Inthis missions youneed to search for your prey meanwhile you haveto face thedangerous lions, bears, and bores. You have to shootthem and saveyourself from their attack. Otherwise you will beprey of them. Ateach level you have to face different wild animalsand you must alsorescue the zebras from hungry lions. Theenvironment of jungle(forest) is in lush green grass, plants andtrees and surroundedwith Cliff Mountains.Be a modern animal sniper and gear up with your sniper rifleandlet’s hunt. The weather is pleasant for hunt while searchingfortheir hunt. The hunting ground is set for you to enter thejungleto against the ferocious jungle beasts. Sniper 3d shootingskillsshould be enough to hunt your prey all alone with yoursniperrifles. Plan your hunt well and look for you best shots.Killlion’s bears boars in jungle to rescue yourself for hunt.★★★ STORY ★★★you have the best hunting skills and you have trapped in ajunglewith dangerous wild animals. You can survive only when youkill allof them with your best sniper equipped with target scopezoomingfeature. As you go forward the challenge is goingtough.★★★ TOP BEST SNIPER SHOOTING FEATURES ★★★1. Realistic Jungle Environment.2. Dangerous Wild animals out there to hunt.3. Different animals to select as target.4. Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom.5. Multiple levels6. Thrilling 3D Graphics and real jungle Sound effects.7. Real-time Animal Hunting.8. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Jungle.★★★ How to Play ★★★1. Select the animal to target from lion’s bears and bores.2. Choose the level to play, hunt all to unlock next3. Take an aim over lions and other animals from your sniper guntorescue yourself for hunt in jungle.4. Trace through zoom, and shoot at target with Sniper gun.5. Navigate in forest on swiping on left of your phone.6. Use zoom and shooting buttons for hit.★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This game is supported by ads.
Master Archery Tournament 1.0
The Best Archery simulation game is now onyourmobile! Archery simulation game is the hottest and mostrealisticarchery simulation game for you.Enjoy the most realistic Archery simulation game with stunning3Dgraphics and good's best archery game delivers ultra realisticarcheryexperience. Shoot arrows at targets generally set atvariousdistance toearn points and bonus arrows. Get ready for the intensechallengesfrom Olympic Archery champions. Feel the thrill ofachieving thehighest score afterthe arrow is released. Play and Brush up your skills withthearchery simulation game and become the master of archery. Takeabreath, aim andshoot the arrow to hit the target! Will you be the best archerorbowman?Game Features:- diffirent picture location- Polished animation and realistic 3D graphics.* Amazing archery experience.* Complete multiple stages and get bonus.* Must improve your skill to clear next levels.* There are two modes, One is Unlimited arrows but limitedtimeand second is limited arrows and unlimited time.
Extreme 3D Traffic Racing 1
If you are searching top new TrafficRacinggame - here it is : Extreme 3D Traffic Racing...Extreme 3D Traffic Racing is an endless arcade racing game,Let'sPlay Extreme 3D Traffic Racing for fun.Drive your super fast racing car on smashy roads inTrafficRush.Earn Points and Money, buy better cars and ultimatelyexperienceendless racing.Carefully control your car on the risky roads. Extreme 3DTrafficRacing have lots of cars to purchase and you can alsoupgrade yourcars for racing.Take your car and race against everyone in 3differentEnvironments.Endless racing is now redefined!What are you waiting for? Download Race the Traffic now!Extreme 3D Traffic Racing Features:Lots of Cars.Stunning 3D graphics.Realistic 3D effects.Outstanding Car Crashes.Smooth and realistic car handling.3 Highly detailed environments.How to Play:Tilt or Touch left and right arrows to steer.Touch race button to accelerate.Touch brake button to slow down.Tips:=> Drive faster than traffic to get more scores...This game is designed specially for teens and for Racinggameslovers. Don't miss to play this game.Download it for free and quench your thirst for fun.Play the most popular racing game of 2016.JOIN US ON SOCIAL NETWORK: this link for more Game LOVE TO HEAR:* If you like this Extreme 3D Traffic Racing Game, then RateandReview and if something went wicked or you have anyrecommendationthen please give your valued feedback at :
Fruity Frenzy candy link 1.0.1
Fruity Frenzy Link game is mostinsanelyaddictive and special new game in the google play!Connect same fruits and smash them to solve compelling levelsinthis puzzle game adventure. Fruity Frenzy Link game is funmakingand interesting game ever. Take a bite into Fruity Frenzylink gamewith its unique line-drawing puzzle game play!Link at least two combination. Fruits like Apple, Orange,Peach,Mango etc.Quickly move fruits before time run away.Master of time Challenging Game.Fruity Frenzy Link Features:- Time trials.- Puzzle tiles- Delicious puzzle adventure.- Scoring the target points to level up.- Tasty and cute Fruit graphics that will leave you hungry formorefruits.- Colorful, sweet and juicy fruits.- Helpful magical Fruit boosters to help withchallenginglevels.- Amazing effects to make game more addictive.- Easy to learn but hard to master.- Testy and delicious fruit trip.- Lots of challenging levels.- Amazing animation effects.- Customized to Play on tablets and phones.How to play:- Connect two or more same fruits to get score.- Connect more fruits line quickly can get extra scores.- Link six fruits at a time to get a special power.- Link glowing Fruits to get high score instantly.This game is designed specially for teens and for Puzzlegamelovers. Don't miss to play this game.Download it for freeandquench your thirst for fun.Download it for free and quench your thirst for fun.Play the most popular puzzle game of the century withdeliciousFruit.JOIN US ON SOCIAL NETWORK:Facebook: this link for more Games: LOVE TO HEAR:If you like this Game, then Rate and Review and if somethingwentwicked or you have any recommendation then please give yourvaluedfeedback at :
Furious Stunt Drive-Racing 3D 1.0.2
Furious Stunt Drive is an important stepinthis type of race where you can experience real turboasphaltracing driver killed a crazy race. Furious Stunt Drive is toholdthe best game you've ever played.With nitrogen and pay enough to experience the real speed ofyourcar in the last race game Turbo to develop your career throughtherace finish in the difficult task before it won all speedraces.Put an end to endless fun of her. Forestry and crazy to seethecity will blow your mind! Enjoy the best of motor racing! Dashandrace through the lightning speed of the cool tricks!
Commando Sniper Mission 2015 1.0
A shooting war intensifies betweenthemilitants (who are involved in terrorism and smuggling) andalonecommando elite. Ali, the army shooter takes out a terrorist byakill shot.This isn't going to be a piece of cake, so take them out withyourbest shot, you are the only gun shooter, and probably themostskilled shooter assassin, we could think of. Go out there andprovethat you are the best commando cop.Ali is an army commando send on mission to take the controlofwarehouse from militants. Ali is a front line commando leaderofcommando war fare. His combat killer sniper skills sharpenedthemost. He is the best gun shooter in his league, often known astheelite sniper. The glory days of being a front line commandoarelong gone. Ali the sniper assassin is best gun shooter inhissquad. His pride as a shooter assassin shines bright though.Thatis the only reason why he thinks of this mission as a truecommandoadventure. His sniper shot skills are razor sharp. The onlythinkthat lingers now is filling his role in Commando SniperMissionagainst the militants.★★★ STORY ★★★Militants are teasing the people snatching the property ofpeopleand using that property for militancy and smuggling purposes.NowAli (a best commando cop) is send for Commando Operation tokillthe militants, destroy all smuggled oil barrels and take backthecontrol of warehouse.★★★ TOP BEST GAME FEATURES ★★★1. Realistic Warehouse Environment.2. Efficient Weapon Control.3. Breathtaking 3D graphics to immerse you in the game4. Survival experience filled with goose bumps.5. Best Shooting Experience in Warehouse against militants.6. Real-time Shooting-exhilarating gaming experience★★★ How to play ★★★-Use the joystick to move around in the scene-Navigate in warehouse on swiping on left of your phone.-Press the fire button to shoot
Jellylicious Jelly Land 1.0
are you want to play match 3 game for nonstopfun so download jellylicious jelly land.jellylicious jelly land is top new free game for it's time to run your mind to complete the delicious levelsandblast jellylicious jellies.take a bite into jelly land game with its unique andinterstingpuzzle game play!jellylicious jelly Land game is fun making and interesting gamethatyou never play before. this is the ultimate smasher gamewithjellylicious level that will addict you.match 3 or more jellies and crush them to solve compelling levelsinthis new puzzle game adventure and be the king in thismastergame.match atleast 3 jellies to smash them and make an explosion.matchmore than 3 jellies to get powerful and more testy Jellies.usedifferent boosters to complete levels.master of time challenging games.jellylicious jelly land features:- differenet levels with time trials and collectingdifferntObjects.- mind blowing puzzle tiles.- tasty and delight graphics that will addict you.- colorful, sweetest and jellylicious jellies.- helpful magical jellies to help you to completechallenginglevels.- amazing and attractive effects to make game more addictive.- easy to learn but hard to master.- customized to play on tablets and mobile phones.- limited moves to make game to play:- match 3 or more jellies to crush.- match more than 3 jellies at a time to get a special power.this game is designed specially for teens and for puzzlegamelovers. don't miss to play this it for free and quench your thirst for the most popular puzzle game of the century.join us on social network:facebook: this link for more games: love to hear:if you like this game, then rate and review and if somethingwentwicked or you have any recommendation then please give yourvaluedfeedback at :
Police Bus rush 2016 1.0
Drive police bus on hill climbing highwayrouteand rocks land sliding.Enjoy with natural hillyenvironments.Save bus from huddles and land sliding.Control of bus isverysmooth.The game contains the variety of levels, each levelprovidedifferent environment.This game provide an opportunity tobetteryour driving skills.Drive police bus and catch the prisoners which escapefromjail.After playing this game you will really feel that you areareal police man.Improve your driving skills and face the real challenges will feel proud after arresting the prisoners.* * * * * Features * * * * ** Real time improve driving skills.* Multiple game levels.* Awesome 3d environment.* Realistic driving and graphic.* Land sliding screens.* * * * * How to play * * * * ** press start button.* Main menu open.* Choose the bus.* Choose the tilt or button to control the bus from setting.* Press accelerator for speed.* Press stop button for stop.* change the location of gear for moving the forwardandbackward.
Dinosaur Hunting Deadly 1.2
Get ready for the best adventure Dinosaurforest sniper game in Jurassic location. Now you are in the worldof dinosaur with huge shooting skills. You will face the darknessin jungle due to leaves and big trees. You will face the mostdeadly Jurassic dinosaur having wild teeth. You are a real dinosaurhunter so do not feel scare and kill them as a bravery. If you wantto be a real sniper hunter hero than must download this game.Dinosaur hunting deadly is one of the best first person shootingaction game with great idea to kill and become a real shooter hero.In this action packed dinosaur game your role is to hunt thedinosaur deadly with sniper shooting skills. This game is forlovers of the shooting and hunting game in the Jurassic jungle areasurroundings. You are in the middle of the situation on the jungle.You have equipped with a sniper rifle to hunt the forest dinosaurs.Show your hunting and shooting skills to shoot the dinosaur andcomplete this journey with multiple tasks.This wild dino hunting game has 10 levels with various realisticenvironments. For the first time in your life you will enjoy andunforgettable to shot dinosaur with sniper killer skills. You cancatch your ultimately prey with in no time limit but be careful ofyour health bar. There are variety of dinosaur while exploring thehuge nonlinear location in this game. Some levels are front of thedangerous cave and some levels are in the cave environment. I hopeyou must like dino cave hunting in realistic and horrorenvironment.How to PlaySelect levelAim and shootPress fire buttonMove rifle for aimFeaturesImpressive realistic environmentsAmazing action packed game playExciting sound effectsDaring and thrilling dino huntHigh quality graphics10 levels & various environmentsExtremely challenge FPS game
Offroad Transport Oil Truck 1.1
Cargo Truck DriveGet ready to the realistic and exciting driving of cargo truckdrive experience. You can drive off-road cargo drive to explore thehilly environment and test your mountain driving skills. You canoperate trailer truck to transport cargo and become a real truckcargo transporter. Your transporter truck might be carryingdangerous cargo so you can handle this job with perfect drivingskills.Aiming SkillsThis is an objective based transport truck game where you have tohandle your big truck with attach trailer. In this game you willdrive heavy cargo truck in extreme hill climb driving situations toyour destination. You can test your driving skills with drive yourcargo truck carefully. Avoid to the damage your cargo. This cargosimulate game provides the ultimate off-road hill an obsessive gameplay experience. The main objective of this game is to maintainyour supply with drive accuracy.Cargo MissionsIn this tanker truck driving game, you have to control your truckbetween mountain and hill climb road, because the road is verydangerous. Your aim is to pick up the cargo and deliver to theirdestination. In this game there are various challenging missionwhere you have to done your work according in each level. This isthe real fun of huge powerful vehicles and improve your drivingskills.How to PlaySelect levelTap to acceleratorTap to brakeMove steering wheel controlFeaturesVarious challenging levelsAmazing 3D off-road environmentsAmazing 3D graphicsSmooth & easy controlsSmooth steering, brakeInteractive vehiclesMultiple camera viewThrilling mountain tracks
Oil Tanker Offroad Sim 🚛 1.1
We know that driving of heavyweight vehiclesis much difficult than other transports like as off-road car, bus,truck, pickup, jeep or rickshaw driving, set your hands-on steeringof heavy oil tanker and to be show yourself an expert off-roadmaster driver. Admit the challenge of outstanding Oil truck drivingon the mountain rising roads. Become a professional driver of thisheavy fuel oil transporter by displaying your powerful drivingskills on thrilling, snowing and narrow tracks across the beautifullakes.Off road oil transporter is an amazing and thrilling type drivingsimulation game for everybody. Energies your majestic oil tankerfrom oil plant to fill up the oil, fuel, diesel and transport oilto the required destination like petrol & diesel gas Stations.It is a heavy duty off-road cargo type oil tanker which have amission to reach securely on destinations without oil leaking,crashing or blasting. Off-road oil taker is a heavy driving game inwhich you have to drive an extensive truck with oil tanker attachedto it.In this game, there are almost ten individual levels and each levelduration is about 75 seconds so, it is necessary to finish primarylevels to unlock other further levels and get enjoying more amazingmissions than previous. The main goal of this game is to driving,parking and transport oil taker to required station in time withsafe and sound. Drive carefully to transport oil on desireddestination because gasoline vehicle is a heavy tanker withvolatile, inflammable and explosive material.GAME Features:Experience the heavy vehicle with fully filled oil tanker.Unique knowledge of off-road oil transport.Enjoying on thrilling hilly tracks with real trafficanimation.Various type of oil, fuel and diesel stationsBeautiful and outstanding 3D graphics.Challenging and amazing lovely environments
Limousine Car Free 1.1
Luxury Limousine Car is new 3D parking gamethat gives you the chance to drive something else rather than anormal size of car like bus, car and truck parking. Limousine is aperfect parking and driving car on off road tracks. We can help youshine and make you a remarkable presence. If you want to drive alimousine car than it’s a right place. You will feel enjoy withthis parking game, you will able to fulfill your desire because youcan simulate the driving of limousine parking game.Limousine is dream for everyone. Limousine is a bigger car andrequires a superior skill to drive. Every limousine driver he needsto controls his limo with brake, acceleration and steering wheelcontrols. In this game, your aim is to drive a limousine car totheir destination within time. So, do not take a long-time to reachthe finish point. You have a limited time and you need to race tothe parking spot. You can park the limousine in every station.Challenge yourself by trying to be as fast as you can be drivingwithout crashing. This the best limousine simulator experience gamewith superior controls and get an effective limo driving aswell.In this game, there are various challenging parking spot that arewaiting for you. This game can offer you to play the fabulous limocar parking simulator game with receptive controls. Complete allyour parking missions and get the highest rating of scores. Keep inmind avoid all the traffics, hurdles and barriers do not hit alongthe way. You can change the camera positions and see the beautifulenvironments through dashboard. This limo car parking is ultimatemaster of simulator driving game.*** Features ***- Awesome Luxury Limousine Car- Select able camera positions- Various parking lot- Great dynamic game play- Realistic limo controls- Limo parking situations- Limited time table- Beautiful 3D graphics
Highway Jeep Drive 1.3
highway jeep drive is not just a highwaydriving on sports car but it is the fever of extreme drag racing onasphalt roads.These cars are like no other, get a realistic feeling of racing acar in City,Drive Car Drive fast Drive far but most of us sick of endlessskyline racing games with third person perspective so,you try this new super car driving mania and parking game as wellas car stunt game.Most of the car racing and driving games require precision drivingskills. This one is no exception overall!You have to drive fast but smooth as well to avoid traffic cars onroad,highway jeep drive is the real simulation of fast jeep drivingthrough traffic with steering in hands and your have to rushthrough highway and xtreme and furious environments.Real speed car with turbo driving is just on your mobile.Racing in car and stunt drifting through traffic like Jeep, SUV,trucks makes an awesome experience of driving real sports car likea real driver.Drag car traffic exceeded wherever you want, you can make thedevice and the tendency to buy new cars.Features:- Easy control for steering- Best environments effects- Real Jeep Simulator- Real-time car destruction and damage- Car Drive on the highway trafficPlease comment and rate...
Tractor Farming Simulator 1.1
Welcome to the Tractor FormingSimulator!It would be a fantastic idea to drive a tractor in a farm fullofcurvy tracks. Here you have a nice chance to drive and parkthevehicle with full control and command.Driving a tractor in an agricultural farm is as fun as onecanimagine. But have you ever thought how these agriculturalfarmtractors and massive farming machines are driven? Aren't thesebigfarming cultivators are very difficult to handle? Well,actuallyyes they are. Heavy harvester tractors are widely usedinagriculture, farming and reaping. This was the first machinethatcame into being in use of farmers. The harvesters use thisawesomefarming tractor machine for crop cutting andcultivation.Tractor Farm Driving Simulator will make you feel like one ofthosefarmers or harvesters driving this beautiful & powerfultractorin a lovely agricultural 3D simulated environment. Practicethereal life farming and parking tractors on smart phone. Becomeanexperienced agricultural farmer with full adventured parkingtracksin the farming area.Everyone like kids, girls and teens can practice thisthrillingtractor simulator. It’s a lovely addicting and excitingparkingphysics based game.★★★ STORY ★★★Your task is to park the tractor on specific parking areas inthefarm. As you pass the levels, the activity becomes moredifficultdue to dangerous long curvy tracks. In each leveldifferent taskswill be performed for example you have to attach thetrolley withthe tractor contains goods and the challenge would beto park it inthe specific area of farm without dropping any luggageon theground.It’s a time based activity, the better time is alwaysthewinner.It's the best place to learn and feel how to driveyourtractors.★★★ How to play ★★★This tractor driver simulation game is quite easy to play.Simplyfollow the track indicators to the parking destination. Parkthefarm tractor and you're all done!★★★ TOP BEST GAME FEATURES ★★★» Cultivators driving and parking with super cool3Denvironment» Farming Tractors needs to be parked on the parking spot» Lovely designed 3d Farm Environment» Extreme precision parking» Make it hurry! Race up & park the tractor before thetimeends★★★ Disclaimer ★★★The game is supported by ads.
Tractor Farming Simulator Game 1.1
Farm TractorGet ready to play as a Tractor Farming Simulator Pro game with newskills you did not know. You can grow barley and learn to becomeself-sufficient in this farm tractor game where you can show offyour parking, driving and animal transportation skills. Dareyourself to become a driver of this huge but different formingtractor. Transport farm tractor with trailer are smooth driving toclear each level.Game PlanThis farming tractor animal simulator game brings you the latestzoo animals domestic banger. If you love transporter tractor animalgames, then here is a bigger challenge of animal trailer drive. Inthis game your aim is to drive transport tractor with animal anddomestic beast carefully on the off-road muddy track. Use yourdriving skills and deliver the various zoo animals near thebeautiful animal shelter. Avoid the animals on the muddy trackotherwise you lose your chance.LevelsIn this farming tractor game there more than 5 different levelswith hardcore challenges. If you know how to feel drive tractorwith classic trailer, then you are at the right place. To finish alevel, you have led to the trailer with animals to shelter whereyou have to park your tractor. You will feel enjoy realisticfarming tractor simulator with attached trailer.How to PlaySelect levelTap accelerator for speedTap brake for stopMove via steering wheel controlFeatures:Various hardcore challenges levelsRealistic cargo tractorAwesome driving off-road physicsRealistic muddy tracksAmazing 3D graphicsReal time simulation gameSmooth steering wheel brake controlsRustic environments
Emergency Rescue Heros 2016 1.3
Emergency Rescue Heros is an outstanding freegame. You will play like a hero in Emergency Rescue Heros.Emergency Rescue Heros themed memory match games for kids.Beautiful urban and rural graphics present to you a world in direneed of your help. Cool background beautiful music and sound togive you an amazing gaming experience definitely you willenjoy.You can become the best firefighter.Download this Emergency Rescue Heros for free in the play store andbecome a real and super fine emergency rescue driver and work infire brigade to save innocent citizens while enjoying this game. Goaround the city driving an awesome fire truck! It is the mostamazing feeling to help save lives probablyyou will never forget.Emergency Rescue Heros is a fantastic game which is full supportfor landscape mode.Amazing high resolution environment to drive in this game.Features:- Various game missions- City environments- Multiple Firefighting- Amazing & Stunning Graphics- Enjoyable Tilt control
Real Race Desert Jeep Drifting 1.2
Dirt Off-road Jeep Race is an amazing off-road4x4 driving experience with lots of challenges and thrills. Thisgame shows the Arabic desert for jeep race. camels are running indesert. search path in desert and reach on checkpoint in limitedtime. In checkpoint mode keep your eye on arrow sign that indicatethe path. When you pass the checkpoint your timer is refresh andnext challenge assign. Fly the dirt in the eyes of youropponents.Other mode is knockout mode, If you collide with camel, your jeepspeed stop and camel's death possible. So then much difficult foryou reach on destination in limited time. Other jeeps and vehiclescan collide with you, be care full and drive jeep without collisionwith any jeep or camel. So get ready for your 4x4 monster jeep inaction.In knockout mode complete laps and win the race and proof yourdriving and drifting skills in desert.Enjoy new desert jeep race with realistic control and amazinggraphics.Experience the thrilling crazy drive in the desert of SAHARA theworld’s most beautiful desert.Enjoy the ups and downs of the lovely Sahara desert in the heart ofDubaiFeatures:- Smooth control- Real desert environment- Multiple Jeeps- Real camels- Amazing Drifting- Multiple sounds- Good graphics- Easy to playHow to play:- Control the jeep with tilt and buttons- press the accelerate for speed- Tap brake button for stop- change the location of gear for moving the forward andreverse
Wild Real Hunting In Jungle 1.1
In this game you will hunt in jungle maybewhich is not possible in your real have the bestsnipershooting gun , enter the jungle and hunt the wild animalslikebears , wolfs , fox , stag and many more.The environment ofjungleis furious , be careful from dangerous wild animals.You haveplayedmany hunting games with various animals but this game haveuniquequalities which you might not been able to get in your reallife.You can enjoy real hunting experience by playing this game soplayand check the taste real hunting in jungle.After playing this game you will play this game again andagain.Alot of joy is here for you.*****Best Game Features****** Realistic jungle hunting environment.* Furious wild animals out there to hunt.* Interesting sound effect.* Different challenging missions.* Realistic sniper shooting experience.* Real time wild animals hunting.*****How To Play****** Select the animal to target.* Focus on wild animals and fire.* Use camera zooms for accurate shots.* Complete first level then unlock and play the other levels.* Finish it in a given time , otherwise level become failed.
Drive Crazy Taxi Car 🚓 1.1
HURRY UP! Come to be ready for taxi onelevations off-road exciting hill paths. The game has puzzlingdrive with different and difficult feats in individually level.Taxi driving gets more exciting in this new game. Drive on the hillroads and experience an amazing hill station like never before youexperienced it. Get-up-and-go at high speed and don’t move curvedtracks and false turns with high speed, so slow down.All stages are crowded with an exciting and thrilling pick and dropassignments where have to pick travelers from diverse places andtake them to their journey's end on spell. All Sights are rocky,green and dumped hills and increase pleasure to the journey.The nature of highland and mount crazy taxi driver 3D game isdifferent from car, jeep, rickshaw, bus or heavy vehicle on smoothpath taxi game. Reactive taxi car games joysticks, full 3Denvironment limited allowed period would make your mission as ataxi duty driver pretty charming in this taxi driver game. Crazytaxi sense and driving fundamentals are specially to give thiscrazy taxi drive game an additional thrill.Move cautiously your taxi in right straight path without strikingany hindrances and avoid from fell down from mountain. You have tomake your own system to move the cab and discover individuallylevel. There are more than 12 beautiful and different levels. Weare sure that you would be enjoyed newest drive up-to-date 3D taxigame. Going through the bulky traffic in hilly atmosphere andgiving us pleasurable ride with make you drive it.Game Features:Brave & Exciting DrivingNumerous interesting stages with hilly environmentsBeautiful 3D off road atmosphereCharming and bouncing game playPick and drop services to the travelersA whole Hill Scene to TravelTransportation Traveler to their Journey's end Carefully
Horse Champion Derby 2016 1.1
Horse Racing 3D is the most authentic racingsimulation game. It’s time for Horse Derby Racing. Live the dreamof owning and looking after a realistic horse. Excitingshow jumping events are waiting for you!Practice makes perfect asyou train to compete in a series of challenging competitions.Compete against the best riders inthe world. Play for pride, but don’t let it “run” away from you andprevent you from winning within the allotted time.Jump over hurdlesand dodge muddy patchesto cross the finishing line first.Will you be capable of ridingyour stallion to dodge and jump over the obstacles in the fiercecompetitions?Horse Racing 2016 game brings the experiences and emotions of ahorse race in immersive environment. We provide you with anenjoyable moments withthis racing simulator game. Horse Racing derby 2016 is extremelysimple to play. It comes with super beautiful 3D graphic andstunning sound effect.Riding on the horse, run and jump over obstacles and bet for theglory. It's easy, exciting, fun, and highly addictive. Challengeyourself andsee how much you can win!Horse Racing 2016 is totally free to play and no internetconnection needed to play.Download now and keep improve your race result over time.
Drive Offroad Hilly Jeep 🚙 1.3
Off-road Hilly JeepExplore inspiring hurdles with endless fun and actual drivingatmospheres with 4x4 Jeep Hill Climb Driver. Off-road Jeep HillClimb Driver is a racing with an exciting rush to sensation ofthrill and driving complicated mount climb, steering off-roadroutes and experience the adventure of driving a hummer on peakportions across the lakes.Reach to different targets on time. Can you handle all thedangerous obstacles to get your color target? Test your car drivingskills to the max in this Jeep Hill! It won’t be easy to accomplishall the missions, so are you ready for all these challengingcruiser Jeep missions? Watch out not to fell down your jeep intolakes or you will lose the jeep games championship. Do not crushyour jeep while racing to the top. There is no traffic regulation.4x4 off-road type Jeep hill climb has the best jeep drivingexperience to fulfill your extreme driving fever with a beautifulmountain and water environment. Get ready for an extreme drivingadventure of jeep craft driving simulation.It’s a real entertainment with also raining environment for all thedriving simulator fans with a remarkable concept of car physicsbehind for a smoother game. There are 10 levels in which each levelduration is 2 minutes so pass initial levels to unlock otherfurther levels and attain amazing missions. Fast speed driving jeepon mountain hills is an amazing and thrilling experience you canget from this jeep racing battle. Play all levels to simulate yourracing skills and win the battle of racing from crazy car racers.You will love furious speed jeep drive if you like driftinggames.GAME FEATURES:> Amazing and thrilling gameplay with off-road mountain drive,water fall and land sliding stones> Jeep simulation free game with HD 3D graphics.> Multiple Jeeps to drive i.e. 4x4 hummer jeep, 4x4 SUV jeep,Army jeep.> Numerous environments i.e. beautiful green mountains, snowcovered hilly areas.> Various challenging levels with lots of fun.> Several Steering options i.e. Tilt Steering, steering wheeland touch buttons.> Realistic jeep physics and smooth driving experience.A Golden chance to enjoy the racing action on your device, just asingle tap away from you. Install off-road hill jeep game andchallenge your friends in competing achievement.
Public Bus Transport Simulator 1.3
City Bus SimulatorPlay the best Public Bus Transport Simulator 2016 game edition.This is the real city bus driver game pick up the passenger anddrop their destination. It’s a public transport game withintelligent traffic signal system with real traffic managementsystem. If you are fan of bus driving game than this game mightfeel a bit slow for you. Drive around in the city 3D realisticenvironments.Try out the best bus simulator game and become a best bus driver.Passenger are waiting to get to their destination, being a busdriver your duty is to park your bus and pick and drop them intime. This game has a modern bus controller with real physics givesyou real feel of real bus driving. So, get ready for the fast-pacedgame and it’s time to test your precision bus driving skills.Now ready for the speed bus adventure. It’s a latest and mostcreative game that you have never seen before. Bus simulator gamebrings you exciting and crazy bus driver levels. You have to enjoydifferent driving experience. You can switch camera and look aroundthe city via interior view of bus. In this game, there are many busroutes to complete across the city. Be a careless bus driver orcrash your bus and passenger will fall resulting in you losingexperience.Features:Various Driving MissionsMultiple driving routesDifferent camera anglesModern bus controllerIntelligent traffic systemCool and smooth graphicsSteering wheel, button controlsEntertain and addictive game play
Truck Hero Simulation Driving 1.3
This game provide a platform at which you candrive truck , felt reality.Visit the hilly area on truck anddeliver the cargo to your destination.The environment of this gameis very awesome!player of this game will feel real hilly andmountainous area.Face the challenges of unique hill climbing.Show and improve yourdriving skills on dangerous path.Drive your truck fast and reachthe destination with in given time.In this game are 3 different sections one is unlocked and other twoare locked.Each section has 10 levels.Do complete levels and getscores and unlocked the other sections and play with differenttrucks.***** Features ****** Different beautiful truck.* Realistic environment.* Good smooth control.* 10 Levels.* Amazing 3D, zigzag , and dangerous environment.***** How To Play ****** Start play and select the truck.* Tilt and Tap on button to control the truck.* Press accelerator for speed.* Press break button for stop truck.
Car Racing Speed Drive Free 🏎 1.1
Rally Car RacerHave your curiosity in fast speediness competing game, challengingracer and inspiring racing Game? Car race is a wonderful impassiveracing game, where you could drift in the city, hills and off road.Grip the routing controls, accelerate the challenging vehicle anddrive against professional racing competitors. Come to be preparedfor the great competing and inspiring tour of the world. Take yourbest car on your own color choice and ready for a thrilling andamazing competition. Speed up your car on the complicated highwayand leave your enemy with no fear. Drive your car fast as you coulddrive to become the winner racer and adventure man of theworld.Get your best latest recent racing car and build your dream ridewith an incredible choice amazing car. With your powerful drivingconquered up the thrilling off roads, streets and hilly sharpturns. Be careful to crash the other vehicle, drive fast and crossmore checked points to show yourself winner and expert driver. Youcould enhance your driving abilities through this amazing andlatest racing game. Competing and thrilling atmosphere with sharpturns used for increase your driving skills. Observing thedifficult challenges of actual amazing hill climbing and cityenvironments with many latest various cars.Crazy car racing is free game with different adventures rounds.This game provides you to show your driving skills to compete yourrival and become a champion. Various monitoring methods, you couldenjoy the 3D graphics with routing, sloping and handling witharrows. Follow the all the racing rule and cross the winning pointsfirstly. Never lose your time and get a real champion of victory.Actually, it is a thrilling challenging adventure of racingspecially intended for Car, jeep, limo and Ferrari lovers who liketo car drive on thrilling city and hilly environment.*FEATURES* Enjoy an exciting off road tour Actual simulation 3D car driving Effective sound effects specially at drifting Interesting and challenging rounds Animated amazing traffics with 3D Graphics Genuine Car physics with real race experience Realistic road effects & curvy turns Fast & Furious speed racing Free to play
Multi Car Parking Free 1.2
This is an amazing car parking simulation thatrequire high accuracy and precision to become a professionaldriver. This new invention is a unique opportunity to learn andimprove your driving skills. You have to drive the multiplevehicles in the city tracks and park them in the garage or parkingstands efficiently. Different turning twists will judge yourcontrol on the steering and you have to prove yourself expert inthis wonderful creative game. You have to be careful while crossingthe obstacles and the people moving on roads. Real animations ofthe cars will develop your attention for this stunning andwonderful game play and you will be addictive to this drive.The inspiring objectives of this new experience is to enhance yourconfidence in driving the different automobiles. You have to managethe speed at different points sensibly and cannot go too slow ortoo fast. This is an initial step of driving from where you have tomove further towards proficiency. Many exciting challenges areenclosed in the planned levels of this game and you have tocomplete all the tasks to challenge the others by your abilities.Background sound effects and creative 3d environment will alsodevelop your interest and multiple camera modes will help you tolook forward and reverse equally. Different challenging missionsare covered with indoor and outdoor parking practice and you haveto clear all hurdles with your driving capabilities. You have tokeep focus on the time management and you have to follow theinstructions for perfect drive. This game will also train you indrifting and you will feel yourself as a prominent player.Enjoy this latest design that you have never played before. Fastenyour seat belt and drive carefully to save the vehicles andyourself from sudden accidents and injuries. This will also provideyou amusement and inspiration. Try this adventurous game with yourfull attention and compete the others.FEATURES:Realistic and smooth controlLatest drifting and parking mapsNatural sound effect and environmentMultiple vehicle selectionsDifferent steering angles and modesAmazing experience for initial drive
New City Road Constructor Free 1.2
Become real city constructer simulator andbuild city by operating dumper truck long rolling crane and roadroller bulldozer. Construction city and building roads and drivingconstruction vehicles never goes to end with addiction and fun inthis simulation game. city construction is a best way to learn tobuild city road and operating construction machinery. In cityconstruction game, you digging hole with excavator lifting loadwith crane spreading roads with road roller transporting heavymachinery with loaded cargo truck on mountains. Take bricks andsand from out of city and drive over off-road tracks and reach onconstruction area in time with real construction experience. Buildyour own idea and build own city and roads. City building multimission arcade game in limited time. Starting levels are quite easyand learning experience to control various operating constructionvehicles with different tools. Crazy city building addictive gamewith good driving view and inside and outside camera view foroperating construction tool smoothly during building road high roofplaza building bridges and loading and carrying load. As you goingon to build city challenging levels increase with more fun andaddiction. I hope this game never let you abort from simulationtill the end.How to play road construction game?After downloading road construction simulation game, you will getadvance points to unlock cargo truck roller bulldozer load craneand much more big rig. Select your favor automobile modified itscontrol by clicking on button check click events and set its valueon setting bar. Select your driving mission and complete in time.In first level Take construction bricks from out city mountains andcargo it on construction area in time. In multilevel and multivehicles orating game you have to simulate your skill. Test yourskill on multi vehicles and be careful driving long truck and highcrane operation. Any mistake during drive can loss your martial andearning pointsKey features of road construction truck.Easy and smooth control on city and mountain roads.Multi cargo truck to drive in multi-location.Nice animations to handle and parking.Amazing crane operator learning.Amazing game play sounds and music.Detailed city and road construction.Discover new carne and system.
Shoot Real Bottle Expert Free 1.1
Real Bottle Shooter ExpertThis is the extreme Shoot Real Bottle Expert Free game for therange shooting fan, who like to hit the exact target point from faraway. It is an amazing game which will also provide you thedifferent targeting practice and experience. You will break as manybottles as possible to attain more score points. Get more score byhitting more bottles for getting fee extra bullet. By playing thisgame you will get experience to become a real shooter master. Youwill hit the bottle with accurately and patiently as an expertshooter. Accuracy is an important or main element in any sort ofshooting games. It is an easy game just ready your pistol or gun,aim the bottle carefully and hit the target. You will get bestresults or scores by trying many times. In this amazing game, youwill have to face different target challenges or missions.You will feel real enjoyment with shooting zone atmosphere by thismodern Shooter Training Bottle Expert game. Raise up your shootingabilities or skills to become a shooter champion by targeting thebottles. You will hit the targets on time to go further nextmissions. It is the most challenging or exciting target shootinggame for shooting lover. It is full action game not simulation typemode. In this game, multiple bottles are placed in differentpositions having a little dark background. You will have to shootthe many bottles or objects with high precision with your snipergun. You will have to show shooting skills when bottles are movingor flipping. You will have tried to avoid miss any single bullet.There are some precious tips for best shooting experience becomfort, prompt control and target accurate direction.This latest game has twenty different interesting levels in whichyou will have to face different target challenges like shootbottles on moving slider or train etc. There will be the complexityof levels more as you move further levels. In some mission boxesare closing and opening in disorder way, it is much difficult tohit the exact target. If you will miss your targets, then you couldnot achieve the mission. So, you have to be fast and over smart aspossible to finish the levels. When you hit the bottles, you willget points as a reward and these points will provide you a freeextra bullet for hitting. Complete all the thrilling missions andbecome a real master or winner of this shooting game.FEATURES:Realistic bottle smashing soundsDifferent but interesting thrilling levelsEvery mission has complexity for real shooterAmazing 3D graphics and sound effectsEasy to play but difficult to master gameChallenging, incredible and smooth game play
Build Road Construction Game 1.1
Become real city constructer simulator andbuild city by operating dumper truck long rolling crane and roadroller bulldozer in this simulation game. Be ready for constructioncity and building roads and driving construction vehicles nevergoes to end with addiction and fun in this simulation game. Roadconstruction and city construction is a best way to learn to buildcity road and operating construction machinery. In this beautifulcity construction game, you digging hole with excavator liftingload with crane spreading roads with road roller transporting heavymachinery with loaded cargo truck on mountains and deserts. Takethe bricks and sand from out of city and drive over off-road tracksand reach on construction area in time with real constructionexperience. Build your own idea and build own city, roads andgrounds. Starting levels are quite easy and learning experience tocontrol various operating construction vehicles with various tools.Crazy city building is best addictive game with good driving viewand inside and outside camera view for operating construction toolsmoothly during building road high roof plaza building bridges andloading and carrying load. As you going on to the build citychallenging levels increase with more fun and addiction. I hopethis game never let you abort from simulation till the end and youwill play again and again you will never get bore.Drive city constructions transport heavy machinery in roadconstruction city simulator game. Drive truck crane reload dumpertruck and park it in the truck parking construction location. It ismulti skill learning game for crane operator or those who wouldlike to learn driving dumper truck or drive bulldozer and heavyvehicles. This modern road constructor game is having full controlto drive big excavator construction truck building paintingoperator cranes and road roller powerful tractor having blade infront of it. One more thing if you play city construction game tillthe end you will be able to control all multi vehicles in city andoff road hill stations. You will enjoy driving on mountains hillsslops and sharp turns with realistic control in realisticenvironment. In this road construction we designed realisticenvironment with multi story building carpet roads need to repairand half factory constructions with raw material and constructionmachinery.Features of road construction truck.smooth control in the city and mountain roads.Multi cargo truck to drive in multi-location.Stunning soundsBest animations to handle and parking.Amazing crane operator learning and experience.
Police Bus Uphill Driver 1.1
Welcome to new transport bus drive simulationwith full of latest and creative environment. In this game play youare appointed in the police as an energetic driver to transfer thecops on their required destinations. Atmosphere of this is veryattractive which will inspire you for this. Beautifully constructedroads on hilly areas and snowy regions will develop your interestand you have to show your driving abilities with smooth andsensible work. You have to become punctual in your duty and carrythe officers and commandos to different check posts and policestations carefully. Difficult twists and steep paths will judgeyour skills and you have to manage the speed of the bus on turningtracks. A stunning animation of atmosphere where you have a goldenopportunity to drive well.Start your beautiful day with your fabulous performance in policeforce. You have to become smart and attentive driver by yourmanagement. Multiple vehicle selection will also train you in thiscreative game play. Initial levels are easy but upcoming levels aregradually harder than previous ones. You have to be careful whensignals are coming in the roads and follow the instructions.Realistic control and sound will also motivate your spirit. Landsliding and road blockage are sudden mishaps and you have to savethe bus from accidents. You have to focus on your driving in everymissions and this game will also provide you amusement and fun. Youhave to develop your confidence in the police department with yourdrive.You have probably played many vehicles game but this is latestconcept for top players. Incredible maps and wonderful interiorswill encourage you. You have to offer your services for the countrydevelopment by fulfilling your duty and you have to becomeprofessional in this simulation. Best of luck for theplayers.FEATURES:Amazing and beautiful graphicsSmooth steering and realistic animationChallenging missions with off road drivingAttractive hilly environmentMultiple indicators and sign boards
Super Helicopter Rescue Duty 1.1
Army real rescue helicopter simulation is alatest game to carry out relief operations and save the lives ofpeople that are in trouble. You have to perform your duty withstrong determination by joining military and prove yourself as anefficient pilot. You have to get ready for emergency and multiplecamera angles will guide you to keep insight on all areas whereyour services will require. Amazing game play with realisticgraphics will inspire you to take attention on your tasks. You haveto show your professional abilities and keep the public safe andsound. Different changing climate and conditions will make you ableto face all the challenges successfully and you will become hero ofthe nation.HOW TO PLAY ARMY RESCUE FLIGHT DUTY?There are many rescue missions covered in this flying rescuehelicopter duty and you have to complete all the levels gradually.In the first and second level you have to save the person from thefired ship that are entrapped in the water. Next third and fourthlevel are very challengeable in which you have to pick theindividuals from the building roof. You have to control the speedand flight of the helicopter and land it safely on the destination.Actual sound effects of the copter will motivate you to move onsteadily and different beautiful hilly areas and desert structurewill develop your interest for this extreme rescue army helicoptergame. Indications and signs will help you to move towards thetarget and you have to keep focus on your objectives to protect thelife of civilians. In final stages missions will be tough and hardand you have to become master of flying to accomplish the targetbecause time will be short and you have to reach the affected areaquickly to release the people. Moreover this army special rescueduty will provide you lot of fun and amusement and you will beaddictive to this game.Enjoy this thrilling responsibility with simple as well asdangerous trials and be a great survivor of the community. So enterinto military driving field and enjoy your duty with multipleflying machines.FEATURES:Actual animations of environment and structureAmazing graphics and smooth control of helicopterPowerful engine and wonderful physicsReal sound effects of helicopter and affected personsDifferent camera angles and screen viewsMultiple levels of rescue operations
Navy Gunner Battleship Strike 1.1
Navy gunner is a free of cost andadventurousgame ever. You will observe a totally new concept of warin thesea. A brutal attack is done while you are going on the way.Youhave to save yourself from the enemy. Environment we create isveryimaginative. While playing shooter gunner you will feel likeyouare also involved character of the game. We design the boatsandocean water as real as you can see in you real life.Thedemonstration of bullets firing and killing the person somuchclear.To play the game you have to follow some instructions to makeyourlevels easy. In initial levels you have to only fire on therobberswho are present in their boats by using first person controlor youcan also use focus point for zooming your target. Afterclearingthe initial levels we have made more interesting anddifficultlevels in these levels you have not only destroy yourtarget butalso the boats which used by the opponents.Missions are also a part of the game:Name of the mission is” never miss the fire”The most stimulating thing in our game is the background soundwhichis so mush factual. This music have an ability to appealyourcourtesy. Mostly users like our games due to theenchantingbackground sound which are highly appropriated with ourspecificenvironment.Color scheme and other visual effects are very creative in ourgame.This is very useful game for the all people who areinteracteddirectly or indirectly with the sea environment. If youwill playour game you became talented to defend yourself fromanyinjury.Go to the play store, and install navy gunner to destroy theenemybefore this the enemy attacked on you…!!! And never forget togiveyour feedback and your important opinion, thanks…... :)Hurry Up………….Features of the game:• Thrilling environment• Charming sounds• Eye lover cameras• High graphics• Based on reality
Combat Commando Target Killer 1.1
Combat Commando Target Killer game atMountain,there is one Army Sniper, Army Commando is full trained,andCommando will kill all enemies one by one and he will collectallguns and snipers to shoot the enemies,Some trained terrorists across the border have entered yoursoilthrough heavy mountains and dense jungle and they are realthreatto your army base in the area with dense jungle and hillyareas inthe Combat Commando Target Killer shooting game. You arethe expertof the commando operation in such conditions, moderncommando isthere in frontline for great mission in the CombatCommando TargetKiller game, you have to search each and everyterrorist in thehilly area to shoot them to hell before they canattack you or yourbrigade in that area where you are living in theCombat CommandoTarget Killer shooting game. Enemies are aware ofyour expertiseskills and they will target you before they canattack on the greatbase that is not mention you have to find out.So be alert withyour sharp shooting skills and modern weapon toeliminate them assoon as possible in this thriller game. Trap andkill the enemiesbefore they try to kill you.basically it is army commando game is aiming to offer youanenjoyable time while playing it and it simulates a realbattleagainst terrorists who try to kill you and save their VIPbosses.In this Combat Commando Target Killer shooting game youmusteliminate the thread by shooting all the enemies, which istheterrorist squad.You need to move fast and don't give your enemies time to shootyoubecause your life will drop and you will lose the battle whenyoudie try to survive and shoot the enemies. Shooting moreenemiesmeans more chances to survive into the army mission game. Itis notjust a regular shooting game, it is an army commando shooterfreegame you will now learn how to use different guns and shootfast inthe Combat Commando Target Killer modern shooting game. Yes,thatis the task: to be able to shoot before thinking aboutshootingthem quickly. If you aim and use your shooting skills well,youwill be able to give head shots and you will murder theterroristsdirectly that will be helpful in the reality. If you playwell inthe Combat Commando Target Killer then grenades areavailable aswell. Have fun and protect the country thoughprotection of countryis our duty! This shooting game will discoveryour new task whichwill helpful in real life and enjoy this CombatCommando TargetKiller best game.☆ ☆ ☆ Features ☆ ☆ ☆Thrilling soundsOutstanding graphicsVarious levelsAmazing gameplayTop class environmentGreat controlFantastic featuresExcellent GUI
Driving School Mania 2017 1.1
In car parking and driving mania test ofyourdriving skill to park vehicles on various location. Takecontrol onextreme car fasten your seat belt and follow trafficrules and parkon simultaneous parking points to earn drivinglicense. Drive carin city mall garage or on multistory parking areaor long drive incity. Park car in respective parking points or inbetween two carsby reverse parking or drive in city traffic andpark on side lineparking area during drive. You have to earn pointsand enablehimself to get driving license. So, during drive avoidwrong andrush driving and follow traffic rules and impresstrafficinstructor and get target point to earn driving license.Keep eyeon driving and parking signs on roads and learn abouttraffic rulesand become a perfect expert driver. Car parking anddriving step bystep car driving training game. In the start ofsuper big rigparking school parking points are close and easyparking to getgrip on starring wheel. When you get expertise inlocal levelsparking area go to abroad area and drive in heavytraffic. Go toyour friends by driving car through city traffic andpark ondifferent places on the way. In 3d car parking simulatorlearn allabout driving license and problem you face in process ofgettingdriving license and get driving training.How to play car parking and driving game?After downloading car parking game select your favorite luxurycarand modified its color and paint its body and change its tires.Setcontrol which you want as tilt or starring wheel or UI buttonfordriving. In start simple and straight parking in forwardandbackward parking slots. After good practice in small areaperformsome long turn and spend some time in driving and park insome farpoint parking point. After completing garage parking levelsmissionready to drive in big city parking area and drive like arealdriver. You can change camera view and drive from cockpit viewlikereal car driving in city and parking yards. Drive more and moreandget different gifts points. Rotate starring wheel from uppercornerof turn and drive realistically from traffic cones andparkperfectly in parking spot.Key features of car parking and driving simulator.Realistic parking and driving.Multi control to use as tilt steering wheel or UI button.Nice music with drive in city.Multi and different mission to complete with additivegameplay.indoor and outdoor parking
Cargo Transport City 🚐 1.2
Cargo Transport CityBecome a real city cargo transporter to cargo good load carsoncargo truck transport to seashore and drive cargo sea ship andflaycargo airplane and operate executive crane like realcargosimulator. in cargo transport city you will get experienceofdriving different cargo truck, operate loading crane drivecruiseships and flay airplane. Build your own transporter companyanddeliver cargo load in different part of city. You have todrivecargo vehicles in city traffic or play sea ship in openwater.Cargo transport city addictive transporter game for those howloveto play simulation games like air plane flaying drive offroadcargo truck and operate construction crane and loadingandunloading car on transporter truck and cargo on various spotsofcity. Cargo transporter city multilevel and multimissiontransporter game in addictive and challenging way.How to play cargo transport city?In this cargo game you to drive multi vehicles in same time.Youhave to drive in different location and situations andcompletedifferent missions in same level. In starting of cargocitytransporter choose you driving mission and transport vehiclestodrive. After selecting cargo vehicle check its specificationandmodified its control as tilt steering wheel UI touchinterferencecontrol. In staring mission you have to drive cargo carand park iton loading truck in limited time. After loading car ontransportertouch control shift button then truck control on anddrive cargotruck for sea port like an heavy cargo trucker. Afterreaching ontarget location in time unload cars and park it oncruise shipparking spot and drive sea ship in vast sea. You willenjoy ride onsea ship sea air sounds as in real sea likeenvironment. Onreaching on destination launch cruise ship onparking spot.I hope you will like this simulator game if you feel anyimprovementten feed backFEATURES:Advanced driving experience of multiple vehiclesDifferent attractive environment and climateSmooth control and user friendly interfaceLatest maps and indicationsCreative game play and amazing graphics
Super Dr Car Parking Free 2 1.2
Get ready for real adventure with super carparking craze 2 in 2017? On the start of 2017 internees’ gamesstudio bring for you a real journey with amazing vehicle parkingand driving with ultimate parking and now second addition is morefun and more interesting. Let us drive Prado and park it inshopping mall, super market basements, on multi story parkinggarage on roads, narrow streets and also between the congestedpaths. In this heavy vehicle parking you will find somewhere newupdated complex parking, new features and different graphics. Youneed master parking skills in traffic parking and avoid barrier andhit any vehicles in traffic.There are many close barriers more difficult challenges, sharpturns and close pass in traffic in this 2nd addition of ultimatecar parking game 2017. If you are a good heavy driver and have afull grip on your driving then this super car parking 2 is reallychallenging and multi task for you. There are new vehicleintroduced to play. Drive your favorite vehicle and especiallyadded police car and hummer van in city traffic difficult roads andpark on parking spots. In beginning parking levels are easy andsimple just start your sports car and park in some distance. It isalso interesting and addictive game. It is an amazing and learninggame for the player. In first level it is practice of parking andbest parking in crucial hard level parking.How to play this real Dr Car parking 2? In this well-designedparking game, you have to choose your favorite parking car anddrive it and become a fabulous car driver. In real super parkinggame chooses your objective mission and drive car in parking area.During drive keep in mind your real sports car and other luxuryvehicles do not hit cross any parking objects until you reach attarget. You have to drive carefully on sharp turns and curvedparking sector and no need to hurry and drive car smoothly and usewell use stifle button for forward and backward button. In thisparking game, you will get well practice for forward and reverseparking in any parking zone. After completion real super Dr Carparking 2 game you will be able to park any vehicle in any parkingarea although it. So this game has realistic graphics and featuresalso real parking environment.FeaturesMultiple unique levelsRealistic graphics and natural parking environmentEasy control with steering wheelReal car physicsRealistic multiple cars
Army Transport Stunt Truck 1.0
Play the multiple Flying military truckgamewhere you enjoy the flight of heavy truck loaded with superracingcars and navy material. Delivery of army material is toughdutywith this heavy motor on off road. Army commander needs bestlorrydriver to deliver of expensive weapons. Play the roleofprofessional heavy motor driver of cargo companies. Installthiscargo military challenge, enjoy the innovative fly militarycoach3D game. You have to be careful while loading the expensiveweaponson cargo motor. Use proper system to monitor everythingdriving thelatest cargo carriage vehicle. Experience the thick loadlorry with3D graphics, enhance your pilot skills. Conveyance thevehicle fromone city to another by this modern fly vehicle race.You will enjoythe real fun of this transportation van game.Try the super flying experience of driving van loaded withweapons& fighting gunship. Play the best army motor simulatorgame flyabove the hills, mountains cities by connected with radarsystem.Improve the piloting skills by using different cameraangles. Enjoythe beautiful & attractive scenes of nature,animal fights, andbig sea by airborne this army cargo bus inwonderfulenvironment.Fly military van automobile 3D simulation game 2017 hasdifferentinteresting levels of delivery vehicle in other cities.Carriageagency are lacking fantastic driver. Act a super pilot ofwingedcargo trucker among the top mountains, off road, junglecities increative 3D atmosphere. Finish all the challenging levelsof thisoff road car parking automobile. Complete all truckercompetitionlevels. Every level has new big carrier army coach withincreasednumber of royal carriages for delivery in toughsituations.You will feel like a pilot while driving the big carrier vaninabove the sky in realistic atmosphere. Hurry up & installthisfantastic high speed wagon parking trucker with trailer in offroadand hill climbing. Take this crazy challenge of drive offroadfabulous running fly coach. Deliver the vehicles indifferentsuggested cities. When you play this airborne lorrysimulation, youwill forget other airborne wagon, bikes, ambulancecompetitionsbecause it has attractive control and creative artworkof flyingwith beautiful animations. Pick the royal super materialfromvehicle manufacturing companies, load them on yourhoveringtrailer. Drive safe while going through heavy mountains,&extreme off roads points. Protect the contesting sleepersandairborne van from any damage. Complete all this crazyflyautomobile car simulation contest in minimum time and getbonuscoins. Spend your free time playing this monster flying lorrycarparking and deliver the goods and automobiles inrunningplaces.Features: Drive high speed heavy lorry with racing vehicles Different stages of innovative flying truck Cargo military van with trailer Deliver vehicle items in other city Realistic 3D environment, amazing graphics Improve airplane driving skills.
Bike Race Stunt Attack 5.2
Be prepared yourself and get ready fortheextreme amazing bike race like a reckless person who enjoysdoingdangerous things. Real bike attack race is an endlessexperience ofheedless of danger racing game. In this amazingmotorbike racingmission, there is realistic bike racing adventurefor those who arelooking for thrilling and attacking bike games.This is mostrealistic bike racing simulation of game. It is a deathrider gunshooter and road rush game. Attacking race and stunt themotorcyclethrough a never ending exciting road racing adventure.The fightingattack bike challenge is based on stunts, fights andthe harshbeating of the rival racers when you would be racingthem.Do not take this challenge easy, in this super crazy attackraceplayer have to face insane and dangerous attacks from theopponentmotorcycle riders. There will be stumbling block on theway, crazytraffic, firestorm vehicles and gangsters of crime cityandfrustrating barriers. You have to beware of heavy traffic onroadspass them very carefully as they can smash you badly andavoiddangerous accidents. Racers are loaded with multiplekillingequipment & your motorbike also loaded with dangerousattackingequipment like short gun, hammer, knife, axe, steel roadand ironliver. Player also can attack on the opponent’s bikersusing kick,punch, axe, bat or pistol to loss their attention frommotorbikerace to eliminate them. Timing is a key here so, you haveto be thebest driver and have to use your best tactics andexperience toattack on opponent riders very cleverly before theyattack onyou.The game has one the best 3D graphics with the bestmotorbikecompetition and natural attacking environment which bringstherealistic results and you would be able to play and enjoyitforever. In this heavy motorbike attack race simulator, therearevariety of weapons and variety of bikes. The competition hasmanydifferent levels and challenging missions on every level.Playerhave to eliminate the opponent racers and win the missiontocomplete the level. Do not forget that the key point for winningisthe time so have to manage it wisely. It is a crazy battlinggamewhich gives you amazing and thrilling enjoyment.FeaturesFull real stunt racing and attacking environment3D view to have realistic effectsAddicting gameplayFight against road warriorsGood quality of soundDecent handling control
Modern Commando Army Fight 1.0
Welcome to the modern Commando Army Fight2017in which you enjoy the battle of army commando anddifferentterrorist. Enjoy the thrilling fight with gunshot andlatestweapons. Kill the enemies coming in your way and completethemission. They have multiple tanks and helicopter which theyareusing to fire on you. Take accurate head shots with longrangebullets to Kill the attackers. Enhance your shooting skillswithmodern commando army fight. Become the master sniper to killtheenemies. amazing Bravo combat shoot will give you a real feelofactual fight between soldiers and terrorist. You have playedmanyaction games but after playing commando bravo counter missionyouwill spend your free time by enjoy the battle of modern bravofiregame.Modern commando army fight 2017 have thrilling shootingenvironmentwith beautiful animations and 3d graphics to appeal youplayingthis game. There are different tanks and helicopters forfiring anduse in game battle. Enjoy the war on sea shores,mountains andjungle. Save your army base camp from the attackerofenemies.Modern commando army fight game has many challenging actionpackedmission to give you a real war environment between navyandgangsters. Play the game and select level with favoritecommandoand weapon to start firing the enemies. Kill the murderersas muchas you can. You have multiple latest weapon to enjoy thewar. Shootwith your favorite gun. Every mission has differentenvironmentwith different numbers of attackers. Be brave anddetermined inyour army base camp. Don’t give single chance to yourrivals tofire on you. Hide yourself in the base camp. Reload yourgun anduse sniper camera to shoot on the head of enemy. Shoot onthe tanksand helicopter coming with paratroopers. Fire with longrangesniper gun to finish the mission. Complete the mission toenjoy andunlock every wonderful fighting level.Get ready to have fun the most thrilling war of army commandosandopponents. Play the game in multiple battle environment.Yourmission is to kill the rivals coming from different ways.Clearyour country home land area with the evil attack ofgangsters.Accept the challenge and become the master captain aftercompletingall Modern commando army fight levels. Every mission hasdifferentenemies with different weapons. Don’t worry you also havelatestshooting bullets which will finish the opponent at 1st shoot.Fireon the boats, tanks and helicopters with paratroopers.Features:Realistic battle environmentBeautiful animations and graphicsModern weapon to fire enemyFantastic game controlArmy base cam to save yourselfOcean island and jungle battle area
City Cycle Race Championship 1.0
welcome to the modern bicycle race 2017withnew feature game. Get ready to enjoy the real fun of riding acycleon uphill mountains, off roads and busy streets. This extremecycleracing mania is one of the best addictive simulation in whichyouenjoy multiple missions of high speed race. We know you arecrazyabout different action and thrilling racing simulations butnow youwill be wonder to play the real 3D bicycle game. In thiscontest,you take challenge of taking a ride on crazy cycle, paddleyourvehicle on tricky roads of mountains and win thethrillingchampionship. Bicycle simulator mania is looking sameprofessionalbike. Ride the bike if you want to become runningchampion and keeppaddling fast. Take action packed and thrillingride that willprovide you a realistic sensation of modernrace.Bicycle race game has realistic 3d environment with eyecatchingenvironment of natural world. Take ride in the mid of shinytrees,uphill mountain and beautiful roads. Wonderful animations and3Dgraphics will make your match more enjoying. Background soundofsimulation will play an important role to keep in touch withthehighspeed race game.You can enjoy multiple interesting multiple levels. Completeeverychallenging mission of racing mania and won the tournament.Thismodern game has many vehicles, its depend on you which you wanttoride. Choose your best bicycle and start your mission todefeatopponents. Ride the bicycle carefully and do not hitanothervehicle or racer otherwise you can lose your play. Pickyourfavorite cycle with crazy rider, start level with fastpeddlingdefeat your rivals and reach at the finish line to winthechampionship.Let’s download the off-road cycle racing game and become thesupercrazy rider. You have played many action-packed games but youhaveto keep in mind that high speed is not everything in the race.Youhave to focus on your way or mission to keep moving towardsthefinish line. Follow the instruction given in the wayofchampionship and win the challenge. Complete all crazy missionsofthis bicycle racing tournament. It’s time to get some twist inyourfree time and enjoy the wonderful endless levels of bike race.Getready to enjoy the amazing stunts of 3D fast cyclemission.Features:Many interesting endless levelAmazing 3D animations and graphicsExcellent game control for movementRealistic natural sceneMultiple crazy ridersExtreme different racing missions