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Heavy Excavator simulator : Rock Mining 2019 1.0.7
Heavy Excavator simulator: Rock Mining 2019 Play new heavyexcavatorgame 2019 to complete different crazy offroad tracksmissions. Drivedifferent types of heavy machinery to drill anddepositing the heavyrocks in search of diamonds. Each and everymonster machine has itsown unique features as per requirements. Soready to play epic heavyduty machines as well as rock excavatorgame with new simulatingtasks over the Xtreme work site crews. Inthis ultimate craneexcavator 2019, you will learn how to findexpensive stones from themountains. Drill with the help of heavyXcavator break stones andcomplete the process to get diamond.Complete the entire task withthe help of construction crews. Drillthe hard surface of the rockswith the help of heavy drillingtools. Drive loader truck over thezigzag mountain tracks to reachthe bottom of the site. You canachieve your heavy excavator drivergoal by playing this newultimate mining game 2019. This realexcavator 2019 contains manynumbers of vehicles like skid loader,dumper truck, excavator crane,cargo truck, offroad crane, heavystone cutter, and big loaders.Pick the mentioned vehicle as perlevel requirements. The gameplayof the real excavator game is mucheasy and smooth. Drive differenttypes of vehicles to completetasks. Get ready to find a diamondwith the help of modernmega-machines. Complete the missionsaccording to the working time.Drive mountain truck to load andoffload all the rocks from thedump trucks. Cut the stones dividebig rocks into mini stones. Loadthe raw material over the cargoloader with the help forklift andconstruction crane. Drive theloader over the offroad mountaintracks. Reach the destination byfollowing the map. Offload all theheavy loaded material with thehelp crews and loader trucks. Findthe diamonds from the stones. Inthis new excavation game, you willlearn how to drive megaconstruction machines in different modes.Drive excavator and parkexcavator in the parking spot. It’s agreat opportunity to show offmega cranes driving over the offroadtracks. Collect valuable stonesand crush to them explore a newadventure for you. The bestgraphical environments with bestheavy-duty vehicles make this gameone of the best satisfying fungame 2019. So get this new simulationwith a number of missions.Control heavy excavator and dumper trucksto complete the missionmaintain your speed and control themachines. Modern excavator anddiamond finding game is the bestoffline simulation game and it'stotally free to play. So enjoy yourtime playing this newsimulation game and give us valuable feedbackin the reviewsection. Features - New excavator 2019 is free to play- Completethe tasks within time limits - Real excavator controls -Addictivegameplay with best driving controls - Amazing excavatorcrane gameenvironment
Dinosaur City Battle 2019 1.0.2
In Dinosaur City battle 2019 play as a world lost animaldinosaur.Get ready to fight with different jungle animals and takethem downin the battlegrounds with your gun powers. You havemultipleferocious targets for the counter-attack. Use your paws toreachthe target and use all the firepower’s to engage target withintimelimits. Watch and observe your big buck target carefully andtakethe big game hunter shoot before animal ready to fire. You willbeoffered a limited time with limited dinosaurs’ stamina tofinishmask enemy in each and every hunting and surviving mission somakesure to finish each and every surviving mission before you runoutof shooting time. Choose the big loaded guns from the inventorytofight with animals for surviving into the fighting arena.Upgradeyour dinosaurs with insane powers and furious survivingabilitiesto get better action games 2019 results. This ultimatedinosaur’sgame with best firing squads sure to leave you speechlessyou willfeel best dino action adventures after playing such modernanimalshooting game 2019. Take your best defensive position to bearallthe attacks from the enemies. Play dinosaurs game 2019 andenjoytop free open world free action adventure simulation game.Followthe map to know about the enemy’s position. Follow the gamesrulesand control giant dinosaur with the joystick to move towardsthetarget. In this counter-attack game 2019, you have varioustargetsto become the modern survivor. So choose the biggestdinosaurs tofinish the level within limited time. In each and everylevel, themission gets tougher and tougher so upgrading isnecessary to reachthe final battle goal. In each and every missionfollow the gameobjectives to understand gameplay. You have multiplefiring animalsto finish like Rhinos, Deer’s, and Hippo, cheetah,tiger, Buffalo,and boss of all the animals a big Dinosaur. Bewarefrom thedeadliest attack from some armed animals because they mightattackback. First of all load up with an automatic gun attachedbothsides of the dinosaur to shoot everything that comes your wayofvictory in the arena. Destroy huge container and differentstreetslights pools and blast oil tankers and then hunts to earncoins.Use your coins to buy new dinosaur to hunt wild animals.Chase thetarget with a destructive weapon. Hold your fires to takethe bestshooting experience. Destroy the animal’s power alliance atthe endof some missions. Protect yourself from the attack of thestrikeforces and earn a maximum number of armed heist coins toupgradeyour health. So get ready to demolish all the animals tosurvive inthe jungle and city. In this warfare the Dino game youwill neverget bored so get this new epic game and earn greaterrewards. Shareyour glorious action adventure experience with yourfriends andgive us your feedback in the Review section. Hopefully,you willenjoy it. So best of Luck and enjoy!!!!! Features - Free toplaymultiple dinosaurs game - A best graphical environmentwithaddictive gameplay - Follow the game objective to finish theactionlevel within time limits - Stay cool while fighting with theboss -Follow your health and Stamina during the fight - Don’tforget toupgrade Dinosaur for better results - Use the joystick tomoveDinosaurs and firing button to engage the target
Futuristic Bus 0.2
Play futuristic bus game on urban city roads. This is not onlyagame but it's the solution of city traffic jams. Drivegyroscopicbus through the lines without disturbing traffic. Drive ahigh techtransit bus and pick and drop the passengers through cityroutes ontime. Drive this new modern bus above road traffic so thattrafficflows beneath its wheels without collisions. Follow the gamerulesand cover the destination without any major accidents.Controlcoach bus legs with thumb touch. And avoid all types ofhurdleslike accidents and zebra crossings. Follow the trafficsignals andlines to reach the destination. No doubt elevated bus isone of thebest solutions for urban transport. The best part of thisconceptbus is you can even drive the bus when traffic gets jammed.Todrive this new modern solution to the jammed traffic. So grabtheopportunity to become the best driver among the city and getathrilling experience of driving. You will probably like the ideaofthe bus game with such amazing features. Delivered passengerstotheir destination within the limit of time. While drivingfollowsthe traffic rules and avoids driving opposite lines. Easyandsmooth bus driving controls will increase your interest indrivingheavy passenger vehicles. Features Realistic game controlsSwipe tocontrol vehicle Best Bus parking and driving experienceNumber ofoptions to control bus Multiple buses collection Followthe trafficrules System of loading offloading passengers
World Cup Street Parking 2019 1.0
Get ready to play an amazing car parking game withincredibledriving and drifting adventures. Drive and set to parkoutside thecricket stadium. Park your vintage car before the worldcup matchstarts. You have limited time for perfect parking beforethe ODItournament start. In other words, it’s one of the crazyparkinggames with risky parking routes, just hold your breath andcontroldrifting cars with your talents out of the league place.Pick newand amazing multi cars from the crazy garage to park in thestreetsof the stadium. Feel free to make a huge world cup parkinglot tripand act as a professional car parking driver in thisparallelparking challenging game. Don’t forget the city carsparking rulesor street parking rules just take a chance to driveand select thelot to park. Control your sports car with a singletouch andperform perfect parking stunt. If you bypass parking lotsyou willbe soon out of the parking world. Try to cover a specificparkingplace to save time Before the Championship starts and showyou’refurious and fast car offensive parkers’ skills beforewatching batn ball championship. In this world cup street parkinggame, youwill face several parking missions as well as multi-carparkingchallenges. Try to reach the parking place for your car inarealistic drift movement. Make historical win and unlocknewclassic cars as well as vintage cars to park, But in thisopenworld parking game, you will also experience drifting anddrivingrickshaw to park. This smart parking app is bigger andbetterchallenges games you will ever play with exciting drifthandling.Forget all the underground parking, offroad parking orother boring3D car parking games just play this new king of allparking gameswith speedy parking challenges. Show all the audiencebefore thewicket down whose is the real parker throughout thestadium? Thiseasy parking game will challenge your awareness aboutstreetparking. You have to follow parking arrows to park in otherwords,if you try to Double Park the game will be over and you willmiss abroad city parking map to explore. This multi cars parkinggame isfree to play so say goodbye to all the other boring gamesjustdownload this new exciting parking simulation to get worldmostambitious parking new 3D fury game. Drive a variety of cars toparkand avoid all types of driving crashes otherwise you will facefinefrom the police mobile. Follow the rules and don’t try tocrossother parking lines otherwise, the game will be over. Thisgame isbased on a realistic stadium environment so enjoy this newtrickyparking game between two vehicles. This great game is forpeople ofall ages. So best of luck and give us your valuablefeedback in thereview section. Features - Free to play new parkinggame 2019 -Variety of cars ready to park - Avoid double parking -Bestgraphical environment - Best single touch-based game - Followthearrows to take turns
IGI Sniper 2019: US Army Commando Mission 1.0.13
Beyond deploying elite squads to stop cover strikes from terroristsits looks impossible to finish them. The theme of this fun shootinggame 2020 is to take revenge from such organizations and give thema solid response that you are also a true soldier to save theearth. This FPS sniper and fps battle game fun games to play. Inthis story mode commando action gameplay as an army commando who isin action against terrorists. Rescue the army missile search baseand his crew members during the sniper combat. Terrorists deployedstrike on border sites they have kidnapped some special troops andsome scientists. So pick up your special guns and start countershooting against terrorism. You are the only American IGI sniperwho can lead the team of commandos and other top snipers. Startdestroying the terrorist’s frontline with your sniper rifle. Takeyour mountain top shooting position and load your sniper rifle andshow infinite anti-terrorists’ squad actions. In this countershooting game, you have customization options to upgrade yourcritical sniper guns. This army commando fps mission game is beyondthe limits. There are several missions to cover. Just take a breathand make sure you are the best offline shooting or online actiongames player. Keep an eye over the enemy movement take your time toencounter terrorists. Shoot on the battlefield to survive to facemore challenges. In top free shooting games for kids once you landinto the IGI commando battlefield you have to get prepared yourselffrom the terrorist's crossfire. Be the best battle shooter tobecome the ultimate combat battle survival. This special operationforces the game free to fire. You have in-app if you want touncover all the hidden missions at once. The best 3D game withrealistic battlegrounds is specially designed for all activeplayers. War with terrorists will give you newly war experiencewith limited time. Face all the death strikes with your toughmilitary commando training and sniper rifles. Play popular actiongames and place your name as one of the futuristic shooters of thebattlefield. Cover the army base and start eliminating terroristsat every footstep. Terrorists cover the entire base and they arenow going to deploy nuclear war with your country. So stop thembefore they start gender wars. In every open-world commandomission, you must cover to fire & get the best FPS strikeresults. Be the best fps shooter and complete your combat shootingmissions. New helicopter shooting missions also included. Take yourshooting guns and confirm you are a true warfighter in allconditions. Take all the shooters from the sky to Warfield.Hopefully, you will enjoy this new action game so give us yourvaluable feedback to further improve the game. Features - Strategybased military game - This IGI game free to play - Number ofchallenging levels with fun to play - High definition Environment -Free to play action game 2019 - Control commando with fingers
Hero Flight : Jump to Target
In this thrilled and action packed game, you need to fly abovedifferent environments. there are multiple environments likeskyscrapers, jungle and deserts. Player fly and need to avoid toupcoming hurdles. After reaching the destination, your characterwill dash downward and attack at crowded place to disperse maximumcharacters and destroy vehicles standing there.
Animal Hunters- Safari Jeep Driving 1.0
Get ready to experience the thrilling safari trip! Ready toshootsall the animals with your sniper gun and become the safarishooterin the super wild forest. Do you want to be the hunter ofthe wildanimals? If yes then Animal Sniper Game is the best choicefor you.Shoot the field animals, wild beasts and jungle animals inthisthrilling environment. It’s a dark hunt adventure and a realsafaritrip with all the filled hunting mania. In this Americanforest,you would be the furious hunter with all the FPS weaponstotransform yourself into an extreme safari hunter in thissafarianimal hunting game of 2019. Play all the safari lifethrillingchallenges! Play the animals' attack game by using yourwildshooting skills; target the brave animals, wild beasts andfieldanimals with your powerful weapons in this wild animalhuntingadventure. Enjoy your safari trip as an expert animalshooter, thiswild animal Game is the best platform for you to showyour shootingand jungle hunting skills in full action. Escape fromthe suddendeer and tiger attack they may kill you, your forestchase skillsshould be very sharp that they must be frightened ofyou. Yourmodern FPS weapons can set wrath of your bravery, the wildbeastsand furious animals must be afraid of you. In this safarianimalhunting here are a number of wild beasts and field animals inthejungle. But target just specifies animal otherwise you havefailed.If you don’t aim properly then lion or fox may attack you.Animalswill run away so be focused. Play all the crazy andthrillingmissions as a modern sniper of 2019. Kill all the fieldanimals inthis safari trip to be the sniper shooter of the modernera, enjoyyour thrilling wild animal hunting adventures by drivingthe safarijeep on the offroad to reach at the dark hunt forest intime,utilize your animal hunting time with its fullest, don’t missanychance for the animals attack, Focus and target with yoursniperweapon to the animal and be the assassin in this Game.Explore theForest and show your fury to attack animals! In thisanimal huntinggame, the animals and forest are designed withincredible 3Dgraphics, most wild animals are waiting for yourdeadly arrival inthis safari animal hunting. Prove your best sniperhunting skillsin this thrilling action, select weapons and go tothe forest toplay the modern and adventurous shooting game of 2019.Kill thewild beasts with your sniper; Animal Game has thrillingmissionsthat will transform a hunter into an extreme assassin oftheforest. This is the best chance to explore the forest chaseandmountains of the jungle in this safari animal’s game. Themostthrilling 3d graphics of jungle and crazy shooting controlswillblow your mind. This safari trip will sharpen your junglehuntingskills and counted as the best wild animal hunting gameamong allanimal shooting games of 2019. Enjoy the wide variety ofmodernweapons to attack the wilder creatures in this thrillingsnipergame. American forests are filled with wild beasts andfuriousanimals that show the real picture of adventure safari.Celebratethe deerweek in this forest chase that is connected tooffroad;drive in your safari jeep for the crazy shooting to get theanimalhunt. Escape from the field animals of the forest to bethesafeguard of your life. Install this animal hunting game forthebest shooting experience. Download this best safari animalhuntinggame to experience the best safari trip of the year 2019!*KeyFeatures* Thrilling Animal hunting challenges Be a snipershooterto attack animals Realistic 3D graphics and best animalsoundsResponsive controls to shoot Multiple animals to shoot
Cannon Balls Fire Blast 3D 1.0
Ready to play a new cannon ball game in 3D. Hit and breakallbottles with balls to achieve maximum targets. Try to hitwithaccuracy to maximize the bonuses. In this 3D tower cannon game,youhave an opportunity to show addictive shoot and blast skillswithenergy balls. Explode balls by firing up cannon, Push thefiringtrigger to fire out all the bottles. If you hit the barriersthegame will be over so keep calm and cover to knock all bottles.Inthis blaster game, you will check your cannon blast physicsaftertargeting all bottles. So let’s start the shooting with cannonandjust explode and jump to the next stage. Cover all frames withyourhunting skills and save your spare time. Target all thebottlesover the rolling tower just avoid mini objects whilehitting. Holdyour breath and wait for a suitable time to roll allthe ballstowards bottles. After engaging all the balls and bottlesmove tonext stage upgrade the cannons after winning rewards. Youwillnever get bored while blasting towards the target. Clear allthebottles and ready to hit the grand bottle. Hold your firesandachieve the target. Cannon Balls Fire Blast 3D is a veryaddictivegame in which just find a suitable time to smash all thebottles.Fire at the right time to achieve the purpose. The gameplayis easyand attractive with beautiful graphics and most importantlycannonphysics. You feel something new while playing this new erashootingand knocking game 2019. Save your Mbs while playing onlineboringgames get this new epic causal game with insane gameplay.CannonBalls Fire Blast 3D is best offline casual game 2019 and it'sfreeto play. So what are you waiting for ready to grab thisnewaggressive game of the year now? So let's start and give usyourvaluable feedback in the review section Thanks. Features - Freetoplay - Easy to control the cannon fire - Hit maximum targetsjustavoid hurdles - Beautiful graphical environment