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Offroad Jeep mountain climb 3d 1.3
🚙 2016 year of offroad hill climbing Meet mark stim, the youngoffroad aspiring asphalt racer. He is about to embark on a mostwanted racing journey where no limits exist to stop his hill climbracing 3d. Face the supercharged hill racing environments with allof 8 hill racing vehicles. Show your hill climb powers and hillsracing stunts to get a free hill climb race license. Earn more cashin this 2016 driving mission to upgrade your vehicle and becomebest 4wd hilltop driver.To make your racing dreams true eightdifferent racer vehicles are added. So would you like to pick acargo truck or six wheeler hills monster. Also you can try hilly4*4 S.U.V or army 6*6. For hilltop driver 4*4 jeep is also here.Moreover, may be you are going to choose army truck as yourultimate clutch driving machine! Or I think you want to go with oneof the marvellous raid truck or an impressive offroad jeep.✔ Tips:How to winGame winning hierarchy has no rocket science but issimple in functionality. Drive offroad jeep or other hill climbracing vehicles in mountain and hills. Accelerate and go now,offroad jeep mountain racing world is yours.➫ More Offroad JeepFeatures⇒ 10 Numerous stages with levels to reach in each morechallenging stage.⇒ Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation⇒Free open world 4x4 offroad hill climbing.⇒ Real time reflectionsand outstanding 4x4 offroad vehicles.⇒ Bright 3D panoramic racingview.⇒ Various game modes to enjoy the crazy joy!⇒ Realistic andstunning drums, cylinders, fences, traffic cones and otherbarriers.⇒ Breathtaking visuals of mountains, hill, trees andcomplete grassland.⇒ A 3d arrow to guide offroad racer to completehis track.⇒ Realistic car controls of race, brake, dashboard andmeter.⇒ Use any movement controller option from tilt, steering andand arrows.⇒ 5 different camera angles to give you more control inhill climbing duty.⇒ Realistic front, neutral and back gears tomove all around the mountain.⇒ Compatible to all Mobiles and Tabs.☑What’s inside in gameOffroad jeep mountain climb 3d has greatphysics based motion principles. A big daring ride for racers todrive at track covered by mountains, slopes, rocks, sharp anglesand turns. Reach to different targets. Many of the new advanced 3dmodels of barriers, drums, cylinders and traffic cones have beenadded to make you best motor rider of 2016. No need to go drivingschool for driving test.Avoid collision with fences, wooden racks,boxes and other obstacles and make your race challenge for yourfriends.Use powerful front and back gears to climb overmountain.Use either tilt ,steering or arrow navigation control atthe frightened twists,turns and rounds during the whole jeepmountain climb.In offroad jeep mountain climb 3d, five differentcamera angles exist to gain more jeep racing control and enjoycomplete 3d detailed environment with trees, grassland, hills andmountains. Did you ever dream about drifting spectacular racingvehicles to the limit line on a drag strip? Offroad jeep mountainclimb 3d includes many of awesome mountain jeep and vehicles foryour traffic drive. Unlock your car to achieve next missions✌Racer! All the bestGameObject Studio optimized offroad jeepmountain climb 3d for all smartphone users and designed for 4x4,jeep and offroad simulator and hill climbers. Wish you gaming year2016.
Extreme City GT Racing Stunts
Get ready for World’s Longest Car Jump Are you ready to beat theworld record jump ?? If yes, then what are you waiting for ? Takeone level high in the Jet car stunts world. World’s longest stuntracer Ramp has been set. Take your air stunt with nitro motor car.Smash the dangerous air race with other GT car racers and beat hotwheels car racers in Extreme City GT Racing Stunts. Using turbonitro engine, enjoy rapid nitro power. Tap a nitro button to booststunt car speed, tap to make nitro flames. Play stunt race offlineand beat your friends in stunt car simulator. No Wifi-No issue !What is Nitro Car Stunt all about? Reckless Car Stunts 3d is a newchallenging stunt racing Game. Become a StuntMan and drive a carthrough the obstacles and other automobiles. Clear all grand autojump levels with this challenging car 3d stunt simulation. PickNitro powers for history’s furiously grand automobile car racing.Pick more nitro powers to maximize your winning chance in turbo carracing. Don’t forget to blow nitro flames from GT Nitro stunt car.Tap the nitro button to turn on jet car nitro-mode. Accelerateworld’s fastest bullet car now! Take off for centuries highestsmashing jump over the longest car ramp. Enjoy free fall down, landyour jet car nicely on road and make your history now with ExtremeCity GT Racing Stunts!! Join the world of crazy car stunts, performrisky car stunts to challenge your skills and experience the realturbo car racing. ✔ Nitro Mode On/Off In car stunts 3d, now you canplay with/without nitro-mode. Turn off nitro mode in the city butdon’t forget to turn on at a time of take off. ✔ World Longest CarRacer-Jump Get ready for History’s longest pro car racer jump. Jumpand land accurately. Earn more points and unlock next car stunts 3dlevels. ✔ Car Still feature in air In the market, for the firsttime, Dev added brand new car still feature in air to energise yourstunt class. ✔ Extra Car Reset / Nitro button. If your stunt carcapsized, use car reset button at the time of car overturn. Picknitro power-ups and tap the nitro button to gain airy speed. ✔Maintain your Nitro Power Bar Throughout the car simulator 3d,maintain 3d stunt nitro power. Pick Nitro power-ups more andsurvive longer at the drag racing evening. Drive and manoeuvrethrough the treacherous surprising ramp to dominate the levels!Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy loads of stunts! Enjoy the thrill ofdrifting and landing through spectacular stunt ramps. This is theepic stunt game you have been waiting for many months! And staytuned for Extreme City GT Racing Stunts second updated release.Stunt game is on - Beat your opponents around stunt tracks andramps. Experience more crazy stunt jumps, traps and environments tochallenge the most seasoned driver.
Coach Bus Driver Simulator 3d 1.5
Live the dream, Be the best bus driver in a real bus driving game.Embark from the bottom and work your way up by accomplishingvarious stages of City bus simulator. Being 2016 real bus driver,respect for timetables, follow traffic laws and manage your trafficschedule today with Bus Simulator game while playing Coach BusDriver Simulator 3d. Pick and drop travelers in 3D city driving andget a chance to manage traffic in the city.Enter the simulationworld of bus driving. Explore world’s famous cities includingManchester, Springfield, Newport and much more with Coach bussimulator 2016.Enjoy Treacherous 3D environment fully packed withDetailed interiors, Animated passengers and Eye-Catching artwork.Delight with coach bus driving experience and Learn gently coachbus driving at Manchester routes! Become king of bus drivinggames.Take care of passengers and keep them happy all the way whileenjoying Coach Bus Driver Simulator 3d. This formal trainingprogram will keep you occupied until the break of dawn!🚌 Coach BusDriver Simulator 3d Adventurous Features >>>➀ Tap openbutton to open gates and get passengers in the coach !➁ Turn oncoach Right, Left, Emergency indicators and avoid the accident !➂Epic 3D graphics of Curvy tracks, Highway roads, Vast lakes, Rocks,Mountains !➃ Meet the actual difficulty to squeeze the coachthrough cars at sharp angles and turns !➄ Public transportation busmultiple cameras views: Simulate with the dashboard view !➅Experience cutting edge city craft graphics with Map-Guided Routeof city bus simulator !➆ Respect timetables, follow traffic rulesand manage traffic city in coach driving game !➇ Handsome andMature 3D ingredients including Speedometer, Physics tractionengine !➈ Discover a set of tourist coaches in different cities andenjoy coach driving game !➉ Prove yourself best bus driver of theyear and earn a driving test license !⑪ It’s time for completion ofa formal training program in bus driving !Install real bussimulation. Experience highway hill climb without an internetconnection and play history’s most wanted Real Bus DrivingSimulator.
City Truck Pro Drive Simulator 1.5
Attention for all heavy duty truck drivers! We are looking for someexpert truckers . . Make a history of real truck driving with CityTruck Pro Drive Simulator. Explore the potential and passion of anexperienced trucker in one of dazzling truck simulator game. Steeryour astonishing truck simulator 3d and go ahead for city trucksimulator. Test your heavy-duty truck driving skills. Drive in USAcities, treacherous roads, deadly valleys and Become the king ofroads. City Truck Pro Drive Simulator is one of an epic drivingsimulator with extra detailed and mature graphics. Time to become areal trucker with grand truck driving simulator. Try addictivephysics-based city truck driving with smooth driving and driftingcontrols. In era of truck driving, try to aim for the off-roaddrive without damage and collision with other vehicles. In anexciting real truck simulator, engage in open world truck drivechallenge. Travel across the roads, visit the beautiful cities.Simulate your city pro truck for extreme hill climb driving.Initiate off road hilly journey with an on-screen steering wheel,accelerator, and brake pedals. Brace yourself for real truckdriving simulator at curvy roads and turns. Take your shift to hightorque and beat all the roads with City Truck Pro Drive Simulator.Install one of obsessive driving simulation. Enjoy 3D simulationgame and get ready for many hours of extreme mobile gaming andsimulation fun!! Additional Highlights !!! > Epic heavy offroadultimate test and truck driving maneuvers :) > An artisticambiance that will make you feel real truck driver duty :) >Multiple trucks and stages to enhance your grand truck drivingskills :) > Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting in atruck driving simulator :) > As best truck driver, Gloriouschance to complete an extreme drifting task :) > Multiplecameras views for extreme pro trucker drive-Use dashboard camera :)> Exciting driving experience with excellent ultra-detailedanimation and graphics :) > Play with three types of transporttruck simulator controls; Tilt, Steering, and Buttons :) >Handsome and Mature 3D ingredients including Speedometer, Physicstraction engine :) > Experience cutting edge city craft graphicswith Map-Guided Route of truck simulator 3d :)
Extreme City GT Ramp Stunts 1.3
The Extreme City GT Ramp Stunts gives you mission to park carsafter performing stunt. There are many amazing easy and difficulttracks along with sudden curves where you need Best Driving Skillsto travel. You can choose lightweight cars or heavy duty truckshaving extremely different properties from each other so eachvehicle needs special attention while driving. Whats New? In theExtreme City GT Ramp Stunts various exquisite tracks added and eachroute have many tunnels, bridges and jumps etc. Which are biggestchallenge to cross for the player. Due to Obstacles in your waywill make your stunt memorable and this is one of the best reasonsof its uniqueness and popularity comparatively to the other cardriving games. 3D Graphic Effects Best 3D effects used in theExtreme City GT Ramp Stunts. You will feel the real car drivingtaste while playing game. HD graphics like shadows, high qualitycars, night time and scenery will attract the player. AbsolutelyFree The Extreme City GT Ramp Stunts is free of cost. You can enjoyeach of its feature easily but if you have the excellent gaming anddriving skills. There is In-App Purchases option included whichwill boost your interest of player. Simply you can make furtherpurchases after earning scores. Features of Extreme City GT RampStunts Obstacles – Never seen before totally unique Parking Tasks –Interesting, Challenging and helps to improve your real drivingskills Fleet of Motor – Enjoy stunt with lightweight or heavy dutynew and classic real world vehicles Free of Cost – No need to payfor its 15 levels or feature 3D Effects – You will feel the reallife taste while performing dangerous stunts Compatibility – Run onevery screen size
Crazy Valet: Parking simulator 1.5
Let crazy valet parking madness continue by celebrating parking 3dmania merged with realistic driving physics. Cherish yourautomobile driving and parking skills in extreme and extraordinarycar parking simulator that has been painstakingly designed for theultimate pro gamers. 🔑 First, meticulously drive your turbo nitrocar for a hotel visit. At reaching the parking spot give the key toparker. Crazy valet garage parking duty starts now. As a garageparker protagonist, your core aim is to park the car in parkinglot, find parking spot and park in an underground parking place. InCrazy Valet: Parking Simulator, enjoy extreme wriggling andzigzagging, drive through high speed and top paced racing cars.Avoid collision with other buildings, and vehicles in garageparking plaza. Take gamer diverse challenges of parking indesignated parking spaces at different floors of a parking garage.In this thrilling multi-level underground valet car parking physicsbased game, show your pro driver skills and experience car dodgingchallenges at Basement and Rooftop in 3D platform park zone. Aplenty of parking games exist in the market. However, just a bit ofthem are satisfactory. One of 3d parking masterpiece for those whoseek for a parking simulator in high detailed quality. Ourprofessional editors have tested and analyzed the game which hascrossed technical exciting levels. Bring Crazy Valet: ParkingSimulator- car parking 3d design, controls, effects intoconsideration. Thus, you can enjoy superfine one crazy driver valetparking game on your device with just a single tap without aninternet connection. Crazy Valet: Parking Simulator ParkingHighlights: ✔ User-friendly Direction pointer to enjoy parker jobexperience. ✔ Customizable driving controls: tilt or buttoncontrols ✔ Multiple camera views like driver's eye view, thirdperson view, dashboard view. ✔ Enter/Start/Stop/Exit buttons in CarSystem ✔ Learn to park is one of primary essential to build yourdriving skills. ✔ Test Drive: Here one has to park like real lifeparking situations. ✔ Getting Harder: Here one has to slide to downfloor through sharp 360 angles and twists. ✔ Parallel Park: Hereone has to excel in parallel parking without colliding other cars.✔ Finding suitable car parks area is tedious in extreme precisiondriving simulator. ✔ Detailed multi-storey parking centerenvironments, Realistic controls, Great dynamic gameplay. ✔Multiple GT racing cars including: * Ford mustang * Ferrari * BMWZ4 * Lamborghini
Moto GT Stunt Racing 1.2
Moto GT Stunt Racing 3D is based on the bike extreme new concept ofthe bike racing and stunt games. Its very enjoyable and brainexercise game. We sure about, you will definitely like it. It's aReal 3D game of the year 2016 you have to compete with your 2racing shooter or racing fighter or the bike masters opponents tochase the checkpoints.In this game, we are providing you thestadium environment with mind blowing stunts and interestingmotorbikes. So download and enjoy this game. The first moto bike isunlocked for everyone and rest of the bikes will be unlockedthrough xp's points or simply purchase from In-App purchase just in2.99$.♦♦♦♦KEY FEATURES:♦♦♦♦♦ 4 Moto Bikes♦ Different Stunts♦ 2Opponents♦ 10 Levels♦ Time increase on every checkpoint catch♦♦♦♦GAMEPLAY♦♦♦♦♦ Accelerate your bike from race button ♦ Slow downthe speed by pressing the pause Button ♦ steering, Tilt, Buttonsfor Right and Left ♦ Rest Button Moto GT Stunt Racing will beupdated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for furtherimprovement of the game
Car Stunts 2016: Enjoyable 1.9
Car stunts 2016 is a very enjoyable, Racing and amazing game inwhich you will face the different level and different tasks toclear the level there is a time limit to clear the level. Everylevel starts from a fixed position you will go forward for yourstunt and when you complete the task then the level will clearotherwise level will fail. This is the 2016 new enjoyable release.We assure when you play this amazing game you will happy and needor demand more versions and levels of this game. KEY FEATURES: - Gofor the level stunts - 4 Enjoyable Cars to choose - First racingcar is free other will unlock on 10000 XP, 12000XP, 15000XP - Youcan get all from app purchase for just 2.99 $ - 10 outstanding andEnjoyable Levels GAMEPLAY: - Accelerate the car from Speed Button -Steering, Tilt and left right buttons - Press the Nitro Button toaccelerate - Press the Break Button to Slow Down - A reset buttonfor you car Car Stunts 2016: Enjoyable will be updated constantly.Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of thegame.
Moto Bike Race Nitro Stunt 3d 1.3
Moto Bike Race Nitro Stunt 3d is one of the best racing games! Raceand challenge millions of players and pro moto drivers. For thefirst time, here’s an addition of nitro stunt with your moto bikein the collection of bike race games.Install fusion of fast-pacedphysics based nitro stunt drive and forget other bike race progames.Tilt your device to race at maneuvering stunt tracks. Touchnitro button to boost your moto 3d speedGolden chance to drive withMoto nitro speed. Enjoy endless bike race stunts in a rossiride!Install one of giant Racing Penguin Moto Bike Race Nitro Stunt3d. Try to become the best biker through history making bike racegame. Excluding other off road and city bike games, race at motobike track with full of twists, turns, and sharp angles. Theessence of smooth stunt racing is still there but in the shell ofthe next generation. Pass through 360 rings. Don’t forget to picknitro power ups. Tap nitro button for fast & furious moto bikerace Moto Bike Race Nitro Stunt 3d takes the endless racing genreto a whole new level by adding a full career mode, the first personviews perspective, better graphics, and real life bike racestunts.Game features !✔ Be a daring and passionate motorcyclestuntman.✔ Don’t forget to pick nitro power ups.✔ Get onto a newchallenge of bike race. ✔ Simple and intuitive controls.✔ Hundredsof crazy tracks and mad worlds.✔ Touch to accelerate, tilt tocontrol the bike.✔ NEW Realistic bike physics controls.✔ Real 3Denvironments, with multiple camera views.✔ Explore differentlocations & new cities.✔ Play without wifi.
Extreme City GT Racing Stunt 2 1.3
More than 5 million people love our previous stunts game andthousands of daily downloads and the game is in top charts that'swhy we made this second part of our most enjoyable and mostdownloadable game. We received thousands of reviews from our gamefans in the review they show their love and suggestions for moreimprovements in our game. This game is based on the stunts andunbelievable stunts get ready to do stunts in the air andespecially on the ramps. If you are a stunt man and want to makethe record in the xtreme drifting real gt stunts than you shouldfasten your seatbelt and get ready for the burnout. When you makestunts you will see and feel the real flying stunts in the air.During your ride, you have to pick the speed nitro to make theexact stunts with no limits.This game will fulfill your streetstunts and drift dreams into reality. We sure all stunts lover willlove this game too. Dozens of new levels and sports car. You candrive the first car in free and the rest of the cars will belocked, you can unlock them by playing and earning the reward inXP's or you can simply purchase all cars from In-App purchase injust 2.99$. KEY FEATURES: - Drive fast and make perfect stunts -Extra realistic car drive and handling - Real Environment Graphics- Different Sports Cars and Many Levels GAMEPLAY: - Tilt, steeringand buttons to right left - Nitro button - Press the accelerate tospeed up - Press the Break button to slow down We want your love toshow us your love through your suggestions and reviews for furtherimprovements. We are continuously updating our game and millions ofpeople is playing our part 1 of this game. Like us and follow us onsocial media for quick updates.
Real Drift Racing Cars 1.1
This real drift racing cars game is the developed just for thedrift lovers. This game is included in the top racing games andmillions of people love this game. Drag and drift your car ondifferent tracks like hills deserts on roads in differentenvironments. No need for the professional skills for driving hereafter played this game you will become drift expert, and in thisgame, you can fulfill your dreams.In this game, you have to competewith the others three rivals car in drift challenging mode and youcan enjoy your drive on the track freely in free mode. Differentoffroad and specially designed environments for the drift mode. Inthis game the first time you will see the extra camera animationsand effects. A total number of cars are 9 and the first car will beunlocked and the rest of the cars will be locked you will unlockthem from XP's points or you can simply buy from the In-Apppurchases in just 2.99$.KEY FEATURES:- Different camera effects -Auto Nitro mode - Try to use nitro at the exact position to beatthe rivals - A map is given and you can see the distance of theothers cars - Your current position of the car will display andchange continuouslyGAMEPLAY:- For right and left, you can usebuttons and tilts - two brake buttons - Nitro Button - Change thecamera anglesReal Drift Racing Cars will be updated constantly.Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of thegame.
Flying Car Extreme GT Stunts 1.1
It is a free and 3d simulation game. You have played many flyinggames like a plane is flying and with some adventure, these arevery good games but now leave those games and enjoy the flying gamein new concept. Flying Car Extreme GT stunts you will face the mostwanted and enjoyable four cars these are not just cars these arethe flying cars.You will face the 10 levels in the game and inevery level some stunts and restrictions are which you have toclear to clear the level. It is a road drive and flight game. Thefirst car is free and the rest of the cars you can unlock in just6000, 10000, and 15000 XP's points or simply unlock all the carsthrough in- App purchase in just 2.99$. KEY FEATURES:- 10 Levels -Level selection - Mountains- Grass- City and offroad - Air Port-SEAGAMEPLAY:- 4 Racing Cars- Pilot Simulator - Tilt when car fly -Press accelerator for speed up - Press the Break button to slowdown the car- Nitro buttonFlying Car Extreme GT Racing 2016 awesomeand an enjoyable game will be updated constantly. Please rate andgive your feedback for further improvement of the game.
Speed Car Extreme 3D Stunts 1.2
Now after download and play this game you can fulfill your dreamsand this game is specially designed for the bowling lovers. Now noneed to go in the clubs for playing the bowling games, you can playwith the sports cars on different tracks and different environmentsplay and complete the task in the given time. In Speed Car Extreme3D Stunts game there are some enjoyable levels with increasinglythe difficulty. You have to stunt to clear the level in the giventime, the stunt will complete when the given pins will drop by thecar if you fail to drop the Bowling Pins you lose the game and gamerestarts again.In Speed Car Extreme 3D Stunts game there are 4 carsare available first will be unlocked and free, and the others yourcars will be unlocked on 5000 XP, 10000 XP, and 20000 XP otherwiseyou can purchase the cars in 2.99$ only.KEY FEATURES- 10 Levels-Boost up the speed with Nitro- 4 Cars- Stunts you have to completein the given time- Exciting stunts level- Drive with joystick,Steering, Buttons- Drive on inclined plane, Twisted paths- Pressthe break button to slow down the speed
Big City Tourist Bus Simulator 1.1
Big City Bus Simulator Overview:Do you like to drive bus simulatorgames and experience the new Big City Tourist Bus Simulator game inwhich the Lombardo street connects the San Francisco city from eastto west. Drive the tourist bus on the Lombard street zigzag roadand feel the real bus driving experience by using steering, smoothcontrol buttons with tilt, forward and backward options. The NewBig City Tourist Bus Simulator game is all about realistic andchallenging gameplay. Play this exciting simulator game and earnXPS points to unlock other buses. The New Big City Tourist BusSimulator Game consists of 10 levels, where each level starts witha new destination. In this game, you will have to pick up thepassengers waiting for the bus at the bus stop or fixed destinationand drop them at their desired destination in given time tocomplete the level and earn XPS points.Game Features:- BeautifulBuildings and Road of Lambardo street- 4 outstanding buses -Different Destinations- Pick and Drop form one location to another-Limited time duration to complete level- Total 10 Levels- You canpurchase and unlock buses in just 2.99$Bus Features:- DifferentBuses- Fully Control drive- Steering- Indicators- Accelerator-Race- Light left Buttons- Forward and Reverse Drive- Horn
Offroad Desert Bus Simulator 1.3
Let’s prepare to become the master of the black desert. Take adrive on the desert highway and relish in the desert. Take desertoff road simulation and experience wild desert offroad drive.Install Offroad Desert Bus Simulator and get a desert run withoffroad bus simulator. off road desert journey in desert storm.Pick & drop tourist in one of desert terrain. Get a stunningblow over the mountain ridges and desert rocky peaks and beat thedesert dominance. So don’t wait more, grab real dirt drift now as adirt rally racer and explore the desert valley having lots ofsculptures and remnants of a forgotten town. It’s time for atransport duty. Be a real bus driver and traverse the desertenvironment with an offroad desert bus. Golden time to become adesert driver. Pick travelers and drop them to next parking areas.Make your asphalt drift splashing in the desert mountain. Be alertat sharp angles and turns through sandy desert rocks and mountains.Turn on indicators, make a horn and alert passengers. Pick them andinitiate racing on the sand. Download Offroad Desert Bus Simulatorand enjoy off road desert voyage filled with Egypt pyramids. Avoidcollision and pass away using direction pointer. Follow arrow guideto complete this transport simulator mission. In a new desertracing games, Discover desert while enjoying bus driver simulator.Fly the dirt at an endless desert road. Complete one of desertdrifting task and bloom with this drift combination. GameHighlights !!! > off road desert experience everlasting ! >With Desert you're in for a thrilling racing adventure ! >Beautiful and detailed bus exteriors and interiors of bus drivingsimulation game ! > Epic realistic like dunes, desert rocks, andhills ! > One of impressive off road desert environment ! >Golden opportunity to enjoy hill climb in rally games ! >Animated people entering/exiting the bus ! > Idols, Statue,Pyramids. All desert archives to make desert trip realistic ! >Use direction detector-an arrow to guide you through all the offroad desert ! Install Offroad Desert Bus Simulator game. We arecommitted to launch high-quality and innovative games with newideas in the market...
Offroad Jeep: Airplane Cargo 1.1
Are you looking for something new in cargo plane games ? Wait isover now! Install Offroad Jeep: Airplane Cargo and experience 4*4off road drive along with car transporter truck simulator.Transport hilly jeeps and SUVs in this car transporter parkinggame.In the market, for the first time, It’s get one - enjoy threedifferent driving challenges.Drive 4*4 jeeps to transporter truck.Simulate automobile transporter to cargo plane car transporter andKill your boring time while driving off-road vehicles as well ascar transporter cargo plane.It's time to become cargo plane cartransporter pilot. Enjoy cargo transporter airplane pilot dutiesmerged with next gen graphics and gaming experience. Drive jeep inoffroad and city environment, pass through hills,roads, andmountains and enlarge your driving skills. Throughout wholegameplay, follow driving pointer to achieve targets and 3D parkinggame missions. At first, drive jeep faster. Avoid collision withhurdles to save your limited time for each stage. Tread one stepahead in the car transporter 3D truck simulators world. Followroadmaps, reach the heavy-duty car transporter trailer. Park jeepsin the truck appropriately and embark 3D parking game nextchallenge.Offroad Jeep: Airplane Cargo Strengths:⊳ 10 impressivetransporter cargo plane 3D simulator stages.⊳ Multiple Drivingcontrols available including Steering/Tilt/Arrow-buttons.⊳ Multiplecameras angles to experience full driving control.⊳Offroad/City/Hill Climb-Multiple environments to enjoy 3D parkingduty.⊳ Play more,earn more and unlock high Horsepower vehicles.⊳Direction Pointer to drive all around in the game.⊳ Jeep/CarTransporter/Cargo Aircraft driving amazement-all in one package.⊳On-Screen Steering Wheel, acceleration, brake pedals andgearshift-complete physics based controls.⊳ Multiple off roadvehicles including:▸4*4 fox jeep▸GoldReaper JKU▸4*4 S.U.V▸ZJOffroad JeepSimulate huge vehicle cargo truck to the airport, Findparking area. Again drive jeep to cargo freight plane, park jeepsin cargo airplane and complete Offroad Jeep: Airplane Cargochallenges.
Angry Animal Police Drive Duty 1.1
In Angry Animal Police Drive Duty you are playing a role of policeofficer having a special task to bring back wild animals which runaway from the zoo. The actual aim is to protect citizens from thewild animal before they hurt them. In Angry Animal Police DriveDuty you will feel the real taste of wild animal adventure this isnot enough because you can also enjoy the reckless police cardriving at same time. Move the most dangerous animals to Zoo whileusing truck transport to clean the routes of the 3D City and makeit possible that everyone safe from the king of jungle that isLion. In this animal run game you will drive police car to therequired destination where the wild animals exist and grab theminto the truck and transport to the nearest Zoo. You can get thedirection easily by following the indicator that will guide youabout where to go and where to stop. You will be very pleased toplay this action adventure game because the police car drivingincreases the charm of Angry Animal Police Drive Duty. It means theplayer have two different entertainment options one is hunting andthe other is to drive a crazy car. Some Features of Angry AnimalPolice Drive Duty: Real Animals – Protect Yourself and others bythe most dangerous animals of jungle. Real Police Cars - Light,Speed, Siren, Cage etc. Big City Map – Exquisite Scenes, ManyPlaces to Visit Road Tracks – Numerous Up and Downs, Curves etc.Unlock Levels – Play and Complete dangerous mission to unlockanother level. Unlock Vehicles – Play with accuracy to earn moneythen unlock superior fleets. Radar – Indicate direction of thedestination. 3D Graphics – Fantastic 3D effects feels youadventurous ride of real world.
Harvest Farmer Cargo Tractor 1.0
"Welcome to farming season 2016 - Wheat harvesting mania !!Experience completely ultimate 3d art package with a farm tractorin harvesting season. Enjoy your own farmland fertility. Transportripped crops to wheat godowns with harvesting transporter, sellcrop in the city and be king of realistic cultivation adventure.Enjoy fantabulous all the 3d models - rapid farm truck, turbo fastharvesters, fields, crops in this beautiful cargo tractor farmland-Harvest farmer cargo tractor.Spray, plow, harvest wheat crops andenjoy one man show in tractor harvesting adventure.In harvesting 3dsaga, get ready to sow, plow, cultivate and harvest in Harvestfarmer cargo tractor. Spray in fields with an agricultural farmingsprayer. Sow seed in your own fields, grow cereal, plow FarmVillefields and start your ultimate harvesting job in cargo tractor.Play wheat planting simulator with non-stop farmland fun. Usingcomplete terrain 3d auto cam, search for next harvest targetpoint.➫ Time to Spray:First of all, take 3d farmer tractor withfield sprayer and start spraying seeds. Use whole village map,search for the field in a map. Move tractor to that farm. Spraywhole farm completely. But aware of about your fuel tank. Completeyour driver simulator mission before your tractor fuel runs out.➫Get ready for plowing job!After completion of spraying fields, nowit’s time to start plowing with farm truck. Plow all the farmswhere seeds have been sowed last year. A progress bar shows yourtask completion status. Try to complete your task faster.➫Harvester mission 2016Harvest ripped wheat crops and enjoy farmharvest simulator. Harvest 42 wheat plants to complete plow wheatjob. Harvest all of them and transport in farm truck to wheatgodowns in the city. Enjoy farmhouse, cattle, farms, trees, roads,fields-complete village environment in Harvest farmer cargotractor.🔧 Tips: How to Win↝ Spray, plow and harvest all the farmsto complete 10 long lasting fun levels.↝ Use steering,tilt ornavigation arrows to drive the tractor.↝ View fully 3d navigationmap to view cargo tractor current position and destination.↝ Usepowerful 3d models including sprayer, plowing tractor, andharvester.↝ Avoid collisions with other vehicles, use full physicsbased brake to stop the tractor.↝ Follow progress bar in all levelsto view your task completion status.↝ Spray complete field fasterto unlock other tractors with more heavy duty.↝ Take care aboutyour harvester simulator fuel tank. Try to complete a task beforeyour fuel finishes.↝ Harvest at least 42 wheat plants in each levelto complete your stage with success.↝ After loading wheatcompletely, accelerate tractor faster and reach to godowns timely.↝Different style tractors. All completely 3d models to explore morefarming fun.↝ Smooth and easy wheat harvester controls.↝ 3different camera angles to explore more harvesting fun withdifferent views.Download this Farm beauty and enjoy several hoursof farming simulator and reaping machine driving fun in farmharvesting cargo tractor.🏂 Upcoming updates ?Share new tips andsuggestions for next updated version? Visit us to stay up-to-dateon the latest content, newest levels, exciting contests, and muchmore."
Kids Toy Racing Car Rally 1.1
Kids toy car is a racing game in which you have to compete with theother cars and try to be the first winner and earn the coins. Inthis game definitely, you will remember your childhood time. Whenyou are a child and drive your car with your hand in differentplaces like on a wall on the floor try to park your car under thebed that time when you race with your friends or your brothers.Everybody played with toy cars in childhood. We want to be the onewho will never forget your so precious time when you tried to parkyour car in the toy house on a dining table or doll house. The kidstoy car racing rally is designed on the dining table where the foodis placed in hurdles and you have to save your car from the hurdlespick the coins and nitro for boosting your car speed it will helpyou to win the race.The first car is unlocked and the others youcan unlock from coins or simply from in-app purchase in just 2.99$.KEY FEATURES - Different Paths for racing - 3 rivals car - 4 Toycars - 10 different Levels - Real driving feel - RealisticPhysicsGAMEPLAY- Buttons for right and left - Speed up your toy carby pressing the accelerated button - Slow down your speed bypressing the brake button - Boost up by pressing the nitro button
Extreme GT Hill Racing 1.2
You have played many GT Racing stunts game but now in the categoryof racing, you will face the new concept in this game the AvalancheGT racing game. Get Ready for burnout in real racing and climbracing. You are one of the best riders in this world feel the realdriving on the blocky roads with no limits. Extreme GT racing isthe game in which you have to survive and chasing the pointsthrough drive into the different five environments like dirtracing, rain, stadium, desert and in the forest. Extreme AvalancheGT Racing is the endless game and in this game, you will see themost wanted and most enjoyable car, monster trucks and much more.The first car will be unlocked and rest of the vehicles are lockedyou can unlock them with XP's point or simply unlock from in-Apppurchase in just 2.99 $.◈◈◈◈◈◈KEY FEATURES◈◈◈◈◈◈✔ 5 Environments✔ 8Vehicles ✔ Endless racing game ✔ Vehicles Damage ✔ Energy fuelstrike will anything with 3-time game failed ✔ some balls andtrucks can crash your vehicle◈◈◈◈◈◈GAMEPALY◈◈◈◈◈◈✔ Tilt to rightand left ✔ Settings options ✔ Press the button to Accelerate ✔Press the brake button to slow down you Vehicle ✔ Press the Pausebutton to stop the game ◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈Please give us your mostimportant and valuable reviews for further improvements.
Racing Car in Maze 🚗 1.1
In all gaming trends first time you will see a car in the maze. Youhave played many puzzle maze games with different characters, nowthe first time we are providing you the new concept of the crazymaze concept with a car. You have to clear your loyal maze levelswith the car. The concept of this racing car in the maze is adestination is assigned which you will find in the game andcomplete the level in the given time.You can use the hints forgetting the direction you will see a hint rotating on your way whenyou accept the hint a direction is highlighted on the map if youcancel this hit then you have to find the way of final point in thegiven time. In this game 2 environments and 6 different racingcars, you will see. The Environments designed in the city and thedesert. You can play the game with the free and unlocked car restof the cars you can unlock with XP's points or simply purchase fromIn-App purchase in just 2.99$ all cars.KEY FEATURES:- 2Environments - 10 Levels - Excellent physics of all the cars - Findthe hint points - Find you given final position GAMEPLAY:- Tilt andbuttons for right and left - Map for find the way - Press theaccelerated button to speed up - Press the brake button to slowdown Racing Car in Maze will be updated constantly. Please rate andgive your feedback for further improvement of the game.
Car Stunts 2016: Enjoyable 2 1.2
Millions of the user of our previous car stunt game. They need theother part and more levels of the stunts game that's why Game pixelstudio launched the other version of the stunts game in which youwill see and do the unbelievable stunts. Car stunts 2016: Enjoyable2 is developed too on the same concept of the previous game. Getready for the drive and fasten your seatbelt for the flying extremestunts. Different hurdles are included and different obstacles areplaced on every level, you have to clear and pass your car throughall course in the given time. The difficulty will increase with theincrease of the level. You can complete your dream while performingthe xtreme stunts in this game. In this enjoyable game you willface four different sports cars and the first car will be unlockedand the rest of the cars will be locked you can unlock them by XP'spoints after getting the reward or you can simply buy them fromIn-App purchase in just 2.99$.KEY FEATURES:- Go for the stunts- 4Enjoyable Cars to choose- First racing car is free other willunlock on 10000 XP, 12000XP, 15000XP- 10 outstanding and EnjoyableLevelsGAMEPLAY:- Accelerate the car from Speed Button- Steering,Tilt and left right buttons- Press the Nitro Button to accelerate-Press the Break Button to Slow Down- A reset button for you carCarStunts 2016: Enjoyable 2 will be updated constantly. Please rateand give your feedback for further improvement of the game.
Gold Miner Rush Truck Drive 1.0
Get ready for mining the gold from the tunnel Truck and cranedrivers are ready to go in the tunnels for refining the gold. Laboris working already in the gold mine you have to drive the truck andload the gold coins from the tunnel. The tunnel is very dangerousyou will drop from the road if you lose your focus and your drivingis the week. The train tracks are also placed in the tunnel for thegold rush. Machinery is placed in the tunnel which refines therocks and digging for the tunnel. The workers are working andloading the digging material in the cart. For exploring the gemsunder the tunnel under sea level. In this game, the environment ofthis game is based on the darkness of the tunnel and the firetorches are placed on the walls of the tunnel for emitting thelights for the crane and truck drivers. The tasks in this game willincrease with the increase of the levels the purpose of this gameis to collect the gold and drop at a fixed place. The roads are inthe shape of zigzag position you have to focus on driving. Thedifferent and very powerful truck are included in this game thefirst truck is unlocked and rest of the trucks are locked you canunlock them from the reward which is XPS points after complete thelevels or you can simply buy all the trucks from In-App purchasesin just 2.99$.KEY FEATURES:- Extreme truck driving - Environment isvery heart touching - Collect the gold from mine - Drop the goldcoins and complete the levels GAME PLAY:- Excellent Handel for thecrane - Loading the gold in the truck from using the handle button- Buttons for the left and right - Race button for accelerate -Brake button to slow down - Camera setting button Gold Miner RushTruck Drive will be updated constantly. Please rate and give yourfeedback for further improvement of the game.
Free Army Training Academy 1.5
Join as a army officer or commando in army academy to serve younation and your home land. This game is designed on a differentconcept from all games this game is learning and lesson game. Inwhich you can learn more than hundred tricks and exercises afterplayed this game. This training game is designed by focusing theworlds best armies like US, Russia, Pakistan etc. This game isbased on the school or academy where you will be trained, afterthis, you will be trained from mantel and physical both.In thisgame different exercises you have to perform with a soldier inwhich you have interested male or female the exercises arefollowing Climb on the boxes, perform high jump, pass through thehurdles, climb on the rope, Ladder Climbing, passing through fire,grill climbing, prone from net, crawling from pipe, jumping fromthe cars, etc. Different obstacles are placed in the every levelyou have to cross through the obstacles to complete the level. Thetime is placed and fixed on every level you have to clear the leveland reach on the destination in given time. In every level mad isplaced on different places when you touch this mad the health ofyou solider will be decrease. Pick the health cylinder to fillagain the level.The first character is unlocked and the rest of thesoldier will be locked you can unlock them from XPS which you willearn from the level completion or you can simply buy them fromIn-App purchase in just 2.99$.KEY FEATURES: A best army simulationgame with real military school obstacle course Realistic militarytraining with swimming, jumping, stealth, rolling and more Battleagainst world’s best military forces like USA, Russia,Pakistan.Enjoyable Free Army Training Academy will be updatedconstantly. Please rate and give your feedback for furtherimprovement of the game.
BMX Freestyle Stunts 1.4
Do stunts from Speeding Up, Jumping above the obstacles,performingvarious tricks in the air and landing safety. The game BMXFreestyle Stunts is so easy but super fun. This is a free game witha lot of challenge, players, and levels to Unlock. This game isspecially designed for the BMX lovers and it includes in the topracing games users are very happy with us and our aim is to providethe enjoyment. BMX freestyle stunts game is designed on theskateboard and city environment. In this game, the differentcheckpoints and the challenges include like you have to pick up thecoins by riding and by making stunts and also pick the health. Inthis game, the game boy and game girls both can enjoy by selectingtheir character and the cycles are also free but the shirts of theplayer you can unlock by playing the game or you can simply buythem from In-App purchases in just 2.99$.KEY FEATURES:- Extreme BMXbicycle physics - Real Graphics - Drive your BMX Bike as aprofessional and make stunts - Pick the health for play more andmore GAMEPLAY:- Forward button - Reverse Button - Left and RightButton - Pause Button BMX Freestyle Stunts will be updatedconstantly. Please rate and give your feedback for furtherimprovement of the game.
Fight for Life Survival Island 1.1
Try to fight for the life, a man who has lost everything in oceanstorm and got the desert offroad island where nobody living thereor for help there. Be a strong man and fight and find craftingobjects for save the life and reached on your own destination. Thisis the life lesson game first time in history, this game teach youthe lessons of life if you lost everything and no one there foryour help you have to survive there by your own to rule the reign.Stay alive in the wilderness environment. Search for food becausethere is nothing to eat or no place for living, try to escape andsurvive in this situation.In this game, you are traveling in thesea and your cruise ship is destroyed accidentally smash with therocks. Everything wipe-out from this world only you are survivingthe accident now swim in the ocean and reached on beach forsurviving now find the safe place, night camp, burn the fire cutthe trees and hunt the fish to eat and for stay alive on the islandfind objects is the main concept of this game when you will findthe mobile or walkies talkie for rescue yourself and reached onyour destination.Fight for the Life:- Full freedom, explore thehuge island ;- Build your own house;- Craft items and weapons tohunt and survive on the island;- Advanced system of playerskills;Fight for Life Survival Island will be updated constantly.Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of thegame.
Santa Racing Snow Adventures 1.2
In this game on the Occasion of the Christmas, you will become aSanta in the reality and drop the gifts on defines places. SantaClaus is coming from the sky and he is coming for the children.Santa is in his buggy which is full of gifts, this is the miniadventures game in this time and everyone want a gift from Santa.This will complete your dream to become a Santa in Christmas telleveryone that Santa is coming with the gifts which are placed inthe cart and ride the stages. In this game, you will drop the giftsat the fixed positions like buildings houses when you are flyingcontrol your stages and drop the gifts. When the position is nearwhere you have to drop the gift a button on the screen will appearpress that on the time if missed your all gifts not dropped and thegame will fail. In this game total numbers of the carts or buggiesare 4 first cart is unlocked and rest of the carts are locked youcan unlock theme from the reward which you will earn from levelcompletion or you can simply buy from In-App purchases in just2.99$.♠♠♠♠KEY FEATURES:♠♠♠♠☂- Drop the gift at fixed position ☂-Don't miss your gift ☂- Fly your cart with balance ☂- Enjoyablegraphics ♠♠♠♠GAMEPLAY:♠♠♠♠☂- Joystick for drive the cart ☂- Abutton will appear to drop the gifts ☂☂☂☂Santa Racing SnowAdventures will be updated constantly. Please rate and give yourfeedback for further improvement of the game.☂☂☂☂
Build Stunts Track & Race 1.1
In this game, the different tracks are given you have to constructthe tracks to race on the destination a fixed point is given ineach level where you have to go and complete the level. It is a newconcept of driving, now you can make your own ramps and track toreach the final destination. Stuntman and plan in one? No problemwith Build Stunts, Track & Race! The build is impressive rampsand rings to reach your goal in the varied stages. But constructionarrangements alone aren't sufficient this time: you sit down at thewheel of the cars yourself and have to maneuver them skillfully tothe goal. Gather stars, complete fearless jumps, flip andremarkable stunts, leaving ahead of a trail of demolition throughthe entire level to exhausted the high score. But you can only doall that with perfectly assembled bridges and ramps.This game isfirst time developed in the gaming history this is a unique andamazing idea you will definitely enjoy this play and share thisgame with your friends and in the schools for the support you canmake the bridge do stunts and reach the finish point to completethe levels. Different tracks and ramps are developed and from allthese tracks you can construct your laps or paths for completingthe race after making the stunts. Different types of tracks andmany sports racing cars are waiting for you can unlock all fromIn-app purchases or from XPS points.KEY FEATURES:- Make the tracksand rotate your screen to watch - See the tutorial or promotionalvideo - Do extreme stunts for levels completion - Real car physics- Buttons for construct and adjust the tracks - Use left and rightbuttons for movement - race button - brake button About GAME PIxelsStudio:GAME Pixels Studio develops and publishes games on mobileplatforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 100 mobile gamingtitles that, collectively, have achieved over 150 million playerdownloads.
Police Chase Criminal Cars 1.2
Ready to become a real police officer chase the criminals and dropthem into the jail. Criminals are running in extreme modifiedsports cars police has the extra modified cars for chasing thecriminal who are running through the braking prison. Cops arerunning behind the criminals go and run faster to smash them youhave an option to smash and destroy their cars and crashing themattest them. Criminals run towards the city from by passing fromthe mountains if they will success in running they will make themayhem in the city stop them use your extra trained driving skillsthey will also attack you try to be safe from their attack becauseif they succeed in the attack you can lose your life and the gamewill fail. By the completion of the levels you can unlock the otherupgraded cars which will help you to boost the speed and from thosecars, you can easily chase them and send them to the jail onceagain. In this game, you can get the training of a police officer.After play this game we assure you will feel proud to become apolice officer you can complete your dreams to be a police officermost everyone had a dream to become a part of police get ready toenter the swat police and from this game, you can fulfill yourdreams. Avoid the pedestrians try to save them from accidents andthe attacks of thief they are run out from the prison they are veryexperts because they are street racers too follow them into thetraffic and take a serious action.In this police vs criminal game,you will see the two different modes the first time in the gaminghistory. This game is designed on a new concept, one mode of thisgame is chase the criminal car and attest him and in the secondmode destroy his car by smashing with your car at a very high speedand also avoid the attacks of the criminals the second mode isdesigned in the city you will enjoy it and help us to make this atop game. The first car in this game is unlocked and rest of thecars will be locked you can unlock them from XPS points or you cansimply buy all the cars from In-App purchase in just 2.99$.KEYFEATURES:- Maintain your car speed to reach the criminals - Use ofnitro is very important - Smash the thief car with high speed - Tryto avoid the criminals attack - save the city with your extremedrive skills GAMEPLAY:- Buttons for left and right - Pause buttonfor quality settings - camera button to set the angle where youfeel easy - Nitro button for boost - Race button for acceleration -Brake button for slow down Police Chase Criminal Cars will beupdated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for furtherimprovement of the game.
Farmer Tractor Game 1.1
Farmer simulator Tractor Game the farm simulator in which you canaccomplish your own farm and harvest your crops. In this game youwill surprise to make the ground ready and with the cultivator youcan realise this. Grow your crops in the field grounds and feel areal farmer.In this farmer tractor game you have to do the wholething a farmer needs to do for harvest so use the cultivator, plantseeds, water the plant, harvest your crops and sell it. These alltasks are old trends and you can see in many games but here we areproviding you the some different concept in this game in the fieldsyour work except harvesting and drive the tractor in the fields nowyou can enjoy the xtreme stunts and racing concept with the farmingtruck on different asphalt ramps and tracks. Have you ever imagineto work in the field as a farmer? if yes, then wait is over here isa great opportunity for you to do some fun while driving thetractor in the fields. it's a totally fun tractor game driving inwhich you will never feel bored or tired and fulfill your dream asa farmer. Feel the life of a farmer how he work to make the roughsoil into a valuable land. We sure you enjoyed a lot while drivingthe tractor in the field. show your physics skills while drivingthe tractor into the fields. Do some fun in the field while drivingtractor does some killer stunts with your tractor but one thingkeeps in mind it's not a stunts ramp you should perform all thestunts in the fields. in this game, you need to do everything thata farmer need to harvest. its a total farm simulation game in whichyou enjoyed a lot, So became a real tractor former and manage yourfields while driving the tractor. We hope you enjoyed a lot sodon't forget to rate it.GAMEPLAY AND FEATURES:- Apply nose to makethe extreme stunts - Buttons are available for right and left -Amazing heart touching graphics - Race and brake is also available- Dozens of levels - Main different breath taking stunts tracks
Bike Stunts racing game 1.0
In this game, the different tracks are given you have to constructthe tracks to race on the destination a fixed point is given Inthis game, the different tracks are given you have to construct thetracks to race on the destination a fixed point is given in eachlevel where you have to go and complete the level. It is a newconcept of driving, now you can make your own ramps and track toreach the final destination. Stuntman and plan in one? No problemwith Path maker, Bike Stunts! The build is impressive ramps andrings to reach your goal in the varied stages. But constructionarrangements alone aren't sufficient this time: you sit down at thewheel of the cars yourself and have to maneuver them skillfully tothe goal. Gather stars, complete fearless jumps, flip andremarkable stunts, leaving ahead of a trail of demolition throughthe entire level to exhausted the high score. But you can only doall that with perfectly assembled bridges and ramps.This game isfirst time developed in the gaming history this is a unique andamazing idea you will definitely enjoy this play and share thisgame with your friends and in the schools for the support you canmake the bridge do stunts and reach the finish point to completethe levels. Different tracks and ramps are developed and from allthese tracks you can construct your laps or paths for completingthe race after making the stunts. Different types of tracks andmany sports racing bikes are waiting you can unlock all from In-apppurchases or from XPS points.KEY FEATURES:- Make the tracks androtate your screen to watch - See the tutorial or promotional video- Do extreme stunts for levels completion - Real Bike physics -Buttons for construct and adjust the tracks - Use left and rightbuttons for movement - race button - brake button About GAME PIxelsStudio:GAME Pixels Studio develops and publishes games on mobileplatforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 100 mobile gamingtitles that, collectively, have achieved over 150 million each level where you have to go and complete thelevel. It is a new concept of driving, now you can make your ownramps and track to reach the final destination. Stuntman and planin one? No problem with Path maker, Bike Stunts! The build isimpressive ramps and rings to reach your goal in the varied stages.But construction arrangements alone aren't sufficient this time:you sit down at the wheel of the cars yourself and have to maneuverthem skillfully to the goal. Gather stars, complete fearless jumps,flip and remarkable stunts, leaving ahead of a trail of demolitionthrough the entire level to exhausted the high score. But you canonly do all that with perfectly assembled bridges and ramps.Thisgame is first time developed in the gaming history this is a uniqueand amazing idea you will definitely enjoy this play and share thisgame with your friends and in the schools for the support you canmake the bridge do stunts and reach the finish point to completethe levels. Different tracks and ramps are developed and from allthese tracks you can construct your laps or paths for completingthe race after making the stunts. Different types of tracks andmany sports racing bikes are waiting you can unlock all from In-apppurchases or from XPS points.KEY FEATURES:- Make the tracks androtate your screen to watch - See the tutorial or promotional video- Do extreme stunts for levels completion - Real Bike physics -Buttons for construct and adjust the tracks - Use left and rightbuttons for movement - race button - brake button About GAME PIxelsStudio:GAME Pixels Studio develops and publishes games on mobileplatforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 100 mobile gamingtitles that, collectively, have achieved over 150 million playerdownloads.
Real Drift Drag Racing 1.2
Keep your thumb on the correct pedal and drift through real driftrealistic tracks with high presentation racing cars. Download thebest FREE drift and Drag racing game ever!Drag racing and driftingon the racing tracks will be a dream for racers also when you arein the drag racing and have fully modified 4X4 trucks and sportscars on the asphalt. This game could be like a dragon racingbecause you can use in this game sports cars, SUV, monsters trucksand many cars as a free ride there is no tension for the accidentsin the circuit racing. Tracks or laps somewhere you can see aredesigned underground you have classic real rivals with you. Youhave to compete them while doing the drifting this game is amixture of drag racing and drift at the same time you will performthe racing because you are competing with the rivals and drift iscompulsory for taking the reward and set the record that you are areal racer and a thumb drift king. A race on every level you canenjoy in this drag skyline racing game. We bet you will enjoy thisgame and this game is specially designed for the drift lovers.Especially this could be the best in your free time. So downloadand enjoy this simulator racing game.GAMEPLAY AND FEATURES OF THISGAME!- Insane feeling of powerful sport cars - Unique driving ondifferent surfaces - asphalt, grass, sand - Racing on high detailedtracks - You can customize your handling scheme - You can selectdifferent setups for every car - Stock, Turbo, Racing, DriftYou canalso submit your ideas to make this game is a pro game and rate usthat how would you feel by playing this game.
Sports Cars Mechanic Garage 1.2
You influence have played many car fitting games but about pro carmechanic games originate with the different set of abilities andthrilling missions. Merging the functionality of car healing gameswith the enjoyment of fix my car games, this Sports mechanicsimulator game lets you become a true car mechanic executive whocan auto repair cars or straight pimp my drive at the mechanicgarage or even at the car service station parking area. Unlike alorry mechanic or a motorbike mechanic, you as the car appliancemechanic engineer are a lifeline for the mechanic workshop and thiscar preparation simulator exactly lets you adjust up cars like noother transform car games or facility station games. You can evencoat the best sports cars or luxury cars with the color of yourchoice and past stylish vinyl bumper sticker on them. Want to growinto true car skilled in the car garage.Paint cars, substitute carbody parts and analyze vehicle failure issues in this car fixingsimulator, which you cannot practice in other car portrait games orgas place games. You will learn to switch car body parts, adjust upengines and transform them to accomplish ultimate act and graphicalaesthetics of the cars in this service station sports car mechanicgame. You would have enjoyed luxury sports car simulator, busmechanic games or car facility games but the mixture of all thiswith mechanic sports garage simulator games and modified car gamescreates this workshop game part of top car restoration games andthis one car customization game. So get equipped to become a carmechanic chief and tune up many new sports cars in luxurygarage.Genuine controls, exhaustive environment, and multiplevariation options make this game a class separately. Color the caras you like, modification head light and modification tires andrims or even transform engine for the love of car revision in thiscar garage game. Jingles stimulating? Download sports Car MechanicSimulator 2017 Game now!The job of a car mechanic:- Performmaintenance as and increase experience- Buy licenses to repair newcars- Contribute in auctions to buy used cars- Choose the mostappropriate tasks out of many available- Exchange or fix damagedcar parts- Finish special tasks and gain rewards
Car stunt rider Well of Death 1.0
Its all about Car balance skill and control as you drive your carin well of death across the have to drive throughchallenging check points to be a real death well car stunt rider instunt zone.Death well racing is well known in all over the world soperform like a real car racer in well of death. Become a real deathwell car stunt rider in stunts arena. You have limited time inevery level to perform as Xtreme stunt rider in well of death.Different crazy cars especially for race in death well car bikestunt ride. As we know stunt riding with bike or car is not an easytask.***FEATURES****15 different levels*clean and colourfulgraphics*smooth user interface*phone and tablet support*music andsound effects*Multiple angle cameras to drive*play for allages*game is absolutely free*no in-app purchases*no violence, crudepictures in game*suitable for kids and children*Feel the real stuntracer*******************************************************
furious ramp car City Racing 1.3
The game is really easy to play with great smooth controls. Thefirst car will be proved you for free but the rest of the cars youhas to buy. Drive your car massive 3D city road and streets.Rampcar City Racing offers the player to drive 4 different superfurious cars on different roads of city in multiple weatherconditions. Blaze through city streets at intense speeds! Illegalstreet furious racing is perfectly accepted where you’re headed!Drifting fast and doing burnouts race had never been so fun! Youalso have to hit the other cars of traffic which are your basicgoals in the start the quantity will be told to you. As fast as youhit the other cars the more reward you will get. Hit other carswith your car fender as you achieve your goal an arrow will appearand show you the way of you parking all of these act have to bedone with in the given time lap. If you will not able make yourmark with in the given time you level will be failed and you haveto try again. At the end of each successful level you will earnhandsome reward. With this reward you can buy better and morepowerful cars to perform well and earn great reward.The gamedoesn’t offer you deadly offroad race, crash dummy, mini car racingand crazy cars vs monster. But game offers you more then youimagen, it gives you more thrill that you might handle. Game givesyou next generation turbo car to drive and perform realistic crazystunts like a real crazy driver.furious ramp car City Racing🚙 4fully Armed turbo Vehicles to Drive🚙 Different Excited Modes toPlay🚙 Optimized Game Play🚙 Awesome Multi Camera Views🚙 ThrillingNitro Boost 🚙 powerful battel cars for betterreward.********************************************************
Crash Racing Derby 2017 1.4
the dare devil is that you have hit and hit hard other cars sothose cars can fall from track or into the whirlpool. Don’t letother cars damage you show them your maneuver as its death race.Perform collision with power so you can demolish it from the trackwith in given time.The destruction and demolition drivers of derbycrash racers are ready to rumble in this ultimate action arcade andthriller demolition derby crash racers. Pack yourself for thelegendary and amazing crash racing. Survival is the only option youhave, the arena is full of deadly car crashers and demolition derbyracer, smell the fumes and kick your engine for the ultrademolition and carnage.It's time to Drive your awesome racing carand crash your opponents to pieces in this unique car wars 3d gameswith latest demolition derby car games. Challenge your car drivingskills in the most dangerous death race derby game ever to bereleased with real demolition derby games! It’s an ultimatesurvival test against all opponents with your demolition derbyxtreme car driving skills.key features:- Mission System- SinglePlayer mode - New Content Coming Soon!- 5 environments- 8 vehicles- endless racing game - vehicles damage - energy fule strike willany thing with 3 time game failed - some balls and trucks can crashyour vehiclegamepaly:- tilt for right and left - settings options -press the button to accelerate - press the brake button to slowdown you vehicle - press the pause button to stop the game
Real Car Stunts Racer 2017 1.3
The game is filled with awesome animations, real time car stuntdriving, car stunts and much more! Staying on tracks, pulling outjumps on time, complete challenge is what makes you a perfectdriver of the stunts area. In this game, you will see the hillclimb rams and the turbo stunts. Your car will fly in the airwithout wings when you will do the stunts keep balancing your carand complete the levels. Burnout your tires and keep your name inthe field of racing.Become a Car Driver and accomplish spectaculartricks in breathtaking places all over the world. Just like in realcar stunts driver is a game of skill that takings a few actions torealize but a lifetime to master. This game is designed just forthe stunts lovers in this game you will perform fearless stunts inthe Air.You will feel the car racer adventures and extreme stuntsin this Car game.Enjoy and jump over car ramps Real Car StuntsRacer Feature: • 10 Exciting levels to play• 4 Turbo cars to drive•Different amazing and thrilling roads to drive• Turbo for highspeed• Realistic and smooth Buttons and steering control• OptimizedGame Play• Beautiful 3D Stunt environment
Extreme CarX Drift 3D 1.0
Extreme CarX Drift 3D is most extreme free car racing,Drift of2017. Drive the most furious racing and sports cars at illegalspeeds, drift all around the almost-endless widest open seen on amobile game.It's time to leave your skid marks on the asphalt! Keepyour thumb on the throttle pedal and drift through realistic trackswith high performance racing cars!You can have fun when you areplaying Extreme CarX Drift 3D, Be Careful, because this app canindulge for hours, but you have to take break from playing it,because continuous concentration till hours may effect your eyesand health. And we design games that are relaxing and entertaining, relax and have fun.In the game;★different Control.★4 differentmodified cars.★drift racing tracks; Training, Garage, Day Portarea.Tokyo drift lovers!!!! Accelerate and keep on drifting !!!!Themost realistic mobile game★ insane feeling of powerful sport cars ★unique driving on different surfaces - asphalt and sand ★ racing onhigh detailed track ★ you can customize your handling scheme ★ youcan select different setups for every car - Stock, Turbo, Racing,DriftGet ready to drive high performance cars (turbo or naturallyaspirated) and make them drift at high speed in track designedspecifically for drift racing.
Offroad Police Bus Hill Driver 1.1
It not racing hill or just climb hill this game has many more foryou. You have to drive the 4 super charged buses. There is nosmashy road, tyres going off road, bumpy roads, crazy driver orcrazy obstaclesEnjoy various transporter buses models with naturalhilly environments and thrilling missions. Catch the best off roadbus driving simulator game. Play & learn coach busdriving.While driving the euro bus you will get kick to carry onthe thrill and excitement. It a transport simulator so you have todo transport duty. You just have to drive your bus toward thepointing arrow to reach at the first stop and park your bus atparking spot at the bus stop. Now open the doors for yourpassengers and let them in and close the door, now drive againtoward the next stop as arrow will point for you. Hill climbingwith police bus driving is a thrill filled game-play. Bring extremecriminals and prisoners to their final place. Take the out of thecity premises on your police bus and drive to the hill side.Transport them the central jail outside the city in the hills. Youplay the police bus duty driver to transport police cops andprisoners on hill climbing paths. Real driver experience, brilliantenvironment settings and in game tasks.Offroad Police Bus HillDriver Features:☀Police officials pick up and drop off realanimations☀4 types of world tour buses ☀Drive luxury double deckerparty time buses☀Control and ride real hill climb buses on off roadtracks☀Amazing raining weather to test your drivingskills☀Realistic bus physics.☀ Bus cabin with steering wheel.
Train Simulator GT Stunts 2017 1.0
Train Stunt Simulator Game is the No.1 train driving game in 2017with crazy and stunt action. Do you ever think of Train StuntSimulator Racing? This game gives you a chance to drive trains athigh speed and compete other train drivers. Stunt Train racing isneither like car or bike racing nor like any road racing. It is allabout reaching at selected finishing point stations in less timethan other train drivers.Some people just loves Train Stunt. Theyhave got plenty of collection of trains related stuff like toytrains and train tracks. Railway Stunt is the best train drivingwith realistic 3D environment for train stunt games lover. Get onthe tracks, take over controls, avoid derailment and enjoy themodern ride along the track. Drive Train a simulator journey at therail road! Control your actual Train Stunt drivers! Transported viarail structure from station to station, take into account to signaloncoming passenger trains and freight trains! To be the most asuccess train motive force, you want to comply with the commands& manipulate the train closely. If you take delivery of this asa mission, you need to clear all of the degrees correctly earlierthan you name yourself a real train stunts driver.Train Racing is afun for both adults and children who love trains & trainsimulator games. Choose up passengers from stations, or convey afew freight. Control your favorite historical or modern trainsflawlessly recreated in 3D. Take a seat within the trains, Join theworld of crazy train stunt and perform risky stunts in train tochallenge your expertness.Features of Train Stunt Simulator 2017:•Real 3D trains and heavy trailers.• Amazing ramps and insanehighway tracks.• Extreme traffic rush in the mid of city highway.•Multiple camera views• High Quality sounds and music tracks.• Realexperience of driving big speed train games.• Endless Fun for BothAdults & KidsGame Play:• Tilt the device to steer the superbikesimulator left/right • Tap the ramp button to generate a ramp. •Use nitro boost to cross the train tracks fast.• Perform nitrotraffic rush stunts by using nitro boast button.Suggestion: YourFeedback's and ratings are Important for us to keep Games PixelStudio busy in creating more fun in the games to engage you, yourfamily and your friends. In case if you find any bug that needed tobe addressed just send us an email, we will improve it and reply toyour email as soon as possible. Please try our other games byclicking “More from Developer” or by visiting our publisheraccount.
bmx Hill Climb mountain Cycling: MTB DownHill 1.1
Biking is great for preserve fitness. So become a high-qualityfreestyle cyclist and journey with full velocity by means ofcontrolling the bmx bike handlebars with strong wrist grip. Racethe two wheeler offroad bicycle through kicking speedy paddle tocarry out stunts in freestyle leaping. This bicycle wheelie sportgives adventurous offroad driving enjoy with perfect cyclesimulation. Using on with smooth trails the riding on hills becomestough with time.Bicycling doesn’t want fuel or fuel it’s simplyneed consciousness and cycling competencies. This crazy off roadbike game is likewise for youngsters. The nation’s maximumcommitted to bicycle racing consist of Frankfurt, Moscow, London,Germany, Russia, Belgium, Denmark etc. Other countries with globalstanding consist of Australia, Luxembourg, the UK and the USA.Playfree extreme offroad bicycle simulator game of 2017 in Both Day andNight Mode 10 Level Day Mode and 10 Level Night Mode and enjoy thefun of driving experience with hill climb racing adventure. Be thegood bicycle racer and as bike citizens you can select one of youramazing heavy bicycles, which can use for race in mountain climband racing mania environment.On the bicycle route you have a chanceto become climbing king by riding the BMX bikes as a climb hero.Hill climbing cycling improves your BMX freestyle skills so thatyou can prove that you are an off road legend with cycleriding.Features of Hill Climb Cycling MTB DownHill Game:• 20challenging mountain climbing levels• 3 Amazing Bicycle and 3Different Characters• Different Day and Night Modes• A real LifeCycle Simulation in 3D• Perfect & Realistic Bicycle Controls•Free ride and level Mode • Obstacles to avoid• Realistic &Stunning Hill Mountain Environment• Free Play Game no internetconnection requiredSuggestion: Your Feedback's and ratings areImportant for us to keep Games Pixel Studio busy in creating morefun in the games to engage you, your family and your friends. Incase if you find any bug that needed to be addressed just send usan email, we will improve it and reply to your email as soon aspossible. Please try our other games by clicking “More fromDeveloper” or by visiting our publisher account.
Roadway GT car stunts offroad racing 1.1
We would like to introduce you with Ramp Car Wars: Roadway Wargame. Roadway car wars game is a very simple war racing game.Choose your ride and guide it to the finish line! Control your WarCar with just two fingers and see how it flips, jumps and rolls onits way. This is so simple that you can watch TV and play this carwar game at the same time.Car Fight Racing game 2017 is all aboutextreme demolition ramp car stunt, car crash and car derby so rideyour monster drift war car as furious racing in city wrecking aroad riot & drift war car wherever you go; This car derbyblasting game is going to bring you all the thrill of slaughter,extreme ramp car stunt, derby raceing, car demolition racing andcar flip challenge together all in one single game.Drive yourmonster jack ramp car as fast as you can, collecting gold coins asyou go. Use your coins to unlock bunches of upgrades that includelonger duration of bonuses, extra lives and even survival mode. Butbeware of the rolling logs, tree branches and more crazy obstaclesas you go off-roading.Features of Roadway GT car stunts offroadracing:• Run, jump, roll and dash obstacles!• Collect gold coinsand upgrade your Ramp Car• 3 Monster War Cars to drive• Smoothbutton controls & Animated • Track your stats and beat yourhigh score.• Unlock Hard Mode for the ultimate game challenge.•Great endless fun for families and kids of all ages!• AmazingEndless Ramp Truck• Smooth Ramp Truck Handling • Prepare for theultimate truck racing• Interactive 3D Environment And SoundEffects• Unique Thrilling Destruction Derby Racing Experience •Impressive Car Flipping And Damage Modeling in Highway Getaway•Download for FREE now!Game Play: • Arrow Buttons for right andleft• Press the Accelerate button to speed up • Press the brakebutton to slow down • Auto Back Gear System • 3D Camera viewsetting • Ramp car reset buttonSuggestion:Your Feedback's andratings are Important for us to keep Gamepixels Studio busy increating more fun in the games to engage you, your family and yourfriends. In case if you find any bug that needed to be addressedjust send us an email, we will improve it and reply to your emailas soon as possible. Please try our other games by clicking “Morefrom Developer” or by visiting our publisher account.
Hill Climb: Dash Racing MMx 1.01
The most addictive physics based hill climb racing car game! Andit's free forever! Hill Climb: Dash Racing's physics engine is onethat focuses on fun rather than trophy truck, and it will take yousome time to acclimate yourself to the unique quirks of itshandling as you tumble precariously over steep peaks, narrow bumpsin the road and run racing. There is, of course, a purpose to thosecoins you've been collecting across the varying landscapes, andthey're primarily invested in improving your racing car. Upgradingyour up hill climb cars will help you power up those steeperclimbs, while an upgraded suspension will make your jeep lessinclined to tip end-over-end on the bumpier sectionsControl yourcar to climb hills with most realistic control to face thechallenges of unique hill climbing environments. Gain bonuses fromtricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even higherdistances. Drive and climbo throughout different scenarios. Changeyour car and get a new gaming experience.Game Play:The object ofthe jumping games is to collect coins while hill racing. Drivingconsumes gas or battery for electric powered vehicles, whichplayers can replenish by picking up gas canisters or batteriesalong the way. The player "dies" if they run out of gas or hit theavatar's head on the ground or ceiling. Coins may also be earned byperforming "hill climber", difficult maneuvers in the air jum, orby reaching set distances during given track. Coins may be spent onvehicle purchases, upgrades, or to unlock new levels, and vehicles.Different levels have different environment, such as differenttracks, traction, or liquids that will slow the playerdown.Features of Hill Climb Dash Racing:• Upgrade your truck andown the leaderboard.• Race your friends; let them know who the bestis.• Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation• Real turbo soundwhen you upgrade your engine!• Drive the Big Rig, the Tank, theMuscle Classic and many more• Garage mode: build and drive yourdream vehicle with custom parts!• Get new boosters to drive evenfurther• 10 Amazing Levels!• 4 Superb Vehicles!Suggestion: YourFeedback's and ratings are Important for us to keep Games PixelStudio busy in creating more fun in the games to engage you, yourfamily and your friends. In case if you find any bug that needed tobe addressed just send us an email, we will improve it and reply toyour email as soon as possible. Please try our other games byclicking “More from Developer” or by visiting our publisher account
Real Drift Car Racing 2018 1.1
You can do both in this Real Drift & Racingx game! Welcome toDrift Master and Racing, the best looking drift and city drift gameof all time.It's time to away your skid marks at the racingx ! Holdyour thumb on the throttle pedal and racingx through 12 fantastictracks with excessive overall performance like as real racing car.In short, but it has all you need for great drift masterexperience.Drift Car is easy to play but hard to master. You canmake better your drifting skills over time and u name it aswonderful drift game which is Free forever.Download the excellentFREE drift racing game ever!Game Play:• You can Play this game in 2Modes one is Racing and one is Drifting• Drive your car and driftor race it the way you like in order to complete missions and getpoints or dollars.• You can upgrade your drift car and racing caror buy new ones with the points you earned after each drift orrace.Features of Real Drift Car Racing 2018:• Realistic 3Dgraphics• 11 amazing drift cars• 10 Amazing Levels – 5 Levels forRacing and 5 Levels for Drifting• Different camera angles.• Showyour drifting skills by driving close to the walls and earn morecoins.• Coin system: Earn coins by making drift, edge drifting orearning time bonus in game. • Detailed Qualitysettings.✏Suggestion: Your Feedback's and ratings are Important forus to keep Game pixels Studio busy in creating more fun in thegames to engage you, your family and your friends. In case if youfind any bug that needed to be addressed just send us an email, wewill improve it and reply to your email as soon as possible. Pleasetry our other games by clicking “More from Developer” or byvisiting our publisher account.
Gangster Town: Crime Simulator 1.1
Try to survive in the Gangster Town full of danger crime sim.Complete fraction tasks to get reputation. With respect ofdifferent gangs they begin to protect you from your enemies. Getfunds and open legendary guns and melee weapons in 2 different armshops. Vary your combat styles. Try out all the supercars andbikes. Make stunts on a bmx bike or find an ultimate F-90 tank ordevastating battle helicopter.In Gangster Town offender play crimerole. He attacks common citizens, kills policemen, city crime,steals different kinds of vehicles. You are provided the uniqueopportunity to become a best crimes hero. Many different bulletsand weapons are at your disposal. Become a chief on the streets ofcriminality in Gangster TownNew quests with a light notes of humorwill help you to orientate on the streets and get some startingcash! Can you complete all the tasks? Killing, rubbing, stealing,destroying things. Drive theft cars reckless, shoot your enemiesdown and tear them apart with heavy artillery. All the best thingsand much more in this grand game.• A great variety of ammunitionand weapons!• Car theft! • You are waiting for the most hotspots ofcriminality in Gangster Town!Fire scoundrels from a grenadelauncher; try out new explosive and electro weaponry. Find a tankand blow up all to hell, or get a helicopter and destroy everythingfrom above.Special Features:• Action car thief simulator• Rich 3Dgraphic and special effects• Camera Views• Destroyable cars,motorbikes, tank and helicopter• 5 types of Amazing weaponry• 10Levels with interesting questsSuggestion: Your Feedback's andratings are Important for us to keep Games Pixel Studio busy increating more fun in the games to engage you, your family and yourfriends. In case if you find any bug that needed to be addressedjust send us an email, we will improve it and reply to your emailas soon as possible. Please try our other games by clicking “Morefrom Developer” or by visiting our publisher account.
Police Car Racers Vs Cops 1.0
Police Car Racer 3D: Black Racing is an amazing police car drivinggame. Taking the roles of the police, you drive around the wholecity in a fast police car racing around the city as you want, crashinto other cars, don’t destroy traffic, jumping from large ramps,scale buildings, do stunts and destroy yourself and other peoplecars. You're free to do whatever you want in this fun and amazingpolice Black Racing Game!Become a Black police car racer – set inyour car, shoot thieves and destroy them and make the City Better.Collect points and buy New Amazing police cars and better Guns.Ifyou like Police Car Racer games, speed car games, destroy enemy,you will love this game.You can drive police cars in whole city, dostunts or simply drive around and smash other cars up. You beingthe police, no one will stop you. This is a brilliant Fast paced 3DPolice car game. You can choose between tilt control and arrowcontrols it’s depend on you which type of driving style youlike.Features of Police Car Racer 3D: Black Racing ⤵• Many PoliceCars• Many Weapons to collect during gameplay• Many Levels• AmazingCars and Guns• Destroy Enemy• Many Criminals to Beat• 3D free game▶Game Play:• Choose your Amazing Police Car• Speed up your car, Loadyour Weapons• Shoot on Target enemy, Collect Points and Buy NewCars or Weapons✏Suggestion: Your Feedback's and ratings areImportant for us to keep game pixels Studio busy in creating morefun in the games to engage you, your family and your friends. Incase if you find any bug that needed to be addressed just send usan email, we will improve it
Traffic Highway Endless 1.0
need for bus racing 2018 fever is your chance to try the newgeneration of Megabus simulator games. We are proud to present thisbus racing on highway traffic games where no limits to controlspeed! Enjoy driving the real racing bus and real bus simulator.Race or Drift Bus on City town streets, squeal around corners andcurves and weave among lanes together with the very excellent topautomobile speed racers!Thanks to Tilt Controls: Drive Xtreme Coachas fast as you can in interior camera mode with smooth andrealistic steering. Test your driving skills by passing throughheavy traffic. Avoid to crash with other vehicles for longenjoyment of 3d realistic gameplay and environment with a lot offun.Speed bus racing comes with a choice of exciting vehicles togive you the real feel of the best speed racing! It is a nitrous,freely available 3d game and one of the best speed bus fast racinggames around today. Enjoy hi-speed racing in five excitingenvironments. Feel free to drive your bus on the bridge, mountain,forest and city. Open the turbo speed limit and hold on for theadrenalin rush of a super-fast feeling.Can you expert theincredible horse power that lies beneath the bonnet of yourvehicle? Are your driving skills and senses sharp enough tonavigate around the cross traffic on the highway? Ignore alltraffic signs and lights it’s like as a Need for Car Racing.UnlockAll the Special High Speed Buses to Be the New King of The AsphaltRoad, must try Bus Racing 3D and don't forget to share yourideas.Enjoy the Joyride Now!Tips:• Controls are dead easy, surelyfaucet left or right to change lanes,• Full Focus on Road, Trafficand Control• Use Camera View• Don’t Forget to CollectsCoinsFeatures of the Game:• Easy to learn and drive• OnlineRankings & Leaderboards • Multiple Cities, Scenarios and Routesto Cover • Realistic 3D Smooth Graphics • Two Way Mode• Safety ofLife• Tilt Controls and Easy Handling• Superb Sound Quality• Nowdrive your bus in 3D realistic view through endless traffic andreal environmentsSuggestion:Your Feedback's and ratings areImportant for us to keep “GamePixels Studio” busy in creating morefun in the games to engage you, your family and your friends. Incase if you find any bug that needed to be addressed just send usan email, we will improve it and reply to your email as soon aspossible. Please try our other games by clicking “More fromDeveloper” or by visiting our publisher account.
Car Driving School 2017 1.1
Driving School 2018 is the latest drive simulator game of 2017 and2018, it is Unique and different from Driving School 2016 etc,where you will learn to drive different kind of luxury cars.Driving School 2018 will give you ability to play across manyenvironments: country roads, city friends, highways, deserts,mountains etc. Hmmm also its give you freehand ability to driveyour car anywhere but Remember if you want learn to drive then youshould to follow the instructions.Get behind the wheel and startyour lessons in the most realistic city driving school sim around!This is a game that will not only experiment your skills incontrolling the car but also request full attention to trafficrules. You will have to mind the stop signals, intersection lights,remember to use your blinkers, turn on your wipers where itrequired. If you’re looking for the most original drivingexperience, you’ve surely come to the right place!Driving aroundthe city is a challenge freeride on its own, especially when youhave to follow by the rules. But it’s not all you will have tothink about! The areas you will be cruising around are populated byrealistic traffic. Be careful don't crash the other cars!Ufff O hoWhy you are waiting Download Now Boss It’s FreeStart Real CarDriving 3D School SIM and start earning cash, with the challenges,why you may ask, because without cash, you can’t buy any of thegames numerous cars or visible upgrades. And of course building upa car collection is fun to do as well.Features of “OMG” Car DrivingSchool 2018:• Smooth and realistic car handling• Tow Type ofSteering Controls• More than 10 challenging levels• Free Ride mode•Detailed vehicle interiors• Realistic damage system• ManualTransmission with clutch• Tilt steering, buttons and touch steeringwheelSuggestion:Your Feedback's and ratings are Important for us tokeep “GamePixels Studio” busy in creating more fun in the games toengage you, your family and your friends. In case if you find anybug that needed to be addressed just send us an email, we willimprove it and reply to your email as soon as possible. Please tryour other games by clicking “More from Developer” or by visitingour publisher account.
Elevated Bus Simulator: Futuristic Concept Driver 1.1
Drive first ever Elevated Bus Simulator 3D game that moves overUrban city traffic. Future transportation made easy with QatarTransportation. This game developed on Qatar Future Transport Idea,so remember that this is not only a game it is Future 2030 QatarTransport Project.Heavy traffic is not easy job to handle, so tohandle this elevated bus was introduced. Everything else is like anormal bus except this comes with an underground passage likeshape. Ultra-fast driving help the more number of travelers totravel around in the city. Your traffic skills of city bus drivingthis big coach will be tested while playing this game. This is themost modern form of the elevated bus.Ride latest urban bus freelyabove traffic jams without worrying about any accidents. Bestinnovation in fast paced world where you drive sky bus anywhere youwant. No boring fixed bus routes in the center of road. It lookslike realistic but drives like a big school bus only flying overcars. Get the experience of this Future Invention of QatarTransport.Realistic significant traffic is added in this game andto form it even additional fun and thrilling experience, urban busis enabled to jump over the vehicles because the traffic getsjammed. Due to its subway like form it's very useful in modern-daytraffic system wherever the traffic gets blocked every day andfolks have to be compelled to face the issues, wait several hoursin traffic. Currently the answer everywhere from the urban has cometo help you within the traffic depression and noise. Byimplementing this transport system we'll conjointly encourage theusage of transport system among peoples.This simulation is the trueinstance of Qatar transport 2030 project. It is time to hop intothe elevated bus and definitely get out of the push of the citytraffic without being by way of it. The tunnel like structure canpass over the tiny cars. Comply with the traffic signals and stopsat the reds, if the other vehicles can pass underneath the bus itdoes not mean that they could not collide on this bus from facetsand burst into flames. Pick out and drop passengers, drive your busat the fixed routes and this bus can fit hundreds of passengers atonce.Features of Elevated Bus Simulator 3D:• Develop on Qatar’sIdea• Outstanding new gameplay• Real time traffic system• Realisticcity environment • Exciting pick n drop missions• Master air busparking skills• A new bus driving experience with realisticphysics• Realistic city areas and high as can be transportterminals• Smooth acceleration, brakes and steering controls•Exciting HD graphics and sound effectsSuggestion:Your Feedback'sand ratings are Important for us to keep “Gamepixels Studio” busyin creating more fun in the games to engage you, your family andyour friends. In case if you find any bug that needed to beaddressed just send us an email, we will improve it and reply toyour email as soon as possible. Please try our other games byclicking “More from Developer” or by visiting our publisheraccount.
Impossible Extreme Truck Driving 3D 1.0
If you’re think yes Outstanding Welcome to USA Top Mid Air TruckDriving simulator games!!!!Truck Driving on Ramps is hard drivingjob that required extreme driving simulator skills. These Americantrucks are very heavy duty Vehicles that offers challenging trucksimulation experience on USA tracks. Become the best Truck driverby playing new truck simulation game of 2017.While climbup on newracing tracks you need to keep away from impossible fall. Whiledriving impossible trucks take care of ramp hurdles and flyinghelicopters otherwise your Jamboo Truck will be crashed.Put yourtruck seat belt first to avoid any accident because it is a endlessdriving adventure on scary tracks. Dare to accept the impossiblechallenge of dangerous driving on extreme heights. The time islimited to reach to the driving finish points while performingcrazy truck stunts on impossible paths. In endless driving modethere is no time limit for luxury Truck Driving.Tips for SecureDrive:To force thoroughly on curvy and dangerous mid-air tracks, wesuggest you to drive slowly in first 2 or three levels. There aredifficult hurdles on the tracks. Take with them and apply brakeswhen you see trouble ahead, tilt guidance is the most smooth togovern. So pick out tilt steerage for getting to know drive onimpossible sky tracks.Features of Impossible Extreme Truck Driving3D:-> Mid-air stunts and sky high driving tracks-> Nointernet connection required-> Realistic physics for realdriving experience on impossible tracks.-> Xtreme Truckstunts-> Realistic driving simulation -> Thrilling new hightracks-> Amazing tracks dangerous sharp turns-> Jumps andObstacles-> Heavy Nitro EngineSuggestion:Your Feedback's andratings are Important for us to keep “GamePixels Studio” busy increating more fun in the games to engage you, your family and yourfriends. In case if you find any bug that needed to be addressedjust send us an email, we will improve it and reply to your emailas soon as possible. Please try our other games by clicking “Morefrom Developer” or by visiting our publisher account.