Game Puzzle Classic Apps

Pikachu Animal Classic 1.0
Pikachu Animal Classic - a legendary game since 1998 - 2003 nowhasbeen revived with classic graphic and classic levels PikachuAnimalClassic is the best pikachu classic version for mobile. It istotalfree for you! Only available on PC but now you can playPikachuAnimal Classic on mobile devices This is a simple game genreeasyto play for all ages, especially we bring comfortable feelingwhenplaying, please try to play via animal cute matching gamegenrefamiliar two identical cards. Spend plenty of time to playPikachuAnimal Classic and relax!
Galaxy Squadron - Shoot - Shooting - Shooter 1.0
Do you play galaxy shooting and survival games? Like to simulateskyshooting in for glory and duty, then galaxy invaders is the oneyoushould be shooter playing In this air battle, drive yourfighter,become a lightning in the gun fight! Enter the galaxydefense stateand resist the invasion war launched by aliens!Aboard yourspacecraft, you will have to get rid of a large numberof enemieswhile dodging their attacks. Will you be skilled enoughtounderstand your enemies strategy and attack patterns? Driveyourarmored fighters and fight thousands of enemyplanes!================================================== GameGalaxySquadron - Shoot - Shooting - Shooter Features: ★ More SpaceShipFighters: Thunder fighters are waiting for you to drive. Youcanalso upgrade these fighters to increase their firepower andlevels,and easily breakthrough the alien shooters; ★ More EnemyPlanes -More Boss - More Battles: Dozens of different types offightersattack you. In addition to launching intensive firepowernets,these alien fighters will change different formations. Inadditionto avoiding shells, you must avoid enemies approachingyou.Fighting in outer space, in addition to the enemy, you alsoneed tobe careful about the meteorites and comets that aresuspended inspace; ★ A Variety of Game Mode: 2 game modes: singleplayer modeand multiplayer mode. There are 3 ways to play in thesingle playermode. Challenge game: Hundreds of levels are waitingfor you tochallenge, and you will be rewarded when you finish eachlevel.Endless Challenge: Meet the waves of alien fighters and seehowmany passes you can get in the number of 3 lives. After theend,you will be rewarded according to the pass level. Bosschallenge:directly challenge the strongest boss and get highrewards.Multiplayer mode: Spend a certain amount of gold coinsagainstother players to see who can challenge more levels. ★SimpleGameplay: The sliding screen controls your fighter to moveleft andright, avoiding the shooting of aliens, and shuttlesthrough thebullets. Defeat the enemy aircraft to get firepowerupgrades, and avariety of new fighters are also available. Try theGalaxy Squadron- Shoot - Shooting - Shooter and relive thefanatical arcadeexperience! Join the galaxy defense force and fightwith alienfighters to save the world!
Balls Blast Jump 1.0
Balls Blast Jump is one of the best ball shooting games Justswipeleft & right moving the canon to blast all jumpingballsSitting shooting, standing shooting, lying down shooting,classshooting, sleeping shooting, subway shooting, parkshooting,anytime, anywhere, 2 minutes in a game, come on! BallsBlastshooting is the most popular game in 2018 & awesome gametokill the time, super fun for all ages Plenty of awesomebackgroundsand other features.  How to play Balls Blast Jump  🚀Try to shootthe balls, upgrade the robot, get more coins and score,unlock morescenes and robots. 🚀 Hold the screen to aim 🚀 Use therobot tobreak all balls 🚀 Do not touch the balls.  Features BallBlast  🚀Relax your brain 🚀 Offline games 🚀 One finger controls Thebestball blast & shooting game in the world Have fun to playthegame! 🚀🚀🚀
Shoot Merge Block Puzzle 1.0
The game shoot the tiles 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32 , 64 ... tomergeblocks become: 1024 , 2048 ... 4k , 8k , 16k … HOW TO PLAY Touchscreen to move cells. When two cells contain the same numberofcollisions, they will enter one.  The cells continue to enterthesame row or column on the table.  Merge tiles with the samenumberFEATURES  Continue playing for a high score after reaching2048 The game is automatically saved  Support for one undo moveBeautiful and simple user interface  Addictive and inventivegameplay  Easy to learn, hard to master  Minimalism graphicssuitablefor all ages  No time limit, play anywhere Enjoy ShootMerge BlockPuzzle - brains games !
Tank Classic 1990 1.0
On Console Tank Classic 1990 is very Classical game strategy.SuperTank classic 1990 is a modern style tank battle game withnewattractive elements and 500+ build-in maps, you no longer needtoplay on Emulator anymore. This is the game of modern war,pleaseboom the map, summon your alliance, and strike the Enemy!Clash It!Prepare the tank battle, prepare the tank modern city war!Thereare 5 different difficulty levels (from easy to crazy). Itshouldmeet different people need. Play Tank Classic 1990 atanytime,anywhere! Game Rule: - Defence your base, and destroy allenemytanks - If your tank or your base is destroyed, it will begameover. Features: - Have 500+ Maps can be played ( Super Cool! )-Helper tank (summon alliance), it is like a 2nd player to helpyou(Computer AI control) - Special items in game - Classicaltankbattle game's style - 20 enemy tanks per map - SpecialmodeConstruction - build amazing mode
Bricks Breaker : Balls Shoot 1.0
Bricks breaker : Balls Shoot is the best bricks breaker gamethateveryone can enjoy. Enjoy various tasks and simpleaddictivegameplay controls. Hold the screen to aim, swipe the ballinto thebrick and break all bricks easily! Swipe to throw balls andbreakbricks! The corners are important points! This is a simplebutaddictive android game. ✿ How to play Bricks Balls Shoot ✿☛Balloons to wherever you touch. ☛ Delete the stage byremovingtiles on the board. ☛ Break bricks and never let them touchthebottom ☛ Find the best position and angle to hit every brick ☛Kickthe ball. Break bricks. Super simple. Instant fun ✿ BallsBreakerBalls Shooting Features ✿ ☛ Easy to play, simple andaddictive ☛Challenging puzzles ☛ Cute graphics and lovable tunes! ☛Play everywhere and every time ☛ High UI Graphics ☛ Let yourfriends know andchallenge them Download Free! and enjoy It!......Bricks breaker:Balls Shoot is the best bricks breaker game thateveryone canenjoy. Enjoy various tasks and simple addictivegameplay controls.Hold the screen to aim, swipe the ball into thebrick and break allbricks easily! Swipe to throw balls and breakbricks! The cornersare important points! This is a simple butaddictive android game.✿ How to play Bricks Balls Shoot ✿ ☛Balloons to wherever youtouch. ☛ Delete the stage by removing tileson the board. ☛ Breakbricks and never let them touch the bottom ☛Find the best positionand angle to hit every brick ☛ Kick the ball.Break bricks. Supersimple. Instant fun ✿ Balls Breaker BallsShooting Features ✿ ☛Easy to play, simple and addictive ☛Challenging puzzles ☛ Cutegraphics and lovable tunes! ☛ Play everywhere and every time ☛High UI Graphics ☛ Let your friends know andchallenge themDownload Free! and enjoy It! ......
Legend Tetrix Bricks 1.0
The different blocks : I, J, T, S, Z and L are useful forcompetingfour lines at once. When there is not enough space forblocks tofall, the game is over. - Endless time - Popular andfriendly toplay tetra - Auto save game to help you can continuegame. - Effectand Sound attractive - All Free The different blocks:I, J, T, S, Zand L are useful for competing four lines at once.When there isnot enough room for the fall, the game is over. -Endless time -Popular and friendly to play tetra - Auto save gameto help you cancontinue game. - Effect and Sound attractive - AllFree
Dragon Hunting - Galaxy Invaders - Shooting Dragon 1.0
Hunting a dragon with sniper in a jungle and emboss thesniperhunting experience on remarkable platform for hunting dragonsinDragon Hunter slayer game play. Dragon Hunt It’s a journeyofsniper shooting & hunting the deadliest creature on planetwithHorrifying features and aim to kill mankind to death. Show upyourhunting skills to become a survivor of human race. We havechosen athrilling environment for you so that it will feel you morethanreal of dragon hunt and tempting sniper shooting. Encounterthehazard of hitting by a deadliest creature of the history inthefurious yet challenging environment of the jungle into thewoodsand caves. Fit out the deadly dragon there and prove yourselfamongthe best hunter. Deadliest weapon to slayer Dragon Hunting -GalaxyInvaders - Shooting Dragon
Galaxy Attack - Galaxy Survival - Squadron Shoot 1.0
Galaxy Attack - Galaxy Survival - Squadron Shooting is thespaceshooting games for arcade - casual lovers. If you love toattackaliens army in the sky, this game will suit for you best!Let'ssave our galaxy attacking from alien invaders. Prepareyouraircraft then lead your squadron force and your fighter togofighting in this big space shooter war. How to play Galaxy Attack-Galaxy Survival - Squadron Shooting game: ◉ Touch yourspacecraftand move around. It will shoot by guns automatically. ◉Touchbooster items to shoot special missiles and nitro. ◉ Attackallaliens intruders and their big bosses. ◉ Upgrade yoursquadronspacecraft ability. ◉ Save our galaxy by attack allaliensspaceships. FEATURES: ◉ Enjoy non-stop space shooter gameinENDLESS mode. ◉ Encounter with many of versatility bosses.◉Upgrade your spacecraft with many guns, missiles, and lasers.◉Unique legend of spaceships such as falcon X, plasma phoenixarewaiting to unlock. ◉ Various spaceships with their ownuniqueweapons, missiles & special abilities to help you defeatall ofthose invaders. ◉ Share your result with friends via socialmedia.◉ There are many FREE items for you every day. Are you Ready?Canyou beat all aliens from another galaxy? Start space shooterwar.Reload your weapons and Shoot em ups! Download Galaxy Attack-Galaxy Survival - Squadron Shooting and go to attack NOW! Ifyoulove this game, please rate us for 5 stars.
Bubble Breaker 1.0
Bubble Breaker - Lost Quest is addictive classic logic game.Thegoal of the game is to break as many groups of bubbles aspossible.A group of bubbles consists of two or more adjacentbubbles of thesame color. How to Play: 1. Use your finger to tap onthe bubbles.2. Match 2 or more bubbles to burst them. 3. PopBubbles until youreach the target score. 4. Continue until there nomore bubblesleft to pop. Play a simple and addictive casual game.
Block Puzzle Classic 2019 1.0
Block Puzzle Classic 2019 is a relax puzzle legend game. Itwilltrain your brain in this puzzle mania. This is the mostinterestingblock puzzle game in your hands have ever held. Once youstart,you'll be hooked. you can play games for free! Block puzzleisincredibly intuitive and fun for all ages and skill levels. Itisalso the funny way to train your brain and keep mindsharping!Let's enjoy a simple and addictive glow puzzle legend! Howto play?Place the coloring pieces into board. when you fill in averticalor horizontal line. Freeing up space for new pieces whenpreviousdisappeared. The more glow blocks eliminated you can, themorescores you will get. Try to improve your world rankings!BlockPuzzle Features: * Coloring themed puzzle. * Easy to play, andFREEblock game for all ages. * Elegantly design * Don't worry! Notimelimits! No Internet limits * Play this brain puzzle gameforanytime, anywhere, pleasurable no wifi.
Block Puzzle Jewel 1010 1.3
Block Puzzle Jewel is a classic block jewel game puzzle ! WelcometoBlock Classic 1010 - the hottest block puzzle game 2019. Easytoplay but it can be addictive for any player! Download thisblockpuzzle game and enjoy Block Puzzle Jewel 1010 Do not forget torate5* block bricks game for supporting developer!
Bubble Shooting Deluxe 1.0
Shoot, match, and burst bubbles - a new match 3 puzzle game.Playfamous classic game of marbles. The aim of the game is verysimple,consists of a single color balls and shoot them. The gamehas 2game modes - arcade and puzzle. You will find many differentlevelsof complexity. Bubble Shooting Deluxe ★ Bubble shooter -whichcontains 150+ entertaining puzzle levels with more to come.★Popping for adults, families and kids with a stunning graphics. ★Afew simple following rules: blast balls, connect 3 to win andtrynot to lose. ★ Free bubble pop. One of the most favoritefairytales in the world. Quest to pop all bubbles. - Pop bubbles-anywhere you want. A free game that doesn’t require anyinternetconnection & very addictive and fun bubble shooting andpoppinggame. Download bubble shooter and enjoy a smooth andchallenginggameplay. If you find a bubble shooter entertainingplease leave usa review. Now, let’s burst and blast Bubble ShootingDeluxe!
Block Puzzle Hexa 1.1
Block Puzzle Hexa is a very fun puzzle game with full ofchallenging! Easy to play, and pleasurable game for all ages. Itcomes with 3difficulties ranging - Classic Mode - Bomb Mode -Rotate Mode ★HowTo Play★ - Drag the blocks to move them - Try tofit them all in theframe - Don't worry! No time limits - Blockscan't be rotated.★Game's Features★ - High Quality graphic. - FourGame Modes: Classic- Bomb - Rotate - Easy to play. - Block puzzle.We hope you likeit!!!!!!! Block Puzzle Hexa surely bring to youexciting! Are youready for the journey on world with ourcharacter? Thank you all fordownload Block Puzzle Hexa
Flows King Connect 1.0
Flows King Connect - best games connect puzzle, which are easyandamazing to play. As a pipe lines lover, you don't needspendingmuch time on searching new brain teasers any more. We willgive youa ONE-STOP game experience from now on! ◉ Flows KingConnect Puzzle◉ - Connect dots with same color! - Fill all thespace! - Becareful! The pipes can be cut off by other pipe! ◉Features ◉ -Free to play. - Beautiful game art! - Easy but Funnygame play.Hints will help you. - Practice makes perfect.Train youbrain toactive mind. - Thousands of stages! Tons of levels! Moregamemodes. - Play offline: Enjoy this game without WiFi.