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Egg Shoot Classic 1.1
Eggs Shoot Classic this is the most classicand amazing shooting bubble buster game. This version is containsboth Puzzle Mode & Arcade Mode.Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst. Clearall the bubbles to level up.Free download and suitable for kids, toddlers and even adult.
Shooter Revenger 1.1
Shooter Revenger is an action game formatgunfight attractive.*************HOW TO PLAYShooter Revenger to the CF you will experience with a wide varietyof today's most modern guns ..*************FEATURE- User-friendly interface and easy to use- Photos beautiful and attractive- Amazing sounds
Airforce Sky 1.1
Airforce Sky - a free game! Airforce Sky is afast fighter game, with charming sound and music, HD graphics andspecial game play.
Ninja Coppy 1.1
Ninja Coppy is a new free ninja run and jumpadventure gameFeatures :* High Quality Graphics* More than 100 Level* Mode Endless Play* 100% Free to play* True ninja experience* Power-ups, utilities and more boosts* Tons of missions and levels* Fast pace and simple control
Ban Trung Khung Long new 2016 1.0
Bắn Trứng Khủng Long – Một trò chơi nổi tiếngđã xuất hiện trên Android.Tựa game đầy màu sắc, tốc độ & đòi hỏi kỹ năng phản ứng nhanhcủa bạn. Cách chơi game rất đơn giản, bạn chỉ cần bắn ít nhất 3 quảtrứng cùng màu để được ăn điểm. Chắc chắn bạn sẽ luôn thấy trò chơihấp dẫn và ngày càng cuốn hút vì cấp độ ngày càng gay cấn. Hãy cốgắng ăn điểm liên tiếp để đạt được combo trong các lần bắn. Bạn sẽđược bom có sức mạnh công phá rất lớn nếu đạt combo x 7. Wow, thậttuyệt phải không ? Tuy nhiên, bạn cũng sẽ bị làm phiền bởi chú chimbất thình lình xuất hiện thả thêm các màu trứng khác lên bản đồ.Hãy dùng sự linh hoạt phản ứng để tiêu diệt nó.Dinosaur Egg Shoot -Another famous game appeared on Android.Colorful games, speed & skill your quick response. How to playthe game is very simple, you just need to shoot at least 3 eggs ofthe same color to get breakfast. Sure you will always find the gameattractive and increasingly attractive for increasingly intenselevels. Try to eat consecutive points to gain combo in the shots.You will get powerful bomb attack hit combo great if x 7. Wow,amazing is not it? However, you would be bothered by birds suddenlyappear different egg drop more colors on the map. Use a flexibleresponse to destroy it.
Funny Balloons 1.0
Funny Balloons is one of the most funniestandcolorful mobile game that you can have in your device!* Enjoy dragging and popping amazing balloons!* With more than 40+ challenging levels!* Special balloons that will help you on this adventure!* Funny faces and sounds to have a happy time!* More than 130+ stars to unlock!* A Survivor mode to compete with your friends!
Candy Jewels
Candy Jewels game is a wonderfulentertainmentwhich is simple and fascinating with more than 300challengeablelevelsHOW TO PLAY✔ Swap the jewels to match 3 in a line to destroy them.✔ Combine 2 special jewels together to make a superpowerfulblast.GAME FEATURES✔ 300 Level✔ 8 different jewels legend with classic style and manyspecialjewels with powerful-effect: jewel blast bomb, lightningjewelblaze, color jewel star.✔ Nice full HD graphics, cool animations, exciting music &soundeffects✔ Easy and fun to start but a challenge to reach high levelsandhigh scores
Skies Of War 1.0
Skies Of War is a fast fighter game,withcharming sound and music, HD graphics and special gameplay.Key Features:★ Free 100%★ More than 100 levels to complete★ Easy and intuitive controls★ Abundant weapons★ Easy and intuitive controls ultra realistic 3D graphics andcoolanimations★ Smooth controls, simply tap the screen to shoot★ Interesting tasks
Robo Fun Run 1.0
Robo Fun Run is an offline for smart phonesandtablets GameHow to Play Robo Fun Run* Controls are easy!* Tab jump button on left screen to Jump.* Double tab on left screen to double jump* jump button on right screen to flip.* It's easy to play and fun that man women and kids can Robo FunRunGame Features Robo Fun Run* Easy to control, fun for every age players.* Colorful and HD graphics!* Great Endless Gaming experience.* More interesting functions are coming soon.
Pocket Go Match 3
★★★ Game Pocket Go one of the best gamein2016Pocket Go flow is a casual flow game, the rule is simple, linkthesame candies,when they are into one closed shape, you will gainabig bonus.Game Jewel Pocket Go is the most challenging and interestingcandygame ever. With excellent sweet graphics and amazing props,enjoycand frenzy time.~~ How to play ~~✔ Match 3 or more candies to blast yummy jelly and Pocket !✔ Complete the target before run out of moves~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Key Features:✔ Free 100%✔ More than 300 levels.✔ Easy to learn, hard to master.✔ This game is pretty mild.✔ Realistic 3D Candy animation