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Navy Battleship Combat 3D 1.1
An Epic Navy Battle is the last hope of surviving in the deep blueoceans of the wide deadly seas.The naval sea war has started. Get your battleship and join thebattle force with highly specialized sea armed military! An actionpacked real-time battleship game.Engage with an extremely hostile army with the huge fleets of NavalBattleship, Destructive Warships, Fighter Copters and Gunship WarHelicopter. This sea battle is yours! You’re not going to use someaverage navy battle 3D warship, you will get the best! Winning isthe best way to show that this ship is good. Get ready for the wildsea adventures!!!The Enemy is equipped with unimaginable Strength, Destructive WarWeapons, Mass Destruction War Machine and Super Intelligent WarJets.Control mighty battle ship turrets and defeat the enemy ships. It’stime for mass destruction and bombardment. Destroy the enemy shipswith your legendary vessels and fight for domination on the highseas.The Enemy is Furious. Be very careful and precise in this DeathBattle. Destroy all the Enemy assets and Crash the artillery; showno Mercy for enemy.3D High-tech tactical GunsEpic Shooting MissionEnjoy controls optimized for 3D sailing!Arm your military destroyer ship with a variety of weapons andequipment!Epic Shooting Mission!Strategize and Shoot!Air Strikes!Rocket Launchers!
BMX Fever 3D - Speed Escape 1.3
Be Ready To Perform Crazy Tricks andEscapeatHigh Speed.Speed up, jump and skid. Perform crazy tricks andavoidthehurdles. All you need to do is to jump over and skidbelowtheobstacles and go as far as you can. Sounds Easy? Let's seehowfaryou can go. The crazy hurdles will test your nerves. Thegameisset in cool subway environment! Watch out for the train.Thereare3 cool characters to play withIts super easy to play, just tilt your phone or swipe tododgethehurdles.--- Features ---- Super cool 3D railway environment- Smooth game play- Easy controls- Easy to play yet challenging.- 3 Cool 3D characters to play with.
City Flight Simulator 3D Free 1.1
What is City Flight Simulator 3D all about!Ever wondered how it feels to soar through the endless skies? It isyour chance to take off!! Fly high and conquer the skies! Fly onhigh altitudes and feel the thrill of being a commercial jet pilot!Steer over plain and hilly topography and take your boing plane tosky. Soar over the blue water fearlessly! This game gives you achance to be in control of a huge boing jumbo jet.Reaching your destination on time must be your toppriorityTake off into the sky and maneuver your Jumbo jet to itsdestination! Exhibit strong jet flying skills and complete yourmissions on time! This is gonna be a challenging flight! Enjoysteering your jet high above the land! You will get more thanenough entertainment and thrill!City Flight Simulator 3D features· Realistic 3D environment· Multiple planes with smooth controls· Cool graphics and well-crafted animations· Realistic airport ambiance· Challenging jet flying missions· Realistic Cockpit ControlHave an awesome flight with City Flight Simulator 3D 2015, the bestflight simulation game developed and become top Airline Pilot.
Modern Warship Combat 3D 1.2
A legendary warship battle has begun! Battleof the great sea is calling for the warrior. Commando; embark on amission in the deadliest oceans and command your navy vessels anddestroy enemy ships.This 3D warship destruction game with deadliest naval missions issimply mind blowing. Take control of War vessels and steer them toglorious victory!An open war between the two highly specialized military force, youas a Navy Commando representing the war sea battleships to destroythe Enemy warship and naval Vessels. Dominate the Seas and masterthe world’s most advanced combat sea fight as you experience themost deadly destructive battle in this action packed game.Enjoy controls optimized for 3D sailing!High quality 3D graphicsFast paced naval battles with warshipsStrategize and Shoot!Arm your military destroyer ship with a variety of weapons andequipment!Epic Shooting Mission!Air Strikes!Rocket Launchers!
World War Tank Battle 3D 1.2
It's a time to defend your country from brutal deadly attack byneighboring empire? As a military command trained to handlemonstrous war machine, Tank, It's a time to defend your nation andchampion the most popular tank themed game. The game has amazingartwork, superior controls, and realistic battle system.The game is fast paced and provides you with various opportunitiesto battle against ferocious enemies and become ultimate herowarrior. Shoot all the enemies, destroy their tanks, and re-attackthe enemy. You are on a mission to save the country and rescue yourcity from all resistance.The game is free to play however allows you to upgrade tank,acquire amazing weaponry, and fight in various scenes. You are allup for great experience.FEATURES- Fast paced and level based progression- Amazingly vivid environment and war scenery- Amazing quests based levels, keeping user engaged- Smooth touch and superior control
San Andreas Crime Combat 3D 1.3
A realistic simulator game with shooting range experience, whichhas most popular guns and deadly weapons including Handguns,Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles andMachine Guns.The streets are full of crime and are heated with blood. The goonsare running a cartel in the city. The city is now controlled bythese terrible extreme criminals. The evil enemy monitors the everyillegal activity in the city .Smuggling, money laundering, illegalweapon trade, kidnapping, contract killing; practically the city isnow owned by the law breakers.No one has ever dared to put hands on these highly sharp gangstersuntil NOW! Time has come to eliminate the criminal organizationsonce and for all. Thunder through the streets and hunt down theenemy. Eliminate the enemy and the special furious criminals.A great vicious clash is waiting for you, encounter the deadliestfrontier gunners, and make hell on earth for them Do you have whatit takes to defeat the crime and save the city form these deadlycriminals? Can you survive the dangers of the criminalunderworld?Your mission is to kill each and every terrorist from this planet.Wreak havoc with sniper simulator shooter game!Tactical Action Missions!3D High-tech tactical Guns!Fight against vicious criminals!HD graphics!Trilling destruction shooting game!Master deadly shooter challenging adventures!
Wild Wolf Hunting 2015 1.0
What is better than shooting wolves in the jungle? Yeah. Let’srumble in the jungle for fantastic, heart throbbing missions, withyour favorite sniper. This safari killing will take you to thewidest meadows to the craziest mountains.Make sure you get that pack of wild wolves with all sorts of furin the middle of the safari. If you’re low on power, don’t forgetto upgrade and customize your weapons.In serial kill series, you can hunt easily, while pro missions arefor pros like you. And only champions can save the heads of thewolves as trophies.Hunt or be hunted!!!! Play the best hunting simulator on Androidfor Free!!!Features:• Enjoy the Beautiful 3D environment.• Experience the realistic graphics.• Realistic Hunting Experience!!!• Customize your weapon and make them your own!!!!• Collect Trophies and celebrate your achievements!!!• Compete with your friends and showoff your High Score .• Enjoy the Smooth Game Play.• Easy to download• Fun to playFollow US:FaceBook: Plus:
World War Naval Battle 3D 1.0
Prepare yourself for the most epic naval war of the history ofmankind and spread your Dominance in all corners of the deep seasin this modern military strategy navy warship game. Lead your armyto battle in the cruel seas with the sole objective of completeannihilation of the Enemy warships.Fight for the Dominance of the Seas! Loosing this naval battle isnot acceptable, you need to win at any cost. Don’t be afraid, theyare not made of steel.Get ready for this legendary naval war between the two highlyspecialized military force. Embark on a mission in the deadliestoceans and command your navy vessels and destroy enemy ships. Thememories of war get vague. It’s the victory that is written inHistory. Winning is the thing that always matters.Game Features:Fully customizable ships- You may choose from several availableguns and ammunition!High quality 3D graphics!Fast paced naval battles with warships!Air Strikes!Rocket Launchers!
Space Invasion Combat 1.4
The Aliens from Azguardu Planet have launchedfierce attack on the planet Earth. They are on a mission to extincthuman race and you are on a mission to hunt aliens – the battle ison!The Monstrous Aliens army has landed on their space shuttle, andyou must shoot down all of them to safeguard the humanity. Alien’sarmy has got all the desired weaponry. Alien army is residing inspace shettle identified as UFO by space scientists. Head out tothe space ship before aliens land on the earth.You are assigned this top-secret mission, to counter the alienattack in space. Meet them in space and kill them in space, savingearth from possible aftereffects of battle. The alien’s are currentGalaxy Rulers and known as space war soldiers and spacemachines.As Sniper Shooting Marksman your best strategy is to snipe theenemy one by one with clean precise shoots. Do not draw theattention of the Aliens as they will attack you. Get rid of a largenumber of enemies while dodging their attacks. Are you skilledenough to take down all the alien enemies on the space station?Hunt down and shoot as many invader alien as possible!First person 3D Space shooting gameExperience the unlimited thrill of Sniping AliensClassic 3D action controlRealistic 3D graphicsSurvive in the galaxyThe most hardcore and intensive space shooter
Zombie Reaper Gunship 1.0
Trained Military Commando you are on a HighlySpecialized Mission to wipe of the entire city after the postZombie Apocalypse.A Lethal Toxic Virus hit the city and have wiped out almost all thecity population. There is mayhem, stress and horror on the citystreets. To finish the chaos the Air Force has come into action. AMilitary Gunship Copter Fighter Flight borne in an armed battlecopter is on this deadly mission to defend the land, Kill theBloody Creepy Creatures and save the local natives from the ZombieAttack. An action Packed Death battle against the DangerousZombiesA challenging 3D Apache helicopter war game where you have to flyacross the land of the walking dead and destroy the enemy to clearthe area. Get ready for the Final Strike; knocked down the Zombiesand washed the area out.A rich immersive war game with real mystical Zombie in an esotericland and the survival story of the Gunship Commando. Unleash yourinner courage and feels the power of realistic gunship copter whileflying through stunning battlefield.Enjoy controls optimized for 3D flight.Select from a wide range of helicopters, each with uniquecharacteristics.Arm your chopper with a variety of weapons and equipment.Advanced Shooting Missions.
Halloween Zombie AssaultZ 1.1
Once the city of light and life turned into a haunted dark place onthe Halloween Horror Night.Out there are the zombies in the lonely streets of the city. TheAngry Zombies have ruined the city andA Great Ninja Warrior is on the mission to kill out the walkingDead. Play this third person zombie game to help out this Ninja toget rid of this epidemic. Ninja is the only hope to save the townfrom this attack. This is the war between good and evil.Prove that Elite Ninja Commando is the real legend in thisendeavor.Stab the brutal zombies with Bokken­ Ninja's only weapon for itssurvival. Follow the GreenArrows to keep Ninja Zombie Assassin on the track. Be steady, enjoythe 3d graphics and real sound effects,Demolish as many zombies as possible to win high scores.This is the challenging war game. Play safe in each level to moveon to the next level. PLAY, KILL & WIN!Realistic Sword FightModern Game PlayHD GraphicsEpic Combat Missions
Elite Highway Assassin 3D 1.0
Ever wonder what it is like to simply blow the fast speed carracers with a Blast on the Highway!!In this complex shooting game you can snip to kill the enemies anddestroy the running cars on the Highway. Get your hand on theDeadly ammunition to blast the cars. Sharp Shooter; it’s time tohunt down the deadly enemies. Super hero you no need to chase thecrooks and be part of the death race, you now have the License tokill!! Your Mission as a highly trained Gunner is to finish theEnemy Riders for once and for all!!! Experience the thrill of beingin a highly classified Sniping Mission and assassinate the enemieswith your sniper kill shot!!!Destroy the War Car Races and Clear all the Highway from theenemies with Fast Speed Action Skills and Shoot with highly specialsniper guns. Enjoy the Thrilling action shooting in this LethalHighway Battle!!!Dangerous Intense Shooting MissionsFast Paced ActionHQ 3D graphicsRealistic Shooting ExperiencePowerful WeaponryHuge Massive Explosions
El Chapo Prison Escape Run 3D 1.1
Play as the serial prison escapee – El Chapo,Mexico's most notorious drug lord; to run as far as you can.In this game you are running as El Chapo and lets see how longcan you run before you get caught by police and law enforcementauthorities. As an escape runner, you have to run for your life andovercome the hurdles set by police. Police cops are smart andeventually will catch you but your goal is to run fast and as longas you can.Run for your life, and escape the prison again and again to becaught again
Real Street Skater 3D 1.2
All skate lovers out there!Get ready for street skating madness. Experience all theskateboarding fun in your mobile phone with Real Skating 3D! Jumpon the skate board and perform free style stunts!Show your skating skills! Speed up and display cool tricks withyour skating board! Rush up and down the roads! Zigzag through thetraffic! Jump over obstacles and enjoy boasting your skatingabilities!Flip your board, spin fast, and catch the coins! Experience the joyof street skating with Real Skating 3D, the most realistic skatinggame of 2015!Features of Real Skating 3D• Realistic skating experience• Multiple players to choose from• Lively 3D graphics• Awesome City Streets with fun obstacles• Smooth and simple controlsBuckle up for some real skating challenges!
World Crime Cartel 3D 1.0
In a lawless city the street are full of crimeand the mafia cartels are running the city with alliance of thecorrupt cops. The high officials after care full considerationdecides that it is no easy job and now is need to hire a ghost withsharp shooting skills. Contract Killer; Pack some heat and hit thestreets, it’s time to blitz through Crime Coast. New realisticaction shooting adventure against the Mafia Cartels that arespreading havoc in the city.Blast you way through the city, taking out the bad guys and blowingstuff up in the hunt for Mafia Lords and Corrupt Police Cops withbigger guns!A great vicious combat is waiting for you, encounter the deadliestfrontier gunners, and make hell on earth.An intense action experience.Make use of the realistic weapons,Inventive character and skill development system!Master deadly shooter challenging adventures!
Fighter Jet Attack 3D 1.0
Ever dreamed of being a Fighter Jet Pilot?Here is a chance to live your dream! Suit up for dangerousadventure with Fighter Jet Attack 3D.The battle has just begun! Fly your fighter jet straight tosuccess! Declare war against your enemies! And shock them with yourfighting skills.Protect your country and be a HERO! Buckle up!! Thrilling adventurelies ahead of you!Your mission is to destroy enemy jets planes!Features of Fighter Jet Attack 3D- Beautifully drawn graphics and carefully crafted animations- Smooth controls- Gripping jet fighting missions- Multiple terrains- Take off and land on carrier- Awesome audio & visual effectsAccomplish all missions and defend your nation againstenemies.
Blocky Commando 1.0
An Epic Combat of a Block Commando into theworld of destruction and warfare. The block terrorist are on anevil mission to spread chaos and to spill innocent blood. Thehumanity needs a savior. A Block Commando take charge and is readyto stand against the hordes of evil enemies. Beware block forcecommando the enemy has opened fire and is shooting right at you.You need to survive and kill each single block foes in your way.It’s time to shoot. Take your gun and open fire the enemy. As thetop agent of the elite Ops team, it is your duty to completemultiple dangerous missions. The fate of the world rests on yourshoulders! It is your duty! Do you have what it takes to be thewarrior? Shoot your enemy with precision!Battlefield High Tactical Weapons!Awesome Graphics and Images!Addictive Game play!Upgrade your Weapons!Kill Special Block Commandos!
World War Gunship Battle 3D 1.1
Become the Fighter pilot of aGunshipHelicopter and engage in the combat mission against thesupertrained enemy forces across the world.A helicopter action thriller game that combines stunninggraphicswith engaging combat scenarios and copter flight controlsimulationand takes you into an unforgettable immersive combatexperience ofwar, destruction and action.The super commando are airborne in a military aircraft on adeadlymission to defend the nation on the field on a deadly battle.Anaction packed battle shoot down the enemy. Are you ready forthedangerous Aerial War of the Gunship Copter?Unique scene with aerial combat from a heli gunship onthebattlefront!Enemy AI!Efficient weapon controls & movement!Deadliest 3D Chopper shooting!Wide range of helicopters; The Hind, Kawasaki OH-1, andApacheLongbow!Equip your Copter with Rocket Pods, Cannons and Missiles!
Hard Time Prison Escape 2016 1.0
Surviving the hard time in prison isn’t easyand especially when you are locked down in an abusing hell foryears is way more torturing. You are a real Gangster and a MafiaLeader and need to get back to rule the world.As you have successfully managed to escape from the cell whereyou were locked down now you are free to wander in the jail rooms.You need to escape from the chasing cops and guards and find yourway out. While escaping get ready to combat with the aggressivejail guards and armed police men. Hit them hard with your tools andkill as many of them as possible. Run to save your life in thisamazing jail breakout mission.Features:Different and Exciting game mods to playLots of weapons and tools in Break out MissionOutstanding 3D Graphics and Sound EffectsRealistic Jail EnvironmentSmooth and Easy Controls
Elite Ninja Assassin 3D 1.4
The Ninja Warrior Assassin is on a secretmission to eliminate the enemy soldiers one by one strategicallywithout being seen and caught.Ninja Fighter be very careful as the enemy can kill you with asingle shot if player got seen. The Sharp Warrior have to hidehimself and attack the foes very vigilantly without being seen witha dagger. The Ghost Assassin; you need to be fast and precise likea fighting tiger.Get ready for the spectacular action in the vacant city where thearmed enemy is residing. Our hero is a soldier of an elite unit ofthe secret task force. The Super Ninja is highly trained in MartialArts and Classic Fighting. The Ninja is equipped with LethalLegendary Swords and Sharp Blades; Crush your enemies, humiliatethe Oppressive Forces equipped with advanced guns, and be theWarrior of Shadows.Features:Realistic and modern gameplayMuch advance and larger environment to exploreBreathtaking assassination war missions against armed soldier
Sniper Warrior Assassin 3D 1.0
In this Epic Combat Battle you need to winyour way through the massive hordes of enemy military squad. TheEnemy is on a top secret mission to breach the National SecuritySystem and steal the classified the Military War Information. Theyare residing in small groups in a abandoned industrial area tocarry out their evil plan.The Nation’s Safety is at stake. The Country needs a Brave Commandofor this death Mission to confront the highly specialized enemy warspies and agents. Frontline Commando; this is not an easy mission.It is not like anything anyone has ever done. It is High AlertSecurity Mission and it is as real as it ever will be.Your challenge is not only to survive amidst the enemy at theFrontline of a shooting battle but also to get rid of enemies byshooting enemy commando while protecting yourself. Once the area isclear, you would need to patrol the area and look out for moreenemies hiding in the territory. Enemy will continue to send morecommando enforcement so make sure that you continue shooting themas they appear! Be the ultimate combat shooter to take out theunwanted men and win this war!The game comprises of two kids of Missions:Survival Missions:In survival Missions Commander you need to fire gunshots at theenemies and you have to survive from their brutal attacks and gunfires and refill your ammunition to enable more shooting. Beware ofthe Soldiers and the Rocket launchers.Kill Units:In this mission you need to clear the Area and wipe out all theenemies residing there. Fire gunshot at the enemy forces anddestroy the forces with your sharp shooting skillsFeatures:Intense visuals and thrilling sounds add to the thrill of frontlinebattle!AI enemy soldiers!Wide range of Fire Arms and Tactical Guns!Epic Shooting Mission!Assault Rifle, Howitzer, Vicker M2, Mini Gun, Special Rail, SpecialShot Gun, Special Sniper, Special Ultra Gun!Master deadly shooter challenging adventures
Amazing City Runner 3D 1.0
What an Amazing City Run. This is your chanceto run along the busy streets of your city, dodging cars and otherobstacles. Avoid hitting the buses and cars. Navigate through thecity using swipe up, down, left and right. Amazing City Run is fullof surprises for you. Get yourself your charged up by start runningright now.Download it now and start your journey.Features:- 3 Characters to choose.- Moving cars to pass through.- Lots of dangerous obstacle-dodging fun.
Subway Traffic Simulator 3D 1.0
A Realistic Train SimulatorExperiencecombining the train driving fun and the trill to controlthe RealTrain Engines. Get ready to be the Real Engine Driver inthisstimulating hot train Subway Traffic Simulator 3D Game. Enjoytheride and have a good time!Drive the subway train and turn the railroad switched and makewayfor you train to reach the Stations.A fun addictive puzzle strategy game with super HD graphicswhereyour quick thinking and reflexes will be put to test in full3Denvironment. Enjoy the little ride.- Perfect 3D graphics and well-detailed environment- Great dynamic Game play
Cargo Plane Flight Simulator 1.1
What is Cargo Plane Flight Simulatorallabout!Ever wondered how it feels to soar through the endless skies? Itisyour chance to take off!! Fly high and conquer the skies! Flyonhigh altitudes and feel the thrill of being a commercial jetpilot!Steer over plain and hilly topography and take your boingplane tosky. Soar over the blue water fearlessly! This game givesyou achance to be in control of a huge boing jumbo jet.Cargo Plane Flight Simulator features· Realistic 3D environment· Multiple planes with smooth controls· Cool graphics and well-crafted animations· Realistic airport ambiance· Challenging jet flying missions· Realistic Cockpit ControlHave an awesome flight with Cargo Plane Flight Simulator, thebestflight simulation game developed and become topAirlinePilot.
Pixel Shoot War 1.2
Build strategy as Pixel Commando tocombatenemy with ambition to safeguard planet earth from intruders.Try Pixel Shoot war, a deadly game simulating the war zone.Itsultra-modern pixel block shooter with latest weaponry. Navigatethepixel commando in to the Green Woods and Shoot the Evil SavageArmyof the Enemy. Fight for ultimate victory in this challengingblockworld style game.Complete multiple dangerous challenging missions. The Enemy hassetup base in the area and is plotting a strike! You must not letthemsucceed in their evil missions of destruction. You must holdthemand clean the area by eliminating the enemies. Do you have whatittakes to be the survivor of pixel shoot war? Defeat your foeswithprecision!Fight brutal death matches and be the unstoppable victor amongangryhordes of enemies.AWESOME WEAPONSBattlefield High Tactical Weapons!POWERFUL ENEMIESFight with the brutal Enemy Block Commandos!BLOCK BASED GRAPHICSAwesome Graphics and Images!HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAME PLAYAddictive entertainment certain to keep you up all night!
Shake It Selfie - Easy Selfie 1.0
Tired of two-handed selfies, there is abetterway to capture Selfies. The App captures natural beauty ofyourface while letting you focus on the pose as oppose to holdingphonetightly.This app includes extensive features to enhance thecapturedselfie including add filters, frames and sharing onsocialmedia!The application is made free for widespread usage.
Run Fury Run 3D 1.0
What is Run Fury Run 3D all about?Up for a running adventure?Enjoy crazy endless running with Run Fury Run 3D. Dash as fastasyou can! Enjoy the fantasy tracks set over the water surface.Andshow how far you can go! Enjoy the adventurous surfing! RUNFAST!Do not stop! Avoid all obstacles!Swipe upwards to jump over obstacles. Swipe downwards to swoopdown.Catch all the coins, earn points to unlock funcharacters.Features of Run Fury Run 3D:• Amazing water surfing experience• Various characters to unlock• Fantasy water surfing theme• Lively 3D graphics• Awesome river environment with fun obstacles• Smooth and simple controlsGear up for some running challenges in the most awesomefantasyenvironment!
Adventures Of Jumping Boy 1.1
Cute Jumping Boy Needs Your Help!!!!Come play the latest addictive jumping adventure and helpourJumping Boy reach the new heights every time. Sounds easy?Let'ssee how far you can go. Watch out for the treacherous hurdlesoryou will fall to the bottom.Adventures Of Jumping Boy is an exciting perpetualjumpingplatformer where you have to jump from one platform toanotheravoiding outlandish, crazy and interesting obstacles. Helpour JumpHero find its to the top and set new score records.Challenge yourfriends to beat your best scores on Twitter andFacebook.Adventures Of Jumping Boy features- Simple and intuitive game play.- Super Easy Controls. Tap To Jump.- Unlimited levels to discover- Free Hearts to help you revive if you fall.- Simple yet Addictive.Start Jumping Now.
Mannequin Escape Challenge 1.1
Mannequin Challenge takes a new twist withthisfun filled arcade running game.The Mannequin is stuck in the showcase for long time, helphimbreak out and escape to the freedom. Dash through the busycitystreets, avoid cars, buses and all sort of crazy obstacles tokeepthe Mannequin free. Keep running on the road while you jump,skid,roll and ditch the tricky obstacles. Its a never endingraceagainst those who want to keep your Mannequin chained.Collect crazy power ups to make the run even moreenjoyable.Simple swipe controls help you do all the stunts easilywhile youhelp the Mannequin escape in crowded city streets. Run,skid, dodgeand jump your way across the busy city streets, parksandwalkways.Mannequin Escape Challenge is a free game with amazinggraphics,simple and easy controls and superb fast paced game play.Forgetabout one challenge as you will face new challenges everyminutebut you must dash at furious speed else you get caught.★ Beautiful 3D City Graphics.★ Endless Running Fun.★ Earn Coins And Unlock Power ups.★ Crazy Power Ups Makes The Game Even More Enjoyable.★ Intuitive touch controls and smooth game play.★ Cute Animated 3D Mannequin Run At Your Command.The Epic Mannequin Escape Challenge Is About To Begin.Download Now!!!!!
Santa Xtreme Run 3D 1.1
This Holiday Season Get Ready To CollectTheBest Xmas Gifts In The Neighborhood.GamenGo brings you another exciting running adventure to addmorefun to your Xmas holidays. Play as the dear Santa Cruise andgatherall the gifts while you run through the busy streets. Watchout forthe traffic and all sort of crazy obstacles and go as faras youcan. Dash through the frozen city streets while you jump,skid, rolland ditch the tricky obstacles.Collect crazy power ups to make the run even moreenjoyable.Simple swipe controls help you do all the stunts easily.Beware ofthe penguins, polar bears, Eskimos and nasty snowmen onyour way asthey all want you down. Gather the gifts as the kidswould bewaiting for you on the Christmas Eve.Run Hard And Spread Happiness.★ Endless Running Fun..★ Crazy Power Ups To Make The Game Even More Enjoyable.★ Intuitive Touch Controls And Smooth Game Play.★ Beautiful 3D Christmas City.★ Cute Animated Santa Cruise.