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Fake call - prank 0.27
Fake call - features: Call now - button for instant fake call. Getout of an awkward situation with fake call. Schedule - set timer toreceive a fake call. Customize caller - set caller name number andpicture. Voice - add fake voice that will talk when you answeredthe call. Record voice - record your voice to make the prank real.Ringtone - when incoming call appears you will hear your defaultringtone. You can choose any ringtone from your phone music folder.Character - use our built in character for quick prank. Use ourcharacters for quick prank. Police call you - prank. Fake call togive free pizza - prank. Prank by receiving a fake call from agirlfriend or boyfriend. How to fake a call: Quick fake call - tapcall now button. You will receive a fake call. Schedule an incomingcall for more advanced prank. After you have schedule a fake call -turn off your screen. How to customize a fake call: Tap caller. Setcaller name. Set caller number. Set picture for the caller. Tapringtone to select the caller ringtone. Tap voice to add voice tothe incoming call. Tap done. Tap call now or schedule. Disclaimer:fake call game does not have a real incoming call feature - it justa simulated incoming call. Please tell us if you want more featuresin fake call prank game.
Drinking Beer Prank 0.1
Disclaimer: this application is aprankgame.It is not real beer drinking - it is simulated beer drinking.
Lie Detector Prank 0.8-installed
Disclaimer: this application is a prank game.It does not have areal life lie detector - it just gives you random answers.It doesnot have a real fingerprint scanner feature - it is just a button.
Fake Call Kids Police 0.6
Fake call from the police with a real custom voice. Set a fakeincoming call from kids police. Schedule a time to receive the fakeincoming call. Set a real voice when answering the call. Choose apolice officer from the character gallery. Disclaimer: fake callkids police does not have a real incoming call feature it is asimulated incoming call.
Fake call girlfriend prank 0.14
Prank call set a fake incoming call from a girlfriend. How to usefake call girlfriend - prank: For quick prank just tap call now.For more advanced prank schedule a time for incoming call. Tapcharacter to choose girlfriend picture. Tap caller to selectpicture from gallery and to set name and number to customize theprank. Tap ringtone to select ringtone from your device folders.Tap set default ringtone to restore the original ringtone. To makethe prank even better you can add or record voice. Fake callgirlfriend - prank - features: Schedule when to receive a fakeincoming call prank. Set a voice when answering the call that talkback. Choose a girlfriend picture from the character gallery.Change caller id with picture and any number to make the prankbetter. Disclaimer: fake call girlfriend does not have a realincoming call feature it is a simulated incoming call for prank.
Broken screen prank 0.8
Disclaimer: broken screen is a prank application for entertainment.It does not break your device it is a simulated cracked screen thatlooks real.