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GameChanger Baseball & Softball Scorekeeper
GameChanger provides simple - yet powerful - free scorekeepingtools, advanced statistics, live updates and team managementsolutions for baseball and softball teams. Score the game,calculate stats, generate a scorebook, and stream live play-by-playto parents and fans. The GameChanger app is the premiere teammanagement app for baseball and softball teams of all ages andskill levels. Our in-app messaging, game & practice scheduling,attendance tracker and team announcements make it easy for everycoach to organize and manage their teams. Make informed decisionsand keep your baseball and softball community connected withGameChanger! Key features: - SIMPLE SCOREKEEPING: Anyone at thegame can capture the play-by-play of the game with our easy-to-usefree scorekeeping app. - IN-GAME STATS: See stats and player chartswhen you need them the most. Back-up your decisions with real-timeteam and player statistics. - SEASON STATS: Your season stats -including team & player charts - are updated automaticallyafter every game. - PITCH COUNT ALERTS: As “The First Pitch SmartCertified App”, we make it easy to monitor and protect yourpitchers’ health, including custom pitch count alerts. -GAMECHANGER SYNC: Quickly sync your game data with MaxPreps. - TEAMMESSAGING: Make sure everyone on your team is up-to-date within-app messaging and email or push alerts. - SCHEDULING: Everyonewill know the up-to-date team schedule and who's attending. - LIVEPLAY-BY-PLAY: Give family & fans the ability to receive liveplay-by-play with a real-time field view and box score. - POST GAMERECAPS: We generate a newspaper quality game recap after each game,instantly, for coaches, players, family, fans, and local media.Download the GameChanger Baseball & Softball score keeper apptoday for free. PARTNERS Our Partners: Little League International,Cal Ripken Baseball,, Perfect Game USA, Babe RuthBaseball and Softball, ASA/USA Softball, The National Pro Fastpitchleague, and PitchSmart. HOW CAN GAMECHANGER HELP YOUR TEAM?SCOREKEEPERS: Anyone can be the score keeper for their team withjust a few taps. Our free scorekeeping app for baseball andsoftball easier than your traditional scorebook and iscomprehensive enough to track 160+ stats, generate spray charts,monitor pitch counts, and provide key game insights. COACHES: Getthe tools you need to make better decisions with real-time stats,spray charts, player charts and season statistics. Our messagingand scheduling features help every coach organize their teams andkeep their baseball and softball communities connected andinformed. FAMILY, PLAYERS & FANS: Can't make the game? Westream every pitch live on GameChanger’s GameStream so you nevermiss a moment. You can also sign up to receive the team schedule,message the coach, family and get live game and player alerts!GameChanger was founded on the firm belief in the power of youthsports to be a pathway to building lasting life skills. Photographyby **K.M. Klemencic** ( by **chrismetcalfTV** ( licensed under **CC BY 2.0**( GameChanger Terms ofUse: GameChanger Privacy Policy: California Disclosures: US PatentNo. 8,731,458
DICK'S Team Manager
20+ SPORTS: DICK'S Team Manager takes the hassle out of teammanagement with free tools for coaches. Get rosters, scheduling& RSVPs, team chat & photo sharing, as well as live scoringwith updates for those who can’t be at the game - all in one easyto use app, always 100% free for coaches. BASEBALL & SOFTBALL:Powerful scorekeeping tools make it easier than ever to score gamesand automatically calculate detailed statistics for individuals andteams. Just score the game, calculate stats, and stream liveplay-by-play updates. Parents and grandparents never have to miss agame again. Subscribe to Plus or Premium to get live scoringupdates sent straight to your phone so you can stay involved withthe game from anywhere. (Plus: $2.99/mo or $29.99/yr; Premium:$7.99/mo or $49.99/yr) DICK'S Team Manager is available for thefollowing sports: baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse,football, volleyball, field hockey, ice hockey, swimming &diving, track & field, wrestling, crew & rowing, bowling,cheerleading, cross country, tennis, water polo, rugby, and golfteams. Key Features: • Team Chat: send important announcements,schedule updates, and last minute changes to the whole team withjust a few taps. • Scheduling: Maintain a single, easy-to-manageteam calendar to keep coaches, players, and parents on the samepage all season long. Sync with your phone to add team events toyour existing calendar. • Event Reminders: Schedule automatic eventreminders for your team before any event. • RSVPs: Know in advancewho is going to be there so you can adjust your game plan and trackattendance. • Roster Management: Keep your roster and team contactinfo all in one place. Make changes anytime. • Scoring: Keep scoreas the game progresses while keeping those who couldn't make it inperson posted on the action (currently available for Baseball,Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, andIce Hockey). • Photo Albums: Share your best action shots with thewhole team and keep team photos organized in one place. Any teammember can add to the album. • Maps & Weather: Getup-to-the-minute game and practice location updates so you canarrive on time and local weather updates before heading out thedoor. How to Get Started: 1. Create your team in the app 2. Enterroster and parent contact information 3. Invite other coaches,staff members, and volunteers 4. Schedule a game, practice, orother team events 5. View up-to-the-minute schedule info, seeplayer and parent RSVPs, or message other team members from the appTerms of Use: