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Survival Island 2016: Savage 1.7.8
You will have to use all your skills for survive in this island!Create items with crafting system, collect resources, hunt andrepulse from wild animals in new game with sandbox elementsSurvival Island 2016 : Savage.Follow the news in ourgroups: the island reaching a new level! So many features you will notfind in any similar game! You will have to collecting, miningdiverse resources,crafting a lot of items: tools, wear, weapon,resources for more dificult for the more complicated craft. Defendyourself from wild animals and other dangers of the island.Survival Island 2016 : Savage - this is new adventure simulator ofisland survival with sandbox elements.Features:✓Complete freedom ofaction!✓Hunting, building, gathering, craft, research - lets dowhat you like!✓Building houses on the island!✓Huge number ofresource for crafting!✓Huge number of weapon for fight with wildanimals!✓Explore Wilderness island!✓Create weapon and armor forsurvival!✓Use axe, circ, spear and knife for all kinds ofcraft.✓The diverse fauna of the island: elephant, rhino, mandrill,Crocodile, Panther!✓If you hungry you become rust!✓Regular updateswith new content!How to play:For the interaction with object usescreen ( For tree felling just press on it with axe in your hand).Watch your health, satiety and thirst,so as not get into stranded.Advice:Collect stones and sticks for your first craft.If you likefirst-person games as survival island, then our game SurvivalIsland 2016: Savage sure to please you!Attention! In development isa online multiplayer!
Survival Island: Creative Mode 1.7.4
Creative Mode for Survival Island 2016 Savage includes: Endlessitems for construction of houses, HUGE number of start resources,free gifts, NO ADS.**Attention! For correct operation of the gamerequires at least 1GB of RAM.Survival island reaching a new level,that number of opportunities you can’t to find in any similar game!Survival Island: Creative Mode - new adventure survival simulatorwith sandbox elements.You will have to use all your skills forsurvive in this island! Create items with craft help, collectresources, hunt and struggle from wild animals. Features:✓CREATIVEMODE: Endless items for construction of houses.✓TOTAL FREEDOM OFACTION: Explore the island, hunt, collect resources, create items,repulse from wild animals, build a house of any design and more...All that dreaming survivalist!✓REAL SANDBOX: Huge and open worldwhich wait for your adventures.. And try to survive!✓DIVERSE FAUNAOF THE ISLAND: elephant, rhino, mandrill, crocodile, panther…Explore wilderness of the island!✓REGULAR UPDATES: we are activelydeveloping the game, adding more and more opportunities and listento players opinion. Write us your ideas in game comments, we willlook at them!How to play:To interact with objects using the screen(For wood hew just enough to click on it with your finger, and haveaxe in hand.For stripping of animal skins need to have theknife.Advices: ✓At the beginning of the game to collect stones andsticks for your first craft.✓Dont`t starve and not to rust. Followstate of satiety and thirst of your character, so as not to fallinto the stranded situation.✓Collect berries from bushes andbananas from the trees - it will help you in the beginning of thegame to restore the hunger and thirst.✓Use axe, circ, spear, knifeand another weapons for all kinds of craft.Become the part ofcommunity survivor lovers:••VKONTAKTE: deeper intothe world full of danger and experiments. If you like first-persongames as survival island, then our game Survival Island : CreativeMode sure to please you!***Attention! Online multiplayer is indevelopment!***
Survival Island Online MMO 1.0.5
Online multiplayer — survive in the wilderness with your friendsand players from around the world. Craft items, build things, huntfor food in the forest and collect resources in the open-world game“Survival Island Online MMO”!Game features:*MULTIPLAYER: Survivalis made fun in this brand-new 2016 free online game. If you likeRust and similar games, try this one! Create your own realms orjoin existing ones. Play with your friends and meet otherplayers.*CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Evolve your character with ourunique system. Be the best in everything you do — you can upgradeeach skill level after level.*UNIQUE ISLANDS: Travel to see themall in one plot arc, meet unique fauna and settle on the island youlike the best.*BE A CRAFTER AND BUILDER: Be crafty! Everything youneed can be made, and the best crafters make weapons and armor,build houses – and why not to try building an ark? – and collectresources.*HAVE EXCITING ADVENTURES: Travel deep into the forestwith your trusty, if rusty, axe in hand and hew trees. Exploreislands, search for rare resources (not just sticks and stones!),craft wonderful items and, most importantly don’t starve!*PvP ANDPvE ISLANDS: The choice is yours — to fight other players or towork together!*HUGE ONLINE COMMUNITY: Up to 64 players on oneserver.Tips:PvE: You can’t kill other players. Do fights repulseyou? Want to focus on crafting? Chose this mode for laid-backgameplay with your friends.PvP: You can kill other players. Asavage mode for those who love fighting. Are you a real survivor?Compete with others to prove it!Create your own realm: you cancreate your own server or join an existing one. Use the gamehistory to log in to the last world you played in. Who are you? Awarrior, a hunter, a builder… Or have you risen to be a king?Friendor foe? Find new friends and enemies in the open-world onlinesurvival sim “Survival Island Online MMO”.
Survival Island 2017 - Savage 2 1.8.2
“Hey, survivor! Get to the coast, quickly—they're after us!"Fromthe creators of Survival Island 2016: Savage and Survival IslandOnline comes a continuation of the most captivating game of2016!***Features:***Along with the standard features, such asresource collection, learning to craft items, island exploration,and fighting off wild animals, we've added several unique ones thatset us apart from other survival games.Craft and collect itemsTryout the new evolve crafting system! Create items instantly withoutthe wait. Choose 1st or 3rd person viewSwitch between cameras anytime and watch your character from behind them or see the islandthrough their eyes. Play however you choose!Enjoy more than 10different types of weatherThe weather on the island changes justlike in real life, with fog, clouds, and all kinds ofprecipitation. Master the secret magic of the ancestors on theislandThere are mysterious altars hidden all over the island, findthem all and you will gain incredible powers which will help youbeat the toughest bosses!Explore the wilderness of the islandTheanimals are so lifelike they even sleep, eat, and fight. We're sureyou'll love being an explorer on the island. Fight for survivalaround the clockTime never stands still, and each new morning,afternoon, evening, and night brings unique new challenges!Battlebosses and mythical creaturesUnique bosses to fight when you areready! And, of course, rewards for their defeat!Find treasure inmysterious ruinsWhen you find this mysterious location, exploreevery nook and cranny of it; vast riches could be waiting there!Download and play now in Survival Island 2017: Savage 2!Secrets,guides, and helpful tips can be found on your social mediapagesSubscribe and join the club of fans of sandboxgames:*Gameupdates come out every two weeks. Don't forget to rate the game: Weare always happy to respond to feedback.*The game determinesgraphics quality based on the free memory on your device. Theminimum memory for smooth gameplay is 1024 MB.
Jurassic Survival Island: Dinosaurs & Craft
The newest version 2018! ⚒️🦕 Pixel Mode 🦕⚒️Do you like pixel games?Do you want to tame a pix dino? We have added Pixel Mode! Now youcan survive on the pixel island in the pixel world! Pixel dinosaursand animals are already here! Your Cape Lion is waiting for you!Survival has begun! 🦎 This is a new survival simulator on theisland where dinosaurs live up to this day. You will live in theneighbourhood with these fantastic creatures which are playful andat the same time very dangerous! All in all, you will get a lot ofcrafts and battles within three islands where your prime objectiveis to survive!🗡️ SurvivalSurvival on the island is not as simple asit seems. You need to craft weapons, look for food, build ashelter... Show what you can do! Play survival simulator for free!🦕 Storyline and GameplayYour base goal is quite straightforward -survive as long as possible. You need food and weapon to survive.The island offers a great variety of vital resources and materials:beat wood from trees with your own hands, collect stones, and craftweapons. Build a house and survive on the island!🏹 Dino huntBecareful, because on this dinosaur island not only you're hunting inthe forest, but also you're being hunted. It's dangerous andbreathtaking land with tropics, inhabited by dinosaurs also calleddragons. Enjoy dinosaur hunting! Be a dino hunter! Dinosaurs arewaiting for you!🦖 Tame dinosaursNow you can not only huntdinosaurs, but also tame them. Feed them with meat and berries. Youcan tame and use dinosaurs and wild animals for various uses. Yourpet can protect you in dangerous fighting with other monsters. Sowhat are you waiting for? Tame your first dino! Don’t forget tofeed and take care of it! 🐉 Grow your own dragon!Your dragon canrun and attack, fly in the sky and walk noiselessly. You can avoida battle or hunt dinosaurs, and your best friend will always bethere to help you on the island! 💰 GoldWhile fulfilling varioustasks in your mini book, journal and map, you can earn money andgold which enables you to buy any resource or real object. Upgradeyour hero! Survive on the island as long as you can! 🎁 Gifts andbonusesThere are a lot of opportunities to survive on the island –collect bonuses and use them to upgrade your hero! The bestsurvival simulator is waiting for you! ⚒️ CraftCraft resources andweapons to build a shelter. You can craft any weapon you want -spear, bow and arrow etc. Build a house to protect yourself. Craft,build and survive on the island! Be a hero! The best survival craftis here!To sum up:1. Dino hunting / dino taming. Collect eggs andcrystals, breed the fittest dinosaurs or even dragons. They willlove and protect you.2. Open world. Discover three ancient islandswith dinosaurs and explore deep secret places. But watch out! TheEarth is full of dangers!3. High resolution graphics 5. Evolutiongoes on! There is a huge variety of species from tyrannosaurus,stegosaurus, pteranodon, mammoth and others.7. Craft and build 8.First and third person view Hints: • You can get dinosaur eggs fromhotspot places with dead dinos or while opening of golden andcrystal eggs.• Dragon eggs may be obtained from other crystaleggs.• Crystal eggs may be found in clutches on the island orobtained for various live events, offline tasks and cost. 🏝️ Thisis the best survival simulator! Play new Pixel Mode! Grow your ownpix dino!
Chibi Survivor Weather Lord PRO 1.4
Explore dozens of floating islands in a new action-adventure gamewith survival and craft elements. Control the weather on floatingislands in real-time mode. Collect resources to make items andbuildings. Battle the deadly beasts that roam these unexploredlands. They show no mercy to lone survivors! Incredible adventuresawait you in Chibi Survivor Weather Lord! • You are a weather lord:freeze, melt or scorch at will! You'll have three available weatherconditions on every island! Control the weather in real time!•Variety of biomes: from a snowy, sub-zero climate to a baking-hotdesert, a humid, watery expanse and other islands.• Bring craftideas to life: Make hundreds of different items using a range ofresources. If you like craft games, you'll love this!• Advancedconstruction system: from simple houses to palaces and castles!Build the house of your dreams and last out bitterly cold nights init!• Reveal the islands' secrets: there are a huge amount ofpuzzles in store for you. They'll be pretty tricky to solve, butthe reward is worth it! Go ahead, tiny warrior! To the adventures!•Compete with your friends: who's got the better survival skills?The league table will answer this for you!• Try to survive: monitoryour health and don't starve. Animals turn into truly savagepredators at night, so be on your guard!• Intense, vivid 3Dgraphics: the most beautiful Chibi-style survival game out there!GameFirst Mobile's new game combines all the best features of theopen world survival genre. Got any questions? You can write to oursupport team on: Join our online communityfor anyone who loves survivalgames:
Survival Island Games - Survivor Craft Adventure 1.8.7
You are a tiny survivor on a survival island! Build to survive,fight, play adventure quest, control the weather and plan an islandescape in open world survival games!Explore dozens of floatingislands in a new action adventure survival game with craft gameselements. Control the weather on floating islands in real-timemode. Collect resources to make items and buildings in survivinggames. Battle the deadly beasts that roam these unexplored lands inrpg games. They show no mercy to lone survivors! Incredibleadventures await you in Tiny Survivor Weather Lord!Key Features:🍃You are a weather lord: freeze, melt or scorch at will! You'll havethree available weather conditions on every island! Control theweather in real time in survivors the quest game!💨 Variety ofbiomes for a survivor: from a snowy, sub-zero climate to abaking-hot desert, a humid, watery expanse and other islands!👷🏻Bring craft ideas to life like in a survival simulator: Makehundreds of different items using a range of resources in craftingand building. If you like craft games, you'll love this!🏡 Advancedconstruction system in crafting and building: from simple houses topalaces and castles! Build the house of your dreams and last outbitterly cold nights in it!💡 Reveal the secrets in adventuresurvival games: there are a huge amount of puzzles in store foryou. They'll be pretty tricky to solve in open world adventuregames, but the reward is worth it! Go ahead, tiny warrior! To theadventures!💪🏻Compete with your friends in surviving games: who'sgot the better survival skills? The league table will answer thisfor you!🏹 Try to survive: monitor your health and don't starve.Animals turn into truly savage predators at night, so be on yourguard! Like a true survival simulator!🤗 Intense, vivid 3D graphics:the most beautiful Chibi-style mine survival island games outthere!Try these survive games if you like adults boys games. Theworld will be interesting even if you like games for kids 10 yearsfree and minekraft rpg games! GameFirst Mobile's new survive gamescombine all the best features of the open world adventure games.Gotany questions about this island games adventure? You can write toour support team on: feedback@gamefirst.proJoin our onlinecommunity for anyone who loves survival islandgames:
3D Spinner Fidget - Hunter GO! 1.5
Feel yourself the best hunter on spinnersinthe universe! Use magic tricks to catch unique spinners inyourcollection! Pass hundreds of levels, pump skills, smashMegaBosses! Download our fury spinner for Android for free and youwillhave no longer need to wear a manual spinner constantly withyou,worrying about losing it the whole time.What are waiting you?• Steep stunts with spinners!• Stunning 3D graphics and the coolest special effects.• Hundreds of levels of varying complexity.• Spectacular battles with the Bosses and Mega Bosses!• The most realistic simulator is a spinner fidget withrealrotation physics• Exciting campaign and free spinning of spinners fromyourcollection!• Best offline game for adult 2017Played sometime in the game about tap? Where it is necessarytoclick a lot on monsters and win them? There is the samesystem,only instead of monsters - spinners. Each destroyed spinnerwill beadded to your personal collection of spins. Use magic trickstocrush spinners - bosses! You will be available lightning,atornado, a fireball and dark matter!How does it work?Run with your finger to unscrew the spinner to the right orleft,while you can increase the speed of rotation using varioustricks.Wait for him to stop and get points. Enjoy good graphics,playalone or offer a friend to spin a turntable together.Do you want to reach the level of Pro and get into the TOP?Pumpyour skills, create unique strategies and tricks, train at anyfreemoment, get the most shocking secrets from advanced gamers.Youwill come at both simple levels and the ability to open newonesafter getting a certain number of points and passing theinitialones.Say no to the stress!See for yourselfthat this is really the best free game in theworld,that will give a great mood and a positive attitude wheneverandwherever you are. A simple gameget you spin spinnersanywhere,anytime - in the metro, in a traffic jam, in a long queueor duringa break, outdoors or indoors.No Internet? No problem, you can play the game without wifi.Thisgame is connected with the most top-notch elements ofvariousapplications - agario, arcade, strategy, shooter, balls.Which onesdo you prefer to play?This is the best puzzle and exercise for your brain in a boredomorvice versa stressful situation, the effectiveness of whichisscientifically proven! Closing your actions while scrollingthebearing, and concentrating on this, you "close" the circleofthoughts. And this means that there is no place for thenegative!And for this you do not need wi- fi connection orbluetooth - justslide your finger across the screen.The most popular fidget Spiner of 2017 in the whole world!Tired of banal mmo, thoughtless horror or well-known arcadegamefrom Internet? Do you want a colorful shooter andfreshimpressions? We offer youto download the best noveltyfor boysandgirls, in which the main principles of TAPgames, three in a rowandRPG are combined. What do you need to do it? Order freepuzzlesfrom the fidget spinner series, which will win hearts,eitherbrutalguys, and sentimental girls.And do not think that games of this category will beinterestingonlyfor children! All serious business people and thebest gamersof the whole universe are spinners, competing with eachother inskill. Today, these are really very popular jokes, withwhich youcan easily distract from daily worries, lower pressurewithoutmedication and avoid strong stress. Colorful graphicimpresses withits super-realism, giving a complete sense of therotation of areal device such as a bearing.Even if you are shy to twist the real spiner - swing oursimulatorand enjoy it, people from all over the world are alreadydoingit!
Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 Evolve
It's worse than an apocalypse.. What If It'syour last day on earth? Now you have to survive on an island alone.It's not just a desert island. This Island is inhabited bydangerous dinosaurs. You are the last man standing on the island.Can you survive? Ark survival evolved is your chance to experiencethe incredible reality of an arc survival island online. Explorethe island! Use resources and craft weapons for hunting dinosaurs.Try to tame dinosaurs and build your own house! This is one of thebest tamed games ever!This ark survival evolved game is a new version of a popular “TheArk of Craft: Dinosaurs Survival Island Series” with more advanced3D graphics, cool weapons and dangerous dinosaurs online. Do youlove surviving games or tamed games? It’s the best dinosaursurvival 2017! Play free without internet. Enjoy dinosonline!Island Survival game features:💎 Mysterious caves: find a dino cave and collect rareresourcesExplore ancient caves full of dangerous dragons and rare resources.Discover new species of dinosaurs! Collect rare resources, crafttools and weapons, build your own house. Survive with dinos onlinein this ark survival evolved game.🌴New great 3D graphicsIn the new game Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 Evolve you canenjoy the newest version of high resolution graphics in 3D. IslandSurvival feels more real than ever. Just imagine suddenly finding alost rust mine surrounded by jurassic woods, giant jungle forest,huge dragons and ancient animals. It’s one of the most realisticsurvival games. Tyrex and dinos online are looking for you..🔫 Dozens of new weapons and vital resourcesIt doesn't matter what it is: apocalypse or island survival. Butanyway, you have to survive. You can craft weapons: from woodenstaff and steal swords to laser guns and professional rifles. Theywill help you to hunt for food and protect yourself in the fight.Also, this newly updated island survival game has more constructingmaterials: wood, stone, blocks and more for building on the ground,underground or even underwater.🐉 Evolution goes onThere is huge collection of dinosaurs and wild animals in thisisland survival: tyrannosaur T. Rex, stegosaurus, triceratops,dilophosaurus, ankylosaurus, compsognathus, mammoth and saber toothtiger. Learn how to deal and tame dragon and other wild monstersfrom jurassic island. If you give a good care to your dino, it willprotect you in dangerous battles with other animals. Ark survivalevolved: try to survive.🔨 Improved crafting skills and materialsSurvive, even if it’s your last day on earth. Ark survival evolvedwhich means now fulfilling various tasks enables you to create andcraft more advanced resources for building facilities. Hack down atree, collect stones, create blocks, smelt a metal — explore thefantasy world in all possible ways, you are now a truesurvivor.👀 First and third-person perspectives are availableYou can play in a single player without multiplayer mode. Thissurvive 3D game is adapted to playing from both the first-personand third-person perspective. You get a full immersion into 3D gameworld via change of camera views.🐾 Different types of dinosaursThe Ark of Craft is an ark survival evolved game that let youdiscover dinos online at once. Realistic wild creatures fromJurassic period are eager to kill the uninvited guest on the island— try to survive as long as you can! Hunt dinosaurs or try to tamedragons. One of the best tamed games is waiting for you!You are a real hero from now on! Tame dinosaurs in this arksurvival evolved game. Craft and build, hunt and fight, fly and run— find out who you are in one of the best dinosaur survivalgames!Attention! Online multiplayer is in development!
com.gamefirst.Jurassic.Survival.Island.ARK2 1.4.9
Pixel Mode added! Enjoy Pixel Mode right now! Survive on the PixelIsland! You can hunt or tame pixel dinos! Let’s go! What are youwaiting for? Dangerous pixel island is waiting for you! How did youget to this island?? What If it's your last day? It's worse thanthe apocalypse… Because this isn't just a desert island. You arenot alone here... The Island is inhabited by dangerous dinosaurs!!!Survival on the island has begun… If you like survival games, thisgame al is all you need! This is the best survival simulator you’veever seen! Survival, crafting, building and hunting on the island.Play free without internet. Survival game features: 💎 Mysteriouscaves You can find a dino cave and collect rare resources. Explorecaves on the island. Island caves are full of dangerous dinosaursand rare resources. Discover new species of dinosaurs! Collect rareresources, craft tools and weapons, build a house on the island!Try to survive! 🌴New great 3D graphics Enjoy the newest version ofhigh resolution graphics in 3D. Survival feels more real than ever.Just imagine suddenly finding an island with giant jungle forestand ancient animals. Survival simulator with the best 3D graphicsis already here! 🔫 Dozens of new weapons and vital resourcesApocalypse or desert island... anyway, you have to survive. You cancraft weapons: axe, bow and arrows. They will help you to hunt forfood and protect yourself in the fight. Craft weapons to survive!Enjoy survival craft! Be a real dino hunter! 🐾 Different types ofdinosaurs There is a huge collection of dinosaurs and wild animalson the island. Dodo is your best friend and protector! It willprotect you from dangerous Kentrosaurus! Try to tame wildPterodactyls! Collect all the eggs and get Nasutoceratops! Tame orhunt! Dinos are waiting for you! 🔨 Improved crafting, building andfighting skills Survival games...this is not as easy as it seems.Be brave even if it’s your last day... This game enables you tocreate and craft more advanced resources for building facilities.If you like survival craft, this game is all you need! Explore newlands in all possible ways, you are now a true survivor. 🐲Evolution goes on This game let you discover dinos at once.Realistic wild animals are eager to kill the uninvited guest onthis island — try to survive as long as you can! Do you want to bea dino hunter? Do you want to have your own dragon? Hunt dinosaursor try to tame them! One of the best survival games is here! If youlike survival games, you will like this game! Survival island,crafting, hunting and building. Real dinosaurs and dangerousanimals! Be a real dino hunter! Enjoy new survival simulator rightnow! What are you waiting for? Dangerous island is waiting for you!
World of Truck: Build Your Own Cargo Empire
Welcome to one of the best truck simulator you’ve ever seen! You’lldrive big lorries in 3 countries, explore amazing locations, takemissions, transport cargo using car transporter truck, tanker orsemi-trailer and upgrade your car. 3D Truck Simulator includes alot of cool lorries to choose. Enjoy free driving, roads andoffroad. Become a professional driver. Free to play withoutinternet.🚚 Many Euro and American LorriesThere are the best lorriesin this new driving simulator: Euro and American trucks,semi-truck, cargo truck and others. Driving can be difficult, willyou be able to finish all the jobs?📦 Missions There are a lot ofinteresting missions in the game. You will travel across highways,take missions and transport cargo. Complete your mission andupgrade your track! Become the best trucker!🚚 Trailers andCargoTransport cargo using trailers: car transporter truck, tankerwith toxic waste and flammable tanker. Use semi-trailer totransport apples, corn and fish. There is also log truck andothers.🌟 UpgradeCool tuning in this driving simulator: change thecolor of your lorry, upgrade wheels, add the most powerful chassisand the best bullbar! Upgrade your lorry!🌏 Three countriesExplorethe map: there are three countries to travel. You can drive,transport cargo and take missions in each country. Try to delivercargo safely!📊 City Reputation RankingImprove city reputation andopen new lorries and upgrades! The higher your reputation is, thebetter your car becomes! Real euro and american trucks are waitingfor you!🚧 Roads and highways, offroad driving and dirt drivingYoucan drive not only on roads and highways, there is also dirtdriving and offroad driving. Test your lorry!🌙 Realistic sun system(morning, day, evening, night)You will drive your lorry at anytime: in the morning, in the evening and even at night! There isalso realistic weather: rainy and sunny weather etc. Try to driveat night in the rain!👀 First Person DrivingDrink hot coffee in thecab of your lorry! Now you are ready to deliver cargo! Doesn'tmatter rain or wind, the hurricane can't reach you here in the cabof your track. Enjoy driving and become the best trucker in thisnew truck simulator!🎮 Cool 3D gameThis track simulator is the best3D driving simulator ever! Beautiful places, modern houses andparkings, trailers, highways and offroad. This new track simulatoris waiting for you!💡 Realistic HeadlightsIt doesn't matter what youchoose - euro or american track, there is the most realistic lightof headlights you've ever seen!Lorries and cargo, missions, freedriving and offroad are waiting for you! Play the new real drivingsimulator 3d free without internet.
Crafty Town - Kingdom Builder 0.8.337
🌳🏘️New city building & strategy games! 🏡🌲 The newest strategyis here! If you want to build a town or rule your own kingdom, doit right now! Here you can build a house and turn it into thelargest castle in your kingdom! If you like building, medieval andstrategy games – and I guess you do – you'll have fun playing it!Play new kingdom builder absolutely for free! Make your Empiregreat! Features: 🏰 City Games | Juegos de ciudad | Build anddevelop your first city, construct more houses. Earn money todevelop your village and build new cities. Turn the smallest housein your village into the largest castle of your kingdom! Enjoy citybuilding playing one of the best city games right now! 💰 StrategyGames | Juegos de estrategia | Each house brings you revenue. Yourincome depends on size of your construction. Large castles give youmore money. Upgrade your buildings to get more money. Earn moneyand build cities, become a king and try to rule the whole kingdom!If you like strategy games, you will like this new strategy! 🏡Kingdom Builder | Juegos de construir ciudades | Help your citizensbuild a town. Think how to place houses strategically to keep yourvillage growing. There are no limits to the imagination! Upgradeyour buildings, extend the city boundaries, merge cities into thekingdom. Build a town! Make your kingdom great! The newest kingdombuilder is here! ⚔️ Manage Economy | Estrategia | Do you likestrategy? Become the real strategist! Upgrade houses and castles toget gold! Manage resources strategically, upgrade yourconstructions, earn money. Create homes for your citizens, placemarkets and sawmills, explore new lands and regions, and turn yourtown into the largest kingdom on the planet! Try to manage theeconomy of your medieval cities and of the whole kingdom! 👑 EmpireGames | Juegos de Imperio | Expand your country and unlock morecities. Discover and develop new lands, send caravans withresources, construct castles, earn money. Expand your empireoverland. Enjoy house building and medieval games! ☝️ Idle Clicker| Incremental Do you like idle incremental games? Tap houses tomake money, tap over and over! Just tap and grow your empire! YourEmpire keeps growing up even when you are offline. Try the bestidle clicker right now! 🆓 FREE Medieval Games | Juegos Medievales |Are you ready to make something special? Enjoy building andstrategy games FOR FREE! Build a town and rule your empire! 🏰 Playthe new idle clicker and city building game, craft and build a cityof your dreams and rule your own empire! Upgrade your castle! Oneof the best medieval games is waiting for you! Free to play! Enjoycity games 2018! Free Idle Clicker! Craft and build! Intuitivegameplay with challenging tasks, rewards and achievements! Manyhours of free fun! More events are coming soon! Please contact usif you have any suggestion.