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Fantasy Gems : Match 3 Puzzle 1.1.2
Fantasy Gem is a comfy Match 3 game that you have been looking for.Help Lucy explore the fantasy world by clearing the stages as fastas you can and trying to reach the highest score possible bycombining the gems. Enjoy playing Fantasy Gem as long as you want!Don't worry about running out of "lives" or "credits"! Fantasy Gemwill always be available to play whether you want to play just fora while or spend the whole afternoon playing! -Hundreds of StagesThere are hundreds of fantasy stages to explore! The fun literallynever ends, and there is more: the game is updated constantly, sonew stages will be available when you least expect! Stay tuned,always! -Daily Rewards Sometimes everyone needs some help, Lucywill be there for you! If you get stuck, make sure to collect yourdaily reward! Every day, you will receive special rewards such asAdditional Moves, Special Items, or more Gold! Additionally, youget to see Lucy again! -Bonus Stages You can unlock bonus stageswhen consistently playing through normal stages. Bonus stages arechallenging but the rewards are BIG! You will not want to missthem! Tip: use your special items to help you go through the morechallenging stages. -Simple and Challenging Everyone can match 3gems in a row, but you can do better!  Expect a large BOOOMwhen matching 4 or 5 gems, or combining gems in different sequenceshapes such as a square or L and T shape! Use this strategy and youcan clear stages in no time!
Merge Guns!: Line Defense 1.5.8
Villains are coming! Merge guns to gain more firepower to stop thevillains! Merge guns: Line Defense is more intuitive than otherdefense game! [How to play] - Create guns - Combine two same-leveland kind guns - Place guns on the field - Now lets focus to win thebattle! [Characteristics] - Mesmorize by the colors and battleeffect! - The higher the class, more powerful your guns get! - Setup different strategies with 7 different gun styles - Lets run uptostage 2600 without a break!
Ice Carving 3D 3.3.5
Make Beautiful Ice Sculptures! Use different tools to cut,polishand carve a block of Ice. Once it is done, apply differentpatternsand save your best works! Ice carving is relaxing and atthe sametime it requires skill to make the most beautifulsculptures! OnIce Carving 3D you can: Carve the Ice using differenttools andchisel points Smooth out the rough carving with the blowtorchApply beautiful patterns and colors to make your sculptureuniqueSave your best scupltures in the Gallery Enjoy hundreds ofmodelsto sculpt, from easy to challenging difficulty levels
Temple Gem : Match 3 Puzzle 2.7
Temple gem with infinite life coins: puzzle matching game!!matchthe same colored gems horizontally and vertically! Youcanexperience easy and simple structure of the game! Characteristic-Base rule is to match to match 3 gems - Experience fancyeffectswhen matching 3+ gems together to create unique gem -Feelexcitement by accomplishing missions How to play: - Tap two ormorejewels of the same type. - The more jewels you clear, themorescore you will get. - All the puzzle is cleared, you'll win abiglast bonus.
Spirit Ball 1.1
Bounce the ball toward the same spirit! WAR against the WALL!
Wild Driver 2.1
Become the most wild driver in the city! Avoid the cars rightbeforethe crash, activate booster and blow up the cars!CasualRacing Wild Driver