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Crime City Taxi 1.1
You are an ordinary city taxi driver living an ordinary life butyou luck is about to change, you are going to millionaire bytransporting terrorist, thiefs, gangs to the safe place. Thecriminals know your importance now, especially when they are onrun.The city ruled by warlords, gangs, terrorists. No one followsthe rules when everyone thinks they are above the law. In thisuncivilized and mismanaged city, ordinary people are forced to livehand to mouth.The army has taken over the city to bring theculprits to the justice and police cops who are involved in dirtybusiness.You being a cab driver takes a hell of money from everyonewho wants to safe exit out of town. You decide the time , youdecide the fare and you just a call away so everyone is reachingout to you and seeking help.The angry citizens are on the road, thesound of firing is all you can hear. Its looks like a combatmission. The famous dragon lord gangs are on the run and they arelooking for your services and will be paying gold coins in returnof this favor.The army shooters have taken their positions on therooftop of the buildings but you need to remain calm and show yourdriving skills and take your clients to destination in giventime.***Game Features***? 30 Missions full of explosive warfarecombat action? Tilt, Wheel and Touch controls? A hot cityenvironment? Enjoy realistic simulation and animation!? Smooth carcontrols and addictive gameplay? Great level progression? Alsooptimized for android tablet devices.? No Wifi No problem!PS. Wework hard to ensure that our games run properly on every majorandroid phone and tablet. If however you encounter any issue whichdoesn't let you enjoy our games, please report it
Halloween Run 1.0
It’s an addictive endless running game whereyou have to run saving your life from the zombies in this Halloweenseason. Run for your life!!!Grab on the coins and save yourself by running and jumping andmoving right and left. Test your reflexes as you race down aHalloween city full of Zombies and Hurdles. The Environment aroundis so scary and you have to survive.From the crazy and deadliest creature, human skeletons &Mummies and the city are full of deadliest beasts.Beware ... -Undead creatures are chasing you so run faster asyou can and don’t forget to pick up the powerups on your way.Face the unknown dangers and fear! ! !***Controls**Skid- Swipe downLeft - Swipe leftRight - Swipe rightJump - Swipe upwards***Endless Run Features***Lively environmentCool animationsA lot of powerupsCoins collectionAmazing sounds
Jungle Archer Hunt 1.2
Jungle Archer hunt is an innovative idea in recent Jungle huntinggame available on Play Store.Rather than a hunter with the gun anarcher will be hunting down the animals. This game is a brand newreal hunting and archer experience which you might not been able toget in your real life.Hunting wild jungle animals is fun when oneis a professional hunter as an amateur will endanger his life intrying to kill furious beasts.First time, you will be given atarget to hit the flying birds and many other multiple challengingmissions. Lion hunting, stag hunting, wolf hunting, bear huntingwill be quite challenging if you are not a professional shooter.While stag or reindeer run away hearing firing sound, try comingclose to the target and hit with ‘Bulls Eye”. So let’s test yourhunting and archer using skills and get rewards to upgrade yourweapons.***Top Game Features***-Amazing 3d environment andmenus-Multiple challenging missions-Wild animals-Lot ofrewards-Upgraded weapons-Ultimate hunting experience-Amazing soundeffects
James Revenge Office Attack 1.0
This guy has been wrongly accused by hiscolleagues for stealing some office supplies; and now terminatedfrom employment as a result? This employee is angry as hell; haslost his senses and will do anything to take revenge fromex-colleagues.James Revenge:Office Attack is about an angry employee who losteverything when his office mates got him fired for violating officepolicies. Now since he does not have anything to lose; he hasdecided to take the law in his hand and decides to break into theoffice premises. The angry worker has revenge on his mind, and hisoffice mates are going to get beaten up; you might even help himbeat up the boss!So beat up every traitor colleague you see in the hallway,cabin, kitchen! Help the angry worker cool his head off by beatingup his ex-colleagues!*Fast paced missions!*Different weapons to chose from*Dynamic fighting controls*Quality interior graphicsHOW TO PLAY* Use the Joystick to move in the 3d environment* Press the hit button to hit your office workers* You can destroy objects by hitting them. Destroy as much as youcan to collect coins.* You have to finish the level in the given time* There are multiple sticks with increasing damage. They can bebought in-store with the coins collected in the game.* You can buy health fill-up to use in the game when your health isending.
Need For Moto Racer 1.1
Complete new realistic environment takes you to from the city tovillages. Offering latest motorbike of highly renowned brands andtop motor bikers around the world will give you a life timechallenging race experience.A crazy traffic is out there on theroad and your opponent has challenged your superiority. One has towin the race to dominate over other. Leaving your rival behind aspecific distance declare you a winner , so don’t slow down and usenitro to win him over. Blocky traffic may force you to reduce yourspeed but use the missiles installed on your bike and take downanything comes on your way.A great free game to play on Google PlayStore. Win cash after defeating the other biker. Racing game is afast paced moto game. You never dare drive so fast in the realworld! Control your moto with incredible fast speed during trafficrush time! Also enjoy beautiful view during the journey - desert,city, bridge, sea and forest!***Features***Tilt/buttons controlUseNitro to beat opponentReal life trafficMoving and staticobstaclesCollect CashStore to buy bikesEndless Run
Military Commando Operation 1.2
Lone Gunner is a first person shooting game. Where users havecritical missions to complete. Compete with one of the brutal enemywho play game of war with every country. In this age of fire,everyone suffers the consequences.Their military helicopter, warplanes raid the public places. Invading your country with the heavymachines and making every place is a war zone. Your king justwanted to save his own empire and his throne, not thinking aboutthe common people. The alliances with other countries did not workout. The fire of ignorance is going to affect all. In this clash ofpower everyone seems hopelessIt’s a call of modern warfare and it’sa monster strike. The battleships of enemies are on the shore andmore troops are on their way.You are alone in this war zone sinceyour rulers have become a diamond digger and it’s not a secretanymore, protecting your countrymen from the brutal army, attackingeveryone. Being equipped with the latest machine gun and rocketlauncher, you need to destroy the convoys, Humvee's, tanks andhelicopters of the enemies heading towards foursquare. There arewaves after waves that won't let you settle down.Loosing thisbattle is not acceptable, you need to win at any cost.The missionyou have been assigned named as “War of end time"Top gamefeatures-Multiple weapons-Variety of Armors to protect-Medical kit-Air strike-Enemies with Gunship helicopters, Humvee,Tanks-Challenging missions-Machine gun and upgraded RPG-Optimizedcontrols-Amazing 3D environment-Real sound effectsThis game is forhardcore gamers who enjoy the top latest FPS, shooting and racinggames. Never before will you have found yourself shooting amidstintense enemy crossfire!PS. We work hard to ensure that our gamesrun properly on every major android phone and tablet. If howeveryou encounter any issue which doesn't let you enjoy our games,please report it to
Extreme War Deadly Strike 1.2
Extreme Counter Strike is a byte sized First Person Shooter Warfaregame, yet full of enemy strike and explosive action with a hugebattle list ranging where you are defending a fortress from armedterrorist commandos.Play as a Special force team leader to counterstrike the brutal armed terrorists commandos who are engaged inblackout and warfare against your team fortress. The enemycommandos strike will never let you take a breath, so startshooting until every one of them is down!FEATURES* Small file sizeless than 14 MB!* Great graphics for a very small sized FirstPerson Shooter!* 30 Great levels to finish which means hours of fungameplay!* Fast loading game, very low waiting times, as game ismeant for pure enjoyment! If you like the game, do rate us in theGoogle Play Store!This game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy thetop latest FPS, shooting and racing games. Never before will youhave found yourself shooting amidst intense enemy crossfire!PS. Wework hard to ensure that our games run properly on every majorandroid phone and tablet. If however you encounter any issue whichdoesn't let you enjoy our games, please report it
Civil War: Crime City 1.1
Enemies are all around the city, creating the crime scenes, lootingthe common citizen and holding them as hostages.
Train Shooter 1.1
3D Train Gunner Shooting is a FPS where youare escorting a military supply convoy across vast open territoryfor frontline battlefield troops. You will encounter enemy troopsthat will try to cut off your advance! So use your mini gun androcket propelled grenades to ward off the enemy attack and makesure the supplies reach on time! The enemy will try to stop you atall cost so they will send in whatever firepower they can find,even helicopter gunship gunner will try to gun you down! But willyou emerge as a glorious warrior? All you have to do is keep an eyeon the oncoming soldiers and keep firing until all of your enemiesare down.To complete your mission, you have to successfullyeliminate all the incoming waves of enemy soldiers and helicoptergunship; and let the train reach the supply areasuccessfully!Features 3D Train Gunner Shooting:Thrilling endless missions with fast paced first person shootinggameplay!Stunning locations; in the desert and in the mountains!Touch based and fire and forget gameplay!Life Kit, Extra missiles, Shields to protect yourselfUnlimited thrilling missionsHelicopter, tanks, machine guns attackThis 3D Train Shooting game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy thetop latest FPS, shooting, simulation games. Never before will youhave found yourself being a Navy shooter PS. We work hard to ensurethat our games run properly on every major android phone andtablet. If however you encounter any issue which doesn't let youenjoy our games, please report it to
Modern Warship Navy Battle 1.1
There is an offensive attack on your naval base and enemies largestair craft carrier is about to dock at the port. Its not just aconflict or an ordinary war. The brutal force of neighboringcountry is about to invade and occupy the most sensitive areas ofyour country. The consequences are going to be serious and theimpact of this attack would be remaining there for ages. So theyneed to be stopped before they invade the whole country. Enemy isbacked by the helicopters and their special squad on the motorboats.Your job is to protect your countrymen from the brutal army,attacking everyone. Being equipped with the latest machine gun androcket launcher, you need to destroy their carrier, soldiers, motorboats and helicopter. There are waves after waves that won't letyou settle down.Loosing this battle is not acceptable; you need towin at any cost.The mission is called Modern Sea Battle***Navy gamefeatures***-Multiple modern weapons-Armors to protect-Life kit -Airstrikes-Enemies with Gunship helicopters, motor boats-Challengingmissions-Machine gun and upgraded RPG-Optimized controls-Realistic3D environment-Real sound effects
Run Arab Run 1.0
A fun playing game, targeting audience of allage group and all over the world especially middle east area. It’sa completely new concept in endless running games. Running gamesalways famous for temple running, Aladdin running or ninja runningbut Gamebook Studio takes you the hot deserts of Arab countries,famous for their Pal date trees and a especial drink callGahwa.An angry camel run after his owner to show is frustration when theguy wants to ride him while the camel is busy eating his lunch. Nowthe Arabic guy is running seeking help saving himself fromdifferent obstacles but greedy enough to collect the coins on hisway.Unlimited endless fun playing gameCollect CoinsChose different Arabic charactersBoost up the powersSwipe up to jumpSwipe down to skitPS. We work hard to ensure that our games run properly on everymajor android phone and tablet. If however you encounter any issuewhich doesn't let you enjoy our games, please report it to
Modern Criminal Shooter 1.2
A free shooting action game designed for Android Tablets and MobilephonesMaster Guns Strike puts you in the shoes of an intenseshooting war between the army and rebel mafia militants that arefighting for control of your city. You must follow your rapidshooting instincts and rely on your quick reflexes to eliminate thewaves of enemy strike militants sent out to kill you. This rescueoperation totally depends on your WIN!Destroy the military basisthey have setup, their army cargo trucks and their heavy militarycars should be dealt accordingly. They have placed gunners on therooftop, ready to rain fire on you, so target them and wipe outtheir existence. Their foot militants called Death Shooters, sniperx and warriors are protecting mafia's secret headquarters. So killthem all and protect your city. The atmosphere is filled with thesound of gun shots and shattering glass of the buildings but youstill need to hold your breath and don’t panic. be careful anddon’t kill peaceful citizens of your city!You are now assigned tothe frontline to strike the armed terrorist militants who areunleashing destruction upon our forces. No longer the soldier wholed from the frontline, you still relive the glory days in thearmy; awaiting an adventure that will fulfill the destiny of beingthe best Sniper Commando Assassin.Game Features** Amazing 2d &3d mixture of graphics and environment**Plenty of challenginglevels to play**Great game controls**Realistic Sound
Elite Terrorist Commando War 3.0
Elite Commando War is a free gunner battleground and third personcommando shooting game for android tab and mobile phones. Endlesswar shooter have no place in the world, they are hiding by usingtheir survival mode strategy in final commando battle. Identify thelocation, shoot all the assassin terrorists and punish them. Theyhave safe places like mountains, jungles and desert for marvelousfuture fight. They are using jungles as hideouts in this actiongame. Get rid off these fierce terrorists of battle and wipe outterrorism. Enemies are equipped with the gun shooting weaponsincluding sniper, 3D action technology that is capable of detectingand destroying any intruders enters in the battle rescue zone.Moreover, they have tanks, choppers and high-tech weapons insurvival game. Sneak in to the stronghold and rain fire them withthe sniper gun bullets. Strategically fire your powerful guns soyou can easily survive. You are the one of anti-spoofing ultimatewarrior and sharp strike shooter. Use your specialized royal battletheme skills to survive in battleground attack of terroristsstrike. You can move the sniper gun anywhere as a superiorityshooter in survival game. Tap to shoot the gangster and fiercehelicopter shooters with variety of battle weapons including sniperrifle in limited time. With limited ammo it’s a daring shootassassin mission which only ultimate warrior dare to accept. Showyourself like an endless war shooter to eradicate the bike fightreloaded gangsters. Wish you all the good luck and waiting for goodnews. Aim to the direction, adjusting the aim so the bullettrajectory curves just about enough to blow the enemy brains out.Be accurate and kill the enemies. Features: - Complete battlefieldand realistic 3d environments. - Multiple targets and scenarios! -Breathtaking music and sound effects - Great graphics andenvironment with cool animations. - Earn cash, coins and upgradeyour guns - Face challenges and improve your shooting skills -Realistic weather conditions and new challenges in missions - Dailylogin bonus - Daily task and achievements - Intense battle sceneand challenging missions - LeaderBoards and Achievements formultiplayers
Crazy Tap The Bomb 1.0
Pop, Pop, Pop!Just tap the screen and pop in the right moment! That's it!Pop the bomb is an exciting lock popping game that willchallengeyour reflexes and concentration.The sticky gameplay and balance between reaction and tactics!Our classic game mode requires you to tap on the screen tostartmoving the line around the circle and then tap the screenagainwhen the line is over the dot. When successful, the lock ispoppedand your level counter is increased by one. To complete around,you have to pop all of the locks. If you are too late or tooearlyin attempting to pop the lock your counter will reset.Great way to waste the time and test your skills- Fantastic performance- Classical Game Mode- Completely free & NO hidden costs- Cool 2D graphics and effectsJust be careful and pop the locks to defuse the Bomb!
Death Racing : Crash Rivals 3D 1.2
Death Car Rally is the best car crash simulation and multiplayerracing game for mobile devices.Enabling you to take on even morehard core opponents. Lock and load and enter the Death Rally,humiliate and destroy your opponents.Dominate the tracks in anintense, fast-paced 3D racing adventure.Crash into various sharpand breath taking specially placed objects to experience the mostextreme car crash.With fast cars and flying bullets, will you racetill the very end or die trying in the Death Car Rally?Get ready torace and destroy your car in Demolition city. Death car will offeryou the thrill of a lifetime. Destruction has never felt so real asyou see doors and other car parts smash of your car. With guns,rocket launchers and ice bullets in your arsenal, you either hit orget hit in this action-packed racing game. Tilt the screen tomanoeuvre your car and show off your driving skills; use nitroboost at right time as you zoom ahead leaving everyone behind;collect special power ups to shield yourself and repairdamages.Amazing graphics and addictive game play all packed intoone exciting racing game.Features
:★ Intense high speed racingaction packed game
★ Real-time car destruction and damagedeformation + crash physics engine★ Incredible visuals and solidperformance on a wide range of devices. 
★ Realistic car wreckageand debris simulation
★ Leaderboard and Achievements
★ Daily Taskand bonus
★ Free Spin for gifts
Helicopter Air Battle Shooter 1.0
This has to be the most deadliest helicopter battle game you haveever experienced.This game puts you on the seat of most powerfulmilitary helicopters to defend your city, sea area and yourhomeland from destruction.Enemies are trying to enter in your citythrough sea and wanted to capture most of the places. They alreadycaptured our sea bases.The only possible way to win this war is todestroy the enemy bases with air strikes. Beware, they have themost advance weaponry which includes helicopters, machine guns,rifles, and rocket launchers. This is a do or die situation wherewe need to utilize your skills. Show your shooting skills. Destroythe base of this bloody enemy and stop their advances. Theseterrorists are dangerous so you have to kill them all. Eliminatethe terror from your streets and protect your people. You need towin this battle at any cost. Best of Luck Soldier !!!
Terrorist War:Shooting 3D 1.0
Get ready for another thrilling Sea PortTerrorists War Shooting Game.Terrorists have occupied the sea port and they have hijacked thecontainers, vehicles, ships, and all other products. They are usingcivilians and workers as their shield. Your responsibility is todestroy all terrorists from there and should neutralize the area assoon as possible. You are also required to bring civilians andworker back safely. Army really does not want you to shoot any ofthe hostages. Your mission is to kill them before they kill you.FEATURES:. Realistic FPS controls and shooting. Amazing 3d Environment and graphics.. Easy navigations and user friendly controls. Stunning 3D Graphics. Guns, medical packs, and shield to protect yourself.. Upgrade your weapons.. Get free gifts.. Be on the top of Leaderboard.
Grand Bank Robbery : Shooting 1.0
Welcome to the Ultimate Grand Bank Robbery!Some robbers are goingto loot the city bank in USA, they are subjected to kill thecivilians and loot entire city bank. This Rival gang can be verydangerous to city.Join police for this killing mission againsthostile robbers and rescue hostages. Shoot and kill the robbers inthis first person shooting chilling game.Break their escape planarrest them at the scene. Shooting the gangsters is the only way tosave the hostages from the metro station.Don’t let them loot inthis ultimate grand bank robbery mission. They make bank cashierhostage to secure their escape route from town. Other gangsters areplanning for stealing lockers from bank in Los Angeles city.GAMEFEATURES:3 Dangerous and Amazing Missions30 Thrilling Levels of FPSgameplayRealistic FPS controls and shootingAmazing 3d Environmentand graphics.Multiple weapons like MP5, Sniper gun and M4rifleMedical packs, and shield to protect yourself.Upgrade yourweapons.Get free gifts.
Survival Terrorist Strike 1.0
Survival Terrorist Command War is afreefirst-person shooting game for Android tabs and mobilephones.Terrorist have left no place in the world, Way Down hidingfortheir survival. Identify the location, Eliminate all theterroristsand punish them. Way Down safe places such as mountains,forestsand wilderness. This time they have hidden themselves in asea. Getrid off the synthesis of deadly terrorists and eradicateterrorism.Identify and destroy invaders enter the red zone toTerroristCommando War . They can be use tanks, helicopters andhigh-techweapons for shooting. Rain fires in the area attacked withbullets.Use strategically powerful guns.Only a special commando force by using their special skills canlivein this terrorist offensive attack.You can move the sniper, rifle and bazooka anywhere and taptoshoot the enemies, gunship helicopters and tanks with varietyofweapons and limited time. With limited ammo its a daringmissionwhich only bravest commando elite dare to accept. Showyourselflike an iron man. Wish you all the good luck and waitingfor goodnews.Aim to the direction, adjusting the aim so the bullettrajectorycurves just about enough to blow the enemy brains out. Beaccurateand kill the enemies.Features:- Complete battlefield and realistic 3D Environments.- Great graphics and environment with cool animations.- Realistic weather conditions and new challenges in missions- Multiple targets and scenarios!- Breathtaking music and sound effects- Earn cash, coins and upgrade your guns- Face challenges and improve your shooting skills- Daily login bonus- Daily task and achievements- Intense battle scene and challenging missions
Air Combat DogFight 3D 1.0
Air Combat DogFight 3D having fighter planes and jets in thisamazing flight simulator air attack game.This is a very awesome andaddictive action adventure air fight dog-fight war game for thehardest & toughest players, who love destruction and actiongames worldwide.The planes you can use are true to life inperformance,The war has just started with terrorist navalwarfare.Dominate the skies and master the world’s most advancedsimulation and dog-fight aircraft as you experience the bestsights, most action fully-loaded jet fighting game for Google Play- Air Combat DogFight 3D!You mission is to pilot your fully loadeedjet into the depth of battle with super goal ,"Get them down tobecome victorious".And now it’s back. Bigger, bolder and moreintense than ever.Plan your tactical scenarios, enhance yourself inthe world campaign war, fight against other planes in thedog-fight. Air strikes against the navy gunship battle at its bestin the open seaports and modern city area.Combating the infulencernavy warship enemies, jet fighter planes and drones to fight tillthe end.Fighter jets dogfight in air combat mission is not so easyand simple to tacle with dangerous enemies. You need very attentiveand powerfull dominating mind. Anti aircraft with fully activatedAI guns are all over the area. They can blast and shoot you at anytime. Enemy fighter jets are fully loaded and also equipped withmissiles and anti aircraft machine guns. Destroy all the anti craftmachine guns , mini tank loaded with missiles and base camps ofenemy by heavy bombing and shelling.Your immersive fighter plane isequipped with mini guns and target finding missiles to help youdestroy the enemy fighter planes , tanks and base camps.There arethree different views you can select to view your combat in topdown war zone, either behind your fighter jet or from the cockpitand others.The on screen map and radar sytem will guide you greatlyin this flight simulator game so you can locate and engage yourenemy.You can also use the power booster to quickly increase yourspeed of the plane to get overcome to your enemy.These features inthis game differentiate Air Combat from any other flight simulatorgames available on the store.Features:*An adventure withoutlimits.*Realistic world maps and navigation*360-degree environmentdesign*Stunning 3D graphics alongside great audio, effects andawesome gameplay*Beautiful levels with immersive missions to becompleted
Wild Hunting : Shooting 3D 1.0
Jungle Shooting and Hunting is an amazingandinteresting First Person Shooting Jungle game. Immerse yourselfinlush green jungle to aim at the wild and exotic animalsforhunting. There are wild animals which can attack you, so youhaveto be careful and ready to rescue yourself in case of danger.Yourgoal is to kill animals in your range. Defend yourself bymakingmaximum shoots in jungle with your sniper. The target ofsnipingrunning animals is a little challenging. So use yourshootingskills to kill these animals before they attack.Feature:1 - 3D Environment2 - Powerful Weapons3- Challenging missions4- Real Life Shooting experience5- Hunting Wild beasts of the jungle6- Achieve targetsInstructions:1. Objective is given on every level2. Use sniper rifle for the animals at distance.3. Targets are shown in red on the map4. Use medical kits to save your health5. Use shield for extra power.
Elite Commando Terrorist War 1.3
It's a third person commando shooting game.Terrorists have takenover the city and made the people their hostages. They are usingjungle, mountain as their hideouts. You soldier, get rid of thesebloody criminals and wipe out terrorism from the land of peace.They are bloody killers so kill them before they kill you. Don'tlet these bad guys survive.You are the one man army and being acommando use your weapons wisely, use your sniper from distance,shoot the enemies and gunship helicopters with variety of weaponsin limited time. With limited ammo it's a daring mission. Take ashot and execute the invaders.Enemies are equipped with modernweapons. They have tanks, helicopters and choppers. Sneak intotheir stronghold and rain fire bullets. We got to neutralize theland and hand it over back to the Police. This Army operation iscrucial and the only option is to survive the attacks.Best of Luckfor your missions. We hope you return victorious and make us allproud.Features3D EnvironmentsReal life sound effectsVariety ofweaponsMissions to complete in timeImmersive game playStrategyrequired to execute the enemy.
Sniper Shooter : Kill Shot 1.0
Sniper Shooter Kill Shot is a first-person 3D sniper shootinggame.So, are you up for this challenging game? Forget about thoserepititive shooting games where, your duties are limited, explodinghelicopters, kill soldiers and so on. But can you solve the puzzle,save the victims and kill only the right target hidden in thecrowd?Then gear up yourself and take this challenge as a SniperShooter lover, wipe out the crime from the city and save city frombigger loss.Find the target, aim, and shoot all the bad guys:Terrorists from isis, suicide bombers, dumb gangsters and thugs. Doyou have the skills? Help your country in the massive nuclearcompetition. Be accurate and save the hostages and victims of theenemy.Fulfil your contract and you are rich. Fail, and you die.HowTo Play:Start the game, click on the map icon and select the level,click the play button to start the game. Sliding left side screencontrol for better adjustment for aim. On the right side of thescreen provides fire button, button click to use. You can use thesniper rifle zoom lens, adjust the amplification factor by theright side of the slider.Features:- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics andcool animations- ADDICTING gameplay (FPS)- EASY and INTUITIVEcontrols- FREE game: play it both on your phone and tablet
Gunship battle Strike 3d 1.1
Launch the attack on the most dangerous terrorists now occupyingthe Island of hope. Missile strike them and eliminate theirexistence. Enjoy the epic action combat while taking the charge ofthe most latest equipped Gunship Helicopter.Enjoy the realistic 3denvironment of the sea , passing by the naturally beautifulislands. Strategically use all the weapons including machine gun,missiles and cluster bombs. The mission is going to be adevastating for the enemies and the once peaceful island going toturn out to be as a battlefield. Make rounds of their strongholdand shoot whoever raise their heads up. Destroy their supply line,their artillery, arsenal and military base.Become a hero for yournation and celebrate the victory with joy.FeaturesMultiple weaponssystemsStore to buy extra itemsComplex and challengingmissionsRealistic 3d graphics and stunning visual effects
Army Convoy Attack 1.5
Let’s get ready for war and your duty is to ambush the enemy’s armyconvoys entering to attack your city.
US Army Soldier Training 1.1
Welcome to US Army Soldier Training to be extraordinary militarycommando fighter.Test your physical fitness and mental disciplinelevel by playing this military training fun game. It is not easy tobe a national soldier. Clear strictly intensive assault course. Donot allow yourself to take your place ashamed and humiliated. clearobstacle in various military posts terrain such as dense forest,arctic snow, desert areas hot, cold water and very sharp nets.Lifethreatening situations make your death so that you do not fear onthe battlefield against the enemy. It is all about being fromordinary to extraordinary by travelling the hardest of the pathsleading to the goal and that is to be a champ in the Army force.Become one man army and face world armed forces to prove whichcountry army forces are best. Is it US or Russia? India orPakistan?US Army Soldier Training Game Features:Real Army soldiertraining course simulation gameRealistic military training like gunshooting, swimming, jumping, rolling, Net climbing, long jump,Balance walk, running on bridge, sprint and pushups, Smooth &Intuitive gameplay controlsBattle against world’s best militaryforces like USA, Russia, Pakistan, India and ChinaDifferentmilitary ares to clearing training courseMultiple tutorials for1this game.Train yourself to be a professional army soldierAmazingHD Graphics
Elite Army Training Free 2.1
Welcome to US Army Soldier Training to be extraordinary militarycommando fighter. Test your physical fitness and mental disciplinelevel by playing this military training fun game. It is not easy tobe a national soldier. Clear strictly intensive assault course. Donot allow yourself to take your place ashamed and humiliated. clearobstacle in various military posts terrain such as dense forest,arctic snow, desert areas hot, cold water and very sharp nets. Lifethreatening situations make your death so that you do not fear onthe battlefield against the enemy. It is all about being fromordinary to extraordinary by travelling the hardest of the pathsleading to the goal and that is to be a champ in the Army force.Become one man army and face world armed forces to prove whichcountry army forces are best. Is it US or Russia? India orPakistan? US Army Soldier Training Game Features: Real Army soldiertraining course simulation game Realistic military training likegun shooting, swimming, jumping, rolling, Net climbing, long jump,Balance walk, running on bridge, sprint and pushups, Smooth &Intuitive gameplay controls Battle against world’s best militaryforces like USA, Russia, Pakistan, India and China Differentmilitary ares to clearing training course Multiple tutorials for1this game. Train yourself to be a professional army soldierAmazing HD Graphics
Terrorist Commando Modern War 1.1
The war has evolved, and so has the best terrorist shooting game onmobile!Terrorist Commando Modern War is a war action packed game .Kill the enemies with rifles, bazooka and snipers. Shoot on thesite! You are the brave killer force commando of the army. Try toshoot on heads, strive very hard so that no ferocious terrorist canescape.Helicopter and boats can damage you very badly. Hit themhard at very first.The master of challenging objectives. Launchers,bazooka, rifles and snipers are your weapons to clear the sea warfrom dangerous terrorist rivals! Become a soldier of specialoperations to end this sea war.Game play Features:Highly detailedand super stunning 3D graphicsVery dangerous gaurilla armyterrorists Perfect Environment of sea war.Shooting all theterrorists will lead you to the next stageDifferent auto reloaderGuns Critical three different missions terror Best ShootingGameGuns, medical packs, and shields to protect yourself.Upgradeyour weapons.Get free gifts.Get Daily BonusNo network connection isrequired after downloading the game
Gunship Air Attack : Battle 3D 1.5
Gunship Air Attack is a free battle game designed for AndroidMobile Phones and Tablets. It is free military helicopter battlegame.Full military action could be devastating, resulting a fullscale war. A covert operation has been approved to hit the enemiestargeting their bases, destroying their logistic and destroyingtheir weapon systems. The army seems helpless, the ground attack isnot possible. The only chance of winning this war is an air strike.Launch the attack on the most dangerous terrorists now before itsget too late.You will become a helicopter pilot and suppress warsand terrors in various corners of the world.The enemy has crossedinto your land and now the fighting is taking place in the streetsof the city and you the only future ghost soldier who can stoptheir advances. Protect your country. You have to win the battle atany cost as the future of the country depends on you!Loosing thisbattle is not acceptable, you need to win at any cost.The missionyou have been assigned named as “War ofdestruction"Features:-Realistic 3d environment-A lot of rewards towin -Complex and challenging multiple missions-Variety of Items topurchase from the store
Gangster Prison Escape 2.0
Have you ever been in survival action jail? Be a trained frontlinecommando agent and escape from max security Jail through strategyin survival strategy game!Gangster Prison Escape is a third personshooter best survival game. Having some fascinating 3D environmentsof the offline fantasy maximum security Prison. Jails are hard toescape especially when they are protected by military assaultallied force soldiers. But you are a secret frontline commandoagent and you can get yourself out of this jail using yourabilities. Become invisible as a ghost.Now make a plan and find outthe passcode to the prisons in survival strategy game. Once youescape the first Locker, you have the other layer of security tocross with survival action. Run from this hell and make a solidstrategy to get out of from offline fantasy prison. You do not haveany weapons to use except the stealth power in the best survivalgame. Spy the jail guards and fight them like ninjas and defeatthem. Once you defeat them you have their weapons and from there onyou would get to the main gate to escape. Allied forces are big innumber and cameras are watching too. There is no point you couldget caught as you have been trained military assault hero skills.Kick them punch them and throw them. Good Luck!FeaturesReal lifesound effects3D environmentBe a secret service intelligenceagentStealth power to useEscape radarsFight the jail guardsMake astrategy to complete the missionDifferent interestingstagesLockpicking and door hacking game-playPhysical fight
Counter Terrorist Grand Strike 2.0
Aim, shoot & battle enemies in this super realistic (FPS) firstperson shooter game. Counter Terrorist Grand Strike is filled withexplosive shooting action. In this action filled (FPS) first personshooter you take on the role of an elite military army anti-globalterrorist Modern counter shooter commando. You are ranked an elitecounter shooter because you have vast war & weapons experience& you have completed your training on all kinds ofterrains.Terriost have attacked the long dust desert side of yourland so the military army have selected you for this mission on thebasis of your war and weapons experience and your skills. As youare already a war hero & super skilled it wasn’t hard for themilitary army to choose you for this mission. It is no more a cat& chase situation. You will have to jump into the deadly combatzone to make this mission a success. As you are an elite militaryarmy anti-terrorist commando shooter the army has provided you withthe best weapons and guns. You will use different weapons &guns against terriorism like grenades, pistols, rifles and sniperguns throughout the various missions. To help you further in thebattle various barrels have been placed throughout the deadlydesert. Shoot these barrels to blow them up. Use the deadly barrelson the right time to kill the enemy. Furthermore military army hassupplied you with medi kits to keep you fit & running in thedeadly war zone.You will be dealing with deadly terroriste usinglatest weapons and guns in a close range Modern war combat. Do notlet the terrorists counter attack & outrun you becausesurviving long enough to find them again in the vast deadly desertwon’t be easy.You are required to strike hard, battle swiftly &defeat the enemy at all costs. You will be undertaking variousmissions in order to get rid of the enemy. Your main objectivesinclude clearing various areas, to kill every single terroiest insight and to rescue all the hostages.It is about time you pick upyour supplies, weapons & guns & wage the terrorism waragainst enemy. Kill all the terrorists and prove that you are trulyan elite military army anti-terrorist shooter commando. No matterwhat the enemy throws your way you can easily get through it withthe elite skills, latest weapons,critical strike tactics & gunsyou have. You are expected & required to kill all theterrorists & rescue all the hostages. Jump right into theaction & strike hard soldier. Save your land & your peoplefrom the terrorists and all other kinds of enemy. Kill theterrorists and prove that you are the only true elite military armyanti-terrorist shooter commando. Get ready for the deadly action!Win this battle at all costs. To the war now, good luck!FEATURES:-Various weapons to upgrade & choose from.- Realistic highquality 3D graphics.- Real life sound effects.- Plenty ofchallenging missions.- Addictive & challenging action filledgameplay.- The best (FPS) first person shooter experienceavailable.
Funland Frontier Combat Hero 1.1
Funland Frontier Combat Hero is an action game enough to quenchyour thirst for action on the ground. It was not that challengingand crucial as it is right here in this joy land where clowns haveentered in it with an intention to spread terrorism and kill theinnocent people. This joy land is always filled with people wholove to take swings and rides and get amused by the beautifulenvironment. If you want to be the hero just press play and proveit. Funland Frontier Combat Hero is for all.Some terroristsdisguised as clowns have planned an attack on the joy land. Thesecret intelligence agency has reported the police about theforecasted unforeseen attack here on the fun land. Now fun land hasto be protected and clowns must be captured dead or alive. This funcarnival has to be cleared anyway. Save the innocent civilians andbe the hero. Rescue the innocent and e the super hero. Once yourback, a tribute waits for you. Get the tribute and challenge othersto do the same. You are the combat hero. Combat hero has to win.Youhave been chosen as the lead commando to execute this crucialmilitary operation. The enemy is strong as they kill and shootpeople, they plant bombs for massive killing and they terrorize theinnocent civilians. Enemy hero! You have to be stronger than them,various missions have to be completed within a given time. If youfail to kill the clowns in a particular time, they could harm thejoy land. They have bombs which they are trying to plant. Stop themfrom planting the plants. Manage your time and be a soldier. Youhave the best weaponry. Use the weapons like rifle, bazooka andshotgun. Rifles are really good to take the aim and shoot, bazookais a heavy weapon and it destroys big targets. Shotgun is used forimmediate onslaught. Rain the bullets on the clowns and onslaughtthem. This is a battle where you have to save the civilians and bethe hero!FeaturesBeautiful funland 3d environmentReal lifesoundsAddictive game playChallenging missions to accomplishMultipleweapons like rifle, bazooka and shotgun Enemies to kill in timeSavethe people and become a hero
VR Helicopter Super Battle 3D 1.1
Get ready for the Ultimate FPS gunship helicopter action game in anamazing vr virtual reality environment! Experience a whole newlevel of virtual reality vr in VR Helicopter Super Battle. It’s notjust a game it’s a whole virtual reality vr war right inside yourvr headset. Hop on to your very own military army gunshiphelicopter to take part in a VR virtual reality battle & be thegunner of a military army gunship helicopter flying high in arealistic virtual reality VR 3D environment. Take control of themachine gun to combat enemy forces & use you rocket launcher towage the war against enemy. Battle the enemy force from yourmilitary army gunship helicopter with the help of guns &weapons provided to you and prove your skills by defeating theenemy. Combat the enemy in three different 3d vr virtual realityterrains desert, forest and glaciers. Attack the enemy with fullforce and strike hard because there is no margin of mistake.Theenemy has crossed into your country and now the fighting is takingplace in land and you have been selected as the lead soldiercommando with all the skills who can stop their advances. Protectyour country, your land & its people. You have to strike hard,combat the enemy with best strategy and win the battle at any costas the future of the country depends on you!Combat & defeatwaves upon waves of enemies assaulting your position. Hop onto yoursuper military army gunship helicopter and use your rocket launcherto strike and machine gun to rip the enemy to shreds. They will beattacking you with everything they've got like attack helicopters,iron tanks and armored vehicles. Complete various missions in orderto prove your skills and loyalty to your army. As a soldier it isyour duty to defend your land & people with all you’ve got.Give it all you’ve got, use all the weapons, all the guns you’vegot & give every mission your 100 percent. Use your commandosuper skills you have because loosing this war is not an option.Youare one of the best military army commando to be sent to thefrontline to destroy the enemy in your military army gunshiphelicopter. You have all the required skills to strike hard incombat, defeat the enemy in battle & complete all the givenmissions. To help you more the military army has provided you withdifferent weapons like machine gun and rocket launcher and to keepyou safe military army has provided you with armor and super medikits.Be a US military army soldier and fly over realistic beautifulVR virtual reality environments consisting of a vast forest, desert& glaciers. This game is packed with explosive war combataction & is compatible & fully optimized for your vrvirtual reality headset. You wouldn’t require any extra controllerseither because this game is compatible and fully optimized for vrvirtual reality. Now get your gear, jump onto your military armygunship helicopter, arm yourself with the required ammunitions,armor, medi kits, machine gun, rocket launcher and teach the enemya lesson that he never forgets. Combat the enemy with all you’vegot and bring pride to you land and nation by winning this war.Best of luck.Features★ 40 Challenging missions divided in regions.★Missions full of explosive war combat action.★ Enjoy VR realisticgun simulation and animation!★ Call in the air force to help you.★Enemies attacking with Gunship Helicopters, Humvees, Tanks.★Optimized controls for a great FPS and VR virtual realityexperience.★ Play anywhere; does not require an internetconnection.★ Auto shooting for better VR controlling.★ Real lifesound effects
VR US Army Commando Gunship 1.1
Are you ready for the ultimate FPS action game & that too inVirtual Reality VR? Not just this, do you want to be a gunner of amilitary army gunship helicopter flying high in a realistic virtualreality VR 3D environment? Download VR US Army Commando Gunship now& hop on to your very own military army gunship helicopter totake part in a VR virtual reality battle. Take control of theturret machine gun & wage the war against enemy. This is thetime you show your commando skills and conquer. Feel the realityand live by it now.The enemy has crossed into your land &started the war. It is now your job to finish what the enemystarted. Get on your turret machine gun in the military armygunship helicopter and be the battle hero by making it impossiblefor the enemy to advance. Protect your land & save your people.Jump right into the action & complete the missions given toyou. Only by doing so you will be able to win the war & be thebattle hero. This would be the close combat in VR and be ready tofeel the bits of every scene. Shoot and kill. Strike with yourgunship beast.Be a US Army soldier and fly over realistic beautifulVR virtual reality environments consisting of a vast sea, variousislands, bunkers, trees & enemy marine ships etc. Destroy enemyin the war with your turret machine gun & rocket launcher.Shoot down enemy military gunship helicopters & destroy theirmarine ships. Defeat waves upon waves of enemies in the battle,save your people & secure your land. Save the day & win thewar. You are the hero your country & your military army gunshiphelicopter deserves. Fly over a realistic & beautifulenvironment based in a vast sea & enjoy an amazing 3D VRvirtual reality world. Experience the intensity of war & fightthe enemy in a virtual reality VR while being a US Army commando.This game is full of explosive war combat action. Once you get backvictorious, you would get the military and civil tribute. Tributeis what every soldier craves for. Best of luck.Download now &experience the best VR has to offer in FPS action genre, war &military gunship battle games.FEATURES:-Challenging missions toaccomplish-Optimized controls for VR virtual reality.-Realistic 3Denvironments.-Auto shooting for better VR controlling.-Two weaponsto choose from.-Real life sound effects.-Addictivegameplay.-Another reality to experience.
VR Monster Quad Bike Racer 1.1
Get on your 4x4 quad bike and drive in a virtual reality desert foras long as you can because it's not just another VR game, it's anendless VR game. Pull crazy stunts on your quad bike in traffic andshow your moto quad driving and racing skills to the world. Avoidthe traffic, overtake cars because hitting them would slow you downand that's not what you are here for. Collect coins on the roadwaywhile riding on your moto quad bike and cruise down the busy roadin style.That's not all, to add more excitement to your endless vrmoto quad bike racing there are different power ups to look outfor. So incase if your find it hard to overtake the cars on anendless vr desert road, all you need to do is to look out for thatone specific power up that would allow you blow up the cars. If youare having difficulty racing down the road to the next checkpointand are running out of time then again we have left a power up youcan pick up that will turbo boost your atv moto quad bike just likenos. We understand that collecting coins at times can be a headachewhile racing down a road full of traffic so we have left anotherpower up to help you, yes you guessed it right a magnet power upthat will automatically collect all the coins in your way.It's aroad like no other, you will have to race down the vr busy roadthrough the traffic & leave everyone behind. In this VirtualReality VR world with beautiful desert enviroment the endless roadis your home and racing is the only shot of andrenaline you need.But beware and be focused because the traffic will not go easy onyou and the helicopter will add to your difficulty by firing at youto slow you down. It's your job to save your ATV moto quad bikewhile performing stunts & racing down the busy road full oftraffic and power ups. Stop wasting time if you are fond of racingon an endless busy road full of traffic and download VR Quad BikeTraffic Racer rightaway to experience the thrill,excitement,fun andaction our awesome endless virtual reality VR traffic racing gamehas to offer.Download now & experience the best VR virtualreality has to offer.Features of VR Quad Bike TrafficRacer:-Virtual Reality-Endless VR gameplay-Amazing beautiful 3Denvironment-Addictive playing-Chance to collect the coins-Variousdifferent power ups
Sniper Battle Frontline War 1.0
Sniper Battle Frontline War brings actions filled first personshooter (FPS) war shooting gaming experience to mobile! Allowingyou to experience gun shooting action as an elite military armycommando soldier in a beautiful & immersive 3D compound complexenvironment where you will be able to shoot through waves ofmilitants & terrorist enemies like a true war hero. SniperBattle Frontline War has all the elements of a great first personshooter (FPS) war shooting game! As an elite military army commandoshooter you have always performed your duty honestly &successfully completed your mission. You’ve faced all sorts ofenemies including militants, terrorists, street thugs & mafiagangsters. You’ve always been great at using guns & weapons& have always protected your city & defended your countrybravely. You previous performance led military army to choose youfor this special defense mission. They trust your war combat,fighting & gun shooting skills as you’ve already provedyourself in various military army missions against street thugs,militants, terrorists & mafia gangsters. Don’t consider SniperBattle Frontline War just an action filled first person shooter(FPS) game, it’s a special mission given to a hero to save hiscity, a war you need to win at all costs. Militants will be usingmodern weapons & guns but that shouldn’t worry you because theyare no match for your war, gun shooting & combat fightingskills. With the help of your war, close combat fighting & gunshooting skills, combat the enemy fearlessly to win this war inorder to save your city & country like a true war hero. Be thebrave heart and get the tribute. Tribute is for brave hearts whofight like heroes. Militants have been operative in your city forquite a while now but fortunately their hideout has been found.Militants have been operating from & hiding in a compoundcomplex in your city. Military army is trusting you as an elitecommando soldier with this mission to restore the peace of the cityby killing all the enemies. Enemy has brought the war to your city& now it’s your turn to return the favor by taking the war totheir stronghold! Your close combat, war, fighting & gunshooting skills are the key ingredients if winning this war so givethis war all you have got because everyone is depending on theirwar hero commando soldier that is you. Military army expects fromyou as an elite commando soldier to eliminate all the bloodymilitants, secure the city & restore its peace. You aredirected to kill all the bloody militants as military army isplanning of eliminating all sorts of threats from the city whetherthey are terrorists, street thugs, militants or mafia gangsters.Military army has provided you with various modern weapons &guns for this special mission. Use your modern weapons & gunsto combat the evil militants. Shoot accurately & don’t allowthem to counter your attacks or shoot back. You need tosuccessfully complete this military army mission & win this warat all costs. Along with your modern weapons & guns you willhave grenades to help you kill every enemy in sight. Tribute iswaiting for the survivor.So lock and load your modern weapons &guns & get ready to take the war to enemy’s stronghold. Combatthe militants & eliminate them to restore the peace of yourcity & country. Win this war an elite military army commandosoldier to be a true war hero.Features of Sniper Battle FrontlineWar:- Challenging first person shooter (FPS) gun shooting game-Action filled gameplay.- A lot of mission to complete.- Plenty ofmodern weapons & guns to choose from.- Thrilling close rangeshooting action.- Immersive 3D graphics.- Real life sound effects.
Super Army War Hero Training 1.0
Military army has designed a special training program to enhancethe shooting skills of the soldiers. In order to become a soldierand a specialist war shooter you need to pass this trainingprogram. This program makes sure that all the military army soldierare war ready, skilled and good at shooting with all the superweapons & guns. After all every commando soldiers is a hero.You will train yourself using plenty of different super weapons& guns in order to be the best military army shooter. Militaryarmy has made this training program challenging and intense onpurpose so that the soldiers will be ready to face all sorts ofchallenges in the battle field and frontline during theaction.Military army super weapons & guns training has beendesigned to give soldier commandos confidence, skills and trainingto strike immediately when necessary. Without skills and propertraining the super weapons & guns can do no good. War requiresvery swift action and extreme skills and that is what military armywants to gain from these training missions. Soldiers are going tobe trained to be battle ready for all sorts of terrains. Whetherthe battle is going on in a city, desert, forest or mountainscommando soldiers will be fully skilled and ready to strike andcounter the enemy attacks and defeat them to win the war to be atrue war hero.You'll use various super weapons & guns in yourtraining missions. Military army will provide you training withsuper weapons & guns like pistols, shotguns, snipers, rocketlaunchers and machine guns etc. These mission will be full shootingaction. To shoot all the targets on time you'll have to be veryaccurate. These action filled missions will train you to strikehard, combat the enemy and counter it's attacks. Gunshiphelicopters are widely used by military armies throughout the worldin wars and battles so they are also integral part of thesemilitary army training missions. After you complete the superweapons & guns training you'll be sent for war gunshiphelicopter training. You will be intensively trained on how to flya gunship helicopter and attack the enemy from it. You'll trainwith turret machine guns and rocket launchers on military armygunship helicopters. In these military army training missionsyou'll learn everything required to be a skilled and trainedcommando soldier and a true war hero. You'll learn everything, fromaiming to shooting your targets & enemy & surviving in theaction filled battlefield and deadly wars. So get ready for achallenging military army training and be the best military armycommando soldier & shooter who will strike with all his powerto defeat the enemy and save its city as well as its country to bea true war hero!Features of Super Army War Hero Training:- The bestmilitary army shooting training game.- A lot of guns to trainwith.- A chance to train on army war gunship helicopter.- A lot ofaction filled mission to complete.- Aiming, shooting, flying all ina single game.- Brilliant 3D graphics.- Realistic sound effects.
Commando Counter Power Shooter 1.0
Commando Counter Power Shooter being an action filled first personshooter (FPS) gun shooting game puts the player right in the middleof a war zone! Experience the best of gun shooting action games inCommando Counter Power Shooter & prove to the world that youare the best military army commando soldier ranger & the bestgun shooter. With a lot of action filled mission to complete &plenty of modern weapons & super guns to choose from CommandoCounter Power Shooter will keep you entertained for hours. Combatthe enemy terrorist militants with all your power to win this war& save your city from all kinds of threats like a true superhero. Commando Counter Power Shooter is a true action game with alot of missions full of gun shooting action & modern weapons& super guns to combat the enemy terrorist militants.Your cityhas been attacked by terrorist enemy militants once again. To getrid of terrorist enemy and their militants, military army hasdecided to send their best military army commando ranger that isyou on a special mission. Military army is counting on your gunshooting, fighting & war combat battle skills. As you are anelite military army commando soldier ranger & a fine shootermilitary army expect you to kill all the enemy terrorist militantsto save your city. Military army expects you to restore the peaceof your city and win the battle. Military army want you to kill allthe enemy terrorist militants & put an end to their evil gamesonce & for all. This mission is very important because of itsnature & purpose so military army expects it to take veryseriously & you are expected to strike the enemy with all thepower & skills you’ve got. A military army commando soldierranger never thinks of any mission or task as fun & games.Military army commando soldier rangers always take their mission& tasks very seriously to successfully complete them & winwars & that is exactly what you are expected to do. Once youcomplete the task, Army heads would award you with the tribute. Bethe hero of the young soldiers who follow you. Get the tribute inthe end. Strike hard and fight! Kill the enemy men. Shoot to killthe evil in the battle.To help you in this war against enemyterrorists militants to save your city military army has decided toprovide you with super weapons & modern guns so you can shoot& kill all the terrorist enemy militants putting an end to alltheir evil games to save your cite & win this war. Strike withall your power & destroy terrorist enemy militant’s defense.Counter their attacks & shoot back quickly to pressurize theenemy terrorist militants. They don’t stand a chance in front of anelite military army commando soldier ranger like you. Your warcombat, fighting & gun shooting skills are far superior thentheirs. You have the power to save your city from terrorist enemymilitants. Don’t allow the enemy terrorist militants to counter youattacks or strike back. Strike with all your power & use yourmodern weapons & super guns wisely to combat the terroristenemy militants. Everyone already considers you a hero it’s abouttime you prove them right. Now is your chance to shine like a truesuper hero by winning this war & saving your city.Fight,combat, shoot & kill enemy terrorist militants in CommandoCounter Power Shooter. Use various super weapons & modern gunsin plenty of action filled thrilling missions in Commando CounterPower Shooter. Strike with all your power & counter all theenemy terrorist and their militants attacks swiftly to win this war& save your city in the most exciting & thrilling firstperson shooter (FPS) game. Save your city & shine like a truesuper hero ranger. Commando Counter Power Shooter is the actiongame to look out for. Download now & experience the best gunshooting action games genre has to offer!
Super Spider Army War Hero 3D 2.5
With the help of your super spider hero powers & abilities inSuper Spider Army War Hero 3D, rescue military army commandosoldiers from war zone where the battle full of close range combat& gun shooting is taking place. Your super spider hero superpowers & abilities might seem strange to some people but thatshouldn’t stop you from performing your duty & serving yourcountry & every single one of its city, in the war. Yourstrange super abilities are what makes you a super spider hero. Useyour super spider hero super powers to serve your people &country in war & in peace. You are the super spider hero withamazing super powers & strange abilities everyone looks up to.You can fly & you can move superfast like a spider. So to useyour super spider hero super powers & strange abilities youchose to join military army to perform rescue duty in war &serve your country. Spider webs are strong enough to carry youalong with the weight you have, to the destination point. Use yoursuper spider hero super powers & strange abilities to rescueyour injured fellow military army commando soldiers from war. Justlike you the other military army commando soldiers who are fightingthe enemy on frontline are also hero which makes it important totake care of them when the fall during the battle. Military armyhas chosen you on the basis of your super spider hero super powers& strange abilities for this noble duty of saving the lives offellow military army soldier commando fighting the war. War isnever kind & the use of modern weapons & guns to combat theenemy increases the risks of injury. To counter the damage done incombat by these modern weapons & guns military army has hiredyou as the rescuer because of your super spider hero super power& strange abilities. Jump from wall to wall or fly, its uptoyou. Long jumps with the help of your sticky webs is great. Youcould swing up to several stories of the buildings and stay safe asthe swings you take are quiet fast. Though you are a super spiderhero with super powers & strange abilities but that doesn’tmean your duty would be easy. Rescuing fellow military armycommando soldiers from war zone where the battle with modernweapons & guns is taking place is a very challenging task. Theplus point is that the more challenging the duty the greater senseof achievement and satisfaction it brings. So serve your city, yourcountry & your people by performing your duty whole heartedlybecause people look up to you as their super spider hero with superpowers & strange abilities & the military army is countingon your help to save as many lives as possible during the war.Features of Super Spider Army War Hero 3D: - Fly & rescue armycommando soldiers like a true super war hero - Thrilling rescuemissions - Plenty of missions to keep you entertained - Army basedtheme - Immersive 3D graphics - Real life sound effects
VR Army Moto Driver War Racer 1.0
VR Army Moto Driver War Racer is a very exciting and addictivefusion of two genres. VR Army Moto Driver War Racer contains theelements on a great super bike moto racing game & all the greatelements of an action game packed in a single package in animmersive 3D VR virtual reality city environment. You get tofuriously race on a super bike in a VR virtual reality city butwith a twist. You race, chase & take down enemy army soldierson your super bike. VR Army Moto Driver War Racer provides you withthe opportunity to be the best super bike moto race driver in a VRvirtual reality city as well as fight & defeat the enemymilitary army soldiers on their super cars & bikes to be a truewar hero & with this war.The enemy has declared war on us. Ourbrave military army soldiers are fighting the enemy at all frontscourageously. Definitely the army needs as many weapons, guns &shooters as they can get but there is a special mission whichrequires specials skills of a true war hero and for that specialmission army has chosen you. Despite all the shooting going on thismission requires special attention & focus from army & youboth. You’ll perform this mission on your super moto race bike butthat doesn’t mean you will not get a chance to shoot. Your missionis very important & critical. It is the key to defeat the enemy& win this war. Military army knows that you are the bestdriver, a war hero & the most skilled fighter they have got& that is why they have chosen you to save the city throughthis important mission. Losing this war is not an option & themilitary army is looking up to you to destroy the enemy in a waythey will never expect.So fire up the engine of your super motorace bike and take it for a ride in the deadly battle zone wherenonstop shooting action is taking place. This mission is no game sobe very careful as the fate of this war and your city depends onyour racing. You are expected to race the enemy in order to catchup to their cars & bikes. Not only racing but once the enemycars & bikes are in sight you are to shoot them down. Usevarious guns & weapons provided to you by military army to winthis war & save your city. Race as fast as you can becausebeing slow is going to get you killed. To survive this battle,combat the enemy efficiently & win this war you’ll have to befast, sharp & accurate while shooting & using your weapons& guns. Race & shoot your way through wave of enemy cars& bikes throughout the city. Be the hero people deserve. It isgoing to be an action filled shooting ride!VR Army Moto Driver WarRacer will make you feel the rush of speed and the action of war& shooting in a beautiful 3D VR virtual reality environment.Race, shoot & battle in a beautiful 3D war city VR virtualreality environment. Race your enemy & shoot them down to saveyour city & win this war. Battle bravely because you are notonly a soldier but a hero people look up to too. Use your guns& weapons to help you defeat the enemy, win this war & saveyour city. Get ready to race your super moto race bike to battle& destroy enemy. The future of your city depends on you &you super moto war racing bike. Save your city & win this warto be a true war hero!Features of VR Army Moto Driver War Racer:-Multiple modes to enjoy!- Plenty of action filled missions.-Various 3D VR virtual reality environments.- Fast cars &bikes.- Upgrade your bikes.- A lot of guns & weapons to attackwith.- Challenging & addictive action filled gameplay.- VRvirtual reality optimized controls.
Superhero Strange War Hero 3.0
Superhero Strange War rescue Hero gives you the amazing opportunityto be a fighter at the same time. It’s an apocalypse survival gamewhere you have to use your strongest warrior powers to rescue thecivilian from the fearless gangster fighters. You’ll have to flyover a battleground where the unknown hunter is hiding. Use yourstrongest hero powers to perform your duty in the best superherogame. Superhero Strange War Hero game has a fantastic environmentwith a survival strategy. Apocalypse survival game has plenty ofchallenging missions.With the help of fighting skill, escape fromthe city in the battleground zone. Rescue the unknown army rangersfor survival. This is why military army chooses you for lastsurvival in rescuing the civilian in superhero online game. Yourflying mutant powers have always helped you to save your city fromevils. Battleground making you the legend so everyone looks up toyou. Now is the time to help army to save your country from sniperenemy. Sniper enemy has planned the war with up-to-date approaches.Militant army expects you to use all your flying mutant powers toavoid the sniper gangster. In order to rescue the injured civilianin time. All the army look up to you for freedom of combat &also believe in your incredible survivor powers so don’t let themdown. Fly with all your incredible hero powers, dodge the car withgun shooting & rescue the injured army shooter at all costs. Torescue the injured soldiers from shooters in superhero online game.Modern weapons of strike & sniper enemy might give them an edgeover. But your fly mutant & incredible powers are far superiorto any modern weapon that enemy has. Answer the call of the injured& search and rescue them! They call to you because they believein your monster powers & they know you will do anything toperform your duty. Features of Superhero Strange War Hero:- Be atrue warrior by performing your rescue duty- Action filled rescuemissions- Addictive gameplay- Immersive 3d war environment- Reallife sound effects
City Hero Legacy:Power Shooter 2.0
Be a legendary warrior, a true super hero gun shooter in City HeroLegacy: Power Shooter. Use various modern weapons & guns tokill all the terrorists terrorizing your futuristic peaceful cityin this shooting super hero game. Take part in plenty of mission inorder to save your city from evil terrorists, villains &criminals. City Hero Legacy: Power Shooter is a 3D free game fullof gun shooting and action filled thrilling missions set in animmersive 3D train railway station environment.Evil terroristvillains have again attacked your city with a plan of overtakingit. They have captured the railway train station. Equipped withguns they plan on taking over the city. In order to do so they havemade everyone on the railway train station a hostage. As you arethe super hero this city looks up to, it’s your duty to save thepeople & restore the peace of city. You have served in the army& have been to warzone before. You have fought in the battle ofheroes, battles in which various nations were involved. All thesewars, battles & combats have trained you, improved yourfighting & gun shooting skills & made you the hero that youare. You do not need any mutant strange powers or special rope tofight the terrorists. Strike hard & fight the enemy villainterrorists to kill them all in order to put an end to their evilbloody games & plan once and for all. Save your people &city like a true super hero.Strange mutant powers & specialrope is for the weak. You have trained hard to improve yourfighting & gun shooting skills in order to be the true superhero. You have trained yourself to be a sharp shooter. You are verygood at shooting various guns & weapons & that is whatgives you the edge over the villain evil terrorists. So lock &load your modern weapons & guns to combat the terroristvillains. Aim and shoot to kill. Your mission will include a lot ofclose range shootings so be ready to aim accurately & shootingswiftly. Counter the enemy attacks but do not allow the enemy tocounter yours or strike back. Save your city & be a legend.Leave behind a super hero legacy that will be remembered for ages!You are a commando so go on and get them now.Features: - Beautiful3D railway station environment- A lot of mission- Various weapons& guns- Chance to be a superhero- Realistic sound effects
Spider Strange Robot War Hero 1.1
Spider Strange Robot War Hero is a free superhero vs robotsfighting game in the world of battleground. The role of a redsuperhero with amazing spider powers to fight anybody who eliminateinnocent. Be the survivor battle legend because your city needs awarrior of battle lights against the warfare battle robots. Theaction game for free will allow you to be a super fighter hero tofight with robot fighters & unknown evil players for the rulessurvival. This endless fighting game is a blend of royale fighting& intense battle game. Fly, swing, combat, and fight to counterthe battleground robots like a mutant hero with the target ofspider web. In this grand spider battle tell everyone who’s thesuperhero in world of spider war.Allowing you to be a super spiderwith heroes of strange war powers to fight with mech iron robots.World Evil warfare enemy has been planning in order to destroy thecity. You have always helped the innocent people like a true rulesurvival legend to protect your city. Grand unknown battle playerhas built a special red robots force for the war fighting. Combatthe battle of steel land robots & counter their attacks withred superhero strategies. You need to win this survivor battleagainst the battleground robots at all cost.Fight, battle &combat the unknown enemy player with all the super spider skills& influence you have. Use your all modern weapons to dominatethe enemy evil strike in action game for free rule survival. Don’tallow the crossfire enemy robot who counter your attacks. Robotsare monster who can smash anybody but that shouldn’t worry youbecause you are an amazing spider of war battle world. You are alast army hope of your city, save it from the battle of robotsland. So lock & load your modern gun weapons & to shootyour target for heroic epic victory. Features of Spider StrangeRobot War Hero: - Futuristic 3D immersive environment- Super hero& robots in a single game- Plenty of missions- Action filledgun shooting addictive game play- Various weapons & guns-Realistic sound effects
Robot War Transformation 2017 1.0
Play as a futuristic battle mech iron ore steel robot in RobotTransformation City War to save your city one block at a time frommodified iron ore prototype enemy robots who have attacked yourcity for revenge. Robot Transformation City War will allow you tobattle modified iron ore prototype enemy robots who have attackedfor revenge in action filled shooting missions set in beautiful& immersive 3D futuristic city environment. RobotTransformation City War is set in future where you play the role ofa futuristic battle powerful mech iron ore steel robot in afuturistic city. The enemy has started the war & attacked yourcity because he wants revenge. You are the powerful hero of yourcity so it’s your duty to defend your city & be an ally of theother forces protecting your city. As an ally you will be givenaccess to all sort of modern artillery to win this war againstrevenge seeking modified iron ore prototype enemy robots. Use themodern artillery & your super weapons, guns & canons to winthis war & battle the revenge seeking modified iron oreprototype enemy robots. Combat the revenge seeking modified ironore prototype enemy robots who are on a quest of destroying yourcity. Destroy the revenge seeking modified iron ore prototype enemyrobots & don’t allow them to escape. Once the revenge seekingmodified iron ore prototype enemy robots are under heavy attackduring the combat they will definitely try to escape the war butyour mission as a futuristic battle power mech iron ore steel robotis to not let the revenge seeking modified iron ore prototype enemyrobots & destroy each of them.Everyone is depending on you tosave the city as you are their hero. You are an ally of the otherforces which enables you to use all the artillery available to winthe war against the revenge seeking modified iron ore prototypeenemy robots. This mission of saving your city one block at a timewill include a lot of shooting action. It will be a mission filledwith close range shooting so be ready to combat the enemy &shoot your way to victory as a true hero. Close range shootingrequires great shooting skills & precise aiming, you arecapable of both so battle the enemy & stop him from completinghis quest of destroying your city. You super weapons, guns, cannons& the artillery you can use as an ally would help you win thiswar against revenge seeking modified iron ore prototype enemyrobots. It’s about you prove that you are the only true futuristicbattle mech iron ore steel hero robot. So lock and load all yourmodern weapons, guns, cannons & rest of the artillery &battle the revenge seeking modified iron ore prototype enemy robotsto save your city & put an end to their quest of revengeagainst your city once and for all. Combat the revenge seekingmodified iron ore prototype enemy robots fearlessly & win thiswar to prove that you are the only true futuristic battle mech ironore steel hero robot.Features of Robot Transformation City War:-Immersive 3D futuristic city environment- Plenty of mission tocomplete- Various futuristic robots- Challenging action filledshooting gameplay- Real life sound effects
Super Spider Hero Rope City 1.1
With a whole city to roam around & a lot of missions tocomplete Super Spider Hero Rope City takes action super hero gamesto a whole new level. Super Spider Hero Rope City is an open worldfree roam super hero game with plenty of action filled thrillingmissions in an immersive 3D city environment. Save the day byhelping the residents of the city & defeating the evilcriminals in this thrilling action filled super strange spider herogame. Street thugs, mafia gangsters & terrorists all arevillains that want to disturb the peace of your city. As a greathero with strange mutant powers & your special rope it’s yourjob to stop them all, send them to jail & save the city. Youhave always been people’s savior. You have always served your city& put the evil criminals in jail. No matter whether thecriminal are street thugs, terrorists or mafia gangsters they allfear you. They know what you are capable of, they know how skilledyou are in fighting, combat & gun shooting. On top of that theyhave seen your super spider strange powers. They are well aware ofthe fact that their bloody modern weapons & guns are no matchfor you mutant strange super powers & that is what make themfear you. Use your special mutant rope to pull various objects& villains & criminals towards you. Your special rope isthe key to victory. Be the hero you city & its residentsdeserve & save it from the evil plans & games of thevillains & criminals. As a hero it’s your duty to protect thecity & its residents so use your stranger mutant powers todefeat the villains, street thugs, mafia gangsters &terrorists. It’s not just a duty, it’s a war against crimes &the evil criminals & villains, their plans & games.Roamaround the city freely in this open world free action game. A vastenvironment full of buildings, cars & roads to enjoy. Fly, run,fight& combat the villains & criminals throughout the city.Use your strong rope & spider hero strange powers on all sortsof criminals like street thugs, mafia gangsters & terrorists tosave your city & its peace. The city roads are always full oftraffic & pedestrians which means that you need to be alert atall times. As a quick spider hero with strange powers & strongrope you are responsible for their safety. Win this war against thecriminals & villains at all cost & put an end to their evilplans & games once and for all to restore the peace of city& secure the residents of the city. Combat the villains &criminals & put them in jail. For the whole city you arealready a super spider hero with strange powers & mutant ropebut winning this war will escalate your rank to a legend. Win thiswar to be a legendary spider hero!Features of this game:- Openworld 3D city environment- Fly, fight & save the city like asuper hero- Addictive gameplay- Plenty of challenging mission-Realistic sound effects
Super Robot Army War Hero 3D 1.0
Be a true super iron ore battle mech steel robot, save lives offellow army commando soldiers & serve military as a true heroin this action filled war rescue game. Set in an immersive warenvironment full of gun shooting action this super steel robot gamewill keep you busy & entertained for hours. Save live &help military army commando soldiers fighting for your country inthis free game. Super Robot Army War Hero 3D allows you toexperience war, be a super hero & experience hospital emergencyrescue simulation all at the same time.Military army has hired youfor a special mission. You are going to help military armythroughout the war by flying through battle zone filled with gunshooting & rescuing fellow commando soldiers who have beeninjured during the war. Be the hero your country needs. You havealready proved yourself in combat & fighting by saving yourcity from villains of all sorts. Now it’s time to save yourcountry. Saving lives is the most important mission during the war& it has been given to you. Military army expects you to givethis special mission your 100 percent & help military army winthis war by saving lives of military soldier commandos who can thenget better & return to frontline to combat the enemy with theirmodern weapons & guns. Dodge bullets, counter enemy attacks& help your military army win this war against the villains whowant to destroy your country. You are a steel iron one battle mechrobot who can fly. You do not depend on any special rope or weaponsor strange mutant powers. You are the hero robot of your city, nowit’s time to be the hero of the whole country by saving injuredmilitary army commando soldiers from war zones filled with gunshooting action. Download this steel battle mech iron ore robotrescue hero game now to experience the best war gun shooting action& emergency rescue simulation.
Drift Cars Battle Offroad Race 1.0
Experience the ultra high speed car driving & rally racing onthe most competitive offroad muddy and gravel rally racing tracks.Drift Cars Battle Offroad Race brings the fast driving experienceto a whole new level. Experience the thrill of speed and adventureof racing on the most difficult rally racing tracks with many turnsand twists. It's not your usual rally car racing game, Drift CarsBattle Offroad Race brings the fun of rally racing & excitementof drifting in a single game. Drive, drift & race on offroadand muddy tracks with ultra high speed modified super fast rallydrift cars and mark your name on the leaderboard. Your competitionis not only with other racers but with time too, show your highspeed car rally drift racing skills to the world and conquer theracing world with furious racing & drifting skills. Choose yourhigh speed modified sports drift rlly racing car wisely becauseit's an endless race with time. Modify your 4x4 wheeler driftracing high speed modified sports cars to make them ultra fast& high speed. Drive, drift & race your modified super fastsports cars on rally tracks far away from city where you don't haveto worry about city traffic. Change the color of your high speedmodified sports rally drift cars & design your car according toyour personality. Be a furious rally drift racer but avoid crasheswith obstacles and your rival racers. Time your corners & driftfor an advantage over your opponent. Win every race to progress& unlock different game modes. Perform various sports modifiedrally drift car stunts. Perform drifts and other extreme stunts andcomplete your race in style.To become the fastest and the proskilled driver you have to participate in three different racingmodes which are survival, loop and arena. So start playing DriftCars Battle Offroad Race' game and play all the modes and break allthe driving records. Race, drive & drift like a true fast rallydrift driver and drift & race like a champion. Modify your carand make it the world’s fastest.Survival Mode:In survival modesurvive as many check points as you can. Reach each check point intime to gain more time to race & drift to the next check point.Reach as many check points as you can and become the fastest driveramong your rival racers. Avoid crashes, drive fast & driftaround the corners to save time in the survival mode.ArenaMode:Reach as many points as you can in limited time. You won't getextra time on reaching racing points. You will have to finish on alimited time. So drive, race & drift as fast as you can butdrive safe.Loop Mode:You will get levels to complete in this mode.Completing each level will unlock the next level!So fasten yourseatbelts & put your pedal to the metal & race to thevictory. Start your engine, race & drift in you modifiedsuperfast rally drift racing sports car to show the world who's thechampion!Drift Cars Battle Offroad Race Features:- Difficultoffroad muddy, bumpy tracks- Offroad environment- Ultra high speedrally drift racing cars with nitrous oxide NOS- Realistic car rallyracing sounds- Immersive 3D environment- Realistic racing gameplay-Three different car controls
Elite Spider Training Free 2.7
Be a real spider super strongest hero with knight ultimate fantasypowers & military army soldier commando at the same time. Inthis apocalypse survival game, you have to be fearless spiderfighter to accomplish spider robotic battle. You are the strongestreward hero with strange modern survive powers who has beenrescuing his city for a long time from thugs, criminals & mafiagangsters assault. But now it’s time to help the army rescuemilitary save the world war II from the fearless evil fighter enemyterrorists. Which is only possible by combining your strongest heropowers or knight real survival training in superhero online game.Army military survival strategy game will prepare you for thespider robotic battle against combat terrorists arms in order torescue your country. Get ready to join the best military cityshooting training camp in this free city best superhero traininggame. Enter in the survival strategy training game only designed byfearless army fighters who want to train them to be a real spiderin modern survive. For that you have to learn how to fightfearlessly, combat shooting, epic strike & shoot. In thisheroic game of spider robotic battle, learn all the essentialtarget tricks of real spider world war II. This program is designedby the knight sniper fantasy military shooter to fully train youphysically & mentally. Improve your superhero rescue fighting,combat & war skills by attending the best street training camp.The training won’t be easy. The training program is designed to betough & challenging to train the commando soldiers for allsorts of situations to compete for crime gangsters or mafia evilheroes. Train yourself to be the best commando soldier spidersuperhero, it’s now time to be the hero of every city of yourcountry instead of being a hero for just one city. Train withvarious different modern weapons & guns. Perfect your sniperaim & shooting by training regularly to be the best militaryarmy sniper spider shooter, rifle expert man & marksman.Perfect your gun critical shooting in order to help army militaryto defeat all the crime-gangster terrorist slots. Train with thelatest modern weapons & guns available to perfect your aiming& gun critical shooting skills because shooting is an essentialpart of a war. Train your body regularly by performing variousdifferent drills & exercises to become the strongest hero likeall the other elite commando soldiers. Train to be the bestcommando soldier & military army security shooter. Helpmilitary army in the counterterrorism war against terrorists like areal spider reward hero to save your country.
Miami Gangster Vice Grand City 1.1
You’ve been away from your cityyourneighborhood for quite a while now but now it’s your timetoreturn. Return, take over city & rule it. Miami GangsterViceGrand City allows you to fulfill your dream of taking over&ruling a city. Explore an immersive eventful breathtaking 3dcityin this free roam open world free to play actionadventuresimulation game. Complete various missions, take on rivalgangs,use your modern weapons & guns to combat otherruthlessgangsters or just go on a drive in your favorite car toexplore thecity in the thrilling open world action free roamadventuregame.You’ve always wanted to rule your city & in order to so youhadto be brutal & strong. To be strong & brutal youworkedyour way up the mafia. You have been to different majorcities likeMiami, vice & san andreas where you started yourcareer with abank robbery. You are a fighter & a survivor. Torule the cityyou’ll first have to face & defeat other ruthlessmafia gangs& brutal gangsters. Use your modern weapons &guns tostrike hard & kill the criminals and gangsters who areafteryour life & want to rule your city. Your city is full ofdeadlyruthless criminals & you’ll have to combat them all to bethenumber one. Grab your guns & jump right into the action inthisgrand city. Rivals gangsters fear you so they will try tooutrunyou, chase them & kill them to claim your throne. Lock&load your guns to prove that you are the finest citysnipershooter. Unleash a brutal assault on the rivals gangs &destroythem to rule the city. Use different weapons & guns toshoot& kill the rival gang members, grab a car to chase them iftheytry to runaway. Rivals gangs, criminals & mafia gangstersarealso equipped with modern weapons & guns so expect a lot ofgunshooting. Be ready to combat the enemy & shoot back. Yousnipershooting skills will help you kill the criminals &rivalgangsters.It might be fun & games for the rivals gangs, criminals&gangsters but for you to rule like a grand gangster from viceMiamicrime city is a dream that you need to fulfill at allcosts.Grab a car, drive & explore a city full of action&adventure in this free to play open world free roam gangstergame.Use your guns to prove that you are the finest shooter,bestrifleman & gangster killer. Explore a city bursting withlifein this free open world free roam game. A city full oftraffic,buildings, cars, bikes & pedestrians. Ride, drive,race, fight& shoot in this action filled game. Do as you wishandexperience a true free roam game in a single package. Pick upyourguns & start shooting in order to take over & rulethecity.
Spider Anti Terrorist War Hero 1.0
Get ready to jump ranks from being a supernatural spider mutanthero to spider anti-terrorist critical gun strike superhero war inthis free to play thrilling 3D gun shooting action free roam game.Play the role of a strange super spider hero hired by military armyas a soldier commando for a special ops mission to combat theglobal terrorists & to put an end to their evil assault gamesonce & for all. The survival of your city depends your combat,fighting, war & speed gun shooting skills. Military army &navy has asked hired you for a special final combat mission. Evilruthless terrorists are coming towards your city through a sea on ahijacked navy aircraft carrier simulator ship. Your final combatkiller mission is to land on enemy terrorist’s aircraft carriersimulation ship & kill all the terrorists to take back navyarmy’s simulator ship. Army military commando superhero soldiershave given you special training in military army base camps &boot camps & taught you the superhero stealth skills requiredfor this assassination mission as well as helped you improve yourgun war fighting, combat killing, escape survival & speed gunshooting skills. Military navy & army forces will provide youwith super weapons & guns like rifles, pistols, mp5 Ak47, m4a1& grenades to combat & shoot out the villain terrorists inthis special battlefield ops mission. Hijacking a navy armymilitary aircraft airplane carrier simulator ship might be a fungame for criminal villain & evil terrorists but to you it’s aterrorist strike attack & security risk. Land on the navy warship & free roam in a stealth manner to kill all the terrorists& save your city along with the ship. This critical gun strikecombat attack game has plenty of levels & missions that’ll takeyou through the whole fighter simulator ship. Complete all themissions to save the battle ship & your city like a true superspider military army anti-terrorist war hero. It’s about time youthat you use your gun shooting, super fighting, combat shooter,survival stealth & war skills to prove that you are the bestarmy sniper shooter, rifleman, marksman, commando soldier & atrue hero.Rival ruthless terrorists have planned to attack on yourvice city with all they have got. They are going to use navymilitary army’s hijacked modern hunting weapons & combatshooting guns. They might match you in hunting weapons &shooting guns but they don’t have your fighting, shooting &survival skills or your super strange mutant spider supernaturalpowers. Military navy army has chosen you as a super elite antiterrorists commando soldier for a special ops mission to land ofthe simulation ship & secure it by killing & shooting allthe terrorists, assassin gangsters & criminals. Use your superspider strange mutant hero super powers & skills along withyour modern guns & combat assassin weapons to kills all theterrorists& brutal criminals. Accurate aiming & swiftshooting would be very important throughout the elite terroristassassin mission so shoot quickly & strike hard to win thiscombat battle arena. Counter enemy attacks as your survival isdependent on your counter skills. Survival of your city depends onyou. Navy military army is counting on you to bring the ship homesafely in order to save your city. Land on the ship & provethat you are the best shooter, marksman & rifleman by shooting& killing all the terrorists. Save your city & bring homethe ship safely like a true spider strange super mutant commandosoldier hero.