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Block Crush Classic 1.4
Block Crush Classic is an amazing game ofdropping blocks. This classic game of block crush will remind youof old school days.Enjoy playing block crush classic for endless fun. The blockadesare moving up on game board and you have to control and fix them.You have to manage them by rotating all the blocks and moving themleft or right so as to create a horizontal line of 10 units withblocks which will disappear and you can score points.There are several colors of tetrimino blocks and of differentshapes, rotate them at 90 degree to fit and make a horizontal linewithout any gap.How to play:• Use controls at the bottom of screen to move blocks and make ahorizontal line without gap• Make blocks fall in line and clear it• Clear more than single horizontal line can fetch bonuspoints.Game benefits:• Improves the brain logic• Keeps mind very active• Fun and enjoyable puzzle game• Superb time killing game of block crush.Features: Option of rotating tertimino A classic puzzle game of blocks Make combos and enjoy scoring Interesting game of moving blocksSay no to boring time and start playing block crush classic!
Sky Run 1.1
Sky Run is a very interesting and nice skirunner game. In this game become a block runner and lets see howfar you can make block jump.In Sky run the play is very simple. You have to control granny fromfalling down from the blocks.Zig zag road makes the ski run much more difficult to score. Thegranny is one of the best runner of all the times. Granny runs overthe blocks and make sure you have good control over hersteps.There are different phases in sky run so always move accordingly toscore more.Sky run is basically a kind of safari over the clouds. .Game Features:• Block runner game• Make a good block jump with granny• Decide which way to go• Pocket size game for refreshment• Take entire tour of this safariEnjoy sky run , the ultimate block runner game for ski fun!
Tales From Deep 1.1
Tales from deep is an arcade game of sailingyour submarine. Submarines can come up and can go down, deep in theheart of ocean. The motive of this game is to move ahead in thegame and dodge from the incoming hurdles.Collect coins and barrels and grow bigger in size.How to play:Touch and press on the screen to move the submarine down to thebottom of the sea. Release your finger to come up in the game.Hurdles are moving sometimes faster so always keep an eye over thehurdle to and stay moving your submarine to score better in thegame.The submarine is bouncy in water, so try to keep it balanced bytapping and releasing your finger over the screen.If you love playing arcade game then give this game a try. You aregoing to love this for sure .Tales from deep will always keep you engaged in free time and is agreat time waster.Play this game with friends and family and share your scale andreveal your tale from deep.Game Features:• Easy and simple game play• One touch control• Dodge from icebergs and other hurdles• Collect coins and barrels while on the moveMove your submarine as swift as you can without getting stuck withicebergs and hurdles.We welcome all the valuable feedback and suggestions. Please don’tforget to leave your valuable feedback !
Nuts and Squirrel 1.2
Nuts and squirrel is an addictive and amazingAdventure game. In this adventure game help squirrel to collect allthe nuts and make it to the tree stump.This amazingly addictive nut collecting game can be played anytimeanywhere if you are travelling in bus, metro or in boring times. Ifyou are fan of other jumping arcade games where you have to makethe character jump from one platform to another then you are goingto love this game too.Collect all the nuts so as to clear the level. If any of them isleft behind in this game you cannot enter next level and the treestump will not appear on the screen.You have to make the squirrel jump from one platform to another andavoid contact with hurdles like spikes, fire and water. Once youget in touch with them you will have to start again that level inthis adventure platformer game.In some levels make the squirrel jump over the springboard tocollect nuts.There little and short game has 16 stages with 3 levels each. Asyou move on from one stage to another the game becomes moreinteresting. To start with we have 48 levels in the game. Newlevels will be introduced shortly.How to play:The mechanism of this game is simple:• Single tap jump game• Collide with wall to change the direction of squirrel• Avoid contact with hurdles.Game Features:• Entertaining game theme of collecting nuts• Avoid contact with spikes, fire and water• Platformer game of jumping squirrel• Feed squirrel with all the nuts• Collect all the nuts in the level and make it to the treestump.• Sometimes seems to be an impossible journey of nutcollection• 48 levels of enormous fun• Well designed levels• Say no to boring times and Hi to entertainment• Elegant theme musicWe have made this game passionately so as to enhance your gamingexperience but if there is something that you don’t like about thegame, send us the feedback on Wewill try to improve the game. And please don’t forget to put yourvaluable reviews behind and tell us how we did.
Wild Car 1.1
Drive yourself crazy with one of thecraziestdangerous driving car racing game. In the downtown therearevarious cool cars on the dashy road.Don’t crash with other cars moving on the road and try tododgeyourself in this dashy road game.Game controls are very simple. On the left side of screen youcanfind the controls to accelerate, brake switch your row leftandright. You have got a very cool car. With this cool car youcanjump over the others. Manage your jump carefully and don’tcrashwith other cars as this will decrease your speed.In this craziest car jumping game there is a time bar foreachlevel. Be fast and the craziest ever driver to jump, dodge andmoveahead in the game.Let’s see to what level you can make in this jumping cargame.Game Features:• A jumping game of cool cars• Dodge from others and beat them all in this addictive timewastergame• Tik tok , tik tok , the time is passing bye• The craziest ever car racing fun• In school, metro, bus or free time , enjoy this short gameforFree!• Be focused and keep concentration on this dashy road game
Hoppy Squirrel 1.0
Hoppy Squirrel is an action packed gameoftapping and jumping of squirrels.To start the game you have to tap tap and continue till the timeyoucollect all the nuts and clear the level.Hoppy Squirrel is a wonderful arcade game of skippy squirrelswholove to jump at the country side and grab some nuts.Hoppy squirrels has 10 levels of amazing game play and youwillindulge yourself in fun with them.Objective of this game is to collect all the nuts and skipyourselffrom all the spikes, fire and ice to score.Game Features:• Tap tap game• Hoppy squirrels run for nuts• Beware of spikes, fire and ice while tapping• Grab all the nuts to finish level• Short and cute game of funny hoppy squirrelHow to play:Make single tap for single jumpDouble tap for double jump (tap tap)If you like playing some cool arcade game of tapping then forsureyou are going to love this game also.Stay tuned for more levels introduced in the game very soon inthisgameYour feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Wealwaysappreciate your feedback and suggestions.
Stickman Jump 1.0
Stickman Jump – a jumper game full ofthrillingstunts and action.Let’s begin the journey with our stick man and start jumpingoverand over again. Are you ready for the show? Let theshowbegin.Stick man is greedy these days and he is collecting coins inthisgame .To make the stickman a good jumper you have to drawatrampoline below with the help of finger. The longer line youdrawthe greater distance he can cover.Features:• Action packed jumping game• Cool and great visual effects• Collect coins and travel great distance• His revenge is on spikes• Use boosters to score more• Fun and addictive game with revenge concept• Can perform amazing stuntsHow to Play:• Drag your finger over the bottom of the screen to maketheplatform to jump.• The angle over which the line is drawn decidesflipdirection• Larger the line drawn the higher the jumpBoosters:• Double Jump: Helps in double jump• Fast Forward: Collect this power to boost the speed ofstockmanand move faster• Kite: collect kite so that stickman glides• Net: Supports the stickman to not fallHurdles:• Black Spikes: Don’t touch the spike as you will fail• Yellow monster: Avoid contact as it creates bomb• Bomb: It finishes the gameDownload it today and show to all , how good jumper you arewithStickman Jump!
Merge Ville 1.0
Do you love building? Are you a greatBuilder?Want to build and grow your own Ville from the scratch?Let’s doit!Merge Ville is a unique match 3 building game of growingyourVille from small farm to large castle.We all love playing match 3 games but as a builder!Seemsinteresting.Merge Ville is a drag and swipe game of building large castle.Game Rules:The game rules are simple. Just drag and match 3 similar smallunitsto grow into larger units.Game Features:• Unique match 3 game of building large castles• Simple game rule• Beautiful theme and game design• Score as much as you can• Best for improving the brain power.Seems simple to score, let’s make this more interesting,somehurdles will occur as fire in this game. These fire icons willmoveand restricts you from scoring.Download Merge Ville today and build your own kingdom inthismatch 3 game!
Fruit Candy World
We welcome you to an amazing and tasty journeyof Fruit candy World!Fruit candy world is the newest and best match 3 fruit game ofsweet fruit candy. Wonder through the fruit garden and collectsweet fruit candy and enjoy the game.This is the new match 3 fruit puzzle game creation and above all itis free to play. This Sweet fruit candy game of colourful and tastyfruit garden game can be played by all starting from kids toGrandpa and Granny.Swap and make fruit candy blast of match 3 fruits and solve 200levels of amazing puzzle in Fruit candy World.Features:• Amazing 200 levels of fruit match and tasty and mouthwateringpuzzles• Make fruit candy blast with rainbow candy• Wonder through the delightful fruit garden• Wonderful game themes and animation effects• Classic puzzle challenges of fruit candy levels• Completely FREE to play!• Collect all the sweet candy and other fruits• Swap and match sweet candy game playWe hope you will enjoy making the maximum swap for the best fruitcandy blast and eliminate all the sweet candy off the board.What are you waiting for? Download the newest and tastiest match 3fruit game and wonder through all the fruit garden of Fruit candyworld today!
Jelly King 1.3
Jelly King is an addictive game of jellycrushing with your finger and enjoy this jelly Feast!Sweet, delicious and juicy jellys are yours; enjoy this jellysplash for hours of funThis tasty and delicious jelly game is one of the most amazingjelly splash game and addictive match 3 game in town.Make match 3 of juicy jellys and create a great jelly blast. Let’scome and join the jelly jam with Jelly King and start jelly poppingand relish the moment.Sail though the magical candy kingdom and visiting wondrous jellyblast levels.This match 3 game of jelly jam is simple at the beginning but getsmore interesting and juicy as you play through all the magicalsweet and tasty candy levels.Game Features:• Magical candy kingdom of jelly splash• Uniquely designed match 3 game of jelly popping• Create jelly blast by tapping more than 2 jellys• 100 of sweet and juicy jelly levels in this wondrous candykingdom• Some levels are time dependent so get juicy and tasty deliciousjelly as fast as you can• In few levels feed candy and rescue your dog• Dozens of delicious and wonderful surprise prizes tocollect!• An addictive match-3 adventure challenged with jumping jelly andcute dog.Jelly King is going to entertain you for hours of jelly jam levelsand perfect candy blast.Colourful and tasty candy graphics and beautiful animation of thisjuicy jelly game is going to make you feel relaxed and there arelevels where you have to rescue your pet will entertain yourdays.Play this amazingly cool Jelly King game and make more jelly blastand enjoy your feast.How to play:• Tap on 2 or more juicy jellies to make a perfect blast• Tap on more than 3 candy jellys to get combos• In few levels clear the cake, pastry and cookie of the gameboard• In some levels collect gummy jelly by bringing them downGummy jelly is really tough to get as needs a true focus andstrategy of jelly poppingDownload amazing Jelly King and enjoy jelly popping!
10 Block Puzzle Mania 1.3.3
10 block puzzle mania is loved by many of theusers round the world. Give a try to this classic block puzzle ofrotating block and say no to boring times10 Block Puzzle Mania is an addictive connect line game of classicblock puzzle. In this game you have to create 10X10 horizontal orvertical lines to enjoy classic blocks puzzle. Need to refresh fora while! Take a pause and drop blocks in 10X10 lines and refreshyourself within few minutes with this block puzzle game of 10blocks.Special Features:This is the block puzzle of fitting 10-10 grid we have added anoption of rotating blocks, which you can use it with ease and scoremore.Rotating block will give you more freedom to place blocks the wayyou want to fit it and help you to score bigThe game rule of this classic block puzzle game is simple andchallenging. If you enjoy playing some other block puzzle maniagame then you are going to love this game too. Reason for moreinvolvement in this classic block puzzle is we have the rotatingblock for more scoring. In this game of block fit 10X10 blocks wehave added some features which you cannot find in some other gamesof solving Block puzzle.Modes: There are two modes in this game.1) Normal Mode: In this mode draw lines horizontally or verticallywith rotating blocks and score as much as you can, Plan your movebefore playing this game. Collapse more lines to score higher inthe game. Game will end when you don't have enough space to put theblocks into 10x10 grids.2) Time Mode: In this mode you have been given 10 minutes to playand score as much as you can. Game will end when you don't haveenough space to put the blocks into 10x10 gridsHow to play:• Simple game rules, just drag and drop blocks to make 10X10• No color matching is required in this game• Fill all the grids and act smart• Plan before your move, if find difficult we have given option torotate the block and solve the block puzzle.Game Features:• This game improves the problem solving skills set• A perfect pause for refreshment• Option of rotating block• Normal and Time mode for more fun and excitement in thegame
Candy Fruit Mania 1.0.05
Get indulged in Candy Fruit mania with mouthwatering and delicious candy fruit.Join the best and foremost the most entertaining Candy Fruit Maniagame.This is the sweetest Fruit match-3 puzzle game you would have everplayed.Candy Fruit mania comes with whole lot of enjoyment of match-3 gamewith many puzzle modes and different task.Collect candy fruit to match through this amazing sweet candystory!How to Play:• Swap and make mouthwatering candy match of 3 or more fruitcandies to solve 100s of amazing puzzles.• Create tasty candy combos and complete the level with ease.Objective:Simple game play with easy rules. Just swap and match candy fruitsand move on in this amazing sweet lollipop journey!Hurdles:• Gummy candy: Swap fruits to clear the gummy candy• Frozen ice: Remove frozen ice and move ahead in the game• Cropsies: Remove growing cropsies from the game board and createtasty fruit combosHighlighted features:• 100s of well designed sweet candy levels• Travel through the most amazing sweet candy world with all thelevels• Challenging objects like gummy candy , frozen ice andcropsies• Collect unique items• Sweet and mouthwatering candy fruit objects• Free to play addictive match-3 gameSweeten your free time and have fun with candy fruit mania!
Fruit Candy Fever
Fruit candy Fever is the newest Buzz in thetown! It is one of the sweetest candy match 3 game for allages.Swap or swipe fruit candy and relax in the delightful Fruit CandyFever.Create boosters and finish the level with ease. Try to get 3 starsin each level.Join Fruit Candy fever today and enjoy this time killer gameGame Features:• 100 level of delightful candy fever levels• Create and use power boosters• Swap, swipe and match 3 or more same sweet fruit candies• Travel in the fun candy world to enjoy the game• Classic and addictive match-3 game• Match 4 or more candies to create special boosters• Beautiful and tempting game designExplore in this sweet candy fever game and have fun. Suitable forkids to granny and granpa!
Escape that level 1.0.6
Escape that level is a wonderful and veryinteresting game of puzzle with hints.The most interesting fact of this escape game is that there are 40levels. For all the levels there is just a single theme anddifferent way to escape for each level.All the 40 levels are different from each other and there arenumerous levels of brain puzzle which will brainstorm you.In office, or moving, in metro or bus you can enjoy this amazinglogic puzzle everywhere. If you like playing puzzle, strategy orsome escape games you are definitely going to love this wonderfuldesigned game for sure.Game Features:40 different levels of brainstorming puzzles with singleenvironmentHints to make the game easy to playUser friendly interfaceLogic puzzleEscape from each levels with different logicImprove the ability to think out of the boxWe have made this game and will entertain all the puzzle game fanswith some more levels with coming updates. We appreciate the userfeedback and suggestions. Suggest us some more levels you want tosee in this escape that level game.Don’t forget to leave your valuable reviews! Enjoy playing Escapethat level .
Farm Harvest Land
Enjoy decorating farm and play the ultimatefruit match 3 game!We welcome you to farm harvest land where you have to earn coins byplaying wonderful fruit match 3 games and buy the props anddecorate your farm.This farm garden acres is fresh and new fruit garden match 3game.In farm harvest land collect as many coins as possible by makingmatch 3 of garden fruits and decorate garden acres.What this game bring to you?• Opportunity to explore farm garden acres and decorate them withanimals, barns and buildings• A wonderful and challenging puzzle game that keeps you engagedwith garden fruits• A barn place to decorate and convert it into farm garden• Relax and let your fingers do the exercise for you.Highlighted Features:• Enjoy 190 levels of match 3 fruit game• A wonderful and excellent farm decoration game• Swap and match game for all ages• Excellent work of graphics that keeps you engaged for hours• Build your farm of dreams and enjoy matching lovely fruits• Addictive match 3 game• Lovely and delicious fruit designFarm harvest land is free to play game, but contains ads!!!!!Download this garden mania game today for Free and enjoy decoratingthe farm by relaxing and let your fingers work for you. We love tohear from you. Please do let us know your feedback and suggestionsfor Farm harvest land.
Bubble Shooter: Bunny Pop 1.0.8
Get ready to play the newest bubble shootergame on this New year 2017. Bubble shooter: Bunny pop is FREE toplay!Bubble Shooter: Bunny pop is simply amazing, refreshing andaddictive bubble shooting game for 2017.Match 3 or more colourful bubbles and make bubble bust. Rescue allthe cute bunny trapped in bubbles!KEY FEATURES.......• 360 captivating and fun puzzle bubble shooting levels• Breathtaking visual effects.• Rescue cute bunny trapped in bubbles• Accurate controls and flexibility of bubble swap• One of the newest bubble shooter 2017 game• Explore wonderful world with cute bunny• Play this game offline too. No need of Wifi or internet• Fun bubble shooter game with new levels added regularly.WHY TO PLAY THIS GAME?• Kill boring time• Develops puzzle solving skills with fun• For refreshment and joy!HOW TO PLAY• Drag finger over the screen to aim and shoot bubble• Make bubble swap if needed• Match 3 or more bubble to burst!• Rescue all the pets!Bubble shooter: bunny pop is a free to play game but contains adssuch as banner and interstitials.Download this bunny pop game today and enjoy your New year2017!
Bubble Shooter: Kitty Pop 1.2
Bubble shooter Kitty Pop is an addictiveandamazing bubble shooting game! Match 3 or more bubbles to popandrescue baby catStella the mother cat needs your help to rescue baby cat.HelpStella to free her child trapped in vicious bubbles.Now, Here is your mission to shoot bubbles to save kitty andLevelup!Bubble shooter: Kitty pop comes with effervescent gamemusic,spectacular graphics and animation. The game comes with300challenging fun levels where in you have to act as saviourtorescue kitty and help stella.Game features:• Solve more than 300 fantastic levels• Vivid graphics design and stunning visuals will increase thejoyof playing the game• Rescue baby cat in all the levels• Earn 3 stars in each level by using fewer bubbles to shoot• Fun for all agesHow to play:• Match 3 of the same bubbles to POP• Switch bubbles for better optionsThis is one of the best bubble shooting experience for allages!!!!Bubble shooter: Kitty pop comes with more than 300 levels.Enjoythe game and let us know if you have your feedback andsuggestionto improve the game!!!
Real Basketball Star
Hey all the fanatic basketball gamers!Herecomes the best and challenging fanatical basketball game basedonreal physics. Play Real basketball Star and enjoy yourfuntime.Real basketball star is an addictive game designed on realphysicsto entertain you and become basketball star.Take your street basketball skills to the next level withRealbasketball Star.Highlighted features:• 30 Level of challenging basketball fever• Prepare to enjoy playing best basketball game ever• Great basketball shoot experience• Quick to play basketball shoot game• Real 3D environment• Classic work of graphicsHow to play:Drag your finger on the screen, aim and release to makebasketballshoot. Make perfect shoot and collect combos.In all the 30 levels there are various obstacles like, hand inthehoop, moving hoop and different ball orientation.We are going to come up with more levels soon.Hope you would enjoy playing real basketball star and have funtime.Please do write to us in case you want to see some changes inthegame. We always appreciate your valuable feedback andsuggestions inthis fanatical basketball game!
Jewels Temple: Match 3 1.0.01
Create the jewels temple by matchingandpopping 3 of the same piecesJewels temple is an amazing match 3 game of valuable gemsandjewelsAn amazing and adventurous match 3 journey is waiting for you inthemid way.This sparkling puzzle journey of jewels and diamonds willincreaseyour wanderlust for jewels treasure.Start the journey with this puzzle adventure and rediscoverthejewels treasure with Jewels TempleGame Features:• Sparking and precious jewels and diamonds match 3• 150 glittering jewels quest to solve• FREE to play jewels match game• Play through all the 4 jewels Treasure Island• Create helpful magic gem boosters and have fundiscoveringtreasures• No need of WIFI or internetHow to play:• Swap or swipe precious diamonds to make match 3• Create magic gem boosters and use them to solve thejewelsquestWhat are you waiting for????Download it today for FREE and enjoy the journey throughthebeautiful and magical jewels treasure island .
Stick Basketball Shoot 1.0.1
Experience the real basket ball shootwithstickman in this game!Stick Basketball shoot is a casual game for free time. This canbeenjoyed anytime and anywhere. Enjoy the game in a wholenewdifferent concept.Stick Basketball Shoot comes with Different Modes:Arcade Mode: There are some numbers of basketballs which needs tobedunk in each levelTime Mode: You have to dunk or shoot basketball inlimitedtimeMultiplayer: Play this exciting stick basketball game withrealplayers around the worldHow to play:Drag your finger over the screen to aim and shoot theBasketball.Game Features:• Exciting basketball shoot game for all ages.• Play with or against the wind• Multiplayer mode to connect with other stickman aroundtheworld• FREE to play game• Great controls with trail line to help you shoot basketball• Great Visual effect and animationsHope you would love to play our latest creation of Stickbasketballshoot gameWe really appreciate your valuable feedback and suggestions