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Cold Space 1.3.0
★★★★★ *** 100% free! ***3D Space Shoot’em Up for Smartphones and TabletsDestroy the alien-armada in the infinite space before it reachesthe earth!Compete with other players in this science fiction shoot’em up andbecome the best pilot in the universe!Cold Space awaits you:• Numerous different enemies• Constantly changing challenges in your league• State of the art 3D graphics and sound effects• Fierce boss battles• Fantastic weapons, power-ups and drones• Classic arcade action with impressive 3D visualsGet ready to fire!Help and feedback - -
Matchday – Football Manager 1.15.0
It's your team. You're the one who discovered the youngsters on thetransfer market, you're the one who trained them, honed them,moulded them into a team. Now it's time to step up to thechallenge, devise the perfect game plan and put your squad to thetest against other managers in daily fixtures!You, your tactics and the tickerFootball is a daily saga full of tragedies and triumphs. The livecommentary ticker, Matchday's beating heart, tells you thesestories as the game unfolds. Just like a real manager you canscream your lads to victory from the sidelines, actively changingthe course of play with numerous commands – just make sure youdon't leave the technical area!Everything at your fingertips: designed for victoryManagement doesn't need to be boring! Matchday delivers up thefigures, statistics and tables in a clear, appealing andeasy-to-read form. This way you can keep your eyes on more thanjust the ball, and make crucial decisions even faster.Play against the football worldPlace the winning bid on the transfer market, scout out opposingteams and beat cunning managers from around the world in your questto gain promotion into the top flight. Using the optionallyavailable licensing packs you can even kit out your team withreal-life top club strips, or bolster your squad with their starplayers!The manager's weapon: the smartphoneIn this world of top class managers, everything from squad lineups,the transfer market, statistics and financial figures are just atap away. All you need is an internet connection and you can playanywhere: on your sofa, in the café, or even on your way to work.Simply download Matchday for your tablet or smartphone and startplaying, absolutely free!Everything is in your hand: buy, sell and train your players,design your club and lead your boys to the title!Show your smarts and use your manager's cunning to beat theother coaches and their teams. The best thing of all? In this game,every day is Matchday!Matchday – 100% Football!
Animas Online 1.2.0
UPDATE! Chapter 5 is here! 'The Poisoned Forest' is waiting for youand your friends!In the verdant shadows you'll need your wits about you, as you tryto get to the bottom of the robot plague. Who's pulling the stringsbehind the scenes? Prepare yourselves for battle – forForestia!*****'5* A+ Good Job!''Enjoyable game, easy to control and addictive.''Diablo for Furs!''Awesome time bandit. Love the game so far. Easy controls.''A really fun adventure app. It should come with a warning ashighly addictive.'*****Save your homelandLife in Forestia was once a peaceful idyll. But now yourhomeland is in danger! Ruthless humans are destroying the ancientforest with their evil technology and won't stop for anything withtheir machines. Stand up to them and save your world! You'll needto gather your courage if you want to succeed – and your friendsfighting at your side.Forests, coasts and ancient ruined cities: make sure you exploreevery corner of your island. Missions and research expeditions willsend you delving into the farthest reaches of Forestia. Testyourself in the arena, face off against waves of monsters or pityourself against your friends to collect extra credits for youraccount! Win some golden keys and you can also pick up extraspecial items.Start playing nowLong waiting times? Not in Forestia! Quick rounds and intuitivegame controls ensure exciting quests and challenges. Fight with theheart of a lion for your home – with an internet connection you canplay wherever you are, on iOS and Android!www.gameforge.com
Crystal Runner 1.0.3
★★★★★ Help Jane secure the precious artefactsfrom the crystal caves, just don't get squashed by the giantboulder behind you!WILL YOU SUCCEED AND ESCAPE ALL 15 MENACING CAVES ALIVE?Dodge the deadly crystals and stalactites and negotiate gapingchasms at manic speeds. Pure adrenaline!Crystal Runner is waiting for you with:• 15 challenging and varied levels• Fast and catchy gameplay• Orchestral soundtrack and great graphics• Great fun for those little breaksENTER THE MYSTICAL CRYSTAL CAVES NOW!!Help and Feedback - -
SoulWorker Anime Legends 1.00.0027
💎Enjoy one of the best anime style multiplayer action RPG’s of2020💎 Explore the world of SoulWorker on the latest releaseSoulWorker Anime Legends.. Through single player or collaborativegameplay, unearth challenging missions or team up to do PvP or PvEmissions. SoulWorker Anime Legends is inspired by its successorSoulWorker on PC, embodying 6 heroes from PC version, a legendarygameplay experience with easy to use controls with an stunningenvironment. With SoulWorker Anime Legends, you can finallyexperience what an anime style online multiplayer gameplay has tooffer within the palm of your hands! It is your turn to write yourown legends with unlikely heroes using soul as their weapon.Throughout this captivating story, lead your champion to success byusing a sword, a scythe, or even a guitar! With Stella’s swifthowling guitar lessons even, your enemies will tremble against thepower of your soul! 🔥Key features: • ‘Playable anime’ graphicsthanks to impressive cel-shadings • Unique battle style withpersonalized combos • Intensive PvP & PvE content • Easy to useon-screen controls • Post-apocalyptic setting with a captivatingstory 🔥Characters: Includes 6 Legendary characters from originalSoulworker PC version: • Haru Estia, heads into battle wielding hermighty Soulum sword. • Lily Bloommerchen’s expression of hermadness takes the form of a destructive Mist Scythe. • StellaUnibell defends herself from all attacks with the Howling Guitar. •Erwin Arclight blasts back enemies making use of his Gun Jazz. •Jin fights with both fists for justice – yet the shadows of hispast constantly weigh on his shoulders. • Iris Yuma unleashes herinnate wrath and the rage at the tragic fate of her family throughher gigantic Hammer Stol. 🔥Pleasure for both eyes and ears alike: •Enjoy unique atmosphere set by both anime style graphics and uniquemusic alike • Customize your character with beautiful costumes •Engage in a realistic anime world and write your own legend Followus on social media for latest news & updates!
Gameforge Authenticator 1.0.12
Free, easy and safe: The app protects your Gameforge account usingtwo-factor authentication. This keeps your characters andhard-earned achievements in your favorite games safe. Using the appis easier than any tutorial level! This way you’ll have fullcontrol over all login attempts, which you can accept or rejectwith a single click. The app offers protection for all games foundin the Gameforge portfolio at Here you’ll also havequick, direct access to all our games – check it out, download itand start playing! Note: An internet connection is required to usethe app. While we endeavor to provide protection across all ourgames, it is currently not possible to secure the following gameswith two-factor authentication as a result of differing accountstructures: 4Story, AION, BattleKnight, BiteFight, Elsword,KingsAge, Tanoth, WildGuns, Wizard101.