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Perfect Kick
Google Play’s Best of 2015 game Perfect Kickis the world’s first real-time multiplayer penalty kick footballgame! Control all shootout matches with the flick of a singlefinger. As kicker and keeper, swipe to make spectacular goals andsaves! Play for free in unlimited champion challenges againstopponents from around the world live. Earn rich rewards everyweek.PK now celebrates the new football season and European cup with theaddition of Official Benfica F.C. jerseys and badges to the gameshop. Try the sports game ranked number one in 36 countries and top5 in another 87 countries, with a total of 13 million+downloads!RICH GAME EXPERIENCEGo head to head with friends and players from around the world in 3game modes: Champion League, Super Star Challenge, and ClassicTournament (global ranking chart enabled). Brilliant 3D graphicsbring to life the stadium, fans, and soccer stars for a completelyimmersive experience of scenery and game energy. The game’sadvanced physics game engine gives you the highest level of controlfor pinpoint accuracy when you go to score.BUILD THE PERFECT TEAMMake your team’s dreams come true. Lead your club of heroes to thefinals and climb to the top of the ranks with training and specialitems that increase players’ agility and power. Dress to impressfor your showdown with opponents by leveraging the deep variety ofcustomization options including custom uniforms, shoes, gloves, andfacial expressions.Fans Page:
Top League Soccer 0.9.5
Can you make the shot? Can you make the save? Can you handle thepressure as a stadium of sports fans looks on? New authenticmultiplayer penalty kick game Soccer Shootout puts you in the rolesof football kicker and keeper for an ultimate showdown. Enjoy live,3D gameplay with a simple flick of a finger. Build your dream teamof kickers and train them in special skills. Go head to head withopponents from around the world in free and unlimited challenges.Win rich rewards every week! Are you ready to be a hero? The worldis watching. REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER You can play against yourfriends or let the game find you an opponent to see how good youare in multiplayer game mode. VISUALLY STUNNING Feast your eyes onvivid 3D graphics and realistic player animation. Soccer Shootout’sfantastic game physics engine shows your spectacular goals andsaves in grand detail. Enjoy slow motion replay for those too fastthe first time. INTUITIVE GAMEPLAY It’s easy learning to score withthe game’s simple finger flick game operation. However, livechampionship and cup matches against international opponents willrequire perfect performance for the final face off. MANAGE YOURTEAM As manager you’ll train them in diverse penalty star tacticsand skills for a wide range of player specialties. Make surethey’re ready for weekly league tournaments to win honors andprizes, climbing to the top of the ranks. CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING Giveyour team unique style with abundant customization options such asboots, balls, stadiums, and officially-authorized jerseys frompremier clubs like Benfica FC and Valencia FC!
Top Football Manager 2020 1.23.01
Join millions of football managers worldwide and build your team ofeleven soccer stars! Do you dream of coaching a team of elevenstars hungry to be champions? New, free soccer club sim TopFootball Manager 2020 puts sports fans like you in charge! Bid onand scout for top players, build and train a team with specialskills, test tactics and formations against real opponents fromaround the world, and watch the match in live 3D simulation.BEAUTIFUL GAMEPLAY Top Football Manager's immersive 3D graphics anda powerful game engine bring your coaching fantasy to life. Watchstunning games play out in real time as you command your elevenplayers or bet on other matches in your league. Every goal is astep further on your journey to victory. MANAGE & TRAIN YOURSQUAD As club head, you will test different formations, adjustingplayer line-up and tactics during play in response to youropponent. Pick a promising player to groom into a hero with specialskills to score in the ultimate showdown. Build a team of champs toclimb the leader board. HUNT FOR STAR PLAYERS Hunt for players tomeet your team’s needs. Bid against other soccer managers to wingolden boys in the market, recruit all-stars with an agent, or usescouts to find young hopefuls you can make into tomorrow’s legends.Transfer players who no longer fit your strategy. RICH MULTIPLAYEREXPERIENCE Face off against real opponents from around the world inleague games. Give your team unique style withofficially-authorized jerseys from Premier League, La Liga,PrimeiraLiga, Bundesliga, MLS. Grow your network of friends, exchangegifts, and grow team experience through friendly matches. Create orjoin a Soccer Association to gain more rewards. For any issues orsuggestions please contact us at
Space Commander (Unreleased)
Assessment Version will open followingfunctions:3 races, 6 heroes and 34 characteristic combat units andskills.- Story Model: Lead your troops to experience an epic starwar.- Challenge Model: Powerful enemy and extremely bad alienenvironment! You will face a more difficult challenge, and ofcourse the rewards will be very rich as well.- Galaxy arena: Take your cultivated troops and compete withother players!- Special challenge, Expedition Activity, the Supply center,etc...Coming soon:- Galaxy Championship: Time limited open with rich rewarding!Every Championship has different rules and ewards. Match players insync and show you an actual real time MOBA!- Team Challenge: Looking for other players to be your teammembers and challenge the powerful enemies!- Fleet System: Build or take part into a fleet, play with otherplayers together!
Perfect Kick 2 - Online SOCCER game 1.1.12
Come play this fun free-kick game against players worldwide in justunder three minutes. Upgrade your stadium, unlock unique gear andpower-ups, and make your name in the Star Hall of Fame. Fast-pacedAttack and Defense. • Simple, fun, and strategic core gameplay,each 1V1 match will alternate between kicker and goalkeeper. • Easyto play, but hard to master. POWER-UPS • Runner, Tornado, BananaKick…You won’t believe the unusual power-ups you will get to use! •Nintendo-style, quirky and beautiful. LEAGUE Compete with theglobal players in the league, improve your league Division andenjoy the Timed League Benefit. CLUB Join a Club with your friendsand recruit talents for the club like a football manager would toimprove the club. You have the power to make your Club the best!CHOOSE YOUR LOOK Play around with different styles by choosing froman array of wacky costumes and gear. Don’t be afraid to expressyour style! SOCIAL Chat with global players and launch friendlymatches to play each other. FEATURES * High definition 3D graphics* Brand new control mechanics with variety and depth * Challengeother players and win trophies * Mind-blowing skills and fun items* Customize your player with quirky looks and costumes