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Temple Bunny Run AdFree 1.09
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This is a 3D running game with a hero of acute bunny! ! !The game graphics are very lovely! ! !The little cute white rabbit needs to run away from the ugly grayrabbit! ! !The little white rabbit will meet lions, hippos, and zebras on itsrunning way! ! !Use your phone to help the little white rabbit run away! ! !Temple Bunny Run is a 3D vertical cartoon running game. Tiltyour phone or your device to control the game! Slide the screenupwards to jump up! Slide the screen downwards to slide down andavoid the obstacles! Catch the chance to turn right or left! Tryyour best to collect coins! Use the coins to improve your abilityand buy new characters!Features★★★★★ Gorgeous visual effects★★★★★ Smooth game control★★★★★ Appropriate background music makes you feel moreimmersive!★★★★★ Numerous power-ups give you more fun!
Flying Granny 1.2
Granny is a very old witch and she's not verygood at flying on a broom anymore.She used to fly like a bird but now it's a bit moredifficult.In Flying Granny, you need to help Granny to fly as far as possibleavoiding the trees in the dark forest.Tap the screen to control the broom and guide her through thedanger.Collect as many halloween pumpkins as possible and use it tocontinue flying farther.Features in Flying Granny :- Addictive, fun and challenging gameplay- Very simple controls, just tap the screen to control thebroom.- Beautiful HD graphics and cheerful soundtrack.- Game Center Learderboards and achievements
Ninja Shuriken Blocker 1.0
The most popular casual game in this year iscoming! ! !New power-ups! ! New graphics! ! !Vivid sound effect and realistic special effects! ! !More realistic and thorough experience! ! !Don’t hesitate! Just download it!Ninja Shuriken Blocker is a great puzzle game. In the game, youare a ninja, who need to tap the screen to control the directionand strength of shooting to pass the game. There are dozens oflevels in the game for players to challenge. As the game moves on,it will become more and more difficult. Target becomes moving andmultiple. And obstacles become more complicated. Various obstacleswill stop the flying of the dart, such as walls and boxes. If youare good at physics, you can have a try!When you hear the gong, the shuriken will be thrown from the castlegarden and as a ninja, your training mission is to block all ofthem. If you fail to block the shuriken, they will fall and crashon your fellows head ! So beware and be fast ! Just tap the screento block the shuriken and try to get a high score ! You can compareyour best score with other Ninja Shuriken Blocker players on thegame center leaderboard.Features in Ninja Shuriken Blocker :★★★★★ Smooth game control!★★★★★ Vivid background music is in harmony with the game!★★★★★ Special and interesting level settings★★★★★ Many game modes
Brazil Soccer Shooter 1.0
Brazil Soccer Shooter is a traditionalbubbleshooter game, but there are no bubbles here, only soccerballs!Tap the screen in the direction you want to shoot the soccerballand remove all the balls from the football field, matching atleast3 same color balls.Try to beat more than 1000 crazy levels, compare your performanceonthe worldwide leaderboard and see if you will win the BrazilSoccerShooter Worldcup !Sounds easy ? Rest assured that people are spending hoursandhours blasting those balls !This game takes all the good features from old classicbubbleshooter games, and that's why it's so addictive, funandchallenging !Featured this Brazil Soccer Shooter :* More than 1000 challenging levels* Automatic saving your progress in the levels* Compare your rank on the worldwide leaderboard* Unlimited fun and addiction with Brazil soccer atmosphere* Who will win the Brazil Soccer Shooter Worldcup ?
Flappy Love 1.1
It's Valentine ! Love is in the air !In Flappy Love, you need to help Cupid to fly as far aspossibleavoiding the giant candy canes.Tap the screen to flap his wings and guide him throughthedanger.Collect as many hearts as possible and use it to continueflyingfarther.Flap your wings like a bird and try to get a highscore !Sending an ecard to your love one for Valentine ? Invite her toplayFlappy Love instead and let's see who will have the bestscore!Flappy Love is a game you will love to hate !Features in Flappy Love :- Addictive, fun and challenging gameplay- Very simple controls, just tap the screen to flapCupid'swings.- Beautiful HD graphics and nice soundtrack.- Perfect game for Valentine !
Spot the Difference Animals 1.1
Fans of Spot the Difference games, getreadyfor a new exciting challenge !In Spot the Difference Animals, you have to spot 5 differencesfromsome amazing and cute animal pictures.Ready to improve your observation skills ?This game will delight you with many hours of entertainingandaddictive gameplay.Be warned, only the best photo hunters and sharp eyes will getahigh score !HOW TO PLAY :In Spot the Difference Animals, like other Find it games,2animal photos are displayed on the screen and seem identical,butthere are 5 small differences between them.Your goal is to spot the differences before the time runsout.When you find it, just tap either the top or bottom picture onthearea you think you find the difference.The difference will then be highlighted.If you click at a wrong place, some part of the time willberemoved.At the end of each level, if you can spot the 5 differencesbeforethe time ends, you will be rewarded by some bonus points,dependingon the remaining time available.Be quick and sharp and try to set a new highscore !If you can't find the differences, some hints are here tohelpyou.But you must use them wisely as they are limited.Are you an elite photo hunter ? Let's find out in SpottheDifference Animals !* High resolution animal pictures* Challenging and addictive gameplay* Excellent soundtrack and fun sound effects
Ballzilla 100 Ballz Challenge 1.0
Fans of 100 ballz game type, prepare tocatchsome balls, Ballzilla 100 ballz challenge is coming !Ballzilla, the brother of Godzilla, is hungry for someirradiatedballs, and you need to help feeding him.Just tap on the screen to open the barrel when Ballzilla iscomingand opens his mouth, and try to make him catch 100% oftheballs.You have only 100 balls. All balls that fall are lost. EachtimeBallzilla can catch and eat a ball, one more ball is added onthebarrel.The game ends when you don't have any balls remain.That could be easy but Ballzilla is walking faster and faster,andsometimes he's closing his mouth, making you wasting a lot ofballs!Features in Ballzilla 100 ballz challenge :* One tap control* Very easy to play but hard to master !* Challenging and addictive gameplay* HD graphics and cheerful soundtrack
Avoid The Circles HD 1.0
Avoid the Circles HD is a simple game whereyouneed to avoid the fire circles on the screen.This is HD version with nice graphic effects (you can turn offtheHD option if you have a slow device).The controls are simple, only touch and drag left and right andtryto stay as long as possible avoiding the fire circlesfallingrandomly on the screen.You can compare your score on the worldwide leaderboard.Features in Avoid the Circles HD* Very simple "touch and drag" control* Easy to play but hard to master !* Challenging and addictive gameplay* HD graphics* Compare your score on the worldwide leaderboardAre you ready to avoid the circles ? Don't get burnt !
Brick Smasher 1.1
Breakout game fans, prepare to smashsomebricks with Brick Smasher !Fight against huge and powerful bosses every 10 levels !Get to play with up to 5 balls at a time and grab someinsanepowerups to help you break the bricks.Tons of cool new features in Brick Smasher create amazinggameplayand great fun !!!HOW TO PLAY :Like old classic arcade games such as Arkanoid and Breakout,youneed to break all the bricks on the screen with a ball.Move the paddle with your finger to hit the ball, and preventtheball to drop under the paddle.Some bricks are differents and need to be smashed more than oncetobe destroyed.The golden bricks are unbreakable and cannot be destroyed.Try to collect the coins dropping from the bricks and use themtobuy some extra features in the shop.Grab special powerups for some insane bonus such asfireballs,spiderballs, multiballs, missiles, and electromagneticshields!Features in Brick Smasher :HD graphics with animated background !Super fun addictive gameplay and challenging levels !Fight against powerful bosses !Very simple controls !Go Crazy with up to 5 balls at a time !Grab some insane powerups to help you smash the bricks !Collect coins and buy some cool extra features at the shop !Compare your score on GooglePlay gamecenter leaderboard.The new reference for all Breakout fans !
Stay in the Line Kitty Edition 1.1
Stay in the line fans, here comes somenewexciting challenge, Stay in the line Kitty edition !Our kitty is running on the line above the water to find hismother.Help him to run on the line !Just press your finger on the control area under the cat, slideleftand right to control the kitty, and try to follow theline.Be fast and sharp, if the cat step outside the line, he will fallinthe water.... and cats hate water !This kitty edition of Stay in the line brings some new HDgraphics,a very cute kitty character, a cheerful soundtrack, andsome verychallenging gameplay.Each time you play, a new random lines are created so youareplaying a different game every time.You can also compare your score with your friends on theworldwideleaderboard.Features in Stay in the Line Kitty edition :* Very simple "one finger slide" control* Easy to play but hard to master !* Challenging and addictive gameplay* Super cute kitty !* HD graphics and cheerful soundtrack* Compare your score on the worldwide leaderboard* Who will stay the longest time on the line ?
Shoot Tyrannosaur Eggs 1.0
In Shoot Tyrannosaur Eggs, you are notplayingwith bubbles, but with dinosaur eggs.The game is a classic bubble shooter game, where you have tomatchat least 3 same color eggs to smash them.Tap the screen in the direction you want to shoot it.The Tyrannosaur is one of the most fierce and dangerous dinosaursobe careful when shooting the eggs.A fun and addictive bubble shooting dinosaur game !Features in Shoot Tyrannosaur Eggs :* More than 1000 challenging levels* Automatic saving your progress in the levels* Compare your rank on the worldwide leaderboard* Unlimited fun and addiction with jungle anddinosauratmosphere
Mad Gravity Guy 1.0
In Mad Gravity Guy, you are a veteranastronautand this is your last mission in space !Your goal is to survive as long as possible outsidetheshuttle.This mad mission would be easy but there are a lot of satellitesandasteroids flying around you in the space.Try to master the gravity, avoid deadly collision, and you willgetto survive long time in the space.To help the mad gravity guy in his mission, just touch theastronautand drag him everywhere on the screen to avoid meteoritesandvarious space objects.Be sharp and fast ! The game get quite tense when you want to makeahigh score !Features in Mad Gravity Guy :* Very simple "Touch and Drag" controls* Very easy to play but hard to master !* Challenging and addictive gameplay* HD graphics* Compare your score on the worldwide leaderboardMad Gravity Guy is so addictive and so nerve wracking thatitwill make you mad ! You have been warned !