Games By Darryl Apps

Digits! 1.1.0
A simple, casual math game where you add up Digits to the targetnumber. The more Digits you use the more points you get. But watchout! If you go over the target you lose points. NEW BLITZ MODE. Areyou fast enough to get the top score in Blitz Mode? The digits justkeep raining down for 60 seconds! It's amazing! NEW EARN COINS:Earn GBD Coins by playing Digits! This virtual currency can beutilized across all Games By Darryl games and quite even possiblyreal world prizes! Start playing to day and stock pile your GBDCoins! Can you get the most Digits? Features: * Leader boards * Topscore tracking (locally) * Easy to Play * Non Intrusive Ads *Exercise your digits * Exercise your brain * Earn GBD Coins! * GetStrong Thumbs!
Connexxion - A Game of Patience 1.2.2
You get one life. Try and score the highest points by creating thelongest connection between the orbs. In this difficult, yetrelaxing arcade game, orbs float around, tap your start point andcause a Connexxion! Score the highest points by creating a longchain. Features: * Works Off Line! * Leader boards * Achievements *Non Intrusive Ads * Fun Sounds * Easy to play Tips: When playingfocus on just passing levels 1-5. Beyond 5 is when the pointsreally start to rack up. Can you score over one billion points?
Bounce - A Beachball's Tail 2.0.6
Hey there, I'm a beach ball. I think. I got lost in this strangeworld and now I'm just rollin' on through. If you can help me getpast these saw blades and spikes, that would be greatlyappreciated. I'm not exactly sure who put these things here, but itwasn't nice. Collect these shiny stars to get more bounces andincrease the point multiplier. Make it far and maybe if you'resuper good you can hit the high scores page.
2048 Plus
Swipe up, down, left, right.Match the tiles and add up to the coveted 2048 tile.Score lots of points!Be an awesome person!
FOUR 1.0.0
In this quick response word game you have a grid of letters and60seconds. Tap out as many FOUR letter words as you can. :)
How Long Can You Hold This... 1.3
An android exclusive! Press the button! Beat all the best times!Howlong? How long can you hold this button? An absolutelywonderful5-star game where you press and hold the button! Competeagainst theworld's greatest button holders for your chance in thetop 10 alltime list!