Games By Kevin Apps

Sokoban 2.0
The objective of this game is to push the boxes to the designatedlocations/goals. Once all goals have boxes the level has beencompleted. In order to move the player, you have to swipeup/down/left/right to move in the respective location When theplayer pushes the boxes these basic rules apply. 1) Player can moveup, down, left, right, but cannot pass through walls or boxes. 2)Player can only push 1 box at a time. 3) Player can never pull abox (only push) There are several hundred levels to choose fromEasy to Hard difficulty and will keep you occupied for a long time
Floppy Bird 1.0
Fly between the pipes without hitting them3 different difficulties to choose from (easy, normal, hard)2 game modes to choose from (endless, survival)Avoid collision to achieve the highest score
Tic Tac Toe 1.0
Tic Tac Toe created by gamesbykevin.comPlay against the computer or a friend (in person)This is for Android version 4.0.3 and greaterPlease rate this app if you like it
Maze 2.2
Welcome to MazeYou have to find the goal with many options to suit yourneedsfor the type of game you like to play.Game Modes1) Casual - Select from hundreds of levels and play atyourconvenience2) Timed - Race to the goal with the timer set to yourpersonalbest3) Versus Cpu - Race against a computer opponent withrandomgenerated mazes on the fly4) Free - Play random generated mazes at your convenienceThere are different sizes to choose from1) Small2) Medium3) Large4) X-Large
Jezzin 1.3
You start out with balls bouncing in a room. You have to containthe balls in order to advance to the next level. To contain theballs you create walls (swipe up/down or swipe left/right to createa wall) If a ball hits your wall before it is complete you lose alife. Your lives are limited so timing is important. There are 4modes of game play. 1) Causal - no time limit, play until lives runout 2) Survival - same as Casual but you only have 1 life 3) Timed- You have a limited amount of time and lives to solve the level 4)Challenge - Once you complete a level, play it again to beat yourpersonal best with your personal best as the timer.
Falling Blocks 3.0
The objective is to direct the fallingshapesto the ground to make a complete horizontal line.There are 5 different modes to choose from1) Single Player Human (Control the game)2) Single Player Cpu - (Watch the computer play)3) Two Player Vs - (Compete against the cpu)4) Challenge - (Clear the challenge blocks to beat the level"48levels")5) Attack - (Compete against the cpu, every completed line willbeadded to your opponent)
Mastermind 2.0
When you play Mastermind you are tasked with decoding the colorcode on the board Depending on your preference the code can be 3colors up to 8 colors When you attempt to crack the code you areprovided peg hints to solve Black Peg - You have chosen the correctcolor in the correct position White Peg - You have chosen thecorrect color, but it is in the wrong position When all peg hintsare black you have cracked the code
Brick Breaker 2.5
In this classic arcade game you control the paddle and have toguide the balls towards the bricks to destroy them. Destroy themall to advance to the next level. Many levels to choose from andhours of fun 2 different ways in the options menu to control thepaddle. 1) Tilt your phone to control 2) Move your finger to guidedirection
Asteroids 1.0
You are a spaceship traveling through space and you have to destroyall the asteroids. Destroy as many as you can. There are 3different modes of game play 1) Classic - destroy as many asteroidsuntil you run out of lives 2) Coop - same as classic, but you playwith a computer ally 3) Versus - you against the computer ship
Chain Reaction 1.0
There are 2 game modes1) React - start a chain reaction by tapping the screenReach the goal in order to stay alive and advance to thenextlevel2) Capture - move the white ball across the screenCapture the smaller balls to score points, while avoiding thelargerballs to stay alive
Squares 1.6
The goal of Squares is to find the right numbers to add up toexactly match the number in the middle of that square. Each circleneeds a number from 0-4 which have to add up to the number in themiddle. (#'s can be 0-4, or 0-8 depending on difficulty) As you getone square right, you might mess up another square, so be careful!
Flood 1.5
You start in the upper left cornercontrollingthe color in that square.Change the color to match a neighbor and the goal is toexpandacross the entire board before you run out of attempts.
2048 (No Ads) 1.4
2048 is a puzzle game for math nerds. Merge matching blocks toboostyour score. There are 4 game modes of play 1. Original -Obtain asingle 2048 block to win 2. Puzzle - Merge all existingblocks intoone to complete each level 3. Challenge - aim forhighest score in60 seconds 4. Infinite - Play until no valid movesremain
Connect 1.5
Play a series of challenging levels in Connect. There are 3shapesto choose: Square, Hexagon, Diamond Post your best time ontheleader board Continue to advance and unlock achievements
Chess 1.0
This Chess game is in 3d. You can play the computer atvaryingdifficulty levels. You can also play against a friendonline. Savea replay to re-watch your favorite matches over andover againEnjoy
Jigsaw 1.2
Assemble small pieces to create the big picture You can choosethesize of the puzzle you want to play To increase thedifficultychoose a large puzzle and enable rotation Enjoy
Blocks 1.0
A 3d puzzle game where the objective is to move the block ontothegoal. Be careful not to fall off the ledge or else the levelwillrestart. There are many levels to challenge you. This gamecontainsachievements and leader-boards for each level.
Havoc 1.01
Old school retro first person shooter video game. Make yourwaythrough each dungeon defeating the enemies along the way.Findsecrets and new weapons to make your journey easier. Trytocomplete the level as soon as possible to make it on theleaderboard. Complete 100% of each level to unlock achievements
Stack 1.0
Stack each block on top of the other If you aren't carefulstackingthe blocks you will run out of space and the game will endTry tobeat your best score
Slide 1.0
Slide has 175+ levels You beat each level by doing one ofthefollowing 1. Locating the goal 2. Collecting all gems 3.Detonateall bombs