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PK Goshi Run - Eid Special 1.0
Take the Streets of Pakistan as hungryBunnyand collect as many carrots as you can to enter the worldofendless fun in pure lahori and desi style. Avoid the obstaclesandenjoy pk subway fun. Its kind of Bunny Rush game withlocalstickers and theme. The Game presents a real street viewwithPakistani Culture. Goshi is the name of our game character, itis avery sweet and cute animal, it is fast and very intelligent.Ourspeedy little chipmunk like Goshu is brave and furious aboutthecarrots. Playing Goshi Run, you will experience a new game play3Drabbit run. The rabbit runs around the city with the fastpace,it's furious speed and jumping characteristics lets it runandnever caught. You have full control of this Goshi. BunnyRun,racing, jet pack, jumper, challenging, rush, cartoonic game isherenow.Rabbits are already very cute, but they look more cute when theyarecartoonic, you would have surely seen many cartoons of rabbitsinyour childhood and may have kept one in your house for real.Youknow what do rabbits love most of all? They love carrots andyouhave to feed your hungry running, jumping, pumping,challenging,rushing, racing rabbit on the streets of your city.Join the Goshiin real Pakistan tour and adventure program. You arefollowingGoshi and knowing new and crowd Pakistani Cities' arein one of the most famous and well known city of Paksitan,yes youare right, Its Lahore, The heart and center of Pakistan'sfamousprovince Punjab. People of lahore are very much lively andbrave,they are letting you run the Goshi and find its carrots fromthecrowded overloaded city streets.It is one of the other PKpakistanigames. Famous as all other PK games. Goshi Run - EndlessBunny Rushis a free run escape game that brings you the fun andexcitement ofa fantasy action RPG game. Goshi Run is the best kidsgames. If youare looking for kids games free than download andenjoy this GoshiRun game for free.Goshi Run - Endless Bunny Rush is latest Game from the makersofPK Games. The Goshi Run is a totaly local game, like all theotherPK games, e.g Ghur sawari ( horse riding), Teer Kamaan(Archerygame), Gulli danda, Water sports, Terraki ( swimming anddiving).This is played in the northern areas of Paksitan. You wouldhaveplayed other PK games like the Metro game, Bike racinggame,Cargo,Transport games. Goshi is very cute, sharp, hyperactive,energetic,enthusiastic and jumping jack. He is never tired andready to playall the time. Once you have downloaded this game, itwill be reallyhard for you to leave it. It is very addictive withrealistic 3Dgraphics. Play this 3D, awesome, Realistic PK game now.GoshiRun.How to Play:Tilt your device to playSwipe up on your screen to jumpSwipe down on your screen to slide under obstaclesSwipe left or right to turn. Timing is important!Collect as many coins as you can and You will need more carrotsforpower ups.Endless Running Game Features:Unlock and play more wild animals as charactersGear up with upgrade able equipment that will help yousurvivelongerLots of different power-ups to unlock and upgrade as you playMove in the city streets to find new places for your GoshiEasy and efficient game controlsDownload Goshi Run now, and play your first ever rabbit racingrushgame. Let your Goshi collect as many carrots as he can, andwhenthe carrot level is high enough to get your power ups, youaresurely gonna get upgraded.
Hunting Animals with Sniper 1.0
Start your day with this most adventurousandamazing pack of addictive hunting game. The season of huntingisback again. You might be missing game of passion and energyfilledwith wild animals, wild jungle, hunting adventure. Forget allothersimilar wild jungle games like deer hunting, sniper hunting,wildadventure 3D, Sniper shooting, Assassin 3D, Virtual realityjunglehunting, Augmented Reality Safari animals. But don’t makeHuntingAnimals with Sniper wait for you; because you are not aloneto playthis game, you have plenty of companions and friends withyou. Nomatter they are live with you or they are playing thisgameanywhere else on the globe. Make sure you understand this gamewellbefore playing it. It has some certain rules and following themyouwill get points in form of coins. That can be used later toupgradeyour weapon or to change the environment.Hunting Animals with Sniper is a game that you have dreamed ofallthe animal hunting. Enter the safari jungle and hold your gunsinhand. You are going to see many dangerous, furious anddeadlyanimals, they are entering your city, hurting your people andyouhave no other option than to kill them and save the cityfromanymore destruction. There are cheetas, zebras, lions,tigers,deer, bears, wolves and some other such animals, that areaconstant threat to you. You can also explore some of the jungleifyou are brave enough and you have the capacity to saveyourselffrom there deadly animals. They are ready to attack an easypreyand this time you are surely an easy and tasty prey forthem.Play Hunting Animals with Sniper as a testing game for you, totestyour stamina, temperament, skills, hunting experience, and aimandtarget accuracy. Are you good at all of these? You cansaveyourself and your companions in this trip of yours in jungle?Checkyour sniper shooting through this hunting game. You have averyunique weapon, act as a trained sniper, use some of thepreviousshooting skills and gain more. This time your targets arenotstill, they are mobile and they can bounce back on you at thesametime, your personal safety is must. Don’t get eat, staysafe,shoot, hunt and rush to next level of enjoyment. We have trustinyou that you are a brave and challenging champ; you canachieveyour goals, by your determination and energy, speed of yourbulletrifle. Kill more wild animals and get more coins, leading toupgradation of your weapon.The jungle is dense, dark and full of trees, your target hasplentyof space to run, animals know jungle better than you, and youhaveto cope up with them to get your bravery proved. Unlimitedendlessgameplay and jungle view will make it really hard for you tostopplaying Hunting Animals with Sniper. Hunting Animals withSniperhas the following amazing attributes.Features:• Best Sniper shooting rifle• First Person Shooting• Jungle animals AI• 3D Graphics, Interactive Sound Effects• Amazing Mission with Different Tasks• Alone sniper shooter• Each mission with multiple levels to enjoy• Enjoy the Smooth Game Play.• Easy to download• Unlimited time to complete each level• Free to play• Variety of different type of environments includingjungle,desert, mountains, Snow and waterDownload Hunting Animals with Sniper now and show yoursniper,shooting, assassin, hunting, jungle adventure skills. Yesyou cando this, we are against violence, it is just that we arehelpingyou understand the nature of wild animals and how they reactinsuch conditions, it is for your knowledge. Have fun. Shareamongfriends and don’t forget to rate us.HURRY UP!