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Mega Ramp Formula Racing 2018 1.2
Warning!!!! This game could be dangerous drive your formula carsyour own risk. In this game, you will drive in the eliminationround and you have to drive your car in the incredibly sports carsrally. The racing tracks are placed upon the city and after win therace this may be the proudly moment for you. Use your optimalskills while driving and defeat your rivals in the F1 race. Therace tracks or maps are breathtaking and extreme realistic vehicledrive physics, amazing game graphics and light effects.Mind-blowing scenes you ever not seen because the variety of xtremeand fresh stunts you have to perform in this game while climb therocks area use the shift button or nitro button for drag and speedup your car.In this game, the environment of this game is based onthe air which is placed on the city. Start your engine and fastenyour seat belt for a ride. Drive your sports car on the roads andsudden moves will happen use of the nitro is very important in thisgame cross the tubes and jump from one place to another track. Inevery level time meter is given you have to finish your race in thegiven time because if your time is over the game automaticallyfail. Try to stay on the roads and avoid from the dropping. Dozensof levels include in this game and many different sports cars areplaced the first car is unlocked and rest of the cars will belocked you can unlock all cars from XPS points or simply buy fromthe In-App purchases in just 2.99$.Features of City Formula Racing2017:- 3D NEW-GEN Graphics- Super-charged action packed motorracing simulator- Smooth and intuitive motor handling controls-High speed car racing with tilt controls- Various tracks andscenario to choose from- Rich selection of game props- Do morestunts to get higher scores and bonus- Many supercars are waitingfor youGAMEPLAY:- Button and steering for left and right -Accelerate button for speed up - Brake button for slow down - Nitrobutton - Different camera angles and quality setting
BMW M5 GT Stunts Race-Off 1.1
GT Stunts Race-Off Drive is the best car racing simulator of 2017,thanks to its progressive real behavior engine. Be a furious raceron an entire city for you. Not essential to brake because oftraffic or racing other rival cars, so you can do illegal stuntactions and run full speed wanting the police chasing you! Theblazing nitrous from your sports car is the heart touching effectwhen your car will drive fast or faster. Road is awesome andobstacles are also placed in your way. Get ready for the burnoutand fasten your seat belt for making the extreme and unbelievablestunts this game is a thrill for racing lovers. When your car willdrift you can see the skate marks on the roads and the tubes. Thisgame is included in the top free games also this game is thetime-killing activity.In this game the paths or tracks are placedin the air upon the city the sudden moves will appear to controlyour race and brake for better driving, nitrous is auto and placedin the different positions where the nitrous will be needed. Youare competing with the top racers in this world and all thesupercars are added in this game. Try to avoid dropping from thetracks and be the winner of each race and get rewarded forunlocking all the cars. In this game, the dozens of levels and manysports cars are included. The first car will be unlocked and therest of the cars are locked you can unlock them from the XPS pointwhich you will earn after completing the levels or you can simplybuy all the cars from In-App purchases in just 2.99 $.KEYFEATURES:♂️ Multiple cars to unlock and customize ♂️ Enjoy 6different car models. ♂️ Experiment with colors and designs ♂️Engine, nitro boost, and braking!♂️ Level-based episodes ♂️ Freearcade and time trial modes for endless fun. ♂️ Multiple high-speedcars with ultra smooth and realistic controls GAME PLAY:♂️Acceleration Button for speed up♂️ Brake Button for slow down ♂️Different camera angles ♂️ Game Quality setting ♂️ Sound setting GTStunts Race-Off Drive will be updated constantly. Please rate andgive your feedback for further improvement of the game.
Extreme Bike Stunts Mania 1.1
Extreme Bike Stunts Mania is the No.1 xtreme bike game with sillyand stunts action! Enter the race as you drive over a variety ofunfaithful tracks while enjoying the realistic bike physics andfast-paced gameplay. Express ultimate bike thirst skills withracing bikes jumping over dangerous ramps. Extreme Bike StuntsMania is side scrolling voyage game. Play dozens of crazy missionswith dangerous obstacle course with furious and hilly ramps eachsensibly designed to twice the thrill. Important the games chartsin hundreds of republics, Extreme Bike Stunts Mania Trial Xtreme isBACK and it’s going to set the bar even complex. Win whilecarefully controlling your bike to ensure that you don’t break yourbones n’ teeth on one of the mines, water pipes, or wrecked carsthat are standing in your way. This extreme Trials game, will takeyour breath away with its new innovations and new amazing features.The energy you're extremely accurately stunting bike on aninteresting city with strange deadly and dangerous obstacle.Rivalry against your contacts and the world top Trials bikers proveto everyone what we already know- That you are #1! The best, topTrial Extremist out there!It holds burning loops, ramps, racetracks. Can you authorize the Extreme Bike Stunts Mania to becomeextreme bike stunts trial mania 3D sports game ever! Ready for theburnout of your new bike rims and speed up in the race. It is thenew concept of extreme bike stunts trial racing this new ExtremeBike Stunts Mania game let you do crazy, flips, involve in extremecrashing and touch your best speed.In this game you can enjoy thefeeling of real based dirt games, stunt like original and accidentwill also happen. Dozens of levels and many sports bikes areincludes in this game the first bike is free and unlocked rest ofthe bike are locked you can unlock them from the XPS points orsimply you can buy all the bikes from In-app in just 2.99$.KEYFEATURES:- Amazing realistic physics- Smooth easy & addictivegameplay- exciting 3D space & beach graphics- Try to controlyour speed - Avoid the smash from the obstaclesGAMEPLAY:- Buttonsand tilt for left and right - Acceleration button for speed up -Brake button for slow down your speed - Use nitrol button for makeextrme stunts Extreme Bike Stunts Mania will be updated constantly.Please rate and give your feedback for further improvements of thegame.
BMX Stunts Racer 2018 1.7
Become a BMX rider and accomplish spectacular tricks inbreathtaking places all over the world. Just like in real BMX orfinger BMX, BMX Stunts Racer 2018 is a game of skill that takings afew actions to realize but a lifetime to master. This game isdesigned just for the stunts lovers in this game you will performfearless stunts in the air upon the water. Skater boy in this bmxboy game is a thief who grabbing money from someone and wants toescape help him to escape. Your pumped bmx is ready for stunts invmx racing. You will feel the skater adventures and extreme stuntsin this cycling game try to escape like a rabbit from thissituation. In this scooter bmx freestyle game try for the touchgrind skate different types of stunts will face and many differentobstacles also will stop you to escape. Different levels and stuntsdesign in this game use nitro to reach the final position in thegiven time you can customize your bmx from selection area manydifferent designs and character textures are available for you tochoose.KEY FEATURES:- BMX Billboard racing is a passion - Pedalyour bmx for extreme riding - Pick the nitro for boost up - Useyour speed as per need - Control your bmx for complete the leveleasily
Crazy City Roof Stunts 1.2
Drive your racing car around an imaginary city where highways arenot essential. Jump from rooftop to rooftop as you jump your cararound this shadowy terrain. It’s madly addictive and cool! Thisgame has it all! There are great jumps, mid-air ramps, unusualtracks and crazy stunts! Practice the thrilling voyage now!CrazyCity Roof Stunts jumping is inspiring, roof climbing and stuntsracing game. Get ready to determination your off-road racing car inthe super city where you have to climb your crazy car on the roof.Jump from particular podium rooftop to other rooftop and park yourenergetic car on given area. 3D blinking rockets will direct you tothe end point.Variation of amazing jumping cars, 4x4 SUV's andleisurewear cars are existing for selection.Are you ready to lovevital sports car stunts and destroy your world with marvelous stuntvoyage? Old-fashioned stunt car is an all-new extreme roof stuntscar driving 3D simulation for your stunts journey. This exclusivestunt car racing game is the greatest stunt game, so get preparedto sense the need for super fun stunts. This superb stunts game isfull with, extreme stunts, drift, car roof jumps, mid-air jumps,real-time car washing and much more. Vast jumps, mid-air ramps, andsuperb tracks are open for crazy stunts. This roof car flying gameis not a hill hiking or drift game. You have to drive your 3D turbotop hill stunt car sensibly and jump over zigzag ramps on the roof.Can you show off stunt driving abilities with asphalt rooftop car?Prepare yourself to make the drive and doing amazing stunts on thehump. This game is a development to your earlier favorite game CarStunts with the rapid airborne car to drive, increase, and jumpfrom roof to roof.Dozens of challenging stages will make you crazyand addicted, so are you prepared to do silly car stunts? We’reattractive cars from the earth to the sky! Jump from rooftop torooftop as you jump your car around this shadowy terrain of animagined city where highways are a thing of the past. There aregreat jumps, mid-air ramps, bizarre tracks and crazy stunts. Get abird’s eye view with this original challenge. Involvement thethrilling voyage now!
Car Hard Parking Driver 2018 1.2
literally build to your parking skills in Multi-storey Parking inthe year of 2018this is a parking game like you’ve never seenbefore! discover ways to navigate a practical parking surroundings.Steer the car meticulously and trap the bridge in time to raiseyour vehicle onto the next stores. Use the varying gears and shiftsto wiggle into the parking spot. Avoid crashing into obstacles andother automobiles! this is pretty the mission. Follow thecheckpoints to find your way! What’s higher than having a kitcomplete with using options? discover the proper car for you andfree up 6 modern fashions.Be a Doctor parking Driving masterbecause driving is the passion for various parking positions likeroof top parking in multi-level parking move your steering as aprofessional driver this game will polish your driving skills enterthe car sim games of 2018. sensible controls have been organized asa tool.There are one-of-a-kind digital camera angles of eachsegment.every phase in unique time zones, except that the parkcontinuously played sport is not going forward.enhance yourcapability to park backward!growth your guidance!automobile hit thereplay button flashes constantly even if you do now not have to!theinstant you hit bankruptcy starts once more routinely after 2seconds.phase inside the equal way, while you turn automatically,will be transferred to the chapter selection display.becameadvanced in an effort to play with out becoming bored.Park theautomobile without hitting any barriers!.certainly one of thebiggest functions does now not require you to press the case you touch a touch vehicle is moving and yousimply take manipulate within the ordinary route might this manner, your attention and your reflexes cangrowth your mastery of whether the steering wheel.
BMX Racer Stunts - Bike Race Free 1.3
BMX Top Racer Stunts is the No.1 xtreme BMX game with crazy andstunt action! Hide the competition as you drive over a variety ofunfaithful tracks while enjoying the realistic bicycle physics andfast-paced gameplay. Many boys are taking interest in the BMXstunts and want to become a BMX guy. Bicycle boy skater is afantastic game in which you have to perform like a king of dirtfrom your BMX tricks and all the tricks you can practice in thisgame. Many awesome big ramps and the tracks which are placed in theair and you have to do all the stunts in mid-air. This game is afreestyle scooter stunts game. Grind your screen touch and enter incycle mayhem racing game. Many different and thousands of task isgiven for a user like you have to reach on the rooftop from theground by doing the extreme crazy stunts reach the destination byavoiding the obstacles. In this BMX driving game, you will learnwho to rotate your BMW steering and the use of paddles you canlearn through this game. The environment of this game is designedin the city and also you can say this game is based on the citystunts and crazy sky stunts. Be like a skater boy who is fearlesswhile doing the amazing and heart dropping stunts. This game istotally free in all free bike and BMX game. Awesome and amazingmany zigzag ramps are designed in this game for your BMX learningand the skating. Avoid smashing with the obstacles and by droppingfrom the ramps when you try to reach the roof because if thishappens you will lose your control and this will cause of your gamefailed many different BMX bicycles included in this game you candrive and make the record from all BMX in vmx racing. But the firstBMX is unlocked and all the BMX will lock you can unlock them aftergetting the reward or you can simply buy all from In-App purchasesin just 2.99$.GAMEPLAY AND KEYFEATURES:• Crazy Rooftop BicycleRiding Adventure!• Bicycling in Day and Night Mode!• RealisticBicycle Physics and Controls!• Challenging Cycling Missions!•Outstanding 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!
Offroad Luxury SUV Hill Climb 1.0
Travel puzzling off-road hurdles with endless fun and real drivingsenses with Off-road Luxury SUV Jeep Climb 2017. Off road, jeep isa racing simulator with a thrilling rush to grab emotion of thrilland driving tricky hill climbing, navigate off-road routes andexperience the voyage of driving a hummer on hill slices. Offroadtraveling is a passion for many peoples who want to enjoy thedangerous drive on rocks and the dirt roads. Do amazing stunts andracing in this off- road simulator and set the record in your lifethat you pick or reach the highest peak point of the mountains.Many different jeeps and 4X4 SUV’s are included in this game suddenmoves and heart attack moments you will see when you drive yourjeep on the edges of the mountain but precaution is to avoid fromsmash and drop from the mountains if this happens it could bedangerous for your life and your 4X4 car. Complete the levels inthis mind blowing and breath taking game and share this game withyour family and friends. Extreme graphics are designed in this topracing game. Dozens of levels and many different 4x4vehicles.GAMEPLAY and FEATURES:- Buttons, tilt and steering formovements - Acceleration button for speed up your SUV - BrakeButton for slow down the speed - Avoid crashes - Control your speedand be a perfect driver We are waiting for your interest and yourreviews give us the suggestions and new ideas that how we can makethis game in the list of top racing and simulations game. This willbe a donation to us from your side. Thanks
Monster Truck Game 1.1
Welcome to Monster truck game. Get ready to grab monster truckthunder race in this real stunt game. Drive your monster truck onthe uphill track and show your extreme monster skills. Boost thespeed up and perform the stunts for a better score. it’s a bestoff-road game you will never get bored or tired. With massive jumpsand stunts, you will be able to pull off awesome tricks.The worldtremendously high-stake monster truck event is calling out for therider for the upcoming passing race and you’re accepted to showthem some destruction! Get your monster truck behind the differentmonster truck styles and place it to its limits to destroy all insight especially your rival. Splendid into other cars in smashingmode, duel race and fight with your rival.The Monster Truck Game isfull of joy and speed challenging game where you will perform somereal stunts in the air while jumping. So drive your monster truckcarefully and enjoy the best graphical environment and complete thechallenge to be the monster legend. Race through the levels andperform the stunt within the time limit to get XPS.Enter yourselfin the beast truck recreations that are free and brimming withgenuine excite rally driving. Do you adore creature truck, roughterrain recreations? Welcome to new go dirt road romping creaturetruck driving Sim, 3D. In this recreation session of 2017 you candrive genuine 4x4 extravagance vehicles. Turned into a legend amongthe creature truck legends and begin driving on goes dirt roadromping in the uneven leave ranges. Drive as a 4x4 truck rallydriver in diversion. Lock in the last place anyone would want to beand get hold of a major beast truck, be in time and don't thinklittle of the energy of 4x4 truck. Drive it and finish all missionsin Monster Truck Off-street Rally 3D.
Furious Formula Racers 1.4
have you ever played the mind blowing and the extreme furiousracing game no? let's start your racing journey from this furiousformula racers game. nitro sports cars are involved in thisthrilling game and also the racers which are your rivals will killyou in the race at any cost you will drive with the top racers inthe world. if you have some guts to show to the world that you arealso in the top drivers or racers of the world then starting yourengine and ready for the burnout and fasten your seatbelt for makeyou race as like a death race or race of war. the environment ofthis game is designed on laps and tracks like original racingsudden moves and stunts you have to face with confidence and driveyou formula racing car in the racing battle which is placed in thecity and offroad areas like mountain lakes and beaches. be thextreme stunts and racing driver by winning the race from theworld's top drivers and show to the world that you are the superfast driver of the world show your interest and fulfill you dreamad like a racer. share this game with you family and friends. manydifferent and modified formula cars and dozens of levels areincluded in this gameplay and win the race for reward. gameplay andfeatures:- try to make yourself as a professional driver- don'tovertake anyone on turns - paddling is the main thing in this game- race brake and right left buttons are included - nitro buttonalso available for boost up
Pirate Ship Simulator 2017 1.1
Traveling in the ocean and riding on battleships and cruise shipsis a passion for many peoples but everyone can't join the navalforces or navy army but from this game, you have a chance tocomplete your dream and you can participate in the army warshipbattle from the delivery work and can travel around the world. Thisjourney could be the exotic riding for you by playing this game.Cruise ships are in wait for you on the sea port and this businessand work is very interesting and money generating here from thisgame you can check the transportation services and also you canstart you own import-export business. This game you can say theracing and boat simulation game in which you have many things fordelivery like cars, tanks and the material which is using in thebattles like the missile launchers.In this game your task is toload the sports cars which you can use in the extreme racing fieldand the racing lovers will love you lift the cars and load theminto the boat and drive you sea ship in the water and reached thefixed position to complete the level after playing this game youwill be expert in the import-export business and this game is alsoa very thrilling and time killing game. Download and enjoy theriding and traveling in the ocean take a quick tour to theworld.GAME FEATURES AND GAMEPLAY:-- Controls are very smooth tooperate.-- Natural sea environment-- Awesome sounds -- Highfidelity graphics.-- Different missions and destinations.--Immersive gameplay.
Extreme Concept Cars Stunts Driving 1.0
The fastest and new concepts of this game you will be amazed afterplaying this game. you have played many car games like racing carssports cars games and much more. This time you will see theimaginations cars which you can say that the concept cars meansfutures cars very fastest and with amazing sounds. play this cardriving simulator game. In this free car race game many differentfun cars, you will drive between the neon frenzy tracks which areplaced in the air. You can jump over the tracks and perform theextreme stunts on the mid-air ramps.You’ll also get a chance tomeet and make friends from the future. With dozens of levels andmany different cool looking Real Concept Cars, you will withassurance be left asking for more! In this visually appealing game,you will treat in a super realistic experience.Extreme Concept CarsDriving Simulator Features: - 10 electrifying levels- 8 magnificentConcept Cars - A futuristic 3D city- Realistic driving mechanics- 2Different camera views
Formula Driving kings & Fast Road Racing 3D 1.3
Push the speeding up and test your and your car edges on area andhighway roads racing through traffic. Become formula raceprofessional driver on the standard road, earn money for near misshits. Receive money for your rewards and devote them on upgrades,new cars or tune the body of your car and make it more separate.Perform crazy nitro drifts with drag surprising cars. Rush yourengine to the limits and feel the simulator driving style. Andremember - parking is not allowed, at least, when you wantsimulation experience. Become a real car road racer in this fastracing and simulation game road racing is a passion for the racerswho are involve in the drag racing challenges modification of carsand extend their engines using the turbo boost in the engines youcan go beyond the car speeds and you can fast drive on realhighways.Formula Driving kings & Fast Road Racing 3D is a newmilestone in the genre of endless racing games. Many cars and a lotof tracks set in different locations in day and night, in winterand summer will bring you hours of fast-paced fun. Racing gameslike this are the ultimate test of skills and dexterity. FormulaDriving kings & Fast Road Racing 3D has a unique difficultysetting made in an easy to learn but difficult to master way. Theplayer is rewarded for the violent and active style of playing withmore points. This way seasoned players can win more while stillhaving the time of their lives even after countless days ofplaying.Think about the feelings that criminal racing in trafficcan give to you. Crisp graphics, awesome and fast paced gameplay,the smell of gasoline and smoke... Feel the breath-taking speed asyou race against the time through streets, autobahn and highways inrush hours. As an illegal racer and a passionate driver, you'llhave to do your best to beat all of the challenges. The sheeradrenaline of racing in traffic is the way of endlessentertainment. Features of Formula Driving kings & Fast RoadRacing 3D:- 3D NEW-GEN Graphics- Super-charged action packed motorracing simulator- Smooth and intuitive motor handling controls-High speed car racing with tilt controls- Various tracks andscenario to choose from- Rich selection of game props- Do morestunts to get higher scores and bonus- Many supercars are waitingfor you
Heavy Mountain Bus - Bus Games 2018 1.6
Public transportation on off-road and hills areas is the very bigproblem nowadays because everybody is trying to shift in the citiesbut the life in villages is very easy and healthful. You haveplayed many school bus driving games and it is very amazing to be aschool bus driver or coach driver. Many countries travel on thepublic transport especially the Indians the bus transportation isvery important in Mumbai bus. In this game, we are going to giveyou enjoyment on off-road traveling be an offroad tourist. Voyageoff-road bus is ready and waiting for you. In this game the joyfulenvironment and many modified modern Hill buses. The design of thebuses is the same as American bus simulator. Hill driving hispassion for every driver this game will give you the experience ofmountain hill driving you to drive many buses in the citysimulation game but in this game, you will drive in the mountainsarea like an army man commando who lives and drives the buses onthe boundaries especially in the snow and mountains. This hill testdriving game will polish your driving skills and your fear ofdriving the depth of the earth is very high you can feel like areal bus and real life experience in this game. Oni snow busdriving in a night is the very difficult task and you have to alsopass through this situation. This game is best in free bus gamesand all bus simulation 2017 games. Fasten your seat belt and startthe engine to feel the real adventure in this game. Driving on theedges of the mountains and climbing mountains will give you a newlife experience we sure about that. In this game, many differentheavy modified buses and many environments are designed. Get thistop simulation game. KEY FEATURES AND GAMEPLAY:- Tilt, steering,and buttons are developed - Drive carefully on the edges andmountains - Use your limited speed for complete the level - You canbe a bus mechanic or bus garage manager in this fun driving game -Multiplayer Feature is coming soon
Car Driving School 2018 1.3
Car Driving School 2017 is the modern driving simulator that willdemonstrate you to drive various different real cars. Car PouringSchool 2017 has some amazing environments like capitals, countryroads, public road, deserts, highlands, and parking places. In thisgame, you will learn the driving basics and main rules of drivingchanging the gears peddling the clutch, race, and brake. All theinstructions and the knowledge of driving provided to you in thisschool game. Some people are good drivers but they confuse on manycommon things related to driving like how the signals work, themain purpose of the seat belt the parking fury over speeding is thecause of death. In this game, you can learn all the basics of thedriving, this game could be a driving instructor for you. This gamewill teach you city driving, parking in the garage, where youshould apply the speed and where the brake is needed. If you haveapplied for the driving license and going for the test drive trythis game first for driving test. Learn car driving like a reallife experience and let us be your best-driving teacher for yoursafe drive and license achievement.Many different cities andmountains path is designed with full of traffic on roads to giveyou the professional driving experience. Many different sportsracing cars and many step by step levels are included in this game.This driving game is for girls and boys! download forFree.Features• Smooth and realistic car handling• More than 20challenging levels• Free Ride mode• Detailed vehicle interiors•Realistic damage system• Manual Transmission with clutch• Tiltsteering, buttons and touch steering wheel
Street Gangster Attack: Final Revenge 1.1
The grand battle of Street troops against Town Thugs has initiated!It's finally your chance to police street crime learn the lessonand put criminals in their place. Go head-to-head with angrygangsters street mafia and thugs. They are the deadly fighters beatthem with your fighting skills and drop them into the prison. Youhave played many fighting games for free this time you can play thefinal fight with city fighters. Be careful because the criminalsare the grand fighters with deadly fighting skills. This revengegame is designed in the city, fighters and the gangsters terrifyingthe citizens with guns and looted their money. Save them andrevenge for the people of your city. While playing this game thinkthis could be the last fight of your game they will also attackyou. Beat like freedom fighter and become the bodyguard of peoplewho are innocents. You can find the Gangster mafia in front of citydice casino enjoy and make this final battle popular in fightinggames and free action games. Available on android Download and Playfor Free. Street Gangster Attack: Final Revenge- Select the fighter- Try the moves first - Find the criminals and gangster through themap- Fight with them with your combating skills - Finish them asmuch as possible - Make the record and share this game with yourfriends and family
Death vs Runner 1.1
Survival is your success in this death vs runner game, basically,this game based on the two modes one mode in which you are therunner and in second mode you will be the death of the runners. Runand reach the final destination without being hit in the wholelevel defeat the enemies by dogging them jumps on the obstacle andcrossing the hurdles. The enemies will be on the car and they willtry to hit you till the death. Save yourself by using your extremestrength and escape in the designed maze. This is the main hint andtechnique in this game. In the second mode perform the professionaldriving skills and catch the runner who is escaping don't let himgo. If he succeeds in escape than you will lose your game and thiswill the wastage of time. Perform stunts and car tricks to reachthe thief as fast you can. This game is the best runner game withthe extreme high graphics and different mode based on the newconcept. Get ready your self and use your mind to take theshortcuts for completing the game as fast you can. This best runnergame in top racing games is Available on Play Store. Download andenjoy now. GAME FEATURES: - use the Running technique- Dodge thecars and jumps on the tubes and obstacles - Burnout and fasten yourseatbelt to catch the enemy - Use the nitro for boost - left, rightbrake and jump buttons are available in the gameplay - Complete thelevels and unlock the other cars
New Fidget Spinner Game 1.1
Many stress release devices are available in the market in thesedays people are very busy in their jobs and daily life work.Depression is very common in these days very fast life is going onin big cities and the countries. Many stress release toys areavailable in the market like spiny fidget spinner, dice buttonstress releaser. You have no need to buy all these kind of thing inphysically now all the things are built in the way of technology.Here we are providing you the new concept of the fidget spinner inthe way of gaming which will help you to forget the daily tensionsand depression.The spinning effect of fidget spinner will relaxyour mind and soul you will be amazed after play this new conceptgame. In this game, you will play with the flying fidget spinnerlike flying cars, flying buses, and the flying jets. Drive or flythe spinner in the air collect the ring and enjoy the unlimitedviews of the cities and the oceans. In this new fidget spinnergame, you have to complete all the levels and write your name onthe list of top games. Share with your friends and family member asa donation for the developer you are the main source of us toadvertise and make this game popular in whole racing games andchallenges.Gameplay and key Features:- Joystick is available inthis game - User-friendly controls - Amazing graphics - Realisticflying fidget physics - Challenging mission with the spinner - Freeto Download and Enjoy
Extreme Car Driving Ferrari 1.2
Car driving games are very popular nowadays go extreme and show theworld that you are very professional and experienced driver. Inthis game, you can see the different race cars with burning tiresand torque speed. Drive your cars bikes and jets from front wheeldrive or rear wheel drive. Going off-road experience the hilldriving and climbing experience too. Perform the drifting and leavethe Tyre marks on the roads and give a boost to vehicles from theupgrading spare parts. Touch the screen and live your racing dreamsfly and do stunts in this new concept extreme car driving simulator2018. Many different sports and upgraded racing cars in waiting foryour concept of this game are when you drive a car and perform thestunts then it may be possible that your car converts into theairplane. Then experience air drive and makes your dreamsfulfilled. Your role in this game is to survive and avoid thedamage your car sports bike or jets because in this game maximumdamage will be possible and you will lose the game. Dozens oflevels many different racing cars and sports bikes are designed inthis game with original sounds and the realistic physics. Hope youwill enjoy this game available on Google Play Download Now!GAMEPLAYAND FEATURES:- amazing cars to drive- Real physics engine game-Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer or arrows-Controllable car behavior: simulator, racing, arcade, drift, fun,and custom.- Full HD graphics- Real HUD Camera- Car damage- OpenWorld Environment- offline game- a free game without wifi
Invisible Highway Car Racing 1.2
Asphalt fast racing or nitro nation drag racing games are verypopular nowadays here we are going to give you the experience ofthe new racing game which is designed in two environments like thecity and the desert. Become an endless racer with the endless funraising speed cars are in wait for you. Tracks are placed inmid-air with full of invisible hurdles. Perform continental driftin this gangster race in mad out big-city online racing. You are onthe racing horizon with level racing 2 sports cars by performingthe unbelievable stunts and jumps enter into the list of race kingswith the full of car pursuit. You can say this could be a crazyfrog race with need 4 speed cars enjoy the racing grand fun andleft behind everything. Sky-high jumps will give the amazingfeeling and enjoyment the heartbreaking stunts you must like wesure. Play and enjoy this free racing game for boys and the newconcept of the car racing game. Download now and enjoy this blurspeed game. Features- Easy to learn and drive- 3D realistic cockpitview- Endless game mode- Different locations and cars to choose-Simulator-like controls- Invisible Hurdles with endless fun- Avoidsmashing with the obstacles
Cars Stunts Battle Into Cargo Plane 1.3
The top cargo flight model game is here. Time to fly in the skywith Shipment Airplane Car Transporter Flight. Take off the cityairport flight transport cars in your big airplane and route thearrivals correctly. This game is one of the best game ever you haveseen in your gaming history try this dangerous car soccer and thecargo army GT plane. Cars will launch from one destination and willcross the army battleship you and your enemies are loaded in theplane try to car launch from the plane and race for the life reacha final destination before the enemy drive a car and makeunbelievable stunts you are into the overdrive league with theonline champions battle of cars. Track mania is designed and thestunts cars are dropped from the plane on an army shipment. Youhave to survive by flying skate in the ocean. Give a splash crashto the opponents. You have played many car stunts games based onthe different concept but this game is a mixture of battle carracing and the army cargo. You are in this game like a prisonerwith the dangerous racers who will go for the kill and crash eachother only one car will survive who could reach the safe position.You will be in the enemies cars battle this game is like amultiplayer fight game. Battleship roads and stunts tracks areready to save you give your best and try to reach again in theplane because in an accident you will drop on this ring arena thiscould be a risky drive for you. Race and jump can enter you againin the cargo airplane transporter reached in the flying cargo planethis game is quite different from other airplane games. Try thisplane game and before download assume you are going to play theworld dangerous and difficult simulation in all cargo difficultgames become an airline transporterGAMEPLAY AND FEATURES:- Drive asplendid car - Land safely on dropzone - Survive for life - Dodgethe enemies - Perform the extreme stunts in the battleship -Takeoff from battle arena from performing the extra stunt - Avoidcrashes
Insane Galaxy Ball 1.0
Insane galaxy ball the game with amazing 3D graphics, animationeffects, Challenging and addictive gameplay. The game combines theelements of retro arcade ball-balancing games of the early 90s andthe figment of imagination taken from marble madness.The main goalof the game is to pass through all the levels balancing the ball onpaths made in the outer space, Collecting space coins. Numerousobstacles have been placed in the levels which require puzzlesolving methods and the difficulty increases as the game progress.Physical appearance and the material of the ball changes accordingto the challenge and can only be changed at specific stationsplaced at different places on every level.You will be given 3 livesto complete a level. The game has impossible challenges which 99percent of people will not be able to complete.You have theopportunity to indulge in a new space ball experience and balancingthe super roll marble. The game is easy to learn and control forthe user of all ages. what are you waiting for? balance theball!Features -Balancing game-Classic gameplay-Outerspaceatmosphere-Realistic physics-Easy to use control-Free to play
Awesome Transform Vehicles Race 1.1
Drifting cars are in waiting for you in this drift car racing gamebecome a drift legends and assume the aspiration Dubai racing. Jumpin this real racing game perform the amazing gt racing stunts fromcar customization you can become a car chaser in this racingsimulator game. The racing crew will assist you and check your carperformance status asphalt street storm with the classic cars andsports bikes are ready to compete. you can become a dragster raceking by winning the challenge and complete the game first. In thisgame, all the vehicles like cars, airplane, and sports bikes arevery fast no limits. This game you can say is an open world gamewith the underground froza. You have played many fun games androidwith fun speed and the funny race with the fun cars. Enjoy the funspeed in vice city racing game enjoy this game like a roommate gamemove fast and apply the cdr racing concepts and become a legendwith the dragon poppers bikes let's play this digger racing withthe car discounts. Available for free and include in download freegames fury highway is designed in mid-air with the sky-high stuntsracers online are ready to compete with you burn out your vehiclestiers and become a racing rider. You can switch a can into the jetplane or in a boat think about the race and choose the bestvehicles to complete the race and levels by performing the extraand stunning stunts.KEY FEATURES AND GAMEPLAY - Switch the bestvehicle to complete first - Perform the stunning stunts - Fly withthe cargo jet plan - Avoid crashes- Give us your best ideas forbetter improvements
Banana Racing Free 1.1
Monkey games and the banana games are very favorite games forchildren and all girls and boys. This game will provide you adifferent concept of gaming the new concept game is here for boysand girls choose the color banana and the favorite superhero toperform extreme stunts with the superheroes. Bananas are thevehicles in this game with the four to five seats where thesuperheroes are sitting and going for the fun adventure. Spidermonkey performs the swing shot and kong dash you will see. SuperHeroes on Speed banana - Spiderman, Wolverine, Hulk, Goku,Superman, Batman, and Bigfoot! Banana Racing from the mountain andlong water Jump with the parachute on Big Boat! this game you cansay is the best game in all driving games. Grage is full ofadventure where all the superhuman is dancing and showing theiramazing moves use the special powers and complete the stunts usingthe color bananas. Enjoy the game and this game is best for yourkids as learning purpose learn colors and enjoy the nursery rhymesmusic.GAMEPLAY AND KEY FEATURES:- Choose the color banana and hero- All heroes are dancing - Choose the level and get ready for thestunt- Control your banana and balance on the tracks - Controlspeed and perform stunts
Highway Police simulator 3D 1.0
Have you ever played police and criminal games in your childhood?Chase the criminals on the highway around the city with the policecars. Take down bad guys and become a real cop this game isspecially designed for those who want to be a police officer infuture or who are appointed cops train yourself from this game andmake the professional driving skills to chase the criminals and thethief. Bad guys grabbing the money and the other precious thingsfrom the people and they want to escape through the highways yourduty in this game to smash their cars and take down them on thehighway caught them and send to the prison. Many different jailsurvival missions and the chasing the enemies are involved in thisgame. In this police driving simulator, you can enjoy the amazingstunts with the incredible speed cars use the nitro boost to chaseand send them to the death smash highly to damage their car andpayback them for their sins and upgrade your badge this will helpyou in you rank promotion become super fast police officer and usethe modern classic cars this game you can say is the biggestchallenge ever learn to operate cars your car eats car and you willbe the car road racer and the real police driver this game is bestin all police and criminal games. Available on play store downloadand enjoy the adventure of cops.KEY FEATURES AND GAMEPLAY:- Chasethe criminals before the deadline - Use of nitro will help to smash- Use your driving skills to pass through the highway traffic -tilt, left right buttons are available - paddle your race and braketo reach the criminals - Balance your cars and dodge the obstacles
Superhero Action Bus Simulator 1.0
This holiday give your superhero a break from their dailycrime-fighting this Christmas and let them drive autobus in thissimulator game of 2018. Drive impossible bus on dangerous tracks asyour favorite superhero and see their skills as drivers and yourskills as well. Jump in this dangerous racing and perform insanedriving on crazy impossible moves and complete the impossiblemissions. Select from a list of chosen superheroes like the hulk,spiderman, cyclopes, batmam and Supergirl and many more monsterhero. This game is designed in the air and designed very difficultwith the help of this game you can polish your driving skills andmake the record between your friends and family members. Implementthe crazy, thrilling and furious bus or coach fantasy stunts inperformance impossible driving games on expert or master level,challenging and dangerous tracks. It needs extreme bus drivingskills to drive safely on tricky and curvy paths. While climbing upon new racing tracks you need to avoid impossible fall. Try to doyour best and cross the finish line keeping in mind the time on thegame timer.This racing adventure is an endless scary drive. Beatother superheroes to the finish line. Enjoy the clash of mightyheroes of the universe. Choose your favorite superhero and collectcoins throughout the levels. Collect enough to unlock othersuperheroes. While driving impossible coaches to take care of ramphurdles and flying airplanes otherwise your luxury bus will becrashed. Also, choose your favorite beast car from the racinggarage according to the personality of the hero. Then fasten yourseatbelt and control the steering, clutch, and accelerator to beatall the opponents.Key features: - 10 different level- realisticphysics for real driving experience on impossible tracks.- extremebus stunts and realistic driving simulation - amazing tracksdangerous sharp turns with jumps and obstacles- choose yourfavorite superhero bus
BMX Stunts Racer 2 1.1
Are you crazy about doing and make the extreme stunts race. Trythis amazing and adventures game in the event of Christmas enjoythis stunts game on racing tracks which covered with full of snow.Become a BMX rider and accomplish spectacular tricks inbreathtaking places all over the world. Just like in real BMX orfinger BMX, BMX Stunts Racer 2018 is a game of skill that takings afew actions to realize but a lifetime to master. This game isdesigned just for the stunts lovers in this game you will performfearless stunts in the air upon the water. Skater boy in this bmxboy game is a thief who grabbing money from someone and wants toescape help him to escape. Your pumped bmx is ready for stunts invmx racing. You will feel the skater adventures and extreme stuntsin this cycling game try to escape like a rabbit from thissituation. In this scooter bmx freestyle game try for the touchgrind skate different types of stunts will face and many differentobstacles also will stop you to escape. Different levels and stuntsdesign in this game use nitro to reach the final position in thegiven time you can customize your bmx from selection area manydifferent designs and character textures are available for you tochoose.KEY FEATURES:- BMX Billboard racing is a passion - Pedalyour bmx for extreme riding - Pick the nitro for boost up - Useyour speed as per need - Control your bmx for complete the leveleasily
Offroad Buggy Simulator 3D 1.2
Get ready to defy the rules of physics in this extreme environmentwith no rules or tracks. Become an offroad car driver in thisexciting new burning torque, offroading, air beam like offloadcruiser game. This off-road simulation is perfect for you. What areyou looking for? A mud, steep ramps, impossible bends are all inthis dirt race adventure and free offroading 2018 game.All off roadcars are legends monsters and high speed. These hill cars are notso heavy like off-road trucks, trailers and other heavy machineryin other off road games. So test your all driving skills in thishill dashing extreme.With several open world maps to choose andtest your super 4x4 jeep, 4x4 truck on those tracks with your madmotocross skills as lumping around the open environment of jeepmountain racing 2018. Offroad simulator 3d gives you what you wantin a jeep sim driving adventure, off-road game: complete controlover how you set up, and drive your rig, tons of challenges tocomplete in multiple levels. Fasten your seat belt on driving seatsteering and join us to show your professional cruiser taxi &thrill driving skills and become a groundbreaking, trailer park boyof our offroad suburban,4x4 delivery Hilux hill climb.offroad buggysimulator 3d features: Free to download and easy to play- touch ortilt steering options both including handbrake- Realistic carphysics.- Motion-based inner steering control. For sure the best inthe app store- Amazing 3d graphics design bringing reality intothis game What are you waiting for? Download offroad buggysimulator 3d simulator and start driving with your best monstertruck game. Drive, drift, and jump during hours with this freeracing game.
American NY Firefighter Truck Simulator 1.1
Innocent lives are in your hands now! This is your chance to becomean amazing American Firefighter & save lives and historic citylandmarks from blazing infernos!Have you ever think or try tobecome a firefighter to save the life of citizens become an extremefireman and rescue the innocent lives dangerous fires are going toburn the city drive your fire truck through the city by turning onthe siren to be aware everyone from the disaster. When you receivea call for help drive your rescue fire truck by dodging the trafficin this game your duty is to save the people lives of the NewYorkers. Wear the combat boots and the safety equipment. FireDepartment helicopter to put out bigger fire from the top buildingsor on the fire which is burning everything on the rooftop. Brigadetruck driving to evade the traffic and keep pedestrians safe andtry to avoid clashing with city vehicles in this game which youhave to rescue the people from shopping malls, banks, schools,office buildings and even hospitals drive your fire emergencyvehicle and safe the people.GAMEPLAY AND KEY FEATURES:• Amusingvisuals and vibrant sounds effects• Awesome and varied firetrucks•Amazing city environments with 3D graphics• Realistically animatedpeople to rescue• Many action-packed missions to complete•Thrilling precision truck driving experiences• Smooth and intuitivegameplay
Super Heroes Downhill Stunts Racing 1.0
Super Heroes Downhill Stunts Racing isanaction-packed fun game. Live life on the edge! Drive yourbikethrough amazing landscapes and perform some amazing stunts! Doyoudrive the quad bike on stunts arena? If no then let's startstheamazing stunts and racing adventure enjoy the racing experienceandthe superhero jumper bike stunts with full of shocking graphicsandinstant racing stunts parking race. The concept of thisgameprovides you the bruce banner superheroes bikes BMXfreestylestunts and uphill jumps. Start your bike engine and drivein topspeed like a power racer to perform the monster bike stuntstry tofly in the air and enjoy the skydiving stunts on impossiblecurvypaths and edges of death.This game is designed on the concept of superheroes allthesuperheroes skins are designed for your fun in the racingfunland.All superheroes like Superman, Joker, Flash, Batman,Deadpool,Ironman and the spider hero are there and ready to performtheunbelievable and heart touching stunts in mid-air. Choose theheroand bike for the race and enjoy the nursery rhymes andchildrensongs. Your extreme stunts and flips in the air will giveyou extrapoints complete all the levels to unlock the othersuperheroes andthe levels compete with your family and friends anddefeat all therivals who gonna try to finish the race first.Features of Super-Heroes Downhill stunts Racing- Amazing Mountain Bike Experience ever- Realistic Downhill Mountains- Race on the mountain with realistic bike physics- Different racer outfits- Playable without WiFi- Free to Play
Max Pro Drift Racing Stunts 1.0
Choose your drift car to customize it and start drifting manydifferent views and camera angles are given in this game especiallyfrom the cockpit view. Do you like drifting games? Try this Max Proamazing and very stunning racing game burn the asphalt like youhave seen in the tokoyo drifting games from the drifting legendsthis game is totally free drift racing game with full of highperformance racing cars. Worldwide real drift racers are playingdownload and enter yourself in this drift racing simulation game.Racing tracks are designed and placed with full of obstacles liketires and the old cars. drift at high-speed using the handbrake andmoving the steering quickly. Freeride mode of this game will takeyou to the race to battle where you can experience the high octanedriving in turbo cars fast rally race.Real dream turbo cars aredesigned which are fully modified and you can see the hundreds ofcustomization option this game will give you the experience ofstunning 3D graphics and the extreme car race with real dream turbocars racing in the city streets and enjoy the traffic competitiondriving like jet is required in the endless traffic mode. Mostwanted racing free rivals are in this game with the high-speed carracer skills many sports cars are also available to beat thetraffic. Speedy car fight is held on the streets of a city and youhave to need to cross your speed limit with racing marvel jeeps toenjoy the high-speed crazy driving and real escape now drift in thecity and run as fast as you can in this passionate drift game. Feelthe joy of racing in the city with the awesome car driving in thisperfect drift horizon project drift game. Stunts mode is alsoavailable for this game to perform the amazing and GT racing stuntsto achieve the target of real racing and extreme stunts AD freegame.GAMEPLAY AND KEY FEATURES:1: Race in Advance & IconicCars2: Precise & Realistic Driving Control3: Multiple DrivingCamera Angels4: Eye-Catching & User-Friendly Environment5:Multiple Driving Day and Night Modes
Wrestlers Bike Race Free 1.2
Top cycle racing games or BMX race free games you have played manytimes before. Let's try and make this game as trending game. Raceoffroad with the WWE wrestling champions hero racing on BMX. Bikeracing is a challenging task especially offroad touchgrind andenjoys the WWE bicycle fight with the real Wrestling heroes. In allbike race fighting games with the champion's racing free mode. Allthe BMX +game and free games will give you the enjoyment in yourspare time race and ride on the hills and complete the challengeswith your favorite wrestling champions show the energy andstrength.Real stars revolution with the racing rules full ofstunning graphics and the deathmatches make this game best freegame in all bike games and bike race games. Going offroad with thedirt bike to set the records of unbelievable climbing in themountains or hills. All the superstars are taken from thecollection of WWE Superstars. Are you crazy about to perform theflips and stunts on BMX with your favorite Raw or Summer wrestlingchampion show your BMX tricks and top-down stunts while passing themuds and the rivers with are passing between the mountains rideyour VVT or BMX like an army hill climb racer and make this gamebest racing game 2018. You can choose the hero and enjoy his moveson the BMX or bike for the fighting supercity. Top speed hot bikewill take you to the heights of the hills and you can challenge theothers.This offroad hill racer is full of greatest WWE superstarsand all-out mayhem with full of fighting skills including the rawemotion of wrestling race this game is the best racing game for theBMX lovers and the ultimate fighting C fans enjoyment also. ManyBMX bicycles and the super heroes are designed you can unlock allby earning the points after complete the levels. Hope you willenjoy this game to review our game to suggest the new ideas.KEYFEATURES:- BMX Billboard racing is a passion - Pedal your bmx forextreme riding - Pick the nitro for boost up - Use your speed asper need - Control your bmx for complete the level easily
Top Speed Highway Car Stunts Racing 1.0
Experience the highspeed racing game with the supercar fast formulacars. Drive and perform the stunts on running down the highwayswith extreme road race cars mostly in this game you will see thestraight racing tracks with highspeed impossible boost with full ofgear shift traffic. This game you can say is the real stunt racinggame and the best car driving games mode. Multiple tracks andimpossible stunts track full speed car racing challenges enjoy thecrazy offroad stunts on endless highways and mid-air tracks andsky-high stunts.The most lively formula car racing game of 2018.You need to show great driving skills and avoid every obstaclepresent in front of you. Razor sharp reaction time and rhythm willhelp you stay unharmed throughout the level. The tracks are insaneand impossible which makes this an addictive Formula car racing forall the ages. break every record in the fastest ever F1 cars, andrace some of the most iconic F1 cars of the last 30 yearsRace indifferent cars and tremendous tracks experience the thrill ofdriving the best F1 cars in the world. feel the thrill of genuineracing action in the most dynamic and super-charged formula one(F1) with the in-car camera view. but remember that you have toavoid the obstacles and finish the race within the given timelimit. no more boring games! no more racing without the excitementand thrills. Top speed highway formula racing offers you the bestof adventure in any highway, traffic driven and extreme racing gameavailable on play store at the moment.Along with some stunning newlocations and compelling characters to interact with, theseenhancements all combine to provide the complete experience in theworld of F1 yet.Satisfy your need for top speed racing. the topdown view enables you to drive through tidy corners of the trackwith crazy speed and precision. enjoy the real formula car sportscar physics. we can ensure that the difficulty level of the gamemakes it impossible for ninety-nine percent (99%) ofpeople.GAMEPLAY AND KEY FEATURES:- Top Speed Formula RacingFeatures:- Real formula car Physics- Heavy Duty Sports cars-Realistic Driving Experience- High Definition 3D graphics- Multiplecars to choose from- Easy to use control- Huge world environments
Top Speed Car Racing Games - Drag Race 1.0
Full Speed Car Racing Games - "Drag Race" gives you the experienceof real speed highway car racing. Nitro car racing on asphaltnation drag race with top cars drives make this game real dragasphalt "top full speed" highway car racing games. You have playedmany top car racing games but never experienced before like thisextremely drag racing which is full of racing & drift racing ofhigh speed drag edition racing need challenges. Enjoy this fastracing sim free 2018 game because world racing 2018 and nsl racing2018 has been started enter yourself in this make the world'srecord to be a top drag racer. Different racing challenges like USAracing, United racing, Drift nation racing are designed for yourenjoyment.Get ready for the gtr forza destructive modification tobeat the top opponents press the nitrous for burnout the asphalts.Set your car detailing with the help of car crew and compete in thestreet race upgrading your speed car will help you in the shiftingin this full speed car racing this new racing games is the veryradioactive race. Most wanted drivers show their expertise with thelatest game features in this car war game be furious and faster toearn the extra bounty or plenty which will help you with thecustomize and car detailing. Many nitro drag racer and games edgeracing rivals will also participate in the nitro drag race for thetitle of classic racers. Extreme fast racing vehicles on dustykilling track through mountains, hills, desert, off-road andhighway. Top drivers in the top race with the top cars try to reachthe top position in the highspeed car racing. You can driveextremely fast cars like f1 series, BMM in formula 1 race drive andtouch the finish line to become professional f1 racers like theother racing popular games and free car racing games. Racing onlinenow you can enjoy the amazing car speed and drift racing cars. Thisaddictive drag racing game and multiplayer racing and the onlinerivals waiting for you on the streets. Win tournaments with yourcrew to improve the leaderboard ranking we will test your nerves inwager races.Enjoy and give us your suggestions through the reviewsbecause your reviews and ideas to improve this game are veryvaluable for us available on google play download Now!Full SpeedCar Racing Games - Drag Race Gameplay and key features:- Easy tolearn and drive- 3D realistic cockpit view- Endless game mode-Different locations and cars to choose
Oil Tanker Truck Racing 1.0
Have you ever tried Oil Tanker Truck Racing with the grandtrucktrailers with the dump suspension simulator? If no then trythisheavy trucking lorry euro trailer truck simulator withfullyoptional gearbox you have seen much grand truck driving andtruckgame simulation but this game will give you a new experienceof theheavy vehicle driving in this game you will race with theeuro oiltanker racing between the heavy traffic on very realisticandsmooth highways. These extreme trucks racing make this gamebesttruck simulation 2018. Drive oil tankers and the cargotrucksthrough the offroad hill climb racing going through the citytomountain areas and the hilly mountain areas to complete theracingmission and reach safely there without any damage andleakage.After playing this super fast truck driving game you willbe ableto drive in the army training and you can also join thearmedforces for the army truck hill racing.Oil delivery or the oilcargois very risky task to reach the destination safely becausetheburning material is very dangerous the accidents will happentoshow you driving skills in real traffic drive safely because iftheoil will spill out the fine will be charged try to drive withyourexpertise to become a real transporter in all the truckapps.Highway truck racer game is very interesting andtime-consuming youcan enjoy your free time in this game. This truckracing game willhelp you to become highway truck racer. Bus driversalso play thisgame easier to complete this top speed battle andultimate racemania on risky roads and the dangerous hilly highwaysand themountains driving. While truck hill climbs on offroad areasyouhave to show your truck parking skills on the breathtakinghillyscenes. Be the extreme bus driver to fulfill yourtransportationduty between the extreme traffic. Try to smash yourracing rivalswith aggressive truck race.The furious truck drivercan drivethrough the hills and mountains with high-speed transportoilwithout any crashes because you are going to deliver theflammablegasoline delivery from one offroad gas station to theother thesefeatures of this game make this game heavy duty tankertransportsimulator. Experience the extreme fuel tanker hill climbdrivinglearn how to make money through the internet and throughthis game.Give your feedback to make this game is the besttransporter game2018.GAMEPLAY AND KEY FEATURES Oil Tanker TruckRacing- Realistictraffic environment- Many cargo transfer missions-Different trucksto choose from- Realistic truck physics- Amazing 3Dgraphics-Realistic oil truck interiors
Virtual Hollywood Movie Action Game 1.0
Virtual happy family presents the most exciting and thrillingactionand stunts game first time in the mobile racing games. Youwant tobecome a stunt movie star and looking for the learning howyou canenter and do act in the movies if yes then you are on therightplace where you can learn the action stunts and the making ofthemovies talk to the film director and act like aprofessionalstuntman. Many Hollywood star stunts will teach you toperform infront of the camera many extreme stunts and the gt racingcars areavailable in this game for your training become a virtualactor inthe real Hollywood film flip and perform the extreme stuntwith thesports cars like Lambo, dodge challenger, tesla, HollisJohnson,Buick and many more cars you have to perform impossiblestunts forthe movies enter in the list of celebrities and mark yourname onmovie planet this Virtual Hollywood Movie Action Game makeyou theextreme racer you will play with the death cars racer theseactionsand stunts make you the best virtual actor these trainingwill helpyou in your real life. The much different game mode youwillexperience prison games, survival escape like all actionfreegames.Virtual Hollywood Movie Action Game will start fromthemeeting scene with the director and the producer they willexplainyou the script which stunts and actions you have to performtheywill direct you where you will start and the direction ofthecameras do stunts and check in the recording if you failed todothe perfect action the recording of that stunt will start againandagain you have to clear all the levels and win the game foryourbetter future in acting and filming life.GAMEPLAY AND KEYFEATURES:- Meet with the director - Study and understand the script- Choosethe car and the movie scene where you have to perform -Performextreme stunts - Check the recording
Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Family 2018 1.1
Meet the richest family of Dubai have fun and enjoy thefamilyadventure with Dubai cars like in all arab games. Meet thevirtualdad Abdul Aziz the virtual Princess wife Rabia and theVirtual sonAmjad. This family is the most richest and billionairefamily ofDubai many adventure things you will experience in thisgame likedrift girls, crazy drifting, and the ride dual car onDubai carsthe pet lion animal the expensive shopping and the luxurylifestyleof the Dubai richest family. Be a part of this virtualhappy familygame and be like this super family man like allbillionairegames.The Super dad who is billionaire he worked hardfor his poorfamily life to luxury life he was a poor and caringhusband hemigrated from America to Dubai for job and wants to givehis superfamily a good future meet the super american dad and hispresentlife style . Many things you will experience in this gamelikehouse party with the virtual super hot mom the familyvacationswith the real husbands and the rich virtual boy and hisfriends andhis pet lion the amazing drifting cars and helicoptersyou willride and enjoy the dubai roads racing. Play and thinkaboutyourself that you are giving the time to your family. youeverspend your summer vacations with billionaire families which isyourkids dream. Play and enjoy this game and share your thoughtswithus. Available on Google play Download and Enjoy.VirtualHappyFamily: Billionaire Family 2018 Life Simulator Features• FunGamewith a pet lion• Smooth gameplay like house partygames•Entertaining sound to play dad simulator fun games
Run Like a Fox 1.1
The story of the little fox runner is to find the master andthetrainer some villagers kidnap him and took him somewhere yourareplaying the role of the student like a fox jump and survive onthemountains and pick the diamonds and the coins for life and trytoreach the destination. This game is include in the low polygamesyou have played many jumpy fox, tail jump, fox simulator,freeworld wildlife simulators of the foxs. Play this very fastrunner3d game based on the story of a red fox breading season isstartedplay with the spry fox in the wild tree and the clash fox.Thisgame is the most fast addicting the fox editor choice gamemainfeature of this fox run jump 3 d game is to tap your fingersbehindyour phone and use your fingers fast the fox will run fasttapscreen to give a jump this game is using the internal sensorsofyour phone to detect the movement of the fast fox. Learnthetapping technique fist to become an little fast fox runnerexpert.Play and enjoy this game Available on Google Play for FreeDownloadnow.Game play and Key features Features:- Innovativetappingcontrol – easy to play, hard to master!- Fun and fastplatformerwith lots of replay value- Unlock everything by playing!-Collectall coins, emeralds and diamonds – be as fast as you can!-Go on anadventure through challenging worlds- UpbeatsoundtrackFollow usonFacebook:
Virtual Girl Real Life Story 1.0
The real story of a girl about her life is her experience andthinkabout a girl who lives her life in steps. This game isoriginallybased on best family games like a virtual mom, helpingmom and manyreal-life games. A girl is a sister and a daughter shetakes careof her brother's mother and father after marriage shebeing aloving wife and the mother and she serves her entire life totakecare of her husband, children, and the whole family. She doesthekitchen work, house cleaning makes food for all of thefamilymembers and she is the only one who enjoys and enjoy thefamilylife. Children should become the kitchen helper in familystoriesshe always tries to provide her family a luxury lifestyle.You haveplayed many mommy games and you had experienced the familyshoppingbefore. The concept of this game is to tell and realize thelife ofa girl this game is related to the girl's games, billionairegames,mommy games and the best family simulator. The story of thegamestart from a teenager girl she has a routine life like takingthebreakfast play games, go to school riding a BMX bicycle andafterthat she involved in a marriage relation and you can see inthisgame a pregnant mother delivery of child is the most painfulmomentwhen a mother is going to give her child after nine monthsafterthat she takes care of her child. Kids who have a mother arerichkids in this world. Play and Enjoy this virtual life of a girlandsuggest us your ideas about this game.GAMEPLAY AND KEYFEATURES:-Play with the joystick- Read the dialogs carefully -Perform thetasks after reading the messages- Ride the BMX bicycle -Take thebreakfast - Play games with friends