Games Factory Online Apps

Puzzle Classics 1.1
The FREE casual gaming app!If you wish to play games like Sudoku, Minesweeper, Mahjong andSolitaire this is the place to be.All your favorite games in one app!
Sixxis 1.0.3
Sixxis is an addictive board game thatchallenges your mind. The goal is to place the tiles in the mostefficient way possible, so you gain higher scores.Every tile consists of one or two colors. A tile can only beplaced if the colors match with the surrounding tiles. Scores willbe higher when more sides match. The darker spots on the board willgive you power-ups that will boost the score even more.
Colourbox 1.0
Colourbox is a 3D puzzle game aimed atthecasual audience.Colourbox has 30 free puzzles with an in-app-purchse for anextra450 puzzles. It has easily in the range of 10-20 hoursofgame-play.Colourbox is simple yet addictive puzzle game for casual gamersofall ages.Once the basic idea is understood this app will provide youwithhours of puzzling fun. In-game you rotate in 3D variousgeometricshapes to enable you to colour them in by dragging thetilesbetween pairs of coloured icons. You continue until each shapeiscompletely coloured in. All this is done in 3D space!With the extra 450 levels of Colourbox you will notice newshapesand new levels of difficulty being unlocked to givefreshchallenges.Your main achievements will be recorded in the achievementspagewhich you can refer back to in-between your puzzling fun!Colourbox is spelt with a 'u' because we are more EnglishthanAmerican!