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Pool Club 1.5
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Welcome to the Pool Club game.3D ball animation.Touch control for moving the stick.8 Ball Pool and 9 Ball Pool.VS Mode: Player vs. Computer/Player (with rules)Easy to play, suitable for any age.Realistic 3D effects and Graphics.The Pool Club is the best pool game.Play it and review it.Are you an expert in Pool Billiards? Then show your talentshere.Suitable for any age.Realistic 3D effects and Graphics.Hope you enjoy this amazing Pool Club!Game Features:1. Touch control for moving the stick2. 8 Ball Pool and 9 Ball Pool3. Single Player Mode:4. VS Mode: Player vs.Computer/Player (with rules)How to play:VS Mode: Player vs. Computer/Player (with rules)Play against the computer AI/Player with standard 8 ball rules or 9ball rules.Touch the screen to adjust the direction and drag downthe power up in the RIGHT to strike.Download and enjoy this PoolClub.
Soccer Champions 2016 1.6
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Soccer Champions 2016 offers the purest funwith fast paced game play,This game has realistic physics andatmosphere.Soccer Champions 2016 is a real 3D game. It includes the teams andthe latest soccer players.This game has various modes, including Quick Play, Select Team andTournaments.Download and play the best Soccer Champions 2016 game.We bring youa real and comprehensive game.Play Soccer Champions 2016 with real teams and customizedtournament matches and improve your skills.Pick your favorite team and lead them to glory by the mostgoals.Soccer Champions 2016 have Real Teams,Real ground,easy andresponsive game controls.Game Features:3D graphics and high-quality sound effects.Various modes like Quick Play, Select Team and Tournaments.
Motorbike Real Racing 1.1
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Ride your Motorbike Real Racing with amazingsport bike simulator. Motorbike Real Racing having Tilt, TouchScreen and Acceleration options.Earn extra credits to unlock bikes tracks and bikespaints!The 3 camera views from behind, cockpit and fullscreen and havingamazing REPLAY Views.Every bike comes with different power, grip and brake settings.Motorbike Real Racing have Easy, Medium and Hard Racing modes.Become a talented motorbike driver in Motorbike Real Racing 3Dwhere you can go really fast with the help of nitro,so the bike can accelerate to extreme speeds and zoom through theMountain Valley.Motorbike Real Racing 3D have real physics engine.**** FEATURES ***** Easy Controllers* Real Mountain Valley* Real Environments* Realistic Camera Views* Beautiful HD Graphics* Realistic Engine Sounds* Realistic Background Music* Realistic Acceleration Control
Smash Pyramids 1.2
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Smash Pyramids is very addictive game toplay.Smash Pyramids is the game which needs timing, concentrationandfocus to not only travel as far as you can. In this game youhaveto break the beautiful glass objects, obstacles and boxesthatstand in your way.Experience the best destruction physics with Smash Pyramids.Game Features:Best object destruction physics.Awesome game play.Amusing background music.Best gaming levels.More levels will be available on next updates.How to Play:Tap on the screen to destroy the objects.Stay focused and concentrate on the path destroy every objectsandobstacle coming in the path.Stay focus to go as far as you can.