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American Eagle Freedom Run 1.3
You are welcome to play the most thrilling running game of thejungle run. You are provided with a wild eagle for this jungle runaround the jungle castle. This is the most addictive game you haveever played so download this exciting run game and start your greatexperience.This run between the jungle castle is all aboutcontrolling the flight of your wild eagle well in these dangeroustemple danger dash. Let the eagle fly freely and enjoy his freedomrun. Your eagle is lost in the jungle of the golden temple and youhave to help him to keep his survival in this wild jungle. Helpyour eagle to slide, turn, jump or duck down to avoid crashing withthe danger dash hurdles. This is the endless adventure so keep yoursafe for the long run. You are experiencing this adventure run inthe land of gold and you have to be the part of this junglesurvival game. Keep an close eye on this gold run of your eagle andconquer these dangerous paths of the golden castle temple. Theserun games featuring the wild eagle is a real fun to cope with.Enjoy this free game of the eagle fly and see the real fun of wildlife jungle. This bird simulator game will increase your love forthe jungle games or animal games. Become the hero of this simplegame and live the life of eagle.Eagle games are unique in theircategory of bird simulator because eagle is the best bird when yousee it as hunting animal bird. Be the king of this jungle castleand fly your eagle like a good jungle boy. These bird games aregood for the jungle run and you will love to run along these junglecastle. You will surely get addicted to this endless running gameof the beautiful jungle oz in reality. Play this best mobile gamewhile sliding through the mountains, crossing the cliffs, dodgingthe mines, forests and obstacles. So it’s a challenge for you thathow far can you run with your eagle. Exciting Game Features: ◌Beautiful HD Graphics◌ Many Obstacles and Hurdles◌ DifferentAchievements to Get◌ Get Special Powers Game Play: ◌ Download theGame◌ Play the game by tilting the device◌ Jump to avoid fromobstacles◌ Duck down to slide through
Action Bowling Strike Master 1.2
Welcome to the free 3d games of the bowling 3d world. Here you canplay the 3d bowling in the best bowling alley and that isabsolutely free of cost. Bowling game will precise your bolingskills and you will surely learn how to throw the bowl in theclub.Have fun while playing the free bowling and invite yourfriends to play bowling with you as well. This 3d bowling game is agame app to teach bowling for kids. This bowling game is rankedamong the goodgames so have a bu at this free bowling game. Blowthe bottles with your best bolling skills to bu around in yourfriends. Show them the clean strike playing this moji bowling game.All the bowling games reward you for the clean strike to blow allthe bottles at once.These free games apps are trending games,thanks to the users of the j and xo bowling. Avoid being thegutterball player by throwing your balls across the skootles. It’sa basically 10 pin bowing game and you can be the expert of theboling by playing this bolos game. Join the king neptunes club forthe 3d bowling experience and be the best bowler of this bowlingkin club. Adopt the galaxy 3d strategy in all these bowling gamesto become the best bowler.You may struggle rolling the ball instart, but gradually you will be named among the best bowlers ofthe pro bowling. Playing these bowling 3d games is fun so rankurself best among the other bowlers. The bowling requires yourcomplete focus because it is not a simple ball game. So avail thisopportunity of balls games free download and begin your career as abowler.Accept the popular challenge of pro bowling and be thebowling hook master to go around the game.
Motocross Bike Racing Madness 1.2
If you are motocross bike racing lover this madness challenge gameis for you. Motocross bike racing madness is real challenge to yourbike racing skills. Get through checkpoints under challenged timeand finish game challenge as moto bike legends.We welcome you tothe world of car and bike games. Experience the most exciting bikedriving ride on the busy traffic roads and enjoy your bike ridingthrill. Car and bike games are of utmost importance for the kidsand children.This bike race highway ride can be more thrilling ridewhile you complete this with the bicycle ride. Free bike game isall about your balance and controlling of the car bike. Bicycleride can also be the part of this endless racers bike speed game ifyou want to try the cycle games. Bike racing games 2017 are givingyou the trend of the bike ride, so control the bike speed well.Bike speed matters alot in terms of the bike driving thrillingexperience. This endless racing game is the new bike racing game2017 so begin the bick race today with this free bike game. Allfree games from the category of the free bike games will have newmodel motorcycle so go fast n steady in the motorcycle racing game.These games for free will be real fun thing to play because youwill get the most exciting motorcycle game for free.Motocross isalways being a fun sports for countrymen and modern era of phonesallow everyone to play and show his skills on the screen. Bike andmoto racing is the most popular and loved mode of racing madness.This game especially tests your moto skills and bike control inlimited time. You have motocross bike racing challenge to passthrough check points as fast as madness. This challenge really needyou to be bike racer on highways because this is not a dirt madnessbut a city highway environment where your motocross bike goesthrough checkpoints.Be aware of limited time in madness challengefor motocross bike racing and complete all checkpoints within timelimits. Try not to hit into barriers on highways and roads of citybecause they are to slow you down in motocross bike racingchallenge. If you hit yourself into hurdles you will kill yourselfand waste time for respawn. Avoid sharp turns as they slow you downand turn your bike as fast as you can because it is a racingchallenge in time limits.
Ball Pool Billiards Master 1.2
Play the best ball pool billiards master! World’s number one 8 ballbilliard game. which make you feel such that you play 8 ball inreal time with your friends. Everyone is welcome in one of thefantastic 8 ball billiard game. now its your turn to play 8 ball.Are you ready to play 8 ball billiard game? yeah sure! you can play8 ball with a competitor and be a number one player of ball poolbilliards master. But how can you be a master? Yes all you need isto download ball pool billiards master to become a best 8 ballbilliard player.
Gunship Air Heli Attack 1.3
This is the war game you have been waiting for so long. Be the partof the battle between the two air forces of the fighter jets. Dothis plane fight and be the expert pilot of the war aircraft. Thisis an open war between two air fight nations so be brave and be thebest fighter of the war land. Being the plane carrier you have tokeep your aircraft in the sky safe and sound to do good in this 3Dfighter jet simulator. Do not crash your plane and keep goingon.You will be riding the plane in the sky and you will be facingthe upcoming fighter jets coming in your direction. Destroy theenemy planes and dodge the fires that are being fired at yourfighter jet. Enjoy ride of the war aircraft and fire the enemiesair planes. This free fighter jet game will devlop your skills tofly the air force fighter plane through the war zone of the sky.These war aircraft games are real fun to play and you can be thebest player of these fighter jet games by playing these games withdevotion. People fond of airplane shooting will love to play thisgame due to thrill and boost provided by flying in the sky.Destroyenemy by finishing their air planes, warship, tank and othermilitary enemy forces. You can easily dominate in the sky justshowing some extra skills of war zone and gunship battle. This isthe most advanced combat aircraft game with the advanced modernfighter aircraft. You just have to use it wisely and efficiently todestroy your enemy. You have all the action and thrill you canexpect from this airplane shooting game. Do these aerial combatdrills and be the best pilot of the best fighter planes of theworld.This will be the decisive air battle with many of theadvanced airplane jet in the sky. You will feel like you are a partof an air force army and you are defending your side from theenemies. As an experienced pilot show your fighting skills and goodbattle policy to keep your brothers safe. You can get the help ofhelicopter gunships to do well in the field. Its all about the gooduse of the ammo resources at the right times.Exciting Game Featuresare:Beautiful EnvironmentNew and Improves Physics of PlaneAdvancedEnemy StrategyEasy User ControlsUser Friendly ControlsHow toPlay:Swipe Left or Right to move your planeMove Forward orBackwardAvoid the coming FiresKeep Alive and Dodge the Enemy
Sniper Commando Death Shooter 1.2
Are you tired of ordinary sniper shooting and mountain commandogames? Then you are at the right place, simply hit download andenjoy furious and fast action of a sniper commando death shooteragainst snow mountain snipers. You are on an elite force commandoduty mission to hunt down an enemy force and naval base. Our troopscannot reach the army camps via airborne flight because of enemymarine force is very close to the camp. We have to land 10 milesaway from the enemy army base and you will be our main snowmountain sniper lead who will take all the elite commando force andsniper commando death shooters into those enemy army camps. This isa very special mode of sniper commando death shooter where youenjoy extreme shooting and elite commando experience on snowmountain right in the heat of battlefield with advanced level ofsniper shooter skills and commando tactics. Use your heavy, longrange and autofocus sniper gun to clear all 6 posts before theenemy airbase come for you and your elite commando. Take out everysniper commando on the watchtower and ground to clear a post usingyour sniper commando death shooting skills. Shoot through yoursniper fast and do not let the enemy force to contact airbase ortheir army commando otherwise your whole team of 100 eliteFrontline commando soldiers will be dead in seconds by airstrike ofarmy jets. Our elite commando and sniper troops are planning ondestroying enemy air and ground base because we have confirmedintel that they have equipment that is helping them to spy on ourarmy encrypted communications which can be used against us. Ourelite commando sniper death shooters will help you to clear allother posts so you only have to take part in this battlefield andgive silent death to enemy soldiers.Your only missions are to actas a sniper commando death shooter and snipe every sniper on asnowy mountain. Do not let them communicate or everyone is dead.Lead the alpha and delta elite commando sniper death shooter teamsto the base and you give cover to our soldier. Yes, you do not takepart in army commando combat mode. How to play:Soldier! This is ateam work.You, do your part only to clear the way.You are to secureyour team.Choose your commando sniper wisely.Enter the battlefieldand kill enemy force silently.Clear post and move forward toanother one.Main Features:The game is based on army team work andis not one-man show.An elite commando team waiting for your signalto move.Awesome 3D snow mountain environment makes sniper shootingan adventure.Awesome enemy AI is realistic which activates once andfor. Realistic controls of sniper guns and smooth touch controls tolook around.3D war music makes sniper commando death shooting moreemotional.
Modern Warfare Duty Airstrike 1.2
Are you tired of trying different gunship helicopter airstrikegames using useless game controls? Download Modern Warfare DutyAirstrike helicopter game with the smooth and easy controls ofgunship helicopter. Enter the modern warfare zone and airstrikeenemy forces on the ground. Modern Warfare is on and showcase ofthe enemy frontline and elite army commando has already begun.Enemy army and forces are on the move in our land. This is the timeto show enemy forces and modern warfare commando, what we got.Strike with full power and stop enemy troop movement in the area.Last stand and all enemy force and army commando will be finishedtoday. Use lethal weapons against their modern warfare strike anddestroy their army equipment with one airstrike. After the cold warof many years’ enemy has infiltrated our land at many places likeon the ground, in the sea and airfield also. Enemy forces andcommando are everywhere and it is your ultimate duty to serve thecountry and fight a modern warfare duty airstrike before people getto know about it. This news is top secret and is not public yet.Get to the frontline battle field and assess the modern warfaresituation to prepare for a helicopter gunship airstrike. It is nota time for ground troops to engage but you can easily target themodern warfare, enemy commando and their installations with yourgunship helicopter in this duty airstrike mission. Make sure youclear all the enemy forces and secure the areas. Let this gunshiphelicopter airstrike be the strongest answer to enemy forces andmake them not to even think of attacking country again fromfrontline. Main Features:Unlike other gunship helicopter airstrikegames which have a complex system to fly a helicopter and handlethe strike, this modern warfare duty airstrike uses the smooth andeasy controls to fly over and strike enemy commando. Use of twotactical weapons makes your airstrike more critical. You can usestinger missiles and heavy machine gun on the helicopter to rip offenemy installations. 8 different areas to clear from enemyexistence and strike with your gunship helicopter.How to play:Thereis not much to choose from because it’s an urgent duty airstrikecall.Get ready with the most modern gunship helicopter and flyright in the modern battlefield.Fly over enemies and strike themwith your stingers and heavy machine guns. Use the fire button tofire stingers or machine guns and move forward and backward withbuttons.RIP off their installations and kill every living soldierin their army.
Top Speed Real Race in Car 1.2
Do you love to play fastest formula racing games? Formula racing isany of several forms of open-wheeled single-seater motorsport. Playthe top speed drag and fast racing real race to become an expertformula racer of formula race. Choose your favorite to speedformula car for super car racing.Now get ready to drive at the highspeed with formula 1 racing game and complete your adventurouschallenge. You will love this furious formula drift racing. ThisReal formula race is free racing game & this top speed realrace is the perfect formula for top speed real race.Do you thinkyou are the top formula racer? then set the F1 schedule & playthis formula racing game simulator to prove yourself that you arethe top speed formula racer? Top speed highway car racing is thebest formula racing that will give you an amazing car racingexperience.Realistic controls of the vehicle make it addictive andsensitive control of steering gives a real top speed racingexperience. This formula car game is designed for the people whohas the racing car top speed fever. Take control & Drive at thefastest racing track carefully to become the formula champion ofthe real race against the opponents.Do something adventurous withthis top speed free formula car racing game to fulfil your dream tobecome a super drafting legend. If you want the best & topspeed racing car experience, then download this free formula racingcar with the best racing modes including practice mode &challenge mode. Practice mod:Practice mode in real formula racinglets you to race with your team on the next track chosen forformula championship. Compete with your team to Complete laps asfast as you can and polish your formula racing skills in order towin the upcoming challenges.Challenge Mode:After the practice modeof speed real formula race in the car play racing challenge mode toCompete with world player on different tracks and complete lapswith the shortest time of all.Features of Top Speed Real Racing inCar:Three formula cars to choose from depending upon trackconditions.HD racing and drifting environment make this game fullof trill & addictive. 3D formula car sounds and drifting tirecry, gives an awesome feel.How to play:Choose your top speedformula car for the top speed formula racing.Enter the mode youwant to play.Press right button to race and left for break.Formulacar’s movement is controlled by tilting device.
Moto Bike Racing in Traffic 1.2
MOTORBIKE SIMULATOR IS ALL ABOUT RIDINGUltimate motorbike withextreme motorbike riding and racing adventure is here with advancedmotorbikes. Choose your heavy motorbike and start racing on ahighway in this motorbike simulator. Use your bike riding skills torace on the city highway and show your wheeling skills to youropponents.REALISTIC CONTROLS OF MOTORBIKE SIMULATORRealisticphysics of the ultimate motorbike make this motorbike riding intraffic addictive. Be careful hitting the motorbike in any obstacleof highway traffic in this motorbike simulator. Powerful brakesystem gives you more control over the moto. Race against the cityhighway traffic and cars to earn the title of ultimate motorbikerider. Motorbike is controlled with the tilt sensor of your deviceand you can turn right or left with titling device which make themotorbike riding easier more easy to control.HUGE COLLECTION OFULTIMATE MOTORBIKES8 super heavy motorbikes to choose from forultimate riding and racing on city highway in traffic. Choose yourfavorite bike with a favorite color and start riding motorbike.Collect coins in the riding and unlock your heavy bikes and ride toyour hearts’ content.BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING HIGHWAY ROADSAmazinghighway roads with smart AI of the traffic make the ultimatemotorbike riding in the traffic more challenging. Beautiful sunsetscene and city skyscrapers create a stunning view for the motorbikeriding person. WHEELING OPTION OF MOTORBIKE SIMULATOR IS AWESOMEYoucollect your boosting NOS by riding motorbikes at long distance intraffic on highway and apply it with NOS button. The wheeling is acrazy part of this ultimate motorbike riding game and you dowheeling right on traffic highway. HOW TO RIDE ON HIGHWAY TRAFFIC?Go to garage and select your heavy motorbike for riding. Unlocksuper motorbikes you like with your points earned in last ride.Push forward button for the race and back button to apply brakes.Tilt your device left or right and turn your ultimate motorbike.Press NOS button for wheeling and speed your motorbike. Avoidhitting the traffic and take sharp turns carefully.
Drift Car Rally Racing Game 1.2
Best combination of rally racing, dirt track racing, driftingadventure and offroad track driving. Download Drift Car RallyRacing Game and enjoy endless rally and drift racing experience.Drifting is an advanced level skill of rally racers where they takesharp turns without breaking speed and leading the offroad racingtrack. This is one in all racing experience game where you canenjoy racing, drifting, rally drifting and offorad track in onerace, which makes this Drift Car Rally Racing game unique on thisstore. Race on the most wanted and difficult tracks of countrysideand show your drifting skills around the corners and barriers onthe roads. Rally racing is a race type on offorad tracks where youshow your skills of parking and racing through the mud and dirtytracks. Drifting and rally racing combined produce an advancedlevel of entertainment which you can enjoy all night. 4 superracing cars which are not meant for these tracks will be a bigrally and drifting challenge for you. Cars are different in theircontrol, speed, acceleration, tire grips and boosters. Choose yourcar wisely according to drift rally track and unlock the car youwant to choose. Go through all 6 drifting rally racing missions andwin the first prize in this drift car racing rally. Drift racingroads and tracks are carefully spread for you on the countrysideracing terrain. Hurdles, blockade, logs and other stuff are on theroad for extreme drift racing and rally experience. Avoid theseproblems and drift along to win the races. Use boost where you finda straight road for a longer length to create a big lead in offroadracing. Super racing cars are lightweight because for need ofspeed. Hitting a barrier can put your drifting car on fire. Well,in that case you need to get out of the car and run. Controls ofsuper racing cars are adjusted for offorad racing and rally tracks.The controls are much smoother and responsive. Pressure brakes makedrift racing an unforgettable experience. Tilt gives more controlover offroad track and makes it easy to win drift car rally race.Do not forget to boost when you are sure that you are goingstraight. Why to press Install button?The unique combination ofdrift and rally racing on dirt tracks.4 super cars to choose fromfor drift racing than ordinary dirt cars.Beautiful terrain andcustomized tracks for ultimate racing experience.Smoother controlsof drifting and racing makes you win races easy.Boost can create adifference in leading the drift race.Awesome sound tracks make thegame experience just awesome.How to Play:Well! if you are readingthis you already know how.
Real Archery Master Game 1.3
Best Archery Hunting Game with Real Bow Archer and Arrow ShootingControlsWHAT THIS GAME WILL TURN ME INTO?Master your archeryhunting and bow archer skills in this Real Arrow Shooting andArchery Master Game. Learn new tactics and controls of bow archeryand arrow shooting in practice, arcade, combat, attack, Defense andhunting archer modes. Different difficulties of bow archer andarrow shooting with wind speed and wind directions to make you thebest bow archer and arrow shooter.SMOOTH AND EASY ARROW AND BOWSHOOTING CONTROLSBow Archer in Real Arrow Shooting and ArcheryMaster Game has full control of bow and arrow shooting. Smooth andeasy controls of this bow and arrow shooting game make itaddictive. Master wind and gravity factors for arrow shooting skilland bow archer tactics to shoot the targets. MISSION BASED STORY,TO SAVE THE QUEENIt is a mission based bow archer and arrowshooting archery hunting game to save the queen from the empire.Shoot bow archers at the castle and bring them down with yourarchery king skills. Clear all the corners of the castle and finishevery archer on the ground and rooftop. VARIETY OF WEAPONS TOATTACK AND COMBATMany weapons are provided to buy with virtualmoney collected from the castle rooms and bow archers. Buy shootingarrow, fancy sword, maul hammer, morning star and bardiche forattack and your protection from bow archer.REALISTIC PHYSICS OF THEBOW HUNTING AND ARROW SHOOTINGRealistic physics of the bow, flightof the arrow and enemy death make this game more addictive besidethe easy and smooth controls of the archery shooting. The parabolicbehavior of a flying arrow due to gravity action is the mostrealistic and challenging thing to enjoy in this real arrow hootingand archery hunting. 3D castle environment and stunning desertlandscape give an awesome view to play best archery game of arrowshooting and bow hunting. MAIN FEATURES OF REAL ARCHERY MASTERGAMEAccurate and calibrated arrow shooting controls.Smooth handlingof bow archer and easy arrow shooting.Stunning archery shooteranimations which follow the arrow.Realistic physics of the arrowand bow are awesome things.Wind speed and wind direction give arealistic look of this archery shooting.Cool camera animationsfollow the flying arrow to the target.360-degree view of the castleand beautiful landscape.Awesome sound tracks and music make thisarchery game addictive.HOW TO BE MASTER IN ARCHERY HUNTING?Chooseyour bow hunting kit and arrows.Enter the mission and start arrowshooting.Kill the bow archer soldiers with your arrows.Take the airfactors in the count before shooting the arrow.Aim the target andshoot the arrow to hit the enemy.Complete all the mission andbecome archery master.
Amazing Car - Hill Climb 3D 1.2
Enjoy hill racing with the fastest cars in the world in this HillClimb 3D game. Race with a selection of cars on different areas ofcountry like jungle path, hill station and mountain climbing. Anawesome combination of amazing car racing and hill climbing.Carracing in amazing car and hill climb is the best car racing gamearound the store. Get an extreme experience of offorad racing andhill climbing adventure in this amazing car hill climb 3D offoradadventure game. Ultimate hill climbing race tracks and awesomechoice of cars give an excellent offorad hill climbing and racingadventure. 3D environment leads to stunning landscapes and racingbecome fun. Hill climbing always was an advanced level of racingand this amazing car hill climb racing brings you the racingadventure you most wanted. Ride, race and park on the hill trackagain smart AI of cars. Race with other amazing cars or competethem on offorad racing tracks. Enjoy the beautiful trees andhorizon of hills and have fun with smooth controls of amazing carhill climb racing adventure.Realistic physics of amazing cars makehill climbing addictive to you. You can race with opponent smart AIand compete with other cars in different environments. Keep an eyeon the fuel bar as hill climbing is opposite to fuel saving. Engineroars while climbing mountains and it needs more gasoline thanusual. Collect gasoline gallons to continue your amazing car hillclimb adventure before your amazing and super-fast car runs out offuel. The Brake system of super car is based on realistic physicsso it is needed to apply brakes before you want to stop like inreal life car driving.Features of Mountain Climb:Many differentenvironments to select with many more offorad cars, jeeps andtrucks.Stunning natural scenes make this amazing car and hill climbracing more fun to race.Realistic physics of the car and smoothtilt controls give an awesome racing game experience.Real racingcar, Prado SUV and offorad jeeps are available for driving on amountain climb.How to Play:Enter the amazing car racing mountainclimb and select your environment.Select the offorad driving hillclimbing vehicle for mountain climb.Race with smart AI and pressrace button to accelerate.Collect gasoline gallons to keep up withsmart AI.Apply brakes where you need to slow down.Hill climbquickly and faster than the AI.
Zombie Killer Death Shooter 1.2
World War is chaos; real war has already begun. Everybody is zombienow and eating rest of humanity. You are assigned as Zombie KillerDeath Shooter in this action FPS shooting. Target zombies, aim trueand kill them with headshot in sniper death shooter arena.Real waris of biological weapons and one of them has accidentally enteredour environment and it was an airborne virus which turned peopleinto zombies who look for fresh blood and brain to survive. Deadtarget zombies to save rest of city then regroup with other humanbeings in the country to build a safe house from zombie attack. Soit is time for zombie stand soldier, get your sniper rifles, shotgun and pistol to hunt zombies and target dead to show them thatyou are killer death shooter for them.Zombies die easy withheadshots. Aim true and shoot zombie right in the head. Zombieattack can either kill you or can turn you into walking dead. Yes,we mean zombie and then you can be killed by some random bullet inyour head.Target dead zombies to save the rest of community andhold up a firm zombie assault position to fight them. Do not loseyour safe point for zombie combat or you will be an easy target forthese walking dead in the land of dead. This is time for you to bezombie killer death shooter and prove your skill to target zombieand zombie survival.Wild zombies aren’t going to talk, do not waitand pull trigger on sight to give them peaceful death. Walking deadare coming in waves by hearing gun fire. Every wave of zombies inthis dead land is more powerful than last one. Main mission of yourstand is to hold them as long as you can. Your sniper rifle andshot gun ammo is limited so hunt zombies wisely with head shots andkill maximum load of zombie apocalypse. Turn this chaos over tolead humanity to safe house.Objectives of Zombie Killer DeathShooter:Kill zombies and save humanity.Waves of zombies are pullingtowards you so kill them all.Try to hold them as long as you havebrain in your skull.Do not let them bit you or you are one ofthem.Why you should download it:Unique mission to play.It is allabout to stand longer.Wave system of zombies make itrealistic.Realistic guns are used to kill zombies dead.Real zombieattack and death aminations.Auto reloading of guns save you time tokill walking dead.Real sounds of zombies make this game to standout.
Sniper Shooter Kill Contract 1.0
Welcome to Sniper Shooter Kill Contract,snipercontract killer arena game. Choose from private agencykillcontracts and start shooting and killing dangerous andarmedpeople. Fulfil requirements of contractors and up rank yourprofileof deadly sniper shooting killer.Contract Killing is a growing private profession for armypersonnel,commando, ranger, police and secrets agents. Snipershooters arehigh in demand and all the agencies are monitored bygovernmentwhich makes it perfectly legal. You are an elitecommando of armypost in warfare. As a retired commando you aregetting contractsfrom agencies to eliminate threat to nation. Pickup your sniper andget ready for briefing about your killcontract.Kill contracts require you to be stealth and snipe in secret.SniperKiller and shooting skills are mandatory for confirmed kill.Anymistake will result in loss of contract and bad remarks onyoursniper shooting skills and kill contract profiles. Thisspecifickill contract is to kill gangsters on the demand of agency.Theyare planning something big criminally. This contract wants youtobe on a roof top with auto reloading fully manual sniperrifle.Read all the contract manuals and pull trigger when you aresureabout target. Do not kill civilians. It will cancel yourcontractand you will be held accountable for citizen’s life.Serve as secret agent and snipe gangsters silently in thissnipershooter kill contract full fps action packed game. Enterasprofessional and walk away as a legend. Snipers, you areprovidedwith, in this shooting arena kill contract warfare isautoreloading and has a sharp shooter scope to kill gangsters inhurry.You are good at taking commands and executing orders withaccuracy.Find the targets in crowd of people and kill silently insecretfrom root top.Main Feature of Sniper Shooter Kill Contract:Contract is briefed before you go for sniper hunting.8 different challenging contracts to fulfil with yoursniperexpertise.Realistic city environment makes it more real to shoot.Auto reloading sniper gun for each contract is given.3D sound of sniper gun fire creates an awesome effect.How to Play:Accept kill contract and get to roof top with sniper.You will be briefed before every sniper shooter killcontract.Take briefing serious, act accordingly and sticktoinstructions.Identify the target to be eliminated by sniper and aim athim.Pull trigger when you are sure about confirm sniper kill.Leave no trace of evidence after you complete thekillcontract.
Real Duck Hunt Shooter Season 1.1
Are you crazy Hunter? The Hunting Season is started in these daysso get ready to shoot some ducks 🦆. Real Duck Hunt Shooter seasonis a simple duck shooting game using gun and bow arrow. The goal ofthis hunting game is to shoot the ducks. Want to have lot of funhunting down some flying ducks 🦆? Real Duck Hunt Shooter Seasongame is don’t hunting the Easter bunny or not break the Eastereggs. This game is just hunting the ducks. You can do this byplaying this real duck hunt shooter season game which is one of thebest hunting games. In this Real Duck Hunt Shooter Season gameDevelop your skills, as a bird hunter, by shooting down, as manyducks 🦆 as possible. Become a duck hunting master, by playing, thisbow arrow and gun shooting game.Enjoy the beautiful scenery in thebackground, as you are shooting down the flying ducks 🦆, usingshotgun and arrow. Try to master your shooting skills, by becominga duck hunter, by playing duck hunting which is one of the bestshooting games. Feel the real craze of Duck hunting in beautifullake view environments. Real Duck Hunt shooter season has a greatgame play and will give you the feeling that you are a real hunter.This Real Duck Hunt shooter Season, Duck 🦆 hunting game is allabout thrill & fun. Birds are very smart and clever so to be aprofessional Hunter you must have good aim and shooting skillswhile holding your breath. Some birds are very sharp and quick, youhave to take the extra care when you are shooting them. If you wantto be a real hunter you will have to take you sniper to get duck 🦆down.This real duck hunt shooter season game provide two types ofhunting endangered weapons. Sniper rifles for people who love toshoot the duck for hunting with bullets and bow and arrow for thosewho rely on their pure hunting skills of archery hunting and arrowshooting.Have a good time, hunting with gun and arrow, by playingthis free real duck 🦆 hunt shooter season game which is one of thetop duck hunting games for kids, arrow and sniper killing games,bow and arrow games, hunting games for boys and birds hunting gamesfor free.Real Duck Hunt Shooter Season Game Features :➺ Firstperson duck shooter hunting game. ➺ Smooth game play and friendlygraphics user interface.➺ Smooth duck animation. ➺ 3D graphics andsound effects.➺ Efficient weapon control for real duck hunter.➺Fun, challenging and addictive gameplay.
Archery Killing Game 1.0
Pick up your bow and arrow and shoot the soldier of king archerlike an archery master to find back the stolen treasure. This is anancient combat between the king archer and archery master, so findyour bow and arrow archery master gear and start shooting arrows onthe enemy archers to kill them and find the stolen treasure backfrom the king archer.This is an ancient era of archery masteraround 2000BC when the king archer was known for his archery andbrutality on innocent citizens. He rages on the villages andvalleys with his bow and arrow force and take their treasure withhim looting them. Citizens do not know much about the archerytechnique and he has the advanced archery and shooting arrow makingteams. It is time to find back the stolen treasure from the kingarcher and teach him a lesson not to mess with archery master. Hehas a large army of bow and arrow soldier with flying and shootingarrows. Combat the soldiers with your fast moving super arrows.Stay stealth or all the archery army will be upon you. Shoot arrowssilently and shoot the archery soldiers dead with your poisoned bowand arrow kit. Be aware of the beasts that the king archer has andhe will unleash them upon you. Get your weapon ready to combat thebeasts and kill them with your sword or hammer given to you by thecitizens. Kill all the king archer’s beasts and bow and arrowsoldiers, the archery master.You have the full support of citizensto attack the king archer and they believe in your archery skillsand shooting arrows. Use your stealth and secret skills to hide andshoot the archer army with your poisoned arrows. This is the laststand of citizens against the king and if you fail in archerykilling the soldiers, the king will slaughter all the citizens. Useyour horse to travel between the castle and keep your eyes openfrom soldiers with knives in their hands to stab you.Enter thedifferent rooms to gain the treasure and finally in the castle tofight with king archer and teach him a lesson to destroy his armyand declare the state, a terror free state and become a king. MainFeatures:Awesome 3D environments with the castle and ancientstructures.Extremely smart enemy archery skills make this archerykilling game challenging.Different type of attack modes of the armymakes the archery game unpredictable. Ultimate killing weapons tochoose from and use them in combat archery killing.Dynamic enemyarcher positions make difficult to kill them while moving.Fight thebeast with your sword or hammer and take them down as well.Awesomesuspense and combat music and sound gives a stunning effect.How toplay:Controls are very simple for the archery killing game.Enterthe mission and select your weapons or buy some arrows.Enter theenemy archer king’s territory and start shooting arrows.Kill themwith the best shots and keep eye on soldiers coming withknives.Shoot them quickly before they stab you in the chest andkill you.Keep your eyes open for the beasts when they areunleashing upon you.
Billiards 9 Ball Pool Game 1.2
Billiards is the most popular table game and everyone love tobecome a billiards master. 9 ball pool is the modified form of 8pool ball which is the most loved modification of any billiardsmaster game. Hit download and install Billiards 9 ball pool game onyour device to enjoy the ultimate realistic physics of 9 ball poolbilliards master. 9 ball pool is a billiards challenge game to potall the balls from 1 to 9 with your cue and stick in less time.Time matters in this billiards master 9 ball pool game when playingyourself or in a challenge. Challenge your friends in thisbilliards 9 ball pool game in multiplayer mode and pot all 9 ballsas fast as you can before your friend does. Practice Mode:Practicein this billiards master mode and train yourself to pot balls witha cue as fast as you can. Manage time to pot balls quickly with thehelp of cue and get yourself ready for the billiards masterchallenge and compete with friends.Challenge Mode:This mode givesyou the chance to become real billiards master of 9 ball pool gameand control your cue with stick to the direction you desire. Potballs faster and beat the timer to become 9 ball pool gamebilliards master. Multiplayer Mode:Once you command all thebilliards master skills of 9 ball pool game, challenge your friendsto compete in multiplayer mode. Show them your cue and stick skillsand win the 9 ball pool challenges with pride in the billiardsmaster competition.Features of 9 Ball Pool Game of BilliardsMaster:• Awesome wooden billiards tables take all the attention.•Realistic 3D physics of pool balls makes gameplay addictive.•Practical stick animations for hitting cue with low or high power.•Stick force adjustment bar to take calibrated shots to potbilliards balls.• Smart AI that calculates and take down the pottedballs once they are potted.• Multiplayer mode allows you to play 9ball pool billiards against your friends.• Apply chalk over thestick for more accurate pool ball shots and pot the balls.• Easyand smooth touch & movement controls make this billiard poolgame addictive.How to become Billiards Master with this Billiard 9Ball Pool Game?• Standard 9 ball pool game rules apply to thisbilliards master game.• Select your mode of pool ball game andchoose your table to play.• Take the pool breaking shot carefullyand try to pot some balls in the shot.• Swipe up or down to changethe camera angle for better view to take cue shots.• All the shotsare guided with arrows for better accuracy to make you poolmaster.• Press the cue and select shot power and release the buttonto hit the cue.• Use chalk for better accuracy and more control onthe cue ball for extreme shots.
Hostage Rescue Sniper Ops 1.0
TODAY’S MISSION IS RESCUE!Soldier! It is a rescue mission to savethe hostages captured by terrorist organization. Terrorists areeverywhere and looking for some radio transmission to start. Theywant to put their terms and conditions to the government. Your dutyis to eliminate every one of them before they start a bargain. Savethe hostages and clear the city out of these terrorists.HOWTERRORISTS GOT HERE?The city was considered most secured areas ofthe state, but there were some security loopholes which armed andcivil forces could not realize. Terrorist got over them and hassucceeded to enter the city and take control of it making peoplehostages. Now only your commando and secret agent skills can savethe citizen and rescue them. SAVE HOSTAGES IN HOSTAGE RESCUE SNIPEROPS You are very close to the city and your sniper shooting skillsare needed, so move ahead to the city before the enforcement joinsyou later in this mission. We have lost communication with thelocal army base in the hostage area. Brief us with the situation sowe can do something to send a rescue mission for grand hostagerescue sniper operation to succeed. COLLECT YOUR SNIPER, COMBAT ANDASSAULT RIFLESGet your sniper rifle for a rescue sniper operationto save hostages. Combat and assault snipers and rifles will alsobe needed to eliminate all the terrorist threats. Use your stealthand sniper shooting skills to identify the terrorist targets and donot do any harm to the hostage. Kill only the hostile and do allthe rescue sniper operation silently and in stealth mode. FULLCONTROL OVER HOSTAGE RESCUE SNIPER OPERATIONSYou have fullauthority to do any action before the terrorists communicate to anyofficial authority. Your all sniper and assault rifles are unlockedand authorized to engage. The easy and smooth controls of sniperand assault rifle for rescue sniper operation allow you to takecontrol of the hostage situation and you can kill the terroristssmoothly like a knife in the butter. UNDERSTANDING THE INSTRUCTIONMADE EASY FOR YOUTill now you understand the mission and it is moreeasy to act in the game play and kill all the hostiles before theydo any harm to the hostages in this rescue sniper operation.Understand the hostage situation and follow your heart about thedecisions to rescue sniper operation before the supportarrives.CITY ENVIRONMENT TURNED INTO WARZONEIt was a beautiful citywhich has been turned into a warzone by the terrorists. You can seedifferent parts of the city on fire and people frightened by thegunfire. This kind of warzone environment is hilarious and can leadanyone to jump into the fight and do the rescue operation. COMPLETEALL RESCUE OPERATIONS BEFORE HOSTAGES GET KILLEDTerrorist arecommunicating each other every moment, so be sharp and stay at thetop of the hostage rescue mission to rescue innocent people fromthese terrorists. Clear all the suspected areas of the citysituating terrorists.
Soldier Endless Run 1.1
Wake up soldier! It is time to combat and assault the enemy strike.Enemy army is everywhere and it is trying to capture the militarybase in the rocks. It is your ultimate duty to fight back andstrike the enemy with full force to save the nation and thecountry.Enemy soldiers are on the move and want to capture theterritory. You are an elite commando soldier to stop the enemystrike and finish them. Use your powerful weapon rifle to kill theenemy soldiers and restore the control in the elite commando area.Strike like a hero and elite commando in the heat of thebattlefield and also run through rocks of which enemy has lessidea. Use commando tactics to destroy enemy force and make themreturn back to their army commando base for their lives. Running isthe basic training part of every commando soldier and these elitecommandos can run for hours and can cover hundreds of miles in aday. You were an elite commando soldier of the very first armycommando training to take part in the battle. Your tactics areneeded here to run and jump all over the rocks and also combat likean elite commando soldier with the enemy army strike. You areprovided with powerful AK 47 and piercing bullets to crack enemysoldier skulls right through their helmets on. Use your assaultrifle wherever needed to combat the enemy army soldier. Run like aprofessional army commando soldier and kill while on the move. Takeaim, hold your breath and shoot for the sake of the motherland.Collect energy drinks on the way to boost your stamina and killmore soldiers. Energy also stores your lives lost by the enemystrike bullets.Main Features of Endless Run Runner Game:Awesomecommando soldier animations for running, jumping and shooting.SmartAI detects the soldier endless runner position and attack withguns.3D music and gunfire sounds give a stunning effect to yourears.An HD rock environment where the soldier is ready for endlessrun and strike army soldiers. Different levels to complete and killthe enemy soldiers in this soldier endless run game.Awesome gamestrategy and avoid falling down from the rocks or you are dead.Howto Play:Enter right in the heat of the battlefield and combat theenemy soldiers.The soldier is on auto running mode in this soldierendless run game.Press jump button for normal jump or press andhold for higher jumps.Use shooting button to shoot enemy soldiersin this endless run running game.Collect energy from the rocks andboost your speed and killing ratio.Complete all the enemy waves andkill shot all soldiers to death.Do not fall from the rocks or youwill lose the game and have to start over.
City Sniper Commando Thriller 1.2
It is time to wipe out all the gangster and terrorists of the citywith the sniper fury action of the battlefield. Pick your finestsniper, identify the target, take aim, hold your breath theterrorists. Hit download and enter the best sniper battlefield furyarena game to shoot down city gangsters and terrorists as an eliteSWAT sniper commando. It is somewhere between 2017 and 2018 whenterrorists are trying to gain control of the city and want to turnit into a battlefield and capture the city. This is the times whenthey are trying to rage a war upon the city to control all therevenue it produces for their terrorist activity and buy snipers.City Sniper commandos are the best trained arm force in the worldto combat the terrorists with their elite commando tactics and bestsniper shooters. You are a part of best city sniper shootingcommando is part of the first battlefield between the city snipercommando and terrorists trying to gain the control of the city.Thiscity is known for its business as it produces the highest revenuein the world than other city. This is the reason that this city haselite city sniper shooting commando force and SWAT teams to enforcelaw on the citizen and to handle any outer threat like a war orbattlefield by gangsters, militants or terrorists. Fight as beingappointed to act as a secret mission city sniper commando to killshot the terrorists trying to enter the city in this sniper shootergame. Get them at the gate and use your elite commando city sniperskills to shoot them dead and stop them from entering the city andcausing mass destruction to the city assets and innocent people.This city sniper shooting commando game gives you most smooth andeasy sniper controls to shoot terrorists and for sniper arena inthe battlefield and secret stealth mission. The smart terrorist AIgives a tough war and battlefield experience to you as SWAT elitesniper shooting commando.Main Features of City Sniper CommandoShooter Game:3 Awesome environments and gates to combat and showsniper skills.Smart gangster AI is the most entertaining thingabout this sniper shooting game.Finest sniper guns are provided tocombat the greatest terrorist activity in the history. Unlimitedbullets are provided to shot kill the terrorists because it’s notime to reload. Penetration bullets are just an awesome thing tofire from the best snipers of the world.3D anthems music gives youenergy to fight hard and shoot sniper like a true snipershooter.How to Play?Enter the warzone location and choose yourmission.Identify the target, take aim, hold your breath andshoot.Complete all the missions to charge the terrorist with heavyloss.Complete one war zone and move to another warzoneimmediately.Save the city with your stealth and secret snipershooting skills.
Motor Bike Stunts Racer 2017 1.2
It is time for extreme bike stunt race and become a motor bikestunt racer 2017. Driver your motor bike and do stunts racingadventure in this dirt bike stunt game. Choose out of several heavyand dirt bikes to race on mud and hill tracks and show yourfreestyle bike stunt skills. Out of many bike stunt racing gamesMotor Bike Stunt Racer 2017 is unique because of its ultimate bikestunt physics. Choose your bike out of a collection of super stuntbikes and select racing track to show your bike stunt racingskills. Hit download and install this bike stunt and racing game toenjoy racing and bike stunts to its fullest. The amazing landscapeand horizon scenes of beautiful stunt and racing tracks give anawesome look while motor bike racing. Flawless bike physics andcontrols are the main features of this bike stunt racing game.Simple, easy and smooth controls of stunt bike give the extreme andultimate stunt and racing experience in this stunt racer 2017. Raceyour bike on the world dangerous tracks and do bike stuntsfreestyle. Freestyle stunts are very popular among the world classdirt bike racers and they love to race on the tracks that are inthis game. Many dirt and offroad stunt bike racing tracks areintroduced to ultimate freestyle bike stunt racing adventure. Rideover the curved tracks full of bumps and race on the smooth tracks.Jump over the sharp edges and water beneath. Try not to collideyour head to the racing road or you can break your neck. Collidinghead to the racing track will get you out of the race and you willlose the ultimate competition of bike racing and driving.MainFeatures of Freestyle Bike Stunt Racing 2017:• Various motor bikesto choose from for racing and riding.• Extreme fast racing trackswith full support of the stunt racing.• 3D music track makes thisbike racing game more addictive and awesome.How to Play?• Selectyour bike for stunt mania and choose your track.• Press speedbutton to accelerate and brake button to stop accelerating.•Complete all the tracks and get listed as motor bike stunts racer2017.
Street Car Racing Stunts 1.3
Hit download and install Street Car Rush Racing Mania to enjoyeternal and endless entertainment of highway racing in car. Boostyour street car in rush racing mania and cross the highway trafficto complete the racing missions. Use turbo to beat all the highwaytraffic in this Street Car Rush Racing Mania.Put your street car atthe city traffic rush racing mania and join the traffic racing. Getyour car racing against the highway traffic to win coins on theway. Buy a new street car with the coin collected in pervious rushracing. Do not forget to push the NOS button to speed up yourstreet car and speed up on the highway Rush Racing. Extra NOScylinders in your street car though, makes it heavy, but also giveextra speed boost for highway rush racing in car. Use your NOSwisely and avoid hitting other cars on the highway. Utilize yourprofessional racing and driving skills to cross the vehicles on thehighway and give some close calls to win extra coins for collectionof new car from the garage of Street Car Rush Racing Mania. Brakeand race system of your street car is brand new and customized toyour requirements. Traffic Car Rush Racing on highway is an illegalact, but your street car does racing at moderate speeds. Use yourbrake when needed or there is chance to collide with any truck orcar. Collect magnets on the highway in this Rush Racing Mania.Magnets will attract all the coins nearby and get stuck with themagnet. Buy some extra time for street car Rush Racing collectingthe time on the highway. Many different tracks and city locationsof highway are introduced for more fun and adventure of street carracing. Select your favorite city and join rush racing onto thehighway. Main Features of Street Car Rush Racing Mania:Maniaincluded many streets car for racing adventure.Different highwaysto boost your racing car to its fullest.Awesome landscapes andskyscrapers at the side of highways.The super 3D sound of trafficand racing car gives an awesome feel.Easy and the most smoothcontrols make this racing mania game addictive.How to Race inStreet Car on Highway Rush Mania?Get your car and choose yourhighway track for street car racing.Racing car auto accelerates andspeeds up along the highway traffic.Apply NOS for turbo boosters toact and speed up your street car.Apply brakes to avoid collisionsand get your way through highway traffic.Collect coins on the wayto buy new street cars for ultimate racing adventure.Magnets cangrab more coins for you on the road while racing at your fullestspeed.
Zombie Shooter to Death 1.3
It is time to act as zombie death shooter and kill the rest of thezombies right after zombie wipeout by an antidote. Kill everyzombie you see in the sniper scope and wipeout all the zombies bydead target from the face of the Earth. Strike the cemetery andhaunted castle area and kill sniper zombie targets.The zombieapocalypse is over and antidote is out to eliminate all the zombieson the Earth. People all around the world got together to inventthe antidote and succeeded in making zombie antidote. This antidoteis airborne and targets the zombies infected NDA and kill thecells. This antidote was effective in the form of gas and targetdead zombies. Many zombies have survived this antidote andscientists are working on a stronger antidote. These living deadare outnumbered and brave people like you had decided to huntzombie which is less than before. So get ready for zombie huntingand zombie shooter to death adventure. Zombie apocalypse wasstarted and these living dead started eating people and theirbrains. That was a tough time to combat living dead and targetzombie dead. Sniper were easy on killing living dead and targetzombie from long distances with long range snipers. Unfortunately,humanity got low on weapons and did not dare to search for moreammo. After the discovery of antidote many zombies were targetedand eliminated in zombie shooter to death era. People have decidedto go to army camps and collect ammo for their snipers and attackzombies until the new antidote is out. Use your sniper gun to shootthe zombie target and eliminate them with headshots. The livingdead are located in cemetery and haunted castles. Get there andstay at distance to target zombies and zombie shooting to death. Donot show mercy to these walking dead or living dead, take aim, pullthe trigger and kill them with headshots. The leftover zombies arestrong, so choose your long range sniper and start your night aszombie shooter to death.Main Features:Awesome 3D cemetery andhaunted castle zombie hunt environment.Advanced sniper andpenetration bullets give an instant target zombie death.Zombiegroaning near you, give a thrilling game experience.HD hauntingsound makes this zombie death hunter game more fun.How to play:Pickup your long range zombie shooting sniper and take aim for headshots.Use zoom button to zoom into the area and press the shootbutton to take a kill.Hunt down all the zombies before the secondantidote is out.Complete all the zombie hunter and shooter to deathmissions to save humanity.
Temple Dash Run in Jungle 1.2
Enjoy endless running in Temple Dash Run in Jungle and shoot downthe jungle beasts shooting your magic balls. Temple Dash Run is anescape and survival mission game through the jungle and temple.Attack jungle beasts to escape from jungle temple and reclaim yourfreedom. You are a temple castle dash Runner and run through thejungle every day without fear of beasts. It has become a challengefor you to run in the temple dash and complete your run questfighting a battle against jungle castle beasts. Beasts are in thetemple dash jungle since ever and they eat every person that goesfor a temple dash run. This temple dash run game is packed with runadventure of the castle and battle attack on castle beasts.Complete all the missions for castle run to reclaim yourfreedom.Take a leap of your run in the temple dash jungle andcomplete your dash run mission. Run through awesome HD jungletemple landscape and enjoy the natural scenes of the temple dash injungle. Stunning and soothing sounds of jungle animals and theroaring sounds of temple beasts give an awesome dash runexperience. Jump over the broken stacks and attack the castle beastwith your magic balls. Collect special juices to increase life andrepair damages to your body during the castle temple dash run.Complete your dash run and come in out of the jungle castle toclaim your freedom. Main Features of Temple Jungle Dash Run:Awesomejungle landscape and castle scenes seduce you.Animal sounds andbeast road give a stunning effect of dash run.Smart beast AI whichtracks, dash runner and battle attack with magic balls.Differentrun to complete in the castle temple jungle and reclaim yourfreedom.How to play the game?Run dash through the castle temple ofjungle.Jump over the stacks of tiles in the castle.Shoot magic ballto attack castle beats.Collect juices to increase your health andlife.Complete all missions and reclaim freedom.
Dead Zombie Shooting Game 1.2
Zombies are on the loose. Kill zombies and living dead in aconcealed building with different slaughtering and zombie shootingweapons. Target zombies dead in the building in order to save yourlife and run from the other living dead after you.Zombie apocalypsehas started. You were in concealed building and all other peopleturned into living dead zombies and are on the hunt for fresh brainfor their zombie greed. Grab your sword and start slaughteringliving dead. Do not let the zombies bite you or you are one ofthose living dead. Try to cut off their necks and find a targetweapon for zombie shooting with headshots. Life is a precious thingand you value it. Shoot zombies and clear the building crawlingwith the living dead to bring hope to humanity. Target wisely andfast as there are many living dead in that area looking for freshbrain to survive.Zombie sightings have been confirmed in manycities till now and officials have announced a zombie apocalypse.This is the time to stand for humanity and slaughter every livingdead in the room. Beware that they need fresh blood and healthybrain to survive. Target zombies dead with your shooting guns. Youcan find plenty of them because it is a police station. Find ammoand start killing zombies and slaughtering living dead. You haddefense combat training last year, now it’s time to use it againstzombies and target them dead. Take aim and pull the trigger forzombie headshot and make target dead. This is a time for no mercy,but killing every zombie. Do not hesitate to kill even yourneighbor zombie because if you do not he will eat your brain. Youalso have read a fiction book about zombie apocalypse survival souse those tactics to survive and save other human beings from thesedeadly zombies and zombie virus. Complete 10 different zombieattack missions to survive through each by target zombie dead andslaughtering living dead. Escape from here to save other people andtrain them how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Be first zombieapocalypse survivor and move out of this place in the pride.Distinguishing Features:The awesome building structure where youand zombies are combating.Amazing zombie animations like, crawling,attacks, groaning and death.Plenty of weapons to target living deadlike, sword, pistol, rifle and sniper.3D sounds and backgroundtracks, turn this zombie game into an amazing shootingadventure.How to play:Get inside a mission and kill the shootingbutton.Confirm kills will be told and make sure no zombiesurvive.Refill your energy if you are hit by a zombie or startfresh by restarting.Complete all dead zombie shooting missions andsurvive the zombie apocalypse.
Tank Assault War Game 1.2
Gone are the days when armies were used to fight hand to hand. Theindustrial revolution brought us the heavy tank war machines tofight big and destroy big. We bring you panzer war action packedgame full of tank war. Yes, lots of tanks to attack other war tanksin this tank war. Fight big with your panzer and destroy evenbigger in the tank assault war game. Step in the tank battle andrage your tank assault on the enemy army panzer squad.Tanks are theheavy war machines to destroy enemy and shake the Earth with heavyand powerful shells. This game is about an army tank battle assaultmission where you take your heavy assault panzer in the enemy areaand bomb them with your tank shells. This tank assault game ispacked with double action of tank driving and enemy tank destroyer.Take your tank destroyer panzer to advanced level of battlefieldand shake the Earth beneath the enemy. Tank driving is always beingan entertaining and boring at the same time because of its slowspeed. This tank assault war game gives you its entertaining partwith an upgraded speed version where you can driver your tankdestroyer with full power to infiltrate the enemy area and rage apanzer assault upon them. Tank war is the result of threat from theenemy tank assault squad. Bomb them hard in the answer to the callof a tank war. Show them that we have the best tank drivers in theworld and the best tank war panzer machines. Use your tankdestroyer and rage a tank war upon the enemy panzer. Firecontinuously on their war tanks and leave no sign of them. Teachthem a lesson that they never forget and never call a war on anation who is technologically advanced and have heavy war tanks andother war panzer machines. Main Features of the Panzer Assault WarGame:10 battlefields to show your panzer and tank assaultskills.Stunning animations of shell fire and panzer destroying.3Denvironment and warzone landscape give a stunning stance.Smartenemy panzer AI chases you while you are on the run.How toplay?Enter the panzer mission and take control of it.Use thejoystick to move and look around from the top of the panzer.Smoothcontrols give and advanced level assault experience in the tankwar.Destroy all the panzer in the area and declare the victory inthis panzer war game.
Crazy Pet Dog Racing 1.1
Your puppy dog is in trouble. Help him run the longest miles andreach safe house. Crazy dog is in the wilderness of the city andwant to reach home as soon as possible, but big and monster dogsare on the way to cut him down because they want their terror inthe city.Save your pet dog animal from monsters of the city whowant dominance over all pets of the city. Help your cute and crazypet dog to race and run in the city. Dog racing is a famous gamefor everyone where you control your own dog to run in a race andcompete with other dogs. This is also a crazy pet dog racing gamewhere the dog runs very fast and encounter alien monster dogs insurvival mode mission. Help your crazy pet dog run faster andescape to safety from alien dogs. Control your cute crazy puppy dogin race in the city and save him from colliding into alien andmonster dogs or falling from the sky. Endless crazy dog runninggives an extreme racing adventure to dog owners and all otherpeople. The crazy racing dog in this game is also trained for armycombat and can run for hours if you want him to run. Play with yourreal crazy dog and teach how to run in the race like a pro dog.Help crazy dog runner to get home and cross all the hurdles andjump over gaps in the way. Control crazy pet dog racing with simplecontrols of jumping and shooting bubbles to take out hurdles on theway. The crazy pet dog is auto running and you have to only controlover the hurdles with shooting and jump to avoid falling. Use yourcontrols to command the dog to race in the city environment andcontrol him like a pro dog trainer. Train him for a race and shootthe alien monsters on the way to take this dog to safe house. Scoreas much as you can and show your highest score to your friends fora pet rescue mission game. How to Play:The crazy pet puppy dog ison the run from the monster and alien.Help him run faster and likea real crazy puppy racer.Press the jump button to switch betweenthe stacks.Press and hold jump button for high jumps to cross thestacks.Use shoot button to shoot the monster and save puppy speedracing.Jump on the head of monsters to make them lose their mindand die.
Expert Bottle Shooting Game 1.3
Do you think that you are expert in Shooting glass bottles? ThenDownload this bottle shooting games free & challenge yourselfwith an amazing bottle shoot game. Shooting bottle with gun is anold way to bottle shoot. This expert bottle shooting games lets youto smash bottle with the little stone for the target shoot. Justthrow stones to bottle smash & hear awesome glass bottlecracked sound. Shooting bottles is a target Shooting game in whichyou have to target shoot at botle. Smash or pass challenge by crushthe glass bottle in the limited time frame. People who are notexpert in bottle shooting, for those it’s the bonus shooting bestchance for shooting practice of bottle. Complete all the levels tobecome the shooting master and set a new record.If you love to playshooting bottle games, then instant get awesome bottle shoot 3D tobecome an expert bottle shooter. The effects of bottle shooter 3Dare very realistic & the amazing thing that makes the bottlegame for entertaining & addicted is the tremendous crackedsound of glass bottle. Shooting bottles as many as you can in thelimited given time to pass the challenge.In target shooting gameyou have to set the focus on the real bottle to accurately smashhit.Bottle shoot game is the bottle shooting games free with someexpert levels, which would be highly challengeable. So you have tobe careful to set the high target to achieve the target shoot. Nowbecome a bottle shooter master to bottle shooting by throwingstones and enjoy with awesome sound of bottle break.Features ofExpert Bottle smashing game:✔ Realistic bottle shoot 3D with bottlesmash sound ✔ Simple and east thrown controls to bottle shoot✔ HighQuality Graphics ✔ Background music make bottle shooting game forinterestingHow to be an expert of bottle shooting:✔ Throw stones tosmash bottle which you want✔ Wait for certain power for some extrapoints in bottle shooting contest✔ Do not shoot a bottle when it ismarked as blue because it got protection again shooting✔ Break asmany bottles as possible for high score within limited timeframe.If you like shooting and breaking glass sound then get ready& start shooting glass bottles now with this exciting bottleshoot game! 
Offroad Mountain Climb 1.2
Do you love jeep hill climbing? Download this climbing game now toget extreme jeep climb uphill racing adventure with the jeep aswell as motorbikes for free. Yes, this is a gameplay happilycrafted for you to enjoy both bike hill climb racing adventure andjeep climbing hill race experience. In short, this game is loadedwith fun of hill climbing with bikes and jeeps and will make you amaster of uphill climbing. Most games on the store are either bikehill climbing or jeep uphill climbing adventure. This Jeep ClimbUphill Racing has brought you an extreme level of fun andentertainment that you can enjoy bike and jeep in one game. Enterthe game to enjoy an advanced level of hill climbing techniqueswith true physics and gravity implementation.Do you dare to driveyour jeep and win levels of hill climbing on the jungle offroadtrack? Not even a jeep, but you are also challenged to ride yourbike and win the uphill racing. Jeeps are 4x4 drive and can easilyclimb hill or any cliff. Bikes are difficult to driver on this kindof track. Accept the challenge and enter into the endless adventureof jeep hill climbing on the jungle.Two jeeps and bikes are thereto hill climb and take them to the hill station as a challenge.Extra smooth controls of the jeep and bike make the jeep so bumpythat it becomes more challenging for one to climb these hills.Collect virtual money on the way in the form of coins and keep aneye on the fuel bar. Avoid getting stuck into the hills and wastingyour fuel. Empty fuel tank on hill climbing race will result infailing the mission challenge. Refill fuel by collecting gasolinegallons. Go as far as you can and complete the jeep hill climbingchallenge. Test your hill climbing skills and show your collectedcoins to your friends and challenge them to break your highestscore in this jeep hill climbing challenge mission. Avoid races atthe top of the hill because it can turn your jeep upside down andyour mission can fail. You have to control only race and brake ofthe jeep and find fuel before you run out of it. Main Features ofJeep Climb Uphill Racing:The most difficult and dangerous path toconquer.Choice of jeep or bike for hill climbing on offroadtracks.Realistic physics of the jeep and bike driving, racing andcrashing.Wonderful animations of vehicles leaning forward andbackward. Smooth controls for extreme sensitivity and the ultimateadventure of hill climbing.How to play:Race along the hill climbingofforad track and collect coins.Keep your speed variant because ofthe bumps on the climb.Do not flip the vehicle upside down ormission fails.Press brake button if you think jeep is going to flipupside down.Collect gasoline gallons on the way to keep your jeepand bike running.
Extreme Fast Bike Racing 1.2
Get ready to do extreme bike stunts 3D with the bike race bestgame. It’s time to get wheels dirty of bikes to take an adventurousride at uphill. This is the cool extreme bike racing with a lots ofchallenges. Are you the expert of hill climber? Prove yourself thatyou also a racing champs by taking the challenge to complete themission of hill climb bike racing.This real bike racing gives youthe extreme fast racing experience hill climb racing. Become a bestmotorcycle racer by climbing on the hill by extreme bike driving.Hill climb motorbikes racing is one of the best & challengingextreme motor bike stunts 3D game that lets you to extreme fastride with your motor on the hill.Racing on the hill is not much aseasy as other racing games like bike traffic racer, sometimes it’smore challenging. Garb your favorite bike & be ready to go tothe high speed racing experience which is full of trill. Use yourextreme bike driving skills to control extreme fast bike racingduring bike race. For the fast racing you don’t need to worry aboutfuel. There is no limit of fuel for fastest bike racing. You canride at uphill with endless Hill climb bikes.Have fun with thecrazy ride of moto racing. This bike racing is perfect hillclimbing racing game for all crazy lover of fast speed bike racing.Hill climbing motor bike racing contains the high quality graphicsthat will give you amazing experience of bike racing & you haveto control fats moving motorcycle on the hill racing tracks tocompete with other motorcycle racer. Now try the new hill climbbike racing experience to fulfill your dream!How to play the game?✔Just kill the race and brake button and go as far as you can.✔ Donot worry about fuel because you have enough.✔ Slow down your bikewhen colliding the hurdles on hill tracks.✔ Avoid accidents and goon extreme speeds through hill tracks.Features of Extreme fast bikeracing:✔ Extreme fast bikes for hill tracks to ride.✔ Simplecontrols✔ No fuel limits for hill racing✔ No need to balance yourrider to avoid accidents. ✔ Awesome different bike racingenvironments. ✔ Excellent accident animations and also deathanimation of rider.✔ Awesome 3D sound tracks make racing adventuremore fun.Download amazing motorbike simulator racing game free!
Baby Pop Balloon Smasher 1.2
Are you looking for the Balloons popping games for toddler? Thenyou are at the right place! Balloon smasher is the best kids gamesever. Balloon pop game is like a balloon bubble pop shooter.Balloon smash game is free balloon fly bubble pop for allpeople.Balloon smasher game is designed with the high qualitygraphics of wonderful colorful balloons. Kids will surely love thisgame & this game is very easy to play. Colorful balloonsattract not only to the kids but to all boys and girls also. Butkids will learn to enjoy quite a lot balloon popping games fortoddler is scored with a simple is to tap the balloons to score.And be careful not to time out. But there will be time to press thesponge in time will increase and make us balloon Pop has a long andscored upper step popping balloon games. Balloon popping games arethe best way for kids to increase their shoot skill for the freebubble shooter games. Bubble pop for toddlers is very easy, youjust have to pop or smash the ballon coming downwards to get thehigh scores. You can do more fun by playing this balloon pop game.Carefully smash the balloons by swiping screen so that no balloonwill miss out from you.Poppin balloons is more fun. It is veryinteresting to pop the balloon so that’s why popping games aregetting famous not only in kids but in all age groups of people. Sothis balloon pop game is the balloon popping game for adults also.This pop up game is free ballon fly bubble pop game, you willsurely have addicted with this game. Don’t miss out any of theballoon & never hit the balloon bomb because by hitting thebomb, your popping game will be finished.So if you are looking forthe best popping games then instant download this balloon smashgame with is one of the best kid games to pop balloons. This is anawesome balloon popping game for kids and it is beautifullydesigned with great graphics of colorful balloons and beautifulbackgrounds. Develop kids skills with these kids helping games tobe the best player of these balloon games as well. Exciting GameFeatures are:🎈 Many Colorful Balloons of Different Sizes withamazing background🎈 Amazing Upcoming Patterns of Balloons withdifferent similes🎈 Easy to Play🎈 Its Free to Play on any AndroidDeviceEnjoy Balloon bubble pop shooter!
US Drone Strike Drone Pilot 1.0
WHAT IT FEELS TO BE A REAL DRONE PILOT?It is time to be drone pilotand attack on the enemy forces right in the Warzone. This is an airassault upon the army base and a perfect plan to destroy the enemywith a drone battle attack in this drone simulator, so hit downloadand install US drone strike and act as a drone pilot to command theflying bird.WHY TO HAIL US DRONE STRIKE?It is about the battlefieldwhich has been continuing more than usual and this is time to makesome bombing strikes. Drone attack is perfect for this purpose andshake the Earth beneath the enemy forces. US Drones are specializedin carrying heavy warheads to deliver a maximum payload at thechest of an enemy. Get your little flying bird ready and do someair assault and shadow strike with your powerful drone attack.REALWARZONE TO COMBAT FOR DRONE BATTLEIt is almost night and the enemyis doing its moving at a very high rate. This is the perfect timeto do a drone strike in the shadow and give them a little surpriseof an air attack in this drone strike simulator. Beware of theenemy missile because they also have upgraded versions of theweapons that we do. Dodge the incoming missiles with your flaresand keep your seat as drone pilot. SMOOTH AND EASY CONTROLS OFDRONE SIMULATORSmooth and easy to understand controls of DronePilot and air strike attack make this drone simulator game easy andaddictive. Smooth flying controls give you enough time to strikethe enemy before they detect you and easy firing controls give youa chance to do an air strike above from the sky like a real dronepilot does. SMART ENEMY AI TRACKS THE FLYING DRONE AND ATTACKS ITDonot underestimate the power of the enemy as they can track thedrones very fast and attack it to take it to the ground. Stay sharpand active as it is required for all drone pilots. Fly your droneabove the enemy forces on the ground and do some drone air strikesto show them that what US Drone Strike can do in the shadow oftheir force. TAKE DRONE TO HIGHER ALTITUDE TO SAVE THE ENEMYSTRIKEDrones can fly very high and can accurately do some shadowstrike above from the sky. Take your drone high in the sky if yousee that enemy is going to take down you drone strike in this droneattack. Bring it down after some time to rage a real drone battleon the enemy again.
Zombie Shooter Sniper Game 1.0
Load of zombies to kill yet. Hit download and install the zombieshooter sniper game to target zombie and kill the living dead toshot virus before the airstrike arrives in the area. This is asurvival mission of the citizen and you as a zombie shooter snipercommando from the shot virus zombies and inbound airstrike. Thezombie shot virus has infected the testing lab and all the citizenare surrounded with living dead target zombies. This virus hastaken many lives overnight and killing more people. All the water,land and air transport is suspended due to target zombies livingdead and shot virus. Military base around the city has called foran airstrike to shot virus the city with zombie targets and killingthem dead before the zombie shot virus gets everywhere in theworld. You are an elite zombie shooter sniper commando and yourmission is to save the innocent citizen and shot virus zombie deadbefore the airstrike. Use your elite commando and extreme sniperskills to kill the virus and infected zombies and living dead. Itis your ultimate duty to save the last of citizen and shot viruszombies in this zombie shooter sniper game mission.Take aim, holdyour breath and shoot a sniper piercing bullet to shot virusinstantly. The sniper is the ultimate solution to save citizen andsave them from zombie bite which will turn them into zombies. Tryto shoot all the zombie in the area with your elite sniper rifle.You should know that zombies are only target dead when you shootwith your sniper bullet in their head and take head shots. MainFeatures of Zombie Shooter Sniper Game:Ultimate city environmentwith everything ruined and destroyed.Zombie virus infected zombiescrawling everywhere in the area.Live satellite feed for exactlocation of zombie to shot virus.Smart AI of target zombies givesan advanced level of competition. Awesome sky colors make thiszombie shooter sniper game addictive.3D combat and action sounds inthe background make this game awesome.How to Play?Airstrike is onthe way so you have limited time to shot virus.Pick up your sniperand enter into the zombie shooter zone.Stay at a distance and takeaim to shoot the virus zombies.Shoot in the head and make confirmkill of zombie target.Save citizen and take them to a securelocation before airstrike.Keep an eye on the timer for airstrikeand get out of there before that.Complete all the missions to savethe citizen and shot virus zombies.
Monster Hunt in Jungle 1.2
Hail green Earth. Fire dragon monsters are in the jungle of amazonand are gone wild. They are putting woods on fire and fire iskilling all the living wild animals in the jungle. You are thesavior of the jungle for years. This is the time for saving otherjungle animals and hunt jungle dragon monsters. Pick up your snipergun, take aim, hold your breath and shoot piercing bullets at thefire dragon monsters. Kill them all because they are being troublewith other jungle animals by putting them on fire and killing them.Dragon monsters were neutral for many years in the deep jungles,but now they have come across some kind of virus which isconverting them into fire dragon monsters and they are using it tokill the jungle. Combat these dragon monsters with your snipershooting skills and fall right in the heat of battle and kill shotdead these dragon monsters. Play as a sniper shooter and use yoursniper shooting skills to kill and wipe out the fire dragonmonsters. Dragon monsters are killing the jungle and its woods withfire. If trees catch fire the whole ecosystem will be destroyedbecause it is the largest jungle in the world and smoke produced bythe woods will create enough toxic gases to kill all humanity andthe animal kingdom.It is a battlefield now, kill shot the dragonmonsters and save the world. You have been trained in dealing withwild animals who harm the ecosystem or kill other animals. You arealso trained as ex-army personnel to shoot and execute the animalswho make messes around in the jungle. Get ready to shoot sniperbullets on some dragon monsters who try to destroy this world.Sharp sniper skills are necessary to kill these vicious dragonmonsters. Main Features:Awesome and beautiful landscape ofjungle.Fire dragon monsters who want to destroy the world.A sniperrifle with piercing bullets to kill these dragon monsters.Stunningsky box full of sky creatures alarming about the fire.Easy andsmooth sniper controls of zooming and shooting.Perfect animationsof dragon monsters firing and burning down the woods.Synced deathanimations of fire dragon monsters with a sniper gun fires.How toPlay:Enter into the zone with fire dragon monsters.Keep an eye onthe fire dragon monsters and kill if the blow fire.Clear the zonefrom fire dragon monsters with your sniper rifle.Complete all 5zones and save jungle and the world from destruction.
Archery Master Shooter Game 1.3
Are you ready for taking the intense challenges in target shootinggames by shoot arrows at targets to shoot & kill animals. Realarrow shooting is an archery 3D mobile game with realisticanimations make the game more addictive. Play bow and arrowshooting games in amazing location will make this the best archeryapp on mobile. It is a nice archery shooting game of bow and arrowto practice your shooting skills. Play archery master 2017 latestarchery 3d battle.The realistic arrow shooting 2017 in free archerygames gives you realistic archery battle experience having stunning3D graphics, amazing animations and simple intuitive controls.Makes you feel like you are playing actually in the Olympics sportsgames of archery masters. Come and try your best to win the archerybattle to become the best archery master. Archery shooter, startyour own archery shooting in archery games free 3d real mission.It’s also the best practice archery games for kids.There aredifferent levels with different features and shooting challengesarchery hunting games free. In real archery arrow shooting you’llalways face new challenges in archery 3d target games. The aim ofthe game is shooting your arrows at the targeted animals. You willenjoy the parabolic behavior of flying arrow & amazing archerygames 3D environment with realistic physics of the bow hunting andarrow shooting. Download the best arrow shooting 2017 free archerygames.This archery simulation has amazing 3D shooting archery makethis archery 3d the best bow shooting targets & hunting gamesfree 2017. Do you think that you are an archery masters 3d or wantto become archer king? It’s a best time to be a better archeryshooter in this archer war game to show your archery skills. Makesyou feel like you are actually in the sports games of archershooter. Play the most addictive archery games stickman &archery club games in your android smartphone. Features of archeryshooting games • Best archery simulation of arrow shooting game.•Real archery masters controls.• Realistic death animations & 3dsound in shooting arrow make the archery master game moreaddictive.• Stunning archery club 3d environment makes archerybattle more interesting archery app.• Archery games free 3d realmission. How to play archery master 3d? • Take your arrow & aimthe target to complete your archer games mission.• Set shootingtargets & shoot arrow to hit the target.• Keep an eye on windcondition and direction to spot at target.• Complete differentarchery fight games modes using sniper shooting skills.Think, youare the archery Master, so start your aim & shoot now! Stanceprior to shooting the bow: Aim target, Grip, Place the arrow on thebow, Finger Position, Draw, Aiming, Release. Enjoy Shooting Games!
Snow Jeep Hill Racing Pro 1.2
Snow Jeep Hill Racing PRO is the most challenging offorad snowtrack hill climbing and racing game around the Google Play. Hitdownload and enter in the most entertaining and challenging hillclimbing race with the most smooth controls of safari jeep on snowtracks.Jeep is a 4x4 drive and used for reliable travelling. InStates it is also used in the bad weather for greater power on theroad and also on the snow to get rid of the risk of slipping. Thisgame packs an entertainment of driving and hill climbing challengeof both the offroad snow track and 4x4 hill climbing and racingadventure. Economical fuel consumption and professional jeep andtruck control over the 4x4 drive is the key to win this snow jeephill climbing racing challenge.Fuel consumption in an offoradtracks is unknown to everyone when driving especially 4x4 jeep or6x6 truck. Keep an eye on the fuel, drive and race the jeep asprofessional snow jeep hill climbing racing driver. In order to notget to the fuel on time you may lose the race, and die in coldbefore you get to the finish line. Control your 4x4 jeep driving onofforad snow because it is difficult to control trucks and jeeps onthe snow because of slipping and losing control of the 4x4 jeep.Act as a professional truck driver and get on the snow road tocomplete the challenge of hill climbing racing on snow jeep. Snowjeeps are special in the shape because they have a chain wrapped onthe tires to give more control of the jeep or truck. Enjoy offoraddriving on the offorad track filled with snow and challengingterrain. Control your truck and jeep on the snow track and collectfuel on the way to keep moving on the snow offroad track and tocontinue offorad racing.Main Features of Snow Jeep Hill ClimbingOffroad Racing:The most difficult snow offroad tracks to drive 4x4jeep.Smooth controls of race, brake and hill climbing on snowtrack.The smart fuel consumption system gives an awesome challengeto complete.How to Play?Enter the snow offorad track for racing andhill climbing in 4x4 jeep.Select your track and start hill climbingrace in search of the fuel.Collect fuel gallons and move on tosearch for another one.Complete the offorad track and racingchallenge as a professional jeep driver.
Angry Run in Temple 1.2
It is time to run from angry beast after stealing treasure from thetemple. Find your way in to temple castle and use your reflexes toavoid the obstacle. Dodge the hurdles, jump over and duck down tosave your life from the temple castle obstacle. Temple valley isknown for its beasts who protect an ancient treasure for 25 millionyears. Many people have tried to conquer the temple castle valleyand at the end they have to run for their lives in return fromangry run beasts of temple. It is your legacy that you came true inyour test and stole the treasure. Angry bests of temple castle areafter you now and it is time for you to run in temple to save yourlife and run escape from castle jungle. Use your reflexes and staysharp of coming hurdles and difficulties while on the run in thecastle. Running in the temple castle run is really challenging whenit comes to zigzag castle ways and broken pathways being used aspitfalls. Temple castles is the oldest structure in the world andfor this reason it is torn apart by environmental effects. Completeyour run in the temple from angry beast and bring the castletreasure outside the temple. Once you are outside of the thrill andhorror of the beast you will be the king of castle valley asmentioned in old Holy Scrolls written by our ancestors. Angry runin the temple is easy to play and controls are very smooth andeasy. Jump and duck to avoid colliding the hurdles on the run intemple castle. Collect the coins on the way to increase worth ofstolen treasure from the angry beast of temple castle. With thesecoins you can buy booster and energy drink to run faster from thechase of angry beasts while on the run in temple castle. Good luckfor the run in temple of jungle run in lost castle. Test yourreflexes while on the run and enjoy the most smooth controls ofcastle running into the temple of jungle valley. MainFeatures:Ultimate jungle castle temple environment to play in.Angrybeast and its roar is the scariest thing of run in temple game.Easyand smooth controls make this game addictive for you.How to play:Itis all about running after stealing the treasure from templecastle.Dodge the hurdles, jump and duck save your life from templebeasts.Collect coins and increase treasure in the castle and run onzigzag path.
Snow Gold Run n Jump 1.2
Let’s run a snow gold rush and jump over the snowman to collectsnow gold treasure. Snow Gold Run and Jump is an addictive game torun and jump over the snowman and get their hidden snow goldtreasure. In winter snowman are built by people and they gettogether to gather and protect gold from the snow. They put gold ina secure location under deep snow and protect it with their lives.This year snowman has hidden their snow gold at very securedposition and protecting it with an army of snowmen. This is timefor your soldier to take a run and jump competition to steal thissnow gold treasure from them.Use your jumping skills to jump overstacks of the snow, set up by the snowman and destroy the snowmenprotecting snow gold with your snow balls. The snowman has alsosnow balls to stop you from going towards treasure. Collect energyon the way to keep yourself warm and run faster than before forsnow gold treasure. Shoot snowballs to shoot down the snowman andget access to the snow gold treasure hidden deep in the snow by thesnowman. Retrieve the snow gold and show the world that you canbeat anything even snowman to get this treasure and make the mythtrue. The snow itself is a white gold and some night it snows goldfrom the sky and these snowmen wait for this night to collect thegold and keep it away from greed of people. Jumping for the goldrun and jump man is a very tricky part in this snow gold run. Youhave to press and hold the jump button to jump on high snow stacksset up by the snowman. Collect the energy on the way and shoot thesnowman to make them disappear from your way and reach the snowgold treasure. Main Features of Gold Run and Rush:Amazing snowenvironment makes gold run and jump addictive.Awesome animations ofsnowman throwing balls at the runner.Perfect running and jumpinganimations for snow gold stealer.Energy on the way gives warmth andspeed to run a gold snow rush.How to Play:Enter the snowenvironment and terrain to compete with snowman.Press jump buttonand hold it for longer jumps over the stacks of snow.Avoid snowmanballs and jump over balls. Shoot balls to destroy snowmanprotecting snow gold treasure.Destroy all the snowman and retrievethe golden treasure of the snow.
Helicopter Gunship Attack 1.0
ENJOY MILITARY ATTACK HELICOPTERS FLYING IN REAL COMBATDid you everenjoy the realistic controls in battleship of the military attackhelicopters with absolute physics of flying it in the air of enemyland? If not, hit download and install the No. 1 helicopter gunshipair attack battle simulator battle games for android where youenjoy flying the gunship helicopter in the air and realisticcontrols for combating, battleship and attacking the ground forceswith powerful assault helicopter aggression combat weapons. Alsoyou can capture helicopter video in play mood. And keep in mind yougunship helicopter ally are also there.URGING STORY LINE TO FIGHTIN THIS GUNSHIP ATTACKEnemy forces are trying to infiltrate thearea with aggression and this is the time for you to actaggressively in the air attack and give them a proper answer withyour air assault helicopter and gunship battle attack skills todestroy their installations and kill their army but don’t kill yourcobra helicopter ally. So, get ready for battleship of your airgunship helicopter in combat and destroy the enemy before theythink of any assault attack and get battle games for android. Inthis helicopter games these are the best free helicopter games youever play. With the help of helicopter video you can watch youropponent playing tricks.SMOOTH AND EASY CONTROLS OF GUNSHIP AIRASSAULT HELICOPTER ATTACKRealistic, smooth and easy to understandcontrols of a military attack helicopter are the thing to enjoy inthis gunship battle simulator battle games for android in thisbattleship arena. Enjoy military attack helicopter in enemy airwith realistic physics. Real ground enemy army and commando attackto destroy your gunship. Destroy all their ground hideouts withyour sharp skills and finish this assault war of helicopter games.You can get these best free helicopter games.SMART ENEMY MILITARYATTACK HELICOPTERS AI WHICH CAN DETECT YOUR POSITIONSmart enemy AIis the main feature of this air battle attack. Enemy AI tracks yourgunship position to lock and fires missiles on your assaulthelicopter. Destroy enemy forces before they take your gunship airassault helicopter down to the ground. Keep changing your combatposition every time to dodge the enemy army. AMAZING COMBAT WARENVIRONMENT FOR HELI ATTACKStunning enemy base view with their armyinstallations and assault helicopter base give an awesome view tosee. Enter the enemy area and infiltrate their installations anddestroy them in this air assault helicopter gunship and enjoybattle games for android. DIFFERENT ASSAULT HELICOPTER AND COMBATMISSIONSThis is not an assault attack on a single base, but aseries of gunship attacks which leads to destroy all theinstallations of enemy forces at their different locations. Like inthe sea island and the desert. Throw missiles on them or fire yourmini gun to destroy their installations. So get ready to dismantlethe enemy army in this air attack helicopter gunship with yourattack helicopter flying skills and gunship attack tactics.
The Cat Speed Runner 1.1
Play ultimate pet cat speed runner game packed with full action ofcombat with flying dragons who want to catch cute and naughty cat.Dragons are after cute pet runner cat and want its cuteness toquench their thrust. Your cat is a naughty cat and you love yourpet cat very much so get ready to help pussy cat speed run. Youhave decided not to surrender your cat to dragons, but to helppussy cat run on the city stacks to save her life and pet cat’scuteness. Everyone loves pets either their own or not, but theircuteness take everyone’s heart. This game is to prove your lovetowards pet cats and save them from dragons. Make the cute andnaughty pussy cat to run on city stacks and face dragons withcourage to combat. Shoot dragon balls to complete the pet cat speedrun challenge the against anger of dragons.Dragons always beenlooking for beautiful kittens and puppies to take their cuteness.Last year they discovered Earth full of cute pet animals like dogsand cats filled with cuteness. They have taken a lot of animalcuteness and now they are in your town. Save your pet animal catand destroy the dragons so they never come back to get any othercute animal cat and dog. Cats have pretty much been running speedwhile catching the mouse for food or cute pet cat animal runextremely fast when have fear of some kind. Your cat is braveenough to run like a pet animal cat speed runner and fight themonster dragons with shooting balls to make them fear from cats andrun. Play this endless runner cat and dog runner game to teach yourcat how to run in extreme fear conditions and for food. An awesomecity environment where cute cats love to live and eat. They seducetheir owners with their cuteness and can run very fast like catspeed runner. Make your cat run on the city stacks and save hercuteness from dragons. How to play:Cute and naughty cat is on therun from dragons.Help cat run faster and like a real cat speedrunner.Press the jump button to switch between the stacks.Press andhold jump button for high flights for jumping.Use shoot button toshoot the dragons and save cat speed runner.Jump on the head ofdragons to make them loose their consciousness.
Cargo Truck Delivery Challenge 1.2
Accept the new challenge of 4 wheel offroad trucking and drive thetruck lorry to be the best cargo truck driver. This will be thechallenge freeride because of the slippy tracks so to avoid thehyper challenging situation, handle your cargo transport well. Thishyper bounce fun on your offroad cargo truck can be dangerous.Drive the rock truck well in this 3d truck game.WHAT YOU ARE GOINGTO DO IN DELIVERY CHALLENGEIt is time to transport shipments andprovide delivery service to people living in the woods in brand new4x4 truck. Grab your keys and start your truck to deliver theshipments of people to their homes and offices on time. Use yourheavy truck cargo skills for this delivery challenge and makepeople happy with your timely delivery service. DELIVERY ON TIMEAND MAKE PEOPLE HAPPYIt is your ultimate job being an employee of acargo hauler delivery company to perform the cargo deliverychallenge and provide excellent cargo truck delivery service. Drivethrough difficult landscapes of hill area and do some offroaddriving. You are on time trail and people are counting on you todeliver their shipment on time. STUNNING COUNTRYSIDE ENVIRONMENTWITH OFFORAD TRACKSAmazing and stunning environment of hillsidewith people living in the woods waiting for transport guy todistribute their shipments to their homes in his cargo truck. Muddyand dirty tracks make it difficult for any cargo truck to get ontime for shipment delivery. This is the time for you to prove thatyou are the best delivery service provider for your cargo shipmentcompany and people living around offorad tracks.REALISTIC PHYSICSMAKE DELIVERY SERVICE CHALLENGINGPhysics based objects need morecare because they can jump off the truck as you drive your cargodelivery truck on the offorad track up and down. Be careful not todrop any cargo for the sake of delivery service. Drive according tothe physics of the cargo and transport shipment on time.This is notlike the race challenge of the road wheel so drive these automotivetrucks as your new challenge of the 4 wheel offroad trucking.Driving the rental truck can be challenging when you have somechallenging levels of the truck in gameplay. This pk truck in thecargo transport category will help you a lot to expertise yourcargo truck driver skills. Drive the new cargo truck for theoffroad cargo delivery and handle the delivery well.All the bigtruck driving will train you to ride the pak army cargo truck lorryof the rrr d.3 model. Free truck category contains the rrr and d.3so begin the track race with the super truck drive.DO NOT DROPBOXES AT YOUR BACKTry not to drop the boxes at the back of thetruck or it will fail your cargo delivery mission. Failing todeliver the shipment will give a bad message to people about yourcargo truck hauler company. EASY AND SMOOTH CONTROLSRealistic cargotruck and delivery challenge controls make this mission based gameaddictive. Heavy engine power allows you to go right through muddytrack. Offroad driving become more challenging with realisticphysics of cargo. Easy and smooth controls make the handling of thecargo and driving offroad 4x4 heavy truck fast and easy.
Cargo Truck Hauling Simulator 1.0
Hit download and install cargo truck hauling simulator game on yourAndroid device to deliver heavy cargo in your brand new euro truck.This is a truck hauling tire delivery job which needs to becompleted in this truck hauling simulator before time runs out.Pick up your cargo from the forest tire factory and deliver it tothe city tire shops.Cargo delivery is a growing business and inthis cargo truck hauler game you come to know that how to run thisheavy cargo delivery challenge. This cargo truck hauler simulatorprovided you with many euro trucks for heavy duty cargo deliveryacross the city. Plenty of euro truck for cargo delivery to buy formaximized load transportation from forest factory to the city. Tirefactory has hired you for heavy cargo transportation deliveryacross the woods in the metropolitan area of the city. Get in youreuro heavy truck and transport the cargo from the forest to thetire shops in the city as a cargo truck hauling driver. Offroad andheavy cargo truck driving skills are required for this task to becomplete and earn money for your new euro truck for fast and heavydeliveries. Tires are made at a cost and the cargo truck haulingcompany does not want you to throw them away for no reason. Yes,the tires in the back of the cargo truck hauler are physics basedand can jump off the euro truck on a high jump. Avoid sparing thetires on the road or your euro truck cargo hauling mission willfail. Get the tires to the different tire shops across the city viayour heavy cargo hauler truck and earn money and tip on everydelivery. Use virtual money to buy new euro delivery cargo truck ofyour choice in the game. New euro trucks are heavy in engine powerand can haul the cargo at faster speed than a small euro deliverytruck you have.Main Features of Heavy Cargo Truck Hauling DeliverySimulator:• Realistic tire physics, which animates while euro truckhauling accelerate• Easy controls of the truck hauling make thiscargo truck delivery game addictive• Combination of difficult andeasy tracks for cargo delivery in cargo truck hauler• Awesomelandscape of the forest, river and the city give a stunning view•Roaring 3D sound of cargo truck and euro hauling delivery is simplyperfect• Many tire cargo truck delivery challenges to complete andearn money for new trucksHow to Operate the Cargo Truck HaulingSimulator?• Choose your truck hauling for tire cargo delivery•Drive with care as the tires can jump off the euro cargo truck•Failing to deliver the cargo in euro truck with safety will end themission• Avoid sharp and fast turns as they can cause the tires tojump off the truck• Apply brakes with care as it may cause thetires to jump off the euro truck• Take the tires from the forest tothe city tire shops on time to avoid delivery failure• Complete allthe deliveries and earn money for your brand new euro cargo truckhauling
Euro Cargo Delivery Truck Sim 1.2
Get your euro cargo delivery truck and transport wood from theforest to the city timber stores and get paid. Buy new heavy eurocargo delivery trucks for your new cargo delivery business. Becareful because the woods can jump off the truck and you could failyour cargo delivery challenge with a penalty. Euro trucks arefamous for their engine power and new technology to carry maximumload. This delivery simulator allows you to enjoy the best of eurotruck, which can deliver a load of wood to the city timber store.You as a truck driver and wood business owner driver your eurotruck for wood cargo delivery. You get a handsome amount of moneyfor euro cargo delivery and managing timber stores across thecity.Real physics based wood animations make this euro truck cargodelivery challenge, addictive. Wood on the back of cargo truckrespond to the truck physics and act accordingly like any realworld wood would do. Failing to avoid the wood from jumping off theeuro truck will cause your cargo delivery license to becancelled.Smooth and easy controls of the cargo delivery simulatorand euro truck give full control over offorad driving as well as inthe city. Smooth turbo booster of euro truck gives extra enginepower to the truck, which help in hill climbing on the offroadtruck cargo delivery. Excellent pressure brakes are must try thingof euro truck while wood cargo delivery. Pick wood in euro cargotruck from the deep part of the forest and deliver to the differenttimber stores of the city. Wood is in required by new offices inthe city for their furniture. Euro truck wood cargo delivery is indemand because of the upcoming winter and people would need it forheating their homes. Complete all the 8 missions to supply the woodfrom the forest to the city timber stores in your new cargo eurotruck and earn money to buy new delivery truck.Main Features ofEuro Cargo Delivery Truck Simulator:• Realistic wood physics, whichanimates while euro truck accelerate or apply brakes.• Smooth andeasy controls make the driving of euro cargo delivery truckaddictive.• Smart AI of the city traffic gives you the chance todrive your euro truck with care.• Beautiful landscape of the forestand city environment give a stunning view.• 3D sounds of the cargotruck and music track make this game just awesome.• Different woodcargo delivery challenges to complete and unlock new trucks .How toComplete Euro Cargo Delivery Truck Challenge?• Choose your truckfor wood cargo delivery and enter the mission.• Drive carefully asthe wood logs can jump off the euro truck.• Unable to deliver thewood with safety may result in failure.• Beware of the traffic andavoid sharp turns because of loose woods.• Apply brakes carefullyas it may cause the woods jump off the cargo truck.• Take the woodto the timber store and park your euro delivery truck to unload.•Complete all the missions and collect money from the euro cargowood deliveries.• Buy new trucks with money and expand your woodcargo delivery business across the city.
Bowling Alley Strike King 1.0
Bowling Alley is waiting for your bowling ball to be struck to the10 pins. Show your action bowling strike king skills at the bowlingalley and become the bowling master of 2017. Pick your bowling balland hit, strike upon strike to score perfect 300. Action Bowling isa modern sport where bowling player rolls a bowling ball with theforce of his arm towards 10 pins set up in the bowling alley. Thegoal is to strike all the 10 pins in one hit. This hit is called astrike and if you hit all balls in two hits it is a spare. Hittinga strike give 10 points on the scoreboard of action bowling alleyand bonus points, on next two balls to be bowled while spare givesone.Get prepared to get some strike points in this 10 pin actionbowling alley strike king challenge and to become bowling master.Play yourself for practice and entertainment of bowling orchallenge your bowling lover friends to play against you. Keepstriking the 10 pins at the bowling alley and try to keep up withthe perfect score of 300 against your friends.The bowling alley hasso easy and smooth controls that even a child can play it andbecome action bowling alley strike king. The neon glow of bowlingballs and mirror reflections of the bowling alley gives an awesomeeffect to the eyes of bowling master and strike king. Realisticphysics of ball give absolute accuracy of the ball rolling on thealley and hitting 10 pins. Game Play Modes:Single Player Mode:Thisbowling mode gives you enough practice and entertainment that youbecome bowling master and you could go in challenge mode againstyour friends. Learn new tricks and techniques for throwing the balland hit the 10 pin balls for strike and spare.Multiplayer Mode:Thismode of bowling alley allows you to challenge your friends and showthen the bowling king skills you have got. Hit 10 pins and scorestrike and spare for extra bonus on next strikes. Do have what ittakes to score perfect 300 against your friends?Game play:• Chooseyour neon glowing bowling ball• Select your mode of single playeror multiplayer• Choose from one of your favorite bowling alley• 10frames will be allowed to smash 10 pins each time• Swap upwards andrelease ball on the bowling alley• Drag left or right to place theball at right place in the alley• Hit a strike to get full pointsand bonus on next two balls• Avoid spares because they give bonuson one ball • Challenge friends and show them your bowling alleyskills• Multiplayer is challenging, so try to score perfect300Action Bowling Strike Challenge Features:• Many neon glowingbowling balls to hit 10 pins for strike and spare• Differentbowling alley to showcase your action bowling king skills•Realistic physics and shiny alley make this bowling game addictive•Digital scoreboard to display the score, strike and spare• Super 3Denvironment and awesome music track make strike king awesome
Real PVP Billiards 9 Pool Ball 1.0
Do you want to become a king of pool in Billiards master 3D? So Nowchallenge people from all over the world by playing one of the bestBilliards pool free. The best pool billiards games for free isavailable for you for your android. Billiards game is one of theworldwide success sports games. Take part in world snookerchampionship! Enjoy the victory of yourself by betting with all theplayer master of billiard at cue game.Play the most realisticBillards master Pool ball game to available on mobile devices.Billiards PVP games allows you to play with simple click & itis very easy to pick up the Pool ball. Worlds champion billiardsgives you the real PVP billiards simulation to become the worldschampion billiards. High quality graphics & interface of poolgame enhance the game experience. Billadrs fun snooker game has avery simple interface which allows you to play quickly withoutexpertise in billiards snooker pool. If you want to become the toppool billiards game, then let’s play Real PVP Billiards 9 Pool Ballnow. Wonderful experience of this best 3D pool game makes youhopelessly addictive. Real PVP Billiards 9 Pool Ball is the bestpool game ever available in play store to be a Billiards master. 3DPool Ball offers playing pool pocket billiards in 3D view as youare playing in billiard club.For the Billard pool lovers it’s thebest opportunity to grab this Real pool 3D to become the Pool ballmaster. We are presenting the most realistic and addictive 3D poolgame with multiple gameplays all over the world. You can challengeworld class professional pool players there, and enjoy yourselfbecoming a star player Pool ball master. Pick up the cue stick takeaim and hit the cue ball just like to make a perfect shot to becomemaster of billiard.This real pool 3D is the latest & best poolgame ever to give you tremendous experience of playing billiardsmaster just like you are playing 9 ball pool snooker game withfriends in billiards club. In this real PVP Billiards 9 Pool Ballyou are given a chance to play with other world class professionalKing of pool billiards or you can play only by beat the time.Realistic ball hitting and pool ball movement take this game to anadvanced level of addictiveness. Download this billiard game now!Features of Real PVP Billiards 9 Pool Ball Stunning of 3D view oftable at the billiards master game.Easy controls of cue and cuestick to shot the balls and pot them.Smart stick force power systemgives an excellent force needed to pot the ball.Different ball poolmodes of multiplayer or to play yourself by beat the time.Realisticpool ball movement and hitting physics give a stunning view. How ToBe Billiards Master? In multiplayer mode, enter your name &country & start the challengePlace the cue ball but swiping onthe screenHit the ball pool with forceful shot and pot someballs.Swipe up, down, right and left to adjust the stick and tableview.Laser guidance system will help you to take accurate shots inBilliadrs pool.Press and hold the cue button to choose the hittingpower of the cue.The player who pot black ball will be the winnerof the game.
Wild Safari Jungle Animal Hunt 1.2
60 seconds challenge to hunt animals in wildlife jungle safarisniper hunter game. Best ever time management safari wild jungleanimal hunting with a sniper rifle and jungle hunting arena. Hitdownload if you dare to hunt down high scores of animal huntingsafari in 60 seconds. This typical wildlife safari jungle sniperhunting game is about your sniper aim and action shooting skills.You have been in wild jungle hunt many times for fun or for food,but this time you have challenge to hunt down animals, including,stag, lion, tiger, deer, elephant, buffalo, crocodile, elephant andrhino. Take aim, hold your breath and pull the trigger to hunt downdeer. Hunt as many animals as you can in this action sniper animalshooting challenge in wild safari jungle. Wild safari jungle is oneof the world’s safari jungle which has ample amount of animals andare allowing others to hunt down animals in this animal snipershooting challenge. Shoot at deer, hunt the lion or chasealligators. Hunt more and more animals in 60 seconds. Play thiswild safari jungle animal sniper hunt game again and again to breakyour own records and high scores. History of Safari AnimalHunting:Jungle animal hunting has an ancient history. People usedto hunt deer and other animals with spears made of stone and thenstarted using iron. Then came the bow and arrow for huntinganimals. Invention of bullet was a revolutionary point for deerhunting and sniper invention turned the table over for animals.Snipers are accurate and long range weapons of animal hunting withmuch penetrating power to go through the target. Why to downloadSafari Sniper Animal Hunting?Most fascinating jungle views on thehome screen of the game.60 seconds deer hunting challenge makesgame interesting. Variety of all animals are in wild safari jungleto be hunted down.Best sniper guns are in your hands for 60 secondsdeer hunting challenge.Auto reloading of sniper rifles makes you tohunt more animals quickly.No scope for sniper so it is your pureskill of hunting deer and jungle animals.How to play:Enter the 60seconds challenge.Take aim and pull the trigger.Take down themaximum number of animals for high scores.Reenter the game and huntfor your own score and more.
Cargo RC Helicopter Simulator 1.2
RC Helicopter is waiting for you to load cargo into the helicopterin this double action cargo RC helicopter simulator with forkliftsimulation as a part of flight simulator. Drive your fork lifterand transport cargo to the RC helicopter waiting at the airport andthen play as a cargo flight simulator to destination.The cargo RCHelicopter Simulator is also a flight simulator which offers you 8exciting cargo delivery mission with double adventure of flying anRC Helicopter and driving fork lifter to take the cargo to the RCHelicopter. You work at famous cargo RC helicopter delivery companywhich is known for always on time cargo RC helicopter delivery.Your task is to deliver the cargo at the destination on time. Thecontainers contain food items and if not delivered in time to theclient, food contained may expire. Fork lifters have been there formany years to ease us in the transportation of heavy goods at shortdistances. Now a day they are being used in every industry and theyare controlled manually. While helicopters are the main source totransport goods where land transportation or land vehicles cannotreach. Deliver the cargo in front of you to the RC helicopter anddrop there. Train yourself as a professional fork lifter operatorand pick up cargo in less time to take it into the RC helicopter.Make deliveries on time and maintain the status of the company.Becareful while picking up the cargo as it may contain fragile goodto transport in the RC helicopter. Drive slowly because fortlifters are heavy transporting machines and they move very slow.Place the cargo in the highlighted area slowly and avoid any damageto the delivery boxes. Save the company’s reputation and do act aspro flight simulator and fly RC Helicopter deliveries on time andwithout damages.Try different fork lifters in this game, rangingfrom high speed to mid speed and from heavyweight to lightweightfork lifters. Train yourself to lower the fork before you reach thecargo and same way while dropping the boxes. Fork lifter hasrealistic hard controls which make you wait and have patience likea real fork lifter cargo delivery person who waits for the forklifter to pick a box. Flight simulator controls in this cargo RChelicopter simulator game are very smooth and sensitive. Fly cargohelicopter to the area of land where nothing can reach and you dodeliveries there with pride.The air flight simulator has a specialfeature that it can drop the cargo from the air with the help of aparachute. This is done when the goods are not fragile and there isno landing facility available at the area of delivery. Air deliverycost more to the customers and they get a tracker location of theirpackage after it is dropped. Forklift facility packs the packagewith special equipment of a parachute and a delivery tracker beforeyou drop it at the destination.Main Features:Double adventure ofsimulating fork lifter and RC helicopter.Combination of realisticcontrols of fork lifter and flight simulator.Hard controls for thefork lifter and smooth controls of the helicopter.HD environmentand models are used to enhanced user experience.3D sounds of forklifter and Heli give an awesome effect.Enjoy the cargo delivery andflight simulator at a time.How to play:Start your fork lifter anddetect the cargo to pick up.Move with the race button and stop withbrake button.Reach the cargo and lower the lifter with down buttonor vice versa.Pick up the cargo and take to the helicopter withyour forklift skills.Fly the helicopter and take it to thedestination and land over there.Use forklift again and take thepackage out of the helicopter.
Ancient Man Running Game 1.2
Save the stone age ancient man from dying as other tribal peopleare after him to hunt him down for food. The ancient man has beenliving in caves for many years and hunt animals for his food. Thereare other civilized people who do think these ancient men as athreat to their community and hunt them for food.This is a survivalmission for ancient man to run and save his life. Do not hesitateto kill the people in his way with his bow and arrow. Jump thestones and shoot arrows on them to escape the caves. Ancient man isvery strong and can jump really high on the stones and slabs. He isan archery master and has a good grip on his bow and arrow. Hisshooting skills are very strong and his arrow can kill any animaland man.Run like a strong man and escape from the attack of ancientpeople. Kill these people by shooting arrows on them. Use ancientman’s strong muscles to shoot arrows with full power from his bowand arrow kit to compete with people in front of him and escape alonger runner run. Archery is a real talent of ancient man and heis really fast runner when he is at his full energy. Grab energybooster on the way when running from the ancient men and shootarrows to win the run. Take the ancient running man in this runninggame as far as you can and help him escape the survival mission.Easy and smooth controls of this game make running very addictivebecause ancient man can do normal and high jumps and can shootarrows from the bow and arrow to shoot people down who want tocatch the ancient man for their food.Features of Ancient ManRunning Game:Awesome 3D environment for running, jumping andshooting bow and arrow.Stunning animations of shooting arrows,running and jumping over the stones.HD background sounds give anawesome effect of running, jumping and shooting arrows.How toPlay:Run as fast as you can at this ancient man running andsurvival game.Collect energy to make the ancient man run faster inthis survival game.Take your ancient man as far as you can and killmaximum enemy with arrows.
Pool 8 Ball Game : Pool Billiards 1.0
Most popular billiards game is waiting for you! Enjoy billiard ballcollision & billiards and snooker game.Download this 8 ballsnooker pool 2017 to play the three modes of game. If you are notexpert in playing 8 pool 8 pool billiards, then we give you thepractice mode of 8 ball pool billiards game. Do practice more andmore. Become the 8 ball pool legend.Challenge your friends in bestpool 8 ball games anytime, anywhere and show off your best gamesskills. Aim & Shoot your way with a cue stick and master thecue ball. Do you want to play 8 pool billiard game in the mostrealistic pool games for Android? Come in the billiard club onlineto play 8 Ball Pool Billiards Pool. The 8 pool is the best game inandroid for pool 8 ball rewards. Play free ball 8 pool game!MODESOF POOL 8 BALL GAME:PRACTICE MODE:Do practice in Pool 8 ballshooter and enjoy the billiard ball collision with cue &colorful balls. ARCADE MODE:After practicing in first mode, playarcade mode, in which you have provided the limits shoots for Pool8 ball rewards in billiards game. Arcade mode contains the numberof levels with different shots to be play in pool 8 ballshooter.TWO PLAYER:In multi-player mode play billiards pro withyour friends & give them challenge. Pool 8 ball is therealistic & latest pool ball game in play store. Try this outand feel the best experience of game playing in billiards club. 8ball pool billiards game has stunning graphics & gameplaycontrols with three different modes for beginners as well as forexperts in poo 8 Billiards and snooker. Instant download 8 ball& Play the popular game 8 Ball Pool billiards and snooker &enjoy the best gaming experience!
Motor Bike Attack Game: Race and Shoot 1.0
Get ready for an exciting & full of thrill physics based bikeattack race with stunts and attack game. For the lovers of bikestunts and bike fighter this is the best game to do real stunts onbike. Win the bike championship using the turbo champion nitro bikeand be the best driver of the stunt driving. Bike stunt attackgames will give you the best experience of motorcycle race. Thisstunt riding racing is a very exciting motocycle simulator gamewhich you all need to have in playing bike racing games as well asroad warrior racing.This bike attack race will not only give youthe boring motocycle racing experience but also makes your bikeracing full of trill of combat race with amazing road warriorracing. Bike stunt & racing games is packed with all theexciting features of motorcycle crashing and daredevil racing whichyou all need to have. Motorcycle death racing is one of the best& latest bike stunt attack 3d for all the bike racer. Show yourmad skills as an expert moto racer. EXCITING MODES OF BIKE ATACKRACE GAME In this bike stunt racing you have provided threeinteresting modes of bike racing. It is the best motocyclesimulator game.⦁ TIME TRAIL You have to finish your racing inlimited time. Keep yourself away from all hurdles & obstaclesotherwise they will slow you down leads to the over your game.⦁KNOCK OUT MODE Ride fast & attack to the opponents with thekicks & punches to beat them. Purchase power for more kicks& punches. You have to collect the power pickup to increaseyour power.⦁ ENDLESS MODE Play the endless mode bike stunt games2017 with no fear of time to end. Don’t let anyone to beat you.Showyour motocross madness in bike attak race. FEATURES OF BIKE ATTACKRACE ⦁ Motocycle racing with bike stunts freestyle.⦁ Super exciting3 modes of moto attack racing.⦁ Choose your favorite bike for theendless bike racing.⦁ Attack opponents with kicks & punchesmake the attack racing more addictive & fun.⦁ Collect powerpickups to increase your power for the safe bike race.⦁ Purchasepower for more kicks & punches.⦁ Realistic physic & soundmakes the racing more exciting.⦁ Very smooth controls.⦁ Free stuntgames.Motocycle racing game has a very smooth controls which makesthe attack racing games more addictive. If you love to play stuntcar racing, then surely you will find trilling experience in thisstunt bike games also. So what are you waiting for? Instant hit thedownload button & play bike stunt attack games.