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Stickman Fighting Rage 1.0
Stickman Fighting Rage – a new beat'em'up gamewith our favorite stickman character.Amazing stunts, blows, ragdoll physics, hardcore gameplay. All whatyou love in this legend game.We get prepared for you a special party with exclusive features.Just come and check all of them. Now you have not just to defeatyour opponent like a warrior. Use all power that you got. Differentweapons, regimes, even with electroshock.Stickman Fighting Rage Features:- Unique active ragdoll physics system- Multiple levels- Get achievements for special stunts- Tight and fast paced gameplay-  Endless playing for everybodyStickman Fighting Rage – you are the boss in this battlefield.Show us all warrior stunts, ragdoll fun and crazy stickmangame!
Super Hero Simulator 2.0
Superhero Simulator - welcome to the contest!Journey through an exciting storyline as you explore dynamicquest maps and engage in healthy dose of action-packed fighting. Wewill give a chance to become a superhero with no limits. You willbe able to do what ever you want – stop the tank by your hand,block the robot attack, dominate the enemies. You will need foryour force only. Create a new story with champions among us.This is not only laser simulator game, but a whole universe ofsuperhero.Superhero Simulator :ENLIST TODAY! Join one of the superheroesBECOME IRON HERO AS NEVER BEFORE. Complete various missions onfast-placed flying battles.STORM THE BATTLEFIELD. With your unique robot costume you will bethe best fighter ever. Don't let your enemies relax.SURVIVAL CAMPAIGN. Challenging and exciting experience that canreally get you hooked!Enjoy an outstanding 3D world with cutting-edge graphics andanimations.Superhero Simulator - marvel everybody at your fighting skills,become an avenging hero.
Pizza Cooking Game 1.0
Pizza Cooking Game - new pizzeria is offeringeverybody to eat! Come to play and invite your friends to yourawesome pizzeria! The oven is hot and ready to start working, comeand play!Go to the shop, buy all stuff that you need. Check theingredients and start to taking orders. Serve the customers and letthem feel comfortable with their favorite pizza recipes. You haveto make your work fast, and make your guests stay here for a longtime in the game Pizza Cooking Game.Pizza Cooking Game:Do usually bake a cakes and make ice-cream with mama? Now it'stime to make a pizza with papa!You can play this game with delicious pizza ANYWHERE and ANYTIME!Who will be our next crazy chef for the pizza lovers?Best food cooking game will teach you to make a pizza.In this game you can mix different ingredients, including bellpeppers, eggs, mushrooms, olives, onion, tomato, anchovy, broccoli,cheese, ham, pepperoni and shrimp. You can strike out a newrecipe!Become a crazy chef in your own pizza shop and bake pizza forparty, carnaval and for the whole town.Pizza Cooking Game is a funny game, very simple to play andfunny for kids. Customizable items to make your pizza shopunique!
Animator Club 1.0
Join this club of animation makers with ournew app Animator Club.With the Animal Animator you need your fingers and the app, andoff you go. Handy drawing interface will make a process of creatinganimation films quick and easy, everybody can do this.We have prepared for you an exciting entertainment: in ourapplication you will be able not only to draw, but also animateyour drawings. Animator Club application allows you to learnquickly the basics of creating cartoons. Attractive design andhandy menu will make the process fun and enjoyable. Screen of yourphone turns into a sheet of paper, and now you can draw whateveryou want and unit all frames to your own cartoon. Animator Club features:BOTH FOR GIRLS AND BOYS. Animator Club – free design app andpowerful animation maker machine. Add new life to animationcreating process! Draw your favorite characters of anime, cartoons,movies and make a new story with them.PURE CREATIVITY UNLOCKED. Animator Club f offers a wide range ofcustomisation options for every part of your character – make areplica of your friends, yourself or your total opposite. Whole newworld of creating and design at your fingertips!MILLIONS OF POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS . Drawing on the screen, likeon a sheet of paper, choice of the size of a pencil, adding andremoving frames. With this app everybody can become a talentedartist!Animator Club - draw your first cartoon frame by frame!
Dead Planet 1.0
Dead Planet is a shooter space action game,where you have to fly through the Universe, avoidinng enemy'sspaceships, asteroids or even stars. Great space battle hasstarted. Try to conquer unknown planets, fight with the hostileforces.Find where your rivals hide, go there and start a battle!Control the situation, don't loose any detail, try to survive inthis cruel world. Challenge for a battle with space monsters armedwith modern weapon.FAST PLACED SHOOTING EXPERIENCE. Show us your marvelous facilityin shooting. Use all of your specialized skills to survive theonslaught of the enemy forces.Improve your skills applying all your fighting abilities andfind power-ups. Destroy large clusters of enemies. Your score willincrease with points for each kill in a fight to the deathmatch.EXPERIENCE EPIC STORY with the best sci-fi shooter game in aworld occupied by machines.ONE MAN. ONE WAR and you are commando. Become a sniper assassin,a contract killer and single combat fighter. Strike all yourenemies dead.Characteristics of Dead Planet:Space combat in open galaxyWeapon and spaceship upgrade modeSpecial effects and the atmosphere of space war.Protect humanity and save the Earth from hostile invasion. Leadyour squadron to the victory.Dead Planet - distract the enemy with special power and survivein this star odyssey!
Ballerina Dressup Salon 1.0
Ballerina Dressup Salon - do you like balletdancing and dress up games? Then this game is specially for you.Ballet is not only dance studio, where you should show yourdance skills to be the top royal dancer. The audience should enjoyperformance and you can choose what ballerina will wear. Yourheroine should be beautiful like a swan, help her.Take care of your own ballet dancer character. World of fashionnow with graceful ballerina. She has just finished makeuppreparation and now it's time to dress up. Help her to prepare forthe performance, visit together a real ballet salon. Will she dancein a classic performance? It means that she need a crown of swan'sdown. Or maybe this time she needs to wear dark ballet suits? Showus all your designer skills!Ballerina Dressup Salon:Choose the best ballet costume for the girl.Use your imagination, make combinations however you like.We will help you to be a high quality fashion designer.Be a stylist for the royal ballet dancers.Fantastic salon with super clothesBallerina Dressup Salon – ensure that she looks wonderful, likea beautiful princess!
Get The Auto: Miami Crime 8.0
Get The Auto: Miami Crime – Drive, shoot, run,play it with friends - you can do anything you want to!Enjoy your living in Miami city. There will be a long way to thetop of the criminal pile. But if you are a really gangstar, nothingand nobody will stop you.Get The Auto: Miami Crime - make the grand crime in the city.this simulator game, it’s like in real live. You were given theopportunity to take over this grand city – Miami. Combination ofopen-world gameplay with character driven narrative – nothing canbe better.Get The Auto: Miami Crime:Speed is your best friend.Sometimes you need to risk.Extreme, practice it, otherwise life in virtual world won’t be soepic!More kill shots you do, more intensive is the game process.Intriguing and ruthless world of crime at yourfingertips. Experience all the excitement of the competition and the dynamicsof the race circuit in 3D.Countless hours of gameplay.Get The Auto: Miami Crime – a new city of grand crime is waitingfor you in get the auto edition!
Dead President Island 2.0
Dead President Island – a new horrific journeythrough deadly maze on the lonely island. Try to escape from thedeath, find helicopter's key to survive and don't let anybody eatyou.A new edition of horror game, where somebody woke up with anamnesia and trying to survive among dead slender-like monsters. Butthis time you can't choose your story, because you are a president,who are alone on this dead island full of zombies. All your staffare zombies, who wants to kill you. Their eyes are always watchingyou. And on of them is still keeping helicopter's key that youneed.So, this war is yours. Get out from this scary place as soon aspossible.Dead President Island Features:Must-have for any fan of horror games.First person perspective indie horror game.Experience fear and deep horrifying atmosphere.Prepare to meet all horror and creepy things from the world ofgames.Remember, you can use your weapon, but there is alimit. The mysterious horror game, everyone should play. Walk through alllevels of the evil world.You will have a weapons to help you survive. But remember, useyour gun in case of need, you don't have enough shells. Or justtake your zombie staff's weapon.Dead President Island - welcome to the horror contest for life.Try to survive, that's all you need in this indie-horror game.
Raging Stickman Wars 1.0
Raging Stickman Wars – a new beat'em'up gamewith our favorite stickman character.Amazing stunts, blows, ragdoll physics, hardcore gameplay. All whatyou love in this legend game.We get prepared for you a special party with exclusive features.Just come and check all of them. Now you have not just to defeatyour opponent like a warrior. Use all power that you got. Differentweapons, regimes, even with electroshock.Raging Stickman Wars Features:- Unique active ragdoll physics system- Multiple levels-  Get achievements for special stunts- Tight and fast paced gameplay- Endless playing for everybodyRaging Stickman Wars – you are the boss in this battlefield.Show us all warrior stunts, ragdoll fun and crazy stickmangame!
Walking Star Robots 1
Walking Star Robots - action-packed game withdeathmatch. It's time of steel wars!Real cyborg wars now in real-time. Get prepared for a militaryshooter game with the iron warriors. Show us all your strategy andtactical skills.What can you expect here?First-person shooter – destroy your enemy robots and kill everyoneby yourself;Cool missions – use all your skills to capture the flag. Captureenergy source of enemy robots and transfer to your base;Do you see these locations on your map? Your mission is to occupymore locations and hold until the game ends.Walking Star Robots Features:Battle robots with different strengths.Different types of weapons and armors. Choose different weapon foreach battle.Complete military tasks for bonuses and earn the title of bestwarrior.Create an epic robot squad, stop this invasion.Unleash robot titans, fight in the real war robots.There is no time for walking here, take on robot fighters, win thiscyborg war.Walking Star Robots - if you like robot battles games, this game isspecial for you.
DJ Studio 2.0
DJ Studio - mix music, remix your favoritesongs, make great mixes with a pro DJ software. This app willtransform your device into a full-featured DJ system.Rock your next party! Whether you are a professional DJ or abeginner who just loves to play with music, create amazing mixes injust few seconds and liven up your parties, wherever you are. Letthe hidden scratch master inside of you become a pacemaker inmusic.Blow your mind, your ears and your eyes with DJ Mix!DJ Studio Features:THE DJ IS YOU!All you need to manage your mix is at your fingertips!Start your transitions directly from your device.a queue system for preparing your DJ sets in advanceno toy-like turntables. Everything just where you need it andnothing that won't work in a club.Popular DJ app will amaze you with brilliant color-codedwaveform displays, sample pads, unique effects, and more.DJ Studio will show you how it feels to be a real DJ.
Doodie Flight 2.0
Doodie Flight – physics-based destructionsprees starring flying poos game.Get ready for angry wars. But this time these are wars wherefighters will not use a special weapon, like laser, victory willdepend on your skills. Load up your catapult, aim and fire poos atyour enemies. Probably, they will get really angry, but it is goodfor you. This is the # 1 smash hit game!Doodie Flight Features:For the first time ever play catapulting poos. Join us in thesewars!Do you think that it sounds like playing with pigs? Nope! This funand addictive game will not let you get bored.Unleash the unique destructive powers of poos force. Destroy allobstacles in your way.Who will be the best flinger here? Challenge all your friends inthis arena.Unlock all levels! Start your strike attacks.Doodie Flight – pop everything in your way by catapulting poos andhave fun!
Hot Table Tennis 1.0.0
Hot Table Tennis is a beautiful 3D tabletennis game with realistic physics and intuitive accelerometercontrol.Do you like ping-pong? Then this game is special for you. We areglad to see you in our virtual tournament, that will let you tofeel the passion! Just swipe your finger to hit or slice the ball,do not let the ball touch the table, with your very own trainingrobot-game you will become the ultimate table tennis champion. Itfeels like playing the real tennis game.Hot Table Tennis Features:Enjoy hours of game play through different modes, shots andcourts.Build concentration by making plays that match your player'sstyle.Defeat opponents with drop shots, top spin drives, curving loopsand smashes.Unleash top spins, slice shots, lobs and drop shots throughdifferent touch possesses various behaviors such as reaction, speed, strength,endurance, defense, etc.Accurate and visual control mode can truly simulate various wayof strike and smash in the match.Stunning graphics, intuitive swipe controls, high speedgameplay.Tournaments, leagues, throwdowns, insane mini-games, where you canchallenge yourself.Have Fun with virtual Hot Table Tennis!
Craft Maze 2.0
Craft Maze – mix of labyrinth and craft worldnow in your device.In the world of craft and mine your could create everything youwanted. You could puzzle out any mystery there. Because you was agod and creator. But this time somebody decided to play game withyou. It's time to show us all your running skills. Complete alllevels of the maze, from the simplest to the gigantic one.Craft Maze Features: Intuitive touch and tilt controls to RUN, JUMP, and SLIDEto safety! PLAY as you are a real runner in the maze.EXPLORE the Maze, COLLECT hidden clues, and unlock newLEVELS! Randomly generated maze with various challenging obstacles.Enter the world of the Maze games with Craft Maze !
Martian Maze Escape 2.0
Martian Maze Escape – mix of labyrinth andcraft world now in your device.In the world of craft and mine your could create everything youwanted. You could puzzle out any mystery there. Because you was agod and creator. But this time somebody decided to play game withyou. It's time to show us all your running skills. Complete alllevels of the maze, from the simplest to the gigantic one.Don't get lost, put your skills to the test in this impossiblecube world maze.Martian Maze Escape Features:Intuitive touch and tilt controls to RUN, JUMP, and SLIDE tosafety! PLAY as you are a real runner in the maze.EXPLORE the Maze, COLLECT hidden clues, and unlock newLEVELS! Randomly generated maze with various challenging obstacles.Enter the world of the Maze games with Martian Maze Escape!
Kill Warriors 1.0
Kill Warriors - a new ragdoll physics game nowin your device.Again a life of marionette guy is in your hands, we mean yourfingertips. So, get ready to cause some damage for your avatar.Just remember about all these adventures on stairs, with turbocars, with amazing stunts and cause more damages. You know, thereis nothing impossible in this world of dismount games.Kick, beat, torture this bad guy, crush, push him as hard as youcan.Kill Warriors Features:Amazing physics fun which will put smile on your face.Lots and lots of levels to play.Just tap, slide screen – it's super simple gameplay.Unique active ragdoll physics system.The most ultra realistic ragdoll game.Don't craft, but destroy everything.Kill Warriors – enjoy how a chaos unfolds!
Head Shot 2.0
Head Shot – first-person shooter game for thezombie-obsessed gamers.Welcome to the world of dead objects, where you shouldsurvive.It's time for you to take part on saving the world. It seemsapocalypse will never end, which means that zombie is going to walkamong people for a long period of time. So, to defense yourself anddon't be eaten you should begin mega fight.Head Shot:To complete missions you will face intense situation. Master allyour survival skills!Shooter has to be a real sniper. Hit these dead aims.Shoot ' em up game to explore all darkness of the horrorstories.Every your action and decision affects story.Live out events, meet people and visit locations of the zombiehorror apocalypse.Be fast, these undead enemies don't need any reason to trigger offwar.Head Shot – this is your own road to survival.
Dust Strike 1.0
Dust Strike – action packed first – personshooter game.This time you are a modern army sniper on a combat mission andwhat you have to do is to strike a blow for freedom. So, let’s testyour reflexes and tactical skills. This is an area where a counter– terrorism operation is being conducted. Make an assault upon yourenemies, pull the trigger of your weapons, start serial attack.Dust Strike Features:This is your individual operation to take down terrorists.Assassinate enemy leaders and rescue innocent hostages.The enemy commandos strike will never let you take a breath, sostart shooting until every one of them is down!Remember, this is a shooting game. Just aim and fire! And don'tmiss even a single shot.Experience the thrill of modern terrorist warfare. Live outevents, meet people and visit locations of the shooter game.Of course, making mistakes is not critical, but you are onwarzone. Every your action and decision affects this combatstory.Dust Strike - first-person shooter game for the real snipers.
Transform Man Simulator  2.0
Transform Man Simulator  -  joinsuper hero through the whole city. Super hero now is a man who cantransform into an iron fighter! Go to the battle, show streetfighting positions and protect the world from evil.New story with super hero means super girl. In this action gameyou have super power. Challenge your rivals, level up your hero toprove that you are the greatest trainer of super heroes of allspace and time!Step inside of super heroes world and navigate the adventure ofthis character. You will make this episode. Be the master of yourown destiny. Begin your quest for world protection.Be a super hero in the city and be careful: like all heroes, youmust keep your true identity in a secret. Don't let anybody toreveal it and recognize you as a street fighter!Features of Transform Man Simulator :transform man with super powermodern weaponfantasy city worldmuch fight in action gameeasy to use and interesting for everyoneTransform Man Simulator - be a hero! It's time to save theworld!
Mime Craft 1.0
Mime Craft – survival game in an infiniteblocky world. Hunt, explore and craft to survive!Here you will need all your building, crafting, exploration,battling and survival skills to stay alive. Find hidden survivaltools or craft your own ones. Just start your own survival story inthis world of deep mines and wild crafted environment.You should survive in this crafted apocalypse. Don't waste yourtime, explore every cube and block of this world, before nightcomes.Mime Craft Features:Choose your own survival story.Explore the world of deep mines and wild crafted environment.Hunt wildlife and collect tools for crafting and surviving.Deserts, caves, dungeons – discover and explore all of them.Survive whatever the cost.Mime Craft - sandbox survival game where your objective is tosurvive and thrive in this hostile environment.
Plane Simulator 2.0
Plane Simulator - become a pilot and fly areal plane, it's time to explore the world of flying!Have you already known how to ride racing cars, warship andbikes? Level up! Pilot your own plane. Start your training as anunexperienced pilot and in a few moments you will be able not onlyto safely and confidently land, but also how to loop the loop. Yourown advanced flying courses, get in the game anywhere andanytime.Plane Simulator Features:Most realistic flying experience now in your pocket.No need to spend days in flight school, start right now!Get yourself the best plane and go higher, pilot wild, tomadden.Supersonic jets, airlines, military aircraft – pilot any kind ofaircarft.Racing against time, fly a plane like real pilot.Plane Simulator – the most advanced fighter plane combat andflight simulator game.
Spore Go! 1.0
Spore Go! – this time you can really completeall stages of evolution from microscopic organism - spore to thesupermassive jurassic creaturesThis is a new story of the spore series game. But still here youneed to survive, it is still the world of hunters and victims. Whoare you, hunter or helpless sufferer like goat? Be quick, eatmonsters who are more little than you. Remember, if you want tosurvive, you should eat more, evolve. You will start from the stageof little spore, who needs to survive. Remember, everybody istaking you like a food. But your ultimate purpose to become a realmonster.Spore Go!:Customize your character just by eating others.Compete in daily events against all creepy monsters in the world ofspore.Complete all stages of evolution from little spore to thesupermassive one.Play your way. Create your tiny monster anyway you like. Craft,train and care of it.Evolutionary process will never stop. Evolve again!Spore Go! – now you can see how evolve dinosaurs by yourself!
Derby Car Racing 1.0
Derby Car Racing – crush your rivals, cause asmuch damage as you can and, if you need, use your weapon.This is demolition derby racing, the battle arena, where yourcar can become scrap metal in few seconds. So, swipe your waythrough the crazy traffic and wait for the right moment to cause amassive crash. How long can you survive the arena? Endless racing,destruction driving pleasure and speedway tracks, which give adifferent type of challenge and experience. Drive the best carsever and leave gravity in the dust.  It's time for demolitionextreme race!Do you have some problems with your car? Just use your arsenal.Remember, you are a demolition master, destroyer who are insensibleto pity. Test your crash skills, show the maximum of what youcan.Derby Car Racing Features:Intense high speed racing action.Be a furious racer of the whole desert. Show your driving skills and don't get shaking off.Realistic car damage. Crash your car! Experience all the excitement of the competition and the dynamicsof the race in 3D.Great real time competition.Mega speed that will push adrenaline in your blood.Full of competitive spirit.Earn the leader status or die.Customize and improve your car by earning or buying upgrades.Derby Car Racing – real racing with cool cars, weapon andendless destruction. Let's move to the next level of racing!
Tap Heroes 1.0
Tap Heroes - tap to attack monsters, hire andlevel up heroes to unlock their abilities and build your own city.You know, monsters will never stop in releasing their masters.Only one, who can fight them, is you, the clicker hero. Just tap todefeat all of them, tap to get scores and bonuses and tap tocomplete your mission – crafting a city. Your city will help toreinforce all your heroes and make more money.Just tap to make money out of thin air and create your ownempire. This is a legendary war, where you against titans. So, justtap to win!Tap Heroes:Challenge as many enemies as you can by clicking or tapping onmonsters and titans as fast as you can.Craft your own city using your bonuses for tapping andclicking.As soon as you have enough resources take a trip to the shop anduse them to build your city even faster.Endless gameplay to play for an indefinite amount of time.Tap Heroes – epic fun game, be the fastest clicker.
Devil Craft Arena 1.0
Devil Craft Arena - this dark fantasy game inhack and slash style returns with the spell of a wizard.Go to the mystic dungeon, fight against magical creatures in thisintense struggle and find the main villain to conquer him. Plungeinto its fantasy world. Highly detailed graphics provide to you themost stunning fantasy gameplay experience.The app includes legendary weapons and armor. You can use magicrocket, throw lightning or fire-ball. Your main mission is to winthe devil of your Kingdom and stop its shattering and crumbling.Count your achievement collecting bonuses and survive in this worldof darkness full of monsters.Devil Craft Arena:game action in hack 'n' slash stylefighting against magical creaturesdetailed graphicslegendary weapons and armor as rocket, lightning or fire-ballfinal battle against the main villianSurvive in this world of darkness! Be a real warrior.Devil Craft Arena - in any strange situation cast a spell!
Russian Crime Sniper 2.0
Russian Crime Sniper – let's start extremehunting using the best sniper weapons. Just tap to shoot and don'tmiss even a single shot.In this virtual world everything is like in real life. You hunt,but at the same time you are hunted. Every time when you areinjured, you lose one life. And a number of your enemies grows moreand more. This is a war. You should survive here according militarylaws. Take your rifle, just shoot to win this war. Show us whatdoes it mean, to be a russian fighter! It's time of drastic action,so, shoot to kill.Battlefield of modern time is not an open field any more, whereyou can perfectly see who is your enemy and who is not. Now youneed special tactics. If you want to combat terrorism, be ready forthe mortal battle. Aim and shoot!Russian Crime Sniper Features:ULTRA REALISTIC GRAPHICS. Stake out targets from long-range,take them down with well-placed shots, assault enemy bases head onor infiltrate enemy lines without compromising your identity.MUST HAVE GAME for everybody, who likes games on mobiledevices.EASY CONTROL. Just choose your victim and tap to shoot. Nothing canbe easier.IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS AND ACCOMPLISH EXTREME MISSIONS. Sniper rifles,assault rifles, heavy guns and more. Upgrade your weapons andcomplete your mission.Russian Crime Sniper – let's start our hunting with sniperassassin!
Blood Heroes 1.0
Blood Heroes – fighting game with realgladiators.Take a spectacular trip through the universe of blockbustersmash-hit game, Blood Heroes.What does gladiator mean? Warriors, battle arena full of blood andinfinity of mortal attacks. But they are also legends, powerfulheroes who can fight using any type of weapon.Blood Heroes Features:Top-rated gladiator combat game. Get a scores by fightingagainst other gladiators and unlock all your character'spower.Remember, your enemies also get stronger as you level through. So,try not to be killed.Equip lethal weapons and epic armor in your quest to achieveblood-soaked victory over them.Perfect your skills and unleash stunning Special Attacks, SuperCombos and the all new Glorious Strike!Return to the arena and bask in the blood-hungry cheers of thecrowd as you fight to become a LEGEND!Blood Heroes – fight your way through a series of increasinglydifficult tournaments in different locations to the glory.
Sweet Candy Heroes 2.0
Sweet Candy Heroes – welcome to the sweetestgame! We would like to invite you to join us for this sweetadventure, full of magical candies, deliciously cookies characters.Switch and match your way through hundreds of levels in thisdelicious puzzle adventure. Link 3 or more sweets, cookies andjellies of the same color and set off an epic chain reaction ofcrushing.Sweet Candy Heroes:Hundreds of sweet levels in this sweet saga.Easy and fun to play, challenging to master.Tasty candy graphics.Explore juicy new environments.A fantastic adventure with mixed fruit madnessNow you can play your favorite match -3 game wherever and wheneveryou want!Just swipe the screen to unlock the magic of match game.If you was looking for the most fun and awesome looking match 3game, this one is special for you! Just endless challenging levelsto enjoy hours of fun and amusement matching fun. An amazingadventure saga is waiting for you.Sweet Candy Heroes – play it with friends to see who can get thehighest score!
Raptor Race Simulator 1.0
Try a new type of racing games. This timethisis not about car racing or horse racing. It is a RaptorRaceSimulator. Yeah, real raptor form the jurassicenvironmentuniverse.Enjoy authentic, immersive and emotional experiences of araptorrace in the virtual life. Participate in sport events to testyourskills. Just become a jockey, train your own dinosaur, andcompetein a variety of races from small training eventstochampionships.Raptor Race Simulator:Have you already ridden an animal? What about dinosaur? Justplaythis simulator game.Practice during the game and master your raptor to be the partofracing champions.Jump over the obstacles and show us your speed.You will have your own raptor and will race for dominance inthisaddictive jurassic racing game.Dinosaurs are not a cars. Not your driving, but riding skillsareimportant.Saddle up and be ready for this new derby quest.Raptor Race Simulator – race is not only about cars or horses.Areyou madden enough to ride a dinosaur?
Need for Wheels 1.0.0
Need for Wheels – dynamic, high-speed stuntsinan intense driving experience.Race for dominance in this battle of wheels. Here youshoulddrive fast and fearless to earn the respect of your rivals.Juststart this racing game and you will understand, that not onlyspeedis important. Only drivers who doesn’t have any limits willown thetracks.Need for Wheels Features:Maneuver through the air, pulling stunts while racing.Realistic crashes and car damage.Here rides don't last long.Get the maximum from your car.You are not going fast enough if everything under control.Drift, draft, smash your way to the victory.It's the world full of wannabe drivers. Can you earn respectofthem?Need for Wheels – win this race and get to the finish alive!
Football Ragdoll Murder 2.0
Football Ragdoll Murder - a new ragdollphysicsgame now in your device.Again a life of marionette guy is in your hands, we meanyourfingertips. So, get ready to cause some damage for youravatar.Just remember about all these adventures on stairs, withturbocars, with amazing stunts and cause more damages. You know,thereis nothing impossible in this world of dismount games.Kick, beat, torture this bad guy, crush, push him as hard asyoucan.Football Ragdoll Murder Features:Amazing physics fun which will put smile on your face.Lots and lots of levels to play.Just tap, slide screen – it's super simple gameplay.Unique active ragdoll physics system.The most ultra realistic ragdoll game.Don't craft, but destroy everything.Football Ragdoll Murder – enjoy how a chaos unfolds!
Monster Conquers 1.0
Monster Conquers – explosive undergroundarenabattles with genetically modified monsters.Your goal is simple – crush the opponent's tank withyourmonsters. Who will have more DNA after each level will win.Imagine that you have your own army of geneticallymodifiedmonsters who will do what ever you want. They also capableto fuseinto new ones. But at the same time another madman, let'scall himFreddy, built up that kind of army too. What will you do?It lookslike contest of super heroes. Shall we switch forces andstruggleagainst his army?HOW TO PLAY:Just click on monster icon to select it and click once againonthe terrain in order to spawn it.When your monster will reach the rival's laboratory and comeback,you will get one of his DNA test-glass. And, if his monsterwillreach your laboratory, you lost one DNA. But, if monstercouldn'tcome back with this DNA to his base, DNA will lost.Mouse over to collect all DNA or Fusion Cells dropped by monstersinyour zone.Collect as more DNA of your enemy as you can and don't get lostyourown. The more DNA after each round you have the better.To protect your tank from opponent's monster, shoot them. Don'tletthem to get close to your tank and take away DNA.Remember, all DNA and Fusion Cells will help you to make anewmonsters on each new level. Drag and drop a monster iconontoanother and reveal a new monster. After each level choose anewenhancement for your monsters.Do you understand why this game name is Monster Conquers?Monster Conquers - conquer your enemy in this blitz war.
Bubble Rubble 2.0
How fast can you make money's rain? Justtakeyour photo, share it with your friends and earn money on yourpagewith app Bubble Rubble.You don't even have to complete any tasks for it. This isquickand fun way to make money anywhere! Hundreds, thousands,millions,billions, mega – billies and beyond. Let the capitalist'sadventurebegin!Bubble Rubble:Take your photo, put your face in the middle of the coinsandbanknotes.Share your rain of money with your friends.Capitalism is really fun and free now. Share your money withfriendsand get rich.Make your investments and your own bank with our gameBubbleRubble.
Angry Assassin vs Zombies 1.0
Angry Assassin vs Zombies – actionshootergame, where once again you should defense yourself againstzombies.When the world is became a land of zombie there is no way torun.The only thing that you can do is to try catch all of them andmakeEarth safe once more or shoot all of them. Because thisapocalypsewill continue not even five nights or seven, maybeforever if do notstop it. So, be the hunter before you are hunted,be the assassin ofzombies.Angry Assassin vs Zombies:Just use the mouse to aim and click on your enemy toshoot.Sometimes you need two or even three shots to kill zombies.Every wave of the attack is a bit stronger than the previousone,like in real tsunami.Don't forget to overcharge your gun if you has used 10shells.A new adventure every time. Catch all zombies, aim the shotgunonthe target, trigger the rifle.Prove that it is easy to kill undead monsters.Angry Assassin vs Zombies - it's time to get angry and becomeahitman!
Shoot the Bird 1.0
Shoot the Bird - don't keep calm, beangry,this is birds shooting game!It's time to put your bird shooting skills to the ultimatetest.These birds stolen all your sweets and it's not the firsttime,when something like that happened. Dish out revenge on thebirds!Take your gun, aim and shoot. Let's see how many scores youcanget.Shoot the Bird:Challenging physics-based demolition gameplay.Unleash the unique destructive powers of yourself.Develop cold blood sniper while aiming at and knocking downyourtargets. Strike a birds - this is not a slingshot game, but the latestcrazeof shooting game. Do not forget to reload your gun.Shoot the Bird – time of angry wars has come!
Wild Forest Hunt 1.0.0
First-person shooting mission for realsnipersin hunting simulator game.Wild Forest Hunt – explore the world of wild animals,gettrophies and enjoy real hunting.New season is coming and it means more trophies and shotsforreal hunters. Challenge your shooting by tracking animals.Don’tlet them to see you, otherwise you are going to miss yourtrophy.Hunting game with different kind of wild animals: fox, wolf,boar,moose. But hunting deer and wolf is just the beginning, so trytohit a smaller target – birds.Hunt the animals with a limited amount of bulls and move to thenextlevel.First-person missions in hunting game.Travel deep into the forest to track animals and getyourtrophies.Go from rookie to master huntsman.Master the skills to take the perfect shot, shoot like a pro.Exercise extreme cautions.Remember about hunting license. You can go hunt without it,butif you meet huntsman you will lose everything.Wild Forest Hunt – hunting deer is just the beginning, movetothe next level!
Daily Success Horoscope 1.0.0
The official Daily Success Horoscope isauseful recommendation of practical ideas that you canincorporateinto your daily life. It has already helped a lot ofusers toimprove themselves in many aspects.The application updates every day and provide you themostaccurate forecast. What is to be successful? To succeed inlove,work and wellness, isn’t it? Read the astrology data every dayandobtain the most exact instruction for acting.How to use:Run the application.Create a profile with your birth details. And you’ll see azodiacsign.Choose time period: day, month, year.Receive your prediction.Follow it during the day.Share your post on facebook or twitter.This game will help you to find out what is going to happeninyour life today. And you’ll receive the most usefulrecommendationsto prepare.Which dates are essential for success today?
Red Titan Conquer 1.0.0
Red Titan Conquer - the classic RTS war game!Two evil alliances of the great nations have started a war.Theirhighly trained forces will destroy everything on their way.Thistime, it is not a usual war, it is a modern war withspecialmilitary robots – units. Your duty is to choose your side,takecontrol of an army and protect the world from the threats ofthechaos of this war. As the commander, you should trainyoursoldiers, upgrade their weapons and equipment by fightingwithclans of enemy’s army, attack them and conquer the rivals.Provethat you can be the strongest army commander.Use your mobile unit and strike your enemy’s base. When yourunitgets to the rival’s military base, you will receive energyrecourse.If rival’s unit gets to your base, you lost one. So tryhard byprotecting your bases! Collect as more energy of your enemyas youcan and do not get lost your own. The more energy after eachroundyou have the better.Participate in the best mobile RTS war game.Unleash deadly power-ups to crash your enemy.Build the top military bases. Collect energy, build new basesandunits.Be ready to place your arsenal in alert.Train elite troops and fight against enemies on thebattlefield.Red Titan Conquer – enter the battle arena, clash all yourrivalsand be the best war commander! 1.0.0
A huge open crazy world where live goesaroundthe army of tanks. Every player has its own tiny tank and hastodestroy the hostile one. Build the largest cell and upgradeyourtank and a tower to shoot. Control your cell and watch outyourpowerful opponents who can destroy you faster. This is kind ofaretro game, but more funny.Eat smaller tanks avoiding being eaten by bigger tanks tobecomethe biggest one! Develop you tank, run or crawl through themaze ofdangerous enemy tanks and towers. Just touch joystick tonavigatethe tank, to control the tower tap on it. Think over yourstrategyto control your pattern and defeat the other players aroundtheworld!Tank io - take part in this tank battle. Find your teamwithonline multiplayer mode. No matter what size you are, you haveachance to survive and become the biggest cell in this arena.Gain experience to beat your highest score.No size matters. Be the biggest one!Upgrade and customize your tank.
Superhero Girl Alliance 1.0.0
Open your school of superheroes and recruitthemost successful ones or build the academy of villains toconquer theworld.The principle mission is to resist your opponents and developuniqueabilities to triumph over them.This game offers you two modes:If you always wanted to be a superhero and save humanity.Power-upyour marvelous character and go to combat. Strengthenhispower.It your passion is to play a role of bad guys, so choose villainandconquer the world of heroes! Enjoy street fights andepicbattle.Become a real superhero in this action game!Game features:Level up, and manage your teams of heroes and villainsFor each finished mission you will receive bonusesThe more street fights you win, the better your abilitiesandspecial moves will be.Go through exciting storylineParticipate in dynamic questAvenge on your enemiesFace new adventures
Mafia Gang Pursuit 2.0.0
Mafia Gang Pursuit - get ready to jointheex-policeman in a war against mafia. You must take control ofthesituation and don’t let the chaos and injustice in thecitybreakout!What will happen if to stick a nose in mafia’s business?Well,let’s see. Your main mission in this open – world game is toput anend to the spiral of violence and crime. Car stealing,gangsterwars, party with rock stars, drug trafficking. This is yourcityand you own it, so don’t let these gangsters to occupy it.Thistime it is not about reaching a top of the criminal underworld,butprotecting your own life and freedom.Complete all quests in the favorite get the autostylegame.Huge open world endless game.You are a police, an assassin and main hero if this action.You can drive any automobile that you like.Take what you want, this is the virtual world with no rules.Take control of the streets of this city full of vice.
Epic Superhero War 1.0.0
The most epic battle of superheroes! Someofthem are very famous in America and in the whole world andothersneed to gain the glory. Fight in the ultimate battle ofchampionsagainst villains.Apply special strategical techniques. Use your destructiveweapon.Be a captain and lead your army victory.This top action game offers you many quests to resolve,differentsituations and location and an entertaining comic’s story.Soak upthe thriving atmosphere, experience limited-time missions,facefamous enemies and new grand adventure.Interact with other superheroesStrengthen your power to combat your competitorParticipate thrilling quests and complete underworld war.Develop their unique abilities and triumph over evil.Get on with exciting missions
Bat Fighting Dark City 1.0.0
Join the greatest superhero man inthemarvelous comic universe. Upgrade your weapons and masteryourskills. Challenge your endurance against other playersinmultiplayer mode!Enjoy 3D fighting game and become a champion of streetfights!Accept the mortal challenge to the death. Take a control oftheworld wrestling arena in a cruel fight between superheroes.Makeyour combat full of thrilling attacks and fast movements. Bereadyto show your fists in realistic boxing mode. Straighten yourpower,abilities and skills.Remember that you are graduate from the most famous fightacademythat have given your character prestige and power. Buildtheultimate superhero team and start the ultimate battleforjustice.Game features:Fight in battles against super villainsClimb up the leaderboards in multiplayer modeAssemble your powerful alliance of superheroesAccept replayable missionsWin the game to receive bonus rewardsTeam up with friends to compete in quests’ solution.
Business Comics Creator 2.0.0
Business Comics Creator lets you easilycreatesimple and fun comics on your device. Make your own comicstrips ina very short time. Think over your story and draw it usingyourimagination. Choose different characters to make a comicstrip.Choose a background color, characters and paint them. Addtheexpressions for each character. Adjust the shape and size.Features:Undo and redo your imagesAdjust text styles and sizesSave your draftsUse different brush sizes and colorsSave and share your comicsCreate the original comic strip. Choose a backgroundandcharacters, add speech, and that’s it!How to use:Run the applicationTap to edit a comic or characterTell a story with words and pictures.Draw emotions with customizable charactersMake a joke as a comic stripTap Done when finished editing, publish it or share your comicBusiness Comics Creator is easy enough for children to useandfull optioned drawing application for adults. Just try it.