Games for family Apps

Online fishing 0.1
New application which help you plunge intotheworld of fascinating and fun fishing!If you're looking for your baby and toddler training,educationand developing the game, then our application is totallyforyou.Fishing for Kids is suitable for children of all age from 4yearsold and above, for boys and girls. Our application is alwaysat yourfingertips in your smartphone or tablet!The application will help to develop a child's memory,promotesconcentration, perseverance and education. Despite the factthatthe game is designed for children and kids, it is also suitableforadults. The ability to compete and gain points.A colorful underwater world, in which a huge amount ofunderwaterinhabitants, from small fish to the sea stars, will notleave anyoneindifferent.Free fishing for children:- Beautiful graphics and animation- Joyful music,- A small fisherman boat- The game has many levelsPlay fishing is very simple - you need only click on the fishyouwant catch.The game helps kiddies to learn different skillsandknowledge:math and memorygame helps to learn colorsdevelop reaction and motilityIf you like our app, we would like to ask to leave a commentandevaluation.Thank you!
Volleyball 0.1
Welcome to the new game - beachvolleyball.Everybody knows this amusing game. Volleyball is a sportin whichtwo teams compete in a special area, which is divided intoa grid.One team must throw the ball on the ground of the opposingteam.Our application is a little different from the others.As always you have two teams. However, instead of people, youcanplay a variety of cute animals - crocodile and turtle.This makes the game a lot of fun, and unlike allotherapplications. Thus, the game is perfect for your kids andchildren.This is a opportunity to instill in children a love forthesport.Developers specially made the game not boring to play.Imaginethat your team is playing in the Olympics Games.Our application - a great opportunity to escape from a hardday,do something during a trip somewhere.Kids will also be just interesting to watch the game oftheirfavorite animals. Game rules are very simple, so theapplication issuitable for children.
MOB Telegram Messenger 0.1
MOB Telegram Messenger - a chat program forphones running on the Android system. The program is designed to beable to exchange messages. You need an Internet connection forworking of Telegram Messenger application.In addition to sending messages in the application, you can makecalls, send messages containing photos and videos. The applicationhas the ability to record voice messages and send them further. OurMOB Telegram Messenger application is absolutely free.Kenmerke:- Skep Groepe- Skep 'n geheime chat- Oordrag van stem boodskappe- Stuur jou plek - Oordrag videos- Oordrag foto's van die kamera- Skep poslyste- Oordrag Photo- Oordrag van dokumente- Groot versameling van glimlagte- 'n self-vernietig timer
Bubbles butterflies shooter 0.1
An exciting and, most importantly, totallyfreegame bubbles shooter for Android devices. One of the mostpopulargames on the Internet and in applications. Arcade game,designed fora pleasant pastime.This amazing and unusual game. Excellent game for kidsandadults. With our app children can spend hours playing thegamewithout distracting adults. Children will love thecolorfulbutterflies flying.Best game that helps children not only enjoy the game, butalsoto develop themselves.The game is suitable not only for children but also foradults.Perfect for entertainment on the way to and from work.Best game with colorful bubbles! Shoot and shoot down allthebubbles of the same color!This game is very suitable for children, because the burstingofbubbles is very entertaining.The main differences from the classic game balls -amazingmulticolored butterflies in the bubbles.If in the past you've paid for your favorite game in such balls,ourapplication was specifically designed for free.Just for you a huge number of levels.So why you have to download application?Different levels of difficulty.Absolutely free game.Exciting levelsEarn bonusesOver 600 levels with challenging puzzle gameStunning realistic animation and light merry music
Greetings Cards - love 0.2
New Years is soon! Please send greetingcardsfor the new year - Love - Surprise your relatives and givethem asmile by sending different greetings cards for alloccasions!Especially in Valentine's Day - Treat your girlfriend orboyfriendby sending a postcard with warm words in the Valentine'sDay.More than 1000 different cards with and without inscriptionsformoms and dads, grandparents, friends, brothers and sisters,belovedmate.Ability to congratulate by unusual way, by sending a postcardtoany approaching holiday: Christmas, New Year, Birthday,Valentine'sDay - for free.You have a possibility to congratulate your closest peoplebyeveryday’s cards such as I miss you ... Thank you ... Goodmorning!Have nice weekend, holiday, day!!!The most important difference from the rest application -theability to write any greetings and phrases that you want,theability to turn your imagination on 100 percent.An easy way to send a greetings card: by SMS and MMS,e-mail,social networks VKontakte, Facebook, the ability to sendbyWhatsApp, Viber, Skype.Our base of every day and every holiday cards is replenishedbyour designers.Our application is free and specially designed for yourconvenienceand entertainment, as well as your most lovedpeople.Only for you the most beautiful, bright, sunny andupliftinggreeting card. Find a wonderful birthday card among themanysubmitted.Full list of holidays when you can send our postcards:- New Year- Christmas- February 23- March 8 - International Women's Day- May 1 - Labor Day- May 9 - Victory Day- February 2nd - Groundhog Day- February 14 - Valentine's Day- April 1- July 4 - Independence day- Thanksgiving day- Mothers Day- July 6 - the day of the kiss- July 8 - Family Day- October 31 - Halloween- Student's day- Day PetsPostcards for special occasions in the life of each person- Birthday- Wedding day- Birth of a childCards for lifting the mood every day- Beginning of winter, summer, spring, autumn- First snow- Days of the week (apart Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.)- Good morning !, Good night!- Waiting. miss- Thank you. Sorry.- Good day- Let's take a break!- With lovePostcard for congratulations of professionals holiday- Programmer's Day- Fisherman's Day- Day of the system administrator- Day of Metallurgist- Data Protection Day- Accountant's Day- Day of Trade- Day of Medical Worker- Day of the police officers- Day of the Navy- Day of the Airborne Forces- Teacher's DayCards of congratulations religious holidays- Happy Easter- St. Nicolas dayTravel & Vacation- Greetings from traveling to various countries of theworld(Austria, Vienna, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Holland,Denmark,Greece, Egypt, Spain, Iceland, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Rome,Italy,Ireland, Venice, Poland, Thailand, Bora Bora Turkey, France,theCanary Islands, Paris, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Prague,China,Dubai, Vegas- Happy vacation!
Greeting the new year 0.1
Greeting card for Christmas and NewYear.Christmas cards help you to congratulate your friends andrelativesin the New Year and Christmas holidays. You can send cardsfor theNew Year in the famous instant messengers and socialnetworks - byMMS and SMS, e-mail, social networks Facebook, theability to sendby WhatsApp, Skype, Viber.