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Encounter Strike Mission: Best Shooting Games 1.1
"Lead the charge of the Guerrilla Special Forces survivalmissionswhere a small group of soldiers has taken over the militaryand nowcontrols all the weapons and ammunition. they are advancedbecauseGuerra's attackers are secretive and hard to find, and theyaretrained in military tactics such as vandalism, ambush, assaultandsurgical strikes. Get this sniper 3d assassin mission muchworsethan expected. As this fun 3D game travels for free, thedifficultyof completing the levels is used. You need to get anorder from theweapons base headquarters. See visible marksmancontacts thru highmagnification optics and start taking them downone by one. Sinceyou are a member of a group that kills a very longdistance ofJTF2, it is best to keep a safe distance from gettingtargeted atthem. Reduce enemies by following military doctrine andshooteverything with the support of someone else. The enemy willtry toescape by leaving a load on their jet fighters, usingflyingairplanes to make their escape a failure. In this epic battleofsniper fps elite shooting games, turnaround time is key, clearthebase and fight for the glory of your marty soldiers whentrainedsoldiers, military expert and deadly assassins enter yourbase. Donot be seen on the radar to monitor the attackers, do it insecretas they are in charge of the control room and monitoranysuspicious movements near the base. As soon as you arespotted,your job will end in this 3D shooting game. You, as aspecial orderof the US ops commando must use a deadly arsenal suchas rifles,rocket guns, rifles, MP5, AK47, M4, sniper rifles withgrenades andlong range shooting techniques to kill all troopsattacked.Otherwise, you are pushing the troops back to the base,and youneed to save your fellow Encounter Strike fighting agentsbound ascaptors. Mission Encounter is a first-person commandoshooting gamewith amazing graphics, smooth and precise controls,advancedweapons and action based story full of Encounter Strikecommandomissions. Demonstrate your military prowess by becomingtheultimate fighting strategy. Jump into this 2020 world warshootinggame, a top free game - like a brave US Seal armyEncountercommando mission - a military force operation.
Spider rope man: superhero 1.1
Welcome to Games Junction and enjoy new innovative game,thespider-rope man is available now. Spider Rope Man has become arealsuperhero. Spider Rope Man has a set ofinterestingcharacteristics, which make this game different fromothers. Thesuperhero costume looks like a spider. Spider Rope Manis able todo Free Roping, reach tall buildings, safe people fromenemies andtake them from a safe distance with the help of strongrope. SpiderRope Man Mission Shooting allows counter-attack byengagingenemies. Superhero spider rope man can snatch vehicles fromenemiesand complete his tasks or missions. Players can select thebest carfrom a wide range of cars for spider rope men as he candrive carsand reach any destination. This game is best for action3D gamelovers. The player would have to reach the targets that havebeengiven! Shooting, roping, firing, driving, snatching and jumpingallactions in one video game make it interesting for the vastmajorityof players. We bet this action game is going to be yournextfavourite game as it provides the best gaming experience withraregameplay. Spider Rope Man Features: • Great HD graphics •Limitlessand thrilling riding and shooting missions • Wide rangeofequipment • Extended range of cars with different speed levelsandcontrol • Strong ropes and jumping experience It’s completelyfreeto play this 3D game online and offline. This game doesn’trequireWi-Fi Connection or internet. Download, play and provide uswithyour valuable feedback, it enables us to improve and enhanceitsfeatures. Website: