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MegaFun Slot 1.1.1
The World’s Favorite Free Slots Casino!Join the most popular FREE casino slots game online!AMAZING Casino Slots Bonuses! Play in Slots City!‧ FREE Slots Games!‧ Play Slots with 18 million registered users across platforms!Employ your best strategy to win!‧ Get our 10,000 COIN free slots WELCOME BONUS‧ Receive FREE COINS casino bonuses every 3 hours!‧ Break the Slots Bank for special slots bonus offers‧ Earn Level-Up casino bonuses, Lotto & Mega Bonuses and MegaWheel Free Spins!‧ Lots of downloadable mini games‧ Enjoy casino slots bonus features: Mega Bonus Symbols, StickyWilds, Free Spins and Re-Spins!‧ Win Vegas slot machine Jackpots!‧ NEW! Collect Sloto Cards to get AMAZING prizes!‧ High-resolution graphics in a beautiful casino setting‧ Daily tournaments of varying levels for every type ofcompetitorPlay now, Enjoy your ride in Slots City!
Teen Patti - Bollywood 3 Patti
Play Teen Patti for Time Passing! DownloadBollywood Teen Patti you get 2,00,000 Free Chips!Connect to Facebook get extra 1,00,000 MORE free chips!Youtube Link:♠ The 1st Bollywood style 3 card poker game app coming to yourAndroid smartphone and tablet!♠ Fastest Indian Poker game play, never wait for a gameagain!♠ Play with your friends and real players all over the worldanytime and anywhere!♠ Works smoothly on slow Internet connection. It works great evenon 2G.If you run out of chips no worries:♥ Free to Play: Download now and get 100,000 chips♥ New daily bonus! - Get up to 24k chips everyday♥ Scratch it: Get a free bonus up to 65,000 chips in Bollywood TeenPatti♥ Log-in more days, get more FREE chips♥ LIKE us: Get 10,000 chips if you give us a LIKE on Facebook fanpage: Version ---♦ New Variation: Play in Joker Table, Use Joker to Win More!♦ Auto Blind Function: Keep Calm and Play Bind!---Amazing Game Features---We provide with an exciting and unique feature of coins which canbe used to exchange for chips during the game, so now is all themore fun!Don’t forget to try coins when playing our game.♣ Fastest No –Limit tables, Joker tables: we provide with lots ofexciting variations which makes Bollywood Teen Patti for you toplay on your android device.♣ Royal Teen Patti: Use 10 to Ace to play, higher winningratio!♣ Emoticons and Interactives: Give slow or annoying players apush!♣ New Slot Machine: Spin the slots in the new Vegas Casino♣ Private tables: Invite,chat and play with friends on your ownprivate games via Facebook or Whatsapp♣ Bollywood- styled UI, graphics, table and music♣ Latest Bollywood music gives you that great Teenpatti feel♣ Daily Leaderboard: Be the top 1 winner in Indian Pokerworld♣ Dealer Tips: Tip the dealer for better luck♣ Coming soon: Casino games like Solitare, Rummy--Teenpatti Game Rules---Bollywood Teenpatti is an Indian card game, and for you to play onyour Android device.The game is played with a 52-card deck. The cards rank in the usualorder from Ace (highest) to 2 (lowest). The usual actions likeBlind, Chaal, Show are included.Ranking of the cards from high to low are:1. Trail or Set (three of same rank)2. Pure Sequence (straight flush or run)3. Sequence (straight or run)4. Color (flush)5. Pair (two cards of same rank)6. High Card--Other---♥ This product is intended for use by those 18 or older.♥ Chips in this game can never be redeemed for real money, goods,or any other item of monetary value.♥ User performance in this app is no indication of user performanceor skill in genuine gambling.【Bollywood Teen Patti – 3 Patti】online is a fast and simple Indianpoker game for your Android device. It is totally free download,and chips have no real cash value. You can gamble at will withoutlosing real money.You can play it during Cricket World Cp. Enjoythe exciting casino atmosphere now!
Ông trùm Poker - Game danh bai
Thương hiệu game bài (game bai) Pokerchuyên nghiệp nhất hiện nay, tải game (tai game) ngay, chơi game(choi game) miễn phí!Vào bàn chỉ với 3 giây, online chơi liền tay! Texas Hold’em chínhthống đã có mặt tại Việt Nam. Không cần đăng nhập, chơi ngay tứckhắc! Chơi game vui, All-in mọi nơi!♠ Tải game miễn phí (tai game mien phi): Tải về nhận ngay 5.000.000chip!♠ Tặng chip nhiều nhất: Cào trúng thưởng, mời bạn bè cùng chơi,đăng nhập hàng ngày đều được tặng chip miễn phí (mien phi)!♠ Dụng cụ tương tác mới mẻ hấp dẫn, chơi bài (danh bai) cùng gamethủ từ khắp thế giới.♠ Máy chủ game đa dạng: Trải nghiệm sòng bài casino chân thựcnhất.-Điểm đặc sặc của game bài (game bai) Ông trùm Poker Android-♣ Game bài (game bai) Poker chính thống chuyên nghiệp.♣ 3 triệu người chơi trên khắp thế giới, chỉ sau 2 lần “chạm” bạncó thể vào bàn ngay.♣ Nhạc nền và hiệu ứng âm thanh độc đáo, đánh bài (danh bai) càngthêm kích thích.♣ Đối đầu với người chơi Porker thật sự, trải nghiệm chân thực vớisòng bài casino sống động.♣ Chip thưởng nhận không hết: đánh bài (danh bai) Poker liên tục,nhận thưởng mỗi ngày♣ Tính năng tự kết nối, đứt mạng cũng không lo♣ Giao diện đẹp mắt đơn giản, chỉ một lần “chạm” All-in là phiêunhất♣ Vẻ mặt biểu tượng cảm xúc phong phú, giúp bạn chơi game (choigame) Poker càng vui hơn.♣ Tiến lên (tien len), Phỏm (phom), Tá lả (Ta la), Chắn (chan), Xâm(xam), Cờ vua (co vua), Cờ úp (co up), Cờ tướng (co tuong) sẽ ramắt trong thời gian sắp tới.♤ Trò chơi chủ yếu dành cho người ở độ tuổi trưởng thành.♤ Trò chơi không hỗ trợ việc cá cược hoặc giao dịch bằng tiền thật,cũng sẽ không trao thưởng bằng tiền mặt hoặc hiện vật.♤ Thắng lợi trong các game bài trên mạng xã hội không đồng nghĩavới sẽ thắng trong các hoạt động cá cược hoặc chơi bài bằng tiềnmặt ở ngoài đời thật.Brand Game post (game thread) Poker pro today,download games (tai game) online, gaming (gaming) FREE!At the table with 3 seconds, online instant play hands! TexasHold'em orthodoxy has been present in Vietnam. No need to login,play instantly! Gaming pleasure, all-in every place!♠ Game Free Download (Myspace): Download the right to receive5,000,000 chips!♠ Give the most chips: Scratch winner, invite friends to play, adaily log will be offered free chips (free of charge)!♠ new interactive tools attractive, playing cards (Games) withgamers from around the world.♠ Game Servers Diversity: Experience the most authentic casinocasino.Special choke point of the game all (game thread) Boss PokerAndroid-♣ Game post (game thread) Poker professional mainstream.♣ 3 million players around the world, only after 2 times "touch"you can go to the table immediately.♣ soundtrack and unique sound effects, playing cards (identitycards) even more stimulating.♣ Confront players Porker true, authentic experience with livelycasino casino.♣ Chip awards recognize not all: gambling (Games) Poker continuity,rewarded every day♣ The auto connect, network cuts also negligent♣ beautifully simple interface, only once "hit" all-in as mostadventure♣ expression rich emoticons, help you play the game (playing games)Poker more fun.♣ Forward (tien len), Phỏm (phom), I am (I la), Screen (chan),Invasion (xam), Chess (Chess), Her Up (co ups), Xiangqi (co tuong)will debut in the coming time.♤ The game is primarily designed for people in adulthood.♤ The game does not support the betting or trading with real money,will not be awarded in cash or in kind.The victory in the game ♤ post on social networks does not meangoing to win in betting activities or poker cash in reallife.
Bollywood BlackJack - 21 poker 1.0.4
Download and play Bollywood BlackJack 21 forFREE!♠ An entirely new Bollywood style online casino game experiencecoming to your Android device!♠ Play with your friends and real players all over the worldanytime and anywhere!If you run out of chips no worries:♥ Free game: Download now and get 20,000 chips♥ Free Bankrupt bonus: 2,000 chips everyday-Bollywood Black Jack Features---♣ Play with your friends online: you can invite your friends viaFacebook or Whatsapp♣ Simple and great looking Bollywood-styled UI♣ Cool music gives you that great online casino feel♣ Unique Poker rules: Win more with 5-Card Charlie or “3Sevens”!♣ Emoticons and Interactives: Give slow or annoying players apush!♣ Works smoothly on slow Internet connection♣ Coming soon: Casino games like Slot, Tambola, Rummy---Bollywood BlackJack Poker rules---♦ Basic Black Jack rulesIn BlackJack 6 card decks (without jokers) are shuffled together.Colors are irrelevant, only the cards' point values are counted. J,Q, and K are worth 10 points and Aces either 1 or 11 points. Youwin if your final score is higher than the dealer's withoutexceeding 21. Same points mean a tie. Getting exactly 21 pointswith your first two cards (10 + Ace) is called a Blackjack. ABlackjack wins over any regular score.♦ TieIf your score is higher than the dealer's (but nobody has aBlackjack), you win with a 1:1 payout. If your points are lower,you lose. Same points mean a tie. If you have a Blackjack and thedealer doesn't, you win with a 3:2 payout. If vice versa, you lose.If you both have a Blackjack the round is a tie.♦ 5-Card CharlieIf you hit 5 cards without exceeding 21 you win immediately with a2:1 payout. This is called a 5-Card Charlie.♦ 3 SevensIf you hit three Sevens you win immediately with a 10:1 payout.♦ FlushIf you hit a 6, 7, and 8, you win immediately with a 15:1payout.♦ BlackJack Game FlowsThe dealer hands out two cards to you and himself. The dealer'ssecond card is dealt face down. If the dealer's first card is anAce, you are given the chance to make a side bet called Insurance.The insurance costs half the amount of your bet. You effectivelybet that the dealer has Blackjack. If he has, you win with a 2:1payout. If the dealer doesn't have Blackjack, the players taketheir turns and choose one of the following actions: .Hit: Take another card from the dealer. You can choose to hituntil you reach or exceed 21. .Stand: Take no more cards. .Split: If the first two cards have the same value, you can splitthem into two hands by placing a separate second bet equal to thefirst. .Double: Increase the initial bet by 100%. Only available afteryou've received your first two cards and if you didn't split yet.You commit to only receiving exactly one more card after. .Surrender: Leave the round and lose half of your bet. The otherhalf will be returned to you. Only available after you've receivedyour first two cards.【Bollywood BlackJack - 21 poker】is a fast and simple card game foryour Android device. This online poker game is completely free andavailable as free download. Try the most exciting free onlineBlackJack now! BlackJack 21 chips have no real cash value. You cangamble at will without losing real money. Enjoy the exciting casinoatmosphere and unique poker rules now!More Gamesofa Global Limited GamesBollywood Teen Patti - 3 Patti Tambola – Bingo FREE
​Tank Hit 3.8.3
Tank Hit brings futuristic 3D tank warfare tothe palm of your hands! Start the battle, connect within secondsand play thrilling multiplayer battles with up to 10 players!This tank war simulator puts you in a war-torn sci-fi world and inthe driver’s seat of a completely customizable battle tank. Trickout your war machine with custom paint jobs, attribute boostingdecals, and devastating high-powered weaponry. Think you’re readyfor battle? Then join the fight with Tank Hit now!Features- Control heavy-duty tanks in a sci-fi world- Blow up your enemies with a huge arsenal of heavy weaponry- Recruit crew members to improve your tanks' battleefficiency- Team up to achieve victory or fight all-against-alldeathmatches- Tactics mode - Join one of the two factions and fight for worlddomination!- 3D multiplayer battle with up to 10 players- Multiple maps featuring desert combat, winter warfare, and closerange combat- Invite friends for more fun- Test your battle strategy and stay on your toes!The future of armored warfare is here! Team up with friends andother players, develop strategies to conquer regions, and winawesome rewards!- Guild system allows for constant development and continuousaction- Extensive chat functions- Animated interactive emoticons- Daily login rewards- Take up the challenge in numerous events, achievements, dailymissions, and get extra bonuses!Download and play Tank Hit for free!Languages- English- Русский (Russian)- deutsch (German)- 繁體中文 (traditional Chinese)Tank Hit on VK: Hit на Facebook: Hit homepage:
MEGAFUN SLOTS - Casino and City-building Slots 2.2.3
【★BEST FREE SLOTS ON THE PLANET★】★ Sign in to MegaFun Slots to get 25,000 FREE COINS!☆ Win BIG with MegaFun online casino slots - the world's hottestfree slots!☆ MegaFun jackpots are unlike any other free casino games! Battlethe BOSS of the world's newest free online slots to win big!★ Every day you play our free slot games you can spin the DailyWheel and get free prizes!☆ Get rewards for playing free slot machine games and collect hugebonuses every 2 hours!☆ Be a casino slot machine VIP to get more points and moreprizes!★ MegaFun Slots is home to the best free slot gamesincluding:☆ Happy Farm- The freshest and happiest of all free casino games! Pair-upfruits and vegetables for big pay-outs! Happy Farm's RICH soil willbring you amazing rewards!☆ Alice in Wonderland- One of the most classic casino slot machines. Follow Alice downthe rabbit hole into a world of dreams, wonders, and MEGABIGWINsawait!☆ Life of Luxury- Live the good life in our popular free slot machine. Pop thechampagne and celebrate hot wins, major prizes, and bigbonuses!★★★AND MORE!★★★★ Gamesofa is on the cutting-edge of casino slots, constantlyproducing the newest and most fun slot machines you can find!★ Invite your friends to play together!☆ Join forces with your friends to defeat the BOSS and win theJACKPOT!☆ Get bonuses when you invite your FB friends to play with you andlet them know when you win big!★ Play MegaFun Slots NOW and Enjoy the Most Fun and Exciting FreeCasino Slot Machines in the World!★ Like us on Facebook: game is intended for an adult audience (21+) and does notoffer ‘real money’ gambling’ or an opportunity to win real money orprizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not implyfuture success at real money gambling.