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Bunny : Rabbit Invasion 1.0
Its a game of Rabbit Invasion, The Bunny isgoing to the land adventure and save the rabbit. The rabbit scaredof the land animals but cleaver bunny save the rabbits and bunnyalso collect the different candy to help for reach the sweet home.The Power candies are very helpful for bunny its must take it.Game Future.1) 10 Challenging levels for rabbit adventure.2) Different Power up candy available for big invasion.3) Easy game play and interesting levels.4) 3D Graphics and best sound effect.5) Tap top button to Up move ballon.6) Each levels for extra rabbit invasion.
FBI Agent : Crime Case 3.0
FBI Agent is one of the best criminal caseinvestigation games. You are the FBI Agent prove your skill andinvestigate hard. In this City crime case rate has gone too highlike murder case, kidnaping, robbery, assault, sexual assaultand etc So Crime Patrol workout.All levels are very difficult to solve than think as a criminalminds and also think as a forensic investigator crime patrol andhackers type.Features:=======1. Free All Levels.2. HD Graphics.3. Hints button to help you.4. Identify the clue and arrest him.5. Test your brain to solve all levels.6. Time is going so please quickly achieve your target.I think you are ready FBI Agent, solve and arrest who's involvein murder case..!!
Kings of Pirates 1.0
Kings of Pirates is one of the best adventuregame which is jump with his broken hook hand and take gold coinsand make your best hight score and share with social media. Kingsof Pirates is an endless adventure game where you can tap and movethe Pirate Kings hook with one jump and double jump functionality.Its totally free-to-download with funny character adventure ofpirates, all the best.
Back Tattoo : Girls Games 1.0
Welcome to Back Tattoo Girls Games, besttattoo art and design gamesMake unlimited tattoo on your body different parts.Feature of Back Tattoo :—> Easy tattoo maker game play with easy controls.—> Drawing your own tattoo design.—> Also available redimate tattoos with world best tattoo makerdesign.—> Rotated, Move, Scaling your tattoo with easy and smoothfinger touch.—> Make a best tattoo design maker with your own style.Have Fun with world's best tattoo maker design game…!
Valentine Day SMS : Message 1.0
loved one with a romantic, txt smsmessage,emails, Facebook status, whats app status, love sms, gift,pictureetc, share with your friends. Share the best love andromantic SMScollection to your loved once with one click. Win overyoursweetheart with these love sayings. Here are beautifulromantickissing messages to make you cherish and enjoy each andevery kissthat comes your way. Love Quotes and Love Sayings aremotivatingand inspirational. Quotes about love are the verbalexpression ofthe feeling of people who are in love or who havefailed in love.You can save and share Quotes via Facebook, Twitter, Google+orwhatever social sharing app installed in your device.
Diamond Splash Adventure 2.0
Diamond Splash Switch and match 3 ormorediamond to walk through more than 50 levels in this completelynewhit puzzle adventure game. The World diamond rush withmagicalparticles.Game Features:- Move Mode: 50 challenging levels and more to come- Time Mode: There is no time to waste which can help youlosefat- Best graphics with a hd polished interface- Sharp and animated visuals fit this diamond tale tosurferslife- Easy and fun to start but a challenge to fully master
Real Nitro Car Racing 1.0
Real Nitro Car Racing is real racing gamewho’sfan of reality driving. Choose your favourite car and jointheultimate challenge! Choose your track, challenge to win.HIGH SPEED:- Challenges with high speed, drive in trafficandovertakes cars, achieve your destiny.
HD GRAPHICS:- Cool realistic 3D graphicsDREAMS CAR:- Make your car better, faster, stronger andprettier.Upgrade car, which want to you, customise with paints,Nitrogens andrims.
:-- Realistic 3D graphics
- Realistic and Smooth Controlling
- Various Environments, Where to Drive
- 10 different cars (Points base)
- Customisable Paints, Rims, Nitrogens

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CIA Crime Scene 3.0
One of the best Police force is called CIA inUSA. Judge criminal mind through your excellent idea and prove yourskill and investigate hard. Some case has FBI and CSI team alsoinvolved you are CIA agent than you need to prove your team power.Game Features:Investigate the hard crime case and find evidence into thescene.In this game all levels require your expert mind trick and solvepuzzle and identify by clue.Need to Solve all Criminal Case in different the cites.There are crud murder case in the city, help those guys to solvethis case.Available hardest criminal case and needs to solve it and in thelast arrest criminal.
Advance Basketball Game 2016 1.0
Advance Basketball Game 2016 isadvancegame designed for basketball fans and Play AdvanceBasketball 2016simulates the realistic physics and features greatgraphics.Are you tired of playing Basketball Shooting Games?thencheck our new advance game where you will play realbasketballmatches with challenging opponent teams.-------------------------Game Controls:-------------------------"Pass button" for pass and tackle ,"Touch" and throw."Direction Key" to control the movement of the player.-------------------------Game Features:-------------------------
★ Play Pure Basketball 2016★ 21 Advance Levels.★ Smooth and more realistic and optimised graphics.★ Attrective sounds.★ Smooth animations.★ Powerful touch controls with timing control.
City of Murder Crime Scene 1.0
Help to the city police..!! Herecriminal'sattack and murder in my city, so please protectpeople andinvestigation hard.— Play Environment —Investigate all new crime case scene.In this game find the clue.Solve all Criminal Case Scene in the city.New City of murder crime scene detective game include inalllevels.Here lot of criminal case needs to solve it and arrestcriminal.We will City of Murder Crime Scene update game within weektoweek and solve new case....!! Come Fast Police and Solve Criminal Case Scene ...!!
Mystery of the Undead 1.0
In this game you have to look forhiddenobjects in various locations, mitstichnosti and fullofmystery.Assistant Julia teach you the basics of the game.The one of the under man is live and murdered in the city,solvethis mystery using your mind. solve puzzle and findhiddenobjects.Can you solve the mystery and escape the Time Library?Bored out of her mind in snowy Littleton, Alice decides to go tothelibrary to restock on some books. She meets Hiro, aself-styled“internet personality,” and together the two becomeunwillingpartners in a time-travelling adventure that hasconsequences farbeyond what they imagined. Join millions of happyAdventure Escapeplayers and see if you can solve the mystery of theTimeLibrary!
Jungle Bull Runner 3D Game 1.0
Be the star of the famous game temple run,sameas the jungle Bull runner game. Be the bull! Charge roundPamplonaand powerup the bull by knocking the runners out of theway. Its hitand run' game from the jungle of Spain and charge intoas manyrunners as possible!!
Liposuction Surgery Hospital 1.0
Make patients happy with removing fatandshowing them their real self. You can select the mommy youwillstart treating first from the selection scene. Once the mommyis inthe operation room, give her a thorough checkup if she ishealthyand not suffering from any medical disease.After the lab results are out and the mommy’s health is good youcanstart with the procedure. You can first start by marking onhertummy so that you can start melting the fats. When all themarkingsare complete, you can use a laser to burn all the fat fromhertummy and use suction to suck all the fat for a slimwaistline.Finally the mommy has been treated and she’s very excitedfor a newlifestyle. Now she can be confident while she carriesherself. Sogive these beautiful mommies slim and smart waistline bygivingthem the best liposuction treatment ever.Features Include:• Operate after maternity surgery• Treat these obese mommies using the best liposuctiontreatmentavailable• Play amazing mini games that will never let you feel bored• Become a real doctor and cure these pregnant mommies
Girls Cooking Games 1.0
Have Fun Girls Cooking with my mom. Anyonecanenjoy the simple, intuitive touch controls in my mom cookinggamespecially for girls. Its fun way to learn how to bake andcooktasty food with different ingredients and idea. Try out allthesuper cooking mom tricks and techniques just like in arealrestaurant with cooking mamma. my mom is cooking master shemakereally testy food for me join my mom cooking and learn tomaketesty food techniques. Its one of the best girls cooking gamewitheasy controls and support all android devices.Game Features:-> Cooking master is so much ingredients for makingcreamyCAKE.-> Cooking mamma Make Delicious PIZZA.-> Let’s Cook great Delicacy BURGER now with cookingmaster-> After all complete cooking clean your kitchen.Best Of Luck with best cooking mom game..!
Bird Knock Down 3.0
Bird are stake between diamond crystalpleasehelp the bird for slingshot. Simple game logic just tap thecrystalobject and clean way for new born bird be careful some stealcan isnot removable than use to try knock down can.Bird Knock Down features :1) Challenging physics-based gameplay and hours ofreplayvalue.2) Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve.3) Careful some blast the bomb and angry bird die.4) Manage your high score and share on Facebook and othersocialmedia with your friends.5) 50 Challenges Levels are available.Improve your logic skill and best of luck..!Please Rate us and Give feedback us what we want toimprove!!
House Adventure 1.0
House of Adventure : Mystery in the houseyouwill find an abandoned house with objects and do lots ofadventure.You need to find all the items and experience bestadventure fromthis game and make a mystery.Game Feature:- 10 abandoned rooms.- More than 50 objects scattered through all the rooms.- Look for the items, get as much as possible.- Among the items you are waiting for the construction and musical-instruments, books, furnishings, weapons, toys, tableware, bagsandmore.- On the left side of the screen you will have the inventory,whichwill be shown what kind of item you need to find inthislocation.- The game is free.
Monster Weekend 3.0
Monster Weekend is much-anticipatedsuccessorof the most popular puzzle game. In each levels you haveto throwthe red monsters. It's a logical physics game.Game Features:- Throw the Red Monster- 30 Superb Levels- In all levels new concept- Test your mind- HD Graphics and Sound
Riddle Of Jungle Adventure 1.0
Riddle of Jungle Adventure present lotsofadventure and fun with puzzle. It's Time to Travel JungleandConquer Undiscovered Areas.Join us to Solve Breathtaking Mysteries.- Find hidden objects in Beautiful Retina Ready Scenes.- 10 Beautifully Created Levels and 5 bounce levels.- Explore Various HD Locations.- Use Hints to Search Hidden Objects.- Soulful Background Music
Mermaid Makeup Salon Games 1.0
Mermaid Makeup Salon Game best time toplaysalon games specially for girls, mermaid fan have grateopportunityto enjoy and fun with Mermaid Princess.Start with a soothing spa to make sure her hair and skinareflawless of Mermaid Princess. Next, help her choose a hairstyle,eye color and put the makeup on. Then, assist her to selectaperfect dress (or top and skirt), and the matched jewelries.Atlast, please choose a beautiful tail for her, as well as aprettyprop in her hand. After all these process, she will go toenjoy herfantastic life under the sea, let's follow her and see howamazingit is!Have fun with Mermaid Princess.
Celebrity Foot Surgery 1.0
CELEBRITY FOOT SURGERY PRESENTThere are a lot of patients rushing to the celebrityhospitalwith various foot injuries. There are a lot of injuredpatientswaiting for treatment at your hospital. Foot surgerysimulator is aCelebrity foot surgery simulator game to bring outthe doctorinside you. People of different professions are havingsomethingwrong with their feet. Broken bones, wounds, skin cuts,pimples andtorn muscles are the major problems. Be the crazy doctorin thissurgery game to treat fix feet issues. Operate now and carryoutthe foot surgery at your surgery clinic.WHAT’S INSIDE- Crazy Dr Surgery Clinic Environment- Multiple Characters with Various Diseases- Foot Surgery Treatment Simulation Game- Foot Injuries, Wounds, Cut, Broken Bones Etc.
Mystery Treasure Adventure 1.0
A young journalist is sent to abeautifulisland to report on multiple ghost sightings in the area.Upon herarrival she is greeted with her first paranormal encounter.Helpher dive deep into this mystery that will task her withhuntinghidden objects, solving challenging puzzles, and shining alight onthe mysteries of ghostly apparitions that are terrorizingthepeople! The answers are waiting under the eclipse inMysteryTreasure Hidden Adventure : The Ghost Ship !GAME FEATURES:- Four massive chapters of Hidden Adventure- Hints and tips to help you on your adventure- Interactive tutorial to get your help- Mini games and puzzle available.
Star Warriors 1.0
Become a best pilot of space withStarWarriors.Star Warriors game of war and your goal will be quitechallengingas you will have to save the universe from its evilenemies.In the Game play there are 30 Galaxies and every galaxieshasmaster enemies, your goal is complete those levels. As thegameprogresses, you will upgrade your spacecraft to bring it tofulllethal capacity.
Summer Beach Party 1.0
Enjoy the party of Summer, At the beachthereare celebrity party for dancing but the girl are not prepareforthat. You need to prepare girl doing best makeup throughSalon,there are spa and makeup portion in this game, Use yourfashiontrick and do the best makeup, after complete the makeup goto thedress up portion and do your best dressed. After complete allthangirl is ready to Summer Beach Party.PARTY MOVEMENT>> Enjoy Party>> Enjoy Dancing>> Make New Friends>> Jealous Boyfriend>> Rocking Party>> Enjoy Party Games
Nail Art Design : Girls Games 1.0
Nail Art Design For Girls: Do Your Own nailArtdesigns in Fancy manicure SalonWedding Style nail Salon also take her hands to be morebeautiful.At the Nail Art Design game, a lot of beautiful nailpolish,pattern, paillette, nail stickers, diamonds, tattoo andfingerrings and bracelet to be selected, even you can design nailsasyour like, if you don't like or do nails wrong, you can useresetall design.
Ultimate Cheating 1.0
Ultimate Cheating is best cheating game.The boy was every time failed in exam, but that time it decidediwant to pass in this exam and i do copy, it bad but its fun forme,dad giving expensive gift if I will pass in this exam.Here boy is Cheating with other students in exam time, becarefulteacher is watching your more Cheating and get more score, but teacher will punishtheboy.Teacher & Girl Say Don't CopyBoy: I m Coming and Copy your paperBoy: I m Pass in exam yuppiiiiiii!!!!!!!Hurry.....!!!!Download this free game...!!!
Root Canal Tooth Dentist 1.0
Improve your kids knowledge about RootCanalTooth Surgery, and experience like you are a real dentistMost of guys not like to go dental clinic because its toomuchpain when dentist start treatment of face. There are you arethedentist and experience the real dentist profession curedifferentpatents.About Root Canal SurgeryA root canal is a treatment use to repair and save a tooththatis badly decayed or becomes infected. During a rootcanalprocedure, the never and pulp are removed and the inside ofthetooth is cleaned and sealed. without treatment, thetissuesurrounding the tooth will become infected and abscessesmyform.HOW TO PLAYFirst of all click to play button and game is start afterthatselect your patient and walk to the seat in clinic on oneclick,after that root canal teeth surgery is being start, make sureeverytool use its specific time, and every tools has specificregion ofsurgery.Game Feature- 4 type of patient to choose.- The real dental tools use in this game which is use toimproveyour kids knowledge of teeth treatment.- Take a photo after complete surgery.- Share your photo in social media.- best expression sound and effect sound available.- HD Graphics and Easy and smooth control, (Just swapandclick)- Hints available when stuck.- Prepare notes after compete use of teeth tools.FREE TO DOWNLOAD, AND IMPROVE YOUR KIDS KNOWLEDGE ABOUTTOOTHCARE Hurry...!
The Marriage Manicure Pedicure 1.0
The Marriage Manicure Pedicure Games ForGirls:Do Your Own nail Art designs in Fancy manicure Salon alsoabatablefor Manicure and Pedicure.The Princess get married with Prince. She has to do abestwedding salon, Wedding Style nail Salon also take her hands tobemore beautiful. At the wedding nail art salon game, a lotofbeautiful nail polish, pattern, paillette, nail stickers,diamonds,tattoo and finger rings and bracelet to be selected, evenyou candesign nails as your like, if you don't like or do nailswrong, youcan use reset all design.Features:- Make your own marriage nail style in the nail fashionworldthrough Wedding Nail Salon!- Do your clean nails polish and make tattoos for handandlag!- Do best nail design and nail polish in the fashionartworld!- You must be a perfect nail art expert designer!- It is the one of best nail salon games that provide bestnailpolish colours and accessories Here!Have Fun with nail of Hand and Lag!
Cooking Restaurant 1.0
Welcome to my cooking restaurant speciallyforKIDS, FREE to download.Develop expert Technique in Chef in the restaurants, agrippingTime Management game with tons of different dishes! Cookdeliciousmeals and desserts from all over the world in this FREEaddictivetime-management game! With a choice of 15 uniquelocations.How to Play :There are different types of dishes are available you needtorespond the costumer and when ever they need you must beprovidethat favourite dishes! You must be manage timing becauseeverycostumers are not like to stand in waiting that time yourscore isdown. Make faster dishes and use your intelligence and makeyourhigh score.Game Overview :Try all the possible cooking appliances, from coffee makersandrice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn makers. Make yourownfreebies, such as cookies or cupcakes. Just like in reallife!Unlock and upgrade your Restaurant Kitchen Items and produceaneven greater variety of dishes. Oh, and did we say that thisgameis as addictive and as engrossing as fever? Have fun cookinganddon’t forget to share your delicious meals with your friendsonFacebook!Game Features :1) 30+ hours to complete the game.2) All Levels has different milestone.3) Unlock and Upgrade kitchen Items.4) Make customer happy and earn more money.5) Make your high score and share in social media likeFacebook,Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc
Truck Factory & Repair Garage 1.0
The Truck garage is one of the best gameforautomobile truck repair workshops and Truck's spa and salon,Itsfix the Truck's body, engine and tires and be the bestgaragerepairmen in the city. After long route driving the kid’struck ismessy and rusty and facing many accident damages. Littlecrazymechanics examine the Truck and fix it, pump it and make itlooknew and fit for road’s journey. truck repair mechanic shop iscrazytruck builder and maker adventure with realistic garagesimulationfor kids, so that kids can learn how to take truck oftheirvehicles.After the success of Truck Wash Salon & Cleanup. Wearepresenting Sports truck Wash Salon & Spa with exciting andreallike game play. So play this full of adventure game inrealmechanic garage simulator and have fun.Games Features- Truck Repair- Truck Repaint- Truck Washing- Tire Change- Truck Policing- Tattoo Design- Fix Damage Parts- Repair Engine Fixation- Test Drive- Costume buildingMake your Truck Sporty and look like a new Truck, FREE! todownload,Enjoy Kids.
Car Garage Mechanic Simulation 1.0
The car garage is one of the best gameforautomobile repair workshops and car's spa and salon, Its fixtheauto car's body, engine and tires and be the best garagerepairmenin the city. After long route driving the kid’s car ismessy andrusty and facing many accident damages. Little crazymechanicsexamine the auto car and fix it, pump it and make it looknew andfit for road’s journey. car repair mechanic shop is crazycarbuilder and maker adventure with realistic garage simulationforkids, so that kids can learn how to take care of their vehicles.After the success of Car Wash Salon & Cleanup. Wearepresenting Sports Car Wash Salon & Spa with exciting andreallike game play. So play this full of adventure game inrealmechanic garage simulator and have fun.Games Features- Car Repair- Car Repaint- Car Washing- Tire Change- Car Policing- Tattoo Design- Fix Damage Parts- Repair Engine Fixation- Test Drive- Costume buildingMake your Car Sporty and look like a new car, FREE! todownload,Enjoy Kids.