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Super Yokai Adventure World 1.0
Super Yokai Adventure World :This Yo kai land probably one of the most addictive yo kai gogamefor kids developed so far.You will play in this adventure game as Nathan a fun kid whoenjoybeing with his friends and the Yo Kai monsters he befriended,evenwhen they can be troublesome.But this is not a problem for Nathan because he can deal withwiththose Yo-kai that walk all over the Springdale (Sakura New TowninJapan) by jump and run. So try to avoid all Yo-kai monstersinSpringdale by jumping over them and run as fast as you can tothesafety.And don't forget to catch the youkai watch medalswhilejumping and running.It is time for you to set a new world record for the SuperYokaiAdventure World.How to play Super Yokai Adventure World :• Just tap the screen to let Nathan jump.• Collect awesome monsters by scan yokai medals as many asyoucan.• Do not fall off.• Do not hit Yo-kai watch monsters.• Run to the end of the game to pass the level.Super yokai adventure world features:• Suitable for all ages, based on the beloved cartoon(YoKaiWatch).• Colorful graphics of ghosts.• Musically synchronized gameplay!• Handy control with which to handle any child.• Works without Internet and online.• Suitable for kids and FREE.• Over +100 different level.We offer free youkai watch games and free games for kidsandadults for you so please support us by rating and reviews.Youropinion will help us make the Super Yokai Adventure World Gameevenbetter!Disclaimer:We are not affiliated in any way to YouKai Watch Apptrademarkowner. This game complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof (FairUse). If you feel there is a direct copyright ortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the (Fair Use)guidelines,please contact us directly.This Game has no relation with Japanese Youkai cartoon or Yokaiwatch Hasbro app trademark owner, we are not the makers ofthecartoon and we don't claim any relation with them.So what are you waiting for.. Download free game SuperYokaiAdventure World now!« Gamsis » team.• If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns about ourgames,Please email us at• And if you like our Yo kai watch games free, please rate 5starsfor us ♥♥♥♥♥.Thank for your support, Enjoy!
Bubble Yokai : Medals Shooter 2
Bubble Yokai : Medals Shooter a fun,addictive and one of the best bubble shooting games!this bubble extreme game will keep your Youkai busy for hours. SoAre you bored and looking for some fun and free yo-kai games? Ifyes, don't worry Bubble Yokai Medals Shooter is the solution withmore than 100 levels this addicting and challenging gameplay goeson forever to meet your entertainment needs Because this is thefirst unique bubble 2016 inspired by the Yo-Kai Cartoon World.How to play Bubble Yokai : Medals Shooter:• Wibble wobble the cannon in the desired position and tap whereyou want to shoot bubble.• Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make bubble explode andscore points.• Bubbles match at least three of the same medals.• If the bubbles of the Youkai exceed the cannon defense! Yo-kaiGame Is Over.• Clear all the youkai watch model zero on the screen to LevelUP.Bubble Yokai : Medals Shooter Features:• Suitable for all ages, man and woman!• A funny game to pass the time.• 10 different Yo kai medals to shoot with graphics and soundcharacterization• 100+ unique levels of play and with each new level you face moreobstacles and power ups all the way.• Easy kid games and fun to play.So are you ready to be the most wanted Yo-kai hunter?Free Yo kai games have never been this deep or fun like BubbleYokai : Medals Shooter Features.We spent a lot of time making Bubble Yokai : Medals Shooter agenial addictive game concentrating of making it fun andchallenging but mostly for the kids.We know how hard to find kids shooting games.But now you have it and you can keep your kids entertained forhours.Download and install this amazing free news game and let us knowwhat you think!DISCLAIMERWe are not affiliated in any way to yo-kai watch land trademarkowner. This application complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof (Fair Use). If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the (Fair Use) guidelines,please contact us directly.This youkai watch games has no relation with Japanese youkaicartoon world, we are not the makers of the cartoon and we don'tclaim any relation with them.Gamsis Team:If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns about Bubble Yokai: Medals Shooter , Please email us if you like Bubble Yokai : Medals Shooter, please rate 5 starsfor us ♥♥♥♥♥.Thank for your support, Enjoy with your Yo kai watch games freegame!And last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone whohas played Bubble Yokai : Medals Shooter!
Yo-kai Hill Climb Racing Game 1
NEW Yo-kai Hill Climb Racing GameAdventureBEGINS!Together with Nathan and yo-kai “Myccar” you will take a part intheepic Yokai land racing game on a mission to find Youkaimonsters andbefriend them so in this game Nathan will be using acar called“Myccar” to travel around the yo kai watch landsearching for new yokai medals watch.So be fast like turbo and drive Nathan and whisper aroundYouKailand watch and catch every youkai monsters watch you find inyourway and save people from problems that yokai do in theyoukaiworld.Yo kai the watch game is really cool with a great designandeveryone can play it so if you are yo kai watch games fans,Don’tWait to Play this 3ds Yo-kai Hill Climb Racing Game and trytobreak your friends scour and improve yourself that you are thebestin the yo kai car games.Yo-kai Hill Climb Racing Game features:• Different scenarios.• Great 2d physics.• Lots of hill climbing fun!• Beat your opponents and share your score with your friends!• Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation.• Designed to look good on low resolution andhigh-resolutiondevices.Yo-kai Hill Climb Racing Game Disclaimer:We are not affiliated in any way to Youkai Land Watch App and Yokaiwatch 2 games trademark owner. This game complies with USCopyrightlaw guidelines of (Fair Use). If you feel there is adirectcopyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow withinthe(Fair Use) guidelines, please contact usdirectly( Game has no relation with yo kai Japanese watch land gameorwatch anime trademark owner, we are not the makers of the yokaiwatch battle games and we don't claim any relation withthem.« Gamsis » team.• If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns about ourYo-kaiHill Climb Racing Game, Please email• And if you like Yo-kai Hill Climb Racing Game, please rate 5starsfor us ♥♥♥♥♥.Thank for your support, Enjoy Yo-kai Hill Climb Racing Game!