Gamzstation Apps

Creepy slender adventure 1.0
Creepy slender is an endless running action game.If you are a fanof creepypasta stories then this app is for you.In the hauntedhouse escape with the help of scariest Slendrina and hiscreepypasta family you got the power to destroy the enemymonsters.Collect gold coins to unlock new creepy characters to playwith.Use your skills to avoid skull by jumping high at just theright time.slendy man adventure features:-Fun and cool game-Easy toplay-Stunning graphics-Many unlockable characters-User Friendlyinterface-Random levels the game is never the same-Share yourscoreHow far can you go?This is very addictive creepypasta gamethat will have you spinning around confused!Special edition for thehalloween.Compete with your friends and beat them all!
Pirate king Run 1.0
Pirate king is an endless running action game.The new world is fullof danger with the help of the straw hat pirate crew of piratehunter and swordsman pirate you got the power to destroy theenemy.Collect golden one treasure piece to unlock new characters toplay with.Use your skills to avoid any obstacles by jumping high atjust the right time.Let the pirate adventure start!pirate crew kingfeatures:-Fun and cool gameplay-Easy to play-Stunning graphics-Manyunlockable characters-User Friendly interface-Random levels thegame is never the same-Share your scoreHow far can you go?This isvery addictive manga game that will have you spinning aroundconfused!Compete with your friends and become the best!
Super power girls 1.0
Super power girls is a simple one touch arcade game.The city is indanger with the help of the superpower girls you can destroy themonsters.Collect gold coins to unlock new characters to playwith.Your goal is to avoid the obstacles by jumping and flying highin sky at just the right time.This is very addictive andchallenging game that will have you spinning around confused!superpuff features:-Fun and cool gameplay-Stunning graphic design-Manyunlockable characters-Random levels - the game is never the sameHowfar can you go?Share your score with your friends and become thebest! fidget 1.0
Gamzstation is a fidget battle is an onlinebattle between fidget spinners. Choose your toy and movestraight around the arena and collect scattered dots to increaseRPM.Be patient when collecting dots to steadily build your RPM.Collide your spinner with others to make both of the spinners dotsscattered, then quickly to grab all of them.Boost your speed tochase other players easily, but use it wisely as this sacrificesyour current RPM. You must pay attention to other spinners that are4 times faster because they can instantly kill you with onecollision. also features Whirlpools! Enter a whirlpool andget shot out at an insane speed. These are useful both for escapingand attacking!Fidget strategy:Pick your fightsstrategically, and potentially set up combos by knocking otherplayers into each features:- No lag. Works on manydevices without performance issues.- Easy and smooth joystickcontrol on mobile devices.- Many fidget spinner models to choosefrom.- mode for spinner game.In gamekeep increasing your speed and dominate the arena with yourspinner.Your feedback is important to us, to continue improving ourspinner io. battle for spinz 1.1
Gamzstation battle for spinz is a fidget spinner io game.This is abrand new exciting battle fidget game. Choose yourspinner toy and move straight around the arena and collect theremaining of dots and make your life bar full.In fidget,regardless of the level of your fidget spinning power, you candefeat other fidget opponents.Chase the top score players to earnmore points to top the leaderboard.Gameplay:- Don't forget todefend yourself during the spin battle. attack other fidgetscarefully.- target weaker fidget spinner with low level andspinning power to easily win and increase your score.- Collect dotsto increase your stamina and speed power spin rotation.- In spin.iomove freely on the entire large arena, score more RPM - it willaccelerate rotation of your spinner and try to beat thestrongest.Features:- No lag. Works on many devices withoutperformance issues.- Easy and smooth joystick control on mobiledevices.- Many fidget spinner models to choose from.- Fidget.iomode for spinz battle for spinz is a challenginggame based on the last viral phenomenon, the fidget handspinner.Your feedback is important to us, to continue improving
Dashy Cube 1.1
Jump, Dash, Swap and Switch between Black and white cube color inthis new addictive game!Dash Dash cube is reflexion game that youneed to Push yourself to the limits and jump, dash, Swap and Switchcube color to make your way through various worlds and levels ofblack and white blocs!You need to think fast and Swap the cubecolor so you can match the endless spawningblocs! Dash Dash cube isa colorful game for kids and children with built arcade andobstacles!The main task of the player is to take a speedy jump cubeas far as possible and overcome the difficulties on the path,sothat the dashy cube does not fall into the wrong bloc color!In thisinfinite dash cube you will have access to a lot of kubes texturesthat makes jumping and swaping more funnier!The challenge lies inthe fact that the speed increases, the location changes abruptly,and color of the blocs appear suddenlywith random colors so theplayer must be at a high level of attention because the complexityof the route is unpredictable!The difficulty increases with thejumping to every next level: the speed of the summoning blocshigher, you need to match the speed and jump and swap the color ofthe kube to be different from the one of the bloc.Features:- Jump,Dash through an andless and different worlds!- Switch and Swapcolor between black and white to Switch your cube character color!-White cube go on black bloc and the black cube go on white bloc!-Tap left side to switch cube color to White, Tap right side toswitch cube color to Black!- Collect stars and unlock new cubecharacters with new textures and shapes!- Freez world time to gainmore moves and distance in every level up!- Speed increase everytime you make it to the next level!- No internet access needed toplay!- Enjoy the amazing music!- Simple controls that makes itplaying a lot easier!- Choose between different control modes!(Button, Screen)- Good HD graphics and optimized gameplay!- Playevery day for new rewards!Download Dash Dash cube now to have ahighly addictive gaming experience!
Idle Knife Flip 1.1
idle knife flip is a great game where you can flip knives.When youplay idle knife flip - flipper knives try to flip different sort ofknife, swords and land them in the ground to earn money for theones that you land correctly. Unlock new swords and upgradethem.Upgrade your weapon and it will earn more money for you eachtime that you land it properly.Flip and idle flip some more. thisIdle flipper game is so enjoyable and suitable for all ages.IdleFlipper features:- Double the money simply by getting a perfectthrow - Unlock more knife to flip.- Push them to infinitylevel.Flip That Knife and challenge your reflex and accuracy.