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Demon Blade - Japan Action RPG 1.9854
Demon Slayer, we need you: Something strange is happening. The moonhas disappeared and the border with the world of demons hasblurred. We need all the Demon Slayers to take this role and savepeople. Arm yourself with your armor and equipment, sharpen yourKatana and subjugate the demons. We have to stop the progression ofthe corruption of the world of demons to reach Japan. Cut the fateof the yokais. The Demon Slayer's league will tell us who is thestrongest samurai and great legendary objects will be the rewardfor these Samurais. Overcome the different dungeons with yourcompanions and form Clans to face the evil that lies in these landsyour role is to save this world. The sword of a Demon Hunter issacred to him, his greatest weapon and you must not allow it tolose against the demons that you find in the dungeons. Fighting isthe last alternative to save Japan. Destiny has knocked on thesamurai door, it is time to take action. Features: > A fantasticRPG story, full of characters and encounters, fears and passions.Feel a great story on your own device. > Become a Samurai andprogress your level with your character and equipment. > Actioncombat like you never seen in mobile devices, no buttons on screen!Like a Souls combat for smartphones. > Online Ranking thatallows you to beat other Players. > Ultimate abilities with theDemons that you have in your Katana. > Join up to other playersat Clans > Raid Boss, team up with your Clan and defeat thedungeon Boss. > A lot of samurai armors, you will see everyarmor ingame and you will discover a lot of legendary weapons andarmors. > A coolish art style, based on the Chinese ink forrecreation of feudal Japan. > A PVP system to see who is thebiggest Samurai [Facebook][Terms of use] [Privacy Policy]