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Chess Repertoire
This app intends to help chess players tobuild up a sound repertoire based on main lines. We have developeda new approach to learning openings, making it easier than ever forplayers to learn and memorize a chess repertoire.First you must choose, from a wide list, your favorite openings andadd them to your chess repertoire.Once you have decided your repertoire, you can start working withit through the theory. There you can see which lines and moves wehave prepared for you in order to face all the possibilities youropponent has against you.Finally, when you are ready, you can challenge yourself and move onto the tests. Each pack contains a set of tests where all the linesare covered. Your mark in each test will depend on two factors: thenumber of lines you have worked and the results you have obtainedin each line.When you start getting confident, you can add more advanced levels,where more and more positions are shown so that your knowledge of acertain opening will rapidly increase.This app will really help you to improve your chess level becausenowadays it is vital to have a consistent, coherent and sound chessrepertoire in your armoury. The good thing is that now you will beable to study your repertoire everywhere, any time you wish. Youwill also be able to check after every game you play, what you weresupposed to have played and thus, learn from your mistakes.We propose a chess repertoire to you for black based on almostevery defense that exist and different repertoires for whitedepending on your first move choice (1.d4, 1.e4, 1.c4 or1.Nf3).