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Messages 2.6.2
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Messages brings a refreshingly beautiful and responsive MaterialDesign touch to the stale state of text messaging. In a world withclunky SMS and MMS apps cluttered with bloat and ads, Messages issomething to get excited about. We’re making texting magical again.Here’s why we think you’ll love it • Material Design: And lots ofit. Messages is the most beautiful text messenger available •Themes: And nearly 200 of them available. Each one, hand picked byGoogle in the Material Design guidelines • Night Mode: Like to havedark themes? So do we. Control it yourself, or turn on AutomaticNight Mode and have night mode turned on automatically when it'sdark out. • Customization: It's your app. Make it yours! • MessagesReply: Reply to messages without having to leave what you're doing• Group Messaging: So tell all your friends! • MMS: For when wordsjust aren't enough • Delayed Messaging: Give yourself a second,make sure you said what you wanted to say! • Search: You care aboutyour messages, so you should be able to find them. Now you can •Security: Messages is protected against the Stagefright MMS exploiton Android • Completely free: We also don't want to make you haveto pay for extra features! • Anything else you want: We work onMessages every single day, and we're always looking for feedback.Let us know if you have any suggestions! 1.3.8
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Gather is a customised free news reading and radio listening appwhich you can choose your favourite media channels from hundreds ofdifferent sources. Gather enables you to create your own news pageand provide unique experience of reading news and listening radio.Download Gather and start to discover connecting world with yourown way!!! With Gather you can bring together your favourite newsand radio stations in one app, you can choose your news categoriesbased on your interest from best sources worldwide!!! You canlisten your favourite music from many radio stations while readingnews with Gather’s user friendly, stylish and simple design. Youcan read details of news from your personalised home feed add newsto favourites list and share them with your friends. You can add ordrop media channels from the best sources we continuously updatefor you. You can be informed of breaking news with notifications wechoose elaborately. Here are 5 outstanding features that will makeGather unique and essential for you; Free and unique experience ofreading news from sources and categories you choose Gather the mostpopular news sources in one place, catch the most importantbreaking news via clever notifications Listen your favourite radiostation while reading news, for radio no sign up required Highlyprofessional team created Gather and they are working 7/24 in orderto provide you best experience Gather always keeps itself and itssources updated You will only see news from most popular andupdated media channels which you choose your personalised sourcesbased on countries and categories. You will find more in ourapplication however if you would like hear from us, you may lookbelow for some details; Notifications: Gather will send you clevernotifications of most relevant breaking news elaborately. It willmake you stay up to date and follow hot topics from sources youchoose. Don’t worries, Gather know how often it will send younotification without frustration. Add favourite list and share: Youcan add news or content you like to your favourite list and sharewith your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Mail,Message etc. Advanced Search: You can reach any content you wanteasily with advanced search feature of Gather. Innovation andorganisation: Gather will keep itself and its sources up to date inorder to provide best experience of news reading and radiolistening. Gather puts your satisfaction in the center with itsstylish design, source management type and desire for innovation.The team behind Gather have great experience and vision to provideyou sustainable experiment. Photo Gallery: Gather has extensivephoto gallery from different sources and categories. Cars, Life,Nature, Travel, Trend, Popular etc. Impartial and InternationalNews: Gather has extensive sources from hundreds of different mediachannels and radio stations. Gather is totally impartial andnon-partisan and has no political view. Radio: Gather has manyradio stations inside from different countries and categories suchas Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, R&B, Country etc. You can addyour favourite radio to favourite list and listen easily. Pleasereach us via email below for all your questions, comments andsuggestions. We definitely will be happy to be in touch with you.Reach us:
Radio 1.0.7
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The world's most popular radio stations, news from theentertainment world, popular podcasts in the radio application! InRadio application, or by selecting one of Turkey in Europe, theseregions only private radio channels, you can follow differentlanguage options. With Radio app, the most popular radios are withyou.