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Minifier Browser - Fast & Small 1.7.4
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Only 4 MB, Minifier Browser give you access to super-fast browsingspeed with useful features like data saver, popup-block, save pageto read off line, etc. Minifier Browser is a small, fast, privateweb browser for Android phone and tablet that provides bestInternet browsing experience. It can effectively boost page loadingspeed and save data/traffic by 60%, making Minifier Browser thebest browser on Google play. As a full-featured browser app,Minifier Browser provides a large number of useful features andaddons, including, Flash Player, Speed Mode, Full Screen Mode,Incognito Mode, No Image Mode, Trending news and video, etc. We donot provide the service/content for any minors under 16 years old(or equivalent minimum age in relevant jurisdiction). If you are aminor meeting the above conditions, you must read the terms of UserAgreement and use this app under the guidance of your guardian, andconfirm that your guardian agrees to your Use of this app. KeyFeatures ✔ Super-fast browsing speed Via preloading mechanism,Minifier Browser smartly predicts your browsing needs andaccelerates page loading speed by 60%, giving you the mostintuitive browsing experience. Minifier Browser can be even fasterin Speed Mode and No Image Mode. ✔ Safe web With build-in Blockengine, Minifier Browser provides private browser experience andeffectively block annoying pop-ups, banners to save traffic. ✔ Savedata/traffic Minifier Browser compresses data to save your preciousMBs by up to 60% and speed up navigation. ✔ Incognito browsingleave no history, cookies traces, cache, etc. in Incognito Mode.Minifier Browser is the most private browser. ✔ Fast search (comeswith in-page search) Get instant results to your searches inGoogle, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex. Even better, the in-page searchhelps you find whatever you need within website pages. ✔ Multi tabbrowser & Desktop Site Mode Minifier Browser allows users toswitch between tabs and browse website in PC browser & mobilebrowser mode. ✔ Save page to read off-line Save pages and readoffline to save data/traffic. ✔ Night Mode Switch to Night Mode toprotect your eyesight and read more comfortably in dark. ✔ Richcontents (trending news & video) Minifier Browser bring themost trending stuffs to you, including hot news, videos. Never goout of date. ✔ Full Screen Mode ✔ Download management ✔ DesktopSite Mode ✔ No Image Mode ✔ VPN ✔ Translation ✔ History/ Bookmark ✔Quick dial (Auto suggestion)