Geeks.Lab.2015 Apps

Screenshot 1.3.06
This software provides a easy method to take screenshot, and thefollowing functions: - Share Screenshots - Press the power buttonand volume down to take screenshot - Set the path to save thescreenshot - Screenshot display, you can decide to save or discardscreenshots - Trim the captured screenshots - Painting on thescreenshot - Add mosaic - Add text - Browse and edit all historyscreenshots
Bluelight Filter - Night Mode 1.3.59
Do you feel the light of your mobile screen is too strong? Do youfeel your eyes fatigued after watching the phone screen for a longtime? Does the glare of the screen make your eyes uncomfortablewhen you play phone in the bed at night? Do you feel your vision isblurry after long-use phone? All of these problems are caused bythe blue light that emitted from the phone screen. Which will bringyou eye strain and vision loss if you looked at the screen for along time without rest. Now, with this application, you can easilyget rid of the blue light. We have these advantages: - Heavilyreduce the blue light to relieve eye fatigue and protect your eyes;- We have 5 different filter colors for you to choose: nature, red,brown, dark, yellow; - You can dynamically adjust the filterstrength; - Easy to use, one one button to switch on/off; - Stable,no force close; - It's Free!
Super Call Recorder 1.1.9
Advantages:- Call Recorder can automatically record your phone calls inreal-time.- Completely free, and support every model of Android phonesversion 2.1 and above;- The recorded voice sounds clear, you can use the app built-inplayback and easily export your recorded calls to the SD card, andsend by email, WhatsApp or other means;- Incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded, you can record bothsides of your voice calls;- Automatic recording to mp3 format with built-in playback.
Barcode Scanner Pro 1.2.98
- Professional Edition barcode scanner, more fast and accurate. -Scanning, decoding, create, share the QR code or barcode. - Createyour own QR coding: e-mail addresses, application, phone numbers,contact information, bookmarks. - Share your QR codes via socialnetworking(WhatsApp, Facebook,Twitter, Gmail, WeChat, Line, E-mail,SMS) to your friends. - Open the web address or search page of thedecoding results by Google. - Show you scan history. Disclaimer: -This application is based on the open source project ZXing barcodescanner. Apache License 2.0.
Geek Call Recorder 1.3.13
Note: - Call recording is limited by your device system limitationsand does NOT GUARANTEE that the app will work on all phones. - Thisapp SUPPORTS Android 5.0 ~ 9.0 - Do not use the headset on thephone when call recording. - Turn on the speaker can get more clearresults during a call. 1. Real-time recording, the sound is highquality on both sides. 2. Strong and stable core 3. Support mostmodels. 4. Totally free, if this app does not work on your phone,please contact us by email.
App Lock - Privacy Vault 1.2.03
- Lock any apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Photos, Call, Contactsand Browser to protect your privacy. - The safest and fastest applock for android. - Lock gallery, messages, email,browsing historyand call history. - Prevent your children from buying unwanted appsand games with AppLock. - No one can find out your secrets andprivacy. - Super kernel,take little memory, very fast and nodisturb. - Give you most powerful protection. - Support alldevices. - Absolutely free.
Call Blocker - Blacklist 1.2.93
Multiple blocking modes - Block blacklist - Only Allow whitelist -Allow whitelist and contacts Blacklist - Add unwanted numbers toblacklist, this app will block blacklist automatically. Whitelist -Add important numbers to whitelist so they can always call you.Superior performance - Easy to use and lightweight - It consumesvery little power and CPU It's FREE
Boost Clean 1.3.6
- Clean Junk This app can detect useless junk files, app cache,system cache,, uninstalled apk, and clean them up. Free up yourstorage space. - Super booster Analyze memory usage and force stopmemory draining apps. Free up RAM and memory, make your phone morefast, speed and light. - Battery Saver This app can help you tosave battery power, stop apps that cause battery draining - AndroidOptimizer Optimize your android phone and make your phone always atfast, light and smart status.