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Pool Live Tour 2 1.4.8
Hit the pool club and battle it out inPool Live Tour 2, the sequel to the multiplayer hit thatattracted over 88 million players from across the globe!Collect tons of unique cues and build the perfect pool club in thisnewest pool game!Dominate pool tables around the world with intuitivecontrols that require a simple swipe for both aiming and power.Take advantage of realistic physics and open up new tacticsand tricks to win with style!Challenge other players in both 8-ball and 9-ball andclimb the ranks as you unlock new cues, items, and other exclusivebenefits. Make your club the place to play in Pool Live Tour2!Features:- Real-time multiplayer games- A new level of realistic pool gameplay- Perform trick shots utilizing angled shots, kick shots and bankshots- Collect tons of unique cues- Build your own pool clubDOWNLOAD NOW!
Prima Kvízy 1.3.7
Víte více než herec Libor Bouček, šéfkuchařZdeněk Pohlreich nebo miss Monika Leová? Porovnejte si PQ neboliPrima Kvocient a uvidíte!Uhodnete, stejně jako Jakub Prachař, kdy můžeme mezi vojákyslyšet slovo bažant?Vzpomenete si, tak jako Zdeněk Pohlreich, jak Češi říkaliFrantišku Josefovi I.?Vybavíte si lépe než Monika Leová, která slavná osobnost našichdějin zdobí lícovou stranu současné dvousetkorunové bankovky?Prima Kvízy ověří vaše všeobecné vědomosti v tématech Česko neboOsobnosti, přičemž další budou brzy následovat. Vyberte si soupeřez řad VIP, přátel či náhodných hráčů a pusťte se do hry. Předkaždým kolem se vylosuje podtéma – třeba cestování, kultura nebozajímavosti – a jedna z našich miniher:* starý dobrý Kvíz, v němž vybíráte jednu ze čtyř možností,* napínavá Tajenka, kde doplňujete písmena jako v křížovce,* zapeklitá Seřazovačka, v níž řadíte položky podle určitéhohlediska nebo* nekompromisní Stopka, ve které musíte pohotově určit správnýobrázek.Pusťte se do soutěžení, čeká na vás více než 50 000 originálníchotázek, dárečky za postup ve hře a rozuzlení, kdo z vašich přátelmá nejvyšší PQ.STAHUJTE HNED TEĎ!Sledujte novinky na našem
Pool Live Tour: Champions 1.5.2
Stake your claim in the pantheon of poolepicness in this real-time, multiplayer pool hit where youbattle to the top of the leaderboards to stand as the one true poolChampion! PLAY NOW FOR FREE!Accumulate trophies and progress through the ranks asyou unlock new cues, mini games, and tables for you to playpool at with increasing competition and difficulty. Expand your8 ball and 9 ball pool domain by joining or creatinga pool team or by decking out your pool club with amazing itemsthat increase your prestige and earnings.Stock your cue rack with amazingly slick and unique cues and takecontrol of the realistic pool physics to dominate the tables.Amazing controls, intense competition, and live multiplayer – 8ball pool has never been better!Features:• Progress from humble beginnings to pool champion in a pool battleroyale• Shoot it out with players around the world or band together incustom pool teams• Collect tons of cues and club items to help you on your journeyto glory• Amazing pool physics that will have you making trick shots like apro• Go on a win streak to earn extra rewards• Fun and rewarding mini gamesWant a new addition, like Snooker or 9 Ball? Have some new cueideas? Join the community and let us know your feedback andthoughts at the Pool Live Tour Champions fan page: 8 ball pool like a Champion, download Pool Live TourChampions by Geewa now!
Smash Rivals
Team up for real-time 3v3 battles in the only physics-basedbrawlerout there – now available in beta! Collect and upgrade avariety ofunique heroes, unlock their special abilities! Cooperatewith yourteam to find the best strategy, smash your opponentswithdevastating attacks & collect frags for your team'svictory!GAME FEATURES: • Team up for real-time 3v3 battles againstotherplayers • Fast-paced, 3-minute session brawler tailor-madeformobiles – all in portrait mode! • Intuitive slingshotcontrols& pool physics • Team Deathmatch mode & more modescomingin the future • Ever-changing arenas with unique set-upsandinteractive objects & special effect zones • Unlock&collect a variety of heroes, each with a unique set ofabilities •Climb to the top of the leaderboards & conquer theworld!
Smashing Four 2.1.81
Enter the Arena and get ready to fight fierce 1v1 real-time battlesagainst players from around the world! Experience unique gameplayand an original take on pool physics with this card-collectible PvPstrategy game where every smash counts! Win battles, gain trophies,collect rewards & cards to unlock your heroes' powerfulabilities that will turn the arena upside down and smash your enemyto pieces. Join a clan, meet other Smashers and support each otheron your way to the top of the ranks. Rule the world of SmashingFour together! Prove your skill in 1v1 PvP! Execute your strategyin different arenas! Smash your way to the victory! Have a smashingtime! GAME FEATURES PvP, real-time, turn-based, card-collectiblestrategy Duel players from all around the world in challengingarenas Win battles to earn rewards Collect cards to unlock newheroes & upgrade them to unleash their unique abilities Smashyour opponents in the arena and fight your way up to the top of theranks Get all heroes available & get ready for new arrivalsFight in the challenging environments of 10 game-changing ArenasCreate your own Clan or join an existing one Share cards, chat andchallenge your clanmates in friendly battles Stay tuned for thenewest developments by following us on ... Reddit -> Facebook fan page -> Be the first to know aboutthe latest news regarding Smashing Four's development Learn indetail about the latest and upcoming updates, bug fixes and balancechanges Discuss strategies and get some tips & tricks from moreexperienced players Share your thoughts and suggestions with theSmashing Four team & get a response Enjoy discussing your ideasand experiences with other players Have fun with player-madecontent such as awesome gameplay videos or fan art Find newfriends, clans, and socialize with other players A networkconnection is required. Smashing Four is a free to play game and assuch it doesn't require you to spend any money to fully enjoy.However, it is possible to buy game currency or special offersusing real money via in-app purchases. Currency can be used toacquire products such as Coins, Hero cards or Orbs that may helpyou progress faster. This does not ensure victories in battles. Wedo not support 'pay to win' mechanics.
Smash Arena 0.2.3
Smash Arena is an action RPG game with strategic squad buildingandexciting physics-bound combat. It combines unique slingshotbattlemechanics with the endless PvE progression! Immerse yourselfinto aunique world full of mighty heroes and defiant enemies.Embark ontoan epic journey where swords will clash, shields willshatter, andmagical enchantments will be conjured. Fight throughhordes ofgoblins and the undead to reach the top of the mountainsandchallenge the mightiest elder dragons to end theirtyrannicalreign. Create, improve and expand your heroic squad withmanystrategic options and synergies. Then employ your wit and skillinbattles that offer endless tactical choices. Adventure beckons,areyou worthy?