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iKoruna Mobile Wallet 1.0
Geex Lab
iKoruna mobile wallet mobile client.
NFC Mobile Key Free 1.0.7
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Note: The app is designed only forcell-phonesthat support NFC technology.Protect your device and personal data from unauthorizedaccesswith NFC tags.Features of the solution:• Protect data in one or more mobile applications;• Use any number of NFC tags on a single device;• A record of all requests for protected applications:unauthorizedaccess attempts monitoring ;• Possibility to make an emergency call or receive an incomingcalleven if the key was left at home (the phone is nevercompletelyinoperable);• To ensure maximum protection Master Pin can be disabled,thereatyour personal data can be accessed only with the NFCKey.NFC Mobile Key will protect your device, installed applicationsandpersonal data fromunauthorized access with your personal NFC key card!A powerful tool to ensure an unprecedented level of securityforyour phone equipped withthe NFC module.NFC Mobile Key will protect your private data on yourphones,smartphones and tabletsfrom outside attention!Once your phone is locked with the NFC key card, no one willbeable to use your phone orhave access to your personal numbers stored on the SIM card,unlikeusing PIN code. Thebest way to protect your privacy and ensure safety of yourphone:information, contacts,mail, pictures, video and others - all of them!Do you often lend your phone to others? Use NFC Mobile Key,anincredible instrument tokeep your private app/info in secure.Do your friends or kids always borrow your phone to play games?WithNFC Mobile Keyyou won’t have any concerns about your private data to be readbypeople you do not want.Smb gets your phone to install some app or malware you don'twant;changes settings ofyour phone by accident? Take all the preventative measures! GetNFCMobile Key, theultimate way to protect yourself!You left the phone somewhere and there’s somebody lookingforhelping you out? Ensurethe safe return of your device by making it easy for the findertoget in touch with you. Giveyour phone a chance to call home or send SMS with thefounder’scontact info!Our solution is also very easy to operate; it is able toprovidetrue effective protection ofpersonal information being the most convenient and awesome waytoincrease safety ofyour private apps and content.WARNING!If you haven't NFC module on your device - do not install theapp!Your device can halt! Our team will fix this problem onnextrelease.In FREE version you can protect only ONE applicationwithoutscreen lock.All rights reserved. Patented solution.
IKoruna Point of Sale 1.0
Geex Lab
IKoruna Payment System Point ofSale(POS)IKoruna POS provide options for NFC payment.To use this application you should be registered merchantofIKoruna Payment System
HandsFree News Rss Reader DEMO 2.2.15
Geex Lab
"HandsFree News Rss Reader" -VoiceControlTalking Rss News Reader,the first in the world of managedvoice appfor Android, which allows you to listen your favorite newsfeedsand RSS feeds using only voice.Hands Free!Nothing superfluous in the design and features! Onlyvoicecontrol!Using voice Your hands are free to control the car, Bicycleoroccupation of active kinds of sports. Just talk and listen.Now you decide what news you need - TV and radio will no longerdealfor you. You have your personal announcer, and it's yourphone! Justtalk !«Voice Control Talking Rss News Reader» allows you to:- get the latest news from the selected news portals and listentothem using a custom speech synthesizer.-use a set of simple voice commands, and change them toyourliking.- easy to add RSS feeds.Questions / problems? Visit us! http://talkingnewsmedia.comYour hands will always be free!The author of the idea -© Alexander Konovalov.===================================================================Important:1. To use the program you need to activate the built-intelephonespeech synthesizer.To do this, enter the Setup menu, select the Voice input andoutput,activate the keyboard and select the desiredlanguage.2. You can use the built in phone speech synthesis or forimprovethe more quality of speech synthesis, You can installfreesynthesizer, downloading it with Google Play. For theinstallationcan click on the link:SVOX- To set up its RCC tapes go to the Setup menu, Select theRSSfeeds and add an address and the name of the source (availableonlyin the paid version).============================================================================We are constantly improving our application, we wait forYourresponses and wishes.Attention! Soon you will find an updated interfaceandfunctionality.Tags: android apps , android marketplace , apps for android,android tablet , free android apps , android tablets ,googleandroid , android app store , android apps , android store,android software , what is android , android phones ,androidgoogle , android app , free android phone , rss news feeds ,rssnews feed , rss feeds , bbc world news , abc news , fox news ,rssfeed , google news, rss