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Realistic Fireplace 2.1
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Realistic Fireplace features the virtual fire but brings the samefeel of charm and comfort as a real fireplace. You can have thesoothing ambience of burning wood, wherever and whenever you want.There are many options available for your customization. It isn't asimple HD video loop! Full customized virtual fireplace settingsare: ★ realistic flame animation from roaring fire to glowingembers ★ 3 hearths styles ★ 4 unique fireguards ★ 3 animatedfireplace backgrounds ★ 2 authentic crackling soundtracks ★ 3 flamecolors ★ flickering sparkles and slow moving smoke Great for anyonewho celebrates Christmas and who want to add beauty, ambiance andromance without the burden of the real fireplace.
Money Falling Underwater TV - 3D Live App 1.0.4
Easy decorate your Android TV or phone with real world currencymoney bills falling, raining and swimming among underwaterbackgrounds, light rays and animated small air bubble. Fill yourscreen with 3D moving paper money bills from the US dollar,European euro, British pound sterling, Russian ruble, Chinese yuan,Australian dollar and Canadian dollar. All scattering moneybanknotes are in original (4k or Full HD) 3D quality without needto have world real money and download and play a large loopedvideo.
Old Gold 3D - First Person Dungeon Crawler RPG 3.9.9
Excellent fast action rpg has classic offline single playerretrogameplay of the best free old-school first person shooterrpggames. You are a survivor hero person like blade warrior,braveknight or legendary mage and your main craft is a dungeoncrawl toloot any rare treasure, avoiding deadly trigger of trapsand hackand slash medieval fantasy monsters, demons and skeletons.It's oneof retro roguelike dungeon crawlers with excellent 3d firstpersonview and offline gameplay. You wil improve your dungeonmasterabilities along this deadly dungeon crawler quest. Raidthedungeons full of evil defenders to fight against powerfulbossesguarding ancient gold. Key features are: dungeon crawler rpg- openchests and battle with enimies in labyrinths medieval shooterrpg -you are dungeon hunter shooting evil animals medieval fightingrpg- melee weapons like mace, spear or sword games fantasy actionrpg- hack and slash hundreds of magical creatures and demonsretrosingle player rpg game - play offline with first person 3dgameplayYou will start your first quests with one of the medievalweaponlike: 1 old broken sword, 2 tomb rocks, 3 dungeon hunter bow,4assassin's throwing knives, 5 knight's sword, 6 flicker dagger,7barbarian raider's mace, 8 heretic's magic staff and 9 spearofdoom. Your brave hero will be able to journey through deadly3dlabyrinths full of rare items and old treasure chests. Yourdungeonhero will engage in battles with awful beasts and hordesofmedieval skeleton warriors. Over the course of the game, youwillimprove your combat skill of sword fighting and bow shootingtodefeat the army of the evil dead and destroy Undead King onceandfor all! This game is for all fans of 3D action games,fpsgames(first-person shooters), old rpg games, and for all thosewholike - 3d sword fighting, bow and arrow, find treasure chests,evildead, dungeon monsters, knights and dragons, epic heroes andarmyof darkness. If you want to download paid games for free,newaction adventure and shooting games for free, just play this oneofthe top action games 2021. Fantasy dungeon shooter, where youwillstand alone by defense your live with elder iron blades andwarsorceries opposite bloody vampires, rock golems, exiled magesandskeleton warriors by looting lost treasures hidden in gloomyshadesof forgotten temples, oblivion tombs and beast lairs. Singleplayermedieval dungeon shooter where in the darkness of underworldkindombrave dungeon survivor will fight against legendary skeletonkingand his raised from oblivion exiled army of undeadwarriors.Facebook:
Realistic Fireplace TV - 3D Live App 1.2
Transform your Android TV set or gadget into ultrarealisticfireplace to relax watching wood fire and hearing livesounds ofshooting sparks without the burden of a real fireplace.Downloadthis small virtual live app, select your favorite 3Danimatedfireplace and then sit back and relax without wasting yournetworkbandwidth on streamed ultra hd video from the internet.Createimmersive romantic environment where you can feel in front ofareal wood burning fireplace and see how sparkles flicker,embersglow, the flame moves and hear how it crackles.
Oscar Fish Aquarium TV - 4k Live Fish App 1.1
Oscar fish aquarium for Android TV or smartphone includesfreshwater fish tank with albino tiger oscar fish, lemon oscarfish, redoscar fish and black tiger oscar fish free moving amongamazingfresh water plants, snag, underwater light rays , andanimatedsmall air bubbles, all in original 4k HD 3D quality withoutneed tohave a real fresh water aquarium fish or download and playaswimming fish video.