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Brides Made Wedding Mystery 1.0
Will you find all the hidden objects?Hidden Object is a free gamein which your seek and find skills will be challenged like neverbefore!- Find hidden object spot. - free game solve all mysterylevels.Weddings are usually thought to be the most beautiful daysof every girls' life, but they take a lot from you during thepreparations.So many days of effort for five hours party and at theend you feel relieved that it had ended. Every young woman wants tobe the queen that day. Our today's story is like that, with someproblems that usually occur when the big weddings are organized.Diane is about to get married in two days.Her sister Sara isincluded in the organization of the wedding, but she finds out thatthere occurred a big problem.Two days before the wedding Sara findsout that the place where the wedding should take place is caughtunder storm and the place is almost ruined. Diane's wish is herwedding to take place in her father's birth place, and to be Allwell organized with the customs from this area.Sara doesn't wanther sister to find out about the problem,so she won't bedisappointed, so she asks for our player is to be her collaboratorin the cleaning of the mess of the wedding venue. Help Sara to makeit look simply perfect for her sister's happiest day.come try itnow and share it with your friends!
escape the wicked 1.0
Are you crazy for hidden object game?Can you solve all mysterylevels?- Find all lost items in scene!- Free hidden object game.Thetarot is a pack of playing cards. It was used from the mid-15thcentury in different parts of Europe to play a group of social cardgames like Italian tarocchini or French tarot. However, from thelate 18th century until the present time the tarot has also founduse by mystics and occultists for foretelling so now when we heartarot we usually think about those cards with various pictures onthem that seem like tahey tell usac certain stories. It is not surehow exact are those cards but sometimes they could really predictcertain things or give answers to certain questions. Judith forexample is obsessed few months with certain evil powers. For alonger period of time she is followed by accidents and she can'tfind a way to escape from those bad happenings. She finds verydifficult to deal with this bad luck so she asks for help from alocal woman that is known as fortuneteller. This woman uses tarotcards to predict future and supposedly she sees the future in them.This woman tells Judith that she sees her salvation in the Blaircastle.According to the woman, that is the place where those evilsspirits, responsible for Judith, live. Judith desperately lookingfor some help, arrives at the castle and she has to face directlywith the evil spirits with one and only intention – to break thespell that is thrown on her.
Princess Salon Awesome Party 1.0
Who says you can’t be a princess? All girls deserve the chance tofeel like a royal beauty, and now you can do it over and over againin Princess Salon awesome party! This fun beauty princess salongame takes dress up to the next level and turns YOU into theprincess of your dreams!Princesses have tons of dresses and beautytools at their disposal, Pamper your skin, style your hair, and puton beautiful makeup before getting to the real fun: clothes andaccessories! With tons of fancy ball gowns and accessories to mixand match, you have endless combinations to find the perfect look.What are you waiting for? It’s FREE to play, so grab this girl’sgame and become a royal party princess today!** Features ** - SpaSection - Makeup Section - Dress up Section - Different hair styleto choose - Experiment with dozens of different lipsticks, eyes,eye-shadow, hair colour and much more.- Lots of Dresses for thebest day. - Huge variety of party items, including earrings,necklaces and headgears. - Makeup and Dress up her in the gown ofyour dreams
The LightHouse Secret Point 1.0
There are numerous different professions all around the world, someof them are really, really strange, and that's for sure. Steven andKate are scientists that dedicated their live in investigation ofthe paranormal phenomena across the United Kingdom. Those peopleare simply obsessed by those things and according to the fact thatthey have always so much work to do; it seems that those paranormalhappenings are more often than we could ever thought. They travelall around the United Kingdom when they are called by someone butmany times they notice those unusual happenings by their own, sothey work by their own will, not for money or something.For a longperiod of Steven and Kate were intrigued by the mystery ofBlackrock Lighthouse. Located in the most distant part of Scotland,it took them one day on the train to reach the Corkney village,just a couple of miles further of the lighthouse. This lighthouseseems quite normal, just like any other lighthouse we could seeanywhere but in this field things are not as they seem to be, thatis somehow a rule when it comes to a paranormal activities.However,if we think twice, there is always a certain mystery around thoseplaces, standing there alone… This time the people that live aroundthis lighthouse, in the local villages around it, have noticed thatsomething is wrong about the place. That's why our experts are atthe place, collecting evidences and following those traces thatshow something unusual and could lead to explanation of what isgoing on there.
Princess puzzle for kids games 1.0
Free ! Free ! Free ! Welcome to the World of Puzzle! Have fun withthis Puzzle Game. A puzzle for little little princess and prince ofthis beautiful World ! Let's get ready for some fun! - Princesspuzzle for kids games - Princess puzzle - Princess for kids games -Jigsaw Puzzle - Kids Games - Puzzle Game - Card Games - ToddlerPuzzle for Kids The mechanics of the game basically is to drag anddrop, and touch. The puzzle select screen provides you with thesets of puzzle to choose from. Just drag and drop the pieces ofpuzzle found on the left to the shadows of the respective puzzlepiece on the right to complete the whole puzzle. Puzzle ForToddlers 2 enhances children’s recognition ability andconcentration through the use of a variety of sounds and visualmovement, and it can also develop their interest.Through Puzzle ForToddlers, your children will also get to enjoy their time. Simpleand intuitive, lots of fun for hours! imagination, quick learning,cognitive skills, stimulate memory,logical thinking and alsodevelop social skills. Features: - Easy to play - Toddlers developtheir fine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzle piecesEnjoy it! Don't forget to rate and review us!
Kids painting coloring book 1.0
Kids Painting Colouring Book is a game for the kids.In this gamekids will fill the colours in the given pictures.Kids will learnfrom this game a lot like how to fill a colour ,colour combinationetc…Ten different pictures are givens ,so kids will loved toplay.You can also share the image which is colouring by kids.Morethan 30 colours are given for rendering the picture.Pictures areused in this game like Kite ,Car ,Kittle ,Turtle , Butterfly , Fish, Flower , Teddy Bear , Football and House.Kids will improve artskill after playing this game.Many kids not good in words but theyall are good with art so you will got kids inner talent by playingthis game- Princess Puzzle for kids game- Princess Puzzle for kids-Princess Puzzle- Jigsaw - jigsaw puzzles- Kids Animals JigsawPuzzles- Jigsaw Puzzles Real- Jigsaw Puzzles Epic- Princess PuzzleFor Toddlers- Animals Puzzle for Kids- Food puzzle for kids-Animals Blocks Puzzle for kids- Baby puzzles- Baby Wooden BlocksPuzzle- Children Puzzle
Baby puzzles 1.2
Baby Puzzle Match The Shape is an educational game for kids.Youhave to drag the shape on a shadow of that shape like jigsaw.Kidswill learn pre school activities by playing thisgame.Features1)Free Game2)All the shape are HD.3)4 differentcategories. 1.Letters 2.Numbers 3.Geometric Shape 4.VehicleSuitablefor right brain exercise, the graphics activate the right brain.Improve the brain´s observation skills, cognitive ability,concentration, memory, creativity and imagination.It is an easygame for toddlers as it does not have menus or unnecessary optionsthat can confuse kids. It is about placing the shape that appearsat the bottom of the screen on the space provided for it. Once thepiece and the shape are matched, the child will see an animation ofreward that will serve as motivation to continue playing. This gamewill help your baby develop thinking, tactile and fine motorskills. Notice how they learn animals, transportation means,professions and fruits while playing. Babies and toddlers can havefun playing for a long time.Collect cheerful colourful characterson the lake or forest clearing and get a beautiful picture with ourfavourite hero Hippo and her friends. Puzzles for toddlers - is aspecial free puzzle games, designed not only to give pleasure toyour kids, but also to unobtrusively develop them in the simplegame. While searching on the playing field the necessary elementsand dragging them into place, toddlers develops attention, logicalthinking and coordination.
Princess Puzzle 1.0
In this game 24 different view.A puzzle for princes andprincesses!A wonderful, cute collection of puzzles and princessesfor toddlers and kids.your little girl loves puzzles and wants toadmire the world of a princess ? This is the app for you!Princesspuzzles for toddlers and little girls is an educational andentertaining game.It is a nice, simple, fun, and colourful game fortoddlers and kids! Play with princesses puzzles!A lot of differentpuzzles and beautiful princesses to keep your kid busy.This is aneducational puzzle game for kids.Kids will learn to match the shapeof the given puzzle to improve his/her memory skill and logicalskill.Each view have different beautiful puzzle comes forsolved.After Completion of puzzle you will get stars as areward.You will love this pre school learning puzzle game.You haveto drag the shape on correct place to fit on puzzle board, afterall pieces on board puzzle completed and new puzzle is ready foryou.Especially young boys and girls will love this educational KidsPrincess Shadow puzzle. Boys and girls will love the beautifulprincesses, girls and boys will love the scenery, will love thesounds, and will love the great rewards. The Kids Princess ShadowPuzzle, a must-have for every girl and boy! A wonderful, cutecollection of puzzles and princesses for toddlers and kids. yourlittle girl loves puzzles and wants to admire the world of aprincess ? This is the app for you! The mechanics of the gamebasically is to drag and drop, and touch. The puzzle select screenprovides you with the sets of puzzle to choose from. Just drag anddrop the pieces of puzzle found on the left to the shadows of therespective puzzle piece on the right to complete the wholepuzzle.After you complete the puzzle. Fairy Princess Puzzle gamehas 24 puzzle page can be combined different from each other. Inaddition, you can change the difficulty level of the puzzle page.-Princess Puzzle for kids game- Princess Puzzle for kids- PrincessPuzzle- Jigsaw - jigsaw puzzles- Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles-Jigsaw Puzzles Real- Jigsaw Puzzles Epic- Princess Puzzle ForToddlers- Animals Puzzle for Kids- Food puzzle for kids- AnimalsBlocks Puzzle for kids- Baby puzzles- Baby Wooden Blocks Puzzle-Children PuzzleEasy to learn and to control:-touch the screen anddrag the princess on the right place-interact with all the elementson the screen when a puzzle is solved-when a puzzle is completedtap the arrow to change to the next levelFeatures:- high qualitypuzzle game for toddlers and preschool kids from ages 0 to 7 withvery cute princesses- Easy to use and control- fun for children-Simple for toddlers and babies with increasing difficulty- Toddlersdevelop their fine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzlepieces- Play with your child or let them play alone- use it to keepyour baby or toddler occupied- randomly generated puzzles! thiseducational game will never get old!Simple and intuitive, your babywill have lots of fun for hours!This educational game will helpyour toddler to improve skills in problem solving, logical andcognitive skills, concentration and memory.
3D Photo Frame Cube Live Wallpaper 3.0
3D Photo Cube Live WallpaperWould you like your pictures to beappearing in the beautiful cube frame as wallpaper? These fantasycubes are ideal for you to frame. Using this app you can makephotos more beautiful by set as wallpaper by applying animation init.HD quality hoarding framesPleasant User InterfaceSet cube aswallpaperscreensaverphoto cube live wallpaperphoto cubesettingsphoto cube settings live wallpapersphoto cube litesettingsphoto cube lite live wallpaperphoto cube lite settingsphotocube wallpaperphoto cube live wallpaperphoto cube litephoto cubelite live wallpaper full versionphoto cube live wallpaper updates3dlive wallpaper3d wallpaper3d photo cube wallpaper3d photo cube livewallpaper3d photo cube live wallpaper free3d cube photo livewallpaperfamily photo cube live wallpapermy photo 3d cube livewallpapermy photo 3d hd live wallpapersmy photo 3d wallpapermyphoto 3d live wallpapermy photo live wallpaper 3dcube 3d photo livewallpaper hd with backgrounds3d wallpaper live free that moved withmy photo3d my photo live wallpaper3d my name live photo andwallpaperHD quality hoarding frames.Set cube frame as wallpaper.Howto Use:-> Also select your own photo as cube background.->Select a photo for box from the gallery.-> Animation is put intowallpaper photo frames for any picture.-> Easy to use.Photo CubeEffects provides the attractive cube live wallpaper.You set photoin the cube and also give your photo to different effect.Cube havesix side and each side you set different photos from gallery . Youselect side and different side to set different photos. You setthis cube as a live wallpaper like rotate, move.You remove thislive wallpaper to long press on those settings.Also share thiswallpaper frame with your friends or families through socialapp.This cool Live Wallpaper features a rotating 3d photo cubeshowing pictures and photos from your gallery.This version now hasnew extra functionality showcasing features like. Change thepicture, try out the photo frames and add special effects. Also newfloating panels..In this version cube show different pictures oneach side, and change the size, position and rotation of the photocube. It also allows saving multiple cubes, changing the backgroundand number of floating panels, adds many special effects.Onceinstalled, on the home screen choose Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers then select Photo cube Frame Live Wallpaper from thelist shown. Click on the different menu to change options on yourphoto cube, or use the convenient Photo cube .Enjoy the PhotoCube!Using this application you set your family’s photo cube frameon your device home screen by crop your family’s photo withCube.You select your photo from gallery and make your photo frameedit with cropping square shape, also you set different movementcube effect like move left to right, right to left, up-down, sideby side or more.Photo Frame Live Wallpaper provides the differentcube live wallpaper.You set your own photo in the cube and alsogive your photo to different effect.Also you select side anddifferent side to set different photos.Share this wallpaper withyour friends or families through social app.Photos flying acrossyour screen, cubes with pictures from phone gallery (camera andothers) and pictures from Picasa web collection.It is a livewallpaper, so it should be set up by going to menu then select"Wallpaper", then select "Live Wallpapers" then find "Photo FrameLive Wallpaper" and select it, when touch "Set wallpaper".#1 PhotoFrames live Wallpaper app on Android Market over.*No internetconnection is required. Simply choose the images from gallery andchange the background and easily create a original work of art.Anyfeedback is welcome.Create square collages for your appYou can alsoenhance and crop your image.This app is completely free. Sodownload and enhance your creativity by setting live wallpaper.
Candy Bomb Crush 1.1
Tap on the candy bomb in play area toexplode.Player hit to the targeted candy bomb which is in thumbpanel. Tapon a targeted candy bomb till the end of time.Three different modes.Easy Mode - 3 X 3Medium Mode - 4 X 4Hard Mode - 5 X 5For each mode player get 100 seconds.Player will get the 100+ score for correct tap and also 30-forwrong tap.At the end of 100 seconds completed.Score board will display.Total Score , Correct Tap , Wrong Tap , Accuracy .Increase your concentration skill and improve accuracy.
Science Experiment Fun 1.4
science experiment game If you're looking for some fun with scienceexperiments then you've come to the correct place. Check out oursection, with full of fascinating hands-on experiments that are agreat way to enjoy the world of science.Learn interesting scienceand technology facts by experimenting with different materials thatreact in surprising ways. You'll find a lot of experiments can bedone using simple ingredients found around your house (with adultsupervision of course). Basic materials can help you performexperiments that are simple, safe and perfect for everyone. Enjoyour fun science experiments with ideas, make cool projects witheasy ideas for children, show friends & family what you'vediscovered and most importantly, have fun!Experiment:1In thisexperiment, we will learn to make bubbles that cambounce.Experiment :2In this experiment, we will make fountain usingbottle.Experiment :3In this experiment, we will create a fakesnowstorm using different colors.Experiment :4In this experiment,we will demonstrate chemical reaction that will make the popcorndance.Experiment :5In this experiment, we will make a simpleelectric train.Experiment :6In this experiment, we will learn tobalance hex nuts on the edge of the glass.Experiment :7In thisexperiment, we will demonstrate the reaction between milk andsoda.Experiment :8In this experiment, we will demonstrate themovement of flammable gases that are lighter than air.Experiment:9In this experiment, we will learn to make tornado in thebottle.Experiment :10In this experiment, we will learn how to burnmoney without damaging it.Experiment :11In this experiment, we willdemonstrate to check the solubility of substance.Experiment :12Inthis experiment, we will see what causes a ketchup packet to riseand fall in the bottle of water.Little mad scientist it’s time tolearn some basis & interesting facts about science. Performsome amazing chemistry & physics lab experiments and see theamazing chemical & other materials reactions. This crazyscientist lab experiment is a fun and learning game for education& entertainment purpose at a time. In this scientist game kidsneed to test some amazing science facts with cool laboratory tools.Little kids discover the mystery of science world with easy andcreative scientific tests.
Jigsaw Princess puzzle for kids 1.0
Free jigsaw puzzles games10*16 Jigsaw Puzzles is a jigsaw game withover 50 beautiful pictures in a wide variety of categories. Thispremium quality app is the perfect choice for lovers of jigsawpuzzles.In Jigsaw Puzzle you can travel all around the globe, seemajestic landscapes, experience the seasons of the year and thewonders of the world, all from the peace and quiet of your ownhome.- Princess Puzzle for kids game- Princess Puzzle for kids-Princess Puzzle- Jigsaw - jigsaw puzzles- Kids Animals JigsawPuzzles- Jigsaw Puzzles Real- Jigsaw Puzzles Epic- Princess PuzzleFor Toddlers- Animals Puzzle for Kids- Food puzzle for kids-Animals Blocks Puzzle for kids- Baby puzzles- Baby Wooden BlocksPuzzle- Children PuzzleFeatures:• Over 50 beautiful, HDphotographs, in more than 4 different packs!• Every puzzle isunique: Different piece shapes every time!• Saves all puzzles inprogress, so you can work on several at the same time.• Completechallenging goals!• 1080p HD Graphics.
Snake And Ladder Multiplayer 1.3
The game to do battle for who first to arrival 100 steps.MainFeature:Select Mode : 1 - Player vs Computer 2 - Two Player 3 -Three Player 4 - Four Player[Features] - Survival Mode: The Gamesadd fun of arcade on classic board game. - Vs Computer Mode: Youcan enjoy with artificial intelligence. - Multiplayer: You cancompete with other player by online- 2P, 3P, 4P: Enjoy the 2-4player game offline with friends.The fantasy of every child comesalive with this amazing Snakes And Ladders board game.Snakes andLadders is though to have originated in ancient times, and today isso popular that it is played all over the world by both kids andadults a like.If you do have friends to play with then that'sgreat, up to 4 people can play this very easy game. Race to the topof the board, chute up the ladders and try to avoid sliding downthe snakes.*No internet connection is required. Try this now andenjoy the experienceInstructions for snakes and ladders master:1.For enter in the game you need 6 in dice. 2.Get moving, byrolling the dice, by clicking it. 3.All players start at stair 1and the one who reaches stair 100 first wins and so on. 4.If a diceroll takes you to the bottom of a ladder, you will move up to theladder's top. If you reach the higher end of a Snake, you willslide to the lower end of the Snake. 5. Player get Winning numberat the end of the game.- Stunning Graphics with Classic Design.-Interactive User Interface.- Offline Game.- 3D Dice Animation.-Interactive sound effects and music.- Tablet devices support
Math Quiz IQ Test: Logical Quiz Test 1.1
Helpful question for logical quiz game and improve your generalknowledge (GK)Math Quiz IQ Test is a maths app.Entire app israndom.All the questions are random.So every time you will get newquestion.All kind of Questions are mixed up so you can improve yourlearning ability with mixed solving questions.Question comes to youfrom easy to hard level so your mind will sharped with give allkind of question solving.A report feature is also provided as anoption, just like a quiz or test, which shows the results andcorrect answers after finish quiz.Two Mode 1 Timed Mode - 5 Minutes- 10 Minutes - 15 Minutes - 20 Minutes 2 Infinite ModeYou can alsoskip the question if you don’t want to attempt.After completion oftest you will get the score card In a Score card - Right Answer ,Wrong Answer , Accuracy are given so you get your Math IQ.DownloadMath All Levels Quiz Game for free and find out the answers to manyquestions that have to do with this popular topic! Learning isnothing but fun with “free games for education”! Find out mathssolutions for any question with one of the best fun educationalgames. Now you can have fun while answering interesting math quizquestions and check how familiar you are with one of the mostpopular school subjects, and all that while taking a “knowledgequiz” on your smartphones and tablets! If you're interested ingetting to know all the answers in this fun “free trivia quiz forkids”, and you love playing brain teaser games and takingeducational trivia quizzes, this is the perfect “maths quiz” foryou! An amazing family fun quiz is now at the palm of your hand!Play a cool new game and become a real math master at the sametime!Categories:AdditionSubtractionMultiplicationDivisionExponentiationSquareRootIf you always wanted wondered about your intelligence quotient,this app is just the right thing for you. This app tests you onverbal ability, logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude, amongseveral other factors. The questions may not be the same each timeyou take a test, so it is very difficult to cheat!Test my IQ isdesigned to test IQ. Questions we use are mainly logical graphicquestions, which minimize the effects caused by different culture,languages, environment, history and other elements, thus toevaluate your learning ability, memory, logical think ability andcreativity. - HD Graphics.- Easy to play.- Free game.- InteractiveUser Interface.
Find Hide Objects 1.0
This Game is a Hidden Objects Game,Find Hide Object is a hiddenobject mystery game.All the levels are random so you will get newview every time.It contains 30 levels.You also get Hint too.Inlevel player need to find 15 Object which is asking to you.Total150 seconds for each level.Player will get score for findingcorrect hidden object.Player also get star as reward at the end oflevel complete.HD Graphics.Easy to play.Free game.Interactive UserInterface.
Kids Education Fun & Learning 1.0
Education Fun and Learning is an educational game.You have to dragthe animal/number/birds/fruits/ objects on a correct objecttoddlerwill learn pre school education activities by playing thisgame.Features1)Free Game2)HD Graphics.3)4 different categories.Animal->Drag face to the correct animal. Number->Drag dot onright number. Birds->Drag face of birds to the correct one.Fruit->half fruit drag on correct fruit.
Preschool Learning Activities 1.0
Preschool learning Activities is an educational game for kids.Youhave to drag the number/letter/shape/special symbol on a shadow ofthat number/letter/shape/special symbol.Kids will learn pre schoollearning activities by playing this game.Features- Free Game- kidshave to find correct from given 3 number/letter/shape/specialsymbol.- Six different categories. 1.Shape 2.Numbers Simple (1 to20 ) 3.Numbers Cursive (1 to 20 ) 4.Special Symbol (@#$%^&()*)5.Alphabet Simple (A to Z) 6.Alphabet Cursive (A to Z)
Preschool Matching Activities 1.0
PreSchool Matching Activities is a toddlers game.You have to dragthe right object on a relevant thumb.Toddler will learn pre schooleducation activities by playing this game.FeaturesFree GameHDGraphics.6 different categories. 1.Animal 2.Number 3.Alphabet4.Fruit 5.Shape 6.ColorFrom above six categories any threecategories comes randomly.So kids will learn about all thedifferent categories objects. Easy to play.Interactive UserInterface.End of the level complete kids will get stars as areward.
Spot It - What's the Difference? 1.0
What's the Difference?Hidden Spot The Difference is a 50 levelsgame.Features1) HD graphics.2) Every level you 5 hidden spot.3)Every level you get 2 hints.4) You will get 60 seconds for findinghidden spot.5) All the levels are unlock.You will love this kind ofgames after playing Hidden Spot the Difference.
Princess Puzzle for kids 1.0
In this game 25 different view.This is an educational puzzle gamefor kids.Kids will learn to match the shape of the given puzzle toimprove his/her memory skill and logical skill.Each view havedifferent beautiful puzzle comes for solved.After Completion ofpuzzle you will get stars as a reward.You will love this pre schoollearning puzzle game.You have to drag the shape on correct place tofit on puzzle board, after all pieces on board puzzle completed andnew puzzle is ready for you.A puzzle for princes and princesses!Awonderful, Sea world collection of Kids puzzles and animal fortoddlers and kids.your little girl loves epic puzzles and wants toadmire the world of a Sea world puzzle ? This is the app foryou!Princess Puzzle 3 for toddlers and little girls is aneducational and entertaining game.It is a nice, simple, fun, andcolorful game for toddlers and kids! Play with Princess Puzzle 3!Alot of different scene and cute animal Sea world puzzles andbeautiful graphics to keep your kid busy.Sea world Jigsaw Puzzlesis a beautiful pictures in a wide variety of categories. Thispremium quality app is the perfect choice for lovers of jigsawpuzzlesPrincess Puzzle 3 is a photo puzzle game that requiresassemblage of interlocking photo pieces. Release stress, relaxbrain, indulge yourself and share photo puzzle fun with friends andfamily by playing Jigsaw.- Princess Puzzle 3 is a wonderful puzzlegame for kids and toddlers- Enjoyable game for EVERYONE: Kid,Adult, Commuter, Girl, Boy, Housewives, Elderly etc.Wild AnimalsPuzzle is a lovely puzzle game for all ages. Kids will improvetheir skills while having fun! Our educational games arespecifically tailored to fit preschool-aged kids, and encouragethem to learn from each activity. We specialize in fun educationalgames.Easy to learn and to control:-touch the screen and drag theanimal on the right place-interact with all the elements on thescreen when a puzzle is solved-when a puzzle is completed tap thearrow to change to the next levelSimple and intuitive, your babywill have lots of fun for hours!- Princess Puzzle for kids game-Princess Puzzle for kids- Princess Puzzle- Jigsaw - jigsaw puzzles-Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles- Jigsaw Puzzles Real- Jigsaw PuzzlesEpic- Princess Puzzle For Toddlers- Animals Puzzle for Kids- Foodpuzzle for kids- Animals Blocks Puzzle for kids- Baby puzzles- BabyWooden Blocks Puzzle- Children PuzzleThis educational game willhelp your toddler to improve skills in problem solving, logical andcognitive skills, concentration and memory.Features:- high qualitypuzzle game for toddlers and preschool kids from ages 0 to 7 withvery Princess Puzzle 3- Easy to use and control- fun for children-Simple for toddlers and babies with increasing difficulty- Toddlersdevelop their fine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzlepieces- Play with your child or let them play alone- use it to keepyour baby or toddler occupied- randomly generated puzzles! thiseducational game will never get old!- Funny and Lovable animals,beautifully drawn in vivid HD Graphics- Interactive animals soundeffects, Positive and pleasant feedback. Download and join PrincessPuzzle 3 photo jigsaw puzzle game NOW!
Hidden Object Treasure 1.0
All the levels are random so you will get new view every time.Itcontains 25 levels.You also get Hint too.Mode Screen: 1)Number Mode2)Alphabet Mode 3)Symbol ModeIn level player need to find theobject which is asking to you.Total 150 seconds for eachlevel.Player will get score for finding correct object.Player alsoget star as reward at the end of level complete.HD Graphics.Easy toplay.Free game.Simple and intuitive interfaceGreat soundeffectsAddictive game-play that is fun for everyone!
Crorepati 2018 KBC Quiz - Who wants to be a Rich? 1.5
Crorepati 2018 is a game like world famousTelevision show KBC.Welcome to the India's biggest general knowledge quiz show.New Crorepati English 2018 gk quiz game. This is the best place tofind all the new questions. Crorepati 2018 game is the best gameuntil now made by us.Total 15 Questions in a entire game,Which are from 5,000 to7,00,00,000You get four answers for the single question , so you have yochoose correct one form among four.In a starting of the game you have to choose a ‘PADAO’ for yourexpected win , if you over take there you won at least your targetchoose.Game have more three default ‘PADAO’ which are ‘1,60,000’ ,‘50,00,000’ , ‘7,00,00,000’ ,so if you over take it you won atleast one of this which was crossed you recently.Until you reached ‘PADAO’ you have to submit you answer within 45seconds else game will be over.After the ‘PADAO’ you get unlimited time for give answer.Total 4 Life LineYou can choose any of them single time. After use of that life lineit will not live any more.1)Flip the QuestionIn this life line you can change the question.2)Audience PollIn this life line audience will give a answer for current questionwith in 10 seconds you will get result in a percentage wise for allthe 4 answer.3)Double DipIf you choose this life line you have to give a answer.This lifeline allows the you to make two guesses at a question.Iffirst answer wrong you get another chance for same questions.4)Fifty-Fifty (50/50)If you choose this life line you have to give a answer.If the contestant uses this lifeline, the host will ask thecomputer to randomly remove and eliminate two of the "wrong"answers.Competitive exams like IPS, IAS, UPSC (Union Public ServiceCommission), GPSC (Gujarat Public Service Commission). SSC, BankExams or Clerk PO exams. Now a days Indians youth has lot of scopein the field of competitive exams.The question database contains the questions of thesecategories.
General Knowledge, Bollywood Quiz, IPL Quiz, CricketQuiz, Movie, Current Affairs, Science Quiz, Countries, Sports Quiz,Celebrity, Politics etc.Some signature features of our game are:> No repeat questions.> Best games for children, family, intellectuals and students ofcompetitive exams.> We will update this game frequently so you will get new lot ofquestions.> The Quiz Game is really interesting and you will be able tobecome quiz master in front of your friends.> Game will be covering various topics like GK (Generalknowledge), Indian History Quiz, Cricket Quiz, Bollywood quiz, filmquiz, History quiz, International quiz and questions from almostall the topics like Social Science, Science, Mahabharata, Ramayan,Quran, Bible, spiritual questions and difficult questionstoo.> Challenges are the essential part of anyone’s life, so if youlove challenges, you will be able to enjoy this cool game anddefinitely share with the people you love and care.Remember with every questions are of type MCQ. player will have toselect the right one, and if the playeris wrong, game will be over and player will have to start itagainThis game is very special for the Crorepati quiz KBC 2018 lovers,the game isdesigned targeting the year 2018Our whole idea is to raise your intellect and IQ with entertainmentand that is why we have put cool graphics and amazing sound effectsin this game.After the end of game you get wining screen with your prisemoney.Other FeaturesHD Graphics.Free game.Interactive UI.Good sound quality.This is not an official Game. We do not represent any show or anyTV channel. This is just to entertain our users.Best of luck! Keep Playing Crorepati English.Enjoy the crorepati quiz. Happy New Year 2018
Princess Puzzles For Kids 1.0
Free ! Free ! Free !Welcome to the World of Princess!Have fun withthis Princess Puzzle Game.A puzzle for little little princess andprince of this beautiful World !Let's get ready for some fun!Angelprincess puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle game.Addictive game play that isfun for everyone!100 levels in a puzzle.Puzzle view split in 3columns and 4 raw (so its like 3X4 Puzzle).Time limits is not thereso you will enjoyed to complete puzzle with your time.You have toput the puzzle portion to right puzzle place to complete thepuzzle.End of the puzzle complete you will get stars as a reward.Afantastic and beautiful collection of puzzles.Then this the perfectapp!It is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful game!A lot of differentprincess with it's puzzle is there to keep your tots busy for anhours.Simple and intuitive, lots of fun for hours!imagination,quick learning, cognitive skills, stimulate memory,logical thinkingand also develop social skills.Puzzles are games for children thatare used for entertainment and as an instrument to improvecreativity, memory and concentration. Edujoy's princess puzzlescontain beautiful drawings and scenarios for kids to improve theirvisual perception through colorful paintings and pieces ofdifferent sizes and shapes.Puzzle games for kids are very 'in'right now, so you have to possess one on your fabulous phone. Allyou need to do is download this free puzzle app and start solvingthe jigsaws. Puzzle Games for Children.PAINTING AND COLORINGPRINCESS DRAWINGSFeatures:- Easy to play- Toddlers develop theirfine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces- highquality puzzle game for toddlers and preschool kids from ages 0 to7 with very cute princesses- Easy to use and control- fun forchildren- Simple for toddlers and babies with increasingdifficulty- Toddlers develop their fine motor skills by draggingand dropping puzzle pieces- Play with your child or let them playalone- use it to keep your baby or toddler occupied- randomlygenerated puzzles! this educational game will never get old!Puzzlegames provide many benefits for developing children's abilities:-Improve their capacity for observation, analysis, concentration andattention.- Exercise their visual memory: Kids must remember theinitial image of the puzzle to know where to place the pieceslater.- Help to identify and establish relationships between shapesand silhouettes, improving spatial and visual perception.- Exercisefine motor skills to move the pieces with their fingers.Enjoyit!All the Puzzles are HD.Free game for play.Easy to play.Simpleand intuitive interfaceGreat sound effects.
Cooking Rush Restaurant 1.1
Cooking Rush RestaurantYou create your own fast food company andyou have to serve some hot dogs, burgers, pops and more. This isyour day opening and you will have many new customer because ofthat. Enjoy your grand opening.Cooking game for Device! An arcadestyle game where the user has to make burritos and other items tosatisfy customers, while unlocking cool new ingredients!Whencustomer come in, they will order food. Just touch the food andthen move then fry them until they are all cooked. Put them on dishand serve the customer. Don?t let your customer wait for toolong or they will go away.You can also unlock new places as thegame progresses. The game can be played by tapping and dragging thethings around the screen. Tap the hotdogs to grill them and tap thebuns to put them on the counter. Once done, you can drag thehotdogs and place them inside the buns. You can also add ketchup ormustard to your hotdogs. In further levels, you will also need tocook burgers, fries, and a lot more.The game lets you play as acook in a Cooking Rush Restaurant. Create a burger and serve it toyour hungry customers. The restaurant looks like a burger factorywith all those conveyer belts carrying the ingredients for yourburgers. Customers will specify the ingredients of their burgers.Tap and arrange the ingredients in their proper order and servethem to your customers. You also need to serve fast. Your customersdon’t have the patience to wait for your burgers.Features •Gameplay in career mode. • Ingredients: Chicken, steak, onions,green peppers, cheese, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, corn, cola,chips, sauce, white rice, brown rice, lettuce, tortilla, or burritobowl. • More than fun for cooking lovers! • CUSTOMIZE your kitchen,with new appliances and decor to help your customers be morepatient. • Ultimate cooking simulation game with vivid graphics andfunky characters  • The fastest most fun cooking game on thestore! With “TAP” now instead of Drag... Drag was so 2017! •1000+ challenging levels with tons of upgrades to power through tobecome a star chef  • - A million combination of dishes tocook by selecting over 200 ingredients! • - 4 worldwide uniquerestaurants! • - Over 1000 levels to complete and many burgers tocreate! • - Simulates real time manager games! • - It's cookingtime, Upgrade your kitchen appliances and interior! • - Decorateyour restaurants to bring more clients to buy fresh food! • - Beatyour fever of cooking today! • - Start the dash cooking and createtasty recipes! • - World chef will teach you how to prepare hot dogor tacos and fries with ketchup topping! • - Open your famous cakeshop and serve your customers with some tasty pastry! • - Multipleclients will want to eat hot dogs or burgers, so try to make themfast and dash dinner in record time! • - Take control of thekitchen and demonstrate the skills of a master chef in 2017!So comeand play and become the master of Burrito servingYou own afast-food restaurant and you have to cook delicious meals for yourcustomers.In time you can upgrade your cooking tools , the pan ,the juice-maker and buy even new restaurants so you can have morecustomers and earn more money.Have fun cooking delicious meals inyour restaurant kitchen for your customers , increase yourmarketing budget so you have even more clients to your restaurantsand have a lower delay time between every client , upgrade yourcooking tools and improve your skills !Love Cooking Games? Well,one of the highest rated food games on the Play Store just got evenbetter! Kitchen Craze: Master Chef Cooking Game is introducing thenew Sushi maker Japanese Sushi restaurant !. Welcome to thecrazy sushi shop and discover new sushi recipes. Get READY to cooktasty Japanese cuisine! DOWNLOAD Kitchen Craze: Master Chef CookingGame today!Let's CookThe main game mode where players cook dishes.Players initially start with just a few simple recipes.
Tic Tac Toe Challenger 1.0
Tic Tac Toe is free classic puzzle game also known as "noughts andcrosses or sometimes X and O".TIC TAC TOE Challenger – the worldfamous Tic Tac Toe game is now available as multiplayer game!Freedownload and easy to play !Free Noughts and Crosses supports oneplayer and two player gameplay, so you can play against anotherhuman or against your iPhone.HOW TO PLAY:Tic-Tac-Toe is a game fortwo players, you could choose to play with your phone or yourfriends. Use "X" and "O". In each turn, a player marks one space inthe chessboard. The player who places three respective marks inhorizontal, vertical, or diagonal row, wins the board game.Play TicTac Toe on your device phone. No need waste paper to play puzzlegames! Our new modern version appears in a cool & simpledesign.The AI for this puzzle game is one of the best you will see.It adapts to your play style and is highly unpredictable. Unlikeother Tic Tac Toe games on the market you will always find simpleand extra Tic Tac Toe AI to be fresh and entertaining. If that isnot all the AI skill can be adjusted on the fly in game. So you cancrank up the difficulty while playing or notch it down if you gotcornered.This puzzles games is recommended for kids & adultstoo.Features:* You can also change grid & align 3X3, 4X4, 5X5,6X6, 8X8, 15X15.* Single and 2 player mode (Computer and human)* 3difficulty levels* glow effects* one of the best puzzle game in theworld.* Single player : play with the computer, fearlessly tochallenge the computer* Multiplayer: play with friends, just enjoythe game together!* Easily to change the level of difficulty, enjoyit !* Classic 3x3 grid* Time Pass Board Game.* Solve tic tac toePuzzle.Remains your school days. Smart AI engine and nice graphicis good for kids & adults. Tic Tac Toe is a great way to passyour free time.Place the marks, make 3 marks in one row, Win!Easyto play ,the endless joyful !Come and challenge now !Download thebest Tic Tac Toe game and get the fun now !
Animals Puzzle for kids 1.1
Animal Puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle game.Kids will learn and enjoyafter playing this game.You have to put the puzzle portion to rightpuzzle place to complete the puzzle.Total 10 levels in game.In thispuzzle kids will learn about animal.All the Puzzles are HD.Freegame for play.Interactive User Interface.End of the puzzle completeyou will get stars as a reward.Time limits is not there so you willenjoyed to complete puzzle with your time.This is an educationaland entertaining puzzle game. It introduces many distinctive orendangered animals which are from five continents. We should knowabout their habitual behavior and habitat. The most important thingis let our children know the animals and then love them.Kids lovepuzzles and want to play with animal toys like cow, dog, cat, fishand more. Animals Puzzles For Toddlers is an educational andentertaining game. It is a simple, fun game for toddlers and kids!Simple and intuitive, your baby will have lots of fun for hours!This educational game will help your toddler to improve skills inproblem solving, logical and cognitive skills, concentration andmemory.Watch them learn all the names of numerous pet, farm,jungle, zoo and water animals through fun and play. A pleasantvoice will always encourage and praise your kids and motivate themto continue to build their vocabulary, memory, and cognitive skillswhile playing. The game is enriched with animations,pronunciations, sounds and interactivity for repeat playing &learning. It will keep your kids busy and yet you will never beworried about them losing any piece of the puzzles!Fun with more:-Animal Puzzle- Jigsaw Puzzle Games- Jigsaw Games- Kids Fun LearningWith Shape- Matching Solve Puzzle- Easy navigation between puzzles-Easy movement of puzzle pieces across screen- Drag & dropanimations- And last but not least ***All puzzles are available forFREE***
General Knowledge - Guide GK 1.5
Useful question for kbc game and improve your general knowledge(GK) GK World 2017. More than 10,000 newly questions for yourknowledge improvement.You will definitely get new knowledge afterusing this application. We also update this application frequently, so you will get new bunch of questions. Each view give you aaccuracy level individually , so you will get how much strong youare in particular topic. Various Topic Covers in an applicationwhich are : Two different Mode A) Learning Mode 1)Current Affairs2)General Maths 3)Basic GK 4)Sports 5)Indian History 6)GeneralScience 7)Famous Personality 8)World Geography 9)Inventions10)Biology 11)Famous Place Of India 12)Books & Authors13)Technology 14)Logical Reasoning 15)World Organisation B) ExamMode In exam mode all questions comes randomly After the end ofexam you will get score card. In score card you get how muchquestions are correct , wrong & accuracy. Three Types of Exam1)25 Questions (30 Minutes) 1)50 Questions (60 Minutes) 1)100Questions (90 Minutes) Free application. Simple and intuitiveinterface. Great sound effects. Don't wait Download now an upgradeyour gk (General Knowledge).....
Magical Paint 1.1
Many time not good in words but they all are good with art so youwill got inner talent by playing this game.In this game will fillthe colours in the given box or round.2 Diffrent Paint 1)CirclePainting (13 X 13 Box) 2)Square Painting (13 X 13 Box)Learn fromthis game a lot like how to fill a colour ,colour combinationetc…You will create different paint every time, so toddler willloved to play.You can also share the magical paint.More than 35colours are given for rendering the paint.You will improve artskill after playing this game.
Hidden Object: Secret Clue Finder - HD Free Game 1.0
Secret Clue Finder is a educational games.Player have to find anobject which is in thumb paneLearn & identify the object truename as well.Three different modes. Easy Mode - 5 X 5 Medium Mode -6 X 6 Hard Mode - 7 X 7Total 100 different object in a game.Foreach mode player get 100 seconds.Player will get the 10+ score forcorrect tap and also 5- for wrong tap. At the end of 100 secondscompleted.Score board will display. Total Score , Correct Tap ,Wrong Tap , Accuracy .Increase your concentration skill and improveaccuracy.
Cooking Burger Shop 1.3
Cooking delicious meals and desserts food from all over the worldin this free addictive time-management game! You now a great chiefin your burger shop! Serve delicious menu items in each restaurant.Show your cooking skills, and create your burger empire! Cookdelicious burgers in Burger, Burger Worlds is a brand new cookingcasual game! Start and expand your own burger shop! Become a burgertycoon, time is money! The new food-serving & cooking game,Burger Tycoon Shop Cooking Burger Shop features: - A burger-servinggame - Burger shop challenging - Many challenging levels -Ingredients: bread, tomato, egg, meat, cheese, ice-cream,chocolate, soda, finger chips, popcorn etc... - A lot of differentingredients like bread, meat and lettuce - Many side dishes likeice creams, french fries and muffins - More than 100 levels forburger’s maniac - Easy to play - Unique time management game, greattest for your skills - Rich and flavourful burger ingredients andmixed beverages Build your own burger empire by using yourmanagement skills! Cook as fast as you can! Cooking burgers fever!
Preschool: Educational Fun Kit 1.0
Education Kit is an educational fun game.Toddler will learn preschool education activities by playing this game.toddler knowingthe spelling of the tap object.After playing this game kids willlearning about day to day used animal, fruits , shapes , and colourname .Features1)Free Game2)HD Graphics.3)4 different categories.1.Animal 2.Fruit 3.Shape 4.Color
Candy Bomb 1.0
Tap on the jelly bomb in play area to explode. Player hit to thetargeted jelly bomb which is in thumb panel. Tap on a targetedcandy bomb till the end of time.Three different modes.Easy Mode - 3X 3Medium Mode - 4 X 4Hard Mode - 5 X 5For each mode player get 100seconds.Player will get the 100+ score for correct tap and also 30-for wrong tap. At the end of 100 seconds completed.Score board willdisplay. Total Score , Correct Tap , Wrong Tap , Accuracy .Increaseyour concentration skill and improve accuracy.
Hidden Object Games: Missing Alphabets Mystery 1.0
Hidden Object Missing Alphabet is a hidden object mystery game.Allthe levels are random so you will get new view every time.Itcontains 10 levels.Every level player got 5 hintsIn level playerneed to find 26 Alphabet.Total 150 seconds for each level.Playerwill get score for finding correct hidden object.Player also getstar as reward at the end of level complete.HD Graphics.Easy toplay.Interactive User Interface.
preschool learning for kids 1.1
Baby Puzzle Free preschool learning for kids gamesa child’s roomfilled with a variety of educational objects. Amazing puzzles,games and quizzes for toddler and preschoolers to learn colors,shapes, numbers, letters, time, organization and more! Includes 20basic kids games with interactive, helpful voice narrating,colorful graphics, and great sound effects to help your kids learnalphabets, spelling, numbers, colors, shapes including animals andfruits with HD flash cardsToddlers can practice the basics of ABCs(letters) and the Numbers (1-10) using this app (games).Educational games increases child skills & interest in learningnew things using the phone or tablet in a fun waySuch games helpyour toddler learn the alphabet, Numbers, Animal and Music Soundsquick and with no effort! Try it today- 20 Different UniqueEducational Games and Quizzes!- Educational games increases childskills & interest in learning new things using the phone ortablet in a fun way Includes 4 basic kids games with interactive,helpful voice narrating, colorful - Match Pairs-Kids learn to matchpairs of similar objects based on their color and patterns.- LearnColors- Kids learn colors and their names by playing different funmini games.- Learn Geometric Shapes- Kids learn geometric shapesand their names by solving shape puzzles.- Train Puzzle- Amazingwood puzzle to build a train.- Robot Puzzle-Amazing wood puzzle tomake 3 different colorful robots.- Xylophone Puzzle- Wood xylophonepuzzle with sounds. Kids learn about sounds, music and musicnotes.- Clock Puzzle- 2 mini games to build a clock and tell thetime.- Learn Numbers and Counting- Kids learn numbers and numbernames and counting from 0-10.- Learn Math- Kids learn basic mathskills.- Alphabet Memory and Letter Phonics- Fun interactive memorygame for preschool kids to match the alphabet letters and learntheir ABC sounds from A-Z.- Sorting and Classifying- Kids learnabout object organization by playing a fun mini game.- Categorizingand Organizing - Kids learn categorizing by playing a fun minigame.Download now.....
Precious Mystery 1.1
Many years ago the dog Lassie was the main character in manymovies. Everyone knew about this wonderful female collie dog andits interesting adventures, presented via few heartwarming moviesand perhaps the most famous of them, 'Lassie come-home'. Actuallythe real name of this dog-star was Pal but it appeared with thestage name 'Lassie' in the movie serial.Well aside from Lassie,Sophie is one small and very cute dog that has also earned hergreat fame thanks' to its particular talent and intelligence.Owning to that, Sophie has starred in many Hollywood movies so noweveryone knows about this adorable creature. And because of that,Sophie is very precious so there is a whole team that takes care ofher. In spite of this, someone's luck of attention leaded tosomething unwanted. One week ago, someone has stolen Sophie fromher home.Sophie's owners freaked out when they realized that Sophieis missing so they started a quest to find her. At the moment whenthey thought that there isn't any solution for finding her, theysuddenly realized who could be Sophie's taker. Since they didn'thave any actual evidence, Sophie's owners decided to break into thehouse of the thief and take their precious dog home. No matterwhich is the reason for this act, they have to be very carefulabout what they are doing because breaking into someone's house isalso a criminal act. Let's see together what will happen in thissituation and help Sophie's owners bring her back home, beforeleaving someone earn a lot of money on her.
Summer Cleaning 1.0
Can you find all hidden object?We all love everything in our homesto be in perfect order but sometimes we simply don't have time tokeep all things tide up. The modern living is giving us so manyresponsibilities, usually we stay late at work and when we cameback home, all we need is rest while around us there is a housethat needs to be cleaned, a meal that has to be prepared, maybechildren that look for attention...Selecting what is most importantat the moment sometimes makes a mess out of our lives or at leastof our house because usually 'that small corner with little bitmore dust is something that can't be seen at first sight' andtaking care for the kids is quite more important... Those are someof the excuses we give ourselves when our home becomes untidy andthere is nothing wrong in it, it's just life...of course, if welive like that occasionally, not every day.Diane for example worksvery hard. She loves her job but that job is quite responsible, sheis quite busy and her job doesn't give her much time for her own,sometimes there isn't even much time for housework and the family.However, she has to adapt herself to the real situation so that'swhy she usually chooses days off as free time for cleaning at home.Today she has that day off, and since she is not going to worktoday she decided to use that time to tidy up the home and dosomething useful. Perhaps most of us relate the summer withvacations and relaxing but Diane simply can't afford that at themoment, not now when her house is completely messed up and she isaware that won't be any work less when she comes back at work.
Monster Girl Party DressUp 1.0
Dress up this scary cute monster girl in vampire skirts, werewolfshirts and animal print everything! She's a little bit ofeverything monstrous and beautiful all at once! Transform this cutegirl into a little dragon, into a scary mommy or a scary vampire.Use your imagination, check out all the items available and choosethe ones you need to transform her in the most adorable creature ofthe night. Enjoy! -Select a monster girl. -Dress up style! matchtheir dress up style! DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOW!
ABC Puzzle for Kids 1.0
Puzzle For ABC is a puzzle game.You have to put the puzzle portionto right puzzle place to complete the puzzle.A to Z all thealphabet covers in this puzzleIn the play area you will get randomcolour puzzle parts every time ,so kids will also learning aboutcolours too.In this puzzle kids will learn Alphabet with picturename which is in puzzle.Kids will enjoy after playing this game.Allthe Puzzles are HDPuzzles princesses and painting is a free appdesigned for girls and boys from 2 to 8 years to develop theirintelligence and learn to draw and color.Puzzles are games forchildren that are used for entertainment and as an instrument toimprove creativity, memory and concentration. Edujoy's princesspuzzles contain beautiful drawings and scenarios for kids toimprove their visual perception through colorful paintings andpieces of different sizes and shapes.Free game for play.InteractiveUser Interface.End of the puzzle complete you will get stars as areward.Time limits is not there so you will enjoyed to completepuzzle with your time.Looking for a fun, free, and simpleeducational app to help your toddler learn phonics and traceletters of the alphabet? Look no further than ABC Kids.DEVELOPMENT: CONCENTRATION AND MEMORYPuzzle games provide many benefits fordeveloping children's abilities: Improve their capacity forobservation, analysis, concentration and attention. Exercise theirvisual memory: Kids must remember the initial image of the puzzleto know where to place the pieces later.Help to identify andestablish relationships between shapes and silhouettes, improvingspatial and visual perception.Exercise fine motor skills to movethe pieces with their fingers.
Lost In Shadowland 1.0
Find Hidden object and solve mystery case!If you're wondering,evenif it sounds familiar to you, Shadowland is not a place whereyouhave been before. It is not a touristic attraction, it is notaplace that could be found on the map, but yet it is a placethatreally exists and Gary, Harold and his daughter Hazelaccidentallyfound it...but let's start from the beginning.Gary isanarchaeologist that loves his job very much. That's why he hasbeenchosen as a leader of this great expedition financed by Haroldandhis daughter Hazel. Harold is actually a passionate adventuristanda great collector of historical artifacts. His daughterHazelshares the same passion so the two of them started thisexpeditionhoping that they will discover the lost castle of theknightsTemplars. It is actually a quite big expedition and allmembers ofthe crew are really good trained and informed aboutthecircumstances but it is always like that in those cases,alwaysthere is a chance something unexpected to come out. Theexpeditionhas lost its way and they found themselves in theShadowland. Nowthey are captured in this old house, surrounded byghosts. It seemslike there is no way out from this situation andeven though Gary,Harold and Hazel are real professionals, they arenot trained forfacing ghosts. The three adventurers are so scaredand they are tooafraid to leave the room, thinking that perhapsthis way they willprotect themselves from those strange creaturesthat invade thehouse. Luckily one local villager comes in thehouse, willing tohelp them. Actually it is you in the role of thisvillager and youwill have to find their personal belongings thatare spread allover the house, but also to help them leave safelythis mysteriousShadowland.
Secret Treasure Hunt: Hidden Object Mystery 1.0
Hidden Objects Secret Mystery HD Free Object Find True ObjectFinderis a hidden object game. Player have to find an object whichis inthumb panel. Kids also learn & identify the object truename aswell. Three different modes. Easy Mode - 5 X 5 Medium Mode- 6 X 6Hard Mode - 7 X 7 Total 100 different object in a game. Foreachmode player get 100 seconds. Player will get the 10+ scoreforcorrect tap and also 5- for wrong tap. At the end of 100secondscompleted. Score board will display. Total Score , CorrectTap ,Wrong Tap , Accuracy . Increase your concentration skillandimprove accuracy
Preschool: Learning Numbers and Letters 1.0
Learning Number And Letters is an educational game. You have todragthe number/letter on a shadow of that number/letter. toddlerwilllearn pre school learning by playing this game. Features1)Free Game2)4 different categories. 1.Numbers Simple 2.NumbersCursive3.Alphabet Simple 4.Alphabet Cursive 3)All Alphabet coversin asingle view. 4)1 to 25 number covers in a single view.