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General Knowledge (GK) & New Current Affairs 52,600 +Previously Asked Questions with Daily UpdatesYou can now preparefor all national level exams like SSC, UPSC, IAS, RRB, PO, IBPS orother Government jobs like Railways, Defense, Banks etc. by goingthrough the updated questions in the app daily. You can evenprepare better vocabulary for the International level exams likeGRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT etc through word learner. Meanwhile,you can also test your intelligence with the quiz and improve yourEnglish with the English category included in the app. The app isjust like a book that you read for the competitive exams anywhereand anytime on the go. Key Features of the App:Unlimited Questionswith Daily Updates: The app is now no more restricted to sometopics from a limited field. It has a lot of queries with itsanswers for you to go through and stay updated. Moreover, it willload more new questions daily and as per the user's demand. You canquickly prepare for the national and international exams like SSC,UPSC, IAS, LSAT, MCAT, GRE or other government job exams easily bygoing through the updated questions in the app daily. GeneralKnowledge: You can now be more brainy by learning the generalknowledge from the app. The category includes various topics likeBusiness & Economy, Computer & IT, Discoveries &Inventions, General Science, Geography, History, International,National, Politics, Constitutions, Sports and lot more. Thesesubjects will help you stay updated and increase your level ofintelligence as well. You can well prepare for the upcomingcompetitive exams and government jobs when you are aware of thegeneral topics from all around the world. English: In today's dateknowledge of English is a must for one and all. To crack thecompetitive exams or the job interviews and for getting admissionin the top colleges or universities, knowing English is a must.DRONA helps you learn and improve your basic knowledge of Englishand help you crack the upcoming exams and become one of the nextgovernment officials. You can quickly decode the hard reasoning'sor other questions of competitive exams including IBPS, CTET, GATE,PSC or others. You will have various subcategories under thiscategory including fill in the blanks, sentence correction,sentence improvement, spotting errors and spellings &inappropriate to improve your vocabulary power. Current Affairs:Staying updated with what is going around in the places near you,in your country or in around the world is compulsory in today’sdate. In today’s busy schedule you don't get time to sit in frontof the television or go through a book all the time. You can justbrowse through the app and stay up to date with the latestincidents from around the world. The subcategories under this willhelp you know more about the days and dates, national andinternational events, famous persons, awards & honors, sports,business & economy, politics, books & authors and science& technology.Quiz: Quiz is a mind sport or a brief assessmentto test your level of intelligence, skills and abilities. You cannow test yourself by playing the simple quiz in our app. The quizwill consist of various questions from each category. You will getthe unique questions every time you use the Quiz. Word Learner: Youcan learn new words daily which will be helpful for you in thecompetitive exams held on an international level. You can learnsome abbreviated words and other terminologies used in competitiveexams like GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT etc. You canmaster the words in a playful manner. For Feedback & QueriesShoot a mail to