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Real Car Parking : Driving Street 3D 2.6.1
Are you annoyed by all the similar parking games, and lack of highquality graphics and uniqueness? Are you looking forward to have anew car parking to park your vehicle as much as you want? We knowyou are here with a hope to find a game that suits you perfectly.Unlike other games, we offer you a game with superior qualitygraphics, easy parking management with sensor system, and differentcamera angles to drive with in-car view and out of vehicle view!Also, you are free to look at wherever you want when driving frominside of vehicle, and this will give you a full real-like feeling.So we offer you realistic experience at a high level. But it is notjust about killing some time. You will also learn how to actuallypark your car while enjoying the game and master yourself bypracticing. You will be the king of parking. Wonder how? Very easy!With intelligent guides in the game, not only you will learn easymethods, but also you will have the opportunity to test thesemethods continuously. Come on now what are you waiting for, thegame you are looking for is here!FEATURES- PARKING SENSOR- REAL CARSOUND- IN CAMERA VIEW- DETAILED INTERIORS- REALISTIC GRAPHICQUALITY- DIFFERENT CONTROL METHODS ( STEERING WHEEL , BUTTONS ORTILTING )- DIFFERENT CAMERA ANGLES- LEARN TRAFFIC SIGNS AND TRAFFICRULES WITH FUN- Park like a real driver with steering wheel- Inthat game we provide automobiles like in your dream garage - Valetparking is not like real parking try it with steering wheel- Dohard parking like using classic car, use steering wheel and do hardparking- Like Garage owner you will hard park as a driver spot-Valet parking will be your simulation via steering wheel-Parcheggio gioco- Hard parking game with street car-Estacionamento- Jeu parking rue- Cockpit go game- Multi languages-Real cockpit and cars- Detailed Interiors with valet parking© 2018Genetic Studios. All rights reserved.
Real Car Parking 2 : Driving School 2018 5.0.0
Real Car Parking 2 is the simulation & car parking game withhighest graphics ever! If you think that you are the best driverand vale, do not stop and enjoy the game! 3D NEXT-GEN GRAPHICS 🎮 •Forget all the previous graphics with the high and realisticgraphics of Real Car Parking 2! REARVIEW WINDOWS 🎥 • Check behindyour car with rearview mirrors even when driving from the inside,and park easily! PARKING SENSOR 🔊 • Park easily between cars withthe parking sensor! REALISTIC CARS AND CAR SOUNDS 🎶 • Feel as ifyou are really driving with realistic cars and special real soundsfor each car! DETAILED CAR INTERIORS 💺 • Feel the realisticambiance with cockpits that are special and different for everycar, and enjoy the driving pleasure! FILL YOUR DREAM GARAGE WITHMAGNIFICENT CARS! 🚗 • Line up your wonderful and realistic cars andextend your garage! CUSTOMIZE YOUR CARS 🚘 • Choose your favoritecolors and decals to equip them with beautiful designs, or choosemodified cars and enjoy yourself! REALISTIC ENVIRONMENT 🌆 • Gainparking experience in a multi-storey car park and drive easily inreal life! LEARN TRAFFIC SIGNS AND RULES WHILE HAVING FUN 🚦 • Beseveral steps ahead in qualifying examinations by learningimportant information about traffic while having fun! So, come andenjoy the unique graphics by choosing any of these realistic cars!OTHER FEATURES: Different camera angles Interior camera viewDifferent control methods ( Steering wheel, keycaps and tilt) Parklike a real driver with steering wheel In that game we provideautomobiles like in your dream garage Valet parking is not likereal parking try it with steering wheel Do hard parking like usingclassic car, use steering wheel and do hard parking Like Garageowner you will hard park as a driver spot Valet parking will beyour simulation via steering wheel Hard parking game with streetcar Cockpit go game Multi languages Real cockpit and cars Feel likevalet parking ********* 🌎Website:👍Facebook: 📷Instagram: 🐦Twitter: ********* © 2018 GeneticStudios. All rights reserved.