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Cloud Gallery 1.4.41
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Cloud Gallery is a lightweight app that provides a smoothexperience for browsing your Photos and Videos with ease, plus moreWith Cloud Gallery, you can: ORGANIZE YOUR PHOTO GALLERY • Filterby Albums, photos, or videos. • Add tags and search with ease. •Places: locate your photos and videos on the map. • A Separate viewfor your favorite photos and videos SHARE • Easily share groups ofphotos and videos from your gallery, with just a tap! • Share withease to all of your favorite social networks: Facebook, Instagram,Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Vine, WhatsApp, G+, Line, Kakao,WeChat, Viber, and more. BACKUP PHOTOS & VIDEOS TO THE CLOUD(The cherry on top) Never worry about losing your precious photoand video memories when you replace your lost or damaged phone.With our complimentary G Cloud Backup app, you can save all yourphotos, videos, contacts, call logs and messages to a secure cloud.Download now for FREE( about your gallery in Android 5.0? Don't worry [ProblemSolved] - our gallery is Android 5.0 ready on all devices includingNexus 4 and Nexus 5. Features: - Intelligent tagging to organizeyour gallery and search for anything with ease - Places to view andgroup the exact location of where you have taken your photos - Upto date material design. - List thousands of pictures in a flash,find new pictures instantly - Fully integrated with G Cloud backupapp to backup all your photos and videos to the cloud - View yourPhotos and Videos - Share on social media with ease - Play Videos -View everything, only photos, only videos, favorites, by tag, or bylocation - Optimized for large screens, such as tablets - View allyour cloud photos scattered on multiple devices from a singlelocation Tips: - If you have any questions or issues, pleasecontact - No apps from Play Store canmodify the external SD card in KitKat (Android 4.4), this isGoogle's limitation. - Long press a thumbnail to enter multi-selectmode.
G Cloud Apps Backup Key * root 1.1
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ONLY FOR ROOT PHONESIf you do not have root, or do not know whatroot is, this application will not work for you.Email us before rating • Your G Cloud Root key tobackup Apps settings• Comes with 4 GB Free online storage• No icon!Requires G Cloud Backup Free app to be installed• The same key canbe used on several devices • For download instructions: read below.Root Features• Backup Apps data (your game levels, apps settings,customization, etc)• 4 GB storage FREE• Premium Support G CloudBackup Features• Earn up to 10 GB Free• Backup Messages (SMS),contacts, call logs, documents, photos, videos and music• Securedata transfer (Secure Socket Layer) and storing (256-AES)• Backs upto the secure and reliable Amazon S3 cloud storage• Daily automaticbackups when WiFi is available, plugged in, or have plenty ofbattery life• Easy mobile to mobile restore and same devicerestore.• No rooting or special configuration required• BackupExternal SD cards• Restore/Migrate to a new device with a click•Backs up every version of all files• Advanced options to changedaily schedule, disable automatic schedule, backup over 3G, andmore• Available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean,Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Romanian, Russian,Turkish, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, and Arabic To download: 1.Make sure you have G Cloud free installed: up for a free account and configure your backup3. Go toSettings> and tap on Install G Cloud Apps Backup4. Tap onInstall App then complete installation5. Once installationcompletes tap on Check G Cloud App Backup Support & Upgrades:•If Market won't download your key: although credit cardauthorization *usually* occurs instantly, in rare cases it may needup to a few hours to complete. Try the Web version of Play Store.If problem persists, login at to cancel yourorder & try again.• If your key got installed before thepurchase completed or otherwise won't work, please un-install &reinstall your key to resolve the problem.• We aren't responsiblefor any currency conversion fees charged by credit card issuers.•If the problem persists, please contact us
G Cloud Backup
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G Cloud Backup for Android *** Try our new FREE Zoolz IntelligentApp - Backup / Restore your entire Android device - Try FacialRecognition for FREE - Start with 7 GB and daily 50 MB bonus *** ●A Free Android Backup App that is simple and safe to protectnever-ending contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, documents,call logs, files and more to a secure cloud location ● Easilymigrate to different devices and extend your storage by savingeverything in the cloud ● Organize your memories in a timeline andgo back in time to view your first recorded video, a call from ayear ago, and even today's photos ● Share your past and presentwith ease Recommended by Android central “The app itself is soincredibly simple to use, with a very simple user interface. But,you'd be foolish to let that temper opinions. G Cloud Backup has apretty extensive feature list.” “You won't find many other backup solutions as complete andadroit as G Cloud Backup.” note that this app requires the privileges to backup andrestore your SMS, call logs, system settings, calendar and tolocate your lost device, we do not erase your data off your phone,send messages or locate your device without your consent. Disablingthese options will also disable the use of its privilege, pleasereview our data privacy for more info. FEATURES: ✮✮New: Memories:Your life preserved, go back in time to calls from a year, viewvideos and all other data from the Memories tab✮✮ ► Auto BackupMessages (SMS), contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos(at full resolution), videos, music and more ►Backup Camera,Whatsapp, viber photos and videos ► Start with 1 GB free and earnup to 10 GB easily ► Automatic upload when WiFi is available andplugged in ► Access your messages, call logs, download contacts,share music, videos and view photos from the web: ► Protect the App with a passcode ►Protect more than one device ► Secure data transfer (Secure SocketLayer) and storing (256-AES) on Amazon AWS ► Easily move to newdevices and preserve everything ► One tap sign up with Email,Google+ or Facebook ► No rooting or special configuration required► Backup External SD cards ► Restore/migrate to a new device with atap ► Backs up every version of all files ► Advanced options tochange daily schedule, disable automatic schedule, upload over 3G,and more HOW TO BACKUP ANDROID PHONES 1- Download G Cloud for FREE2- Create an account 3- Select what to backup HOW TORESTORE/REPLACE ANDROID PHONES 1- Download G Cloud for FREE 2- Login to your account 3- G Cloud will detect is this is a new phoneand will move all your memories to the new phone If you have anyquestions or inquires please contact: support@gcloudbackup.comBefore submitting a comment, we will get back to you ASAP Thank you:) ✮✮ Protect your apps settings, game levels, app customizations,and more with G Cloud Apps Backup. FOR ROOTED DEVICES ONLY. Toactivate, please open G Cloud> and go to the Store. ✮✮ ✮✮NEWFREE: G Cloud Backup for iOS✮✮ ● Migrate contacts, photos, videos,and calendar from Android phones to iPhones and vise versa ●Protect all your Android phones, tablets, iPhone, and iPad under asingle account ● Free up space from your iPhone and iPad Downloadit free today!✮✮NEW FREE APP: G Lock - Hide Photos & Videos✮✮ Download ourlatest FREE App, Protect all your private media and hide them fromprying eyes with G Lock. G Lock keeps all your private photos andvideos secure under multiple layers of security.
Photo Shield - Hide Photos and Videos 2.0.2
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Photo Shield is the easiest and safest way to hide and protect allyour photos and videos.Never worry about giving your phone tofriends and family when Photo Shield is installed on yourphone.Take control of your private media and never worry aboutprying eyes.Key Features● Hide photos and videos in a securegallery without any limits – only you have access.● Fast and easyto use.● One-tap to lock photos and videos.● Never lose a file bybacking up photos and videos to our secure cloud.● Enable PatternLock for enhanced security - change and reset this at any time.●View, play and share all your private media in the Photo ShieldMedia Gallery● Track temporary unlocked media files and reminds youto re-lock them.● Photo Shield encrypts file names and content withmultiple layers of security.● Your locked content will never showin other third-party apps, unlike other providers.● The app is notshown in the recent apps list for extra privacy.● Moving to a newdevice? Recover files by reinstalling the app and entering yourpasscode. How To Unlock Photos &Videos?=============================1. Open Photo Shield and enteryour Pattern Lock2. In the Hidden Gallery tab, select the photosand videos you wish to unlock3. Tap the unlock button.4. Done!!Your selected media will be restored in their original locationbefore they were hidden.✮ Optional Add-on ✮Secure all your files tothe cloudTo make your life easier, you can opt into importing filesto our hack-proof cloud. Photo Shield uses advanced military-gradeencryption to lock all your private images and videos.There’s nolimit to the number of files you can safeguard. The benefit? Youcan protect your privacy and extend the storage of your device -for free.FAQs===Q: How does Photo Shield work?A: Photo & VideoLocker provides you with a locked gallery that lives on yourphone.Q: Where are my videos & photos after I unlock them?A:Your videos & photos will appear in the same location as theywere before locking them.Q: Are my hidden videos & photosstored online?A: The app will store them on the device in a securelocation, but you also have the option to back them up on thecloud.Q: Which format videos & photos I can lock?A: .MP4 .WMV.AVI .MKV .MPEG .3GP .VOB .MOV .MPEG4 .DivXQ: How many videos &photos can I lock?A: As many as you want.Photo Shield is the idealapp to hide your all your photos and videos into one secure vault.
Zoolz Archive - Cloud Viewer 1.1.2
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Zoolz is a comprehensive solution for businesses for backing up,archiving, data management, and collaboration by backing up WindowsPCs and Servers, External drives, Network locations and more foreasy data access and sharing.Zoolz makes it easy to backup, accessand share all your files easily from the web, Android device,iPhone, iPad or iPod touch anytime anywhere. You can also previewall your photos, stream your backed up music and videos with a tapthat are stored on your Windows PCs, Mac, external and networkdrives. Your backup is secure and durable thanks to 3 levels ofencryption, deduplication, a powerful backend residing on AmazonAWS, and more.Thanks to cold storage, backing up all your files cancost as low as $0.03/month per GB!If you do not have an account,you can sign up for a free 15-day trial directly from your mobileZoolz Viewer Features• Photo Preview of all your backed uppictures• Share any file no matter how large to anyone• Access yourencrypted files from your mobile• Multiple computer viewing support• Search for your files on Zoolz• Read your documents• On a plane,no problem! Listen to your music offline • Save your photos to yourphoto galleryWhy Zoolz?• Pure, secure and reliable Cloud Solution•One solution to protect all• Save more money with Cold Storage(TM)•Complete Users Management• Copy, Encrypt, and Ship(TM)• EasyDeployment (1000s in just 5 mins)• Protect Servers• Elastic plan atan extremely low costComplete list of featuresat:
BigMIND - Cloud Backup
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BigMIND Backup ✮✮ Get 5 GB for FREE when you sign up, plus a 50 MBdaily bonus! ✮✮ BigMIND is an innovative app that protects all thefiles on your device, organizes them for you, and helps you quicklysearch through your photos using powerful AI technology. WithBigMIND, we bring the future of cloud backup to you. Key Features ●DATA PROTECTION: Backup all your photos, videos, files, call logs,messages, and calendars, and expand the storage of your device. ●EDISCOVERY: Forget file names easily? Now, you can do a keywordsearch for words and phrases that you remember from them. ● AIFACIAL RECOGNITION: Upload photos from your camera roll or connectyour social media accounts to organize your photos by faces. Findpossible matches, and name your friends, family, and even pets tosearch through your photos instantly. ● AI OBJECT DETECTION:Whether pictures of your pet, selfies from your recent holiday, orcute pictures of your child, you can look for photos by objectsthat appear within them. ● VIDEO & AUDIO STREAMING: Re-watch HDand 4K videos without delay, and listen to your music withoutskipping a beat. ● SOCIAL MEDIA & SAAS INTEGRATION: Connect andbackup your Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, and Box accounts, andmany others, to automatically access files whenever you need them.● SIMPLE SHARING: You're no longer limited by phone or tabletcapacity. With just a tap, securely and instantly share memorieswith friends and family through WhatsApp, Facebook, and otherplatforms, even if they don’t have a BigMIND account. ● UNIFIEDCLOUD: Backup your computers, laptops, and external drives all toone location. ● COMPLETE USER MANAGEMENT: Set access levels for whocan view, watch, and share files, and get real-time insights. Needmore storage space? BigMIND’s got you covered. We offer a number ofaffordable subscription plans: ► 16 GB for only $0.99/mo ► 100 GBfor only $2.99/mo ► 500 GB for only $6.99/mo ► 1TB for only$12.99/mo If you don’t already have a BigMIND account, you caneasily create one from inside the app. You can also install thedesktop application on your PC or Mac. To learn more about BigMIND: