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Respiratory Therapist Prep 1.0.6
Respiratory Care Exam Prep provides you plenty of practicequestionsand is a great tool to start preparing and succeed inyour NBRC CRTand RRT exams. This app's remarkable effectivenesscomes from thefull practice exam you get to take and especiallyfrom the clearexplanations given for any incorrect answers youclick. You becomecomfortable with the test because the app usesthe same electronictesting format as in your NBRC CRT and RRTexams. Install this freeversion of the exam prep app and try freequestions in Study/Testmode before deciding to upgrade. FeaturesList: - Well organizedgrouping of topics simplifies preparationfor the exams. - 900+questions offer ample testing practice. - 6practice exams with 160questions each provides testing experience.- Critical thinkingstudy questions (with rationale) reinforce keyconcepts and content.- Study progress can be tracked on anyandroid devices. - Pick upwhere you left off each time you openthe app. - Contains list ofabbreviations in the Resources sectionfor easy reference. -Bookmark feature allows you to mark thequestions or sections torevisit and study later. - Optionally, addyour notes to eachbookmarked questions. - Test history feature toreview all your testresults. - Access anywhere, no internetrequired. Please contact usif you have any questions, suggestionsor comments
HESI NCLEX RN Exam Prep 1.0.13
Want to cover EVERYTHING on the NCLEX RN? HESI can help! TheHESINCLEX-RN® Exam Prep contains questions from HESIComprehensiveReview for the NCLEX RN® Examination, 5th Editionhelps you notonly succeed on the NCLEX RN exam but also on yourprogram's HESIexit exam. Rationales are provided for any incorrectanswers orareas of weakness to help strengthen students'understanding. Fivepractice exams give you valuable practice usingthe same electronictesting format they will experience on thenursing school exit examand on the NCLEX RN exam. - Over 650+questions in Study/Test. - 5practice exams with 100 questions eachprovides testing experiencesimilar to the exit and NCLEX exams. -Critical thinking studyquestions (with rationales) reinforce keyconcepts and content. -Updated content reflects the latest NCLEX RNtest plan. -Well-organized, test-question format simplifiespreparation for theexam. - Realistic test-taking experience. -Study progress can betracked and resumed on any android devices asyou progress onpreparation. - Bookmark feature enables you to markyour favoritequestions. - Test history feature to review all yourtest results.- Access anywhere, no need of internet. Please contactus if youhave any questions, suggestions, or
Mosby's PTCE Exam Prep 1.0.4
This app contains questions from the book often called the bestPharmacy Technician certification exam review. Prepare for successon your certification exam! Mosby's Pharmacy Technician ExamReview, 4th Edition provides a complete review of core knowledge,thousands of questions including 18 practice exams with answer andrationale. All questions reflect the latest exam blueprints.Mosby's review for the pharmacy technician certificationexamination resource provides you comprehensive support every stepof the way for entry-level or sterile compounding certification.NEW Compounded Sterile Products chapter provides an in-depth reviewspecifically for the CSPT exam. Pharmacy Tech Exam Prep providesmany training questions for people who want to take a test and passPharmacy Tech Exam. We take each exam and break it down intoknowledge areas so that you can filter your study sessions based onyour needs. Best PTCB study guide. Mosby’s pharmacy techniciancertification practice test contains: - 700 electronic flashcardshelp you memorize key facts by covering the most commonlyprescribed drugs, common herbals, abbreviations, and more. - 18practice exams which help you to practice using the same electronictesting format they will experience on the exam. - Over 2200questions – all with answers and rationales – include a pretest,questions in each chapter, 18 printed practice examinations, andunlimited practice and simulation online. - Well-organized,test-question format simplifies preparation for the exam. -Realistic test taking experience. - Study progress can be trackedand resumed as you progress on preparation. - Bookmark featureenables you to mark your favorite questions. - Test history featureto review all your test results. - Access anywhere, no need ofinternet. Get Started for Free: We provide a limited free versionso you can get a feel for the app before deciding to upgrade. Thefree version offers dozens of practice questions with detailedanswer explanations. Please contact us if you have any questions,suggestions, or comments —
Phlebotomy Certification and Licensure Exam Prep 1.0.4
Prepare for phlebotomy certification and licensure exam successwithPhlebotomy Exam Prep app. This app has more than 1000questions. Apretest provides an assessment of strengths andweaknesses, andpractice certification exams tests your knowledgeof necessaryinformation. The questions are from the book CompletePhlebotomyExam Review, 2nd Edition (ISBN: 978-0-323-23911-0).Organized intochapters that correlate with the trusted textbook byWarekois andRobinson, each chapter includes multiple-choicequestions, each withan answer and a rationale. This is the toolthat you need to preparefor the examination with confidence.Features List: - More than 1000questions with answers andrationales in the Study/Test modedesigned to help you prepare forthe national examination. - 7practice certification exams with 100questions each allows you totest your comprehension of thematerial and identify areas ofstrength and weakness to targetstudy. - Answers and rationales helpyou understand why yourselected answer was right or wrong andstrengthen your knowledge ofkey exam content areas. -Well-organized, test-question formatsimplifies preparation for theexam. - Realistic test takingexperience. - Study progress can betracked and resumed as youprogress on preparation. - Bookmarkfeature enables you to markyour favorite questions. - Test historyfeature to review all yourtest results. - Access anywhere, no needof internet. Pleasecontact us if you have any questions,suggestions, or comments —
Are you looking for an exam preparation app to help you prepareforNREMT exam? Will you like to experience real time EMTtestpreparation by using an informative and helpful app? The newNREMT– EMT Exam Prep Cliffs Notes is here to help you in EMTtestpreparation and NREMT exam prep alike. From more than 400questionsin a single practice paper and the option to add studynotes tobookmark and history feature, the EMT test preparation appis allyou need to study for and your emergency medical technicianexam.Try it now! Ace EMT exam easily Ace that EMT Basic Exam withhelpfrom the experts at CliffsNotes! Use this smartphoneapp(essentially an EMT study guide) to study all key areas ofyourexam so you are fully prepared. Whether you have one week ortwomonths until your EMT Basic Exam, you can elevate your scoreandyour confidence by practicing with this app! Real Time EMTtestpreparation This app's remarkable effectiveness comes from thefullpractice exam you get to take and especially from theclearexplanations given for any incorrect answers you click. Youbecomecomfortable with the test because the app uses the sameelectronictesting format as in your EMT Basic Exam. Install thisfree versionof the exam prep app and try free questions inStudy/Test modebefore deciding to upgrade. Bookmark and Historyfeature The exampreparation app offers practice paper for EMT examprep. You cansolve the practice exam with more than 400 questionsand see whichof the questions you got right and wrong. Bookmarkyour studyprogress and track your preparation from exam preparationappanalytics easily. Features of NREMT – EMT Exam Prep CliffsNotes: •Simple and easy exam preparation app UI/UX •Well-organizedgrouping of NREMT exam prep topics simplifiespreparation for theNREMT exam certification • User friendlypractice exam and reviewguide covering preparatory, airway, patientassessment, medicalemergencies, trauma, infants and children,operations, advancedairway, practical skills, and anatomy andphysiology •Comprehensive NREMT practice paper with Over 400+questions inStudy/Test, and test prep essentials • A full practiceexam withEMT test preparation questions questions provides atestingexperience similar to the EMT Basic Exam. (EMT practiceexam/NREMTpractice test) • NEW! Updated content reflects the latestEMT-Basictest questions • Week-by-week and day-by-day schedulestailored toyour emergency medical technician test study needs andtimeline •Critical thinking study questions (with explanations)reinforce keyconcepts and content for NREMT exam preparation • Exampreparationapp analytics to track Study progress on any device •Pick up whereyou left off the NREMT exam prep each time you openthe app •Bookmark feature allows you to mark questions or sectionstorevisit and study further • Add your own notes in practice examtoeach bookmarked question • Test history feature to review allyourpractice paper and test results • NREMT exam preparationappoffline mode - Access anywhere, no internet required Are youreadyto ace NREMT exam and become an applauded Emergencymedicaltechnician? If yes, the new NREMT exam preparation app isfor you.Download and use NREMT – EMT Exam Prep Cliffs Notes today!Pleasecontact us if you have any questions, suggestions, orcomments
CCRN Adult Critical Care Exam Prep 1.0.8
PASS CCRN®!, 5th Edition was fully updated to mirror the testplanfor the latest CCRN - Adult certification exam. Dennison'swidelyacclaimed PASS CCRN®! is known for its targeted yetcomprehensivecontent review, innovative learning strategies, andmeticulousaccuracy. This new fifth edition addresses each sectionof the mostcurrent Critical Care Registered Nurse exam in detail,withdetailed rationales for correct and incorrect answers toenforceunderstanding of key concepts. This exam prep aidsregistered nursewho are preparing and planning to take the CCRN®examination forcritical care practice offered by the AmericanAssociation ofCritical Care Nurses (AACN) CertificationCorporation. More than800 review questions offer valuable practiceand test-takingexperience to prepare you for success on theCCRN®-Adult exam.Install this free version of the exam prep app andtry freequestions in Study/Test mode before deciding to upgrade.Features:- Over 800 review/practice questions. - NEW! Completelyupdatedcontent follows the latest CCRN®-Adult exam blueprint toensurethat you have the most current information for exampreparation. -Five practice exams feature the same format andcontent thatemphasizes the exam. - Detailed rationales for correctanswers areprovided to enforce understanding of key concepts. -NEW!Integumentary and Musculoskeletal Systems chapter reflectsthelatest CCRN® exam test plan organization. - NEW!ProfessionalCaring and Ethical Practice and Multisystem chaptersmatch thelatest CCRN®-Adult exam. - Covers everything you need tostudy topass Adult CCRN® examination. - Realistic test takingexperience. -Study & Test progress can be tracked and resumedacrossmultiple devices. - Bookmark feature enables you to markyourfavorite questions. - Access anywhere, no need ofinternet.Chapters offer a thorough review on the following topics-Professional Caring and Ethical Practice (88 questions) -TheCardiovascular System (270 questions) - The Pulmonary System(162questions) - The Neurologic System (73 questions) - TheEndocrineSystem (31 questions) - The Gastrointestinal System (46questions)- The Renal System (35 questions) - The Hematologic andImmunologicSystems (20 questions) - The Integumentary andMusculoskeletalSystems NEW! (27 questions) - Multisystem (54questions) -Behavioral/ Psychosocial (26 questions) Please contactus if youhave any questions, suggestions, or comments—
HESI A2 Test Prep 1.0.3
Passing your admission assessment exam is the first step onthejourney to becoming a successful health professional — makesureyou're prepared with Admission Assessment Exam Review, 4thEdition!From the testing experts at HESI, this user-friendly guidewalksyou through the topics and question types found on admissionexams,including: math, reading comprehension, vocabulary,grammar,biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and physics.The guideincludes hundreds of sample questions, step-by-stepexplanations,illustrations, and comprehensive practice exams tohelp you reviewthe subject areas and hone your test-taking skills.Plus, thepre-test and post-test help identify your specific areasofweakness so you can focus your study time on the subjects youneedmost. If you want to pass the HESI Admission Assessment Exam oranyother admissions assessment exam for health professions thatyoumay encounter, there's no better resource than HESI'sAdmissionAssessment Exam Review. More than 400 review questionsoffervaluable practice and test-taking experience to prepare youforsuccess on the HESI's Admission Assessment Exam. Install thisfreeversion of the exam prep app and try free questions andreviewmaterial before deciding to upgrade. Features: - HESI Hintsboxesoffer valuable test-taking tips, as well asrationales,suggestions, examples, and reminders for specifictopics. -Step-by-step explanations and sample problems in the mathsectionshow you how to work through each problem so you understandthesteps it takes to complete the equation. - Sample questions inallother sections prepare you for the questions you will face ontheA2 Exam. - User-friendly vocabulary chapter covers more ofthemedical terminology that you will face on the A2 Exam. - Easytoread format with consistent section features includesanintroduction, key terms, chapter outline, and a bulleted summarytobetter help you organize your review time and understandtheinformation. - Full-color layout and illustrationsvisuallyreinforce key concepts for better understanding. - NEW!25-questionpre-test at the beginning of the text helps you assessyour areasof strength and weakness before using the text. - NEW!50-questioncomprehensive post –test covers all of the text’ssubject areas.The questions will also include rationales forcorrect/incorrectanswers. - NEW! Two comprehensive practice examshelps hone yourreview and preparation for the HESI AdmissionAssessment Exam. -NEW! Physics review questions have been added toensure you arethoroughly prepared in this subject area. - Coverseverything youneed to study to pass HESI's Admission Assessmentexamination. -Realistic test taking experience. - Study & Testprogress canbe tracked and resumed across multiple devices. -Bookmark featureenables you to mark your favorite questions. - Addyour own notesto each bookmarked questions for easy understanding.- Accessanywhere, no need of internet. Chapters offer a thoroughreview onthe following topics - Aanatomy and Physiology - Biology-Chemistry - Grammer - Mathematics - Physics - ReadingComprehension- Vocabulary Please contact us if you have anyquestions,suggestions, or comments —
Internal Medicine Exam Prep 1.0.6
Ace the boards with The Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine ExamPrep!Brought to you from the birthplace of Internal Medicineandregarded as the most effective prep tool in the specialty.Thepractice questions and answers are patterned after those seenonthe actual board examination and stress important "takehome"points and allow self-assessment of knowledge retention.Installthis free version of the exam prep app and try freequestions inStudy/Test mode before deciding to upgrade. Features: -Over 900review/practice questions - Twelve practice exams featurethe sameformat and content that emphasizes the exam - Detailedrationalesfor correct answers are provided to enforce understandingof keyconcepts - Exam-taking tips and tricks allow you to go intotheexam with confidence - Offers valuable practice andtest-takingexperience to prepare you for certification orrecertification. -Sections are weighted according to the level ofemphasis they aregiven on the American Board of Internal Medicinecertifyingexamination - Realistic test taking experience - Study& Testprogress can be tracked and resumed across multipledevices - Addyour own notes to each bookmarked questions for easyunderstanding- Bookmark feature enables you to mark your favoritequestions -Search for any text in the questions using searchfeature - Pick upwhere you left off each time you open the app -Access anywhere, noneed of internet Chapters offer a thoroughreview on the followingtopics Section 1: Cardiology HypertensionLipid Disorders CoronaryArtery Disease Arrhythmias Heart FailureValvular Heart DiseasePericardial Disease Electrocardiogram ReviewSection 2: InfectiousDisease Respiratory Infections GenitourinaryInfections HumanImmunodeficiency Virus Infection MycobacterialInfectionsInfectious Diarrhea Selected Topics in Infectious DiseaseISelected Topics in Infectious Disease II Section 3: PulmonaryandCritical Care Medicine Obstructive Lung Disease PulmonaryFunctionTesting Chest Radiograph Review Interstitial Lung DiseaseVenousThromboembolic Disease Selected Topics in PulmonaryMedicineCritical Care Medicine Pleural Disease Section 4:GastroenterologyPeptic Ulcer Disease & GastrointestinalBleeding EsophagealDisease Pancreatic and Biliary Disease Disordersof the Small &Large Intestine Acute and Chronic Liver DiseaseComplications ofLiver Disease Section 5: Nephrology Acid-BaseDisorders & RenalTubular Acidosis Electrolyte Disorders AcuteKidney InjuryGlomerular Disease Chronic Kidney Disease &End-Stage RenalDisease Selected Topics in Nephrology Section 6:EndocrinologyDiabetes Mellitus Thyroid Disease Calcium Disorders& MetabolicBone Disease Reproductive EndocrinologyNeuroendocrine &Adrenal Disease Section 7: RheumatologyArthritis OfficeOrthopedics Vasculitis Selected Topics inRheumatology Section 8:Hematology Anemia Platelet DisordersCoagulation Disorders Acute& Chronic Leukemias MyelodysplasticSyndrome Blood Smear &Bone Marrow Review Section 9: OncologyColorectal Cancer Breast andOvarian Cancer Genitourinary CancerLymphoma & ChronicLymphocytic Leukemia Plasma Cell DyscrasiasSelected Topics inOncology Lung Cancer & Head and Neck CancerSection 10:Neurology Headaches Cerebrovascular Disease and SeizureDisordersMovement Disorders Selected Topics in Neurology Section11:Selected Topics in General and Internal Medicine Selected TopicsinGeriatric Medicine Selected Topics in Women’s HealthDermatologyfor the Internist Ophthalmology for the InternistPsychiatry forthe Internist Allergy and Immunology for theInternist Genetics forthe Internist Complementary and AlternativeMedicine Substance UseDisorders Preoperative EvaluationImmunization and PreventionClinical Epidemiology Medical EthicsPlease contact us if you haveany questions, suggestions, orcomments —
CEN Emergency Nurse Exam Prep 1.0.6
Want to cover EVERYTHING for the on the Certification forEmergencyNurses examination? This app can help! The CEN Exam Prepcontainsquestions from Mosby's Pass CEN!, 2nd Edition helps you topreparefor the Certification for Emergency Nurses examinationoffered bythe Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN®).Aneasy-to-follow outline format clearly delineates what you mustknowto pass the CEN exam. This app also contains questions fortheCFRN®, CTRN®, and FP-C® examinations. So this robust studytoolhelps you to prepare for multiple board exams. More than 550reviewand practice questions offer valuable practice and testtakingexperience to prepare you for success on the CENexamination.Install this free version of exam prep app and try freequestionsin Study/Test mode before deciding to upgrade. Features: -Over 550review/practice questions helps you to prepare for CEN®,CFRN®,CTRN®, and FP-C® examination. - A detailed test-takingstrategy andrationale is included for each question, offering cluesforanalyzing and uncovering the correct answer option. - Fourpracticeexams each with 150 questions help you to practice usingthe sameelectronic testing format they will experience on the exam-Realistic test taking experience. - Study progress can betrackedand resumed on any iOS devices as you progress onpreparation. -Bookmark feature enables you to mark your favoritequestions. -Access anywhere, no need of internet. Content chaptersoffer athorough review on the following topics - ProfessionalIssues andPatient Care Management (50 questions) - CardiovascularEmergencies(90 questions) - Respiratory Emergencies (64 questions)-Neurologic Emergencies (50 questions) -GastrointestinalEmergencies (31 questions) - Genitourinary,Gynecology, andObstetrical Emergencies (34 questions) -Psychosocial Emergencies(22 questions) - Medical Emergencies (47questions) - Maxillofacialand Ocular Emergencies (46 questions) -Orthopedic and WoundEmergencies (44 questions) - Substance Abuse,Toxicologic, andEnvironmental Emergencies (45 questions) -Transport Emergencies(38 questions) Please contact us if you haveany questions,suggestions, or comments -
ASVAB Military Entrance Test 1.0.4
This app has been developed to help take that worry offyourshoulders. As you probably know, the ASVAB is anintenseexamination because of the many different subjects thatarecovered. Where to start? In Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carrollusedthe expression “Begin at the beginning, and end at the end,”andthat's just what we're going to do in this app. It starts likemanytest-preparation books, with a diagnostic test. Then we offeryouthree unique study plans, based on the amount of time you havetoprepare. There’s a Two-Month Cram Plan, a One-Month Cram Plan,anda One-Week Cram Plan. These cram plans offer you a systemizedwayof studying for the test. The app itself is laid out inanorganized manner. Each subject on the test is presented forreviewin its own chapter. The study plans refer to these subjectsandoffer you suggested study times, so that you can use yourtimewisely. There are three different versions of the ASVAB-CAT-ASVAB, MET-Site ASVAB, Armed Services Qualifying Test(AFQT).We suggest that you take all three of these practice exams,andconscientiously review the answers, checking them againstthequestions. Go back to the subject-review chapters to brush uponyour weakest areas. More than 800 review & practicequestionsoffer valuable practice and test-taking experience toprepare youfor success on the ASVAB Exam. Install this free versionof theexam prep app and try free questions and review materialbeforedeciding to upgrade. Features: - Sample questions in allsectionsprepare you for the questions you will face on the ASVABExam. -Easy to read format with consistent chapter outline, and abulletedsummary to better help you organize your review time andunderstandthe information. - Three practice exams coveringdifferent versionsof ASVAB exams - CAT-ASVAB, MET-Site ASVAB, AFQT- Illustrationsvisually reinforce key concepts for betterunderstanding. - Coverseverything you need to study to pass ASVABexamination. - Realistictest taking experience. - Study & Testprogress can be trackedand resumed across multiple devices. -Bookmark feature enables youto mark your favorite questions. - Addyour own notes to eachbookmarked questions for easy understanding.- Access anywhere, noneed of internet. Chapters offer a thoroughreview on the followingtopics - General Science - ArithmeticReasoning - Word Knowledge -Paragraph Comprehension - MathematicsKnowledge - ElectronicsInformation - Auto and Shop Information -Mechanical Comprehension- Assembling Objects Please contact us ifyou have any questions,suggestions, or comments —
Saunders NCLEX RN Exam 1.0.14
This app contains the questions from the book often called the'thebest NCLEX® exam review book ever,' Saunders ComprehensiveReviewfor the NCLEX-RN® Examination, 7th Edition provideseverything youneed to prepare for the NCLEX RN exam - 5,200NCLEXexamination-style questions. Don't make the mistake ofassuming thequality of the questions is the same in all NCLEX examreviewbooks, because only this app includes the kind of questionsthatconsistently test the critical thinking skills necessary topasstoday's NCLEX exam. Even better, all answers includedetailedrationales to help you learn from your answer choices, aswell astest-taking strategies with tips on how to best approacheachquestion. Written by the most trusted name in NCLEX review,LindaAnne Silvestri, and updated to reflect the most current 2016NCLEXtest plan, Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination,7thEdition is THE book of choice for NCLEX examination review.Butdon't just take our word for it - read any customer review oraskyour classmates to see why there's nothing else like it!FeaturesList: - Over 5100+ questions offer ample testing practice.-UNIQUE! A detailed test-taking strategy and rationale isincludedfor each question, offering clues for analyzing anduncovering thecorrect answer option, and guiding users toremediation in SaundersStrategies for Test Success: Passing NursingSchool and the NCLEX®Exam and Saunders Comprehensive Review for theNCLEX-RN® Exam. - 15practice exams with 265 questions each help youto practice usingthe same electronic testing format they willexperience on the exam- 85 question comprehensive exams covers allcontent areas in thesame percentages that they are covered on theactual NCLEX-RN testplan - Rationales and strategies help youunderstand why yourselected answer was right or wrong andstrengthen your knowledge ofkey exam content areas.. -Well-organized, test-questionformatsimplifies preparation for theexam.. - Realistic test takingexperience.. - Study progress can betracked and resumed as youprogress on preparation.. - Bookmarkfeature enables you to markyour favorite questions.. - Test historyfeature to review all yourtest results.. - Access anywhere, no needof internet. Pleasecontact us if you have any questions,suggestions, or comments
VTNE Veterinary Technician 1.0.7
Make sure you're prepared for the VTNE with the completelyupdatedReview Questions and Answers for Veterinary Technicians!AuthorHeather Prendergast breathes new life into this edition with4500questions that have been reviewed and revised to reflect themostrecent changes to the VTNE. The content begins with aFoundation ofKnowledge Review that addresses hospital management,calculations,terminology, and anatomy and physiology. The secondpart focuses onVTNE review with complete coverage of the nineprimary subjectareas on the exam, including the newest domains ofpainmanagement/analgesia and emergency medicine/critical care. Youcancreate customized practice tests and take timed practice examsthatmirror the actual VTNE and provide instant feedback. Questionsarewritten specifically for veterinary technician studentsandpracticing veterinary technicians to cover theessentialinformation you need to succeed on the VTNE. A variety ofquestionsat different difficulty levels increase your VTNE scoringpotentialby testing factual knowledge, reasoning skills, andclinicaljudgment related to veterinary technician duties. Installthis freeversion of the exam prep app and try free questions inStudy/Testmode before deciding to upgrade. Features: - Over4500review/practice questions. - Twelve practice exams feature thesameformat and content that emphasizes the exam. -Multiple-choicequestion format mirrors the questions on the VTNE. -Sections areweighted according to the level of emphasis they aregiven on theVeterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). - Realistictest takingexperience. - Study & Test progress can be trackedand resumedacross multiple devices. - Add your own notes to eachbookmarkedquestions for easy understanding. - Bookmark featureenables you tomark your favorite questions. - Search for any textin thequestions using search feature - Pick up where you left offeachtime you open the app - Access anywhere, no need ofinternet.Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions,orcomments —
NPTE Physical Therapist Assistant Exam Prep 1.0.5
This app contain questions from the book 'Saunders Q&A Reviewfor the Physical Therapist Assistant Board Examination' (ISBN:978-1-4557-2894-7). With more than 1000 questions, the app providesthe practice needed to succeed on the National Physical TherapyExamination (NPTE) for Physical Therapist Assistants. The questionsare divided into 4 sections and each section has a wide variety ofscenarios, diagnoses, patient populations, practice settings, andtypes of questions designed to help you prepare for the exam. Thisis the tool that you need to prepare for the examination withconfidence. Features List: - More than 1000 questions with answer& rationales in Study/Test mode designed to help you preparefor the certification exam. - Ten practice exams mimic NPTE. -Multiple choice questions written at the app level to help developand assess your critical thinking skills. - Covers almosteverything you need for passing the Physical Therapist AssistantBoard examination. - Well-organized, test-question formatsimplifies preparation for the boards. - Detailed rationales forcorrect answers are provided to enforce understanding of keyconcepts. - Realistic test taking experience. - Study progress canbe tracked and resumed as you progress on preparation. - Bookmarkfeature enables you to mark your favorite questions. - Test historyfeature to review all your test results. - Access anywhere, no needof internet. Please contact us if you have any questions,suggestions, or comments —
Saunders FNP Nurse Practitioner Exam Prep 1.0.9
Family Nurse Practitioner Exam prep has been developed to assisttheadvanced practice nurse to prepare for the FNP certificationexam.With more than 1200 questions, this app helps you tothoroughlyprepared for the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)certification exam.This app contains questions from the bookSaunders - Family NursePractitioner Certification Review, 3rdEdition (ISBN-13:978-0323428194). We put our best effort toinclude questions basedon current information and blueprints forthe certification exams.Multiple choice questions are written atthe app level to helpdevelop and assess your critical thinkingskills. This app alsoincludes seven practice exams that match thelength and questiondistribution of the actual AANP and ANCC FNPcertification exams. -1200 high-quality multiple-choice questionswith detailed rationalesfor correct answers. - Seven practiceexams match the length andquestion distribution of the actual AANPand ANCC FNP certificationexams. - Offers the candidate anopportunity to review questionswritten from differentperspectives. - Detailed rationales forcorrect answers areprovided to enforce understanding of keyconcepts. - Realistic testtaking experience. - Study progress canbe tracked and resumed asyou progress on preparation. - Bookmarkfeature enables you to markyour favorite questions. - Accessanywhere, no need of internet.Please contact us if you have anyquestions, suggestions, orcomments -
Are you planning to take the NCLEX Exam to qualify as a nurseinUSA? Now if your time to utilize apps to prepare for theactualNCLEX quiz effectively from anywhere at any time. Try itnow!Mosby's NCLEX RN Nursing Exam Prep App Mosby’s Review forNCLEX-RN®Exam Prep App with 2800+ questions including 5 practiceexams willhelp you to pass NCLEX-RN® exam. This app is createdbased on thebook Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Nursing for theNCLEX-RN®Examination, 20th Edition (ISBN: 9780323078955) PrepareFORNCLEX-RN® EXAM The NCLEX-RN® Exam Prep app is designed toassessyour knowledge and concepts learned and begin topreparestandardized testing with certification exam stylequestions. Withmultiple choice and alternate item questions youwill performNCLEX-RN® practice effectively. Realistic NCLEX ExamExperience Bidfarewell to the test jitters! Use the new NCLEXpractice test appto try and attempt quizzes that look and feel likethe realNCLEX-RN® Exam. Attempt to answer as many out of 265questions perevery exam as you can and always try to solve them tothe best ofyour abilities. The simulation of a real test is themost effectivepreparation! NCLEX Exam STUDY GUIDE No need to siftthroughlibraries and prepare papers as the The NCLEX-RN® Exam Prepis themost comprehensive exam study guide you can have on yourmobiledevices. Just download the app, explore, test your knowledgeandlearn efficiently through the practice paper questionsandflashcards. View images, zoom in/out of images, answer morethan200 questions and test your NCLEX Quiz knowledge. FeaturesofMosby's NCLEX RN Nursing Exam Prep: • Simple and easy NCLEXExamapp UI/UX with appealing layout • A total of 2800+ NCLEXQuizreview questions. • Detailed rationales for each practicepaperanswer to enforce understanding of key concepts. •Coverseverything you need to study to pass NCLEX-RN® exams. 5practiceexams feature the same NCLEX Exam format and contentthatemphasizes the NCLEX-RN exam. • Answer a total of 265 questionsineach practice and attempt to answer the maximum number ofquestionsthat a student can take on the NCLEX-RN®. • RealisticNCLEX Quiztest taking experience. • Up-to-date Mosby’s reviewincludesMedical-Surgical, Mental Health/Psychiatric, ChildbearingandWomen's Health, and Child Health Nursing chaptersincorporateinformation from the basic sciences, nutrition,pharmacology, acuteand long-term care, and physical and emotionalnursing care. • Useexam preparation NCLEX App to track resumeprogress afterpreparation • NCLEX Exam app Bookmark feature enablesyou to markyour favorite questions. • Practice test Supportsquestions withhigh resolution images. • Images can be zoomed in/outin practicepaper • Access Anywhere, No need of internet to useExampreparation NCLEX App Are you ready to use one of the mosthelpfulMosby’s reviews NCLEX exam preparation apps? The newpractice paperapp is all you need to ace your nursing exam.Download and useMosby's NCLEX RN Nursing Exam Prep today! Pleasecontact us if youhave any questions, suggestions, or comments—
GRE is one of the most common examinations that take placeingraduate and post graduate universities all over the world.GREaspirants can enter the program they like if they can passtheexamination. If you are someone who is also planning to taketheGraduate Record Examination and finding it hard to managesstudytime, CliffsNotes GRE Prep Online – Mock Test app is here foryou.Based on a popular GRE preparation book, this app offers youtheflexibility to learn GRE vocabulary and other subject mattersfromanywhere at any time! Make GRE Exam Prep Easier If you want topassthe GRE exam, the first step is to create and stick to examprepstudy plan. The app offers you a good reserve of subjectreviewknowledge, practice paper and vocabulary quiz so you canprepareall aspects of GRE test. Multiple Learning Plans For AllMake themost of the remaining time you are left with to prepare fortheGRE. The GRE practice test app offers one week, one month andtwomonths study plans. Determine your study pace and choose theplanwhich suits you the most for guaranteed achievement!Full-LengthGRE Practice Test Take the diagnostic test andvocabulary quiz toevaluate your strengths and weak areas. You canalso take thefull-fledge GRE practice paper to prepare for exam inreal time.Mentally prepare yourself for the exam format and collecta hugeknowledge reserve to ace GRE! Subject and Vocabulary ReviewsGREvocabulary is one of the toughest aspects of the GRE exam.However,this app makes vocabulary learning easier and moreeffective byproviding a vocabulary quiz. The test will feature allthevocabulary questions which are relevant to the GRE exam so youcanlearn new things and get the best result! Features ofCliffsNotesGRE Prep Online – Mock Test • Simple and easy exam prepapp withfriendly UI/UX • Take GRE practice test to check yourskills andwork on your weak areas • Improve your GRE Vocabularybyunderstanding subject reviews • Take full length practice paperandvocabulary quiz to evaluate your progress • Diagnostics teststhathelp you identify your best learning areas and weak pointsforGraduate record examination preparation • Multiple learningplansavailable based on the time you have • Plan study and completeexamprep for GRE in one month, two months or even just one week!•Enhance your GRE vocabulary by taking the customizedvocabularyquiz as much as you can • Develop the confidence to takeand acethe Graduate Record examination • Real time practice paperto giveyou a good exposure to actual exam format • Detailed answerstoevery question so you can easily review the subjects and learnwhatis difficult Are you ready to take the GRE practice test to acetheactual Graduate Record Examination? If yes, this GRE exam prepisthe ideal option for you. Download and use CliffsNotes GREPrepOnline – Mock Test today!
Mosby's NCLEX PN Test Prep 1.0.7
Prepare for success on the boards with NCLEX PN Exam Prep app.Thisapp contains questions from Mosby's Comprehensive ReviewofPractical Nursing for the NCLEX-PN® Examination! Offering morethan2500 NCLEX PN exam-style practice questions, this effectivereviewresource covers everything you will need to know come examtime.Chapters are organized by core clinical areas to help youfocus onspecialty areas such as pharmacology, nutrition andemergencynursing. This comprehensive resource also includesrationales forboth correct and incorrect answers. The reviewquestions offervaluable practice and test-taking experience toprepare you forsuccess on the NCLEX PN exam. Install this freeversion of the examprep app and try free questions in Study/Testmode before decidingto upgrade. Features: - Over 2500review/practice questions provideyou with extensive practice forthe computerized licensure exam. -Five practice exams feature thesame format and content thatemphasizes the exam. - Rationales forboth correct and incorrectanswers explain the reasoning behind eachanswer option. - Updatedcontent reflects the latest NCLEX-PN testplan. - Video andgraphic-option questions familiarize you with thenewest alternateitem format question types on the NCLEX-PN® exam. -Realistic testtaking experience. - Study & Test progress can betracked andresumed across multiple devices. - Bookmark featureenables you tomark your favorite questions. - Access anywhere, noneed ofinternet. Contents: - Preparing for the LicensureExamination -Nursing Concepts, the Nursing Process, and Trends inNursing (150questions) - Pharmacology (150 questions) - Nutrition(100questions) - Medical-Surgical Nursing (250 questions) -MentalHealth Nursing (100 questions) - Maternity Nursing (100questions)- Pediatric Nursing (150 questions) - Nursing Care of theAgingAdult (100 questions) - Emergency Preparedness (100questions)Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions,orcomments —
Will you like to simplify complex subjects and learn criticalcareeasily and efficiently? The ACLS Study Guide – Case Studies isanideal app for any clinical practitioner. Whether you aresomeonewho is struggling with grasping the meaning of complexsubjects orsomeone who needs a good mentoring app to refreshhis/her criticalcare memory, this ACLS study book app is idealoption for you.Complete ACLS Guide Updated! The app offerscomplete, updated ACLSstudy guide based on facts, case studies,subject knowledge,revision quizzes, pro tips and more. Use the appto learn aboutdifferent chapters of critical care and boost yourcareer. WideTopic Coverage with Illustrations From cardiac arrestmanagementand cardiac rhythm interpretation to airway management,acutecoronary syndromes, electrical therapy and acute stroke, theappoffers the simplest and easy-to-understand ACLS learningandtreatment algorithms. Learn Internal Care Quickly and EasilyEasilyunderstand complex topics such as emergency nursing, cardiacarrestmanagement, cardiac rhythm and others life support issues.Learncritical care from any place as this app offersaneasy-to-understand learning approach that not onlymakesmemorization of important things easier but also offersaconversational way of understanding complex topics. BarbaraAehlertis the leading expert and author of all the informationavailablein this ACLS study guide. Read Case Studies andExplanations Noneed to get baffled when complex cases come in yourway during yourcareer! The ACLS study guide a wholesome appoffering case studiesof realistic and common clinical situations.You can learn theskills as well as how to apply the skills tointerpret cardiacrhythm, administer medicine and decide otherimportant medicalinterventions. You can also explore detailedexplanations ofcomplex topics along with useful clinical tips tomake yourclinical practice more successful. Attempt Chapter-endquizzesLearn critical care once and retain information for a longtime tocome. The app features end-of-chapter MCQs on cardiacarrestmanagement, life support, emergency nursing and othercritical careproblems. Read about answers and rationales ofdifferent questionsavailable in this ACLS Study book app. Featuresof ACLS Study Guide– Case Studies • Simple and easy ACLS study bookapp UI/UX •Clutter-free app layout designed while focusing onefficientlearning • End-of-chapter MCQs along with detailedexplanation ofanswers and rationale for better learning retention •Wide subjectcoverage of cardiac arrest management, cardiacrhythminterpretation, medicinal intervention and emergency nursingetc •Learn critical life care easily with the help of ACLSexplanationpop ups for complex topics • Complete ACLS study appofferingconversational text along with colored pictures andillustrationsfor better learning experience • Find and readrealistic casestudies to better understand different subjects onpractice grounds• Learn different tips for leading better clinicalpractice •Written by ACLS expert and offers accurate informationonly Willyou like to learn life care easily by understandingcomplex topics?The new ACLS study app is the ideal option for you.Download anduse ACLS Study Guide – Case Studies today!
AGNP Adult Gero NP Exam Prep 1.0.8
New from best-selling author JoAnn Zerwekh,Adult-GerontologyPrimary Care Nurse Practitioner CertificationReview has beencarefully written and organized to mirror the AANPand ANCC testblueprints. The first edition of this robust studytool includesmore than 1,200 multiple-choice questions that reflectthe latestevidence-based clinical practice and national treatmentguidelinesand protocols. Six practice exams give you valuablepractice usingthe same electronic testing format you willexperience on the exam.Features List: - Over 1200+ questions withanswer rationales inStudy/Test designed to help you prepare for theAANP and ANCCexams. - Content follows the latest AANP and ANCC testblueprintsto ensure you have the most current information forexampreparation. - Six practice exams with 150 questions each helpyouto practice using the same electronic testing format theywillexperience on the exam - Rationales and strategies helpyouunderstand why your selected answer was right or wrongandstrengthen your knowledge of key exam content areas.-Well-organized, test-question format simplifies preparation fortheexam. - Realistic test taking experience. - Study &Testprogress can be tracked and resumed across multiple devices.-Bookmark feature enables you to mark your favorite questions.-Test history feature to review all your test results. -Accessanywhere, no need of internet. Content chapters offer athoroughreview on the following topics 1. Growth and Development 2.HealthPromotion and Maintenance 3. Cardiovascular 4. Respiratory5.Immune and Allergy 6. Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat (HEENT)7.Integumentary 8. Endocrine 9. Musculoskeletal 10. Neurology11.Gastrointestinal and Liver 12. Hematology 13. Urinary 14.MaleReproductive 15. Female Reproductive 16. Mental Health 17.Researchand Theory 18. Professional Issues Please contact us if youhaveany questions, suggestions, or comments —
Will you like to ace ACT prep and get qualified for yourdesiredinstitute? How about getting help from a cool ACT testpreparationapp to study effectively at anytime from anywhere? Thenew ACT Quizapp is designed to help the users analyze questions andanswersalong with taking MCQ based questions to reinforce their ACTprep.From hundreds of questions and correct pattern toauthenticinformation and bookmark features, the app is designed tohelpstudents analyze their progress and work on their weakareaseasily. Try it now! American College Testing Prep App TheACT(American College Testing) is a standardized test for highschoolachievement and college admissions in the United Statesproduced byACT, Inc. CliffsNotes ACT practice test app is apowerful examsimulator that allows you to create customizedpractice tests withdetailed answer explanations for every question.Our app is updatedwith the latest exam standards. Analyze Strengthsand Work On WeakAreas ACT Diagnostic test that helps test-takerspinpoint strengthsand weaknesses so they can focus their review ontopics in whichthey need the most help. Subject reviews that covereverything onthe exam: English, math, science, and the dreadedessay.Full-length practice test with answers and explanations. ACTtestpreparation Guides In addition you will get Study GuidesandStrategies that you can take with you on the go: • Two-Monthstudycalendar • One-Month study calendar • One-Week studycalendarBookmarks and Notes Now you can view the practice test fromwhereyou left by using ACT prep bookmark feature. View your ACTexampreparation history and keep a track of questions and answerstoace American college testing prep. Features of Cliffsnotes ACTExamPrep - Practice Paper: • Simple and easy American college testprepapp UI/UX • Over 570 high-quality multiple-choice questionswithdetailed rationales answers written by expert ACT Quiz tutorswhichcover all sections of the American College Testing exam. • 1ACTpractice test matches the length and question distribution oftheactual American College Testing. • Multiple-choice questionsandanswers with detailed rationales help students understandthereasoning behind each answer and ace ACT prep • ACT Quizreviewoffers the candidate an opportunity to review questionswrittenfrom different perspectives • Pick up where you left off onACTtest preparation each time you open the app. • Bookmark ACTquizfeature allows you to mark questions or sections to revisitandcontinue ACT test preparation further • Add your own notestobookmarked questions and answers. • View ACT prep testhistoryfeature to review all your test results. • American Collegetestingprep offline - Access anywhere, no internet required. Areyou readyto ace the ACT quiz and qualify for your favoriteinstitute? LetACT Prep App help you reach your potential on thecollege board sothat you can make your college dreams a reality.Download and useCliffsnotes ACT Exam Prep - Practice Paper today!Please contact usif you have any questions, suggestions, orcomments —
CST Surgical Technology Exam Prep 1.0.5
The best surgical technology test prep you've been waiting forisfinally here! Elsevier's Surgical Technology Test Prepprovidessimulated testing options to give you the 360-degreepreparationneeded for success on the CST exam. Questions emphasizethecritical thinking skills needed for clinical success bycombiningrelevant medical terminology, anatomy,pathophysiology,microbiology, and pharmacology for each surgicalprocedure andhelping users learn how to apply that foundationalknowledge to theoperating room. The practice questions match theformat of the CSTexam. Rationales are provided for any incorrectanswers or areas ofweakness. If you're looking to pass the CST andbe fully preparedfor clinical practice, this is the one SurgicalTechnology testprep that you can't afford to be without! FeaturesList: - 1050questions with answer rationales in Study/Test designedto help youprepare for success on the CST exam. - Five practiceexams (eachwith 175 questions) help users improve familiarity withansweringexam-style questions and build test-taking confidence -Answer keysand rationales for review question and practice testquestion helpusers fully comprehend the information being asked andwhy aspecific choice is best. - Realistic testing experienceutilizes anonline, computer-based testing environment and timingfunction tomimic the actual testing experience. - Study andpractice testprogress can be tracked and resumed on any iOS devicesas youprogress on preparation. - Bookmark feature enables you tomarkyour favorite questions. - Test history feature to review allyourtest results. - Please contact us if you have anyquestions,suggestions, or comments —
Saunders Medical Assisting Exam Prep 1.0.7
Saunders Medical Assisting Exam Prep App with 1400+questionsincluding practice exams will help you to pass CMA, RMACCMA, CMAS,and CMAA exams. The app contains questions from the bookSaundersMedical Assisting Exam Review 4th Edition. This app wascreated toaid the student in preparing for a medical assistingcredentialingexam and was developed with today’s busy students inmind.Questions from the medical assisting curriculum in preparationfora range of popular medical assisting exams, including the CMA,RMACCMA, CMAS, and CMAA exams are presented in this app.FeaturesList: • Over 1400 review and practice questions. •Coverseverything you need to study to pass CMA, RMA CCMA, CMAS, andCMAAexams. • Three practice pretests with answers and rationales.Thesemay help assess weak and strong areas. • Five practice exams,oneeach for CMA, RMA CCMA, CMAS, and CMAA feature the same formatandcontent that emphasizes the exam. • Detailed rationales forcorrectanswers are provided to enforce understanding of keyconcepts. •Realistic test taking experience. • Study progress canbe trackedand resumed as you progress on preparation. • Bookmarkfeatureenables you to mark your favorite questions. • Accessanywhere, noneed of internet. Please contact us if you have anyquestions,suggestions, or comments —
Effective GMAT preparation app featuring practice paper,diagnostictests and detailed subject matter overview with threedifferentstudy plans available for the new and repeating aspirants!Are youlooking for an exam preparation app to help you ace the GMATtest?The Graduate Management Admission Test app is designed to helpGMATcandidates in understanding different subject matters,takingpractice paper, solving questions answers, previewingpractice testdiagnostics and getting detailed answers for differentquestions.Try Cliffsnotes GMAT Prep online – Mock Test now!Effective GMATtest Preparation App GMAT test is one of the mostpopular andchallenging tests graduates take for further admissionsinmanagement courses. To prepare for Graduate ManagementAdmissionTest, you need a strong guide, lots of cramming andpractice. Theapp features a practice exam collection featuringquestions andanswer useful for preparing for GMAT. Instead ofwasting timeanymore, make the most of the time you are left with byusing thisamazing exam preparation app. Find Practice Test forExamPreparation Turn your time into productive study time bytakingGMAT practice test. The app features the most useful reserveofmultiple subject knowledge and question and answers thatguaranteeachievable and trustworthy results. Ace the GMAT in asingle takeafter spending a few days learning from this app.MultiplePreparation Paper Prep Plans Whether you want to completeyour exampreparation in two months, one month or even one week,this GMATtest preparation app features multiple preparation plans.All youneed to do is pick a Graduate Management Admission Testpreparationplan according to time availability and suitability andstartpreparing! Exam Diagnostics and Details Answers Once you aredonewith taking the practice test by solving question and answers,youhave the option to view which answers where correct and whichwerenot correct. Take the diagnostic test, review the subjectmattersand take the full-length practice paper to achieve bestresults inGMAT. Features of Cliffsnotes GMAT Prep Online – MockTest Simpleand easy exam preparation app UI/UX Simple andclutter-freepractice test app layout with clean design Take fulllengthpractice paper based on question and answers related to GMATReviewthe subject matters in detail and get a detailed study planPreparefor the GMAT in two months, one month and even one week Viewthediagnostic test and take it to evaluate your performanceandpreparation Easily view the subject knowledge and correctanswersto questions after taking the test View detailed explanationfordifferent answers from the app to avoid any mistakes100%guaranteed and achievable results in GMAT test by using thisappAre you ready to ace the GMAT exam? This exam preparation appisthe best option for you. Download and use Cliffsnotes GMATPrepOnline – Mock Test today!
The app is designed to assess your knowledge and conceptslearnedand begin to prepare standardized testingwithNCLEX-RN®,NCLEX-PN®,ANCC FNP, AACN CCRN certification examstylequestions. Multiple choice and alternate item questions arewrittenat the app level to help develop and assess your criticalthinkingskills. Every question includes correct answers anddetailedrationale to enforce understanding of key concepts.Features List:• Detailed rationales for each answer to enforceunderstanding ofkey concepts. • Covers everything you need to studyto passNCLEX-RN®,NCLEX-PN®,FNP,CCRN exams. • Practice exams featurethesame format and content that emphasizes the real exam. • Thetotalnumber of questions in each test reflects the maximum numberofquestions that a student can take on the real exam. •Realistictest taking experience. • Study progress can be trackedand resumedon any iOS devices as you progress on preparation. •Bookmarkfeature enables you to mark your favorite questions. •Suportsquestions with high resolution images. Images can be zoomedin/out.• Access Anywhere, No need of internet.
SAT Exam Prep & Practice App: CliffNotes 1.0.9
Become top scorer in SAT examination! Are you tired of wasting timeon confusing test preparation material? Will you like to boost yourSAT prep by using an assessment test app? CliffsNotes SAT test prepand practice app has been developed to assist the intimidatingcollege entrance exam. App guarantees upto a 220 points increase inyour test score. App have Full access to 40+ online video lessons,online practice questions and more. The SAT Prep app featurescomprehensive test and study content for the SAT Math, SAT Essaywriting, and SAT EBRW (SAT reading and writing practice). As youpractice SAT questions on SAT Prep, the app tracks your performanceand highlights your test strengths and weaknesses, helping you zeroin on what you need to study in order to boost your SAT score. Over550 high-quality multiple-choice questions with detailed rationalesanswers written by expert SAT tutors which cover all sections ofthe Scholastic Assessment Test exam. Get CliffsNotes SAT PracticeApp – Exam Prep now! Study Calendars for SAT preparation No need topanic if you have short time left for SAT prep! Make the best useof your available time by creating study planners. Choose from onemonth, two months and even one week study planner to distributeyour preparation material and prepare for actual test quickly andeasily. Diagnostic Test for Preparation Evaluation The SAT prep appby CliffsNotes offers mock test preparation in a quick and easyway. You can choose the SAT Practice test and diagnostic test tocheck your knowledge by answering SAT-focused questions. Evaluateyour weak areas and work on them in the time you have to ace theSAT exam. Subject Reviews for Easy Learning Are you worried aboutmath preparation for SAT? Will you like to enhance your English andessay writing skills? The app offers detailed subject reviews bySAT experts. You can not only increase your subject knowledge butalso learn the basics of writing an essay so you can get the bestscore on your exam. This app is an ideal platform for new testtakers as well as repeating candidates who want to ace the SAT examwith flying colors. Full-Length CliffsNotes Practice paper The appby CliffsNotes SAT experts is designed to offer complete SAT examexposure to candidates. The assessment test app features SATpractice test collection and full-length practice paper which helpthe candidates get familiar with mock test and real test format.The users can also find detailed answers to test questions forbetter learning. Features of CliffsNotes SAT Practice App – ExamPrep - Simple and easy SAT prep app UI/UX for easier learning -Easily and quickly prepare for challenging SAT examination -Expertly created, accurate CliffsNotes SAT preparation app - BoxedCalendars offering multiple SAT study plans for one month, twomonths and one week study planners - Detailed diagnostic test tohelp the test-takers find their strengths and work on their weakareas - In-depth and to-the-point subject reviews for best mocktest preparation - Real time SAT practice to offer exposure ofactual test to the candidates - Full-length practice paperfeaturing MCQs based question answers and other formats for SATprep - Find detailed explanation of every answer and question inthe mock test for easier, high-retention learning - English, Mathand essay writing subject reviews along with basics of writing forSAT test Will you like to ramp up your SAT prep by using one of themost convenient and useful assessment test apps for test byCliffsNotes? The new practice paper app is an ideal solution foryou. Download and use CliffsNotes SAT Practice App – Exam Preptoday!
NCLEX RN Exam Prep & Practice App: CliffNotes 1.0.9
Prepare for the NCLEX exam by using one of the most effective andresult-oriented exam preparation NCLEX app based on CliffsNotesNCLEX RN Cram Plan book. Are you looking for an easy and convenientapp to make nursing exam preparation easier? How about solvingpractice test and practice paper series to prepare for the actualNCLEX exam? Will you like to get customized study planner and takediagnostic practice paper to pinpoint and work on your weak areasin the time you are left with? The exam preparation NCLEX app byCliffsNotes is designed to help the serious nursing paper aspirantsin preparing for the exam as well as acing it with flying colors.If you are someone who is left with a few months or a only a singleweek to prepare for NCLEX quiz, this app is here to help you byproviding multiple study planner, diagnostic tests, performancetracking and real time, full-fledge practice paper. Try CliffsNotesNCLEX RN Exam Prep now! Prepare for Nursing Exam Quickly Thousandsof aspirants take the Nursing exam every year and only a few ofthem manage to qualify for nursing as a profession. Whether you aresomeone who is struggling to study and prepare for the actual examor someone who is intimidated by huge number of candidates takingthe exam, this exam preparation NCLEX app is here to help you. Useit to prepare for exams easily, effectively and confidently. FindPreparation Planners for NCLEX If you are someone who wants toqualify as a registered nurse, the NCLEX-RN exam is the first andmost important exam to pass. This app offers multiple NCLEX-RN examstudy planners which help you prepare for the nursing exam in twomonths, one month and even one week. You can adhere to the NCLEXquiz preparation planner to achieve the best result! TakeDiagnostic Tests for NCLEX exam Want to know your strong points andweak study areas? Make it happen by taking the practice test orsolving the real time practice paper. The diagnostic practice paperfeatures in this app is a great way to determine your strengths andweakness and you can determine which areas of NCLEX practice testyou need to focus more on. NCLEX Quiz for Exam practice Prepare forthe NCLEX exam by attempting full-fledged, real time NCLEX practicepaper. Attempt it as if you are taking the actual NCLEX exam. Thepractice test will help you by giving exposure to what kind ofquestions you need to prepare and what will be the outcome of thepreparation you have done so far. Features of CliffsNotes NCLEX RNExam Prep - Simple and easy exam preparation NCLEX app UI/UX -Appealing layout and clutter-free design to enhance study focus -Timed calendars and study planners to help you prepare for nursingexam in - one week, one month or two months - Diagnostics practicepaper and practice test that help you determine your strengths andweak areas - Accurate, reliable and highly trusted NCLEX quiz appby CliffsNotes - Individual subject reviews to help you covermust-know topics easily in list format - Take the practice test toprepare for the actual NCLEX quiz Are you ready to ace the nursingexam and qualify as a registered nurse? The exam preparation NCLEXapp is designed for you. Download and use CliffsNotes NCLEX RN ExamPrep today!
HESI NCLEX PN Exam Prep 1.0.6
Want to cover EVERYTHING on the NCLEX PN? HESI can help! TheHESINCLEX-PN® Exam Prep contains questions from The HESIComprehensiveReview for the NCLEX-PN® Examination, 5th Editionhelps you notonly succeed on the NCLEX PN exam but also on yourprogram's HESIexit exam. This exam preparation tool breaks downchapters byclinical areas and topics emphasized on the NCLEX PNexam.Rationales are provided for any incorrect answers or areasofweakness. The practice questions gives students valuablepracticein the same electronic testing format they will experienceon thenursing school exit exam and on the NCLEX PN exam. FeaturesList: -550 questions with answer rationales in Study/Test designedto helpyou prepare for the nursing school exit and NCLEX exams. -5practice exams with 75 questions each help you to practiceusingthe same electronic testing format they will experience onthenursing school exit exam and on the NCLEX-PN exam - Answersandrationales help you understand why your selected answer wasrightor wrong and strengthen your knowledge of key exam contentareas. -Well-organized, test-question format reflects latestNCLEX-PN® testplan. - Realistic test taking experience. - Studyprogress can betracked and resumed on any iOS devices as youprogress onpreparation. - Bookmark feature enables you to mark yourfavoritequestions. - Test history feature to review all your testresults.- Access anywhere, no need of internet. Content chaptersoffer athorough review on the following topics - Fundamentals(50questions) - Gerontologic (50 questions) - Maternity (50questions)- Medical (75 questions) - Pediatrics (50 questions) -Pharmacology(75 questions) - Psychiatric (50 questions) Pleasecontact us ifyou have any questions, suggestions, or comments—
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Test Prep 1.0.6
Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Exam prep hasbeendeveloped to assist the registered nurses to prepare forthePediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (PPCNP)certificationexam. Authored and endorsed by the NationalAssociation ofPediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) and theAssociation ofFaculties of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (AFPNP),the Core Reviewfor Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioners bookaccompanies theCore Curriculum for Primary Care Pediatric NursePractitioners.This core review provides practice questions forrecent graduatesfor both pediatric and family nurse practitionerprograms to use intheir respective certification exams offered bythe PNCB and ANCC.Review questions include the Role of the PNP,Wellness Issues,Growth and Development, Genetics, ChronicConditions, PediatricEmergencies, and Pharmacology. Get Started forFree: We provide alimited free version so you can get a feel forthe app beforedeciding to upgrade. The free version offers dozensof practicequestions with detailed answer explanations. KeyFeatures: -Multiple-choice practice questions cover all content onboth theNCBPNP and ANCC certification exams - 5 practice examsmatch thelength and question distribution of the actual PNCB andANCCcertification exams. - Multiple-choice questions withdetailedrationales help students understand the reasoning behindeachanswer - Study progress can be tracked on any device - Pickupwhere you left off each time you open the app - Bookmarkfeatureallows you to mark questions or sections to revisit andstudyfurther - Add your own notes to each bookmarked question -Testhistory feature to review all your test results - Accessanywhere,no internet required Chapters offer a thorough PPCNPcertificationreview on the following topics Section 1: Role of thePediatricNurse Practitioner Section 2: Health Assessment andPhysicalExamination Section 3: Special Topics in Health PromotionandDisease Prevention Section 4: Diagnosis and Management ofCommonIllness in Children and Adolescents Section 5: DiagnosisandManagement of Chronic Conditions in Children andAdolescentsSection 6: Diagnostic, Medication, and Treatment GuidesforChildren and Adolescents Section 7: Using Evidence-BasedPracticeto Improve Outcomes in Outpatient Settings
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Are you looking for an effective test preparation app to ace yourpharmacist exam? Whether you are a new applicant or one of the busyhealthcare professionals, this practice test app is designed toenable you ace your test preparation efficiently. Prepare for yourexam by attempting a series of standardized practice questions withdetailed answers and explanation. You can not only evaluate yourpreparation but also identify and work on your weak areas to acethe drug dosage and use chapter in the pharmacist exam. Try Top 300Drugs Handbook - Pharmacist Exam Prep now! Concise PracticeQuestions and Answers If you are struggling with the preparation ofdrug dosage and related topics in your exam syllabus, this testpreparation app will help you. Featuring a collection of practicetest questions and answers with concise explanations, this practicetest app is designed to offer you exposure to standardizedquestions so you can prepare and build confidence for attemptingexam effectively. The app covers all the drug dosage and drug typesthat can be asked in the real exam. At an average, you will attempt3-4 practice questions about each drug. Top 300 Drugs PracticeQuestion Workbook No need to search for relevant test preparationand study material. This practice test app provides 1,000 practicequestions to help educate and test readers about the most commonlyprescribed drugs. Whether you’re a pharmacy student or a healthcareprofessional, this workbook will serve as an effective resource tolearn the basic characteristics of the most popular drug usage inclinical, hospital, and ambulatory practice. Various Practice TestTopics, Including: • Brand Name • Pharmacologic Category • DosageForms • Dosing • Administration Techniques • Adverse Effects • DrugInteractions • Contraindications • Black Box Warnings With thistest preparation app, you can rest assured that each and everythingrelevant to your pharmacist test will be covered in a singlehandbook. Invest your time into a meaningful test preparation appthat enables you to attempt practice questions so you can evaluateand work on your weak areas for confidence building and gettinggood score. Features of Top 300 Drugs Handbook - Pharmacist ExamPrep Simple and easy practice test app UI/UX Concise collection of1000 practice questions on drug usage, types and other relevanttopics To-the-point factual information to ensure standardized testpreparation Hassle-free online and offline test preparation forpharmacy students and healthcare professionals View clear practicequestion statements along with their answers to evaluate your weakareas Work on your lacking and build confidence to ace the actualtest with this standardized test preparation app Are you ready tobe the top scorer in the pharmacy exam by acing the drug topics?This amazing test preparation app is an ideal pick for healthcareprofessionals and pharmacists. Download and use Top 300 DrugsHandbook - Pharmacist Exam Prep today!
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