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Rogue Dungeon RPG 1.6.5
Totally optional in-app purchases. Level up and gain over 110unique passive skills that interact in powerful ways! Hardcore:permanent death. Progression: unlock persistent bonuses and itemswith each run of the dungeon. Endless Action RPG. Fight to thedeath, then rise again stronger than ever. Collect magical andlegendary items and relics. Power up your relics after death.Inspired by classic PC action role-playing games, this roguelikeRPG uses randomly generated maps, permanent character death,randomized item drops and more for unlimited replayability. Regularupdates are ongoing! Instructions: Touch anywhere to move Touch andhold on nearby enemies to attack Double-tap to use your specialattack Tap on items, chests, shrines and other things to interactCollect shards to power up your relics! Collect gemstones toresurrect after death! Advance your character by discoveringpowerful items and relics. Gain levels for yourself and yourrelics. Choose from four ferocious classes - Warrior, Rogue, Mageand Monk This game collects basic usage data but does not collectany personally identifying information. This game uses thefollowing art: "Ring Set - Precious Metals" by Clint Bellangerlicensed as CC 3.0(
Replay Ball 1.0.12
This free, challenging, exciting action-puzzle game has a new levelof fun! Are you bored? Quick start, rapid play. Autosave. Open itup at any time and get started on the next puzzle! Thisarcade-style app will cure your boredom with a rapid play style.Unlock stars by completing each level in different challengingmodes that will test the limits of your reflexes and your mind.