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Run like Troll 1.0
TROLL TROLL TROLL Everywhere ;)This is new game Run and troll. One of best funny game for trollfan.Trollface was born from 9gag forum.And this is one of best simple runner game for fan trollfacesYou have definitely known about troll faces; however, have you everplayed games with them?Run like Troll will help you get experience with troll facesRun like Troller is simple together with eye- catching graphics andfunny sound. You will become a troller running on the roofs.However, dangerous roofs with barriers will make you fall onto theground, even underground.Try to achieve perfect scores when jumping onto the edge of thenext house. It will help you get high scores.When starting, you will definitely get angry when continuouslydying. Don’t be hasty. Be relaxed. Playing game is to entertain.Get used to this guy’s jumps and you will get higher scores.When you have 3 points: luckily, you are still not able to minglewith this trollerNow... Run and trolling now ;)10 points: nice try, and you start to get to know more thisguy15 points: OK ! You are bettering troller25 points: you are wonderful!40 points: No troller can surpass you150+ points: can you share your secrets of becoming successful?Do you want become to Troller ?
Geometry Jump 1.0
This game free as geometry dash but it’s wascreative improvements. In the Geometry Jump which is hard and veryinteresting game! You can have challenging. Interested in the game?Want to know more about it? Music from the game in your head andcannot find it? Then this guide is for you, he will tell you aboutthe levels contains a description of the game will show the secretsand features of the game.Geometry Jumps to test your attention and reaction. It’s mine youcan Jump to jupms and fly to flying your way through danger in thisrhythm-based action platformer! Have Geometrys includes square thatyou dash in this game and more. Prepare for a near impossiblechallenge in the world of Game. Push your skills to the limit asyou jumps, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages andspiky obstacles and you are victory. Challenge this impossible taskby downloading Geomatry Jump!Features:Creative game and No in-app purchases!Smooth and simple controls action!Level of increasing difficultyUse practice mode to sharpen your skills!Amazing graphic and sound coolLots of achievements and rewards!Challenge yourself with the impossible tasks.Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!Recommended for fan of: Geomatry dash Geomatry dash lite ….Now! Stat game to have new adventure interesting…!
Two Geometry 1.0
You have known Geometry . But you have nevertried the same play with 2 Geometry 1 at no . Please try withme.It would be difficult in the beginning . But you try and do not bediscouraged . You want good whatever j needs time andpractice.Now go to the game play offline. simple graphics , sound harmony.same simple gameplay , you simply tap tap tap on the screen andGeometry can help jump to avoid obstacles ahead. Please note.because it appears to be very sudden .Waiting any longer . Together with our test only.And let us know how many points you get offline.