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Thermal Camera For FLIR One 3.0.0
PLEASE NOTE: ### This application requires the FLIR One USB thermalcamera or S60 device (hardware) to be connected to your smartphone.### For details to the FLIR One, please visit For a manual please see: Thermal Camera for FLIROne is a viewer application for the external FLIR One camera andthe Cat S60® smartphone. By using the raw data from the thermalcamera, it can use the full capabilities of the hardware. FreeFeatures: - manual gamma regulation of color scale - full Lepton 3sensor resolution 160x120 - added Watermark to live view - originalSDK MSX mode - higher precision for calibration data - lock oftemperature range - FLIR Tools integration - on-screen temperatureSupported Devices: - FLIR One v2 for Android (FLIR ONE App) - CatS60® Smartphone (MyFLIR for Cat S60)
Thermal Camera+ for FLIR One 3.0.0
Georg Friedrich
PLEASE NOTE: ###This application requires the FLIR One USB thermalcamera or S60 device (hardware) to be connected to your smartphone.###For details to the FLIR One, please visit a manual please see: test my free app(Thermal Camera for FLIR One) first to figure out if everythingworks fine for you before buying. Thermal Camera+ for FLIR One is aviewer application for the external FLIR One camera and the CatS60® smartphone. By using the raw data from the thermal camera, itcan use the full capabilities of the hardware. Plus Features: -Gallery for thermal images - Adjust temperature range (long pressmin/ max values) - Multi-frame Super Resolution - If the icon isgreen: Super Resolution works - If the icon is red: SR couldn'tblend over the last frames and doesn't work - change the sharpeningmode (in the settings) - MSX offset correction - Liveidentification of minimum and maximum - No watermark - Hide thereal color image - Nearest neighbour scaling mode - Manual shuttermode (long click shutter icon) - Can save: - MSX Images (FLIRradiometric JPG) - Non-MSX Images (New algorithm) - Real ColorImagesFree Features: - manual gamma regulation of color scale -full Lepton 3 sensor resolution 160x120 - original SDK MSX mode -higher precision for calibration data - lock of temperature range -FLIR Tools integration - on-screen temperatureSupported Devices: -FLIR One v2 for Android (FLIR ONE App) - Cat S60® Smartphone(MyFLIR for Cat S60)
Location History Viewer 1.4.1
Location History Viewer wraps your Google Timeline / GoogleLocation History data in a modern, fast and intuitive GUI. It canhelp you find answers to question like: – 'Where was I five monthago?' – 'When was the last time I visited San Francisco?' or –'What places visited I so far?' Each answer can be provided in justa few seconds, right after you logged into the Google Timeline withyour Google Account. The answers will then be shown on a map as reddots. If you select a single day, the app even shows you what pathyou took to get to those points. And for hitchhikers, skies,mountain bikers, … : It's also possible to get more detailedinformation about the locations the path consists of. The appfeatures: – information about places you visited in a daily,monthly, yearly or all time overview directly fetched from theGoogle Timeline / Google Location History – a daily view, withdetails about the path you took to get from one place to another –switch easily between your location history from years, month ordays with the fast access buttons on the edges – fast access to thedaily location history. Press an information window above a markerand the view will change to the location history of the day youlast visited this location. – a scale bar in the bottom rightcorner so that you can check the distances between places easily –a full screen mode without any GUI elements. Just tap the screen! –multiple user accounts. And to show you that we only access yourtimeline / location history, we don't even get your email addressor profile picture, instead you can give the user account any nameyou want. – fast access to Google Maps every time you click on amarker (in bottom right corner). – an option to show all recordedmarkers that your daily timeline / location history consists of(Warning: Can reduce the performance!) - export +30 days from yourlocation history / timeline as GPX or KML files (GPX can be usedfor geotagging in e.g. Adobe Lightroom) – fast clipboard access.When you look at your daily location history, just click anyinformation window above a marker, switch to your messenger app andpaste it from your clipboard – a date selector where you can switchbetween the timeline / location history of single days, months oryears with only a few clicks – a modern, fast, easy to use andinformative GUI Note: 1. This app retrieves the information fromyour Google Timeline (in the past Google Location History). Checkif you've recorded any data so far on or in your Google Maps app. 2.This app only works with internet access If you find any bugs orjust have some feedback, write me on
AirBattery 1.4.3
This Airpod app displays the current battery state of your AppleAirPods generation 1/2 and Airpod Pro or your Beats by Dr. Dre (Gen3). Open this Airpod app to see the charge of your Apple AirPods /Beats by Dr. Dre. Or just use the notification (pro) if you justwant take a quick look. Features: ▶︎ see charge level of AppleAirPods and Beats by Dr. Dre (Gen 3) devices ▶︎ support for theApple W1 and H1 chip ▶︎ self updating notification* (pro) ▶︎ thenotification icon in status bar shows the charge of the lowest pod(pro) ▶︎ automatically open when AirPods / Beats are connected tothe phone* ▶︎ only display the nearest AirPods / Beats* ▶︎ smallpopup to show current battery status of your AirPods / Beats ▶︎ InEar detection for Spotify* (only with AirPods; experimental) Wasalso successfully tested with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music,Deezer, Apple Music and BeyondPod ▶︎ supports: » AirPods 1 »AirPods 2 » AirPods Pro » BeatsX » Powerbeats3 » Powerbeats Pro »Beats Solo3 » Beats Studio3 * This feature must be manuallyactivated in the settings. The battery status is displayed with aninterval size of 10% (Full | 95% | 85% ...), because the devicesonly send their battery state with this accuracy. Also the case ofthe AirPods misses a Bluetooth transmitter. Therefore, the batterylevel of the case is only displayed when at least one AirPod isinserted in the case. The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)interface. The API for Bluetooth LE only works with LocationPermission, because the beacons for indoor navigation also usesBluetooth LE. The only known way to customize AirPods and changethe double-tap functionality is connecting with an iPhone orMacbook. After then you can use the changed the double-tapfunctionality with Android. Huawei, Xiami, Vivo, Oppo and otherChinese branded phones may not work with this app. These companiesdon't always use standard Bluetooth hardware in their phones.
Shared Flat Task Manager
Are you tired of arguing about who cleans what in your flat? Areyoufrustated, that some seem to do everything, while otherflatmatesjust lazily sit in the couch? Try this wonderful app witha fairsystem to distribute the different cleaning tasks! Our pointsystemallows for a very flexible and fair distribution of thechores. Youcan define cleaning and other chores and assign themtheir requiredtime. For every 10 Minutes of work one point isrewarded. Extrapoints can be added, if everyone agrees, that atask is particularlynasty (e.g. cleaning the toilet) Everyflatmate gets his own accountand collects points whenever he orshe finishes a cleaning task. Ifthere is a urgent task without anyvolunteers to do it, you nowdon't have to haggle about it - Simplyobligate the person with theleast amount of points to do thechore. Every chore's schedule canbe chosen, the app willautomatically keep track of the lastexecution and definepriorities depending on when the task was lastfinished and its setexecution frequency. This makes it easy to seewhat chore needs tobe completed next. At the beginning, you canguess how much time achore needs. When cleaning, you start a timerin the app and overtime, your guess will be updated to the runningaverage of theactually needed time. Have fun with this new way ofkeeping theflat clean :D