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Buzunar TV 1.1.1
Buzunar TV is an application that aggregates sources for themajority of Romanian TV channels and it allows them to be played onyour Android device free of charge at any time. It presents the TVchannels in a modern, clean and easy to use interface that allowsyou to search, create favourites lists and, of course, play TVchannels. You can also customize the listings using the Settingsscreen.The application supports sources with different protocols,so different players (like SopCast, VLC, MX Player) or/and tools(like Sop to Http, Ace Stream) have to be installed in order toplay the TV channels. Please follow the few simple steps describedin the Help page of the application.Enjoy!Disclaimer:- Some of thesources might be temporary broken or unreachable, this is not underthis application's control.- SopCast player display ads (not veryintrusive though), this is again not under this application'scontrol.